lou_is there anyone having wifi driver issues with ubunt mate 16.04?01:27
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turbo64i just installed ubuntu mate and instead of the grub menu it just shows a grey screen05:25
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lisa__I'm new to ubuntu mate...but lovin' it!07:14
protosHello all, I have problems with my screen brightness and keybord functions on my Asus Rog G751JY. Is ther a solution for these kinda problems?08:31
protosOh yeah, i am a newbie08:32
flexiondotorgalkisg, Morning.08:38
flexiondotorgI'm trying to get this SRU'd again - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-mate-settings/+bug/157478908:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1574789 in ubuntu-mate-settings (Ubuntu Xenial) "SRU: xorg.conf.d/90-zap.conf destroys xorg keyboard settings" [High,In progress]08:38
flexiondotorgalkisg, If you can help progress it getting accepted please do :-)08:39
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alkisgflexiondotorg: Hi Martin, in https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-mate-settings and in http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/pending-sru.html I'm seeing in xenial-proposed10:19
alkisgDo we just need to wait for a bit for the upload to appear, or do we need some form of approval?10:19
alkisg(I guess the SRU verification steps are after that part...)10:20
flexiondotorgalkisg, Yes, the upload in proposed needs to appear.10:20
flexiondotorgSorry this has taken so long.10:20
alkisgSo I would e.g. ping pitti about it?10:21
alkisgOr just wait for a few hours/days?10:21
alkisghttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-mate-settings/ ==> is there, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-mate-settings/ ==> is not10:23
alkisgflexiondotorg: are you sure the upload was done successfully?10:28
flexiondotorgalkisg, Current awaiting approval.10:28
b6s3dhi, i am having some troubles finding a guide for 3.2 waveshare lcd touch screen that will match ubuntu mate rpi edition11:06
kalle_hi all12:45
kalle_i am getting crazy to install KODI on ubuntu mate 16.04. on raspberry pi312:46
kalle_anyone did this before ?12:46
kalle_is this chut dead ? ...I dont see any chatting12:47
kurt_need some help, I just can't upload files to goodle drive, or medium site13:43
qdkMy MATE top and bottom panels are acting stangely... Mostly when I suspend my laptop and go from my 2 screen setup to just the screen of the laptop, its like the panel is either "staying" on my main-screen, which is the big monitor I connect to my laptop, but now, today, moving my laptop from home to work, with matching setup with 2 screens the panel(s) are gone on both screens... I hardly ever reboot and im not looking for a14:07
qdkreboot-"solution", as it would have to startup and arrange a huge number of programs and windows... In Mint, which I recently move away from, to give Ubuntu MATE a go, have the option to restart cinnamon, which mostly fixed gui issues.14:07
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jazIs it possible to change the lockscreen picture ?14:52
jakesdenAnyone here?18:09
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bebehi could someone tell me how can i pass music from ubuntu 16.04 to my iphone 4s?20:07
steveeehi , could someone tell me how can i pass music from mi pc to my iphone 4s?20:30
jarjarbrinkshello, I would like to remove firefox but it depends on ubuntu-mate-desktop... can i fix this?20:31
jarjarbrinkshello, I would like to remove firefox but it depends on ubuntu-mate-desktop... can i fix this?20:42
fifty-sevenCFeel free to remove it hten20:47
fifty-sevenCDescription-en: Ubuntu MATE - full desktop20:48
fifty-sevenC This package is the Ubuntu MATE desktop environment.20:48
fifty-sevenC .20:48
fifty-sevenC It is safe to remove this package if some of these packages are not desired.20:48
fifty-sevenCAll it does is bring in all the packages. It doesn't do anything else itself20:48
jarjarbrinkswill that affect future upgrades of ubuntu-mate?20:50
jarjarbrinksie if the package is not there20:50
fifty-sevenCIf you upgrade to 16.10 it will be brought back in with the rest of the default package lists20:50
jarjarbrinksok cool20:51
jarjarbrinksthank you!20:51
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