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ussher_just did an normal upgrade (not distro upgrade) of a kubuntu 14.04 machine which hadnt been used in a while, after the upgrade, got the normal "reboot now" button.  after the reboot  the network no longer shows.01:07
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MrokiiHello. How do I remove a widget from a panel or the desktop? I don't see any options to do so when left- or right-clicking on the widget.07:27
hateballMrokii: first unlock widgets, then rightclick the panel and pick settings. that will give you sliders for size etc, and it also lets you remove widgets07:29
hateballMrokii: if you hover over something you will see a red X to remove it07:29
hateballMrokii: as for plasmoids on the desktop, longclick left mouse button after unlocking, that will give the menu with resize/options/delete07:30
Mrokiihateball: Thank you very much. That worked.07:30
hateballI'd argue it's not very intuitive, but so it goes07:31
Mrokiihateball: I thought that myself. Not intuitive at all.07:35
MrokiiWe be far better if it'd be an option in the right-click-context-menu07:35
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Ryan_Orzhello, everybody. Is there anybody that packaging for kubuntu? There is a Package compling bug in KRDC.08:44
Ryan_OrzAnybody here ?08:45
lethuRyan_Orz: it takes time sometimes to get an answer08:49
Ryan_OrzOK. I describ the problem now. The KRDC lost the "rdp" option when connection.08:51
Ryan_OrzThe option "rdp" need to be compile when compile KRDC.08:52
Ryan_OrzIt's an switch option in CMakeLists.txt in KRDC.08:54
acheronukRyan_Orz: what version?09:03
Ryan_OrzKRDC 16.04.209:05
acheronukso from the apps staging ppa?09:07
soeeyakkety or xenial?09:08
soeeacheronuk: wil you check that or forward it to Clive?09:09
Ryan_Orzno. i haven't do that. i report it here first.09:11
acheronuksoee Ryan_Orz I imagine need to do this https://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/applications/krdc.git/commit/?id=cb6b8f344ed6306718915afb827087a19b4bef7f09:11
acheronukIf I have time leater, I'll test and propose a merge09:13
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IrcsomeBot<Clifford> Anyone with LP account can request a merge :)09:35
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jimarvanGusy the Kubuntu fund is still active?10:32
jimarvanhey soee ;)10:32
soeePlasma hates me10:33
jimarvanproblems with kde wallet?10:34
soeejimarvan: nah, multiscreen :/ Usually i have external screen connected to my laptop via hdmi, now i had to use dvi and after i unplug it, my laptop was going black each time10:38
hateballsoee: are you using backports?10:38
hateball5.6.x backport fixed most of my multimonitor woes10:39
soeehateball: i'm on Neon atm.10:40
soeeso i have even Qt 5.610:40
soeei think DVI is the hog here10:40
jimarvandid you try the FN button on your laptop that connects/disconnects external display?10:42
jimarvanit should be either F5 or F610:42
soeejimarvan: nope10:44
soeei turned off it vis System Settings for example - didn't help10:44
soeei had to remove .local/share/kscreen dir and relogin10:45
BluesKajHey folks10:45
IrcsomeBot<Sick_Rimmit> Hi there BluesKaj10:52
BluesKajHi Sick_Rimmit10:52
jimarvansoee: tough luck :(10:53
mattyhello, could someone help me with kmail?11:05
soee!ask | matty11:06
ubottumatty: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience11:06
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mattyI set up kmail account. I sent an email(successfully) but it only appears in sent-mail folder. It doesn't appear in sent folder and in web client of my mail. How to set kmail to have sent mails in sent folder of my account?11:08
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com/ http://www.ubuntuforums.org/ or http://www.kubuntuforums.net/ while you wait.11:11
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience11:11
zasimovHi guys! I have troubles with kubuntu 16.04. It is incredable unstable. I have KDE 5.5.5. Could you recommend stable version of KDE?12:05
