Researcherhi Kilos 07:42
Kiloshi popey 07:46
Kilosis someone here on the irc council please07:46
Kilosi need some help with trying to get the pk loco working again07:47
popeyKilos: what specifically do you need?07:50
Kiloschanserv was removed from #ubuntu-pk by the council07:51
Kilosand i think years ago, now myself and Researcher are trying to get the loco going again07:52
Kilosseems their admin guys have moved on to other pastures07:52
KilosChanServ- 2     UbuntuIrcCouncil       +AFRefiorstv [modified ?07:54
KilosChanServ- 1     Nalioth                +ARefiorstv [modified ? ago]07:54
Kilosi wbb in a while, need to get some farm work done with livestock07:59
Kilosim back popey 08:53
MooDoohello all08:53
Kiloshello MooDoo 08:54
popeyKilos: i think maybe pop in #ubuntu-irc and ask there.09:09
Kiloscool ty09:09
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