mupBug #1598656 opened: snapd doesn't close connection on 400 bad request response <Snappy:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1598656>02:42
mupBug #1598657 opened: No error id for username/password error returned from snapd <Snappy:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1598657>02:48
mupBug #1598667 opened: No snapd API for account registration / password reset <Snappy:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1598667>03:27
didrocksgood morning dholbach!06:52
dholbachslaut didrocks06:52
didrockshow was your week-end? :)06:52
dholbachvery nice - we were at a wedding in South Tyrol and I'm working from Bavaria today06:53
dholbachhow was yours?06:53
didrocksdholbach: oh, sounds great! :)06:53
didrocksmine was nice as well, didn't really do a lot due to Saturday's weather, but brough Julie's painting to prepare for her expo this week in city center06:53
dholbachoh wow06:54
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ogra_popey, yo ... do you have any contact to brian douglass ? could we get him to rename "snappy app" to just be "snap" in uappexplorer ?08:45
popeyhe's on telegram08:45
popeyyou in the apps group? he's @bhdouglas I think08:46
ogra_nope, only ubuntu device outsiders08:46
popeyalso, the code is on github, do a pull request and he'll love you more, he's US so on holiday, busy throwing tea into the harbour08:46
ogra_ah, post brexit work ... k08:46
ogra_i'll take a look at the code and  do a pull request08:47
ogra_geez ... thats irritating08:48
* ogra_ has lots of bugmail fom someone calling himself "Your Mom 08:48
ogra_and itr is all serious stuff08:48
ilivdidrocks, thanks for you replies on AskUbuntu. Much appreciated. Although, I have to admit I found them frustrating :)09:24
didrocksiliv: sorry for this! But things are in progress and it will come down in due time. At least, you have ways to handle your services with those advice meanwhile :)09:24
didrocks(I still think the layer config approach though is the best)09:25
ilivI'm still not sure how one can put a configuration file into say $SNAP_DATA, which I understand is a system-wide area where applications (snaps) can store their data? I tried the copy: plugin but it doesn't expand $SNAP_DATA and treats it literally as a string. Is creating a wrapper script that ...09:30
iliv... checks if a file exists in $SNAP_DATA, and if it doesn't, copies it over from say $SNAP/configs directory every time when a snap package is mounted/maid available to a system?09:30
didrocksyou won't be able to ship anything at build/install time to $SNAP_DATA. So yeah, creating a wrapper script is one way, having your daemon supporting a layer approach is even better IMHO, but that's up to you :)09:32
ilivsorry if I'm being too dense, but what is this layer approach exactly that you referred multiple times already?09:34
didrocksah, it's the idea that you have this configuration file at multiple level09:34
didrocks- user09:34
didrocks- system (global)09:34
didrocks- default09:34
didrocksyou can find the same config file at any level09:35
didrocksuser is $SNAP_USER_DATA, system is $SNAP_DATA and default is $SNAP09:35
didrocksthen, if you find common keys, you always prefer the layer "up" (closer to personal configuration) than the default one09:35
didrocksfor the same key = value pair09:35
ilivokay, I see. it is something that the application itself should be capable of. however, I do not understand how this is going to help with creating a system-wide configuration file upon install of the package? It's still either creating a wrapper script or putting the burden of creating the ...09:41
iliv... configuration file on the end user. Or ... ?09:41
ilivHaving read-only configuration files that reside in $SNAP makes almost no sense. I figure few applications and users wouldn't want to modify a program's configuration file.09:42
didrocksyeah, if you application isn't capable of that, the wrapper script doing what you told is totally makes sense09:42
didrocksiliv: it does, it's the default09:42
didrocksbetter to have them exported in the same flat file than hardcoded in the app :)09:42
didrocksbut again, if you aren't in controlled of this app code, the wrapper is a good way to handle this09:43
ilivwell, yes, better than hardcoded but if it is read-only it's essentially hardcoded. in a sense that a user/administrator cannot modify any seetings and thus the end result is essentially the same.09:44
iliv> but again, if you aren't in controlled of this app code, the wrapper is a good way to handle this // here's the thing. there's a ton of software out there that if attempted to be packaged will face this basic problem of wanting to install configuration and other files outside of $SNAP into at ...09:45