hateballzasimov: You can use this !ppa for backported KDE https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/backports12:06
YankDownUnderzasimov: You could always install the "backports" for KDE - that would put Plasma at 5.6+...a bit more stable than the current...12:06
YankDownUnderDang...beaten to it...12:06
* hateball blows the smoke from his blazing guns12:06
YankDownUnderMy age is showing...12:06
zasimovhateball YankDownUnder Thanks! I will try it.12:06
jimarvanzasimov: with what you experience problems exactly?12:08
jimarvanjust asking for feedback purposes :)12:09
zasimovjimarvan: too many crashes (korganizer, plasmashell) akonadi server kills my memory and CPU, I have issues with NVidia drivers (if effects is enabled)12:12
yossarianukzasimov: are you using the latest stable ( you need the PPA enabled)12:15
zasimovjimarvan: looks like KDE degrades after resume from suspend12:16
zasimovyossarianuk: I use plasma 5.5.512:17
hateballzasimov: if you wanna test nvidia-367 or so you can use this ppa https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa12:17
hateballI have no issues anyhows12:18
zasimovhateball thanks!12:18
lethuis there a ppa for amd?12:26
hateballlethu: well AMD drivers are in the kernel now, so it's just a new kernel if so12:32
ubottuThe kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds12:33
lethuhateball: oh thanks!12:37
yossarianukzasimov: highly recommend install the Plasma backports PPA - it fixed a fair few issues for me12:37
yossarianuklethu: be aware the completely free AMD drivers have no Vulkan stack at present12:38
lethuyossarianuk: I see12:38
jimarvanlethu: I had issues with AMD graphics drivers. This article was enlightening: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2016/03/ubuntu-drops-amd-catalyst-fglrx-driver-16-0412:40
yossarianukIf your h/w is supported you want this driver -> https://support.amd.com/en-us/kb-articles/Pages/AMD-Radeon-GPU-PRO-Linux-Beta-Driver%E2%80%93Release-Notes.aspx12:40
yossarianukthats for the new cards ..12:40
lethujimarvan: thnaks!12:46
lethuyossarianuk: thanks as well!12:51
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AceKingQuestion: It's been a while since I have been able to access my external hard drive, connected to my router, through Dolphin. I am able to access it through Filezilla, and also able to access it through Windows file manager. Everytime I try to access through Dolphin, it keeps rejecting the username and password, which I know is correct13:01
jimarvanYe I have the same problem too13:03
jimarvanAceKing: I assume you installed shamba from Gui, am I correct?13:04
aragornI am new to the channel13:05
jimarvanAceKing: when you browse "Network" on Dolphin, what do you see?13:05
jimarvanhello aragorn :)13:05
aragornGreetings from my side13:05
BluesKajcan you ssh into the drive using username@IP, AceKing13:05
AceKingjimarvan: I actually didn't install anything. I used to be able to access it from a fresh install13:06
aragornIs there anyone who could guide me to openldap13:06
AceKingBluesKaj: Yes13:06
aragornIt will be a solid13:06
mattyWhy does kmail doesn't keep sent emails in account-sent folder, but instead in sent-mail folder?13:06
aragornAnyone have used openldap before?13:07
BluesKajAceKing,  and you have samba installed ?13:07
aragornI am getting killed at work to set it up13:07
AceKingjimarvan: When I try to access it, I can see the drive. I can see all the folders, but when I go to click on one, it keeps popping back up requesting username and password13:07
AceKingBluesKaj: Yes13:07
jimarvanye i have the same problem AceKing :)13:08
jimarvani installed something for Samba13:08
jimarvanfrom terminal, not Gui, and it worked from that moment and on13:08
AceKingjimarvan: What did you install?13:09
jimarvanif you install Samba I am positive you will be able to use it13:09
AceKingjimarvan: You had to install it from terminal?13:09
