Eduard_Munteanudyc3, they let you give extra permissions for certain users/groups, in addition to the standard Unix permissions00:00
kieppieUEFI makes things a little trickier - the whole TPM secure-boot thing.00:00
Padroneis there a way anyone :(00:00
ShadeShttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkConfigurationCommandLine/Automatic none of this is changing my ip address00:01
ShadeSonly after reboot will any chagnes made to etc/networking/interfaces take effeect00:01
dyc3Eduard_Munteanu: that sounds great, ill look into it00:01
ShadeSwhat gives00:01
Eduard_Munteanudyc3, man setfacl00:01
broadbandkieppie: I heard Ubuntu is fine with UEFI00:01
Padronecontrol ubuntu touch from ubuntu pc not possiblerino?00:02
ShadeSis 'systemd' breaking things here00:02
kieppieI've found win updates have "undesirable outcomes" by borking boots. on desktop (got a few here), I set up win on it's own disk, then unplug it, install new disk & install linux on it, and then re-attach win disk & do a grup update to give me boot option, and ensure that the grup disk loads 1st.00:02
kieppieif laptop, then UnetBootIn live-USB works best00:02
ShadeSbecause i'm not doing it in some specific weird way?00:02
ShadeSi mean, thta is the offical page, it should work00:03
ShadeSif it doesn't somethings up00:03
Padronewhoever answers ill give them my league of legends account! PLAT 3 EUW!00:03
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kieppieI've gone round this multi-boot messry-go-round far too many times & found this to work best, most relaible for me with least undesirable outcomes - loke corrupted boots after updates00:03
broadbandkieppie: I was planning to boot it from usb and then install00:04
broadbandDo you think it could cause any errors?00:04
kieppiefor the most part I've not really had much issues with UEFI, but YMMV - most frustrating thing I've found is that not all mobo's like booting form USB or SD00:04
PadroneWell i feel pretty left outerino so im probably leaving :(  thanks for the help :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((00:04
ShadeSthis is really weird everything on google says the ip shoudl change and none of these are actually taking effect00:04
kieppiebroadband: depends - do you *really* need multi-boot?00:05
kieppiecan you run win in vbox on your linux desktop, or visa versa?00:05
kieppieupgrade to W10 - if you can - activate & get the licence key before doing anything00:05
PadroneU r all mean! btw just saying cruel karma lives right around the corner00:06
broadbandhe was wanting to try it on a fully working motherboard00:06
kieppiePadrone: what's up?00:06
broadband** system, I mean00:06
Padronei dont know how to whisper00:06
broadbandHe has been using it in a VB for awhile now00:06
Padronebut just installed ubuntu touch00:06
Padroneand want to remotely control it from my pc00:07
Padronemy phone that is00:07
kieppiemy advice - and I've been down this road FAAAAR too many times, is (since W7?) NOT to multiboot: FAR to many issues bite you in the rear00:07
kieppiePadrone: VNC is probably simplest00:08
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kieppieVNC over VPN is better00:08
PadroneVnc tutorial and follow the guides?00:08
kieppieVNC is a PitA, but OK start00:08
kieppiePadrone: sure - there sould be no shortage. I don't use Ubuntu touch (yet), so can't comment00:09
broadbandkieppie: wb booting more than one linux distros? ok with it?00:09
Hydr0p0nXi use vnc when I need actual desktop access and putty + xming when I just need an access to an X based app00:09
ShadeSfor some reason i can connect to two ips00:09
ShadeSwhat's up wtith this buggy network behavior in ubuntu?00:09
PadroneThats okay thanks bud all i can offer is a league account if you want it since i just quit since using linux xD00:09
Padronethanks for the help bud00:09
tortibI'm using gnome3 classic and whenever I open archive or nautilis it shows the window controls on the left side, I want them on the right and only the close button to show up.  How can I accomplish this?00:12
ShadeSany ideas anyone?00:12
ShadeShwo i can get the old ip to not be connected to/as anymore, without a /full system restart/00:13
ShadeSI mean I remember ubuntu used to at least be able to change ips without a restart. . . .00:13
YankDownUndertortib: Is this a question you've already asked in the gnome channels?00:13
tortibnobody talks in the gnome channels00:13
tortibYankDownUnder, this wasn't how it was when I was using antergos so it's something with ubuntu00:13
YankDownUndertortib: Ah. Fair enough.00:13
YankDownUndertortib: Sounds like it would be something to do with the GTK compilation and the likes, ya reckon...00:15
kieppieShadeS: sorry - run that by me quick: the TL;RD version00:15
tortibI don't know that's why I'm asking00:15
CoJaBo..so apperently sendfile isn't very portable, even across Linux versions :/00:15
YankDownUndertortib: Have you looked at the actual configuration files...? => ~./config & ./local ?00:16
kieppietortib, YankDownUnder - maybe a setting buried in dconf(?)00:16
kieppieShadeS: i f you wanna change IP form CLI, then use something like `ifconfig $INTERFACE $IPADDRESS netmask $NETMASK up`00:18
kieppieShadeS: gnome network manager also give you option to create profiles via GUI - there's also a handy nmcli tool IINM00:19
tortibkieppie, I looked at a dconf setting that I googled and set the navigation buttons to just close but it didn't make a difference, they're still on the left side00:19
kieppienot sure it's possible then? you may have to dig into source, or install an alternative file manager00:21
Jaga-JagaI want ALT_R to perform as Space button. How?00:23
ddd333what's that issue with ubuntu's wifi: antenna 1 and antenna 2? what in the actual fuck?00:29
HackerII!ohmy | ddd33300:31
ubottuddd333: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList00:31
ddd333HackerII: wattup00:32
ddd333shouldn't that antenna 1 and antenna 2 be transparent to the end user? is that solved in ubuntu 16.04?00:32
ddd333i meant is a generic linux problem00:33
kieppieJaga-Jaga: xmodmap 00:33
ShadeSit's from cli x is not installed00:33
ShadeSkieppie: that seemed to work00:34
kieppiexmodmap is a CLI tool - I think you can run it (or related tool) to build the config for you in ~/.*00:34
ddd333sound used to be linux's Achilles heel. but now it's the wifi00:34
ShadeSbut why do i have to do this after restarting the network services which should read from /etc/network/interfaces ??00:35
Jaga-Jagakieppie: thx00:35
kiki_lambhow do I start the Ubuntu  installer from a USB stick from the grub command line?00:36
ddd333why no one talks to me. Saturday night? everyone drunk?00:36
* kieppie checking in again if anyone's a pro @ PXE00:36
kieppiesunday-morning in NZ - arse-end of world, so total crap-shoot if I can ever find great chat @ IRC00:37
YankDownUnderkieppie: We're not at the "arse end" - we're at the beginning...we're in the future and all the rest of the world is behind us...hmm?00:38
kieppiedon't I know it - always a day late for global memes00:39
YankDownUnder...or a day ahead...00:39
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Joralhow do I check (using cli) which display is currently in use by the graphics driver?00:42
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kieppieno luck today - may need to try again @ WTF-o'clock during week :(00:43
ddd333who's the Mark Shuttleworth of Debian? anyone knows?00:44
ddd333it's Mehdi Dogguy00:46
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EvanHey guys, I get this error when I try to SSH into a server "/bin/bash: No such file or directory. Connection to IP closed." Any way to fix this? I don't really have any other way into the box01:03
reisio'lo Grorco01:03
reisioEvan: what's your ssh command?01:04
Evanssh user@server01:04
reisiothat's an odd error01:04
reisiowhat's this say? ssh user@server 'which bash; which dash'01:04
Evan/bin/bash: No such file or directory01:05
Grorcosorry this is off topic a bit, but does anyone know if there is an easy way to reverse a pydoc -w statement? I want to extract the code from the html files01:06
de-factoare there any database formats which would be cpu architecture dependent formats? (i guess none because this would be pretty inpractical for interchange and backup)01:07
reisioEvan: dunno how easily fixed that'll be remotely01:08
reisioEvan: how about just ssh user@server 'which dash'01:08
tortibhow can I install cadence for ubuntu?01:08
Evansame thing01:09
OerHeksdoes ' ldd /bin/bash ' give any clue?01:09
Evanwait 1 sec01:10
reisioEvan: if you can get file access ("sftp", etc.), you can maybe reconfigure a few things and hope another shell installed will work01:11
reisioor, the hard way, actually fix it with only file access01:11
reisiothe "simple" way is to fix from a live OS01:11
Evanwhat would i need to change?01:11
faLUCEI have var foo=true   how can I set it to false if  /some/dir/file  doesn't exist?01:13
OerHeksintresting answer http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/278454/bin-bash-no-such-file-or-directory-connection-closed01:15
de-factofaLUCE  [  ! -e /some/dir/file ] && export foo=false01:15
de-factouse quotes if it contains spaces "some/cool dir/file"01:16
OerHeksEvan, what did you do before this happened?01:16
Evani have no iae01:16
de-factoboot into a rescue shell and search for /bin/bash?01:17
Evanrescue shell?01:19
Evanall i have is SSH access01:19
de-factohmm ok can you sftp to the box? like in nautilus ssh://user@box ?01:19
de-factothen look for that file?01:19
de-factopress Ctr + L to get the input address box01:20
de-factothen enter sftp://user@host.com01:20
Evanhow do i do that from a bash prompt?01:20
de-factosftp user@box01:21
Evannope, connection refused. i don't think it's seutp01:22
de-factohmm dang01:22
Evanwell fuck01:22
de-factowhere does it run? do you have a remote vnc console from your provider maybe?01:22
de-factofor the tty to login?01:23
Evani have no idea01:23
Evanprobably, it's LINode01:23
de-factoyeah they should have a server admin console or so01:24
Evani wouldnt even know what to fix01:24
tortibAnyone know how I can install cadence in ubuntu?01:25
tortibIt's audio software01:25
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Guest28246who can speak russian?01:28
Grorcotortib: whats os is it for?01:28
Guest28246i don"t know01:28
de-factoEvan no idea but at your place id try to look for some options in linode manager to get access to the box. my provider provides me a VNC in html for the TTY1 from where i can login even if network is down in my box01:29
de-factobut even then its the question if you can get (or boot into) a workable shell to look for problems and fix them. you probably can try to boot from a rescue livecd chroot into your ubuntu box from that and fix stuff01:30
de-factoEvan also do you have a backup you can play back? if not, think about making one next time...01:31
de-factoi could recomment duplicity for that01:31
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Grorcotortib: check out http://kxstudio.linuxaudio.org/Repositories01:32
de-factowith that you can make an encrypted backup offsite (e.g. to webdav or dropbox or such)01:32
tortibGrorco, ty01:33
GrorcoI think it's what your looking for dl instructions there, if you click on the software tab it's listed under the apps01:33
Grorcotorti: np, make sure thats what your looking for :)01:34
faLUCEthanks de-facto01:35
UnKnOwN|Evan are your mommentarily logging in the the connection closes?01:35
UnKnOwN|like do you see a MOTD or a prompt before it instantly closes?01:36
Evannope UnKnOwN| nothing01:39
de-factofaLUCE if you look for files only you can [ ! -f /some/file ] and for dirs [ ! -d /some/dir ] "-e" means exist (so also devices and named pipes i guess)  http://linux.die.net/man/1/test01:40
fadavi_Hello, can I have Unreal Engine on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, for free?01:41
de-factoEvan how about ssh user@host -t '/usr/bin/env bash'01:48
Evansame thing01:49
Evanthis is strange01:49
de-factowhat exactly do you get?01:49
EvanConnection to IP closed.01:49
Evan /bin/bash: No such file or directory01:49
EvanConnection to IP closed.01:49
de-factoso ssh is running and responding but the shell launching fails?01:50
de-factoEvan how about   ssh user@host -t "ls /bin"01:52
UnKnOwN|i dont know the options, but can he ssh and request no shell, but send a command to edit default shell in passwd file?01:52
Evanall the same01:52
UnKnOwN|and then restart01:53
de-factoEvan how about ssh user@host cat /etc/passwd01:53
de-factodo you get its content displayed then?01:54
Evanall no /bin/bash01:54
de-factostrange indeed01:54
UnKnOwN|oh also, using scp/sftp u can upload new ssh keys can force commands on login01:54
de-factodoes not work he said01:54
UnKnOwN|can you power cylce the machine?01:54
UnKnOwN|remote ups/apc/pud?01:55
de-factotry with full paths maybe? like   ssh user@host /bin/cat /etc/passwd01:56
UnKnOwN|if pulls the login shell before commands are run01:56
de-factomaybe his PATH is messed up? maybe the while /bin got corrupted?01:58
de-factono idea01:58
UnKnOwN|scp/sftp a idetical passwd file with the user ur trying changed to /bin/sh and figure out or hope you can restart sshd/server or possible sshd reload periodacally?01:58
UnKnOwN|wouldng sshd just look at passwd every time...01:59
UnKnOwN|just scp a new passwd to whatever shell you knows on the linode install02:00
de-factoEvan said sftp/scp would not work02:00
UnKnOwN|sftp give same error?02:00
Evansftp isn't setup AFAIK02:00
UnKnOwN|scp is ssh02:00
Evanit just says connection closed02:01
UnKnOwN|i thought sftp was done by sshd aswell02:01
UnKnOwN|you prob need to physically visit the box, each forum topic about it seemed to end the same...02:02
Evanit's an LINode VPS02:02
Evani have no physical access to it02:02
de-factobut why would it complain about /bin/bash missing if he just runs a command non interactively with absolute path provided to it? like ssh user@host /bin/ls /bin02:02
OerHekstry /bin/busybox ..02:03
de-factoEvan try "ssh user@host /bin/busybox ash"02:04
de-factocorrection "ssh user@host -t /bin/busybox ash"02:05
Evanwell fuck02:05
de-factowas missing the -t02:05
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de-factossh user@host /bin/busybox ls /bin02:08
Evannothing is working02:09
Evanyea idk what else to do02:09
de-factotry booting from linode manager into a rescue live cd, from there try chroot into your filesystem and fix stuff02:09
UnKnOwN|Evan: telnet server 2302:10
UnKnOwN|just try02:10
UnKnOwN|run that on command line02:10
UnKnOwN|replace server with ip02:11
de-factoi never used linode hence i dont know how, but my provider has a vnc integrated into his server manager from where i can do such stuff (it displays tty1 inside an html window)02:11
Evannaw that won't work02:12
de-factoEvan what did you do between you remember it last time working and now?02:12
UnKnOwN|Evan: also run nmap again the host and see what services are running02:12
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china2hi can someone please help me because I don't now if I am a victim of a intrusion or not?02:16
de-factochina2 what makes you think you are a victim of intrusion?02:18
Guest46750i port scanned myself recently and i found a lot of strange conclusions02:18
Guest46750I can't understand why I have so many op[en ports02:19
UnKnOwN|Evan: I know it sounds redundant, but its Linodes shell, try: ssh -t user@host '/bin/lish'02:19
de-factoGuest46750  "sudo netstat -tulpn"02:19
Guest46750de-facto: can I post that to a pastebin?02:21
UnKnOwN|Evan: can you grab a console from your linode web dashboard?02:21
Joralhow do I check to see what connector the display driver is attempting to use?02:22
de-factoGuest46750 well if you want... ppl can see which services run on which port and your ip is seen here too though02:22
UnKnOwN|Evan: any luck?02:43
djapohow can i find the dev path in /dev for a usb device that isnt a  memory device02:52
KenrinI'd connect it then look at dmesg02:53
KenrinEasiest way02:53
djapoKenrin: /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:14.0/usb1/1-5/1-5:1.3/0003:0D8C:000C.0008/input/input6402:54
djaponot so easy, i cant pass that path to udevadm02:54
JoralFinally got the display driver working so I can see the screen but the screen is shifted about 2-3 inches to the left.  What would cause the monitor offset and how would I fix it?02:56
KenrinI see your point,  I really need to get up to date on systemd >.<02:58
de-factodjapo "lsusb" and "man lshw"03:01
etzerdhello all03:02
etzerdanyone here using the ubuntu mate 16.10?03:02
de-factodjapo specifically i guess lshw -class <whatever you like here>03:02
de-factoclass can be something like "bus, bridge, memory, display, multimedia, network, storage, disk and volume."03:03
djapode-facto: i found what i was looking for with udevadm info -q all -p /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:14.0/usb1/1-5/1-5:1.303:03
de-factookay :)03:03
Grorcoetzerd: I am03:06
etzerddoes it crash on you time to time when using the menu?03:07
Grorcoetzerd: No, sorry it crashes on me all the other time :) lol    I've had a lot of weird crashes, and problems with my icons moving around on the upper panel though03:09
BeladonaI cannot see this screen http://www.howtogeek.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/access-grub2-boot-loader.png  I am on kubuntu LTS 1603:10
Beladonaany help on how to bring it back?03:11
Ben64spam the shift key during boot03:12
etzerdGrorco: I love it. this is the only distro that works fine on my new Acer Aspire V17. but Like I said it is just crashing to much. hopefully they have an upgrade soon.03:12
Ben64etzerd: 16.10 isn't released yet, support and discussion is in #ubuntu+103:13
KenrinI tried using Mate on 14 and it conflicted wayy too much with other packages installed03:13
etzerdBen64: I know03:14
Grorcoetzerd: Have you tried changing window managers?03:14
etzerdhow to do that?03:14
Grorcoetzerd: under system, look and feel, mate-tweek03:14
etzerdok, I did that. but it doesn't change anything.03:16
Grorcoetzerd: I've been running compiz for a couple days now and no major problems, and I think it was the macro(no compositor) ran good for me too03:17
Grorcoetzerd: which one did you pick?03:18
BeladonaI cannot see this screen http://www.howtogeek.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/access-grub2-boot-loader.png  I am on kubuntu LTS 1603:19
Beladonaany help on how to bring it back?03:19
etzerdI pick UbuntuMate Panel from Mate Tweak03:20
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Guest87842hi all. just killed my terminal. I would like to ask you where terminal options are stored so i can change something. As far as i understand the place it is stored has changed in 16.0403:20
Guest87842btw its gnome-terminal03:21
Grorcoetzerd: click the windows button it's at the bottom03:21
etzerdfrom the Mate Tweak03:22
Grorcoetzerd: yeah03:23
etzerdit uses Marco (software compositor)03:24
Grorcoetzerd: see I think I had the most problems with that one and the compton GPU, I'm using compiz because I like the eye-candy options03:25
etzerdok, I'm going to change it and see what happen03:26
Grorcoetzerd: okay :)03:26
Grorcoetzerd: ohh mine looked really weird until I hit the button03:26
etzerdgrorco: I'm going to reboot now. brb03:28
Guest87842anyone knows where terminal stores profile settings/03:29
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Joralis there someone willing to help me configure X11?03:37
djapois it possible to create a dummy device that is just a proxy to a real device? with its own custom ids03:41
djapoi have a usb microphone and i want to change the id vendor, product key to it, or create a fake device that has those propertiees changed03:41
OreGonhello all03:49
OreGongot a ? for ya03:49
elly-itariI'm having a problem with my resolution can anyone help?03:49
OreGonme too03:49
elly-itarisame problem I take it...03:49
OreGoninstalling Nvidia driver makes all fonts super small03:49
elly-itarioh. no. different issue.03:50
OreGonneed to change dpi setting03:50
OreGonin peppermint os03:50
elly-itariI'm trying to get 1920 x 1080 on it but it's not showing up in the resolution options03:50
elly-itariin 16.04 LTS03:50
elly-itariwhat unity?03:51
OreGonregular ubuntu DE03:51
elly-itariI don't know?03:51
elly-itariI'm brand new to ubuntu. I got it from their download page.03:51
elly-itarido you think you can help?03:53
OreGonGo to System ---> Preferences ---> Display03:53
elly-itariSystem Settings > Hardware > Displays?03:54
