jimarvangood morning!07:58
jimarvansoee: :D brb rebooting with the new KDE framework ^^08:12
sitteryofel, clivejo: are you still CIing wily or can we kill support for it?09:05
sitterby that I mean: can we kill support for provisining the docker container which would be used for wily ^^09:06
pursuivantlibqapt (master) v3.0.2-3-g0b0c3f8 * Carlo Vanini: src/package.cpp09:22
pursuivantRemove leading space in description only if present.09:22
pursuivantWhen descriptions are loaded from translation files they start with a09:22
pursuivantleading whitespace. But when translations are missing that space is not09:22
pursuivantpresent.  Therefore, remove the first character only if it actully is a09:22
IrcsomeBot<Clifford> I'm OK with killing support for wily. But check with yofel first09:32
yofelsitter: OK from me10:21
sitteryofel: actually aren't you using a fork of the tooling?10:22
yofelsitter: actually yes10:22
sitterI am changing our kci.yaml, so watch out when you merge next time. although I guess that would conflict at this point anyway10:23
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jimarvanis the fund still active guys? we can donate here?10:33
BluesKajHey folks10:45
IrcsomeBot<Clifford> Jimarvan yes that fund is still active11:13
soeedonation for new hdd for clivejo?11:17
soeei can find some money to :D11:17
jimarvanwish I could help him get a new internet connection too :P11:19
jimarvanI loved the KDE Xmas card from 2014 fundraising, wish Kubuntu did something like that every year 11:20
IrcsomeBot<Clifford> Jimarvan chat to Rick or Aaron11:21
soeeclivejo: you dont have some LTE there ?11:21
IrcsomeBot<Clifford> Soee nope11:21
IrcsomeBot<Clifford> Don't get me started11:21
jimarvandont go there soee11:21
soeePlasma 5.7 tomorrow 11:22
* soee dances11:22
BluesKajhi soee, jimarvan . 5.7 tomorrow. plasma ppa?11:29
soeehaha. tars yes but not in ppa11:30
jimarvan5.7??? :D11:36
* jimarvan cheers11:36
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clivejoacheronuk: does this krdc patch fix yakkety as well?16:12
acheronukshould do. it's generic16:14
clivejopushed, and uploaded for XX and YY16:19
acheronukthat was quick!16:21
clivejofor both16:21
soee_Qt 5.7 and Plasma 5.7 landed in neon dev16:25
acheronuksoee: I saw :)16:26
acheronukclivejo: built and the RDP plugin/option shows up where it should :)16:30
soee_i bought small anten to my LTE modem, let me try it16:30
clivejoon both XX and YY?16:30
acheronukonly tried XX so far16:31
acheronuk2 secs...16:31
clivejofancy fixing akonadi?16:31
soee_NM shows signal strength 51% all the time, hmm16:33
acheronukYY one seems Ok as well, but haven't actually tested that the protocol works16:34
acheronukclivejo: can do akonadi in a bit, yes16:36
acheronukclivejo: akonadi should be done. should, I hope, also fix the kgpg and other probs that yofel had when he tried the apps upgrade17:55
acheronuktested in pbuilder here, and installed packages locally. seems OK so far17:56
clivejoacheronuk: can you request merges into yakkety_archive18:16
clivejousually we merge backwards18:16
clivejodev > current18:17
clivejodoesnt really make a different here, but best to follow workflow :)18:18
acheronukI did half wonder, but plumped for the safe option of sending it straight to what I wanted to fix18:18
clivejoIve just uploaded drumstick to apps PPA and rebuilding minuet on that18:19
acheronukbut I'll do the archive 1st now18:19
acheronukthat will be apps more or less done then?18:20
clivejoreally in this channel we are working on +1 (dev aka yakkety yak18:20
acheronukpoint taken18:20
clivejothe fixes can then be backported to xenial18:20
clivejoI know not many people are on Yakkety yet18:21
BluesKajjust we adventurers18:21
clivejoand bugs get missed in yakkety but get picked up on backport to xenial18:22
clivejocause there are more eyes looking on xenial!18:23
acheronukIf I do get a new SSD, may set up both an XX and YY partition so I can switch on this machine18:29
BluesKajacheronuk,  that's what I have18:30
BluesKajVMs are never the same as the real thing18:31
BluesKajusing a samsung EVO 850/250GB SSD on this old pc and the drive has given this machine new life 18:37
