andyrockgood morning all07:34
pittihey Laney!07:57
Laneyhey pitti07:58
Laneyhow are you?07:58
pittiLaney: quite fine, thanks! a bit tired, long soccer evenings :)07:58
Laneyohhh I heard a little bit about this07:58
pittibut had a nice and relaxing weekend07:58
pitti(other than Saturday night, of course)07:58
pittiLaney: how about yourself?07:58
Laneyvery good07:59
Laneyjust waiting for the first talk of debconf proper to start ;-)07:59
pittiLaney: flight went okay?07:59
didrocksgood morning Laney, pitti!08:00
Laneyquite fine08:00
LaneyI even managed to get a little bit of sleep08:00
Laneyxnox managed to get himself delayed by a day though08:00
Laneywe went up table mountain yesterday08:01
Laneythe views & walking were great08:02
didrockssounds fun!08:02
pittiwe tried last May when I was there, but it was so windy that nobody was allowed up there08:02
pittibonjour didrocks ! ça va ?08:02
didrockspitti: ça va ça va. Par contre, j'ai entendu des cris dehors en fin de journée par 4 fois, je me demandais s'il y avait le feu :-)08:03
didrocks</fin de mauvaise foi> ;)08:03
didrockshow are you?08:03
pittididrocks: seulement une autre semaine, puis la folie termine :-)08:04
* pitti te donne une accolade08:05
pittididrocks: ici on se reveille avec les oiseaux, ils commencent changer à 4h..08:05
* didrocks donne une accolade en retour à pitti :)08:05
didrockspitti: oui, pareil ici, les oiseaux nous réveillent le matin, c'est toujours agréable :)08:06
pittididrocks: boire une bière pour chaque "goal", c'était de travail dur hier soir :-)08:06
didrocksj'imagine ! pour cela que seb n'est toujours pas réveillé je pense :-)08:08
seb128good morning desktopers08:17
davidcallebregma: willcooke: hey hey, question: Do X on mir apps share the same X, or are they siloed? Can the X on Mir foo snap spy on other X apps? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P8aAU_Eh_x008:17
willcookedavidcalle, AIUI each legacy app would have it's own Xmir instance.08:18
willcookedavidcalle, I dont know how big an Xmir is, I guess a few hundred meg at least, so maybe that would change in the future - but then the security story would suck, so maybe not.  Anyway, bregma will know for sure08:20
seb128xmir is probably not that big08:21
seb128like xorg packages are few mbs08:21
seb128I would rather say in the 10-30M range for the xorg stack08:21
willcookeoh, nice.  In which case 1 xmir per app sounds reasonable08:22
davidcalleOh, interesting08:22
seb128the xmir deb is less than 900k08:26
seb128but unsure if it brings depends in etc08:26
seb128so likely under the 10M number08:27
seb128in any case it's probably not tht much to copy08:27
pittibonjour seb128 ! trop de bière hier soir ? :-)08:27
seb128pitti, salut ! un peu ;-) je suis en France cette semaine donc j'ai des horaires décalées08:28
hikikoseb128, ping :)08:31
seb128hey hikiko, how are you?08:32
hikikogood :) you?08:32
seb128good as well08:32
hikikoseb128, if you have a moment can you help me find out what I did wrong with my ppa (or create a new from scratch, whatever is faster)?08:33
seb128sure,what's the issue?08:33
hikikohere's what I did:08:33
hikikowell the issue is08:33
hikikoI apt-get update08:33
hikikoand there aren't any new packages there was only a compiz one although I pushed nux, compiz, unity08:34
hikikoand then I can't start u708:34
hikiko(which is normal I guess)08:35
hikikoI suppose I've done something wrong with the versions08:35
hikikohttps://ufuntu.wordpress.com/2016/06/10/creating-an-ubuntu-desktop-ppa/ here are the steps I followed to create the ppa08:36
hikikoand here's the ppa08:36
hikiko+I don't know how to push new changes to the ppa :)08:37
seb128the 3 packages are there08:38
hikikobut I had a vm08:38
hikikoand installed the ppa08:38
hikikoand then ran apt-get update/upgrade08:39
hikikoand only compiz updated08:39
hikikonot nux, compiz and unity as they should08:39
seb128you are sure you don't have unity?08:39
seb128can you do "dpkg -l | grep unity"?08:39
hikikoyes, give me a moment to start the vm08:39
hikikoouch found a million packages :)08:42
seb128dpkg -l | grep "unity "08:42
hikikolet me pastebin08:43
hikikoah ok sec08:43
hikikoii  unity                                      7.5.0+16.10.20160606.2-0ubuntu5                     amd64        Interface designed for efficiency of space and interaction.08:44