Zhongtiao1how do you link a button (the windows key) to the "start menu"? I'm on lxde03:55
elly-itarito be honest I don't know but my windows key opens the start menu.03:56
elly-itaribut I'm on ubuntu so idk03:56
Zhongtiao1I have to manually click it. I guess it is more of an lxde question than an Ubuntu question03:56
elly-itarioh okay. sorry03:57
elly-itariugh is no one who can help actually here...03:57
Zhongtiao1I updated from 12.04 to 14.04 today and am having this issue on Lubuntu03:58
piggahusually there is somewhere to set keyboard shortcuts but i havent used lxde in years03:59
elly-itarithe same issue as me, or the one you mentioned before?03:59
elly-itariI guess I'll restate my problem04:00
Zhongtiao1I've found it, but how do I link to the start menu?04:00
phionaim on Lubuntu. i did nothing. its just automatic.04:01
elly-itariMy resolution is currently set to 1360x768, but my native monitor resolution is 1920x1080, and it's not showing up in the resolution options. I'm brand new to Ubuntu, and I'm running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.04:02
deceitholy balls04:03
dramaelly-itari, try Ctl-Alt- - (minus sign)04:05
dramaa couple of times04:05
Zhongtiao1if i link the windows key to exit, it will show the start menu?04:05
elly-itariumm nothing seemed to happen..04:05
elly-itariI guess I should mention that when I installed ubuntu, I had to use the command line to add nomodeset to get it to display.04:06
elly-itariif i didn't it always gave me an "Input not supported" message.04:06
GrorcoZhongtiail: look here ~/.config/openbox/lubuntu-rc.xml04:11
GrorcoZhongtiail: should be alt+ f1 right now04:12
dramaZhongtiao1, Ctl-ESC04:13
eirjgoienrgiengDoes anyone here use the ASUS STRIX RAID DLX (or any of the recent STRIX sound cards) with Ubuntu?04:15
elly-itari@drama what does ctrl alt minus do?04:16
dramanothing for me.. that i can see04:16
dramalubuntu 16.0404:17
elly-itariMy resolution is currently set to 1360x768, but my native monitor resolution is 1920x1080, and it's not showing up in the resolution options. I'm brand new to Ubuntu, and I'm running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. I installed it like 2 days ago, and I had to use nomodeset otherwise I would get an "input not supported" error, but idk if that's significant or not.04:24
chinhprowhat is your name ?04:25
chinhproi am newbie :D04:26
dramai am doug.. hi newbie04:26
chinhprowhere are u from?04:27
elly-itariI'm Elly.04:27
chinhprohi ^^04:27
Zhongtiao1So, how do I change the ctrl-esc to the windows key?04:27
elly-itari@Drama do you know what I can do to fix my problem?04:27
chinhproi am from in VietNam :D04:27
dramaZhongtiao1,  it should work already04:27
Zhongtiao1It is set as ctrl-esc04:27
Zhongtiao1I want it to work on windows key04:28
dramaelly-itari, apt-cache show x11-xserver-utils04:29
dramaelly-itari, I used to use xvidtune ymmv04:30
elly-itarin: unable to locate package04:30
elly-itarie: no packages found04:30
eirjgoienrgiengelly-itari, what GPU is in your system?04:31
dramaelly-itari, you need more repos04:31
dramasudo apt-get update and try again04:31
dramaelly-itari, that's a good question ^^04:31
elly-itariuh gpu is geforce gtx 960 or something04:32
Guest87842i changed something in gnome terminal profiles and now when i start terminal it enters a loop04:32
eirjgoienrgiengelly-itari, by default the free software nouveau driver is loaded, which sadly does not provide great support due to NVIDIA not being helpful with hardware documentation.04:33
eirjgoienrgiengelly-itari, you need to install the nvidia-driver package and then reboot.04:33
elly-itariI changed it to the um04:33
Guest87842i purged terminal and reinstalled it but the problem persists04:33
elly-itarionce before04:33
elly-itariI had to do that to install steam fsr04:33
Guest87842all i wanna know is where are the profile settings stored for terminal04:33
Guest87842or how to revert to the default04:33
eirjgoienrgiengelly-itari what distribution are you using?04:33
elly-itaridistribution? um04:33
eirjgoienrgiengWhich GNU/Linux OS and version?04:34
eirjgoienrgiengUbuntu 16.04?04:34
elly-itariubuntu 16.04 lts04:34
eirjgoienrgiengOk look in your applications for something called Driver Manager04:34
eirjgoienrgiengOr somethingf in regards to driver.04:34
eirjgoienrgiengDo you find it?04:34
elly-itariI have uh04:34
elly-itariadditional drivers04:34
eirjgoienrgiengOpen it, and there should be an NVIDIA section.04:35
eirjgoienrgiengnouveau should be ticked, but there should be proprietary NVIDIA driver in there. You want to tick that and apply.04:35
elly-itarinvidia corporation?04:35
eirjgoienrgiengThen reboot, and you should be fine, nomodeset is no longer required.04:35
elly-itarilike I said I'm already using the nvidia-36104:35
eirjgoienrgiengWhen the nouveau free driver matures more (hopefully with the help of NVIDIA), you do not have to do this any more in the future.04:35
elly-itarihow do I turn off nomodeset04:35
eirjgoienrgiengYou simply do not add it into the GRUB launch option.04:36
eirjgoienrgiengWhen you boot.04:36
eirjgoienrgiengWhere did you add nomodeset?04:36
elly-itariwhen I installed ubuntu04:36
eirjgoienrgiengYou usually add something like that in the GRUB boot menu.04:36
eirjgoienrgiengWhich you need to do every time.04:37
eirjgoienrgiengUnless you modify some files.04:37
elly-itariI couldn't install it without using nomodeset04:37
eirjgoienrgiengWhere did you enter nomodeset?04:37
eirjgoienrgiengHow did you activate it?04:37
elly-itaribecause I'd get an error screen saying input not supported04:37
eirjgoienrgiengDid the setup provide an option for it?04:37
eirjgoienrgiengWell it only applies during the installer.04:37
elly-itariI used e to edit the command line.04:37
eirjgoienrgiengnomodeset is not set unless you specifically modify files to have it on permanently.04:37
eirjgoienrgiengThat makes it temporary.04:37
elly-itariso it's already off?04:38
Zhongtiao1drama: changing c-escape to exit doesn't work04:38
elly-itarioriginally after I installed it, I only had 1 resolution option04:38
elly-itarinow I have 4 but none of them are the right one.04:38
eirjgoienrgiengelly-itari type this in a terminal and share the output: lspci -nnk | grep -i vga -A3 | grep 'in use'04:39
elly-itarielly@elly-desktop:~$ lspci -nnk | grep -i vga -A3 | grep 'in use' Kernel driver in use: nvidia Kernel driver in use: snd_hda_intel04:39
eirjgoienrgiengAre you on a laptop?04:39
eirjgoienrgiengType xrandr in a terminal now.04:40
eirjgoienrgiengxrandr will display the resolution modes available currently.04:40
eirjgoienrgiengDoes xrandr show a 1920x1080 option?04:40
eirjgoienrgiengWhat have you done so far to try to fix this?04:40
dramaZhongtiao1, it worked in my 16.04 lubuntu without changing anything04:40
elly-itariI used the internet to see what I can do but to be honest I don't know what any of it does04:40
elly-itariI'm literally brand new to ubuntu04:41
eirjgoienrgiengNormally if you just install Ubuntu, use nomodeset if you can not boot in, then install the NVIDIA driver and afterwards no longer use nomodeset on boot, things should work fine.04:41
elly-itariwell the odd thing is04:41
elly-itariI only had to use nomodeset on install04:41
elly-itariso I kinda just assumed it never went away04:41
eirjgoienrgiengNope, you need to set it each time specifically in the e grub thing.04:41
elly-itarioh. I never got that menu04:42
elly-itariit just booted .04:42
eirjgoienrgiengAfter you installed the NVIDIA driver, did you reboot?04:42
dramaZhongtiao1, who knows.. it was an upgrade from 15.10 and my desktop splash screen didn't change so who knows04:42
elly-itariactually, I did that because that was how I had to install steam.04:42
dramathat's why it has a tight resolution04:42
dramanvidia-settings --query all | grep -i resolution04:43
dramanvidia-settings --help04:43
eirjgoienrgiengelly-itari I recommend you uninstall the NVIDIA driver (by switching back to nouveau).04:43
eirjgoienrgiengThen rebooting, and reinstalling it.04:43
eirjgoienrgiengThen reboot again.04:43
elly-itariby switching back to it?04:43
profetaesto que?04:44
elly-itariI'm gonna try a regular reboot first to see if it fixes04:44
elly-itariI'll be back and let you know the results04:44
profetaque hacen?04:44
profetaalguien habla español?04:44
drama!es profeta04:45
profetahola drama04:45
drama!spanish | profeta04:45
ubottuprofeta: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.04:45
profetagracias amigo04:45
thetravso I've got this bridge definition04:48
thetravthe bridge is coming up, however it's not getting an address or respecting the MTU04:48
thetravhave I done something wrong?04:48
cspackthetrav: you might want to ask in ##networking04:52
=== JanC is now known as Guest51249
=== JanC_ is now known as JanC
vbotkathetrav, "pre-up" works for me. For example "pre-up ip addr add dev xenbr0"04:54
thetravhow curious04:54
Zhongtiao1How do I set the windows button only to the start menu?04:55
jumpCan my computer run ubuntu? https://postimg.org/image/gaqn8kl07/04:55
Zhongtiao1I've tried W- as well04:55
Zhongtiao1jump: I'm running on a pentium 4 with 512mb of RAM04:55
eirjgoienrgienghi elly-itari04:59
elly-itarihi so04:59
elly-itariit didn't change anything.04:59
elly-itaristill no 1920x1080 option04:59
eirjgoienrgiengDid you reinstall?05:00
sponix800x600 is what you want anyway !05:00
elly-itariI uninstalled by switching like you said05:00
elly-itarithen I rebooted05:00
elly-itarithen I reinstalled by switching back to nvidia05:00
eirjgoienrgiengHave you tried fiddling around in the NVIDIA control panel?05:00
elly-itarithen I rebooted05:00
eirjgoienrgiengLook for nvidia inn your applications.05:00
elly-itariI opened it05:01
eirjgoienrgiengJust try to look around in it.05:03
eirjgoienrgiengThere should be some display settings with resolution stuff.05:03
elly-itariI looked at them but none of them helped05:03
elly-itariso I went into advanced05:03
elly-itariand I changed viewportin option05:04
eirjgoienrgiengAnd? ;o05:04
eirjgoienrgiengDid yuo fix it?05:05
Zhongtiao1I got mine to work05:05
Zhongtiao1changed the keybinding to super_l05:05
elly-itarino um05:06
elly-itariI tried to force it to 1920 but it didn't really work the way I wanted...05:07
eirjgoienrgiengelly-itari: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=226331605:07
thetravso i put all my interfaces in bridges and now lost the default gateway...  how do i set it in /etc/network/interfaces?05:07
elly-itariI'll give it a read.05:09
jumpsudo nano etc/network/interfaces05:10
sponixnano is weak05:11
jumpgets the job done05:11
jumpdoes not need a 100 hotkeys to do a simple edit05:11
nthrowfuck nano05:12
OerHeks!language | nthrow05:12
ubottunthrow: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList05:12
nthrowi am quite calm thank you05:12
thetravso umm, if you're finished fighting over text editors...  I know the file, I don't know what to put in it05:21
thetravIn fact I've also noticed that I don't even have a route for the bridge05:22
thetravquite odd05:22
yigalthetrav: hmm, I'm sorry I don' know what the problem is as I just ventured into this channel, would you mind reposting?05:22
thetravso I put all my interfaces into bridges for ... reasons ...05:22
thetravand now I have no default gateway05:23
yigalwell as long as you have an internet connection you should be fine, :)05:23
thetravhow do I set the default gateway via the /etc/network/interfaces file ?05:23
thetravnot without a gateway I don't05:23
thetravthe box doesn't know how to route the packets05:23
yigalthetrav: it's going to be for each NIC, so in the /etc/interfaces or /etc/interfaces.d/<NIC FIle> you'll set 'gateway <IP>'05:24
thetravso setting the gateway for the interface will work for the bridge?05:25
thetravok rad05:25
yigalthetrav: it should, as stated above I don't know the initial question asked05:25
thetravi restated it for you05:25
thetravput my interfaces into bridges05:26
yigalthetrav: are you making a KVM environment?05:26
thetravthe bridge ignores the gateway setting05:26
thetravI am setting up some openstack hosts05:26
jumpdo you set it to static?05:26
yigalthetrav: nice, and have you read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBonding05:27
thetravyes and no05:27
yigalthetrav: also, Neutron is a challenge no matter how you try to deal with it05:27
thetravI know about bonding05:27
thetravthis is not neutron yet05:27
thetravbonding is not happening in this setup05:28
thetravwhen i have it worked out i will have 40gb links05:28
thetravfunny story though05:28
thetravthey ordered the switch, but not the cards for the servers05:28
thetravso I'm trying to get by on 1gb links to set things up05:29
yigalthetrav: I don't know the exact issue, but default gateway should work through setting it in the bonding NIC so I'd start checking logs for why it isn't05:29
yigalthetrav: looks like a nice setup, plenty of potential :)05:29
yigalthetrav: I was really interested in studying Neutron but keeping up with development is too much with a real job, lol05:30
thetravit's part of my job05:30
yigalthetrav: sure, I was working for a Cloud provider that was using OpenStack I'm glad I left :P05:31
yigalbut no doubt a huge amount of potential05:31
thetravI'm working for a Telco05:31
thetravNeutron in and of itself isn't actually all that interesting05:32
thetravit's just an orchestrator05:32
yigalthetrav: yes, but how to deal reasonably well with a massive cluster is always interesting, at least to me05:32
vbotkathetrav, "post-up" works for me too. For example "post-up ip route add via dev xenbr0"05:35
yigalthetrav: if you're sure your configuration is correct I'd start getting ready to file a bug report against the kernel of the server you're using05:35
OreGonanyone know how to fix the dpi setting after installing nvidia drivers in peppermint os?05:37
lotuspsychjeOreGon: we can only support ubuntu here mate05:37
OreGonfonts are tiny05:38
OreGonoops sorry05:38
yigalOreGon: no worries my elf friend05:38
lotuspsychjeOreGon: perhaps seek support on their irc chat/forum?05:38
yigallotuspsychje: he's gone05:38
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thetrav@yigal I'm certain my configuration is not correct, however I struggle to find documentation on how I should have it05:41
=== who is now known as Guest74242
Guest74242i have a problem05:42
Guest74242when i try to udate it shows a lot of error05:43
Guest74242anybody can help me05:43
lotuspsychjeGuest74242: what kind of errors05:43
Guest74242W: The repository 'http://ppa.launchpad.net/kilian/f.lux/ubuntu xenial Release' does not have a Release file. N: Data from such a repository can't be authenticated and is therefore potentially dangerous to use. N: See apt-secure(8) manpage for repository creation and user configuration details. E: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/kilian/f.lux/ubuntu/dists/xenial/main/binary-amd64/Packages  404  Not Found E: Some index fil05:44
yigalGuest74242: can you provide the error output in a pastebin http://paste.ubuntu.com/05:44
yigal Guest74242 ok this is because you're using a random PPA that appears to not have a 16.04 release05:45
Guest74242how can I remove05:45
lotuspsychjeGuest74242: remove all external ppa's with ppapurge and atp update again05:45
lotuspsychje!ppapurge | Guest7424205:45
ubottuGuest74242: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html05:45
yigalGuest74242: well yes and no, be  careful if you actually need a PPA due to the hardware you're using you may want to think twice about upgrading05:45
elly-itari@eirjgoienrgieng After reboot get correct nvidia-driver (chose graphic-card and OS) at “http://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx?lang=en-us" (or search webb with “nvidia download”). Right-click on downloaded file and change if to executable.05:47
Guest74242when i try to install ppa-purge now its shows05:47
Guest74242sudo apt-get install ppa-purge sudo: unable to resolve host localhost.localdomain Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree        Reading state information... Done You might want to run 'apt-get -f install' to correct these: The following packages have unmet dependencies:  gnupg2 : Depends: gnupg-agent (= 2.1.11-6ubuntu2) E: Unmet dependencies. Try 'apt-get -f install' with no packages (or specify a solution).05:47
elly-itariwhat does that last bit mean?05:47
Guest74242I am just normal user05:48
OerHeksjust remove it from your sources, it never installed any package so safe to disable in the gui05:49
AndChat393204hi .. i have a virus that lock apt when start and changes the bios settings! It corrupts my laptop .. how can i detecet this virus and delete it05:49
Guest74242how can I remove it please provide terminal code05:49
lotuspsychjeAndChat393204: apt doesnt have virusses05:49
yigalAndChat393204: that's amazing my friend, truly interesting05:50
OerHeksGuest74242, no need for terminal, use sofwarecenter > edit > sources05:50
yigalAndChat393204: when you attempt to do a 'sudo apt-get upgrade' what happens?05:50
eonumbreonAndChat393204 it updates your software from the repos05:50
yigalGuest74242: yes, if you're unfamiliar with the terminal don't confuse yourself05:50
AndChat393204it's locked by other process05:51
eonumbreonIf there was a virus, everyone would have it05:51
Guest74242this happende when I yse upgrade05:51
Guest74242popson@localhost:~$ sudo apt-get upgrade sudo: unable to resolve host localhost.localdomain Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree        Reading state information... Done You might want to run 'apt-get -f install' to correct these. The following packages have unmet dependencies:  gnupg2 : Depends: gnupg-agent (= 2.1.11-6ubuntu2) E: Unmet dependencies. Try using -f.05:51
AndChat393204even though i just start the laptop05:51
eonumbreonTry reinstalling the OS05:51
yigalGuest74242: there are multiple issues, what happens when you run 'sudo apt-get -f install'05:52
eonumbreonOr running ClamAV05:52
AndChat393204ok so what it is .. bios settings are changing!05:52
OerHeksAndChat393204, sounds more like an empty bios battery to me..05:52
elly-itariso in this guide05:52
elly-itarihow do I change it to an executable from the right click menu05:52
elly-itariI tried renaming it to a .deb but that didn't seem to do anything. :|05:52
AndChat393204I checked the battery with avo .. it's ok05:53
eonumbreonThe CMOS battery?05:53
yigalelly-itari: if you're going to run the Nvidia binary installer then do it from the cli05:53
yigalelly-itari: but don't, if you can help it05:53
Guest74242dpkg: error processing package gconf2 (--configure):  dependency problems - leaving triggers unprocessed No apport report written because MaxReports is reached already                                                               dpkg: dependency problems prevent processing triggers for gconf2:  gconf2 depends on libxml2 (>= 2.7.4); however:   Package libxml2:amd64 is not configured yet.  gconf2 depends on python3:any; however:  05:53
eonumbreonApt wouldnt have viruses. Otherwise we would all have it. It is more likely you visited a dodgy website and caught it.05:54
Guest74242list goes on yigal05:54
elly-itari@yigal I don't... know what I'm doing05:54
Guest74242software centre is not pening05:54
elly-itariI don'g know what the nvidia binary installer is or what cli is.05:54
AndChat393204it's not apt .. something using it05:54
OerHeksAndChat393204, and what setting exactly changes?05:55
eonumbreonwhat message do you get? Cant you just delete the lock05:55
yigalAndChat393204: or even kill the process05:55
yigalAndChat393204: which should clear the lock, even uncleanly05:55
AndChat393204Ufmi or something like this .. it corrupting my laptop .. i fixed it three times because it became dead05:56
OerHeks.. uefi ?05:56
elly-itari@yigal I'm trying to fix my screen's resolution to be 1920x108005:56
yigalAndChat393204: can you pastebin a 'ps aufx'?05:56
AndChat393204Yes i can delete the lock .. but laptop wont start again ..05:56
=== red is now known as Guest66284
OerHeksuefi secure boot i guess05:57
eonumbreonUFEI is just littered with problems. Cant you just try using CSM?05:57
AndChat393204Yes uefi05:57
eonumbreonI can never get UFEI to work ._.05:57
OerHekspretty good guide...05:57
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI05:57
OerHeksyou just need to make a 100 mb partition, etc05:58
OerHeksor maybe it is already there.05:58
AndChat393204Yes right .. i will reinstall the system but i'm afraid it will happen again05:58
