SchrodingersScatporjaus: afaik it only removes what it places on the server.  If it's a user created config from them opening then that isn't covered.00:03
Guy1524I just installed ubuntu on a laptop with intel integrated graphics 4600 and cs:go is much slower w/ same settings and there are graphical bugs, ideas?00:04
porjausSchrodingersScat: What do you mean by "the server"? I am pretty new to Linux...this is a laptop install00:04
SchrodingersScatporjaus: s/server/machine/00:05
porjausBut isn't my home folder part of the machine?00:06
porjausand the dotfiles within?00:06
SchrodingersScatporjaus: Those are created after the user runs it, correct?  What's purged would be something in more of a system directory like if it had configs in /etc/, etc.00:07
porjausSchrodingersScat: The app in question was Docky. It was glitchy and I couldn't get the suggested settings to stick. It turned out it was leaving stuff in .cache, .local/share and .gonf/apps and was just applying the same troublesome setting. Not until I searched every directory I could for "docky" and manually deleted all traces did it let me properly reinstall...is this normal? Yes I believe those dotfiles are made when I run the app th00:09
SchrodingersScatafaik normal00:10
MoPacHello. I'm having trouble with a (re-)installation (on a dual boot system, may or may not be relevant). I have a LUKS container with an lvm volume and a root lv inside that. One issue I'm having is that I can't seem to get grub or initramfs to prompt an unlock of the LUKS container before erroring-out because it can't find the vg / root volume.00:10
arobase What the equivalent of xorg-x11-xaut for ubuntu?00:10
MoPacI had a system just like this working fine before, and I knwo I didn't have to make my own hook scripts or anything...00:11
porjausSchrodingersScat: How would I proerly remove all traces of something without doing it manually like that? Is there a command that would remove the bits from my dotfiles as well?00:12
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arobaseDoes anyone know what my blocking me to get Forefox (exacuted from remote RHEL) to display on my Ubuntu14.04?00:20
arobaseI have no issue with Windows laptop +Xming/Putty.00:20
WhiteNightarobase, X-forwarding on ssh?00:25
WhiteNightfrom remote RHEL, when you ssh to the machine, do ssh -X00:26
arobaseBut "ssh -X" do not works. Got : can't display error.00:26
WhiteNight-X allows remote forwarding of X display00:26
arobaseNo, I do ssh - x from my laptop (Ubuntu).00:27
WhiteNightat the target machine, install xauth00:27
arobaseRHEL is my production server.00:27
WhiteNightok, so on RHEL, install xauth00:27
arobasefrom which I launch Firefox00:27
WhiteNightand when  you login via ssh -X ... type xauth list00:28
arobaseI'm able to get firefox from RHEL on my Windows laptop with Xming/Putty.00:28
WhiteNightwhat is the output of xauth?00:28
WhiteNightfor Windows Xming does the job for you, for linux/ubuntu client, ssh -X needs xauth00:29
arobaseI can see many servers on RHEL : with X11 on host 10.0, 11.0, etc.00:29
arobaseOn my Ubuntu it give me localhost:0.000:29
WhiteNightwhat is the output of xauth list?00:30
arobaseOn Ubuntu?00:31
WhiteNightarobase, please follow the steps, I will repeat for you00:32
WhiteNightfrom your Ubuntu machine, do ssh -X to your RHEL machine00:33
WhiteNightand then run xauth list in the same ssh session00:33
arobaseWhiteNight: From Ubuntu laptop : ssh -X IP, cannot connect !00:39
belgianguyI have a weird issue, sometimes I come back to my computer and the password field is filled with characters, but the computer just hangs00:41
belgianguyI have cats, but I would presume that entering any amount of characters shouldn't hang the PC00:42
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django_so i download a .tgz file how do i install it?00:44
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arobaseWhitNight : I can see mny hostname/Unix : 1, or 0, or 10 , followed by MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1 and something like this : 8c5b8dbff32ccbba4c01948fce21ed6700:45
tgm4883belgianguy: what version of ubuntu?00:52
belgianguytgm4883: 15.10 as I'm blocked by the GPU driver (fglrx)00:53
tgm4883belgianguy: what GPU? The Radeon driver covers most things and I read just recently that the AMDGPU driver was released00:54
tgm4883belgianguy: the issue you are experiencing is fixed in 16.0400:54
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belgianguytgm4883: I'm afraid radeon won't be the same perfomance wise, my GPU isn't covered by amdgpu00:55
tgm4883belgianguy: what GPU?00:55
belgianguytgm4883: I'll go and find its name00:56
will__hey, i am using ubuntu 16.04 gnome. My laptop webcam was working fine yesterday but now it not been detected by anything . i have tried lsusb and all. What should i do ?00:56
