ashabadi_tareq: 04:37
ashabadi_সবাই যাওয়া আসার খেলা খেলছেন কেন?04:51
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Kilosmorning everyone07:00
tareqhi kilos14:24
Kiloshi tareq 14:25
tareqwhats up14:25
Kilossorry ive been setup up a pc for an old lady down the road14:25
tareqohh, xp pc i think?14:26
Kilosyes thats why i was gone so long14:28
Kiloswhat a mission14:28
tareqwhats the result14:28
Kilosits working but speakers done work, there no power from the usb socket14:29
Kilosi used speakers with its own power when installing14:29
tareqformat the c drive and install xp :P14:30
Kilosshe only has usb powered speakers so some drivers needed i think14:30
Kilosshe has tons of photos . 4 generations of family 14:31
tareqgreat memory14:31
Kilosso ill let her play with pics and then build up a better pc for her with linux on14:31
tareqwhich linux?14:32
Kilosmost likely 12.0414:34
Kilosits still light enough for older pcs14:34
Kilosthen hopefully by the time it expires she can afford a modern motherboard and ram then ill build a better pc for her14:36
* tareq is away Gone away for now14:39
tareqyou can give lubuntu14:43
tareqor xubuntu, even ubuntu mate is also light14:44
Kilosif she can afford a good motherboard and ram later ill install kde and teach her how to use it15:03
tareqthat is good plan15:04
tareqhow long they will support ubuntu 12.0415:07
Kilostill 201715:08
tareq5 year15:08
Kilosand it is very stable now15:09
* tareq is away Gone away for now15:37
* tareq is back15:48
pavlushkaHello AudaciousTUX !21:00
pavlushkaHello raihanr !21:41
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: 22:02

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