JoralAndChat393204, secureboot basically uses a checksum to ensure that the kernel that is booting matches its signature, you should be able to disable secure boot in the uefi/bios menu05:59
eonumbreon^^^ try not using ufei05:59
OerHeksuefi could work just fine.05:59
AndChat393204i mean settings are changing automatically05:59
GrorcoI had to disable it05:59
Guest74242popson@localhost:~$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:THE_PPA sudo: unable to resolve host localhost.localdomain [sudo] password for popson:  Traceback (most recent call last):   File "/usr/bin/add-apt-repository", line 95, in <module>     sp = SoftwareProperties(options=options)   File "/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/softwareproperties/SoftwareProperties.py", line 109, in __init__     self.reload_sourceslist()   File "/usr/lib/python305:59
AndChat393204in the bios05:59
Joraleonumbreon, some motherboards do not offer legacy bios emulation.06:00
Guest74242i do not know which ppa should remove06:00
eonumbreonJoral really?06:00
OerHeksGuest74242, no need for terminal, use sofwarecenter > edit > sources06:00
Guest74242i tried to install kali tools on my lap after that this error stats to pop up06:00
OerHeksGuest74242, oh, time to reinstall06:00
Guest74242oerheks : i cannot access software center ; its not opening06:00
Grorcocould it be the actual localhost file?06:01
Joraleonumbreon, the win8/win10 COTS computers don't even have the option anymore since windows8 had the requirement of UEFI06:01
JoralI got lucky with my HP because win7 was still an option for this model06:01
Guest74242so there is no way06:02
AndChat393204ok i'm leaving .. but just notice that there are viruses now for ubuntu ..06:02
Grorcocan you make a new user?06:02
dramaAndChat393204, how can I get one and does it cost extra?06:02
OerHeks!fud | AndChat393204 .. read the uefi manual06:02
ubottuAndChat393204 .. read the uefi manual: Please do not fall prey to, or spread FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) - it is not welcome here!  Please see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fear,_uncertainty_and_doubt06:02
GrorcoJoral: Me too06:03
eonumbreonWhat are these bots programmed using?06:04
jenenliuhi guys, what window manager do you use, or just use GNOME/KDE ?06:04
JoralOerHeks, I hope that wasn't based on my statements. If thats the way I came accrossed I wan't to clarify that my intention was to simply state that for some systems the "don't use uefi" approach is not a viable approach.06:04
Blue1depends - everyday is KDE06:05
eonumbreonJenenlui I use MATE06:05
Blue1i am playing with gnome -- still deciding06:05
OerHeksonly 32 bit systems give issues, and a few machines that do not follow the uefi specs. i was not certain he had such issue06:06
jenenliuI want to try tilling window manager, but still use a DE06:06
OerHeksJoral ^06:06
JoralOerHeks, It sounded to me like a secureboot issue, I hope he caught that secureboot is a separate component that from UEFI.  That is how I got UEFI working is by simply allowing any kernel to boot06:08
eonumbreonSecureBoot is annoying06:08
Blue1how does secureboot differ from grub2?  What features does it offer?06:09
eonumbreonIt is not the same thing06:09
elbo22my ethernet and wifi arent working06:09
elbo22this is the lspci06:09
elbo22any ideas where to start?06:09
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub206:10
Blue1elbo22: private message ok?06:10
ducassejenenliu: there are tiling extensions for gnome at least, maybe kde also.06:10
eonumbreonDo you find KDE is a bit buggy still?06:11
Blue1eonumbreon: not at all --06:11
elbo22sure Blue106:11
jenenliuducasse: really? what is the name of default ubuntu desktop envirenment06:11
Grorcoelbo22: did you install updates and drivers already?06:11
jenenliuI don't use KDE or gnome06:12
ducassejenenliu: unity06:12
eonumbreonI might try it agaib then06:12
elbo22Grorco: this is following an upgrade06:12
elly-itarium okay so @eirjgoienrgieng it... didn't really work06:12
Joraleonumbreon, it can certainly be annoying, but for what it is it provides a great service.  For OEM's their target audience is quickly becoming grandmas touchsreen windows 8 machine, or enterprise secure thin clients. in both cases the ability to ensure that a third party kernel does not get installed and loaded at reboot is a very good thing06:12
elly-itarican anyone else help me?06:12
Grorcoelbo22: k my internets stuipid I'm still trying to load your page :(06:13
jenenliuyep, unity, is there tilling extension for unity ?06:13
elly-itarican anyone help me? I'm trying to get my resolution to 1920x1080 but it's not in the display options.06:13
ubottuYum! Err, I mean, APT!06:13
ducasseJakesDen: talk to the guys in #freenode i know of06:13
ducassejenenliu: not that i know of06:14
Grorcoelbo22: what card do you have?06:14
elbo22im not sure, its part of my motherboard06:15
jenenliuducasse: i see, thanks06:15
Joralwow, i can't count the number of times ive seen the botsnack and I just now caught the but in the response.06:16
eonumbreonWhat does it do?06:16
ducassejenenliu: if you switch to gnome, look for the extension 'shellshape'.06:16
Grorcoelbo22: it should tell you in your drivers06:16
Joraleonumbreon, who were you talking too?06:16
jenenliuducasse: do you like playing with gnome ?06:16
elly-itariplease please help me...06:17
eonumbreonThe botsnack commandlet06:17
ducassejenenliu: i don't use gnome, i use i306:17
elbo22Grorco: lspci ?06:17
Joraleonumbreon, it just makes the bot echo that response06:17
eonumbreonJoral oh ok? Just an easter egg then?06:17
defektbut he does get hungry06:18
Joralworst part is I started with rh9 so I should have caught that a long time ago lol06:18
eonumbreonOh i just got what it meant06:18
Joralelly-itari, I'm no expert but in my experience if a resolution does not appear as an option it means that either the card or the driver does not support that resolution06:21
jenenliuducasse: i3 is one of my choices06:22
elly-itariwell how do I change the driver then?06:22
jenenliuducasse: and the haskell one, I just can't remember the name, do you just try i3 and then use it?06:23
OerHekselly-itari, have you tried to reset the monitor itself with its own buttons?06:23
ducassejenenliu: i tried i3, awesome and a couple others, and liked i3 best.06:24
Grorcoelbo22: Sorry I need to try to restart my internet :( but yes it should be under network-controller I'll hopefully be back in a minute06:25
elly-itariwell I just did but it kinda just bandaided the issue...06:25
elly-itariit's not bona fide 1920x1080 resolution.06:25
jenenliuwhat kind of features of i3 that makes you choose it ?06:26
Joralelly-itari, https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/946180/linux/ubuntu-how-to-use-nvidia-drivers-/06:26
Joralelly-itari, I don't know that I would recommend the proprietary nvidia driver but that thread tells you how if you want to take that risk06:27
ducassejenenliu: just liked the way it works, and it's easy to configure.06:27
Ben64elly-itari: what driver are you running now?06:27
OerHeksuse the official ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa if you *need* better drivers, not the .run file06:27
OerHeksbut resoluion changed, that is a start06:28
JoralOerHeks, that thread covered the PPA, I made sure of it :P06:28
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elly-itariBen64: When I started, I was using the nvidia proprietary driver thingy that's in the drivers menu. (not nouveau)06:29
elly-itariI'm currently on nouveau because I've been trying to follow the instructions of people who failed to help.06:29
Ben64well nouveau isn't what you want for optimal performance06:29
elly-itariBut the driver I was using before didn't solve the issue either.06:30
Ben64because the problem isn't the driver06:30
Joralelly-itari, what graphics card do you have?06:30
OerHeksnow the reset did something, good chance the driver will work better now06:30
elly-itariJoral: evga geforce gtx 96006:30
OerHeksbe logical.06:31
Ben64i'm putting my money on the problem being bad edid from the monitor06:31
Ben64it's how the monitor tells the gpu what resolutions it can support06:31
Ben64get back on the nvidia driver and we can continue06:32
jenenliuducasse: ok, thanks, I think I'll try some of them too06:32
hispeed67i have an ubuntu installation on /dev/sda on a laptop that i want to clone to a new hard drive, but i also want to change the filesystem... i.e. it's installed on ext4, i want to use btrfs06:32
hispeed67what do you guys think the best/easiest/fastest way to do it is?06:32
OerHekshispeed67, backup and re-install06:34
hispeed67full backup, swap drive, fresh install, full restore??06:35
Joralelly-itari, what monitor do you have?06:35
Joralhispeed67, yes that would be the best06:35
ubottuTo replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can use the !software package "apt-clone" - See also !automate06:36
hispeed67clone is pkg selection, it won't catch source code i've installed and compiled.. i.e. /home dir06:38
Sookieheya anyone know resinator in here?06:39
Sookieaka Mitch06:39
elly-itarialright I'm on the nvidia driver06:39
elly-itarithe only 16:9 resolution available to me is 1360x76806:40
Ben64elly-itari: type this on the terminal, and give the url here "xrandr | nc termbin.com 9999"06:40
UnKnOwN|set a termbin alias aswell ;-) i love mine...06:41
hispeed67wait.. there has to be a better way.. i can put them both in same computer and tar from one drive to the other..06:41
Ben64just as i suspected...06:41
Ben64elly-itari: what monitor? how is it connected?06:42
elly-itariit's connected through a dvi adapter into the graphics card. why?06:42
Ben64dvi to vga?06:42
elly-itarier wait06:42
elly-itariother way around.06:42
Ben64well, can you use an actual dvi the whole way, or hdmi, or displayport?06:43
Ben64you'd get a much better image and it'd work at 1920x108006:43
elly-itariI'm not sure what you mean.06:43
elly-itariif I had an actual dvi cable I could. :/06:43
Ben64so... get one :D06:44
tortibIs there a session saver for gnome that will remember my applications that are opened and window position?06:44
elly-itariand what happens when I get one and the issue isn't fixed?06:44
Ben64what monitor is it06:45
elly-itariaoc something06:45
Ben64then it'll work on dvi-d06:46
elly-itariwhat does that mean06:46
Ben64d is digital06:46
elly-itariwhich means what06:46
elly-itariwhy will it work on dvi-d06:46
Ben64the xrandr output you posted shows it using dvi-i, which is analog06:46
elly-itariI don't get it.06:48
Joralvga is the bottleneck, it wont allow a fast enough connection to the monitor to support that high of a resolution06:48
elly-itariwhy would it be analog if it's plugged into the dvi port06:48
elly-itariwhat does it mean that it's analog06:48
elly-itariand why is that significant06:48
Ben64Joral: not true06:48
Joralvga is analog and your using a vga adapter which disables the digital component06:48
Ben64vga can do high resolutions, it just sucks06:49
elly-itarimy boyfriend has the same setup06:49
elly-itariand his runs 1080p06:49
elly-itaribut he has windows.06:49
Ben64good for him, one up him by going digital06:49
elly-itariwell we have another option.06:50
elly-itariI can try to plug my computer into my tv (hdmi) and see if that changes anything.06:50
Ben64less than $606:50
Ben64pretty sure i mentioned using hdmi earlier too06:50
elly-itariyou mentioned using hdmi, but it's a tv.06:51
elly-itarinot the same monitor.06:51
elly-itarimy monitor doesn't have hdmi support afaik06:51
Ben64some tv's supply wonky edid too, notably visio06:51
elly-itariidk what kind of tv it is tbh06:52
JoralBen64, would you be willing to help me address my vga setup when your wrapped up with this?06:52
elly-itariit's pretty big.06:52
elly-itarianyway brb, moving comp06:52
Ben64Joral: ask your question to the channel06:53
JoralI have an emac with integrated radeon 9200 (rv280), it boots to a blank screen unless I pass 'video=VGA-1:1024x768@89' at boot.  When it does boot like this the screen is shifted left and the system becomes extremely unstable.  From ssh I was able to discover that Xorg.log says "output vga-0 has no monitor section" and its probing the resolution modes at 20hz lower than the monitor is rated.06:58
elly-itariso you were right07:04
elly-itariupon further inspection of my monitor's options, it is in fact locked to 1280x76807:05
elly-itarithanks for the help07:05
ziggyfishHi, I am trying to run a script that Hide My Ass has provided for accessing their VPN system. HMA uses the OpenVPN service to manage the connection. For some reason the script is stopping at "Waiting for connection to complete...". Having read through the script, I found that it runs "service openvpn start HMA". I am guessing this works with older versions of ubuntu, however I think because 16.04 runs systemd, it fails. So my question is what is the sy07:08
ziggyfishstemd equivalent to "service openvpn start HMA"07:08
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shagenilaHi I need some help diagnosing random ubuntu crashes07:27
shagenilaI have 14.0407:27
SebthreeBQM10HDshagenila, ok07:28
shagenilaI checked /var/log/syslog but there's nothing out of the ordinary07:28
SebthreeBQM10HD!details shagenila07:28
ubottuPlease elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.07:28
shagenilalike the log would just stop right after a cron.hourly07:28
SebthreeBQM10HDshagenila, crashes when ?07:28
SebthreeBQM10HDand how?07:28
shagenilait's really random07:28
shagenilaI just installed my system07:29
SebthreeBQM10HDcrashes as  in what exactly ?07:29
shagenilaand so far it has freezed 3 times07:29
SebthreeBQM10HDcrash can be differnet things07:29
shagenila(sorry I really mean freeze)07:29
SebthreeBQM10HDshagenila, a freeze ok, so maybe a kernel panic07:29
shagenilawhen it froze I tried the REISUB trick but it didn't work07:29
shagenilaso all 3 times I had to power cycle07:29
SebthreeBQM10HDfreeze as in black screen07:29
shagenilaI did fsck but results are normal07:29
SebthreeBQM10HDor freeze as in  freeze with something on the screen ?07:29
shagenilano the screen just becomes unresponsive to any input07:30
shagenilamy ssh from another machine also stops working07:30
SebthreeBQM10HDon what kind of computer?  RAM? Proccesseger, graphics card etc07:30
SebthreeBQM10HDhow old is the computer as well?07:31
shagenilacpu is i7-479007:31
shagenilait's fairly new07:31
shagenilagpu is gtx 1080, the new card07:31
SebthreeBQM10HDshagenila, well sure if it crashes your not going to be able to ssh probably into the crashed computer07:31
shagenilawell I was considering the possibility of graphic driver crash07:31
SebthreeBQM10HDshagenila, which make graphics card is that?07:31
SebthreeBQM10HDshagenila, 14.04 is old07:32
shagenilanvidia gtx 108007:32
shagenilait's LTS07:32
SebthreeBQM10HDyes, but07:32
SebthreeBQM10HDit may lack support for some of your hardware07:32
SebthreeBQM10HDsince you got a new machine07:32
shagenilaI'm a developer so I need some stability07:32
SebthreeBQM10HDthere's 16.04 now anyway as the latest LTS07:32
SebthreeBQM10HDnice and new07:32
shagenilaI heard it's unstable07:32
shagenilaanyway can you help me diagnose the problem at hand?07:33
SebthreeBQM10HDshagenila, that would probably work better on your machine, some people get a few issues with any new release or at first anyway07:33
shagenilaactually everything is almost 2 years old except the graphics card07:33
SebthreeBQM10HDshagenila, that's also why the LTS To LTS upgrade doesn't happen untill the new LTS has a point one release, but that shoudn't put you off installing it yourself already and trying it07:33
shagenilaalso I need the CUDA toolkit, which is not compatible with 16.04 yet07:33
SebthreeBQM10HDshagenila, what's the CUDA tookit ?07:34
shagenilaGPU programming toolkit07:34
SebthreeBQM10HDshagenila, uh there's a ppa for that?  or a way for you to install it yourself from upsream? surely ?  if not in repos etc07:34
Joralthat irked me about the upgrade, I lost opencl support07:34
shagenilain any case do you know where I should look to diagnose the cause of freeze?07:34
SebthreeBQM10HDshagenila, well the log files, but you said nothing was in there07:35
shagenilaCUDA toolkit is available from NVIDIA07:35
shagenilaoh another thing07:35
shagenilamy system is installed on a usb hard drive (not flash)07:35
shagenilait's a full install, not a live persistent system07:35
shagenilais there a possibility that the drive gets disconnected temporarily causing freeze07:36
SebthreeBQM10HDshagenila, ok probably woudn't matter much either way, but a real install should really go on a hard disk :)07:36
Joraldoes the 16.04 kernel still support nvidia drivers? I know it dropped support for the AMD drivers07:36
SebthreeBQM10HDJoral, I belive there's a propritary Niviad driver avaialbe for 16.04 for Nvidia,  so not just the default open driver07:36
SebthreeBQM10HDJoral, and that was only dropped for some AMD  it seems07:37
* defekt feels like farting07:37
JoralSebthreeBQM10HD, my laptop was one of them and the updater didn't bother to let me know until it was done07:37
SebthreeBQM10HDshagenila, maybe it does get disconnected temporly casuing crash, try and install it on a hard disk ?07:37
SebthreeBQM10HDshagenila, put on acomputer for real, and then see what happens ?07:37
UKMechanicCan anyone help me with a Qt/kvirc timestamp problem?07:38
shagenilaSebthreeBQM10HD: is there a way to directly transfer the data from the usb disk to a internal hdd07:38
SebthreeBQM10HDJoral, well propriary drivers don't just get installed by default, if that's what you mean07:38
Joraloops hit the kb lol07:39
SebthreeBQM10HDshagenila, as in the whole OS yeah maybe not sure quite how to though,  things from /home though you could copy over I guess07:39
* SebthreeBQM10HD is sebsebseb07:40
JoralSebthreeBQM10HD, I had fglrx installed and the update removed fglrx without informing me that fglrx did not exist on the new version.07:40
shagenilaSebthreeBQM10HD: setting up the whole development environment took a long time and I'd rather just move everything over07:40
SebthreeBQM10HDshagenila, you probably can, but I don't know the details of how07:40
SebthreeBQM10HDJoral, yes the AMD driver?  yep  certain AMD thing has been dropped07:41
JoralSebthreeBQM10HD, I understand that now, but the frustration was that I was not given that warning prior to the update or I would not have done the update07:42
SebthreeBQM10HDJoral, yeah indeed and quite a few people get effected by the old propritary driver being dropped07:42
SebthreeBQM10HDjoral since the open one wasn't quite good enough or whatever, and no I don't use AMD graphics by the way07:43
SebthreeBQM10HDJoral, I think flgx is the one they had a article on omgubuntu about though07:43
JoralSebthreeBQM10HD, I would be happy to use the opensource driver if only it would implement opencl, but for some reason it doesn't07:44
Joraland even if I get a nvidia card for my desktop, my amd graphics card is on my cpu so I can't just take it out lol07:45
SebthreeBQM10HDJoral, ok I am using an Ubuntu tablet at the moment :)  but can't copy and paste just yet using the software Ubuntu Touch, but they are working on a update for that awesome :).  So uhmm if you go to omgubuntu.co.uk and search for fglrx you could bring up the old blog post from March about that, which might be useful or of interest if not at least still07:47
SebthreeBQM10HDJoral, but I can't really help you further07:48
JoralSebthreeBQM10HD, sorry, didn't mean to turn it into a rant and I understand that it is an issue with amd not canonical, just felt like that could have been a warning for a LTS version update07:49
SebthreeBQM10HDJoral, there may have been a warnig actually, but in the release notes, that well I  guess not that many people actually read :D07:49
ubottuUbuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus) is the current release of Ubuntu. Download at http://www.ubuntu.com/download - Read the release notes at http://ubottu.com/y/xenial07:50
ubottuUbuntu 16.04 (Xenial Xerus) release notes can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/XenialXerus/ReleaseNotes07:50
ducasseJoral: it is _clearly_ mentioned in the release notes for xenial, and people are expected to read those before upgrading.07:53
Joralducasse, the why is the update an automated popup that does not offer the user the option to even open the release notes.  I simply clicked yes you can update.  I'm not saying that it wasn't an idiot move on my part, I'm simply saying that a part of decent software development should be idiot proofing the major things.07:55
ducasseJoral: update from 14.04?07:55