seb128so you have the ppa version08:44
hikikoyep :s08:45
hikikoso the problem is in the ppa?08:45
seb128seems so08:45
seb128try looking at your unity log08:46
seb128in .cache/upstart/unity708:46
seb128need to go for a small erand, back in 10 min or so08:47
hikikosure seb128, btw I don't see anything unusual there, thanks a lot! I'll investigate :)08:48
ksamakTrevinho: seen the release, i'll get to work again on packaging for debian today!08:49
hikikoTrevinho, ping :)08:58
hikiko(we all want you for something today)08:58
Trevinhohikiko: hi09:00
Trevinhoksamak: cool09:00
seb128hey Trevinho09:03
hikikoTrevinho, I wanted to ask you if you agree to SRU compiz as it is without the lgfx option and put the current u7 branches (you review) to my ppa as they are (with the new MPs). I was thinking that this is the easiest since we are going to do the .profile solution afterwards, because we won't change anything to u7 and then I'll have to delete the 10 lines that set the settings in UnityScreen constructor and put them in the .profile09:03
ksamakTrevinho: so it's a , not a ?09:03
seb128Trevinho, how are you? sorry for the game :-/09:03
hikikoit seems to be the faster to me09:03
ksamakseb128: aaahhh... i lost09:03
seb128ksamak, ?09:03
hikikoby "we won't change anything to u7" I mean the trunk (official release) I'll only change the ppa09:04
ksamakseb128: http://losethegame.com/09:05
seb128hikiko, there is no error in the unity log? did you try to start ccsm to see if the unity plugin is activated?09:06
hikikounityshell is not activated09:06
hikikoand there's no error09:06
seb128does it work if you try to activate it?09:06
hikikoit's weird it seems activated and I can't uncheck it09:08
seb128hikiko, it's good optimization, it doesn't even display the ui anymore ;-)09:12
hikikowell if I select in advanced automatic plugin sorting I am able to check and uncheck the unityshell09:13
hikiko(but still makes no difference)09:13
Trevinhoseb128: hey... I'm ok.. Well, it was sad. I mean, we never felt (as a nation) so connected with this national team which for the first time was considered nothing and actually played well. We could have continued the game for days without getting one more goal. Germany won just because of luck at the end. But it has been a nice jurney.09:17
Trevinhohikiko: as for the profile thing, I've already prepared one. I want now to fix the unity7.conf upstart job and I think we can go with that09:17
hikikoso Trevinho what do you suggest? that we use the proper solution directly in the trunk?09:19
seb128Trevinho, right, though Germany deserved to win, they score one goal and you have free-penalty-gift09:19
TrevinhoYes, we can't release to SRU something without it hitting trunk before09:19
hikiko(I have no objections if we can do that quickly)09:19
hikikoTrevinho, also, will I be able to modify the lowgfx profile? I think there are a few more changes we can do like in the showdesktop plugin09:20
Trevinhoseb128: well, they deserved... But really they did nothing a part that lucky goal. We made a trap, and they couldn't do anything09:20
hikiko(+thanks you work on that! :D)09:20
Trevinhoseb128: the penalty... Well, if a player uses hands in that way... At those levels... wow :-D09:21
ogra_Trevinho, well, you have to admit that they copied the italian style perfectly :)09:21
Trevinhoogra_: I agree, not that perfectly, but that's the way to play...09:22
seb128Trevinho, he had the hands in the air to show he wasn't making a fault09:22
Trevinhoogra_: although I was expecting more from the world champions... Or we've been stronger than i thought, or germany isn't that great :-P09:22
seb128Trevinho, it was not a wanted move toward the ball09:22
seb128France made one of those yesterday and referee said it was not voluntar and said to keep playing09:23
Trevinhoseb128: it's fault. I'm a referee. And if you've to control hands also if you don't try to cath the ball. Having hands in the wrong position to block the space, is a fault.09:23
ogra_seb128, he enlarged the body surface, so the penalty was okayish09:23
Trevinhoseb128: it has not to be. Also if you cover the space, it's fault.09:23
hikikolol, football... :D09:23
Trevinhoseb128: as ogra_ says.09:24