jimarvanyes, the Gui Installation (when you right click on file properties on Dolphin and go to --> Share)13:10
jimarvandid not work for me13:10
jimarvanaragorn: https://www.unixmen.com/install-openldap-in-ubuntu-15-10-and-debian-8/13:10
jimarvanthat is the latest I can find13:10
jimarvanAceKing: not talking about Samba server ofc, I am trying to remember what I did xD13:11
jimarvanAceKing: http://askubuntu.com/questions/758860/samba-share-user-password-error-after-update13:11
AceKingjimarvan: OK. It's been driving me nuts13:11
jimarvanI think that fixed it ;)13:11
jimarvanHope it works for you13:11
AceKingjimarvan: Thank you!!!!13:11
jimarvancrossing fingers...13:12
jimarvanmatty: haven't used Kmal for some time. Are you connecting to a web account like gmail?13:12
BluesKajAceKing,  if  the url above doesn't help you try connecting with dolphin>betwork add network folder using ssh opton , but make sure the drive share is enabled ...you may have to doi this thru the rouuter firmware13:13
jimarvanBluesKaj:  that is an awesome word13:14
jimarvanomg I am stealing it from you13:14
BluesKajjimarvan,  think your ask ubuntu url will work13:15
jimarvannot sure about it though, it can be a different problem13:15
jimarvanSamba always breaks every now and then -.-13:16
jimarvanbetworking 20 pounds on it?13:16
AceKingBluesKaj: Thank you!13:17
jimarvanAceKing did the ssh option work? :O13:18
AceKingjimarvan: I got a phone call. I'm going try it after I am off. I will let you know13:19
mattyjimarvan: With gmail it works as expected. I am using kmail with my university mail(Roundcube Webmail 1.1.4). But it is IMAP too. settings are the same as for gmail.13:19
jimarvanon your university webmail, what is the name of the sent folder there?13:20
mattyWhen I send email from my phone, it appears in sent folder in web client. When I send it via kmail it doesn't, it stays in Local Folders - sent-email. The name is 'Sent'13:22
aragornjimarvan: Thanks.. But i have already tried everything13:23
aragornit doesn't work13:23
aragornmy configurations are just fine, only thing is, clients reboots and never logins13:23
aragornThanks though. I shall look for answers else where13:24
aragornBye everybody13:24
aragornenjoy open source13:24
BluesKajthere might be a ldap chatroom, but it's too late now13:25
* jimarvan waves13:28
HoolaWhat are the recommendations for kde on 16.04 lts13:41
Hoolaplasma5 initially seems pretty unstable is it more stable now13:41
acheronukmore stable with the backports ppa13:42
Hoolaok I am doing the intial apt-get upgrade then can you guide me through the backports thing13:43
Hoolanot used buntu for a while now13:43
Hoolais the backports plasma 5 too13:43
Hoolaok rebooting and brb acheronuk13:44
mattyI'm using kubuntu 16.04 with backports and it works much better than previous releases13:44
mattyBut there are lots of small details that don't work13:44
pasjrwoctxcan anyone help me with indicator-cpufreq ? it fails to load or start.  Tried to remove and reinstall but still not working.13:54
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BluesKajpasjrwoctx,  cpufrequtils?13:56
pasjrwoctxI guess the little applet that lets you scale your cpu.13:57
acheronukwork ok here. not sure why it would fail14:01
pasjrwoctxcant get it to load at all14:01
acheronukwhat error to you get when you run 'indicator-cpufreq &' in a terminal?14:10
AceKingjimarvan: I just restarted my PC, and I am now able to access the external drive connected to my router. Your solution worked! Thank you!!!14:17
BluesKajlooks like the wrong gtk libs were installed with the indicator pasjrwoctx14:18
acheronukpasjrwoctx: you don't run that as root14:18
acheronukyou run as a normal user14:18
BluesKajinstalled it here , and received similar messages14:19
pasjrwoctx<BlueKaj> how do I fix it?14:19
BluesKajAceKing,  did the add network folder method work ?14:19
BluesKajpasjrwoctx,  dunno, I removed it , I use cpufrequtils instead14:20
AceKingBluesKaj: I just used the method that jimarvan sent the link to.14:21
pasjrwoctxok how do I get that to work?14:21