SebthreeBQM10HDJoral, ok I agree with that there should be a link to read the release notes if there was't07:56
SebthreeBQM10HDJoral, but you can blame the devs  for that if there wasn't :D h e h07:56
ducasseJoral: you need to use the -d switch to upgrade trusty to xenial at this point (until july 21st) - you shouldn't have gotten a popup at all.07:56
SebthreeBQM10HDJoral, yeah and LTS to LTS upgrades don't get started untill the point 1  which is soon ish07:57
pjaypabsanybody in here?07:57
Joralducasse, didn't have to don't know any further than that as I don't have the laptop in front of me, but it popped up about 2 months ago07:57
SebthreeBQM10HDJoral, what ducasse put07:57
SebthreeBQM10HDpjaypabs, nope07:57
ducasseJoral: that should _not_ happen.07:58
ducasse!ltsupgrade | Joral07:58
ubottuJoral: Users of 14.04 LTS will be offered the automatic upgrade when 16.04.1 LTS is released, which is scheduled for July 21st.07:58
xdswhy can I ssh to localhost but not the ip?07:58
pjaypabsnew to linux here.. anybody can give me guide07:59
pjaypabswhich things needed to learn 1st07:59
ubottuThe Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/07:59
Joralducasse, popped up just like any other update and next thing I know its doing a dist upgrade, didn't bother me as I didn't think about any issues.  heck the one bit of customization I had done was to install fglrx for opencl support lol07:59
SebthreeBQM10HDpjaypabs, there ^07:59
pjaypabshave been experiencing random freezes like cant do right click or open any applications08:00
pjaypabsso i need to make a hard reset/08:00
SebthreeBQM10HDpjaypabs, on what kind of computer? graphics card? proccsser ram? age of computer?08:01
SebthreeBQM10HDpjaypabs, Ubuntu or pretty much any othe Linux distribution as well, should all generally work quite well on most computers, nice and stable and relible, way more so than Windows for example08:02
Joralis there a utility to auto generate an xorg.conf?08:02
SebthreeBQM10HDpjaypabs, so crashing is a bit hmm really, unless hardware issues usually08:02
SebthreeBQM10HDJoral, uh probably08:02
ubottuX.Org is an implementation of the X Windows System, and is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart it on an Ubuntu system, type 'sudo service lightdm restart'. To fix screen resolution or other X.Org problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution . See also !xorgconf08:02
ducasseJoral: then that would be a bug. until .1 is released it should take a conscious effort on your part to upgrade. but i agree, it should still offer a link to the release notes. there have been a ton of people in here with the exact same problem, none of whom read the release notes, but still actively forced an upgrade.08:03
crazyhorse18what can i use to play x265 videos in ubuntu that isin't vlc?08:03
jiggawattzcrazyhorse18 ▸ vlc08:03
ducassecrazyhorse18: mpv?08:03
crazyhorse18jiggawattz, is not vlc08:03
crazyhorse18vlc doesn't work, can't get it to work08:03
SebthreeBQM10HDcrazyhorse18, what's x265 ?08:03
crazyhorse18spent hours googling etc08:04
crazyhorse18SebthreeBQM10HD, a video codec, the successor to h.26408:04
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/ubuntu-help/media.html  - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats08:04
SebthreeBQM10HDcrazyhorse18, I guess you could instll the ubuntu restircted extras, but that may not have support for that, which means then your stuck trying to get it working with vlc I guss basically if so08:05
Joralducasse, in all fairness I need to go check I may be running a variant, cant remember if I went with ubuntu, lubuntu, or kubuntu, but I cant imagine that the core functions like that would be different between variants08:05
SebthreeBQM10HDJoral, nope any of the offical falvous, so kubuntu xubuntu and what not, should all work or not work the same for your issue08:05
pjaypabssorry doing dishes.. found an old unit tried to installed linux for surfing purpose08:05
pjaypabsintel duo 2gb ram hd graphics08:06
ducasseJoral: should not matter.08:06
Joraldidn't think so, but full disclosure and all :P08:06
SebthreeBQM10HDpjaypabs, but its crashing? which versin of ubuntu ?08:06
pjaypabsubuntu mate 16.0408:06
SebthreeBQM10HDpjaypabs, hmm08:06
ducassecrazyhorse18: there aremany other video players, try smplayer08:06
crazyhorse18ok apt-getting now08:07
SebthreeBQM10HDpjaypabs, you could try a re install,  but it should work on your computer it seems08:07
pjaypabsyea i think so.. the mouse working08:07
pjaypabsbut suddenly cant do right click08:07
crazyhorse18annoys me vlc doesn't work .. been using it since 200108:07
pjaypabsand cant click gpanel08:07
pjaypabsi did 208:07
SebthreeBQM10HDcrazyhorse18, not vlc's fault, taht's a propritary closed source thing you want to use08:07
xdswhy can I ssh to localhost but not the ip?08:08
crazyhorse18SebthreeBQM10HD, vlc plays everything including h.26508:08
crazyhorse18SebthreeBQM10HD, vlc just doesn't work on my installation of ubuntu08:08
SebthreeBQM10HDcrazyhorse18,  for legal reasons most distros' don't provide support for propritary closed source patented etc codecs as well,  even Mint has dropped their support more recently08:08
SebthreeBQM10HDdefault support08:08
crazyhorse18VLC natively out of the box works with h.264 and h.265 without doing anything08:09
SebthreeBQM10HDcrazyhorse18, vlc works to play other things no problem right ?08:09
crazyhorse18VLC works on all my other computers.. it's my desktop vlc is broken completly08:09
LostSoul_I'm aving this problem, my wget uses proxy and I can't find where it's set. I checked env http_proxy but it's unset, any tip?08:09
LostSoul_Hi, btw08:09
crazyhorse18i.e. can't play a single video, not just h.26508:10
ducassexds: can you ssh in from another host?08:10
xdsducasse, negative. I can ping the external ip, but I can't ssh to it from any machine08:11
crazyhorse18smplayer / miro  and the other one don't work either08:11
crazyhorse18i'm beginning to think it's ubuntu08:11
ducassexds: then sshd is probably not bound to that interface. check with netstat.08:11
ducassecrazyhorse18: issues like these are often graphics driver-related.08:12
xdsducasse, ssh works on LAN ip and localhost08:12
ducassexds: so you _can_ ssh to the ip?08:13
crazyhorse18MPV player worked :D08:13
xdsducasse, LAN ip not internet IP08:13
crazyhorse18hahaha. 6 programs.. and then one works08:13
LostSoul_Any idea? :)08:13
plop_its_elliempv is pretty awesome08:13
ducassexds: two interfaces?08:13
xdsducasse, two different interfaces, yes08:14
crazyhorse18does mpv not have a menu?08:14
ducassexds: then again, check with netstat if sshd is bound to that interface.08:14
xdsducasse, what command?08:14
ducassexds: 'netstat -tulpn'08:15
xdstcp        0      0    *               LISTEN      20003/sshd08:16
xdstcp6       0      0 :::22                   :::*                    LISTEN      20003/sshd08:16
Joralis there a way do work with X through ssh? every tool I use like xvinfo or xrandr all say unable to open display but when I am able to get the screen to work on the local machine they work08:16
ducassexds: so it's bound to all interfaces. you probably have iptables rules blocking the traffic, would be my guess.08:17
xdsducasse, hmm ok08:17
ducasseJoral: 'ssh -X'08:17
Shawn186anyone know how to get svideo output testing on ubuntu?08:18
ducassecrazyhorse18: mpv is a cli player, there are interfaces for it, you can tell smplayer to use it instead of mplayer08:19
crazyhorse18yeah i see08:20
Joralducasse, still getting the can't open display. might be a putty issue?08:20
crazyhorse18I'm surprised there isin't a pure javascript version of these players yet08:20
ducasseJoral: you're doing this from _windows_?08:20
ducasseJoral: windows does not have an x server.08:21
Joralno I wan't to work with the remote xserver to fix the monitor configuration causing the blank screen08:21
Joralbut I need tools that let me from cli08:22
xdswhy can I ssh to localhost but not the ip?08:23
ducasseJoral: oh, try 'export DISPLAY=:0.0'08:23
ducassexds: i answered that.08:23
xdsducasse, you believe it's iptables, I don't08:24
ducassexds: did you _check_ iptables?08:24
xdsducasse, don't know how mate08:24
Joralnow i get invalid MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-108:25
ducassexds: 'sudo iptables -L'08:25
xdsducasse, it gives me an empty list. so it's probably not iptables08:25
ducasseJoral: yes, 'export XAUTHORITY=/home/username/.Xauthority'08:26
Joralstill get the invalid mit magic cookie08:27
akikJoral: ssh -X doesn't let you control the remote x window server. it enables you to show the remote app on your own screen08:28
Joralso how to I remotely control the x server08:28
SebthreeBQM10HD 08:29
ducassexds: weird, sshd should be bound to all interfaces. you could try manually starting an sshd to explicitly listen on another port on that interface, and try connecting to that.08:30
xdsducasse, okay08:30
akikJoral: i don't know a way so that you could see the result yourself08:31
Joralakik, what do you mean so that I could see the result myself? I have two computers sitting on the same desk, one of which has a botched monitor config so I am trying to dynamically set the monitor via ssh so that I can figure out what works08:32
Joralbut every tool i try tells me cannot open display08:33
akikJoral: oh ok just starting the login manager should do it then08:34
ducassexds: '/usr/sbin/sshd -o ListenAddress=ip.address.goes.here -p 2022' then try connecting to it by specifying the port.08:34
Joralakik, but i can't see the login manager, what I need is cli tools to work dynamically work with x that I can run with ssh\08:35
Joralthe only output i have atm is ssh08:36
ducasseJoral: can't you login to a virtual console on the host itself and just delete the monitor config?08:36
Joralducasse, no the config has the wrong refresh rate so the monitor go black, ive got nothing on the actual monitor08:37
ducasseJoral: even if you switch to a console?08:38
Joralembedded crt so there are no controls for the monitor either08:38
akikJoral: do you have a backup of the working configuration file?08:38
Joralno I cannot get a console I have no screen what so ever, and no there is no config file as the new x.org doesn't use config files08:39
akikyou can do all the configuration via ssh. then try to start the login manager through ssh08:39
Joralthat is what I have been asking for five hours08:39
ducasseJoral: what did you use to configure x in the first place?08:40
Joralducasse, nothing08:40
akikJoral: it depends of the ubuntu version, either service lightdm start or systemctl start lightdm08:40
akikJoral: ok so you have never used x11 on this other machine?08:41
Joralakik not successfully, no08:41
Joralit is an eMac with embedded radeon 920008:41
Joralto clarify, not on ubuntu, I have had it working on gentoo but can't remember exactly what the xorg.conf looked like08:43
akikJoral: how did you install ubuntu on it?08:43
Joralthrough the fb device, but once I installed X the radeon driver went to crap08:43
ducasseJoral: you will probably need to generate a modeline and write your own xorg.conf snippet.08:43
JoralI can force the screen to work using the 'video=VGA:1024x768@89' kernel switch but the whole system becomes unstable and locks up after about 3 minutes when I do that08:45
akiknickname-service's message is probably a hoax. warning!08:47
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akikplease disregard nickname-service's messages08:48
akikhe's insistent08:49
Joralakik did you catch what I said? posted right before all the screen spam lol08:49
* ducasse wishes these people would diaf08:49
akikJoral: yes i read it08:49
akik11:48 [nickname-service(~NickServ@191.ip-164-132-50.eu)] Your account has been terminated due to: abuse of the op-alert08:50
akik          trigger08:50
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akik          abuse of op-alert trigger08:50
daxignore it.08:50
akikJoral: i can share you the xorg.conf i have for nvidia driver if you want08:50
Joralakik, I wouldn't know what to do with it, the issue I am having is that the probe is getting the incorrect refresh rates for the monitor, but when I force those refresh rates the system becomes unstable08:52
akikJoral: how did you manage to do it in gentoo? that's how you did it in ubuntu too08:53
JoralIf I am going about this wrong I am open to suggestions, i'm just frustrated and its late but I have been ignored for two evenings in a row.  On top of that I recognize that the vast majority of this conversation should be had in ubuntu-powerpc but that has been dead for the entire time08:53
Joralakik, manually compiled radeon with the deprecated UMS support was the biggest difference I believe08:54
ducasseJoral: didn't you talk about this yesterday, that you needed to build your own kernel to get ums?08:54
Joralducasse, yes but I am not shure how to go about that in ubuntu in a manner that will safely allow me to persistently keep the change08:55
wiehanIn order to test some php scripts, for basic web development, what is the minimum packages I need to install on 16.04 for it to work. Is it even needed to install any packages? Basically just a simple html file that calls 1 php script with ajax/jquery.08:56
l9how do i untar a bz2 or a 7z ?08:57
ma__rchey guys, quick question: i'm running 16.04 in live usb mode on another laptop beside me... system monitor tells me there are about 1 gig in use. is that normal ? I mean, I'm just watching the system monitor, not doing anything else08:58
l9and i am not reffering too tar -zvxf or -jxf08:58
ikoniama__rc: keep in mind it keeps your whole file system, operatinging system and processes in ram08:59
l9ma__rc: the whole live image is loaded into it what do you think?08:59
Shawn186aww supertuxkart is only for modern and high end video at least09:00
l9ikonia: duh you know that if you poor this bucket into the well would then see it rise?09:01
ma__rcwell, i had it installed on hdd a few days back and it was the same thing...09:01
ma__rcalso read about memory leaks09:01
ikonial9: what ?09:01
ikoniama__rc: it will use ram for caching until you need it09:01
xdswhy can I ssh to localhost and LAN ip but not external/internet ip?09:02
ikoniama__rc: if you think you actually have a memory problem it can be investigated in more detail09:02
ikoniaxds: I suspect you're using some "port forwarding" solution on a home router ?09:02
xdsikonia, I tried both with port forwarding and without, in the router settings09:03
l9my computer runs at 11 Gig all the time if you want too know everything uses you should start keeping an on htop telling you in real time what and where it is happening...09:03
ikoniaxds how do you expect it to work without port forwarding ?09:03
ikoniaxds: bottom line is either a.) your machine is not being presented to the public internet (most likley) b.) something is blockign port 22 - most likley ISP if it's not you09:03
* l9 gone again too high way for me see ya on tha bus09:04
xdsikonia, default settings should allow individual pcs connected to the router, all with their own ip, to allow connections09:04
ikonial9: please disable your away message09:04
ikoniaxds: I doubt that09:04
xdsikonia, what do you mean by not being presented to the public internet?09:04
alchemistswlxds do you want to ssh into your box on the external ip within your own lan?09:04
ikoniaxds: more so when it's forwarded to the internet09:04
xdsalchemistswl, yes09:04
alchemistswlalot of routers block that because of dns rebind attacks09:04
alchemistswluse canyouseeme.org and look if the port is opened09:05
xdsalchemistswl, Error: I could not see your service on on port (22)09:05
xdsReason: Connection timed out09:05
alchemistswlBut your did forward the port atm, yes?09:06
xdsalchemistswl, yes. pointing to LAN ip of sshd machine09:06
alchemistswlis sshd even started?09:06
xdsalchemistswl, yes. I can connect to it from different machines within the LAN09:06
ikoniawithin the lan doesn't matter09:07
ikoniawhat matters is what and how it's presented to the public internet09:07
xdsikonia, what should I tinker with?09:07
ikoniaxds: %90 of these problems come from poor home grade comsumer routes port forwarding09:07
alchemistswlWell the only problem I can find (taking into account that the port is forwarded properly) is that the ISP might block access to 22. Its generally a bad idea running SSH on 22 on public internet. change the port to something different, forward it and try again09:07
ikoniaxds: %5 will be local setup %5 will be ISP blocking you09:07
ikoniait's not a bad idea to run ssh on 2209:08
xdsoh well. guess I'll give up then09:08
alchemistswlikonia if you would like your logs to be spammed with bruteforce attempts then go ahead, if you use password-auth, its even worrse09:08
ikoniaalchemistswl: thats no different than running it on a different port as most bots scan for header then attack09:09
ikoniait's more important to secure the port, rather than change it09:09
alchemistswlxds just try changing the ssh port, forward it again and try09:09
alchemistswlikonia bots usually dont do full port scans on your machine, so if I run SSH on say: 7234 they dont know it09:10
alchemistswlbut thats besides the point of port forwarding now, I guess.09:10
akikalchemistswl: fyi just changing the port is no security fix09:13
alchemistswlakik its not a fix for a) bad password b) password auth i.g. c) vulnerable software09:14
alchemistswlbut it stops spamming my auth.log with bruteforce attempts, yes I could just use fail2ban, but yeah.09:14
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Bomber4Chatshey, I have a 4k display laptop (MSI) and I'm trying to fix Qt and Wine application sizing to it to 192 dpi09:23
Bomber4ChatsI'm not able to get very far09:23
bittinDebconf has started now: http://video.debconf.org/menzies-9.webm09:23
Bomber4Chatswith Wine, biggest issue is windows size and icons do not scale, text I was able to scale09:24
Shawn186is the configure wine tool wine itself?09:24
Bomber4Chatsit is09:24
Shawn186does roblox work on it?09:26
Bomber4Chatsthat I don't know09:27
Shawn186I'm about to test :)09:27
Shawn186an intel centrino duo seems kinda slow for ubuntu09:28
ikoniafar from it09:28
Bomber4Chatscurrently no one with experience in wine / qt dpi scaling?09:31
ikoniathe guys in winehq will have detailed wine experience09:31
XinHey I have a folder - /var/www/html/_/ and I want to link it to /home/user/projects/09:32
Xinso I do ln -s /var/www/html/_/ /home/user/projects09:32
ikoniaxds: I advise you not to do that09:32
ikoniajust change the documentroot parameter for that vhost09:32
Xinand then when I do ~/projects/ the root is in _09:32
Xinor rather I have to cd into _09:32
Xinnah its for something very specific heh09:33
ikoniagood - then change the documentroot09:33
Xintbh I should mount it centrally and symlink it twice09:33
ikoniathat is the correct way to do it09:33
ikoniaespecially for something specific09:33
Xinno I dont even run apache dude09:33
Xinor any webserver09:33
ikoniathen why are you messing with the apache document root09:33
Xinstop solving problems that dont exist09:34
Xinits just a shared folder09:34
ikoniastop making one that doesn't09:34
XinIts not called /var/apache is it09:34
ikoniaXin: what does that have to do with it ?09:34
XinBecause anyone can use it for anything09:34
Xineg, for me, a file sharing location09:34
ikoniaright, but it is the apache document root09:34
Xinthats completely irrelevant09:35
ikoniasort it our yourself then, as I dont' personally believe you09:35
XinI know what you mean, yes if I was using a webserver, you would be correct that would be the right way to do it09:35
ikoniano-one would randonmly pick that directory09:35
ikoniaand not use apache/webserver09:35
XinLOL what could I be doing to my own dev vm09:35
ikoniaplease stop typing in caps09:36
Xinis my new nick09:36
Xinwell thanks for nothing :)09:36
Shawn186well, roblox does not run on wine out of the box09:36
XinI googled it, solved in 15 seconds09:36
Xinyou're a credit to the force09:37
akikXin: why didn't you do it first then?09:37
Xinakik; ikr, its like, why expect anyone to help with anything09:38
Xin /suicide09:38
akikXin: it's best to try to figure out things yourself at first09:39
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ponyriderspam my name plz i am testing a script10:19
=== marshal0605 is now known as marshal0505
MonkeyDustponyrider  try it in #test, or ##test10:24
AljoneHello all im using centos and im trying to update the server time . but it seems whatever i update using date function when i output my code date its diffrent. i wonder how can i set the time to my time properly10:33
