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miculouhi all, how do you run apps on mir from the CLI?11:52
miculouon unity8/desktop11:53
anpokdepending on the toolkit you have to set specific flags.. since they might find a DISPLAY env var.. so GDK_BACKEND=mir QT_QPA_PLATFORM=ubuntumirclient SDL_VIDEODRIVER=mir MIR_SOCKET=/run/user/YOU_USER_ID/mir_socket11:55
anpokunset DISAPLAY..11:55
anpokthen depending on the applictation unsetting  QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME is also necessary11:56
anpokoh and for unity8 to accept the connection of a starting application it needs to find a desktop file11:57
miculouanpok: i'm trying to run supertux2 (sdl2 i think)11:58
ogra_just look up ubuntu-app-launch ;)11:58
anpokit gets either via ubuntu-app-launch or by looking at the command like parameter11:58
miculoui tried both ubuntu-app-launch and -- --dektop_file_hint etc11:59
miculouwith ubuntu-app-launch i can see a windows + the loading spinner but then it closes12:00
miculouand with -- it complains that the args are wrong wich they are12:00
miculoui'm not even sure if the sdl2 in ubuntu has mir enabled, that's an option on compile.. i think? don't know very noob lol12:04
ogra_it does12:04
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miculouDL_VIDEODRIVER=mir MIR_SOCKET=/run/mir_socket supertux212:06
miculou[FATAL] /build/supertux-7_Bg7b/supertux-0.4.0/src/supertux/main.cpp:444 Unexpected exception: Couldn't set video mode 1280x800: Failed to created a mir surface: Error processing request: An output ID must be specified12:06
miculouInternal error details: /build/mir-NNwsqv/mir-0.23.2+16.10.20160624/sr12:06
miculoui don't even know what i'm doing! :))12:06
anpokyou try to connect to a system compositor12:16
anpokthe system compositor only allows full screen clients (aka greeters/session shells)12:16
anpokso try the mir_socket of the unity8 session instead..12:16
anpok(/run/mir_socket is opened by unity-system-compositor)12:16
miculouoh, i see, so this bit MIR_SOCKET=/run/user/YOU_USER_ID/mir_socket12:18
miculoulet's see12:18
anpokyes .. should be 1000 in most desktop installations12:18
anpokand if you launch it from a unity8 terminal .. you would not have to care about that part..12:19
miculouDL_VIDEODRIVER=mir MIR_SOCKET=/run/user/1000/mir_socket supertux212:22
miculou[2016-07-04 15:21:24.099366] <ERROR> MirConnectionAPI: Caught exception at client library boundary (in release): /build/mir-NNwsqv/mir-0.23.2+16.10.20160624/src/client/rpc/stream_socket_transport.cpp(168): Throw in function virtual void mir::client::rpc::StreamSocketTransport::send_message(const std::vector<unsigned char>&, const std::vector<mir::Fd>&)12:22
miculouDynamic exception type: boost::exception_detail::clone_impl<boost::exception_detail::error_info_injector<mir::socket_disconnected_error> >12:22
miculoustd::exception::what: Failed to send message to server: Broken pipe12:22
miculou32, "Broken pipe"12:23
miculou[FATAL] /build/supertux-7_Bg7b/supertux-0.4.0/src/supertux/main.cpp:444 Unexpected exception: Couldn't initialize SDL: Failed to connect to the Mir Server12:23
* ogra_ assumes the missing S in SDL_VIDEODRIVER is just a copy/paste error ?12:24
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attenteis there a way to change the output scale factor on the mir demo server?15:38
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anpokattente: hm not yet..16:44
anpoki mean we could add an example server that does that.. or a client that reconfigures the desired content scaling16:46
attenteanpok: how did you test your MirSurfaceOutputEvent patch? did you use a hi-dpi monitor?16:50
anpokattente: printf... only..16:53
attenteanpok: but is there some way to trigger a MirSurfaceOutputEvent?16:54
anpokon recent mir servers you should get one after creating the surface16:59
anpokand then when you move the surface over to a different output16:59
anpokhmm I am afk for 2.5 hours.. I think I can come up with some test client to play with the scale value17:00
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