ogra_seb128, i think the refree actually has some wiggle room there to decide it wasnt fault though ...09:25
=== Trevinho changed the topic of #ubuntu-desktop to: Home of the Football (soccer) Desktop Team, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam | For help or questions, try #ubuntu | Amaterasu watches over you benevolently | Tag "gtk318" for gtk 3.18 bugs please and thanks | tag "euro2016" for football flames
seb128anyway, touch match09:25
seb128and sucking penalties09:25
seb128how to miss 7 of those09:25
TrevinhoTired players09:25
Trevinhoreally, everybody ran like crazy during the match09:26
ogra_your most awake player missed most spectacular09:26
TrevinhoAll the attackers were defending too09:26
Trevinhoogra_: yeah... He tried to troll your great GK, he failed.... :-(09:26
ogra_heh, yeah09:26
Trevinhobut it's something you've to do in the field... As if it works, then you're the hero09:27
seb128if it doesn't you are the zero though ;-)09:27
ogra_what i found worse was that the in-game penalty didnt get repeated ... he clearly stopped when running which isnt allowed anymore09:27
TrevinhoA risk you have to deal with09:27
Trevinhoogra_: I think it's allowed now09:27
ogra_not for this euro afaik09:28
Trevinhoogra_: you can't block your self, but you can slow down the run09:28
Trevinhosomewhat a tricky thing though.09:28
ogra_(though i dont know the rules, only what the commenters say)09:28
TrevinhoI've seen examples of what is allowed and what not, and.... I hardly see the differences sometimes09:28
ogra_heh, yeah09:28
Trevinhocommenters aren't really very aware of things..09:28
TrevinhoEven ours were claming some off-sides that were really not there09:29
Trevinho(now you've to touch the ball, unless you don't interfere with a defensor... for example)09:29
Trevinhohikiko: yeah? :)09:29
hikikoTrevinho, 1- will we merge the profile to trunk so all changes will be there09:30
Trevinhohikiko: yes09:30
hikiko2- will I be able to make some changes afterwards09:30
hikikobecasue I want to change the showdesktop plugin as well09:30
hikikoand maybe a few more things09:30
Trevinhowhat in showdesktop?09:30
Trevinhothe fading?09:30
hikikothe durations09:30
hikikothere's fade there too09:31
Trevinhohikiko: mh, are we using that plugin or is it something in unity itself? Since I don't remember if showdesktop plugin is enabled09:32
Trevinho(it isn't here=09:32
hikikoit's in compiz09:33
hikikooh wait the profile will only contain the unity settings?09:33
Trevinhohikiko: mh, it is, but I think it's not used by unity profile09:33
Trevinhohikiko: confirmed... fade there is in unityshell09:34
Trevinhohikiko: I think you can proposse a change to that quite quickly, providing a ccsm option for unityshell, isn't it?09:34
hikikolike for the others09:35
Trevinhohikiko: if you can by 3-4 hours, then do that and I'll include the change in the unity-lowgfx profile09:35
Trevinhohikiko: this is what I've set so far http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/18440832/09:35
Trevinhohikiko: if there's anything else that you suggest or that I missed, let me know...09:36
hikikosure I'll push that change and get a look to the other plugins09:36
happyaronseb128: mind to subscribe desktop-bugs to network-manager-openvpn?09:56
Trevinhoseb128: since Laney is at debconf, can you ack some compiz pkg changes (well, just adding files, nothing related to control files10:06
seb128happyaron, can do10:15
seb128Trevinho, yeah, you can just ask on the channel, Laney might be online at time as well, see happyaron is ;-)10:15
seb128but yeah I can10:15
Trevinhohikiko: https://code.launchpad.net/~3v1n0/compiz/unity-lowgfx-profile/+merge/29902910:28
hikikoTrevinho, I think it's safe to remove the fade as well10:31
hikikoit's for the fading windows10:31
Trevinhohikiko: nope, it handles the dark windows when they're blocked10:32
Trevinhohikiko: but I've rmoved the animation10:32
Trevinhohikiko: it would be trivial to move it to unity, but for now this is enough I think10:33
hikikommm :) ok! then next fix will be an option to disable the fade of the fading windows, I didn't know that it's used somewhere10:33
hikikobecause when I disabled it I had no issues :)10:33
hikikoTrevinho, we don't need to move it I think, I'll just add an option there too10:34
