HummingBoyerm guys05:16
HummingBoythis is my first time05:16
HummingBoyhow do i join a new channel?05:16
SebthreeBQM10HD 08:29
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.09:03
SebthreeBQM10HDmorning girl09:06
brobostigonmorning boy09:06
bittinDebconf has started now: http://video.debconf.org/menzies-9.webm09:27
bittinmornings :)09:27
brobostigonmorning popey10:09
SebthreeBQM10HDmorning popey10:11
SebthreeBQM10HDpopey, do you feel like or to some extent that you got the old phone with the pro 5 now that a MX  6 Ubuntu is also on the way ?10:11
SebthreeBQM10HDpopey, new Ubuntu phone on it's way, yours will be officaly old soon h eh10:12
popeyoh, sure10:12
popeythat's the way with all phones / computers10:12
SebthreeBQM10HDyeah constant updating you mean ?10:12
* SebthreeBQM10HD Creative Commons music awesome this song this music is lovely :)10:14
SebthreeBQM10HDmaybe I used /me wrongly there oh well10:17
SebthreeBQM10HDpopey, did you really only get the pro 5 since you broke your MX 4, or would you have got it anyway?10:17
SebthreeBQM10HDalso isn't the hardware in the pro 5 and soon to be MX 6 Ubuntu as well, a bit to powerful generally for the OS to take a lot of advantage of it really10:18
popeyI don't think so.10:19
popeyYou can't have it both ways. bq 4.5 too slow, MX6 too quick10:19
SebthreeBQM10HDbq 4.5 to slow for what?  and what about the MX 4?10:20
SebthreeBQM10HDMX6  too quick for what?10:20
SebthreeBQM10HDand what is there in Ubuntu Touch currently really in general that requires a lot of uhmmph power whatever you want to call it from the hardware in general, except for some sort of convegence feature posssibly, get what I mean?  otherwise things are still quite basic in general really right?10:22
popeyyeah, I don't want a 1GB RAM device with a slow CPU for desktop usage10:23
* SebthreeBQM10HD gets the impression that the MX 6 may be a bit overkil hardwarewise for quite a long while if going to haave Ubuntu on it10:23
popeya multi-core processor with lots of ram makes sense10:23
popeynote that most of the time the cores will be asleep10:23
popeyGood to have them there for when you need them though.10:24
popeymake -j10  😃10:24
SebthreeBQM10HDfor convergence more powerful makes sense, yes I guess so.  probably also Libertine more and more as more x programs come etc,  but what else?  the apps seem to be quite basic for example the native ones, and the OS seems quite basic  reallly except for the two just mentioend earlier  things10:24
popeyPerhaps, but it works the other way too.. people can create apps/games knowing we have devices which can cope10:26
SebthreeBQM10HDpopey, seems with the same hardware I mean MX 6  or I guess even Pro 5, for now currently, and pro bably for quite a long while to come, to make much more use of its full potential the hardware or pretty much,  probably better off with Android really for that10:26
popeysome html5 games peg the cpu quite a bit10:26
popeyyes, you've made the point, I understand your point10:26
popeyBut I disagree, that's all.10:26
SebthreeBQM10HDpopey, well I am thinking like, MX 6 is there any point me getting that curently or any time soon, no probably not really10:26
SebthreeBQM10HDwhat would I use it for, that the MX 4 can't do10:27
SebthreeBQM10HDor even tablet10:27
SebthreeBQM10HDpopey, I don't really care about connecting devices to the TV to be honest10:27
popeynobody is forcing you to buy it :)10:27
SebthreeBQM10HDpopey, yes indeed10:28
SebthreeBQM10HDseems it's not wroth the upgrade10:28
SebthreeBQM10HDin my case10:28
SebthreeBQM10HDand it's also more expensive than the one plus three even10:28
SebthreeBQM10HDpopey, I read quite a efw coments on omgubun tu recently to uhm, ones aabout the os being basic etc,   I think I agree with that, but  I know big changes are on the verge of comming10:29
SebthreeBQM10HDpopey, I think mostly using tablet is going  well instead of the computer :)10:30
