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jonahHi guys, I just wanted to ask how people running server cabinets tend to power the cooling fans of the cabinet itself. I realise you can use prebuilt units, but do any users opt for standard case fans with then some kind of power supply. I know this site sell a power adapter to power 1-4 fans with just a standard ac plug socket... http://www.rackfans.com/pages/ProCooL_AV_PS/ProCooL_AV_PS.html10:23
bhuddahjonah: ordinary cabinets don't have cooling fans.10:23
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jonahbhuddah: my cabinet has mounting holes for standard 120mm fans with the screw holes etc. You can fit two in the cabinet top panel...10:25
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patdk-lapcabnets have cooling fans?10:26
patdk-lapnever had any fans on any racks I have used10:27
jorgesanjuanHas anyone had some experience with the HP moonshot m400 server? It's arm64 and I'm trying to boot it in UEFI mode (instead of U-Boot).10:30
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sz332I try to install ubuntu server using packer behind a proxy13:17
sz332I get message: installation step failed, and it seems, that it is not able to download the packages from the internet13:18
sz332my preseed file looks like: http://pastie.org/1089851713:18
sz332any idea how i can find out whether the proxy is configured, or not, and if not, how to fix the issue?13:19
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cpaelzersbeattie: hi, just FYI (as you did the related upload back then) bug 157522014:03
ubottubug 1575220 in passenger (Ubuntu) "puppet broken after libapache2-mod-passenger upgrade" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/157522014:03
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mnms_how I should properly backup software raid 1. I should make image of all devices in raid or image of raid devices (md*) ?15:52
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chrisan I'm not sure what to call this/google for.. but I am trying out 16.04 on a new VPS and I noticed when I restart a service, like nginx, there is no longer any output.  Is there a way to add this back?18:12
patdk-lapuse an os without systemd?18:13
velusuniversehello all, i have  vps on ubuntu, and i currently have apache and php on the server, if i want to send emails through smtp would i need to install something like postfix, even if im using an external smtp server ?18:21
patdk-lapvelusuniverse, sure, or some kind of nullmailer18:31
patdk-lapunless you do not use the built in php mail command18:32
patdk-lapsome kind of nullmailer would be most simple18:32
_KaszpiR_velusuniverse  you could use sendemial so that it uses bouncer box to send emails19:03
Keyboard_http://pastie.org/10898890 can anyone help?22:22

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