belgianguytgm4883: AMD Mobility Radeon HD 5800 Series00:59
belgianguytgm4883: (from glxinfo)00:59
belgianguywill__:  maybe check dmseg to see if anything odd occurred?01:01
belgianguywill__: dmesg*01:02
will__yeah let me check it01:02
belgianguywill__: is it an onboard webcam or connected through USB?01:03
maherhi everyone i am new with ubuntu i have  a problem with my grub01:04
will__belgianguy: it is onboard01:04
belgianguywill__: does it show up when you "sudo lshw" ?01:05
belgianguy(grep cam if it has it in its name)01:06
tgm4883belgianguy: hmm not sure. I would have thought a card a few years old would be fine with the radeon drivers01:06
will__getting this with dmesg = "usb 1-1.3: device descriptor read/64, error -32"01:06
will__belgianguy: grep cam does not yield any result .01:07
belgianguytgm4883: It's supported, but the performance hit is too much (it has heat issues as it is) but I'll wait or I'll upgrade the hw (== new laptop)01:07
will__sudo lshw | grep cam01:07
belgianguywill__: what brand?01:07
maherhi everyone i am new with ubuntu i have  a problem with my grub i can't acces to my athor os01:07
will__belgianguy: vaio laptop01:08
tgm4883belgianguy: yea you would either need to upgrade or backport the fix yourself01:08
belgianguywill__: so sony, and it worked yesterday, weird01:08
belgianguywill__: do you have "Cheese" installed?01:09
will__belgianguy: yeah it is weird01:09
will__yeah already tried that01:09
will__it shows no device01:09
belgianguywill__: you'd need to look up by what driver its covered, and maybe lookup that dmesg errpr01:10
belgianguymight be a hardware faillure01:10
belgianguywill__: do you dual boot?01:10
will__belgianguy: yeah will try it in windows01:11
mahermahfiaz, hi01:13
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maherWillis, ping01:13
maherAdbray, ping01:14
bazhangmaher, please stop that01:14
maherbazhang, sorry !01:14
maherhi bazhang   i am new with ubuntu i have  a problem with my grub i can't acces to my athor os01:15
bazhang!grub2 | maher01:16
ubottumaher: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub201:16
maherbazhang, ubottu thanx !01:17
Guy1524hey guys on a laptop with ubuntu, after rebooting, my wireless usb mouse stopped working.  Clicking works but the mouse doesn't move01:19
tgm4883Guy1524: out of curiosity, if you remove the battery from your mouse and put it back in can you move it?01:23
Guy1524tgm4883: checking now01:25
Guy1524nvm it doesn't work in windows either, its a hardware issue01:25
tgm4883hmm ,ok01:26
tgm4883Guy1524: it's not a M310 is it?01:26
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Guy1524its some logitech one01:27
Guy1524just put in new batteries and it works01:27
tgm4883Guy1524: the M310 is a logitch one01:27
Guy1524let me check01:28
tgm4883Guy1524: Did you try just removing and readding the same batteries?01:28
tgm4883Guy1524: I ask, because I have the exact same issue01:28
Guy1524ya I tried that too01:28
Guy1524Ill check the old battery for power01:28
Guy1524ya the old one still has power01:29
Guy1524thats weird01:29
tgm4883yea very odd01:29
tgm4883I've found it happens occasionally when I right click somehting01:30
dyc3so im running a teamspeak server, and some of my users cant connect, and some can. i can connect using server's internal ip but not the external ip. some users can connect on the external ip. any ideas?01:43
user_Why not be Ubuntu support rpm default? , Why not be one kind of packages on all Gnu/Linux distros ?01:46
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user_Why not be Ubuntu support .rpm with .deb by default? , Why not be one kind of packages on all Gnu/Linux distros ?01:47
bazhanguser_, try ##linux or #ubuntu-offtopic01:47
eggggsdyc3, i dont have any answers but i ran into a problem connecting to a paid server had to go by ip and not website name01:48
dyc3eggggs: i tried the ip01:49
OerHeksuser_, better, ubuntu invented and is going to use snap packages, available for many distro now.01:49
OerHekstrolling mirrored.01:50
eggggsanyone have link on bluetooth and  ubuntu?  i got it working one time but forgot how i did it ,   it connects but audio dont make it to headset01:52
OerHekshttps://help.ubuntu.com/lts/ubuntu-help/bluetooth.html good start01:53
eggggsOerHeks ,ty01:54
yuppiehey guys I'm having an issue with logrotate... I have two kafka servers and one is working fine, the other is not compressing logs01:56
yuppieboth logrotate.d/kafka.conf files are the same01:56
OerHekseggggs, maybe reconnecting helps A2DP http://askubuntu.com/questions/775523/after-updating-to-16-04-bluetooth-audio-a2dp-mode-stopped-working01:56
yuppieone server is compressing fine, the other is not01:57