SebthreeBQM10HDand the MX 4 has been my phone ever since having basically :),   wasn't  problem for me, I only tend to do basic things like texting calling  a bit of browsing maybe with phones, so app issue not a problem10:31
SebthreeBQM10HDpopey, I think a Meizu  Ubuntu tablet would be something :d10:31
* popey just ordered a replacement screen for his MX410:33
SebthreeBQM10HDpopey, you putting that on yourself or someone else?10:33
popeyI will10:33
SebthreeBQM10HDpopey, mine is in quite good condition still, except for some blue ink on the plastic, since a leaking pen a few weeks ago hmm10:34
SebthreeBQM10HDsomething to keep in mind maybe, white devices mean's  paintable/inkcable10:35
SebthreeBQM10HDpopey, more powerful apps would have to be made though to take advantage of the hardware. also it seems that eventaully apps may have to be re  made, since reasons keeping them from basing on 16.04 for example10:36
SebthreeBQM10HDare you going to maybe buy the MX 6 as well, even though you got the pro 5?10:38
popeynot sure, maybe10:39
SebthreeBQM10HDwhy maybe?10:39
popeyi haven't decided yet10:39
SebthreeBQM10HDwould you use it enough though10:39
SebthreeBQM10HDI mean woudn't it be like your 10th or so recent smart phone if so as well :D ?10:40
popeyi have a few phones, yes.10:40
SebthreeBQM10HDhow many preople you got tocall :D and text h eh ?10:41
SebthreeBQM10HDthat'swhat mobile phones  are for really :D anything else is just extra stuff :d10:41
popeyi almost never sms or phone people on my phone10:41
popeyit's a portable computer, not a phone10:41
SebthreeBQM10HDyeah same here really10:41
SebthreeBQM10HDbut in  a way I could do with some more people to do that with :d10:42
SebthreeBQM10HDwhat do you tend to use your  smartphones for?10:42
popeysame as eveyone else. social network, surfing, email, messaging, games, integration with other devices (pebble), mapping, route planning, shopping...10:43
SebthreeBQM10HDh eh the pebble I skipped that10:44
SebthreeBQM10HDdidn't really have the money at the time to crowd fund10:44
SebthreeBQM10HDplus then I  would have wanted more than one as well really it seems so uh10:44
popeyi emailed the arduboy people the other day btw10:44
SebthreeBQM10HDpopey, turns out can get rather cheap smart watches and other things from chinese sites such as  http://geekbuying.com :D10:44
popeythey said it's coming in july or so10:44
SebthreeBQM10HDI already have my arduboys10:45
popeyscrolling through the list of watches on that site, all look terrible10:45
popeyand probably would get zero software updates10:45
popeyand no access to source10:45
popeyso.. "no"10:45
SebthreeBQM10HDI did  pre order a few months or so lter wel this year acsaly march or so two of the offical Tetris  ones similar to arduboy card thing,  I wonder when those will come10:46
popeyi ordered my arduboy late10:46
SebthreeBQM10HDyeah maybeabout those smart watches I don't know, can get rather basic watches for like a pou nd on there to10:46
popeythe email says they will ship out in july10:46
SebthreeBQM10HDI have had my arduboys for like three weeks or so already :d10:47
popeyturns out I drunk-bought an arduboy and then sober-bought another the next day10:47
SebthreeBQM10HDthe basic default game is a bit sucky10:47
SebthreeBQM10HDnot put any othrs on yet10:47
SebthreeBQM10HDbut I have one of each colour, five :)10:47
SebthreeBQM10HDturns out that an arduboy can only ever have one game on it at once as wel10:47
SebthreeBQM10HDsomething I didn't know when doing the get five perk, but  ok awesome then, I got five anyway so10:48
popeyso put a different game on each one :)10:48
SebthreeBQM10HDexactly :)10:48
popeylike the old Nintendo Game and Watch - single game computers10:48
SebthreeBQM10HDkeep default game on one,  and put games on others10:48
popeyi have a few games in the works10:48