ikoniaAljone: ask in #centos10:34
ikoniaAljone: this channel is for ubuntu only10:34
Aljoneim not registered user10:34
ikoniaAljone: register then10:34
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hypermistwhy is it that i cannot install certain packages like i cannot find certain php modules10:49
ikoniahypermist: you need to be specific10:50
hypermistgive me a moment i'll just see if its my fault as usual ikonia =D10:50
hypermistseems it was10:54
hypermistnvm *10:54
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.10:57
tatertotshello necron11:01
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=== edamlarceny is now known as marshal0505
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necronsi no hablais en español me estais discriminando por hablar en español11:14
Gallomimiano espanol. sorry11:14
Gallomimiaif you visit the spanish speaking channel, they'll make you feel much more welcome.11:15
Gallomimiaits not that we want to discriminate. it's just that we don't speak spanish11:15
necronmuy bien pero yo hablo en español11:15
ducasse!es | necron11:16
ubottunecron: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.11:16
WulfGood Morning11:19
Wulfwho's responsible for the official EC2 cloud images?11:19
JayantHi, I am expereincing issues in using my external hdd in Ubuntu 14..04. Can anyone help me?11:24
MonkeyDustWulf  that's a question for Amazon, this is ubuntu support11:24
WulfMonkeyDust: it's a question for ubuntu, not amazon.11:24
WulfMonkeyDust: those images are provided by ubuntu11:25
tatertotswhat's going on with your ext hard drive Jayant?11:26
JayantHI Tatertots, I am using Western Digital external hdd. It was working fine till yesterday. I was moving some files and it froze my system.11:27
JayantI rebooted it, since then, nautilus is not displaying my hdd11:27
JayantHowever, it is listed in lsusb output11:28
zteamJayant, does your harddrive show up in Gparted?11:28
JayantNo, but disks shows it11:29
tatertotsJayant have you attempted to check the disk for errors and then repair any errors?11:29
zteamJayant, you mean it show no partitions in Gparted (but the disk itself shows up right?11:30
JayantNo, forums suggest it should be done by a windows ssytem as its file system is ntfs but windows also didn't recognize it.11:30
MonkeyDustJayant  what's the output of    lsblk -f ... http://paste.ubuntu.com/11:30
tatertotssudo ntfsfix -d /dev/sdX111:30
JayantNo, it just show my internal hdd11:30
tatertotsshow us the output of lsblk as suggested above11:31
zteamJayant, hmm.... do you see your parttions if you run sudo fdisk -l from a terminal?11:32
JayantNo, just the internal hdd11:32
JayantHowever, I followed this link and my hdd do shows in nautilus11:32
MonkeyDustJayant  and the output of   sudo blkid11:32
zteamJayant, this sounds quite akward, please paste the output from sudo fdisk -l on http://pastebin.com/11:33
=== Fudge is now known as Guest45876
zteam((you can use paste.ubuntu.com as well)11:34
JayantFollowing this link showshdd in nautilus but all the directories are empty11:35
JayantHowever, the space is still occupied11:35
JayantAlso, trying to list files using ls fives I/O device error11:35
JayantShould I paste the output ofdmesg?11:37
zteamJayant, Well, I still like to see the output from sudo fdisk -l please :-)11:37
Jayantfdisk -l ----> http://paste.ubuntu.com/18377505/11:38
zteamJayant, thank you :-)11:40
zteamJayant, it seems that the partition table is gone from that drive, you can try to use TestDisk to restore it11:41
Jayantzteam, TestDisk is also unable to detect the drive :-(11:42
Jayantzteam, If it helps, The hdd contains 3 partitons, 2 are empty and still unable to mount. he 3rd one containing the data, is showing all the top level directories but there is no content in them11:43
zteamJayant, Okey... That sounds pretty bad :-/11:44
zteamJayant, what does sudo dmesg | tail gives you=11:45
zteamJayant, and do you mean you can actually mount some of the parttions from that drive?11:47
Jayantzteam, Yes, By following this link, The partition with data gets mounted but shows only top level directories11:48
MonkeyDustJayant  what was your initial question11:48
Jayantzteam, this is dmesg output --> http://paste.ubuntu.com/18378360/11:49
bozsikarmandhi! Can you please help me how to set up ramdisk under 16.04 and how to move chrome cache there?11:50
JayantMonkeyDust, I am unable to mount the external hdd with all its partitions and mounted partition doesnot show the contents of directories but occupies the expected space11:51
Jayantzteam, Sorry, this is the link, which helps me to see one partition http://lamarque-lvs.blogspot.in/2011/07/e-sata-solid-and-udisks-part-2.html11:52
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thrasher88hello everyone, I just rescued my old HDD with installed ubuntu on it by making it external, but is there any chance to boot from that external HDD?11:53
zteamJayant, okey.... I never played with udev-rules so I'm quite clueless there....11:53
Jayantzteam, Ok. Can you please help me seeing the dmesg output11:54
zteamJayant, from what I can see I would say it seems like a hardware fault, since the system can't even detect the size of the hardrive correctly, it also seems the disk is trying to recover errors but fail11:57
zteamJayant, you can see the health status about your hardrive in Disk Utility I belive it will look quite bad11:58
Jayantzteam, Ii displays serial no and model but no sze and content11:59
Jayantzteam, It's strange, The drive is brand new, no physical damage. It was working one minute and another minute it is almost dead12:00
Jayantzteam, Is there a way to recover the data from it?12:00
zteamJayant, on some disks it shows Health status12:00
zteamJayant maybe...12:01
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Jayantzteam, there is no info about health. Can you suggest me some tool to check it?12:02
zteamJayant, stupid question but have you tried to connect the drive to another usb-port, switched usb-cables, tested it on another computer and so on12:02
JayantYes, All results in same :-(12:02
zteamJayant, if it supports SMART status i believe Disk Utility should tell you it12:03
zteamJayant, but you can try Speedfan it's a Windows utility12:04
Jayantzteam, disks utility have only 2 options enable.  to power down and to edit mount options12:05
Jayantzteam, sure, Let me install it and I'll get back to you. Thanks12:05
zteamJayant, You can also try to mirror your drive / parttions with ddrescure and then try to mount these image-files and run TestDisk one them12:06
Jayantzteam, I'll try ddrescue firs12:07
zteamJayant, I'm not sure if ddrescue knows what to work with in your case but you can always try :-)12:08
zteamJayant, just remember ddrescue needs another drive to write too12:10
Jayantzteam, What should I try first? ddrescue or speenfan?12:10
zteamJayant, Speedfan will just list the health status about your drive, it will only take a few seconds :-)12:11
zteamJayant, So you can run that first12:11
Jayantzteam, Ok, Thanks12:12
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enoch85hey guys, I'm looking for a torrent client that can download via RSS in Ubuntu12:13
enoch85do you know any?12:13
=== alexandr1 is now known as alexandros_c
zteamJayant, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery#Imaging_a_damaged_device.2C_filesystem_or_drive12:15
zteamJayant, another option to try is to open up usb case (yes it's usaally just a case) and connect the harddrive directly to your computer and see if that that works better12:17
BluesKajHiyas all12:23
pseudonymousDo anyone know of and operate a simpler mailserver stack than something like postfix+dovecot (or similar, classic setups)12:28
ikoniapseudonymous: not going to get easier than postfix+dovecot type setup12:32
ikoniathey are all of that level apart from sendmail which is a bit more complex12:32
pseudonymousReally ? Of all the services I've ever configured, none has been more complex and broken than setting up a mail server. Last I did it, I recall setting up some 5 services or so, definiting database schemas for user accounts and whatnot. There's really no integrated solution that will do for simple, personal servers ?12:33
ikoniapseudonymous: it's not a toy12:33
ducassepseudonymous: email _is_ complex.12:34
pseudonymousI'd argue the Linux kernel is a fair bit more complex, but that complexity is not shoved down to the people just trying to compile and use it... :(12:34
ikoniapseudonymous: that comment pretty much shows how silly you are12:35
pseudonymousOh? And why is that12:35
ikoniabecause it has nothing to do with anything and it's probably the most weak defense for why you can't setup a proper mail service12:35
=== bleepy_ is now known as bleepy
pseudonymousikonia: it does, it just wasn't spelled out - Complexity, even if inherent, does not necessarily spill over into the user's world, it's called abstractions (and bad ones leaking that complexity are called leaky abstractions). There.12:36
ikoniapseudonymous: sorry - no, thats just nonsense12:37
ikoniapseudonymous: you can run an MTA in seconds, you can run a solid, MTA in a few minutes,12:37
ikoniarunning a mail service is a mixture of multiple services that all need to be configured in line with your requirements and securely12:37
ikoniathats pretty different than blindly typing "make"12:37
pseudonymous... and that's called bad design12:38
ikoniaand if you want to do more than "make" then it is complex as you have to understand the modules12:38
ikoniapseudonymous: no - it's called "you've not got the required skills yet"12:38
ikoniapseudonymous: mail is not a toy12:38
pseudonymousLook up the whole OpenVPN vs WireGuard debacle going on right now for a corrollary.12:38
ikoniaagain, that has nothing to do with anything12:38
ikoniajust learn the required skills and gain the understanding12:38
tatertotsservers in general are not toys, ideally you would have a "seasoned" system engineer or admin in charge of configuring and maintaining email servers12:39
pseudonymousLook, we're not going to agree and you accusing me of stupidity is obviously not doing much to incline me to adopt your point of view. So let's just leave it.12:39
Jayantzteam, It started to show directories as well as files in them, But I am stil unable to create an image of the partition. While trying to copy any file manually, It again gives I/O device error12:40
ikoniapseudonymous no-one said you where stupid12:40
pseudonymousikonia: well, you did, actually. Silly has several connotations, none of them flattering, but among them is "weak in intellect" - Look up Webster's dictionary for an example.12:42
zteamJayant, so ddrescue didn't find the drive?12:42
ikoniapseudonymous: no, you just made a silly example to mirror your sityuation,12:42
pseudonymous".. how silly you are"12:42
pseudonymousThat's referring to the person, not the act12:42
ikoniaI don't care, either learn how to run a mail service, or don't12:42
ikoniarather than trying to "beat me"12:43
Jayantzteam, It shows the content before I ran ddrescue12:43
zteamJayant, I'm asking what ddrescue telled you?12:44
pseudonymousikonia: Not trying to, just pointing out that your tone is less than ideal, and that it would've been better to just refrain from further commenting rather than insult someone. At least the latter doesn't seem to jive with the philosophical underpinnings of this whole ubuntu thing.. Oh well12:46
ikoniapseudonymous: no-one tried to insult you, rather than try to make an issue and complain that something is too hard, when you don't seem to understand it, why not engage with someone who has experience and would be happy to try to explain it to you12:47
ikoniaas I would have done had you not tried to make stupid comparisions to compiling the kernel to justify it12:47
zteamJayant, Anyway, here is another tool you can try if you like http://www.roadkil.net/program.php/P29/Unstoppable%20Copier12:48
tatertotshi monchi12:49
pseudonymousikonia: It's a more apt comparison than you give it credit. The point is that the experience shouldn't be complex, the defaults should be ridiculously simple - and yet no configurability would be lost. That's exactly why the kernel is a decent example. While you can tweak every module, include and exclude others, enable/disable various introspective features and override schedulers, you can also just12:50
=== pavlushka_ is now known as pavlushka
pseudonymoususe the defaults.12:50
ikoniapseudonymous there is nothing valid about it12:50
zteamJayant, Be warned thought, if drive is already in bad shape, and your files are really important, you might want to send the drive to a data recovery company instead12:50
ikoniapseudonymous: the experience isn't complex if you understand the mail service and pay respect to the security side of things to stop another broken mail relay appearing on the internet12:50
tatertotsseen lots of people poorly configure email servers and wonder why their ISP keeps shutting them down and why they are blacklisted 3 or 4 times a month lol12:52
zteamJayant, because Unstoppable Copier will try over and over again, so if drive is in really bad shape it might hurt it further12:52
Jayantzteam, I am unable to execute ddrescue. Yes, some files are really important. But, There are 2-3 recovery professionals in my city and none of them is assuring anything12:53
pseudonymoustatertots: which exactly points out how bad the standard is, then. Because instead of designing a simpler set of protocols, security was patched on top and its proper implementation left as an exercise for the user. Throw in a smattering of bad documentation and hell ensues. (IMHO) :)12:54
ducassepseudonymous: postfix+dovecot is not hard to set up at all, as long as you have a faint idea of what you're doing.12:54
ikoniapseudonymous and again - that shows how silly you are with this12:54
ikoniapseudonymous: it's complex because it's not a toy,12:55
tatertotsthere are no assuring in the data recovery field.....you will pay if they recover %100 or %112:55
pseudonymousikonia: so when wireguard can be written as a viable, secure alternative to OpenVPN in 4000 lines of kernel-space code, it's a toy ?12:55
tatertotseither way you're paying regardless12:55
ikoniapseudonymous that has nothign to do with mail12:55
ikoniait's a totally different application and type of application12:55
ikoniaand stop referencing the kernel - it's nothing to do with "how to run a mail server"12:56
zteamJayant, you need to be more specific... what error message do you get? :-)12:56
Jayantzteam, I keep getting "[14312.013810] ses 17:0:0:1: Failed to bind enclosure -19" in dmesg logs. What is the meaning of enclosure here?12:56
ikoniait's just showing you don't understand how email works on the internet, which is fine, but the quicker you accept that and start to learn rather that trying to justify why someone should make it easier by totally redesigning email....the quicker you'll get running12:56
tatertotsdata recovery is expensive also...best practice with "important" data is back up early and back of often12:56
tatertotstypo....back up often12:57
zimbreshi, can someone please help me with my USB? It does not show in /media after plugin in.12:57
zimbresstrangely enough the mouse works fine on the same usb slot.12:57
zteamJayant, enclosure probably means the usb case (yes the usb-box is just a case)12:58
tatertotsJayant.....do you have back ups as part of your disaster recovery plan/procedure?12:58
thrasher88Hello, i have old HDD from my laptop with installed ubuntu on it but when i put it on external case can't boot from it...Any suggestions?12:58
=== nuke is now known as Guest59109
Jayanttatertots, Sadly no. :-(12:58
pseudonymousikonia: You're equating simple with being a toy. And if you read the design considerations of wireguard vs openvpn you'll learn that its simplicity is derived from not trying to support 200 scenarios of which 190 won't ever (or should never) be used. Such as a mailserver blindly relaying whatever w/o credentials.12:59
ikoniapseudonymous you're just spining your wheels12:59
zteamJayant, so you can try open up usb-case and connect the drive directly, you will probably void the warranty on the harddrive  that way but....12:59
ikoniapseudonymous: open relay is pretty common and useful for a lot of senarios, so again - perhaps not stating things that you don't know would help you get a better view point13:00
Jayantzteam, I didn't  understand. Do I have to open my laptop as well to connect it somewhere on the board or something else?13:00
pseudonymousikonia: Prey tell, what are these many scenarios ?13:01
ikoniapseudonymous internal relaying, mail hand off, which is pretty much how the internet email system works behind the public visible mail servers13:02
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deepak -1 down vote favorite I want to install Ubuntu 16.04 on my 32GB flash drive, so that when i plug my flash drive i can use Ubuntu otherwise windows 10. Below are my system details:  1) I have Sony Vaio Lapton with Window 10 2) 4GB Ram  I'm trying to install ubuntu 16.04 on 32GB Sandisk flash drive and i prompted with success message that ubuntu install succesfully restart your system. I have used below link to install ubuntu:  http://13:02
deepak 0 down vote favorite I want to install Ubuntu 16.04 on my 32GB flash drive, so that when i plug my flash drive i can use Ubuntu otherwise windows 10. Below are my system details:  1) I have Sony Vaio Lapton with Window 10 2) 4GB Ram  I'm trying to install ubuntu 16.04 on 32GB Sandisk flash drive and i prompted with success message that ubuntu install succesfully restart your system. I have used below link to install ubuntu:  http://u13:02
ikoniadeepak: please stop that13:02
ikoniadeepak: do you have a question / problem without this silly spam and down vote stuff ?13:03
deepakSorry for the same13:03
deepakI want to install Ubuntu 16.04 on my 32GB flash drive, so that when i plug my flash drive i can work use linux otherwise windows 10. Below are my system details:  1) I have Sony Vaio Lapton with Windows 10 2) 4GB Ram  I'm trying to install ubuntu 16.04 on 32GB Sandisk flash drive and i prompted with success message that ubuntu install succesfully restart your system. I have used below link to install ubuntu:  http://ubuntuhandbook13:03
zteamJayant, no... a USB-harddrive is just a regular harddrive put inside a box (enclosoure / case) so if you unscrew that box you just get a regular harddrive13:03
ikoniadeepak: what is the actual problem (not readinging the ubuntuhangbook stuff) just explain the problem13:03
Jayantzteam, So after opening the case, I can still connect it via a USB cable?13:04
popeylooks like he's copy/pasting from an askubuntu post or something similar ikonia13:05
ikoniaok ? but I'm not seeing a problem13:05
ikoniajust a statement of what he wants to do13:05
popeyhttp://stackoverflow.com/questions/38170077/installing-ubuntu-on-flash-drive-booting-issue that one in fact13:05
popeybecause he can't paste enough on irc13:05
pseudonymousikonia: and you're really just hammering home my point. This is the equivalent of using a default CPU or IO scheduler for the Linux kernel - certain usecases demand it, but it shouldn't be the default as most people just need a "safe", SSL-enabled setup with a reasonable set of supported, modern ciphers for auth. I shouldn't have to avoid screwing this up, the defaults should be sane.13:05
ikoniapseudonymous: nothing like it13:05
zteamJayant, yes, as long as you are not destroying the case in some ways :-)13:06
JayantOk, I'll try it13:06
deepaki installed Ubuntu 16.02 on my flash drive. But when i restart my ubuntu bootloader not working and directly load windos1013:07
zteamJayant, you can try that, or Unstoppable Copier13:07
ikoniadeepak: most probably, it's either not booting from the flash drive, or it's missing the bootloader on the flash drive, so defaults back to your windows disk to boot13:08
EriC^^deepak: which laptop?13:08
deepakSony Vaio13:08
EriC^^deepak: try to get a boot options menu and choose uefi usb13:09
EriC^^deepak: you installed to the usb and not the hdd?13:09
zteamJayant, there is a guide on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JRG3lzxA3Yo13:09
deepakBut i have followed the same steps mentioned on below link13:10
EriC^^ok, try that, or if you have a "browse for efi file" you can also use that to boot efi/ubuntu/grubx64.efi or shimx64.efi13:10
