MooDoomorning all08:53
Kilosmorning all, i need help from an irc council member please09:10
KilosChanServ- 1     Nalioth                +ARefiorstv [modified ? ago]09:10
KilosChanServ- 2     UbuntuIrcCouncil       +AFRefiorstv [modified ?09:11
Kilosi am trying to get the pk loco working again and a start will be getting chanserv working on #ubuntu-pk again09:12
FuchsIRCC, if that highlight still works :)  *pokes*11:16
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hggdhKilos: what do you need on #ubuntu-pk?17:14
Kilosi need chanserv back if at all possible please hggdh and maybe even admin rights till the new guys helping build the loco again can apply for ubuntu membership17:16
hggdhanybody seen Nalioth lately?17:38
Fuchsgone since 3 years17:38
hggdhFuchs: danke schoen17:39

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