Researcher-good morning05:50
Researcher-hi pavlushka05:50
Researcher-hi vigilant05:50
Researcher-thanks for joining here05:50
Researcher-morning barlas05:50
Kilosmorning pk peeps06:53
KilosResearcher- http://www.wikihow.com/Add-ChanServ-to-Your-IRC-Channel-on-Freenode06:53
Kilosthe admin guy that registered the channel must do it06:54
Kilosor he must supply the relevant info06:54
Researcher-morning Kilos07:29
Kiloshi there Researcher-07:29
Researcher-how are you Kilos07:29
Researcher-i already know about the chanserv07:30
Kilosim ok ty07:30
Researcher-but the problem is i dont have any access on it.07:30
Researcher-Kilos : did you tried that chicken wings and neck soup07:30
Kiloswill try get someone to bring me chicken wings and necks today or tomorrow07:30
Kiloswe are out in a farming area so need to find a neighbour going to town07:31
Researcher-here are the people who have the access on this channel07:31
Kilosanyway im surviving07:31
Researcher-y Nickname/Host          Flags07:31
Researcher--ChanServ- ----- ---------------------- -----07:31
Researcher--ChanServ- 1     Nalioth                +ARefiorstv [modified ? ago]07:31
Researcher--ChanServ- 2     UbuntuIrcCouncil       +AFRefiorstv [modified ? ago]07:31
Researcher-Nalioth can help07:31
Kilosdo you know him?07:32
Researcher-i must see his profile07:32
Kilosi dont see him online at #freenode07:34
Kilosit takes a while there to get voice, then we can ask staff07:34
Researcher-Nalioth sounds missing07:36
Researcher-he is from au07:36
Researcher-this is his homepage http://www.novarata.net/07:36
Researcher-he is from houston texas07:37
Researcher-not from au07:37
Researcher-i just saw him using au ip... may be his autralian vps07:37
Kilosah then he is still sleeping07:37
Researcher-i have his twitter now.07:37
Researcher-but ubuntu-counsil vote might be require before we can get access on this channel07:38
Researcher-and i must join the ubuntu team in order to get qualified for access07:38
Researcher-so Kilos how i can get the ubuntu membership fast as possible07:39
Kilosit is a big process07:39
Researcher-i see07:40
Kilosjoin #ubuntu-locoteams07:40
Researcher-yes sure07:40
Kilosill ask there07:40
Researcher-ill be using my old nick Researcher07:40
Kilostype in /j #ubuntu-locoteams07:41
ResearcherKilos i joined07:42
Researcherbut i need to go to chairman office at work..07:42
Researcherill be back in few moments07:42
Researcheri am back kilos08:02
Kilos me too08:53
Kiloshi vigilant08:57
KilosResearcher there is how you apply, you have lots of work09:00
Kiloscould be a bit of a snag with making your wiki page because the ubuntu wiki has been locked down because of spammers , pavel can help you with that09:02
KilosResearcher /j #ubuntu-irc09:12
ResearcherKilos thanks for the guidelines, actually i did applied for membership in 2007 i guess but then i were not able to join free for some reasons.. my wiki is still there09:32
Kiloscan you still edit it?09:33
Researcheri hope so09:33
Researcherif not, i will create again09:33
Kilosyou could have probs editting or even making a new one09:34
Kilosbeen lots of spammers attacking ubuntu wiki and launchpad09:34
Researcheri see09:34
Kilosso they have made a group that can edit09:35
Researcherwell ill wait, or will create a personnel wiki page.09:35
Kilosi think pavel still cam09:35
Researcheri will take help from pavel09:35
Researcherok bro brb09:35
Kilosdid you join #ubuntu-irc09:35
Kilosim just waiting for someone on irc channel to answer09:40
Kilosim trying to contact an irc council member09:41
Researcheri am there bro10:05
Researcherlet me reach home10:05
Researcheriill come back to online in 15 mints10:06
Kilosi have mailed on of the irc council members as well so lets hope he answers today10:11
Researchertnx Kilos10:48
Researchervigilant is also a new join here10:48
Researcherbut he is very very old irc friend like 14-15 years or older10:49
Researcherhe is good in tcl coding and other softwares10:49
Researchera very good guy10:49
Researcherhe will help us here, he is usa national from pakistan background10:49
Researcherso he will be available in his time region10:49
Kilosim sure one of the council guys will pop in here to see whats happening so the more we are here the better10:49
Researcheri understand10:50
Kilosthe guy i mailed is in the usa so they still early morning now10:50
Researcheri am planning to launch some channel bots10:51
Researcherrss bots here in loco language10:51
Researcheri have 3 days off so i will be here for 24/710:51
Researcherpm me ever u want me or whatsapp me at +968 9875861710:52
Kilosi dont have whatsapp10:52
Kilosi will pm np10:53
Kilosmaybe they will give me admin rights here till one of you has membership and can take over10:56
Kilosdont know how that stuff gets sorted10:56
Researcherwell i am starting for the membership12:49
Researcherand i will pm you with the clarification of some questions.12:49
Kiloscan you edit your wiki page Researcher ?14:32
ResearcherKilos i need to check14:38
Researcheri were buy cooking food14:39
Kiloshi pavlushka16:10
pavlushkaHaha, Kilos , hello16:11
pavlushkaKilos: you wont believe that I gotta run, just logged into check my fixed line which was down, now it is up. :)16:11
pavlushkadown for 2 months16:12
pavlushkaanyway, be back soon, love you Man.16:13
Kilosgo well16:13
hggdhKilos: ping17:15
Kiloshi hggdh17:16
Kilossorry for being slow17:16
hggdhheh, no problem17:16