ducasseJayant: if you rip a drive out of the enclosure, odds are you need to use a sata cable.13:11
cseder /msg nickserv identify asd104213:11
JayantThanks ducasse, I'll keep one handy13:11
Jayantzteam, Thanks, I'll look into it. I reaaly appreciate your help13:12
VarazirHello, I found that I can use wget -O filename url only problem is that I don't know the name of file name I'm downloading. It has the version number in the name13:12
EriC^^Varazir: you choose whatever filename you want13:12
ducasseJayant: if you connect to the usb inside the enclosure, you will still be going through the (probably cheap) converter electronics.13:12
Varazirexample "https://plex.tv/downloads/latest/1?channel=16&build=linux-ubuntu-x86_64&distro=ubuntu&X-Plex-Token=dsklfhjkldshf" ( changed the token) would give me plexmediaserver_1.0.0.2261-a17e99e_amd64.deb13:13
VarazirEriC^^: I know but I want the correct filename13:13
EriC^^Varazir: if you dont supply one i think wget will use the correct one13:13
VarazirEriC^^: -O needs a argument13:14
zteamJayant, I should have mentioned that, you need to open up your computer to connect the drive to it too.13:14
EriC^^Varazir: without -O maybe?13:15
VarazirEriC^^: if I don't use -O I get a file called 1?channel....13:15
zteamWell well, time to eat :-)13:15
EriC^^Varazir: are you putting the url in quotes?13:15
VarazirEriC^^: yes13:16
EriC^^so the file is actually the file? same size13:16
VarazirEriC^^: yes13:18
asdfasdfcan i get a hand?13:19
asdfasdfi'm trying to log into my freenode user account but it says that my nick is already in use13:19
asdfasdfeven though it isn't13:20
pseudonymousasdfasdf: you need to ghost it, first.13:20
asdfasdfpseudonymous: what is that?13:20
ikoniaasdfasdf: /join #freenode13:20
VarazirEriC^^: I guess I could script it, first use --spider to test and then get the filename and then download the file using that13:20
ikoniathe guys in there can help you asdfasdf13:21
EriC^^asdfasdf: /msg nickserv release <nick> <password>13:21
Jayantzteam, Currently, The hdd is detected and showing all the files, but gives I/O error on coppying. Please look into the latest dmesg logs ---> http://paste.ubuntu.com/18385345/  I am trying to avoid opening the case for obvious reasons :-)13:21
asdfasdfthanks, that did the trick13:21
EriC^^Varazir: try asking in ##linux13:21
pseudonymousasdfasdf: mind you, I'm not really an IRC expert. But I've had it happen before, too. Your account is still logged in, but it's not, it's a ghost, in other words :) "/msg nickserv ghost <usr> <pass>"13:21
zteamJayant, see if you can ddrescue or just dd to make a image of that drive again, if not then just try Unstoppable Copier13:23
Jayantzteam, Ok. Thanks13:25
zteamJayant, No problem :-)13:26
zteamJayant, Be Back Later :-)13:26
nkhlghblhello world13:27
nkhlghblthis is nkhl13:27
nkhlghblhello georgeowell13:27
VarazirEriC^^: ok13:29
ducasseJayant: also you should be aware that if the drive is physically failing, you could be just stressing it by doing this and causing even further data loss.13:31
Threadnaughterr I'm having audio problems on 16.04 on a toshiba satellite, I've tried google and I can't figure out how to fix it. It detects the audio device, and thinks its playing sound, it even recognises the audio up and down keys, but no sound comes out of any of the ports managed by the computer. USB and bluetooth devices work.13:34
bipulWhen we download ubuntu , we get gnome as default? If i am not wrong? If it is, then what version of gnome we are using? How do we know?13:35
ducassebipul: you get unity13:35
bipulI tried with couple of commands like  "gnome-session --version" and dpkg -l , but it does not working at all.13:36
ikoniadpkg is nothing to do with the desktop13:36
ThreadnaughtI had the same problem when cub was installed (which is based off of 14.10 I think)13:36
ducassebipul: did you read what i wrote? by default you don't get gnome, you get unity.13:38
bipulYes, we get unity by default.So there is difference between Unity and Gnome?13:38
ikoniabipul yes13:38
bipulducasse, Yes. I got your point.13:38
bipulikonia, What are the differences?13:39
ikoniabipul: have a read up13:39
ikoniabipul: it's not a one liner response13:39
bipulikonia, Ok let me google about it. Between thank you both of you ikonia ducasse13:39
JaguarDownIf I want to install a plugin for pidgin but the only available version is supposedly for 14.04, will it break anything trying to install it on 16.04? Thanks.13:50
ikoniaJaguarDown: yes, don't mix versions13:51
JaguarDownCopy, thanks.13:51
ikoniasanae-inouu: please stop that13:54
Mitchell92is there any way / a third party application to access apple's subscription based music service on linux / ubuntu?13:57
ikoniaMitchell92: not really, it's locked to itunes13:57
Mitchell92I figured... Thanks.13:57
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craptalkwhy everytime i just rebooted my machine, my ubuntu got error message?14:19
craptalkit has been this way since i first using it14:19
Mitchell92what is the message?14:19
craptalkMitchell92, like bla bla, then send the error message or ignore it. Well basically it can be ignored but it kept showing up, is it truly having internal error or what?14:20
Mitchell92I don't like craptalk14:20
craptalkjust after the reboot14:20
craptalkMitchell92, what do you mean?14:21
Mitchell92I meant I don't know14:21
Mitchell92sorry, I'm talking to someone on the phone about my breakfast order at the same time14:21
craptalkMitchell92, dont worry14:21
MonkeyDustcraptalk  the content of the error contains the beginning of a solution, 'bla bla' is too vague14:21
Mitchell92I'm so sorry, that isn't what I meant to type... I meant I don't know.14:21
craptalkMonkeyDust, ikr, but i need to reboot it again to possibly see it14:22
craptalknot now14:22
Mitchell92craptalk, has it done this since the ubuntu install?14:22
Mitchell92Or since an update or installation of something?14:22
craptalkMitchell92, long time ago tho14:22
MonkeyDustcraptalk  come back here when you know the content of the erro message14:22
craptalksince i used 14.0414:22
ioriacraptalk,  can you paste  ls -al /var/crash ?14:22
craptalkioria, let me try14:23
craptalkioria, http://termbin.com/yjhg14:25
ioriacraptalk,  something about unity crashed ...14:25
craptalkioria, okay14:26
ioriacraptalk,  cd in /var/crash    rm it, reboot and see if it comes back14:26
craptalkioria, what do you want to rm? the history error list?14:26
ioriacraptalk,  that file usr_lib_unity-settings-daemon_unity-settings-daemon.108.crash14:27
MonkeyDustcraptalk  either way, you'll have to reboot14:28
craptalkioria, i just did rm it14:28
craptalkso my unity is broken or what?14:28
ioriacraptalk,  reboot14:28
craptalki want to know the cause14:29
ioriacraptalk,  could be a compiz, lightdm or video driver issues ...14:29
craptalkso everything that got some error message is stored in /var/crash?14:30
ioriacraptalk,  nope, depends14:30
craptalkioria, do you remember the whole ubuntu file system?14:31
craptalkthe hierarchy of it?14:31
craptalki find myself hard to find the error of something14:31
MonkeyDustcraptalk  first reboot, then ask more questions14:31
craptalkMonkeyDust, sure man. Hold on a sec14:31
ioriacraptalk,  as you can see from ls -al /var    crash is in the whoopsie group.... alisa Apport14:32
ioriacraptalk,  that is the  "Ubuntu Error Reporting" daemon14:33
craptalkioria, just rebooted it and message gone for now14:36
craptalkthanks to you14:36
ioriacraptalk,  you're welcome14:36
craptalkso what happened inside that file that i just rm it?14:37
craptalkthe system stored it thee to just warn it?14:37
craptalkand when i rm it i just get rid of the error message?14:37
ioriacraptalk,  that was a bin file, iirc supposed to be  sent14:37
craptalkioria, iirc?14:38
ioriaif i recall correctly14:38
craptalkioria, what is that?14:38
ioriacraptalk, that file was a report14:39
craptalkioria, alright14:39
craptalkioria, last thing, my ubuntu run so slow, is it cause my default installed unity?14:39
ioriacraptalk, what's your cpu and ram ?14:40
craptalkif i rm it, will it be some kind of error later on?14:40
craptalk2 GB, core i314:40
ioriacraptalk, only 2 G ?14:40
craptalkstill bad thing to run ubuntu14:40
ioriacraptalk,  laptop or desktop ?14:40
ioriacraptalk,  see if you can add a bank14:41
ioriacraptalk,  of ram i mean14:41
ioriacraptalk,  2G not ideal for unity14:41
craptalkioria, i figured. but i thought ubuntu way faster than windows at the cost of old device14:41
MonkeyDustcraptalk  better use something lighter than unity, lxde or xfce or so14:42
ioriacraptalk,  yes, bu Unity14:42
ioriacraptalk,  *but14:42
craptalkwell, i installed lubuntu instead and sometime still slow at some point but not always.14:43
craptalkcant resist of loving ubuntu distro14:43
ioriacraptalk,  your cpu is ok, i'd upgrade the ram14:43
ioriacraptalk,  at least 4 G14:44
craptalkwell, when i am using windows on the same laptop, i got error message saying my HDD is having a problem. but i dont get it on ubuntu. The question is, since i installed applications to my HDD, and when my HDD is at bad condition, will it effect the performence?14:45
enoch85hey guys, how do I install teamviewer in ubuntu? the deb package says I'm missing dependencies14:45
craptalkenoch85, install those dependencies14:45
* OmegaA corrupted his boot USB drive yay!14:45
craptalkenoch85, then install teamviewer14:46
akikenoch85: sudo apt install ./teamviewer.deb14:47
OmegaADidn't realise you could install .deb files with apt. Always used dpkg -i14:48
akikOmegaA: yes it takes care of the dependencies14:48
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OmegaASo, to fix grub after installing windows, all I have to do is boot into my USB drive and do sudo grub-install /dev/sda?14:49
BluesKajdeb files usually contain an installer14:49
enoch85craptalk: ok, will try14:51
BluesKajOmegaA,  that used to work, not sure if it will now , i recall getting a refusal saying "can't be found in fstab" or some such14:52
BluesKajOmegaA,  you may need to use boot-repair14:53
tatertotshello wang14:53
ubottuBoot-Repair is a simple tool to repair frequent boot issues you may encounter in Ubuntu. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair for more info.14:53
BluesKajOmegaA, ^14:53
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MadLambDo you guys know why gnome-keyring-daemon is using 100% of my CPU?14:57
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tatertotsMadLamb....does it do this "consistently"?15:02
MadLambtatertots, yes, every day15:02
MadLambtatertots, I found this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-keyring/+bug/143303215:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1174162 in gnome-keyring (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #1433032 chrome-browser makes gnome-keyring-daemon use 100% cpu" [High,Confirmed]15:02
MadLambtatertots, but i would like to know how to fix it15:03
MadLamband i'm with xenial, not trusty15:04
OmegaAHmm, clicked on 'Try Ubuntu' on the installer, how long shoulder it take to do?15:04
tatertotsah a bug15:04
tatertotsgotta love that15:05
neil_OmegaA, it shouldn't take more than a minute to display something15:05
OmegaAAh, there we go15:05
* OmegaA sometimes forgets how slow USB can be :P15:06
craptalkwhat to channel to ask about wine?15:06
tatertotsmerlot or zinfandel lol just kidding15:08
bai_cekohello, is there someone who can help me with my boot problem?15:08
SchrodingersScat!alis | craptalk , think it's #winehq but check with alis bot15:08
ubottucraptalk , think it's #winehq but check with alis bot: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu or /msg alis list http15:08
MonkeyDustbai_ceko  let's hear it, in one line15:08
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu15:09
bai_cekoI'm trying to boot my Ubuntu 14.04 from external case (my laptop failed) but when I try I get this15:10
bai_cekoerror: no such partition.15:10
bai_cekoEntering rescue mode...15:10
bai_cekogrub rescue>15:10
DJonestatertots: Pesonally, zinfandel :)15:10
craptalkbai_ceko, the OS is unreadable15:10
craptalkcant detect OS in it.15:11
craptalkwhat is your external case?15:11
bai_cekoworks perfectly when i put the HDD in the laptop15:11
* OmegaA sigh. Booted the drive in legacy mode, not UEFI mode.15:12
craptalkthat's the problem with making it on the HDD and then booting it to another machine15:12
craptalkbut logically it could run15:13
tgm4883actually, it sounds like grub can't find the OS. So I would bet that you just need to tell grub where the OS resides15:13
bai_cekoboots on other machine perfectly, but can't from external case15:13
bai_cekohow to do that tgm4883?15:14
craptalkbai_ceko, you like already setting the BIOS which to be primary booting?15:14
craptalkbai_ceko, maybe this one is something to read: http://askubuntu.com/questions/615731/problem-booting-ubuntu-on-external-hard-drive15:15
bai_cekoI'll try that;)15:16
tgm4883bai_ceko: Take a look at the first answer here http://askubuntu.com/questions/321862/grub2-points-to-the-wrong-harddisk-after-installing-one-more-harddisk15:16
tgm4883bai_ceko: it's a different description, but should help you find the right parition/drive number if that's the issue15:16
bai_cekothanks for your answers guys ;)15:17
NapoelonWould anyone know how to make the wireless adaptor the gateway in preference to a wired ethernet in U14.04?15:20
OmegaAWelp, there are seven options on the grub menu, might have to clean it up so I just have 'Ubuntu' and 'Windows'15:20
NapoelonNormally setting the metric of the wireless to be smaller than the ethernet, but (1) I think Ubuntu doesn't use that, (2) I can't find in the network config settings where to set it.15:22
OmegaAIs there a gui thing for editing the grub menu?15:22
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Tin_manOmegaA, here is one: http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2014/04/install-grub-customizer-ubuntu-1404/15:30
Tin_mannever used one myself, just edited the grub with a text editor.15:32
NapoelonOmegaA: You can use `update-grub` if you like?15:34
NapoelonOmegaA: then use a text editor to delete the entries you don't want.15:35
NapoelonWould anyone know how to make the wireless adaptor the gateway in preference to a wired ethernet in U14.04?15:36
freeriderhi guys15:39
freeriderWhat is the current best NES and SNES emulator available on Ubuntu?15:41
bazhangfreerider, snes9x iirc15:43
bazhangapt search snes  freerider15:43
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freeriderbazhang: thx I gonna check it out...15:46
al2o3-crAs apt changed?15:54
Napoelonducasse:  hi m816:05
skinnymg1hello all16:07
tokamI had a proxy, who I do not trust configured in firefox and by accident opened a document from my ftp server with firefox. I used nautilus for ftp browsing. Are there chances, that my ftp password got transmitted into firefox and to the proxy owner?16:08
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SchrodingersScattokam: I guess that depends on how firefox opened it.  if it used the ftp:// then it is possible?16:11
tokamI double clicked16:11
tokamIt appears to use....16:12
SchrodingersScattokam: maybe not then, that's opening a local file, so not sure that would go through the proxy.  Can always change creds just to be careful.16:13
tokamThan I had luck.16:13
az_do you know some good way to clean home dir from X related files? i want reinstall ubuntu gnome to xubuntu so I want remove all X related files from home dir16:14
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ryuHi guys16:22
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Guest42853Hi guys16:22
puruhi I am having problems with idle installation16:23
Guest42853I made a post in ubuntu forums can someone who i knowledgable please take a look at it http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=232949916:23
purui have installed idle for python  from terminal and now i am unable to open its 'configure idle" window.16:23
Xinhey guise, I have a smb/cifs share mounted through fstab16:23
Xinwhat do I need to add to its fstab line to make it readable/writable to a user16:23
Xinor all users16:23
Xindoesnt matter which16:23
puruwhen i run it from terminal it show the error:16:24
puruException in Tkinter callback16:24
puruTraceback (most recent call last):16:24
puru  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/lib-tk/Tkinter.py", line 1540, in __call__16:24
puru    return self.func(*args)16:24
puru  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/idlelib/EditorWindow.py", line 543, in config_dialog16:24
az_what do you would select between ubuntu mate/kubuntu/xubuntu?16:25
mchelen2depends on your priorities16:26
mchelen2i like mate & xubuntu for simplicity16:27
efquesHello -- installation question. I'm installing in a system where I've already prepared a LUKS partition with lvm inside. The installer sees the mapped vg and is fine with setting the mapped volume to root. But I'm not sure if I should leave the LUKS partition as "do not use" (will it know where to look for the root volume inside?) or if I should use it as "physical vol for encryption" (it wants me to choose a password even though it's16:27
az_mainly stable then some nice look16:27
az_i have perty good pc, nvidia, 16GB ram, amd 6-core16:27
az_i had xubuntu, was good, after few years and some little problems after few upgrades i changed to ubuntu gnome16:27
mchelen2i think mate is more on the stability side, but kubuntu is prettier16:28
az_and ubuntu gnome is so unstable, after lock screen i have problem, addons gone from time to time too etc16:28
az_so much stability problems16:28
mchelen2i haven't really had problems with gnome, but ymmv16:28
az_i just don't want such problems, xfce was good in that16:28
mchelen2yeah xfce is pretty solid16:29
mchelen2so is mate16:29
az_i liked gnome 216:29
az_it was best ever, so nice16:29
mchelen2thats pretty much what mate is16:29
az_so maybe mate, if is stable16:30
mchelen2you can try a live usb to see how it looks16:30
az_mate looks so much like xfce16:30
az_i never liked kde but this last dont look bad16:30
mchelen2well its your call16:31
az_so you think that mate will be more stable that kubuntu?16:31
mchelen2i had more stability issues with kde in the past, but thats just my personal experience16:31
k1l_az_: yes16:31
az_i go then install ubuntu mate16:32
az_do you have some good solution for delete my old xfce/gnome files from /home dir ?16:32
az_i mean that all configs under .folder etc16:32
az_maybe there is some good way to clean that16:33
ducasseaz_: you need to do that manually.16:33
mchelen2i usually backup my home dir to network drive, then only restore the stuff i want16:33
az_i have 3 hdd16:33
az_1 ssd for ubuntu, 1 for home, 1 for windows :)16:33
mchelen2well to another hdd, whatever16:33
az_and usb 3.0 for backup16:33
az_so i just reinstall that ssd and keep my home16:34
mchelen2i like to use network drive but whatever you prefer16:34
mchelen2oh ok your /home is not on the ssd16:34
mchelen2i mean honestly you don't necessarily need to worry about it16:34
az_so it should be easy to reinstall16:34
mchelen2those files wont dont anything bad16:34
az_this ubuntu mate looks so much like xfce16:35
mchelen2yeah its similar default config but its different code under the hood16:35
akikaz_: mate is the continuation of gnome 216:35
az_ah so will be great16:36
az_i loved gnome 216:36
az_it was awsome look :)16:36
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az_xfce was my replacement for g216:36
hheeguys. what color theme does vim (terminal) has in ubuntu 14?16:39
az_ok thanks16:40
az_i go reinstall to mate :)16:40
ducassehhee: if you want a color scheme you need to install one16:50
hheeducasse, i know it, but those theme cool, want to know name, to install in my system16:50
ducassehhee: there must be literally hundreds of color schemes for vim out there, just find one you like. you will also need a suitable terminal.16:52
ducassehhee: fwiw, i like zenburn and solarized dark.16:54
eonumbreonWhat about monokai bright?16:56
ducasseeonumbreon: sure - that's nice too. he should really just try a few and pick one he likes.16:57
eonumbreonducasse :-)16:58
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hheeducasse, got it17:07
hheeducasse, thx17:07
ducassehhee: np.17:07
Napoelonducasse:  hi m817:08
ducasseNapoelon: \o17:08
NapoelonAnyone know how to install openssh-server on U16.04?17:08
NapoelonWithout internet access17:08
SchrodingersScat!offline | Napoelon, but that doesn't make much sense to me, but ok.17:09
