diddledanmagnum icecream ftw00:54
daftykinshave they shrunk yet?00:58
diddledanI wouldn't know00:59
daftykinsi just murdered my last M&S chocolate eclair01:01
diddledanlurve those things01:02
daftykinsdiddledan: what excitement awaits you this week?01:02
diddledanerm.. moar gentoo01:02
daftykinsyou're cunningly dragging that one out ;)01:02
diddledanyeah .. keeps the money rolling for a bit01:03
diddledaneven as streamlined as I've got it now it still takes several hours to do all the systems01:04
diddledanbefore I started on them they were unmaintainable - unable to install anything due to the outdated nature of their software stack being beyond the point-of-no-return01:05
daftykins*nod* are they all old physical boxen, too?01:06
diddledanor rather these are just the VMs left - the 8 physical servers have been upgraded to ubuntu01:06
diddledanthe vms were shuffled around on top of those physical servers to get them all buntified01:07
daftykinswas gonna say, surely you'd just build new then move everything left on the old hosts01:09
MooDoohello all07:28
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.07:52
davmor2Morning all08:12
MooDoomorning davmor2 :)08:25
davmor2MooDoo: me owld mucka, working from the Caravan today, why, cause I can \o/08:26
MooDoodavmor2: sweet mate, where are you?08:35
JamesTaitGood morning all!  Happy Monday, and happy US Independence Day! 😃09:05
zmoylan-pior as it's called in the uk... happy traitors day... :-P09:06
MooDoooops :)09:11
zmoylan-pinever saw kirk as a quitter... :-P09:11
davmor2JamesTait: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4Mc-NYPHaQ and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QoLywiaM6PA09:23
davmor2zmoylan-pi: waste of Tea day I think you'll find we call it09:24
zmoylan-pibut cheap inferior tea sent to americans... not proper tea... :-)09:24
davmor2zmoylan-pi: shhhh don't tell them that we were charging them top whack09:25
zmoylan-pimostly tax to keep king george in underpants09:26
davmor2zmoylan-pi: nothing new there then09:27
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diddledanapple and spotify are having a fistycuff fight: http://www.macrumors.com/2016/07/01/apple-spotify-app-rejection-half-truths-rumors/13:53
zmoylan-pimore a hissy fit. spotify is playing in apples garden and doesn't like the rules v apple now competes directly with spotify so can strangle them when they want13:55
zmoylan-piat some point government/courts will have to make a decision14:01
diddledanaye. if it gets that far.14:02
zmoylan-piapple taking a cut of every transaction on their platform does seem a little much14:02
diddledanoops: https://twitter.com/bdsams/status/74996717238291660814:07
zmoylan-pi1 down, a few million to go... :-P14:08
zmoylan-pimind i do have a bad history with watches getting broken14:09
zmoylan-pimy nuband has lasted 2 months now so i'm a little proud of that... :)14:11
MyrttiI scratched my Moto360 last week getting stuff from the garage, grazed it against a brick wall. Not end of the world but annoying still :-(14:15
zmoylan-pii wear long sleeves so at least it's behind at least one layer of protection14:15
zmoylan-pii did see android watches for sale in a euro store for €20 last week.  i'm morbidly curious as to how bad they are... :-)14:16
Myrtticheap ones undoubtedly are bad14:17
zmoylan-pithen again i saw my first digital watch when i was in school around 1980 when a rich kid got one and 2-3 years later they were for sale for ir£5 everywhere14:18
MyrttiI love mine. It's a great piece of kit.14:20
zmoylan-piif it broke completely would you rush to replace it?14:22
zmoylan-piit's kinda the ultimate test.14:22
Myrttiquite possibly14:22
MyrttiI'd say about 80% probability14:23
zmoylan-piit's a high number but it isn't 100%... :-)14:23
Myrttithere's lots of stuff going in my life at the moment, and it's a lot of money to consider at this point when things are still shifting14:24
zmoylan-pitrue, but it's the level of sacrifice that we would put towards replacing, repairing something that describes our commitment to it i think14:25
Myrttiwe're slow movers, it's over a month since dsample cracked the screen on his Nexus 514:25
Myrttiwow, Chris Evans stepping down from Top Gear.14:26
davmor2that doesn't surprise me14:28
zmoylan-pimight be the police investigation more than the ratings14:28
diddledanI guess the rumors of trouble were right then14:28
diddledanPolice investigation?14:28
diddledanoh dear14:28
davmor2and that too14:30
diddledangotta love that the media is full with sexual assault stories right now14:32
MyrttiI was just looking at Facebook memories few moments ago14:34
davmor2diddledan: it's to take the edge of the politics14:34
Myrttiyear ago I was waiting for Rolf Harris sentencing to happen14:34
diddledanwith regards to sexual assult, I think of this: https://youtu.be/ccw_lcEb0Mc?t=15614:35
diddledanthe line is very blurry between innuendo, harrassment, and assult14:37
diddledandifferent people have different tolerences for innuendo where one person finds it fun another will consider it bordering on harrassment14:37
diddledanof course then you get the bumholes who go full assault who we all must despise universally14:38
diddledanit’s unfortunately very difficult to prove harrassment :-(14:39
