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kalikianaKaleo: Commented here, just wondering if there's any way for QA to watch for problems here https://code.launchpad.net/~fboucault/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/enable_atlas_textures/+merge/29877013:07
t1mpkalikiana: hello :)14:09
t1mpkalikiana: I have an MR for you https://code.launchpad.net/~tpeeters/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/ActionBar-colors/+merge/29905214:09
t1mpkalikiana: that is a pre-requisite for my toolbar re-write (which will have a new design with scrolling of icons)14:09
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kalikianat1mp: Commented16:57
t1mpkalikiana: thanks.18:39
t1mpkalikiana: the background color of the icons is normally the same as the bg color of the actionbar/header.18:39
t1mpkalikiana: except when it is pressed18:40
t1mpkalikiana: if I rename the pressedBackgroundColor to pressedButtonBackgroundColor, it is okay?18:40
t1mpindeed that is more clear18:40
kalikianat1mp: Will it always be the same? It seems like an arbitrary choice based on the default theme...19:22
kalikianat1mp: Btw ready for review https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-sdk-team/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/listsAndNameSpaces/+merge/29904819:22
t1mpkalikiana: you mean will the background of an unpressed button and the header/actionbar always be the same?19:23
t1mpthe designs just show an icon. I don't want to add more properties because there are speculations that someone could have additional colors ;)19:23
t1mpbut additional colors can be accomplished by setting a custom delegate instead of using the default one from the theme19:23
kalikianat1mp: Yes. What if someone creates a theme with distinct button colors?19:24
t1mpdefaultDelegate: Button { color: "pink"; action: modelData }19:24
kalikianat1mp: That's in the app, not the theme.19:25
t1mpthat's in the theme19:25
t1mpin ActionBarStyle19:25
kalikianaWell, if that's in the theme it only works depending on the color set in the app.19:26
t1mpbut yeah, you could also set delegate: Button { color: "pink"; action: modelData } in the app :)19:26
kalikianat1mp: We have no code checking that foreground and background are distinguishable here afair19:26
t1mpwe don't have that anywhere19:27
t1mpkalikiana: are you proposing that we should have unit tests that check that all the components have proper color contrast?19:27
kalikianaThat wouldn't help, my point is the colors can break at runtime if you can't have pairs for all values.19:28
t1mpit would be a fun exercise, but given the amount of work that it would be I think we could finish more useful stuff in that time.19:28
kalikianaWe *know* what the default theme looks like, so no point in testing that.19:28
t1mpkalikiana: right. And people can mess it up by overriding the default theme.19:29
t1mpwhat's the problem? some people may have bad taste in colors, it is not up to us to judge that ;)19:29
kalikianat1mp: Very clear example: high contrast theme with black and white buttons.19:31
t1mpkalikiana: ok, you'd set backgroundColor: "black"; foregroundColor: "white". But what do you want for the pressedButtonBackgroundColor?19:32
kalikianaThe only way to make it work with the so far proposed values would be to ignore all the app-supplied colors.19:32
kalikianat1mp: Also disabled19:33
t1mpI still don't understand what you try to accomplish19:35
t1mpwith only black and white as colors you cannot have different values for foreground/background/pressedBackground/disabledForeground19:36
kalikianat1mp: I didn't say exclusively black and white, I said buttons that are black and white.19:38
kalikianaThe point being the foreground colors may be wrong.19:38
kalikianaIf the app uses black or white as a foreground color it won't be usable19:39
t1mpmaybe it is getting late, but I still don't understand what you want :)19:40
t1mpyes you can set the button background to be white in the theme, and if in the app you make the button foreground white, then you don't see anything19:40
kalikianat1mp: Imagine enabled buttons are white on black, disabled buttons are black on white - whatever the app sets is not going to work well19:40
kalikianaSo right now we're restricting themes to do what the default theme needs19:41
t1mpok, right.19:42
t1mpso you're saying that Styles/ActionBarStyle is not flexible enough for some things that you may implement in a theme19:43
t1mpwell, you could set the defaultDelegate in the theme so that you get the result you want.19:43
kalikianaYes. It's tailored to support the default theme.19:43
t1mpbut if that is a real use case then it would be handier to have a property in the style for ti19:43
t1mpwe cannot take all possbile themes into account. What if someone wants a theme where the button background has a gradient ;)19:45
t1mpI'm not saying we should never implement what is not in the default theme. We'll have to find a balance somewhere.19:45
t1mpin this case the API will seem more consistent if we have foregroundColor, backgroundColor, buttonBackgroundColor, pressedButtonBackgroundColor19:45
t1mpbut then for the header we need to make a distinction between titleForegroundColor and buttonForegroundColor too?19:46
kalikianaI'll argue the problem is that the style is a hybrid of different components. Just like having the overflow part of the component was the problem in the other discussion.19:46
kalikianaIn this case it's colors of the 1) bar 2) button.19:46
t1mpand also buttonForegroundColor and pressedButtonForegroundColor...19:47
kalikianaI'd love to suggest a grouped property alas objects aren't allowed here.19:47
t1mpkalikiana: so how can we avoid that?19:48
kalikianaWe need *some* way to distinguish sub components eventually.19:48
t1mphow do we do grouped properties?19:50
kalikianaproperty Object button: Object { property color foreground }19:51
kalikianaExcept that's not supported by Stylehints19:52
t1mpright, making it available via StyleHints was part of the goal.19:53
t1mpstill, in a theme you can always change the defaultDelegate to use whatever colors you want.19:53
t1mpI think I'll have to think about it tomorrow, I'm getting sleepy.. :s19:54
kalikianaAs in, ignoring the app colors completely?19:54
kalikianaOr you mean the app's theme... okay, now I'm also getting lost19:54
kalikianaWe can mumble tomorrow19:55
t1mpyes, the app's theme. Still in the theme you have access to all the properties that are set on the component itself.19:55
t1mpyeah, let's do that.19:55
ahoneybunanyone good with dealing with a lot of json?20:42
kalikianaahoneybun: What does that mean? 1GB of data? Or 10000 rows in a model?21:12

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