ubottuNapoelon, but that doesn't make much sense to me, but ok.: If you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. See also !APTonCD17:09
ducasseNapoelon: download the package elsewhere?17:09
ubottuAPTonCD is a tool with a graphical interface which allows you to create one or more CDs or DVDs with all of the packages you've downloaded via apt-get or aptitude, creating a removable repository that you can use on other computers - See also !offline17:10
NapoelonUbuntu won't install the drivers for my wireless device through the System Settings -> Software & Updates -> Additional Drivers.17:10
NapoelonSo I can't access the net from that PC atm, but I was hoping openssh-server 'might' be on the install disk.17:11
SchrodingersScatwhat's going to ssh into it if it's offline?17:11
NapoelonI don't have Synaptic installed either, just the Ubuntu Software (Centre)17:11
ducasseNapoelon: it's on the server image, i think17:12
Napoelon<== Having a rant ==>This U16 install is crap.17:12
Napoelonducasse: oh, ok. I'll download that.17:12
ducasseNapoelon: easier to just grab the package :)17:13
tgm4883SchrodingersScat: +117:13
k1l_Napoelon: there is a limit of what to ship as preinstalled. your usecase might differ from the standard setup. which should not be worth a rant.17:13
SchrodingersScatNapoelon: if you ask and give details about the wireless, someone may be able to help you.17:14
Napoelonk1l:  I understand, but the Additional Drivers allows me to select the wireless device's proprietary but freezes after I click apply.17:15
NapoelonSchrodinger:  I have a MacBook Pro 2014.  I have U14.04 installed on it, which I've just moved to an external drive and am trying to install U16.04 in its place on the internal drive.17:16
k1l_Napoelon: in a world where the manufacturers ship perfect drivers for linux, that would be worth a rant. now you just rant about mostly volunteers not doing the perfect job. but with details about the exact hardware used people in here would be able to help17:16
NapoelonI don't think Canonical is a NPO17:17
SparkySquirrelwhy does Ubuntu Yakkety Yak have such an old Qt 5 version?17:17
ubottuUbuntu 16.10 (Yakkety Yak) will be the 25th release of Ubuntu. It is due to be released in October 2016. Discussion in #ubuntu+117:17
k1l_aha, apple hardware is known to be broken. there you need too lookup exactly the make and model and see what you need to do to make that run17:18
tgm4883Napoelon: I don't think Canonical ships Ubuntu on MacBooks17:18
SparkySquirrelSchrodingersScat: so they'll update it?17:18
SchrodingersScatSparkySquirrel: idk, ask in #ubuntu+117:18
NapoelonIt doesn't.  But it does ship the driver for the wireless.  And U14 works fine.17:18
=== heessels is now known as Grouch
k1l_Napoelon: canonical is the firm behind ubuntu and ubuntu is a linux distribution.17:18
tgm4883Napoelon: which driver?17:18
NapoelonSorry, but a spade is a spade in my book17:19
SchrodingersScatdoes it need to download the driver? is ethernet required here?17:19
k1l_Napoelon: you are just showing how less you know with your rants :/17:19
=== russell is now known as Guest26674
NapoelonBCM4360 802.11ac  (Broadcom)17:19
k1l_Napoelon: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro17:19
Napoelonwhatever kil.17:19
Napoelonyou can ignore me if you like.17:19
SchrodingersScat!broadcom | Napoelon I wish broadcom would end their reign of terror17:20
ubottuNapoelon I wish broadcom would end their reign of terror: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx17:20
Napoelonki1: thnx 4 the link17:20
bazhangdarthanubis, try /msg ubottu17:20
NapoelonI wish Apple would too.  But that's what I have and I'm trying to make it work.17:21
darthanubisbazhang, your still here huh?17:21
darthanubisbazhang, do you ever take off?17:21
NapoelonThe drive is on the install DVD.  It's the Software & Updates that's freezing.17:21
bazhanglets stay on topic here please darthanubis17:21
darthanubisnothings changed ic17:21
darthanubistake care17:22
NapoelonU16 install overwrote my EFI settings, wouldn't shut-down, wouldn't bring up a terminal with ctrl-alt-T17:22
Napoelonsorry, crap is crap....17:22
Napoelonbut I'll make it work, as long as it's not like windows that needs to be re-installed every so often.17:22
bazhangNapoelon, this is support only17:23
tgm4883Napoelon: TBF, you're talking about software that has a best effort to support some very closed hardware17:23
NapoelonI've been using Ubuntu for 10 years now.17:23
tgm4883Napoelon: for instance, I've had 1 issue on my Thinkpad T450s that was fixed with a kernel upgrade17:23
NapoelonI run my severs with it and other stuff, but crap is still crap when it's crap17:23
bazhangNapoelon, thats enough17:24
UnKnOwN|Madhu: Hello.17:31
MadhuBlueskaj .. unable to inst x3100 m5 server in RAD117:31
MadhuHi unknown17:31
MadhuX3100cm5 bios raid 1 is creating read only eaid117:32
KinoZampieI like pie17:34
MadhuHi smith17:35
MadhuNeed help to ins Ubuntu17:36
MadhuHi krypton17:37
ComManpeople anyone understands MPI and Python? i need help understand this scripts17:39
KinoZampieHow's life?17:43
ComMananyone understand MPI?17:44
candybanAnyone familiar with bootstrapping an ubuntu using PXE on a soekris? (using a serial console)17:44
mchelen2ComMan: thats a pretty broad question :P17:45
mchelen2folks instead of asking if anyone is familiar with a subject, try asking the specific question or issue you have with it17:45
bazhang#python for ComMan17:45
candybanThe issue is that I am able to boot (install). It then says loading linux ... ok, loading initrd ...ok, and then it all stops17:45
ComManbazhang: i cannot talk in #python they do not allow17:46
ComManmchelen2: i am trying to run the examples for MPI here https://github.com/jbornschein/mpi4py-examples but i keep getting an error17:46
k1l_!register | ComMan17:46
ubottuComMan: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode17:46
bazhangComMan, so register, ask in #freenode how17:46
candybanmchelen2: so, was that a better explanation about my problem?17:47
mchelen2candyban: yup much better!17:47
ComManbazhang: k1l_ i cannot speak at #freenode17:47
candybannow just a solution ...17:47
candybanor a hint towards a solution17:47
mchelen2candyban: try repeating that description every 30 mins or so and probably someone will have an idea17:47
k1l_ComMan: read the bots message. you need to register to freenode for some other projects channels. #freenode is moderated, too. you need to wait until staff grants you permission to speak in #freenode17:48
mchelen2candyban: is there any way to get a log or terminal output so you know where exactly it is stopping?17:48
candybanmchelen2: no unfortunately not17:48
mchelen2hmm thats tricky17:48
ComMank1l_: that is just too much trouble, i rather just communicate when people in a related channel17:48
candybanmchelen2: just blank screen ... and no network activity17:48
mchelen2candyban: you might want to try ##linux since its not an ubuntu specific issue17:49
candybanmchelen2: that's why I asked if anyone was familiar with it so I could use "special" (verbose) options17:49
candybanmchelen2: trying to install ubuntu 16.04 server ...17:49
candybanbut ok, I'll try my luck there17:50
k1l_ComMan: its not our task to judge how other projects run their irc channels. talk to the projects if you dont like the way they do it. we focus on technical ubuntu support in here17:50
ducasseComMan: that's not how it works, register and ask in the proper channel.17:50
mchelen2candyban: yeah so even just asking "how to get verbose debug output during pxe boot?" is a good question to start with17:50
candybanmchelen2: :) Thanks17:50
mchelen2ComMan: if you use irc on an ongoing basis its worth taking the 5 min to register. all you do is send 1 message then click an email17:51
candyban(not sure if I will remain in this channel as I am using ircII)17:51
mchelen2idk what that is17:51
ComManmchelen2: ducasse k1l_  well my nich is registered but i still can't talk in #freenode17:51
bazhangComMan, you need to wait more than five seconds there17:52
ducasseComMan: you need to wait to get +v, the topic clearly says so17:52
mchelen2ComMan: try leaving the chan & rejoining?17:52
jiggawattzComMan ▸ /msg bazhang about it17:52
jiggawattzhe'll get your sorted... he's an op17:53
mchelen2oh yeah the topic there says you can message someone17:53
k1l_ComMan: you need to wait in #freenode . you can tell the staff on "/stats p" what you think about this system. but this is not the proper topic for #ubuntu17:53
jiggawattzComMan ▸ k1l_ is right.... take it to /msg bazhang17:53
ComMank1l_: jiggawattz mchelen2 ducasse thanks, i sent the message17:54
octavio!s martin campbell17:54
ubottuoctavio: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:54
riqjhello everyone, I have just upgraded from 14.04. to 16.04 with the command 'sudo do-release-upgrade -d', and I get the same screen as here since I restarted to complete the upgrade; https://is.gd/FDzaFI ..I used this command before to do the same upgrade but I didnt encounter this problem then. can you suggest a solution other than fsck to fix this, as I am wary of fsck might go wrong and mess it up even worse?17:58
administradorHello. I have Lubuntu 14.04 64bits. AMD drivers. When I set the resolution to 1920x1080 the whole desktop looks bigger than my screen, in Windows AMD has an option to scale the whole image, how can I scale down the image in Lubuntu?18:00
ducasseriqj: not much to say, if you need to do an fsck, you need to do so18:01
SchrodingersScatriqj: you can always pull from !backups if something goes wrong with the fsck18:01
=== russell is now known as Guest85279
BluesKajsuspect he didn't update and upgrade the existing packages before doing do-release18:03
riqjBluesKaj, if you mean 'sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade', correct, I didn't think about running it.18:04
=== robotrolll is now known as robotroll
riqjSchrodingersScat, when or how can I run !backups ?18:05
SchrodingersScat!backups | riqj18:05
ubotturiqj: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning18:05
BluesKajriqj,  try to get to a vt/tty, then update and upgrade18:07
riqjSchrodingersScat, if you mean the built-in backup of Ubuntu, I dont use it, but do my own backups. if you mean restoring from a backup, I can maybe login to my home folder via live cd/usb and back up before running fsck18:07
ducasseriqj: no, you nee18:07
riqjBluesKaj, sorry what is vt/tty ?18:07
ducasseriqj: no, you need to run fsck first.18:07
SchrodingersScatwhy are you afraid of fsck then? it only wants to help ;_;18:08
riqjducasse, is it impossible to access my home folder from another system?18:08
ducasseriqj: you can't mount the fs until you've cleaned it.18:08
riqjSchrodingersScat, I had awfully useful moments of using fsck, but also saw it create a mess :)18:09
k1l_riqj: i think you dont understand what situation your system is in. its not sending you that errors just for fun.18:09
EonUmbreonJust joined, is this regarding a Windows home folder?18:09
riqjducasse, ok18:09
BluesKajriqj,  think ducasse is correct, fsck has to be looked after first18:09
EonUmbreonCause I have noticed hybrid boot causes me fs issues due to hibernation state18:09
riqjk1l_ no, I dont understand. I didnt get this error before18:10
k1l_riqj: if the FileSystem is in a bad state and needs a fsck you cant work around that.18:10
riqjand it doesnt explain in the error, just says emergency state18:10
ducasseriqj: if you are really nervous, you can clone first, but if you have backups i don't see what you're worried about.18:10
k1l_riqj: if you are scared to dataloss: then make a "dd" image of that partition. and try to work on that image instead18:11
riqjducasse, ok, fine, I will go with fsck18:11
skinuxAnyone know how to use wget to get it to download index page as well as all pages that index page has a link to?18:12
EonUmbreonWhat, like a web crawler?18:12
riqjbut again, is this here the solution to the problem, the one posted in the first reply: https://is.gd/FDzaFI ?18:13
riqjsudo -i, fdisk -l and then umount /dev/sdb1, fsck -y /dev/sdb1, and reboot ?18:13
EonUmbreonwget -r -U mozilla <index page here> might do it18:13
EonUmbreonUnsure. I just googled it. !wget18:14
ducasseriqj: well, just use the right device name in those commands.18:14
riqjducasse, yes, sure18:14
ducasseriqj: if you can post the fdisk -l output, we can tell you.18:15
riqjducasse, sure, I will! thank you :)18:16
ducasseriqj: np :)18:17
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asdasdbir konuda yardıma ihtiyacım var18:22
asdasdyardımcı olabilecek kimse varmı18:23
k1l_!tr | asdasd18:23
ubottuasdasd: Turk ubuntu kullanıcıları, Türkçe yardım ya da geyik için /join #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.18:23
ircnode0I shared video from laptop to TV through HDMI cable. However, I want to use audio on TV only. How I can achieve this? I watch a video using firefox.18:23
EonUmbreonWhy do you want to do this18:24
EonUmbreonMost TVs require video input for audio to work18:24
ircnode0Now, the TV is running image without audio and laptop is running image and voice. I want to disable audio in laptop and enable it on TV18:24
ducasseircnode0: set audio output to hdmi in pavucontrol18:25
EonUmbreonWhat spin of ubuntu are you using? There should be a setting in your audio settings18:25
EonUmbreon^^ what ducasse said18:25
administradorHello. I have Lubuntu 14.04 64bits. AMD drivers. When I set the resolution to 1920x1080 the whole desktop looks bigger than my screen, in Windows AMD has an option to scale the whole image, how can I scale down the image in Lubuntu?18:26
ircnode0ducasse: Okay, I will install pavucontrol and try it.18:26
compdocadministrador, try wider settings18:27
compdocor different settings18:27
compdocwhen you get a good one, it will look good18:27
ducasseadministrador: sounds like you need to adjust the monitor18:28
kaosuSigning kernel drivers and importing their signatures into the secure boot database was much easier to do than I excepted. Now I can run third-party drivers without disabling secure boot. All I need to do now is write a script to automate the task so I can do it after every kernel upgrade, lol.18:28
MonkeyDustinfo arandr | administrador18:28
ioriaadministrador, menu -> preferences -> monitor settings ? what resolution in use ?18:28
MonkeyDust!info arandr | administrador18:28
ubottuadministrador: arandr (source: arandr): Simple visual front end for XRandR. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.1.9-1 (xenial), package size 51 kB, installed size 309 kB18:28
akikkaosu: is there a linux command that i can use to check my secure boot status? bios is showing 'custom'18:29
kaosuakik: mokutil --sb-state18:30
akikkaosu: thanks18:30
akikkaosu: says secureboot enabled18:31
akikthe funny thing is that i didn't need to disable it for nvidia module18:31
akikeven though ubuntu says that it's mandatory18:31
kaosuakik: If you're using dkms to rebuilt a new kernel module when the kernel is upgraded and you can use the proprietary drivers without any issue then secure boot is not being enforced.18:32
akikkaosu: yes nvidia is using dkms18:32
kaosuBy design secure boot will not allow any unsigned third-party drivers to run, period. Since you are basically rebuilding the kernel module on your own machine, that module is not signed and won't boot.18:32
kaosuSo, while mokutils believes secure boot is enabled (which I am sure it is), it is not being enforced for some reason.18:33
akikkaosu: when ubuntu told me to disable secure boot i just said no thanks18:33
kaosuI would try setting your BIOS from Custom to a different value and see if that helps enforce secure boot.18:33
=== bitti is now known as bitti_away
akikkaosu: i've added grubx64.efi to the bios boot menu choices18:34
kaosuakik: Are you using 16.04? I'm very curious to know why secure boot isn't being enforced against the nVidia drivers without signing them.18:35
akikkaosu: yes kubuntu 16.0418:35
ducasseakik: i think you need to boot with the shim, not grubx64.efi18:36
akikducasse: i don't know what that means18:36
kaosuI'm not sure why Ubuntu wants to disable secure boot. It would be trivial to create a script to automatically sign specific drivers and import that new signature into your database. That's a far better solution than just disabling it.18:36
ducasseakik: boot shimx64.efi, not grubx64.efi, basically. the shim enforces sb and loads grub.18:37
akikducasse: ah ok thanks for that info18:37
kaosuducasse: Thanks for that information. I didn't know that until now.18:38
theo443after i get a privileged shell with "sudo -s", how do i return to the unprivileged shell? (tried "sudo -s username", but it didn't work)18:38
MonkeyDusttheo443  ctrl d18:38
bekkstheo443: Type "exit".18:38
theo443bekks: thnaks18:39
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riqjI just tried to access my home folder, and I managed to do so??18:40
riqjdoes that mean that fs is ok?18:41
bekksriqj: No.18:41
riqjI havent run fsck yet, but I could access the home folder, now I can back it up18:41
bekksriqj: It means you managed to get access to your home folder and its contents.18:41
riqjbekks, we have been talking about that it wouldnt be possible a short while ago..I am referring to that conversation18:42
riqjducasse, BluesKaj I accessed to my home folder.18:44
MonkeyDustriqj  rsync is a quick and easy way to backup your /home18:45
alesaicois there someone to talk?18:46
riqjoh, I am almost done with the backup, thank you, MonkeyDust18:46
alesaicohow find a channel about hackers?18:47
Bashing-omalesaico: Talk ( chat ) for us is #ubuntu-offtopic :)18:47
bekksalesaico: By searching on another network rather than freenode.18:47
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alesaicosomeone use ubunt mate?18:49
tortibI try not to, I prefer gnome318:49
SebthreeBQM10HDI have tried in vm18:50
tortibI've used it before tho on antergos18:50
bekksalesaico: People in #ubuntu-mate often do.18:50
tortibalesaico, just ask your question18:50
SebthreeBQM10HDused mATE more in another distro18:50
alesaicoi tet in vm, i like18:50
tortibIt's too classic for me18:50
SebthreeBQM10HDtthats the idea of mate having cllassic living on18:51
KoLiBerhey guys i have a question : Node.js is better or Sacala for Websocket Server ?18:51
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alesaicosomeone play chess? i whating machines playing chess: http://tcec.chessdom.com/live.php18:55
ircnode0ducasse: found the audio switch for TV in Sound in System Settings18:56
ircnode0should have looked there first ^^;;18:57
ryu_is there anyone that can mentor me i have alot of minor questions and i can't find the help i need on the forums18:59
Bashing-omryu_: Sure, but like the forum .. one question at the time .. ask away .19:00
madhuxet7 -- Please help to install ubuntu on raid119:01
madhu Getting error while intalling Ubunto 12.04 while partition table creating on HDDs on x3100 M519:02
Tin_manmust be a long question. Bashing-om19:02
madhuI am trying to install 12.04 on x3100 M5 server with RAID 01. Creating RAID 1 readonly mode and error "operation not permitted  to write on disk"19:02
Bashing-omTin_man: : long thought process as to what to ask 1st ??19:03
madhuAfter bios raid1 config. partition tables are not writing on disk19:04
Tin_mankinda scary19:04
xet7madhu: I used https://wiki.hetzner.de/index.php/Softwareraid/en instructions when I last time used raid, I don't have time to explain more now.19:04
=== bitti_away is now known as bitti
madhuI tried using  Desktop 64bit CD : Using creating MSDOS New partitioncreated MSDOS New partition table on 2 HDDs.19:05
acerhow i change my list of sources ? please...19:06
madhuxet7 -- Wants RAID 1 on though BIOS config19:07
madhuHi snypxzz19:11
=== sprat_ is now known as lubunix
djapoi have a usb connection from my guitar that i want to connect to guitarix19:11
madhuHi mhache19:11
djapobut it doesn't seem to be displayed with the audio playback section, can jack only handle one card at a time19:11
madhuHi sprat19:12
madhuhi lubunix19:13
Myrttimadhu: you're going to have a long day if you're going to greet everyone coming in19:13
madhuHi Myrtti.19:13
madhuMyrtti .. I tried myself to install but unable to do it19:14
madhuMyrtti .. Still my problem is same.19:15
madhuHi Mrdunno. May I chat with you19:16
mrdunnoqq all19:16
Myrttimadhu: the way this channel usually works is that you post your question, and if someone knows the answer, they will answer19:16
mrdunnomadhu, ok19:17
mrdunnomadhu, yes, you can19:17
madhuMrdunno ...19:17
