swalladgei'm trying to use ubuntu-device-flash, but I'm getting 'cache formatting was not successful, flashing may fail, check your partitions on device'01:22
swalladgeand it's stuck on the 'powered by ubuntu' logo on boot01:22
swalladgenevermind - managed to get it working by using the bq flashtool01:45
swalladgei think i may have messed up a partition somehow01:45
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faenildoes anyone know what sets the LD_LIBRARY_PATH when you "start unity8"?10:34
faenilit's not unity8.conf upstart session10:34
bregmafaenil, simple answer is no one, it's pretty unusual to set that variable for regular system software and I don't see it set for unity8 on any of my devices or desktops11:14
faenilbregma: I think it's probably coming from /etc/environment11:14
faenilnot sure what the full path is though11:14
bregmamaybe something has altered that on your system(s)?11:14
faenilno, I just want to know how it is set11:15
bregmayou're trying to find some place to set it then?11:15
ogra_how are you determining it is altered ?11:15
ogra_(it isnt in /etc/environment)11:15
bregmait *is* a classic security exploit, after all11:15
faenilogra_: it is11:16
ogra_well, the app launcher definitely sets it to point to  the confined FS area11:16
ogra_faenil, nou on any of my devices or in the code that mangles /etc/environment11:17
ogra_*not on11:17
faenilI'm looking for a way to start unity8 with a modified path, but without resorting to starting it without upstart11:17
ogra_if yours has it you must have manually changed it11:17
bregmayou can examine what it is actually set to in unity8 with the comand "tr '\000' '\n' </proc/$(pidof unity8)/environ | grep LD"11:17
faenilbregma: yeah I know, I want to chage its value though :)11:18
faeniland exporting vars before using the start command is obviously not working :)11:18
bregmayou can always copy unity.conf into ~/.config/upstart and modify it locally if you're just testing something11:18
faenilbregma: ah right, good that'll do, thank you11:18
faenilyes it's for performance related investigations11:19
ogra_you can use initctl11:19
ogra_to set it for any job11:19
faenilme looks for manpage11:20
ogra_(note that you ned to do it from within the running session or you need to extract the UPSTRAT_SESSION variable from the session and set it first)11:20
faenilyep, I'm already exporting upstart_session11:20
faenilI'm doing everything from inside a chroot11:20
faenil(on device)11:20
faenilogra_: ah initctl set-env, although that's one var at a time right?11:24
faenilthere's no way to just source a file11:24
ogra_well, you can write a loop11:24
faenilI think having a custom .conf is quicker11:24
faenilof course11:24
faenilalthough that will screw my host upstart environment11:30
faenilmmm maybe better if I just run it without upstart11:30
miculouhi all11:54
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faenilogra_: btw just fyi, this is on my MX4 http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/18444241/13:17
ogra_faenil, hmm, interesting, not on the pro513:18
ogra_(and /etc/environemnt should not have anything but PATH set at all ... thats a long standing bug)13:19
mhall119bregma: what PPAs shouldn't be added anymore? I can update my blog post to add a warning13:28
bregmamhall119, *only* the stable phone overlay13:34
bregmamhall119, did you create bugs for the other problems you encountered?  I found the file-manager bug (it's still happening) but if you have others handy that would be helpful13:37
bregmaeg. ssh-agent not starting (because gnome-keyring assumed gnome-session is running...  something we may be able to work around)13:37
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mhall119bregma: remove only the stable phone PPA, or leave on that one?13:52
mhall119I can't remember if I filed a bug with the file manager or not, but I did talk to popey about it a while ago13:53
bregmamhall119, you should install only the stable phone overlay PPA, no silos13:53
bregmamhall119, I definitely found the bug on the file manager13:53
bregmamhall119, also, a recent change landed so the package you need to install is now simplified to unity8-desktop-session (not -mir, although there is a transitional package that redirects)13:54
mhall119bregma: thanks13:58
ahoneybunmariogrip: https://plus.google.com/+MarkRife/posts/VRt2r5RjWaR14:02
ahoneybunOPO is active while saying Bluetooth is not working but the page says it is and other things still don't work14:03
sergiusensmhall119 when using the terminal, do you have issues with input (I have to go to one of the settings or terminal tabs thing to get input back)14:16
sergiusensbeen having that issue for a while14:16
ogra_i think there was a bug about it14:17
sergiusensogra_ is there anyone working on the terminal still?14:25
sergiusensfeels pretty important ;-)14:25
ogra_sergiusens, i thnk popey knows14:26
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SebthreeBQM10HDanyone here?17:21
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popeySebthreeBQM10HD: hi17:41
SebthreeBQM10HDpopey, if  a blueetooth device says it will work with Android or mostly, then it should work with Ubuntu Touch as well?17:42
popeydepends on the device17:43
popeysome require apps17:44
popeyothers are just media devices like speakers/micrphones/headsets17:44
SebthreeBQM10HDpopey, oh ok17:45
SebthreeBQM10HDpopey, or a driver software?  toner things didn't go well17:45
SebthreeBQM10HDI seen like a keyboard with a touch pad earlier,  from something else17:45
SebthreeBQM10HDthat was cheap as well, but not sure how well it would work17:45
SebthreeBQM10HDor not17:45
popeykeyboards / mice should just work17:46
