Xinask more stuff03:07
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XinIf I go and see a like, high grade professional criminal defence attorney - and they don't accept my like, business premise, do I still have to pay generally?05:28
LostSoul_I'm aving this problem, my wget uses proxy and I can't find where it's set. I checked env http_proxy but it's unset, any tip?08:09
XinLostSoul_; proxy is usually configured per app08:27
Xinor set as the adapter gateway08:27
LostSoul_Where can I find it? :)08:28
LostSoul_Damn Xin08:28
LostSoul_You are genius, I have it :)08:28
LostSoul_Thanks man08:30
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b4rwhat's the part of the kernel boot up called when it changes from big text to smaller text on console?13:32
Wulfb4r: mode change? console fonts?13:37
b4rok, so when the mode changes in the beginning of the bootup I get awful looking background and no text, recovery works fine but I don't know what to do after13:40
b4rI mean to fix the mode change13:40
patdk-lapyou mean plymouth?13:48
b4rpatdk-lap: ok, yes. also pressures esc doesn't yield message display as stated here https://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/Plymouth/13:55
linosanyone know where I can find instructions to create an ubuntu VM and port forward so I can remote login from another machine via chrome or other web browser?14:47
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kolikoI configured freeradius and test it with radtest it was ok but when i try to connect to with myhotspot i have radius manager not responding as a error message. mysql is working fine. Help somebody20:16
kolikohelp please google is not helping20:23

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