madhuMrdunno .. I am trying to install 12.04 on x3100 M5 server with RAID 01. Creating RAID 1 readonly mode and error "operation not permitted  to write on disk"19:17
madhuMyrtti .. I will post it19:18
mrdunnomadhu, do you have drivers for your raid bridge?19:19
madhuMrdunno .. No. But by default all drivers are included19:20
mrdunnomadhu, in the system, this raid is visible?19:20
madhuMydunno.  Created in BIOS RAID 1 and initialling19:20
mrdunnomadhu, hm..19:21
madhuMydunno .. Partitions are also creaing. But shoiwng raid1 readonly19:21
mrdunnoin bios or ubuntu?19:21
madhuMydunno . I tried in different way also.19:21
madhuMrdunno ... Through Desktop 64bit CD : Using creating MSDOS New partitioncreated MSDOS New partition table on 2 HDDs. But the exising BIOS RAID 1 config lost  table on 2 HDDs  After BIOS RAID 1 Config :- created MSDOS New partition table on 2 HDDs. But the exising BIOS RAID 1 config lost.19:22
madhuMrdunno .. In BIOS fine and showing 1 TB Space19:23
DarlucilicHey guys. How can i rotate a background image in Ubuntu?19:24
mrdunnomdadm  - - monitor19:24
madhuMrdunno ... the image is showing RAIDraid1 read only19:24
tortibDarlucilic, that's DE dependent19:24
Darlucilicwhat do you mean?19:24
tortibDarlucilic, are you using Unity/19:24
tortibdepends on the Desktop Env that you're using19:25
DarlucilicI dont know19:25
Darlucilichow can i find out?!19:25
madhuMrdunno .. I can able to install in without RAID19:25
MonkeyDustDarlucilic  does it have a bar on the left? if yes, it's unity19:25
Darlucilicyeah it's on the left side19:25
Guy1524is it possible to add applications to your live usb that are retained between reboots w/o persistence19:28
Guy1524I just want unity tweak tool to be on the live usb by default19:28
MonkeyDustGuy1524  yes, there are tools to modify the .iso, not sure which are still supported and/or maintained19:29
mrdunnomadhu, lspci, ppease, show19:29
Bashing-omGuy1524: As you stipulate, no .. as Life is running in ram .. and when rebooting ram is cleared .19:29
DarlucilicSo how i can rotate the background image again in unity?19:30
madhuMrdunno .. Presently Im not in my office. I came out.19:30
up2latewould ubuntu be the best distro for a 'newbie'?19:30
tortibup2late, for humans by huamns, you betcha19:31
MonkeyDustup2late  boot a live dvd/usb and see if you like it19:31
tortibup2late, it's a variant of debian so you would learn how debian works.19:31
up2lateim curently running debian and just not getting it19:31
mrdunnomadhu, Ok. if you want help tomorrow, you can write me to yan@dark0ff.xyz19:31
riqjhello again, just for the sake of clarity, I am about to apply the fsck solution, and would like to ask if I can just apply it from another system on my disk, instead of a live cd/usb19:31
EmeraldExplorerI installed the application "Main Menu" on Ubuntu 16.04 (I also rebooted my computer) and even though it shows I installed it (I can also run it) from software, it does not appear when searching for applications. Is there any way to fix this?19:31
madhuMrdunno.. Is it your mail ID19:32
mrdunnomail, yes19:32
riqjjust would like to know if it has any risks in the case of fsck to apply it from a live cd or another OS on HDD19:32
up2lateshould i get ubuntu desktop or server?19:32
Bashing-omriqj: So long as the target system in NOT mounted . then yes one can run fsck from a different installed OS .19:33
MonkeyDustup2late  begin with the desktop19:33
madhuMrdunno... I will send the whole problem now19:33
up2latekk, thx19:33
MonkeyDust!manual | up2late19:33
ubottuup2late: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/19:33
riqjBashing-om, thank you! I will go on with it, then19:33
kaosuWill placing a bash script in /etc/kernel/postinst.d force it to be ran each time you upgrade your kernel? I have create a script to automatically sign and import keys for some third-party drivers so I can use them without disabling secure boot, but I would like to automate the process of updating it for each new kernel upgrade.19:34
Bashing-omriqj: I say again .. the target must not be in use ( mounted ) when the file system check is ran .19:35
Guy1524to dual boot windows 10 w/ ubuntu 16.04, do I need to modify the windows partition in windows first?19:36
Guy1524by modify I mean resize19:36
bekks!dualboot | Guy152419:36
ubottuGuy1524: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot19:36
riqjBashing-om, thank you again for assuring me! I am aware that fsck needs an unmounted partition to work on19:36
Darlucilic@MonkeyDust So how i can fix this image then? Even time i set it as a desktop background it turns in the side19:36
Bashing-omriqj: :) .. just trying to insure there is no mishap . (May have to turn swap off also )19:38
ioriaEmeraldExplorer, type alacarte in dash19:39
EmeraldExplorerioria: it is giving me suggestions to install it19:41
EmeraldExplorerbut it doesn't recognize it is already installed19:41
ioriaEmeraldExplorer, Main Menu is alacarte ...   dpkg -l alacarte     ?19:41
Tex_Nickthe way i prefer to to dual boot win/lin is to put win on one HD then install lin on a second HD, grub will list win without modifying the win mbr, that way the 2 HD's can also be used independently ... don't know if that works well with secure boot though ?19:43
EmeraldExplorerioria: http://hastebin.com/ruroxuhosu.1c19:43
ioriaEmeraldExplorer, ok, and if you type alacarte in dash (not in terminal) ... what happens ?19:44
EmeraldExplorerioria: all it shows is alacarte_alacarte.png19:45
EmeraldExplorerand when looking in apps it just shows that it is a suggested app to downlaod19:45
ioriaEmeraldExplorer, when you type alacarte it should display 'Main Menu' , click on it and it opens ....  no ?19:46
EmeraldExplorerMore suggestions:19:46
EmeraldExplorerFREE main Menu19:46
EmeraldExplorerthere is nothing else on the screen19:47
ioriaEmeraldExplorer,  ls /usr/share/applications/alacarte.desktop ?19:47
EmeraldExploreryup it exists there19:48
ioriaEmeraldExplorer,  can you paste it ?19:49
EmeraldExplorerioria: http://paste.ubuntu.com/18413297/19:55
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ioriaEmeraldExplorer,  it's ok19:57
ioriaEmeraldExplorer,  ls /usr/share/app-install/icons/alacarte.png19:58
goddardanyone made a snap for google chrome?19:58
EmeraldExplorerioria: it says it does not exist19:59
OerHeksgoddard, if one has, you would have found it.19:59
Guy1524I just installed ubuntu on a laptop to dual boot and it just boots into windows!19:59
ioriaEmeraldExplorer,  mmm.... don't know what 'Free' is ... installed from Software Center (gnome center) ?20:00
Guy1524the option I chose during installation was install ubuntu alongside windows boot manager20:00
bpromptGuy1524:     hold down the Shift key while booting, then the Grub menu will show up, from there, pick Ubuntu, once logged in, do a -> sudo update-grub;    <--- then reboot20:01
Guy1524ok thanks20:01
ioriaEmeraldExplorer, ok, you installed ClassicMenu Indicator20:01
ioriaEmeraldExplorer, not Main Menu, i think20:02
Guy1524bprompt: holding down shift does nothing20:03
EmeraldExplorerioria: I can click "Free Download" and it still won't show20:05
ioriaEmeraldExplorer, from terminal run alacarte20:05
MonkeyDustGuy1524  try Ctrl, during boot20:06
Guy1524this is windows 10 btw20:06
Bashing-omGuy1524: Win10 == UEFI system .. try spamming the escape key during boot to get the grub boot menu .20:07
riqjI get this output from fsck, and the problem persists: paste.ubuntu.com/1841384620:08
Guy1524spamming escape did nothing20:09
Guy1524neither did holding CTRL20:09
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bpromptriqj:     some of us, just got here... or were AFK... so... the output from fsck though, means, the filesystem is ok20:10
Guy1524well, all spamming escape did is bring to a bios menu, but then I did continue and continued to spam escape20:10
MonkeyDustGuy1524  how did you install ubuntu?20:10
Guy1524through a flash drive20:10
Guy1524and I did install ubuntu alongside windows boot manager20:10
riqjbprompt, my original problem is that I get this error following an upgrade to 16.04.: http://askubuntu.com/questions/646414/welcome-to-emergency-mode-think-it-is-a-fsck-problem20:10
Guy1524is this relevant?20:11
akikholy shi... https://www.amazon.com/PRIV-BlackBerry-Unlocked-Smartphone-Warranty/dp/B0169SNI3C $41720:11
ioriaEmeraldExplorer,  or maybe you installed both....20:11
riqjand I applied the solution in the first reply post on this page20:11
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akiksorry wrong channel20:12
ioriaEmeraldExplorer,  dpkg -l   classicmenu-indicator20:12
kolikoi have configure freeradius server test it with radtest and it was successful. But when i try to connect via my hotspot i get radius not responding. please help me20:12
bpromptriqj:     the error output is for /dev/sdb1   the fsck you did was for /dev/sda5, that simply means, the 5th partition on the local fixed disk is fine, whilst the 1st partition on a slave drive is not20:13
EmeraldExplorerioria: ok20:13
MonkeyDustkoliko  is that a server? if yes, better ask in #ubuntu-server20:13
EmeraldExplorerdpkg-query: no packages found matching classicmenu-indicator20:13
kolikoOk thanks @MonkeyDust20:13
bpromptGuy1524:    did you do a windows10 UEFI install? and thus an Ubuntu UEFI as well20:13
riqjbprompt, the online question doesnt belong to me. my problematic partition is sda5, therefore I applied the solution to it20:14
Guy1524windows 10 came preinstalled on this laptop20:14
Guy1524I booted the live usb through uefi20:14
bpromptriqj:    well, seems your sda5 is ok though :)20:14
ioriaEmeraldExplorer, and can you run alacarte from teminal ?20:14
EmeraldExplorerioria: yes20:14
Guy1524ok I found it20:14
Guy1524I am booting into ubuntu20:14
riqjbprompt, why, then, I am getting 'welcome to emergency mode' screen?20:14
bpromptGuy1524:   under the couch? =)20:15
Guy1524so when I am in, will sudo update-grub fix it?20:15
ioriaEmeraldExplorer, and you can't find it in Dash ?20:15
riqjI already back up my whole home folder, so I guess it should be easier to reinstall the OS in this partition..would you agree?20:15
EmeraldExplorerioria: nope. https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/MJiN8KYR/irccloudcapture-1137974155.jpg20:15
riqjbacked up*20:16
bpromptriqj:    hmmm well.. hmm assuming it may be a grub issue... tried doing a sudo update-grub and then a grub-install, dunno where you have it but I'd assume sda1, thus sudo grub-install /dev/sda1  yet?20:16
MonkeyDustriqj  yes, and during install ... select 'something else' and create a separate /home partiton20:17
ioriaEmeraldExplorer, sudo updatedb   and paste    locate alacarte.png20:17
bpromptriqj:    well... depends.. but a reinstall, would take around 20mins, so likely20:17
Guy1524sudo update-grub did not work20:17
Guy1524I am going to try something else20:17
riqjbprompt, yes, since I secured the whole home folder, I wouldnt mind reinstalling..though not the install itself, but customizing it, is what takes time :)20:18
Guy1524guys I really need help, how do I override get grub to boot instead of windows boot manager20:19
madhuHi Smith. May chat wih you ow20:19
Guy1524please, the only way I can get into ubuntu now is through going into the settings and booting and recovery mode20:19
bpromptriqj:    well, most of the customization, about 95% of it is at $HOME, I do the same, and  yes, it takes a while, and yes, I back mine often for the same reason, just did yesterday :)20:20
ioriaEmeraldExplorer,  think this line is interesting /var/lib/app-info/icons/ubuntu-xenial-universe/64x64/alacarte_alacarte.png20:21
administradorHello. I have Lubuntu 14.04 64bits. AMD drivers. When I set the resolution to 1920x1080 the whole desktop looks bigger than my screen, in Windows AMD has an option to scale the whole image, how can I scale down the image in Lubuntu?20:21
ioriaadministrador, are you a bot ?20:21
EmeraldExplorerioria: how is that interesting?20:22
administradorioria, did somebody answer me yet?20:23
ioriaEmeraldExplorer,  now i'm on 14.04 and don't even have a /var/lib/app-info/ directory ....20:23
EmeraldExplorerioria: well idk, I am on 16.04 lol20:24
ioriaEmeraldExplorer,  try to backup that file .... and see if it shows up in dash20:24
ioriaEmeraldExplorer,  sudo mv var/lib/app-info/icons/ubuntu-xenial-universe/64x64/alacarte_alacarte.png var/lib/app-info/icons/ubuntu-xenial-universe/64x64/alacarte_alacarte.png.backup20:25
EmeraldExplorerioria: remove and backup?20:25
MonkeyDustadministrador  use xrandr / arandr to change the screen resolution20:25
ioriaEmeraldExplorer,  nope, only backup, rename if you want20:25
EmeraldExplorerok ioria20:26
EmeraldExplorerps put a slash in front of var :p20:26
administradorMonkeyDust, i can change the screen resolution in amdcccl but the image streches beyond my screen size20:26
EmeraldExplorerioria: no luck :/20:28
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ioriaEmeraldExplorer,  oh, sorry about that :/20:28
ioriaEmeraldExplorer,  reverse it20:28
MonkeyDustadministrador  what image? the desktop background?20:29
EmeraldExplorerok did that ioria20:29
ioriaEmeraldExplorer,  run out of ideas... maybe purge and reinstall alacarte20:29
MonkeyDustadministrador  what's amdcccl20:30
ioriaEmeraldExplorer,  sudo apt-get purge alacarte , sudo apt-get autoremove, sudo apt-get install alacarte20:30
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administradorMonkeyDust, the whole desktop. i cant see the menu, lubuntu uses lxrandr but that does not solved the problem20:32
administradorMonkeyDust, http://www.pasteall.org/pic/10477320:33
MonkeyDustadministrador  ah, Radeon and fglrx ... there are issues with that20:35
administradorMonkeyDust, for some reason one can see the whole desktop in the scrot screenshot, but in my screen it is all stretched20:35
administradorMonkeyDust, i am using propietary drivers20:36
administrador14.04 LTS20:36
kaosuI have proposed a new policy change on the development mailing list. What do you guys think about the following proposal: https://goo.gl/bWOueG20:36
MonkeyDustkaosu  that's for #ubuntu-offtopic20:37
chrishuang1206hello everyone20:37
chrishuang1206i have never used linux before20:37
chrishuang1206which books would you recommend to study first before installing and using ubuntu20:37
MonkeyDust!manual | chrishuang120620:38
ubottuchrishuang1206: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/20:38
kaosuMonkeyDust: Thanks for the tip. I will take my question to that channel.20:39
chrishuang1206MonkeyDust, thank you :-)20:40
chrishuang1206is "The Official Ubuntu Book" also helpful for linux beginner?20:45
goddardOerHeks: is it hard to make snaps?20:45
MonkeyDustchrishuang1206  you too, better ask in #ubuntu-offtopic20:45
administradorNo solution, eh?20:46
administradori'll keep working on windows for productivity in the mean time...20:47
administradorin windows.20:47
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chrishuang1206what's the topic for #ubuntu-offtopic?20:47
administradorthanks anyway.20:47
chrishuang1206i am not chatting20:47
MelRayChecking my router log I saw this: [LAN access from remote] from to 192.168.X.X:80 however the Class C it port forwarded to is for the linux machine that isn't powered on. Do you think perhaps someone exploited the router itself?20:53
MelRayHow could it connect if the machine isn't powered on?20:54
lopkoi9i installed cli interface, and it wont get to login without going through recoveyr first and then resuming login. what is the proble?20:54
lopkoi9if i install lightdm, then it works20:54
lopkoi9but i want to get to cli login20:55
MonkeyDust!text | lopkoi9 you mean this20:56
ubottulopkoi9 you mean this: To start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode20:56
lopkoi9where do you add this in /etc/default/grub?20:57
Bashing-omlopkoi9:  GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="text" .20:58
lopkoi9are you still there MonkeyDust20:58
lopkoi9that will get me to cli login?20:58
Bashing-omlopkoi9: Yeah ... rememebr to ' sudo update-grub ' to propogate the change .20:59
lopkoi9ok homie. i will do it now20:59
riqjso what caused the emergency mode is that I haven't run update-upgrade before running 'lsb-release-upgrade -d' ?21:01
msev-how would i "ping" the bluetooth of my Nexus 5 from the terminal (for presence detection)?21:06
MonkeyDustmsev-  you ping an ip address, not a bluetooth device21:07
msev-ok so how do i detect it :)21:07
msev-since its not like a beacon21:07
msev-that it constantly emits those signals21:08
MonkeyDustmsev-  iirc bluetooth is a protocol, so what's the device?21:09
msev-like sudo hcitool lecc doesn't work21:09
msev-sudo hcitool lescan also doesn't21:09
fubI'm trying to set up a openvpn connection with network-manager. I import the .ovpn file, but it looks like the CA cert is not loaded. I pulled the cert file out of the .ovpn file to foo.crt and tried to connect, but the connection times out.21:10
MonkeyDustok, it's a smartphone21:10
msev-sudo hcitool scan only detects it while i'm in the Settings-Bluetooth, while I want it to be detected even if the screen is off21:10
fubUsing sudo openvpn myfile.ovpn works, so what can be the problem here?21:10
MonkeyDustmsev-  try blueman21:11
msev-what would be the respective command?21:11
MonkeyDustmsev-  sudo apt install blueman21:11
msev-i have the applet already installed21:12
msev-is that enough21:12
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helpme123Click HERE --> http://bit.ly/29cgQcu <--22:10
elkyYeah don't click that link22:13
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user___Can I install rpm by default on Ubuntu ?22:21
rypervencheuser___: Why would you want to?22:24
OerHeksuser___, no. simple answer22:25
rypervencheuser___: It is possible, but 99% of the time it's not actually what you want to be doing. What are you trying to accomplish?22:26
hammer25hey guys, i just installed atom, anyone know how to make it the default app used when opening certain file extensions? .py, .txt etc.?22:26
OerHekshammer25, on unity, systemsettings > details > default applications, if it is not there, there are no mimetypes AFAIK22:29
user___rypervenche install Oracle Database Express Edition 11g22:30
OerHeksc/-no >. gedit ~/.local/share/applications/mimeapps.list22:30
user___Is it not possible support different kinds of packages on one distro?22:33
hammer25OerHeks: thats what i found, there isn't even a section for text. what do you mean there are no mimetypes?22:38
user___ok, bye22:39
OerHekshammer25, i made a correction c/-no22:41
OerHeksif there is no mimetype, add it ?22:41
hammer25OerHeks I'm not sure what " >. gedit ~/.local/share/applications/mimeapps.list" means?22:47
hammer25OerHeks: nevermind, ended up being way more simple than I thought. Thank you for your time!22:53
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skinuxWhat is the current DVD rip program for Unity/Gnome?23:05
blackbird_Hi any survivors ?23:06
perrin_aybarahammer25, dvdrip, handbrake, etc.   just put in dvd rip linux in google23:07
blackbird_Any C++ coders ?23:08
arobaseHow get firefox executed from a remote server display on my Ubuntu 14.0.4 ?23:16
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arobaseI used ssh with -X and -Y but still do not get diplay23:17
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arobaseThe remote server is RHEL, I can access it only with ssh23:19
Ben64arobase: you're in the wrong channel, this is Ubuntu support23:20
arobaseBen64: my issue concerne Ubuntu also  see may first post "How get firefox executed from a remote server display on my Ubuntu 14.0.4 ?"23:21
Ben64all the important bits need to happen on the server, like x forwarding or vnc or whatever, so ask #rhel what is best for what you want23:22
arobaseBen64:with Windows laptop using Xwing and putty, I'm able to get firefox of RHEL display...23:23
arobaseOnly with Ubuntu I have the issue... that I do not understand23:24
skinnymg1howdy all23:51
qu1j0t3hi, I'm on stretch/sid. OpenJDK 7 isn't in the default repositories. Does anyone know a good way to get it, or whichdebian release still has it by default?23:55
porjausWhy does apt-get purge and removal via software center leave remnants of apps in my dot files?23:55
porjausI had an app with a bug and I couldn't seem to get it fully uninstalled and reinstalled and it turned out it was reconnecting with left over bits that were causing the problem23:56
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porjausnot until I manually removed everything I could find did it reinstall and let me start from scratch23:56

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