diddledanin other news, kitties are cute: https://twitter.com/emrgencykittens/status/74997743488011059214:47
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daftykinsdiddledan: ah har, the cheese defense15:43
daftykinsapparently the chap i did an iPad digitiser swap for is saying it's misbehaving a lot, perhaps the parts are too cheap after all! bit of a pain though15:45
zmoylan-pior apple checks for replaced non standard hardware and acts the goat to /encourage/ expensive trips to their repair locations /paranoia <_<15:46
zmoylan-piwasn't there an update a while back that bricked a few phones that had fingerprint sensor repaired?15:47
daftykinswell that was sensationalised by the 'press' as always, anyone dumb enough to do a screen swap and not transfer the original home button (sensor) was going to get burnt15:50
daftykinsit stands to reason for security purposes that such a sensor would be tied to the mainboard via serial number or so15:51
daftykinsi think i just got too cheap parts really, the digitiser i got was £20... there's one for £27 claiming to be 'original' on ebay there15:51
daftykinsmost are now saying £12 XD http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw=ipad+air+black+digitiser&_sacat=015:52
SebthreeBQM10HD 17:20
diddledanI was thinking exactly the same thing17:23
daftykinsanother annoying habit :P17:23
diddledanwhat, thinking?17:24
daftykinsnah the blank intros17:24
daftykinsyay for Q2 end, invoice o'clock is here17:38
DJonesdaftykins: You spend to long on irc to be working, so can't see how you can ivoice anybody :)17:46
daftykinsskillful multi-tasking, sir17:47
popeyI don't think any of us can throw that around :)17:47
DJonespopey: daftykins: :)17:48
daftykinsand to think of all those from #ubuntu in need of help that starve now i'm no longer around ;)17:48
foobarryif you have amazon prime, can you buy an add-on item by itself and get free postage?19:05
Myrttino, you need to still buy the 20quid worth of stuf19:14
foobarryi thought prime allowed shipping with any amount of £20:01
foobarryso thats why 25 pack of cdr addon is less than half price of the 50 pack20:04
Myrtti"As long as the minimum order threshold of £20 of qualifying items is met, Amazon Prime members enjoy their regular delivery benefits on Add-on Items. "20:46
diddledanadd-on items are so-called and under special rules because of the cost of picking, not the cost of postage20:52
Myrttiyeah. I got a box of tea today as an addon20:56
zmoylan-pitea... not from a proper tea shop... is that allowed in britain?! :-)20:57
Myrttispecial non-caffeine organic herbal blend21:02
Myrttitisane, I suppose21:02
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daftykinsas handy as it is, i think there's a certain responsibility to not be getting all the kinds of items that the packing will build up from21:44
daftykinsbit horrified seeing a client buy batteries off amazon the other day, given they have a corner ship 2 door down21:44
zmoylan-pibut corner shop would charge more21:57
daftykinsmaybe in tax land21:58
diddledanjust been shown this (not safe for kids who havne’t learned swearing yet) https://www.foaas.com22:09
daftykinsheh my dad still uses a mildly educated phone, but he has some pictures my mum wants to post on facebook (groan) - she asked if he could MMS them to me, then me email them to her...22:17
daftykinsi pointed out the quality of them isn't even worth it XD22:17
diddledanwhy can’t he just mms them direct to your mum?22:18
diddledaneven so you’re right the quality will be shocking22:18
daftykinsdiddledan: well when he sends them to me i get a text from my telco with a site link and passwords to retrieve them, maybe her device is misconfigured22:28
daftykinsdon't honestly know22:28
daftykinsMMS is a tech that we can al move on without though :D22:29
Myrttidaftykins: I've taken into the habit of doing a wish list in Amazon, taking all non-consumables on it and do a search on eBay, and buy from there instead22:31
daftykinswouldn't that be even more likelihood of individual shipments packaged?22:32
Myrttieven made a spreadsheet on what maximum bids are still sustainable in comparison to eBay22:32
Myrttidaftykins: I buy only used, not new22:32
Myrttiso it's already preloved and at least the manufacturing process doesn't add to the carbon footprint22:33
daftykinsi was more thinking the shipping packaging etc22:33
Myrttimaybe, a lot of the sellers use recycled boxes tho22:34
zmoylan-pieven my dumbphone can send pics via email22:35
zmoylan-pithough i usually send them via bt to a tablet or laptop22:36
zmoylan-pii think i have a ftp client on it somewhere too...22:37
daftykinsthink my dad is quite happy to be away from the computers once he leaves the office nowadays22:39
directhexdoesn't MMS cost like ten million quid per message?>22:51
daftykinsmight as well22:51
zmoylan-pii think i received about 3 mms in all the time i've had a mobile phone, 1 when my brother sent a pic of his 2nd son, 1 when a norwegian mate had his first kid and 1 of a traffic jam last year.22:59
daftykinsbet the last was great23:05
zmoylan-piit was from a mate who is always late explaining that for once her lateness was someone elses fault :-)23:21

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