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clivejostill useful for testing18:47
acheronukvery. currently have Win10, Chakra, Arch, YY, a clean XX, debian, and a Neon-dev VM18:49
clivejogot a head cold, runny nose and area behind my nose is gonna explode!19:31
BluesKajbummer clivejo, sorry to hear that, hot tea with lemon and some vicks vaporub on the forehead19:35
BluesKajand plenty of keenex19:36
BluesKajkleenex even19:36
clivejook drumstick finally published and minuet seems to be building19:50
clivejoyup finished ok19:50
clivejoacheronuk: akonadi uploaded too19:51
acheronukfingers crossed that doesn't break anyone's PIM then....19:53
clivejoit will probably break anyone with the current apps installed19:53
clivejofiles shouldnt move between packages like that!19:54
acheronukthe local packages I made upgraded cleanly, but...19:57
clivejoKCI is using master git for Source Code19:58
clivejoit has changes we havent made yet19:58
clivejolooks like we are getting a few new packages in PIM next release!19:59
clivejowhat fun19:59
acheronuksort of the point of KCI, isn't it?19:59
clivejobut we are a little behind!19:59
clivejoFW 5.24 is out, plasma 5.7 is almost out20:00
clivejoapps 16.04.3 is out soon to20:00
acheronukconsidering the drain of labour to neon and other places, and other things going on or that went on, not really surprised kubuntu is lagging slightly20:03
clivejoyou know I think LP is take about an hour on average to publish at the moment20:07
clivejoso krdc can be ticked off ?20:09
acheronukthey said nothing has changed, just the load, but I honestly find that hard to credit. used to 20 be mins or so, often20:09
clivejosurely with KCI not being active as much the load should have came down20:10
acheronukI think that's it for krdc. 20:12
acheronukamd64 are either all busy or 'disabled' https://launchpad.net/builders/20:14
clivejohave we any testers who havent upgraded to 16.04.2 yet?20:30
clivejohere guinea piggies20:32
ahoneybunI have not20:40
geniiI didn't think .1 was even out yet20:41
acheronukkde applications 16.04.2 I think clivejo means?20:41
acheronukunfortunate coincidental version numbering at the moment!20:42
ahoneybunyea that is what he means20:42
clivejoif it ever publishs20:42
* acheronuk wanders off to watch some continental drift as it's faster than launchpad20:47
valorieI hope to get my number one son to fix my blank screen in my test YY laptop20:55
valorieif that works after full-upgrade, I'll report20:55
valoriebut tonight is food+fireworks20:55
clivejoand hour and ten minutes and still not published21:30
acheronukI give up21:36
jimarvanheya! :D21:41
acheronukmayeb it'll publish by the morning :P21:46
clivejomaybe, maybe not21:50
clivejowell akonadi seems to have installed OK22:02
acheronukdoes your PIM still work?22:04
clivejoooooo a piano22:05
clivejoI got one right!!22:07
clivejoa Locrain22:07
acheronuksetting up a VM as yofel did his chroot the other day (apt install --install-recommends kubuntu-desktop kubuntu-full digikam kdevelop calligra)22:18
acheronukthe apps ppa ugrade now seems to go smoothly, just removing 3 presumably outdated libraries22:20
clivejoPIM still works :)22:22
clivejogood work acheronuk :)22:22
clivejoI guess the next job is kde-l10n22:24
clivejo!info kde-baseapps22:41
ubottukde-baseapps (source: kde-baseapps): base applications from the official KDE release (meta-package). In component universe, is optional. Version 4:15.12.3-0ubuntu1 (yakkety), package size 8 kB, installed size 105 kB22:41
clivejothat meta package needs updating?22:42
clivejo!info dolphin422:47
ubottudolphin4 (source: kde-baseapps): file browser. In component universe, is optional. Version 4:15.12.3-0ubuntu1 (yakkety), package size 563 kB, installed size 2400 kB22:47
* clivejo shrugs22:49
jimarvananything i can help? :S22:49
clivejojust tired 22:49
jimarvanoky :)22:50
clivejohow you getting on testing apps?22:50
jimarvanhaven't done much yet, been busy with work (induction week)22:51
jimarvani can try update now the VBox22:51
jimarvandoing it now22:52
jimarvangn kubuntuoers! :>23:02
jimarvansee ya tomorrow23:02
valorieniters jimarvan23:02

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