Trevinhohikiko: no, no... I've disabled the animation alread10:35
Trevinhos0_fade_mode = 110:35
Trevinhos0_fade_time = 110:35
hikikooh :) yeah10:35
Trevinhoif theres' some optimization to do, feel free... but this is already enough10:35
hikikowe need 1 step10:35
Trevinhohikiko: ok, go for that, but the showdesktop in unity has more prio10:36
hikikoTrevinho, can I top apprive it?10:36
Trevinhohikiko: if you think so, sure10:36
TrevinhoI'd like to have a silo ppa ready by today10:36
Trevinhoas it takes still couple of days to land10:36
Trevinhoplus the SRU10:36
hikikowe add any other options later let's just have those and I ll send you the showdesktop in a while10:36
ksamakTrevinho: i let you (or someone) review the size modifier for switcher feat. tell me what you guys think about it.11:07
ksamakit addresses visual impairement. some people need really big printouts, obviously.11:08
hikikoTrevinho, I think it's worth changing the opacity too11:10
hikikobecause we skip the blending calculations11:11
hikiko(for transparency)11:11
Trevinhohikiko: which setting is it?11:12
hikikolet me see11:12
* Trevinho at lunch, I'll check that layer11:12
hikikoI'll set it to 111:12
TrevinhoIn fade plugin?11:13
hikikono no in showdesktop11:13
TrevinhoShowdesktop plugin is not used. It's done in unity11:14
hikikoare you sure?11:14
hikikoI've just changed the settings11:14
hikikoand they work11:14
TrevinhoWeird. It's disabled in both profiles11:14
hikikoI disabled it and got a different effect no idea why it was enabled in both my computers11:15
hikikoalright let me disable the unity fade too... I had just put an option to the showdesktop plugin \m/11:16
Laneyhi again!11:27
desrthappy monday!11:27
desrtirccloud hashes Trevinho and hikiko to the same colour, which is a particularly awful pairing to do that to11:29
TrevinhoI've the same for you (desrt) and Laney11:30
hikikowhen will you switch to a normal and configurable client like hexchat or at least irssi? :p11:30
desrtya.  larsu mentioned this.11:30
TrevinhoHey Laney, how is SA?11:30
desrti switched *from* irssi :)11:30
TrevinhoNeed to build a cli UI for irccloud11:31
hikikoand you see the results :)11:31
hikikodesrt, it's time to go back!11:31
hikikohappy monday btw11:31
desrti'd prefer that one of you just change your nick11:31
Laneywhat up11:31
desrtwe would save some time that way :)11:31
Laneyit's sunny Trevinho11:31
Laneyand most plesant11:31
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desrtugh.  same colour as laney.11:32
Laneyi've had this nickname on IRC for 21 years11:32
Laneycold dead hands etc11:32
desrtyou're old.11:32
hikikoTrevinho, I think I've fixed it it's *much* faster11:32
* desrt tries to think back11:32
desrti think i've had this one closer to 18....11:33
hikikobut better get a look :)11:33
* desrt is old too11:33
hikikoI am uploading..11:33
desrthikiko: you'll be happy to know that i recently signed up for gmail11:34
* desrt is clearly not afraid of changing her online service arrangements11:34
hikikoTrevinho, I think that when the desktop appears there's still some fade :s it's very quick though11:35
hikikodesrt, why would I be happy?11:36
Trevinhohikiko: Yes, but I think that's done inside unityshell plugin.11:36
hikikoI don't even sync my contacts to google :) +I don't even login to the apps on my phone11:36
desrthikiko: your encouragements to change my services to better things :)11:36
TrevinhoI can check that later11:36
hikikoTrevinho, yeah I've done the change there11:36
hikikoenjoy your lunch anyway11:37
seb128hey desrt Laney11:37
seb128how are you? had a good w.e?11:38
hikikoTrevinho, here: https://code.launchpad.net/~hikiko/unity/unity.showdesktop/+merge/29903611:38
seb128is desrt to debconf as well?11:38
desrtno.  i took a pass.11:38
seb128Laney, how was the flight? and how is s-a and debconf?11:38
desrtbut i will travel to europe soon (next week)11:38
seb128it's only happy_aron and l_aney from our team?11:38
hikikoseb128, yes11:39
seb128which would make sense, nobody else from the team uploads to Debian I think?11:39
hikikothere should be a debconf for those who download from Debian too...11:41
desrtthere is.  it's called diversity sponsorship.11:41
desrtseriously... their explicit intent there is to attract people like downstream distributors11:42
