flexiondotorginfinity, May I request a review for the following merge proposal please - https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mate-dev/debian-cd/mate-compatbility/+merge/29722209:44
flexiondotorgThe "cloudtop" seeds/meta-package was added at the requested of a systems integrator I work with way back.09:45
flexiondotorgWith the release of 16.04 they've said they no longer use it. And favour the ubuntu-mate-desktop seed for actual desktops and remote terminals.09:46
flexiondotorgSo the cloudtop seed/mate-package can be dropped.09:46
flexiondotorgOnce the merge proposal above is merged/released, I'll drop from the seeds and update the meta packages.09:46
mowthegrassHi There18:28

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