BluesKajAceKing,  well the network folder method should work as well then14:21
AceKingBluesKaj: I believe I tried using that method when I first had this problem, around March, or April, and it didn't work14:22
BluesKajAceKing,  it has to do with your ssh keys being regenerated and accepted14:22
acheronukLP: 118329314:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1183293 in indicator-cpufreq (Ubuntu) "NULL pointer access" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/118329314:23
acheronukpasjrwoctx: sounds like that ^^^^14:23
AceKingBluesKaj: I was pulling my hair out trying to figure this out.14:23
AceKingBluesKaj: Thank you for your help14:24
BluesKajAceKing, well,  it's good to have other options14:25
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chinmoyhey all, i accidentally set the Right,Left,Middle mouse button's action to Show Desktop. Now i can't access the standard menu. Is there a way to restore what i did?14:43
BluesKaj!pm | chinmoy15:03
ubottuchinmoy: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.15:03
AceKingI installed a .deb file on my PC, and latop. It's for a VPN service. It works on my PC flawlessly, but I tried installing it on my laptop, and when I try to run it, I get a message, "No system tray on this system". Both are running 16.04 64 bit. What could be the problem?15:05
lethuAceKing: try running it from a terminal and watch for feedback15:06
BluesKajAceKing,  run, nmcli con, in the terminal to see if it lists your vpn servers15:07
jimarvanoh oh oh VPN question :O15:08
jimarvanlet me know how it goes I am definetely intrigued! :>15:08
AceKinglethu: I tried running it from terminal, and it says "command not found"15:08
AceKingBluesKaj: It gives me a list of my connections15:09
AceKingBluesKaj: saved WiFi connections15:09
BluesKajAceKing,  I had a similar problem , the nm icon wasn't showing in the panel15:09
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BluesKajAceKing,  any available vpn servers showing? they'll have list of numbers and letters in front15:10
AceKingBluesKaj: I can see my network manager in the panel. When I installed the .deb file for the VPN, it shows it installed, but I cannot start it15:11
AceKingBluesKaj: No. Unfortunatly, this service only works through the software. I can't manually configure it15:12
BluesKajAceKing,  using openvpn ?15:12
AceKingBluesKaj: Yes15:12
BluesKajwhich vpn service?15:12
AceKingBluesKaj: Fossbytes ProXPN15:12
AceKingBluesKaj: Am I allowed to post the link?15:13
BluesKajAceKing,  did you install network-manager-openvpn15:13
BluesKajAceKing,  pm me15:14
BluesKajpost it there15:14
BluesKajAceKing,  sudo systemctl restart network-manager, afterwards you should see your vpn listed15:16
AceKingBluesKaj: This new VPN works through a GUI15:17
AceKingBluesKaj: After it connects, it shows up in the network connections.15:17
BluesKajok so it's similar to mine . do you see an icon in the sys tray?15:19
AceKingBluesKaj: No15:19
AceKingWhen I try to start it, it says "No system tray on this system"15:20
AceKingI tried to reinstall it, and it looks like it's installing correctly15:20
BluesKajso your nm icon disappered after installing the vpn app, then right click on the panel add widgets type system tray in the dialog and click on it15:22
AceKingNo, I can still see my nm icon. I just cant start the VPN program15:23
AceKingI can start it on my PC, and it works just fine.15:23
AceKingIt has to run through the GUI15:24
AceKingThe only thing you see when it's running correctly is tun0 in nm15:24
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BluesKajtun0 means you're connected to your vpn15:26
AceKingI'm not sure if it's the .deb file that's not installing correctly15:26
BluesKajyour vpn connection icon justisn't showing up15:26
AceKingBluesKaj: I know. I get that on my PC, not on my laptop. I can't get it to run on my laptop15:27
BluesKajcheck the gui , there may be an icon or system tray option for the panel15:27