seb128"they should give you free holidays in addition of the free OS"11:42
seb128right, contributors/integrators, not users11:43
desrteither way... ubuntu, as a project, is definitely a downloader of debian :)11:43
seb128yeah, I think it makes sense to have Ubuntu distro people there11:44
desrti met a lot of tails people in 2015 (first year of diversity sponsorship)11:44
seb128I would probably have joined if it was not so much travel11:44
desrtwas really cool to talk to a debian derivative about an upstream desktop at the debian conference11:44
hikikoI've never been to any open source conference tbh (apart from the local fosscomms and our ubuntu conferences), it sounds cool :)11:46
desrtyou should do FOSDEM next year11:47
desrtor GUADEC this year :)11:47
hikikoyou have to be a gnome developer I guess11:48
Laneyseb128: good, got some sleep on the flight so wasn't too dead on saturday11:49
desrtthe U in GUADEC seems to be pretty explicit about that not being true :)11:49
desrtbut uh... seeing as you aren't a user, either... ;)11:50
desrtGUHADEC   (gnome users, haters, and developers...)11:50
ogra_the potential that it could turn him into one should be enough of a reason ;11:50
hikikoI am not a hater either!11:50
desrthaters gonna hate.... (and then deny hatin')11:51
ogra_hikiko, lol, damn .. you are eleni ... i didnt remember your nick :P11:52
davmor2desrt: if it helps I hate all you devs that's why I break your stuff ;)11:53
davmor2desrt: just ask ogra_ and willcooke they'll confirm it :)11:53
desrtogra_: better not to assume, as a general rule...11:53
ogra_desrt, what now ?11:53
desrtogra_: best not to assume the gender of the person you are speaking to if you don't know them11:54
hikikoI don't mind :)11:54
ogra_desrt, no, m'am :)11:54
* desrt .... lets that one slide :p11:54
ogra_davmor2, i approve everything, always :)11:55
davmor2ogra_: and that's why it breaks and then I hate you for it breaking :P11:55
ogra_davmor2, lies, you love me for breaking things ... ;)11:56
davmor2ogra_: no I don't it's my job to break things you take away all my fun by breaking before I see it :P11:57
davmor2ogra_: but I do love you for adding bugs to keep me happy :)11:57
hikikoTrevinho, (for later) the branch works and there's no fade :) I just had animation and fade windows enabled and didn't realize it was coming by there, you can review it when you come back :)12:03
hikikoso next step: fade windows!12:03
hikikogoing for lunch too:)12:06
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* qengho Zzz.12:42
alexarnaudDear all12:48
alexarnaudwillcooke: Will you send me an answer about Compiz accessibility?12:50
willcookealexarnaud, as I said in my email, once the current project is complete12:53
alexarnaudwillcooke: OK, so I forgot the email so. I've remember you have seen your boos and after you will send us a reply. So as I remember I've not received an email after that. So if the answer if no, I note that in my head and I will no disturb you about this subject. Thanks :)12:57
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happyaronseb128: mind to subscribe it? needed for nm-openvpn's MIR14:02
seb128happyaron, desktop-bugs is subscribed14:04
seb128thanks for doing the MIR work14:04
seb128it's the team we usually for those so it should be good enough14:04
happyaronok, didn't see the team subscription just now14:05
seb128I just did it ;-)14:05
seb128thanks the reminder14:06
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Trevinhohikiko: so.. here's the new branch, it applies the low_gfx to more animations https://code.launchpad.net/~3v1n0/unity/lowgfx-mode-less-effects/+merge/29905916:57
Trevinhohikiko: please review it16:57
ksamakTrevinho: there's also a new branch here, easy to test and review ;D  https://code.launchpad.net/~ksamak/compiz/switcher_add_size_multiplier16:58
Trevinhoksamak: ok, thanks17:04
willcooke night all17:58
hikikoTrevinho, the only part I didn't understand is the nux::Animator, why you had to use it in standalone previews...18:51
hikikoI'll look at it tomorrow18:51
hikikoit's already top approved by andyrock anyway :)18:52
Trevinhohikiko: because without that no animation events are triggered18:58
hikikothat in standalone?18:59

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