popeyone for the microbit which should be fun10:49
SebthreeBQM10HDyour making games for those or?10:49
SebthreeBQM10HDthe microbit hmm,  lots of UK 11 yearolds got tht10:49
popeyyeah, i got one too10:50
popeyand my daughter did10:50
popeybrb, off for a bit10:50
SebthreeBQM10HDpopey, I got a interesting gaming device sent to me the other week, retro gaming,10:50
SebthreeBQM10HDmicrobit  I  had vagugly thought could buy thagt, but probably not much point really10:51
SebthreeBQM10HDthere was also a  brazilen crowd funded thing like a month or two ago that was similar to that, but no I did not back that10:51
=== pavlushka_ is now known as pavlushka
popeySebthreeBQM10HD: what was the retro gaming thing you got?12:53
SebthreeBQM10HDpopey, a chinese crowd  funded thing14:39
SebthreeBQM10HDaltough could buy with less space14:40
SebthreeBQM10HDaquarius_,  bq e.45 or ef hd ? :d h eh14:40
aquarius_I've got an e4.5 (and an e5).14:41
SebthreeBQM10HDaquarius_, oh you got both14:41
SebthreeBQM10HDaquarius_, how diffenret is the E5 HD to the 4.5 really ?14:41
aquarius_it's bigger. Other than that, not a lot different :)14:41
SebthreeBQM10HDhow else would you say it's differnt14:42
SebthreeBQM10HDand how much bigger is it?14:42
aquarius_the e5 is a little bit faster, but not significantly that I've noticed. And I think the e5 is too big in the hand, but I don't like big phones, so you may feel differently about that.14:42
SebthreeBQM10HDaquarius_, it's not on sale anyore from bq either of those, but could get the Android versibion and stick ubuntu on it onself it seems, but I wonder if it matters then if it's the hd or the fhd  not contacted by about that yet14:42
SebthreeBQM10HDbq above14:42
SebthreeBQM10HDaquarius_, the 4.5 I got on of thos and the MX 4 Meizu14:43
SebthreeBQM10HDthe 4.5 is a resoanble size same for the mx 4 r14:43
aquarius_hrm. I don't know whether you can sensibly install Ubuntu on the Android version. You'd need to ask somebody about that.14:43
SebthreeBQM10HDyou can14:43
SebthreeBQM10HDthey got software for it14:43
SebthreeBQM10HDfor that14:43
SebthreeBQM10HD,but I know there are like actsaully at least two versions of the E5 the HD that Ubuntu was, but maybe even two of that, and I even saw there was a FHD14:43
SebthreeBQM10HDaquarius_, it's probably not really worth spending  100 something pounds in my case on such a phone,  since it would mostly just sit in the draw really I guess really or some where, but to actsaully install something one self to install Ubuntu onself removing Andoid coould be something,  but uh nexus 7 would be better for things like that I guess14:45
SebthreeBQM10HDsit in the draw mostly or som where, not used14:45
SebthreeBQM10HDaquarius_, it's  a bit like with the Meizu MX 6 that's coming soon with Ubuntu,  there probably isn't much proper reason for me to buy that14:45
aquarius_*nod* seems a reasonable policy14:46
SebthreeBQM10HDaquarius_, well  I got certain other tech things to buy14:46
SebthreeBQM10HDthat want to buy14:46
SebthreeBQM10HDa mind list type thing a mental14:46
aquarius_haven't we all? :)14:46
SebthreeBQM10HDI did put the  Meizu Pro 5 low down on that list, but that's gone out of stock now ah well14:47
SebthreeBQM10HDwell that was a maybe14:47
SebthreeBQM10HDthinking it through though I got hundreds of pounds I want to spend on other tech in the next few months14:47
SebthreeBQM10HDso getting another Ubuntu phone isn't reallly a priority14:48
SebthreeBQM10HDaquarius_, I do want  both M10 tables though, since that's a more useful device in my case :) and the one I have is nice14:48
aquarius_fair play. Myself, I have no use for a tablet, but others like them14:49
SebthreeBQM10HDI think it's great having the tableg14:50
SebthreeBQM10HDconnected to  the logitech k480 keyboard which has a stand thing as part of it14:50
SebthreeBQM10HDblueetooth keyboard14:50