AceKingThat's the problem. I can't get the GUI to open. When I try to open it, I get the "No system tray on this system" error15:28
BluesKajdo you see the vpn service the kmenu >network list15:29
BluesKajor internet?15:30
AceKingYes, it shows ProXPN. when I click on it, I get that error15:30
BluesKajseems like a link error , does the vpn service show up in system tray options>entries15:33
BluesKajbut it works on your pc, but not your laptop...ltho if you check the server location here, http://www.ip-tracker.org, it should show the vpn location, not yours15:36
BluesKajthe vpn icon works I mean , the vpn is obviously connected (tun0)15:37
AceKingIt's only connected to tun0 on my PC. Service will not start on my laptop. Still shows my location15:38
BluesKajAceKing,  open nm icon click on the 2 arrows (connection editor) to see if your vpn server(s) are listed there15:40
BluesKajprobly not since it's using a gui which is acting as it's own vpn/connection manager15:41
AceKingBluesKaj: No, not there. The way this one works, it has to run through their GUI15:41
BluesKajyes thought so15:41
jimarvan(sorry guys lots of stuff going on in my office)15:42
BluesKajAceKing,  refresh the browser at the iptracker site , if you ever used it before it'll cache your last location and give a false reading15:43
BluesKajAceKing,  odd that the tunnel is open but no vpn connection15:44
BluesKaji can see by his IP that the vpon isn't working15:46
BluesKajvpn rather15:46
AceKingBluesKaj: sorry about that, I froze up15:48
acheronukIs this it? https://support.proxpn.com/customer/en/portal/articles/2120656-linux-install-instructions15:48
AceKingacheronuk: Yes15:49
acheronukand you expect to get this, but don't? http://i.imgur.com/MZfJgmx.png15:51
AceKingacheronuk: Yes, I get it on my PC, but not my laptop15:51
AceKingacheronuk: Both running 16.04 64 bit15:52
acheronukumm... odd to say the least15:56
AceKingOK, when I ran through the installation again, I had a problem with one of the commands... https://paste.kde.org/pp40urxky15:56
acheronuk'cd /opt/proxpn' before you run that15:58
AceKingacheronuk: You're right, I missed that part this time, but the program still wont start16:00
acheronukif plasma is up and running with a systray on place, then can't see why that should fail. runs Ok here on 16.0416:03
acheronukwahat plasma version are you running? 5.5.5? or 5.6.5?16:04
AceKingacheronuk: I know, it runs fine on my desktop also.16:04
acheronukjust odd16:04
AceKingacheronuk: how can I tell the version of plasma?16:04
acheronukplasmashell -v16:05
acheronukif you haven't upgraded with the backports ppa, you will be on 5.5.516:05
AceKingacheronuk: 5.5.516:05
acheronukon both machines?16:05
AceKingI know, it's nerve wracking16:06
acheronukI'm out of ideas16:08
AceKingacheronuk: Thanks for trying16:08
acheronukdo you have xembedsniproxy running?16:11
AceKingacheronuk: I don't think so16:12
acheronukcheck in the process list. start it if it's not running. It's supports legacy systray icons in plasma16:13
acheronukclutching at straws here, but you never know....16:14
AceKingacheronuk: How do see the running apps again?16:17
acheronukKSysGuard is the kde process/resources monitor.16:19
AceKingacheronuk: I can't believe it.... I typed xembedsniproxy in a terminal, and for the hell of it, I tried opening the program. It opened!16:20
AceKingacheronuk: Will I have to input that command every time I restart?16:22
BluesKajheh, good call AceKing, acheronuk16:22
acheronukIt should autostart with plasma. does here.16:22
acheronukbut if it doesn't you can add it as a startup program in systemsettings16:23
AceKingacheronuk: Excellent! Thank you again!16:23
acheronukNo problem. Nice that such a faint hunch actually worked!16:24
AceKingacheronuk: I have to save this one in my "Fixes" folder16:25
AceKingHave a great day acheronuk and BluesKaj16:27
BluesKajsame to you AceKing16:28
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krikI'm new to Kubuntu - could someon tell me where to find Amarok and Kdelive within muon?18:41
