flocculantlol at "This message paid for and approved by the Xubuntu developers team."08:50
ochosiflocculant, bluesabre, Unit193: just fyi, i've backported gtk3.20 to xenial now (finally, on the n-th attempt), if anyone wants to try it for testing here you go: https://launchpad.net/~ochosi/+archive/ubuntu/gtk320-xenial08:53
flocculantochosi: I'll set up a new vm for xenial then08:54
flocculantobviously I'm not using that as a daily machine now08:54
ochosisure, no worries08:54
ochosii just need this for my development now08:54
flocculantyep I understand :)08:54
flocculantI'm quite happy to check things out when asked of course08:55
ochosisure, i just need to do some initial work08:55
ochosicrap, now that i have 3.20 on my laptop and greybird is so unusable i guess i will start porting very soon :'(09:03
ochosimeh, where did i get my 4.13 version of libxfce4ui from09:20
ochosii guess Unit193 or bluesabre would know, but i can't find it for the life of me09:33
ochosiUnit193: maybe you can help me out here, did you build libxfce4ui 4.13.0 in some PPA for me? cause if so, i'd appreciate another link to it ;)09:42
Unit193ochosi: It wasn't in a PPA, just a random build of it.  I still wasn't fond of the packaging.09:46
flocculantmorning Unit193 :)09:49
Unit193Howdy, flocculant.09:50
* Unit193 .net/source/09:56
ochosiUnit193: any reason it's not in one of our official PPAs (after all, there has been a release)?10:49
bluesabreochosi: broken multi-arch issues11:20
bluesabre(is the reason)11:20
Unit193It's not pretty. :(11:22
ochosiso this has to be fixed where exactly?11:22
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bluesabreochosi: if I understand correctly, glade13:08
Unit193Inb4 'libxfce4ui-glade' :P13:09
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bluesabreblackbird updates :o14:28
flocculantyou appear shocked to the core :p15:00
knomepleia2, ack (and back from the summer cottage)15:22
flocculantknome: welcome back from the summer cottage :)15:23
knomethank you15:26
ochosiUnit193: thanks (again), now the gtk3 ppa is working as it should18:05
* flocculant updates 18:14
flocculantgoes looking for ellipses18:14
proNoobovskifirst hi to irc world19:28
=== proNoobovski is now known as buscan
flocculantknome: well that's boo - but expected19:34
pleia2knome: editing http://pad.ubuntu.com/lovexubuntu so we have a consistent+friendly response to the submissions20:33
knomepleia2, thanks20:34
* knome is very tired from today's activities, but will be back on track tomorrowish20:35
pleia2okie :)20:35
knomei saw all the moderation messages and ughh20:35
pleia2I let all the -contacts ones through20:37
pleia2I was in LA most of the week though, so kinda behind as well ;)20:38
knomebtw, one thing we didn't announce is when this contest ends... but seeing how "many" submissions we have so far, maybe that was for the best21:01
pleia2I agree21:01
pleia2now that I'm back I'll spread it on the social mediaz more/again21:02
pleia2maybe tomorrow or tuesday21:02

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