popeythey're input devices17:46
SebthreeBQM10HDpopey, well this is a bit differnt,  a air mouse thing17:46
SebthreeBQM10HDpopey, he h I got certain tech things I want to buy in the next three to four months let's say,  and then done for the year I think buying tech,  unless some rather interesting crowd funded thing or something like that possibly17:47
pwcahi, I am trying to connect my Android cell phone as a storage device but when I plug the USB in it just recharges.18:26
pwcathis worked a while ago and now randomly doesn't.18:26
pwcathe cell phone is an HTC M8 and my OS is Ubuntu Gnome 15.10.18:26
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grasstypeSo people that use the phone/tablet as a daily driver... what do you miss?22:30
k1li guess: whatsapp :X22:35
grasstypewhat is so amazing about whatsapp?22:35
grasstypeI swear, I keep hearing about these new programs and websites and such that are new hotness, and I never understand WHY22:36
grasstypeIt's how I know I'm old I guess22:36
k1lwell, its a messenger (bought by facebook). but this is just a problem if the people around you use that because they refuse to make a client for ubuntu touch so far. and since its closed software that is the issue22:40
Keziolioand if you don't use whatsapp ubuntu-touch doesn't work on your device22:56
grasstypeKeziolio, what do you mean?22:59
Keziolioit was a joke, but ubuntu doesn't work for real, i suppose it's not compatible with android 6?23:01
k1lKeziolio: compatible?23:02
Keziolioa guy once told be that android 6 is bad for modding23:02
Keziolioi use multirom on an opo23:02
k1lubuntu-touch is not a mod.23:02
Keziolioand it doesn't work on cm1323:02
Kezioliobut multirom is23:02
Acou_Bassgrasstype: i ran the phone as a 'daily driver' for a few months - the main thing i missed was a good messenger for multiple protocols - there isa hangouts app that worked awesomely however theres nothing for FB chat aside from using their webapp which is a bit meh and doesnt always work23:03
Keziolioit "bootloops"23:03
grasstypeit's always weird to me when a webapp doesn't work23:04
Acou_Bassits facebooks fault23:05
grasstypelike... it's a webapp... isn't the whole point is that it will always work? Thats the promise, right?23:05
Acou_Bassyou open the facebook webapp (it works fine), you click the 'messenger' icon in the centre, and facebook gaives you an unclosable banner telling you to download their android app23:05
Acou_Bassso not really ubuntu's fault23:05
grasstypelol, that's amazing23:05
grasstypei mean, in the "every screw up is funny" way23:05
Acou_BassALSO, i miss having notifications23:05
Acou_Bassfor my e-mail, for my twitterz, for my FB/hangouts messages23:06
grasstypeI know the gmail app gives notifications23:06
Acou_Bassyeah, the gmail webapp does weirdly23:06
Acou_Bassno other webapps do, and the real e-mail app doesnt23:07
grasstypeWish dekko did. Or if it does, wish I knew how to make it23:07
grasstypeI like how smooth the notifications are though23:07
grasstypeOn android ntoficiations annoyed me way too much23:07
Acou_Basswhen you get an app that does notifications right (ie. telegram, or the text messaging app)23:08
Acou_Bassthey are amazing23:08
Acou_Bassits just a shame no other apps seem to do them23:08
grasstypeIf I ever get an ubuntu phone, I will definitely miss facetime23:09
Acou_Bassim actually using sailfishOS now on my nexus 4 - FOR NOW it is far better as a daily driver for me23:09
grasstypevideochat with the wife once a day really makes 2nd shift better23:09
Acou_Bassbut im keeping my eye on ubuntu and plan to switch back once some things are fixed23:10
grasstypeI honestly just assume all the other open source ones are dead. Sorry Sailfish guys, Jolla guys, Firefox OS guys, if your'e still working on that stuff23:10
Acou_Bassfirefox is dead :P23:11
grasstypeI wish it didn't die, but I also couldn't see their market that well23:11
Acou_Basswell... 'firefox OS' is dead - 'B2G OS' (ie. the community-ran fork) is still going23:11
Acou_Bassi used firefoxOS for a really long time as a daily driver23:11
Acou_Bassi honestly got along really well with it23:11
Acou_Bassand the phone costed me like £35 brand new... really cant complain at that price23:12
grasstypecommunity run forks only die when the last enthusiast is gone. So that's at least another 10 years of life23:12
Acou_Bassyeah im definitely gonna put b2g OS on my firefox phone when i can be bothered23:12
Acou_Bassreally interested to see where they tatke it23:12
grasstypeDid it still use the gecko engine?23:13
Acou_Bassyeah it did... there were talks of switching it over to servo but i dont think that materialised yet23:14
grasstypeEvery month or two I see something about servo. Hows it coming along?23:14
grasstypeI mean... when it is getting into the main browser?23:15
Acou_Bassno idea to be honest, i havent really tested it - they are putting out nightly builds though (not in actual firefox nightly, a seperate build)23:15
grasstypedarn. Well, here's to hoping it's ready within a year or so. Maybe we can take back a small bit of chrome marketshare with new and shiny23:16
Acou_Basse10s is all working though, that should make it to mainline firefox soon23:16
Acou_Bassthe whole multi-process thing23:17
grasstypeoh, nice23:17
grasstypeelectrolysis, ah, sweet23:17
Kezioliohow do you debug ubuntu touch on a real device? I got a log from multirom but it feels like dmesg output23:21
mhall119sergiusens: I never had an input problem with the terminal23:51
sergiusensmhall119 when unsing a bt keyboard and switching windows it always worked for you? lucky! In any case ogra_ gave me a bug number to look at23:53

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