iliv... least $SNAP_DATA.09:45
ilivmodifying all that massive array of software is pretty much impossible09:45
didrockson hardcoded -> yeah, it's in RO, but you have the config format to be readable by the admin to know what options are supported and so on09:46
didrocksand as a developer, you know that there is no discrepancy between default options and options that are overrideable in the config09:47
didrockson the wrapper -> yeah, that's what we have this wrapper approach in quite some snaps, to cope with real world, as you say09:47
didrockshowever, if upstream starts to adopt snaps, they will maybe then reconsider and follow best practices like this layered approach to manage config :)09:47
didrocks(but as an intermediate step, wrapper script it is! :))09:48
ilivI see10:06
ilivwell, guess I will have to figure out how to do this with a wrapper script10:07
didrocksiliv: if you need any help or need review, do not hesitate! :)10:11
didrocksit's basically a if [ ! -f $SNAP_DATA/config ]; then cp $SNAP/config; fi10:11
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didrockshey zyga10:23
ogra_didrocks, geez, so much overhead ... [ -e "$SNAP_DATA/config" ] || cp $SNAP/config $SNAP_DATA/config10:41
ogra_(lots faster than invoking the "if" )10:41
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didrocksogra_: I wouldn't say "faster", but shorter yeah12:24
ogra_didrocks, debian did researches of that ... if is always the slowest ...12:24
didrocksogra_: interesting12:24
ogra_case is faster ... just using a condition with "test" is slower than case but faster than if12:25
didrocksbut TBH, when you need a wrapper script, I doubt the fact to have a if vs [] is the real issue :p12:25
ogra_well, depends how big your wrapper is ... after all it is your apps startup time12:25
ogra_especially for some test that is run on every startup ...12:26
didrocksogra_: when you need to spaw a process for this and then exec, yeah, I bet this is the impact12:26
ogra_(but yeah, we talk about milliseconds indeed)12:27
didrocks(knowing that you had 3 wrappers chained up before already :p)12:27
* ogra_ ponders if he should push his latest two snaps to snappy-playpen12:28
niemeyerHello snapcrafters12:42
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sergiusensgood morning13:33
zygahey sergiusens, how are you13:36
sergiusenszyga doing fine, risked it and came to a coffee shop with just my tablet13:40
sergiusenszyga so no #snappy-devel telegram avail to me :-P13:40
sergiusenszyga how was your weekend?13:40
* sergiusens has been handcrafting around the house instead of snapcrafting ;-)13:40
popeydidrocks: that reviewable is painful to use.13:59
zygasergiusens: busy, my son turned crazy on making plane models13:59
zygasergiusens: we bought lots of small pieces of wood and various tools13:59
zygasergiusens: he's remaking the plane model from "porco rosso"14:00
morphisif I've put a snap into the edge channel of the store should I see it with `snap find`?14:00
didrockspopey: do you find it so? dholbach and I really liked it for tracking feedback and not losing any remark while doing a second or third review14:00
zygamorphis: I'm not sure14:00
popeydidrocks: i fail to see how I submit comments14:01
morphiszyga: but a snap install --channel=edge tpm` should work, right?14:01
didrockspopey: you are in the reviewable interface?14:01
didrocksin it you add all your comments, answer to what you want14:02
didrocksand then hit "publish"14:02
didrocksto publish all them at the same time14:02
popeymaybe that worked?14:03
zygamorphis: I think that shoud work, yes14:03
didrockslet me look14:05
didrockspopey: yes, it did! :)14:05
morphiszyga: who can I ask about the edge channel thing?14:38
ogra_which "thing" ?14:38
ogra_morphis, ah, --channel only works with the snapd in proposed14:39
morphisogra_: ah :-)14:39
morphisgood to know14:39
morphisogra_: do you know when that will land?14:40
zygamorphis: perhaps Chipaca14:40
zygaah :)14:40
ogra_morphis, well, bug 1592696 indocates it might need additional work, not sure if zyga or mvo saw that14:40
mupBug #1592696: snaps dont work with encrypted home: failed to create user data directory. errmsg: Permission denied <amd64> <apport-bug> <xenial> <snapd (Ubuntu):Invalid> <ubuntu-core-launcher (Ubuntu):Fix Released by jdstrand> <snapd (Ubuntu Xenial):New> <ubuntu-core-launcher (Ubuntu14:40
mupXenial):Incomplete> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1592696>14:40
zygaogra_: you mean 2.0.1014:40
ogra_zyga, whatever is in -proposed atm14:40
morphisogra_: sure you linked the correct bug?14:41