Kilosi answered on irc channel first17:17
hggdhI saw17:18
hggdhlooking at it now17:26
Kiloscool ty hggdh im not sure what else needs sorting but will get there slowly17:27
hggdhthat's how we should do it: slowly, but surely17:27
Kilosi will need admin permissions or something to be able to setup the topic etc17:28
Kilosthe old owner is unavailable17:28
hggdh./whois nalioth17:37
hggdhKilos: you now should have op access here17:37
Kilosi have no idea, those happenings were years aog17:37
Kiloscool ty very much now we can start growing17:38
Researcherhi hggdh18:03
Researcherwelcome to #ubuntu-pk18:03
Kiloswb Researcher18:03
Researcherhi Kilos18:03
Kilossee we will win18:04
Researcherty so much18:04
Researcherthanks bro18:04
Researcherfor your efforts18:04
Kilosmy pleasure18:04
Researcheri hope we will revive more better then beginning18:04
Kilosw will get there18:04
Researcherso hggdh will be here as an admin ?18:05
Kiloshe is setting things up for s18:05
Kilosthese things just take time18:08
Kilosthe timezone issue18:09
rhctkaisay hain sab log18:10
Researcherw salaam rhct18:10
Researchermay theek18:10
Researcherhum nay daykho improvement shoro kerdi hay18:11
rhctyar zabardast18:11
Researcherand this all thanks to Mr Kilos from SA18:11
KilosResearcher can you edit your wiki page yet18:11
rhcthe is from South Africa ?18:11
Researcherlet me check now bro18:12
Researcheryes yes18:12
Kiloshi rhct yes Pretoria in ZA18:12
Researcherthanks to Mr. Kilos18:12
rhctsir kilos thank you18:12
Kilosyou are welcome18:12
rhctand res is here from many many years now18:12
rhcti always see him here alone18:12
rhcti didnt notice many users are here now18:13
rhctkilos you are student18:13
Kiloswe will grow again, you can invite guys back again18:13
Kilosno i am an old man18:13
Kilosi love Ubuntu and will work to promote ubuntu wherever i can18:14
rhctgood sir18:15
rhctresearcher gave me first ubuntu cd of 8.04 few years ago18:15
rhctnow i also like ubuntu18:15
rhctbut my laptop is old so i use LUBUNTU18:15
rhcti am googling jupiter mission guys18:16
Kilosdoesnt matter, as long as you are here18:16
Researcheri am waiting for juno tooo18:16
Researcherto pass the jupiter18:16
ResearcherKilos : after i logged in to wiki it shows me internal error18:17
Researcheri dont understand this18:17
Kilosit has been locked down, well get pavel to help out18:17
Researcherpavel is offline i guess18:18
Researcherbut i logged in successfully18:18
Researchereven it verified my data correctly18:18
Kilosyes but he will be here later hopefully or tomorrow again18:18
Kilosyes its all read only now18:18
Kilosedit permissions are locked down18:19
Kilostoo many spammers attacked our wiki18:19
Researcheryeah sure18:20
ResearcherKilos this is my page, i created in 200818:21
Researcher8 years ago18:21
Researcheri was not very good that time18:22
hggdhResearcher: hello18:22
hggdhResearcher: as Kilos stated, I am in as ops only temporarily.18:22
Kilosno matter, it can grow now with ubuntu work18:22
Researcherhi hggdh18:23
Researcherthanks for joining in here18:23
hggdhmy pleasure :-)18:23
Researcherubuntu is a very popular os in pakistan18:24
Researcherand i am now abroad, but a resident of karachi city18:24
Researcherwe worked a lot to spread ubuntu18:24
Researcheri am with ubuntu since 200618:24
Researcherand till todate my only choice is ubuntu18:24
rhctgood res18:25
rhcti know when u helped me in my ubuntu18:26
Researchertnx rhct for remembering me18:26
Researcherrhct look at my ubuntu vps18:26
Researcher<*shell>  18:06:41 up 701 days,  5:58,  0 users,  load average: 0.00, 0.01, 0.0518:26
Researcher<*shell> znc$18:26
Researcher<Researcher1> lsb_release -a18:26
Researcher<*shell> No LSB modules are available.18:26
Researcher<*shell> Distributor ID:    Ubuntu18:26
Researcher<*shell> Description:    Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS18:26
Researcher<*shell> Release:    14.0418:26
Researcher<*shell> Codename:    trusty18:26
rhctthis is really stable machine18:26
rhct701 days of uptime18:27
rhctwho is provider ?18:27
rhctamazon is shopping site ?18:28
rhctlet me google18:28
Researcherno dear18:28
Researchertry aws.amazon.com18:28
Researcherand read about it in detaisl18:28
rhctbhai may check krta hu18:28
KilosResearcher you page just needs updating18:33
Kiloswe will get that done then you can apply for membership18:33
Researcheryes sure bro18:33
Researchernow 8 years past it is not updated18:34
Researcheru see18:34
Researcher8 years ago i promoted ubuntu a lot18:35
Researchermy wiki is the proof18:35
Researchermy karma score were very good that time18:35
Kilosyou can build it again18:36
Kilosremind me tomorrow to check launchpad for pk as well, maybe that needs sorting out as well18:37
Researcherit need to sort out18:39
Researcheri have one spare ipv6 vps so i am going to built some informative bot for this channel18:39
Kilosyou need to sleep as well. its 20 to 1 there18:40
Kilosand always make time for family as well18:41
Researcherbut as i told i have holidy18:42
Researcherso i can manage time18:42
Researcherohh i found i created this wiki page18:42
Researcher2007-07-14 14:41:1918:42
Researcherin 200718:42
Researchertoday is 4/7 201618:43
Researcherafter 10 days my wiki page is having birthday18:43
Kilos9 years18:44
Researcheryes bro18:44
Kilosi need sleep. night all. rest well19:05

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