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morphiscjwatson: was this proxy for snap builds on launchpad to access servers outside of launchpad disabled again? My builds are failing because of launchpad not being able to contact git.code.sf.net13:49
cjwatsonmorphis: No, it has not been disabled13:58
morphiscjwatson: then there is something wrong: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/270832182/buildlog_snap_ubuntu_xenial_i386_tpm_BUILDING.txt.gz13:58
morphisah could be again the problem that git:// isn't working13:58
cjwatsonmorphis: You must use http or https, not git13:59
morphisI see13:59
cjwatsonI would not be opposed to somebody figuring out how to configure core.gitProxy so that it'd tunnel git:// requests over an HTTP proxy, but don't have time to work it out myself14:00
morphiscjwatson: aye, thanks a lot!14:03
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