ogra_snapd takes over ubuntu-core-launcher ... see pitti's last comment14:41
ogra_or rather snap-confine does14:42
ogra_not sure whats needed there ... probably bribing with icecream is enough ;)14:43
zygaogra_: hmm?14:45
ogra_zyga, see the bug above14:45
ogra_last comments14:45
* zyga looks14:46
zygasorry I didn't see that14:46
ogra_seems he wants some extra paperwork and tests14:46
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morphisogra_: so snap 2.0.10 didn't help with installing snaps which are just in the edge channel15:32
ogra_hmm, it definitely helped here15:33
ogra_ogra@styx:~$ dpkg -l snapd|grep ii15:33
ogra_ii  snapd          2.0.10       amd64        Tool to interact with Ubuntu Core Snappy.15:33
ogra_ogra@styx:~$ sudo snap install gitter --channel=edge --devmode15:34
ogra_89.16 MB / 89.16 MB [===========================================================================] 100.00 % 4.86 MB/s15:34
ogra_Name    Version  Rev  Developer  Notes15:34
ogra_gitter  3.0.3-1  1    ogra       devmode15:34
ogra_works fine for me15:34
morphisogra_: try snap install tpm --devmode=edge15:35
morphis--channel=edge I mean :-)15:35
ogra_ogra@styx:~$ sudo snap install tpm --channel=edge --devmode15:35
ogra_1.14 MB / 1.14 MB [===========================================================================] 100.00 % 295.36 KB/s15:35
ogra_Name  Version  Rev  Developer  Notes15:35
ogra_tpm   1.2-1    1    canonical  devmode15:35
morphisogra_: ah15:35
morphis--devmode seems to be the key15:35
ogra_i think i also did a reboot after upgrading snapd15:36
morphisbut "snap not found" is a misleading error message in that case15:36
morphisogra_: worked now with --channel=edge --devmode15:36
ogra_yeah, the error sounds liek a bug15:36
morphisogra_: let me file one15:37
morphisogra_: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/snapd/+bug/159888615:40
mupBug #1598886: Misleading error message when trying to install unconfined snaps from the edge channel <snapd (Ubuntu):New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1598886>15:40
gouchi_is it plan to add this interfaces .16:12
gouchi_ /dev/dri/card0 and /dev/dri/renderD12816:13
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sergiusenselopio mind looking at https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/623 ?16:49
mupPR snapcraft#623: Proper message when registering an already registered snap <Created by sergiusens> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/623>16:49
ogra_gouchi_, i would have thought it is part of the opengl interface ... though perhaps /dev/dri/renderD128 is to specific, i guess zyga could tell you if he was around16:50
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gouchi_ogra_: thank you16:59
elopiosergiusens: I am not totally happy with that error URL.17:07
sergiusenselopio I am thinking of removing it fwiw17:08
sergiusenselopio it is not the right one17:09
sergiusenselopio or the url itself?17:09
elopiosergiusens: we could change the error message, or the store could change the url it returns. I would prefer the URL change.17:10
sergiusenselopio well that won't happen soon17:11
elopiosergiusens: so the message could be: go to this url for more instructions.17:14
sergiusenselopio oh, the message is spec'ed, can't change the text17:18
elopiosergiusens: and replacing the url wouldn't be good. So I'm ok with the message not being totally accurate until the store fixes the bug.17:19
sergiusensjoc_ mind clicking on update branch for https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/614 (there's an example's test error and I cannot see it as it seems it got round robinned out)17:54
mupPR snapcraft#614: python3: use --root instead of --target <Created by jocave> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/614>17:54
mupPR # changed: snapcraft#495, snapcraft#495, snapcraft#495, snapcraft#495, snapcraft#495, snapcraft#495, snapcraft#495, snapcraft#495, snapcraft#495, snapcraft#495, snapcraft#49519:08
mupPR # created: snapcraft#596, snapcraft#593, snapcraft#589, snapcraft#579, snapcraft#571, snapcraft#570, snapcraft#568, snapcraft#550, snapcraft#510, snapcraft#49519:08
ehbellohello, somebody can tell me how to define the 'uboot.env.in' file to build a 'uboot.env' file suitable to snapcraft to build a gadget snap?19:12
ehbelloI can see some examples at lp:~snappy-hub/snappy-systems but I can't guess what I need for my gadget19:13
niemeyerehbello: These details are not quite finalized yet.. it'll take a few more weeks before we have a proper specification for it19:26
ehbelloniemeyer: I don't understand that... I mean, if there is not a proper specification for it, why are there devices as beagleblack or pi2 with this file in its snap? are not uboot.env related with uboot directly?19:32