yuppielogrotate.d/kafka.conf: http://paste.ubuntu.com/18428490/01:57
yuppieone server has server.log, that is currently being written to, and then server.log.1.gz, 2.gz, 3.gz, etc01:58
yuppiethe other has no *.gz files01:58
yuppiei can also paste the output of logrotate -d if need be01:59
OerHekscheck /etc/logrotate.conf, # uncomment this if you want your log files compressed #compress01:59
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yuppieOerHeks thanks, it -is- commented right now!02:00
OerHeksoke, 2 places .02:00
OerHekshave fun!02:00
OerHeks(testing it)02:01
yuppieso will my older log files get compressed now?02:01
OerHeksyou did check the other server for this setting?02:02
yuppie-d just said "server.log does not need rotating"02:02
yuppieah, it's also commented there02:02
yuppieso that must not be it...02:02
yuppieOerHeks what did you mean by two places?02:06
OerHeks2 places, current and 2nd server, as you said you had 2.02:06
EmeraldExplorerMy login screen background on ubuntu 16.04 keeps resetting for some reason.02:06
EmeraldExplorerany idea what I should do? (logs)02:07
OerHeksyuppie, hard to say what is wrong here, sure you checked the configs. filepermissions ?02:08
yuppiewhat permissions should i check?02:08
OerHeksnut sure what is hould be, 644?02:09
yuppiei mean what files02:09
yuppie /etc/cron.daily/logrotate perms are the same02:09
yuppieon both02:10
OerHeksyuppie, maybe you need compress + delaycompress.02:21
yuppiewonder why the other server isn't requiring that02:22
OerHeksbut not sure why it is working one one machine and the other not.02:22
OerHeksmaybe it was compressed already.02:23
yuppieyeah one machine already has the compressed stuff02:26
yuppiethe other doesn't02:26
yuppieshould i try replacing compressed with delaycompress for one run?02:26
yuppieor maybe nodelaycompress lol02:26
OerHeksi would delaycompress, as you set fixed size.02:27
OerHeksrename all old logs to .gz and hit logrotate, does that help?02:33
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yuppierename or compress them?02:36
OerHekserr compress would be better yes02:38
tortibWhenever I login to my gnome3 classic desktop i'm presented with some dialog boxes saying the following apps crashed dkms ; lib32gcc1 and libc6-i386 ; anyone know how I can fix this?02:50
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tatertotstortib have you got rid of the dialog boxes, and determined if those apps crash consistently?03:01
tortibtatertots, they do, i get the messages every time I login03:01
tatertotstortib are you just clicking "ok" or "cancel" on the dialog boxes?03:02
tortibtatertots, i click report to see what is actually crashing03:02
tortibit's obviosuly starting again after it crashes because my gnome3 classic session works without problems03:02
anonymissleCan anyone help me with a dual booting problem?03:05
anonymissleWhenever I select boot windows it just reloads grub 203:06
anonymissleIf that is done for then I need help with an adapter not working with ubuntu03:07
anonymissleIf that doesn't work I am screwed03:07
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manhdvanonymissle: can you give more details?03:10
anonymissle@manhdv When I boot up and get into grub it says boot windows and I do that and it goes black then the grub 2 screen pops up again03:11
Tex_Nickyou had windows (version ?) installed first, then installed linux (distro ?), how did you install linux ... etc03:15
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levtimSorry to jump in late, but can you run update-grub or update-grub2 from your linux install?03:16
anonymissleI did that and it said it found windows 10 should I reboot?03:17
levtimDo you know if there are multiple Windows partition, like a recovery partition for example?03:18
anonymissleNo there were two partitions one for linux and one for windows03:18
levtimI think it would be worth restarting to try it again03:19
anonymissleDo be exact I am using lubuntu03:19
anonymisslewoah now I can't use the keyboard with it03:20
levtimWhat do you see on the screen when you can't use your keyboard?03:20
anonymissleAdvance options for Ubuntu03:21
anonymissleMemory test (memtest86+)03:21
anonymissleMemory test (memtest86+, serial console 115200)03:21
anonymissleWindows 10 (loader) (on /dev/sda1)03:21
anonymissleSweet I got it to look like it03:21
levtimanonymissle: and you still can't use your keyboard?03:22
anonymissleI restarted it and then it restarted again when I pressed down03:23
anonymissleNow it restarts the computer when I press down key03:23
anonymisslealright now I can't use the keyboard again03:23
levtimanonymissle: That seems very strange. Do you have another keyboard that you can try?03:24
anonymissleThis one was just working but I guess.03:24