SebthreeBQM10HDand get to try where Ubuntu is going early like this,  no I don't mean the convergence, but rather in my case Libertine14:51
SebthreeBQM10HDaquarius_, being able to ru14:52
SebthreeBQM10HDrun standard Desktop Linux programs on Ubuntu touch is interesting14:52
aquarius_ah, yeah. Lots of people seem to like that. I personally don't have much need for a convergent device at the moment; I can imagine replacing my desktop PC with one when they get a lot more powerful, though.14:52
diddledaneh? o_O https://twitter.com/christensen143/status/74961745829056102414:55
popeyaquarius_: the e5 is one I'm missing - as it marvin15:01
aquarius_ah, I didn't notice marvin doesn't have one of them!15:01
popeymx4 should be fixed in a couple of weeks, will hook that up15:01
popeyalso need to put a powered USB hub on it, because some devices (like OPO) draw too much current to be on all day15:02
popey500ma isn't enough15:02
SebthreeBQM10HDaquarius_, you can sell your E5 HD to popey for five times what it was worth, he'll be a taker  :D15:03
popeyyeah... no15:03
aquarius_I don't think so, somehow :)15:03
SebthreeBQM10HDpopey, we could make our own E5 HD Ubuntu surely though, by buying the Android one from some where, and then sticking Ubuntu on oneself using BQ's software ? :d15:04
popeyI have been given two e4.5s15:04
popeyfor marvin15:04
SebthreeBQM10HDpopey, maybe even a more updated BQ E5 like that as well, if the FHD version of the phone works ok with the software like that :d15:04
SebthreeBQM10HDmarvin was your software thing, I am not sure now15:05
popeymarvin.popey.com is marvin15:05
SebthreeBQM10HDaquarius_, and yes popey is in desperte need for one, so five times what it was worth will sell to him h eh :D15:05
aquarius_I might donate mine to Marvin at some point :)15:06
SebthreeBQM10HDhe could try begging Canonical to some how get him one even though they went out of stock h eh15:06
popeyactually I might ask internally if there are any spare15:07
aquarius_Is there a scope in the app store which is a JS scope?15:07
SebthreeBQM10HDpopey, in Canonical ?15:07
aquarius_I don't know how to find out without downloading them all, which I don't really want to do15:07
popeygood question15:08
popeySebthreeBQM10HD: yes15:08
SebthreeBQM10HDpopey, get me a E5 HD if one is spare :d.  more seriously I  would pay a bit probbly for an Ubuntu Edition one, but yeah went out of stock on bq so uhmm15:09
SebthreeBQM10HDit was in stock15:09
SebthreeBQM10HDin stock in stock15:09
SebthreeBQM10HDfor nearly a year and then nope15:09
popeyaquarius_: https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/showdown/winners/ these15:09
aquarius_ha! nice one15:09
popeyyou making a js app scope?15:10
aquarius_I looked at https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/showdown/ but it doesn't link to the winners :)15:10
SebthreeBQM10HDpopey, marvin was the thing with your voice in it?15:10
SebthreeBQM10HDor was that something else15:10
popeyno, that's Mycroft15:10
* popey wanders off15:10
aquarius_well. I want to try picking apart a JS scope to see if I can build one. This is difficult because I can't actually create JS scopes on 14.04, but if I have a working one I can probably poke its code a bit :)15:10
SebthreeBQM10HDaquarius_, what are you making for ubuntu touch ?15:11
aquarius_possibly an apps scope.15:11
SebthreeBQM10HD 20:57
daftykinsblankety blank20:57
* zmoylan-pi hands daftykins a blankety blank cheque book and pen21:00
daftykinsi hope you wore Wogan's wig21:03
zmoylan-pino but i do have a car radio antennae to fake been a microphone21:04
* penguin42 bends it21:04
zmoylan-piwho do you think you are, kenny everret?21:04
* penguin42 flips his legs over 4 times and screams absollluttellyy :-)21:05
* zmoylan-pi rounds penguin42 and his cohorts up, puts them in a field and bombs the baskets21:05

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