minasotawhat do you all think about this scrip?  https://github.com/Nyr/openvpn-install11:33
Juzzywhat are you wanting to do?16:04
minasotasetup a vpn. I've configured several, this script makes it easy16:06
minasotajust curious how secure it is. I use different settings and never tried pki before16:06
minasotaI also didn't like that the script didn't give any feedback on ufw or iptables changes16:08
minasotaI've always created a "keys" dir in /easy-rsa and used dh2048.pem16:19
minasotaBut reviewing the script, everything looks good, just a different cert approach16:24
minasotabtw, happy 4th everyone16:52
cyberangerHappy 4th minasota22:54

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