lethukrik: Amarok comes by default with kubuntu18:42
lethukrik: as to Kdenlive you should find it under multimedia18:43
krikHmm, but why isn't it listed within the start under Multimedia?18:43
lethukrik: which Kubuntu version do you have?18:43
krikI tried to find it there - but both programs are not listed. When I search within muaon the don't find it18:44
krikI installed Kubuntu 16.x18:44
krikkubuntu 16.418:44
pepeehi. I'm using the kubuntu ppa, and I found a bug: my synaptics touchpad gets disabled sometimes, when pressing alt18:45
lethukrik: they should be there, this is not normal18:45
BluesKajdid you switch from ubuntu and install kubuntu-desktop , krik18:46
genii!info kdenlive18:46
ubottukdenlive (source: kdenlive): non-linear video editor. In component universe, is optional. Version 4:15.12.3-0ubuntu1 (xenial), package size 1662 kB, installed size 6340 kB18:46
geniiEnable universe18:46
pepeeI can guess that this is a synchronization issue, I suppose it's disabled when pressing alt+tab to avoid dragging a window18:47
pepeebut... the synchronization doesn't work well18:48
krik@bluesKay yes I switched from Ubuntu to kubuntu18:50
pepeeoh, btw, it's not the whole touchpad that gets disabled, but only the double click/dragging18:50
BluesKajkrik,  then run sudo apt install plasma-desktop, then sudo apt install kubuntu-restricted-extras18:51
krikplasma is already the newest one..18:53
BluesKajkrik,  did you install kubuntu-desktop?18:53
krikyes - I hope it's kubuntu desktop18:55
krikI downloaded Kubuntu 16.04 LTS from there kubuntu.org18:56
krikIf I type kdenlive in the searchbox of Entdecken (Muon - I suppose) it don't even find it somewhere. Shouldn't it find it there?18:58
BluesKajkrik,  don't use muon-discover, install the original muon instead18:59
BluesKajsudo apt install muon19:00
BluesKajkrik,  also have you updated and upgraded since the installation ?19:01
krikOk, I try - by the way I tried also sudo apt install kdenlive - it't works. strange that muaon-discover didn't know this packet19:01
BluesKajyes, apt is the most effective way to install packages19:02
krikOK - thanks, I could manage the installation with apt install...19:06
krikMay i have anothe question?19:07
krikMy graphics look a little flickering. Maybe because of the AMD 6670 I own.19:08
krikHow to determine which driver is working?19:08
memphistoi've installed qtcreator 3.51 on kubuntu 16.04 and when i go to design i have lots of black areas where widgets should be20:18
memphistoi can share a printscreen just so you get the picture20:19
memphistoim on kubuntu 16.04 and qtcreator 3.51 qt 5.5.1 and i'm having some qtcreator components are not rendered in designer view20:33
memphistonow i know it's a bug, but i can't find a solution to it20:33
memphistoall seem sto be some bug duplicates but nowhere solution do be found20:34
rudiguten  Morgen!22:19
rudihat einer arnung wie man alte updates löscht?22:21
ubottuIn den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!22:21
rudivielspass noch wünsche ich euch22:23
calcmandananyone know the channel one goes for requesting a mask?22:46
valoriecalcmandan: depends on what you want23:02
valoriefor freenode, go to #freenode23:02
calcmandanjust want my ip masked23:02
valoriebut first, register23:02
ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode23:02
jimarvangn everying :D23:02
calcmandani'm registered23:02
calcmandanthought i was masked but not.23:02
valorieright, those are two separate things23:05
kietHi everyone , I installed a program called "katoolin" and it has completely messed my apt system now i can't run software center i can't update :(23:18
kieti get always this message23:18
kietErrors were encountered while processing:23:18
kiet linux-image-4.4.0-21-generic23:18
kiet linux-image-4.4.0-22-generic23:18
kiet linux-image-extra-4.4.0-21-generic23:18
kiet linux-image-extra-4.4.0-22-generic23:18
kietcan anyone help ?23:20
kietanyone ?23:23

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