ehbelloniemeyer: I know that uboot.env is built with mkenvimage tool but I don't know what to put in uboot.env.in19:33
niemeyerehbello: My apologies for that as I know it is a bit confusing indeed.. the whole tooling around snaps (snapd, snapcraft, etc) changed in a major way in the last few months, for the better.. for most of that time we focused on getting tools right without direct in-device development.19:36
niemeyerehbello: So the images you will find around are either 15.04 images, or half-baked 16.04 ones that were never actually released as they're not yet ready19:36
niemeyerehbello: If you're using 15.04, I'm sure other people in the channel will be able to give you a hand, but keep it mind that a lot of what we talk about here won't apply there19:37
ehbelloniemeyer: I'm working on ubuntu 16.04 edge images generated with latest branch of ubuntu-device-flash from 'mvo' in LP and I have a partial gagdet snap... I think the only thing missing is the uboot.env file for an armhf gadget to get everything working properly :)19:44
niemeyerehbello: That's great, glad to see the in-development code being put to test and actually working :)19:46
niemeyerehbello: Just note it may actually break due to incompatible changes (IOW, good to play with, not good for real devices yet)19:46
sergiusenselopio help! https://travis-ci.org/snapcore/snapcraft/jobs/14228526519:47
ehbelloniemeyer: I know, but I prefer to develop on an edge platform rather than a version that will becomes obsolete soon :P19:54
ehbello(sorry if I write bad english. I'm spanish :)19:55
niemeyerehbello: Yeah, that's a good plan19:56
elopiosergiusens: my branch added -d, so when checking errors in integration, between that "Registering ..." message and "The name \'test-already-registered-snap-name\' is already taken", there is a trace19:56
niemeyerehbello: Your English seems prefect.. I'm not a native speaker either19:57
sergiusenselopio but the register failed does a subprocess checkcall all on its own19:57
elopiosergiusens: there is no need to check the first part in the message, IMO. So I would do: assertThat(output, EndsWith(The name \'test-already-registered-snap-name\' is already ...))19:57
sergiusenselopio oh, nvm20:01
sergiusenselopio now I guess my branch will fail in integration ;-)20:01
elopiosergiusens: nop. I've just registered that name in staging. Actually, there's no need for anything we discussed in the standup.20:02
elopiowith the hardcoded name and the right values in the database, it works and it's simple.20:02
sergiusenselopio don't I need to use the sleeper command though?20:02
sergiusensjust switched to it just in case20:03
elopiosergiusens: yes, the sleep might be missing there. I'm not sure if the store blocks also when the registration failed, but it's likely.20:04
mupPR snapd#1475 changed: integration-tests: drop already covered refresh app test <Created by fgimenez> <Merged by niemeyer> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/1475>20:09
mupPR snapd#1479 changed: change API of snapstate.Get() to return a snapstate.SnapState <Created by mvo5> <Closed by niemeyer> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/1479>20:20
sergiusenselopio in any case this will fail integration tests; the expected message's claim url will be wrong20:27
mupPR snapcraft#629 opened: Bugfix/1598932/reserved name <Created by sergiusens> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/629>20:31
sergiusensthere, fixed20:35
sergiusenselopio for snapcraft#630 I would like to use MatchesRegex for an integration test and failing badly21:25
mupPR snapcraft#630: Report a nice error when registering too fast <Created by sergiusens> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/630>21:25
mupPR snapcraft#630 opened: Report a nice error when registering too fast <Created by sergiusens> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/630>21:25
elopiosergiusens: we have an example of matchesregex in snaps_tests/__init__.py22:16
elopiowhat's failing for you?22:16
sergiusenselopio ah, the testtool docs did not mention I could pass re flags22:48
sergiusenselopio care to look at 623 one more time, same for 629; btw I cannot login to staging to see if that last int test would work22:49
mupBug #1574586 opened: Not able to review snaps <Snappy:New> <gnome-software (Ubuntu):Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1574586>23:23
mupPR snapcraft#623 changed: Proper message when registering an already registered snap <Created by sergiusens> <Merged by sergiusens> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/623>23:49

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