levtimanonymissle: Or could Numlock be coming on or something?03:24
tortibtatertots, well the crashes went away after clearing /var/crash03:29
tortibtatertots, is that because it always reads that dir when logging in?03:29
anonymissleOk so I plugged in another keyboard it still doesn't work I guess I am screwed now03:29
levtimanonymissle: Can you boot into your linux environment?03:30
levtimanonymissle: How were you able to run the grub-update command?03:31
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anonymissleThat was before I rebooted and then this problem happened.03:31
levtimanonymissle: You will still be able to access everything from a LiveCD03:32
levtimanonymissle: Do you have a Windows recovery cd?03:33
anonymissleI can make one]03:33
anonymissleMan this sucks so much03:33
levtimanonymissle: I missed most of your story. Is this a fresh ubuntu install or an upgrade?03:33
anonymissleShows me for trying to do something that plenty of people have done before me03:33
anonymissle@levtim a fresh one03:33
levtimanonymissle: It would be good to make a Windows recovery cd (has to be the same version x64 or x86) and you can repair the boot rec from their03:34
levtimanonymissle: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/92739203:36
anonymisslealright thanks you guys for the help maybe I will see if I cant try this again03:37
anonymissleBut before I go I want to use a netgear wna3100 with linux but every guide I see requires apt-get install and that doesn't exactly work with uh,,, no,,, INTERNETZ03:37
archmonkeyhi guys. I have a fresh xubuntu install. I installed chromium, and it already had firefox. When trying to run netflix in either, it asks me to install silverlight, sends me an exe download, and it fails with each03:38
archmonkeyWhat am I doing wrong? Also, non chromium, just normal chrome isn't in the software repo or in synaptic03:39
tatertotsgool ol silverlight from microsoft03:39
anonymisslego to https://www.google.com/chrome/browser/desktop/ and install with gdevi03:39
anonymissleor try wine apt-get install wine03:40
anonymisslemine as well be helpful while I am here03:40
anonymisslereturn the flavour heyo puns for days03:40
archmonkeylol trying the wine way03:40
anonymissleubuntu = get drunk on wine without drinking a drop03:41
levtimarchmonkey: The official google .deb adds itself to the repo sources and should work with netflix03:41
anonymissle@archmonkey I gave you the link but here we go again https://www.google.com/chrome/browser/desktop/03:42
anonymissleHAVE FUN WITH YOU LINEAR MEDIA!! MYARGH @archmonkey03:43
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archmonkeyTrying to install chrome from that link03:44
Jordan_Uanonymissle: Please limit your comments in this channel to productive support discussion.03:45
anonymissle@archmonkey LINEAR MEDIA03:45
anonymissleoh ok then woops03:45
archmonkeyIt opens in "Software" the package manager but when I click install it works for a fraction of a second then just goes back as if I didn't click install.03:46
levtimyou could try it from the Terminal03:46
anonymissle@archmonkey are you using gdebi?03:47
archmonkeyNo, how would I use gdebi?03:47
levtimarchmonkey: sudo dpkg -i google-chrome-stable-current-amd64.deb03:47
anonymissleAlso why isn't chrome in the repos it is a popular browser and chromium is like a watered down version.03:47
levtimChromium is open source03:47
anonymisslegdebi will be helpful do sudo apt-get install gdebi and use that from now on03:47
levtimGoogle Chrome has proprietary code like the stuff that makes Netflix work03:48
anonymissle@levtim most people don't need that03:48
archmonkeydpkg error is locked by another process > levtim03:48
anonymissle@levtim wait do you have to include the source code to have something in the repos03:48
anonymissletask manager and end whatever you were using to install chrome b403:49
anonymissleor are you installing an update or something from software center03:49
levtimanonymissle: I'm not sure exactly what the rules are, but I think that is part of the deal03:49
archmonkeyI'll just reboot to try to stop whatever this is from being tied up, be back in a while03:49
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Guy1524 [00:09] <Guy1524> hey guys, in windows there is a utility called intel extreme tuning utility that can be used to improve graphics performance by increasing a multiplier, how would I do this manually in ubuntu as the application doesn't support linux04:12
plop_its_ellieGuy1524, you dont need it :P04:13
up2latewhats the diff between desktop and server ubuntu?04:14
Guy1524plop_its_ellie: I dont?  There are no options in the bios for doing this04:14
Guy1524im about to test if the changes carry over onto linux04:14
plop_its_ellieGuy1524, depends on your bios, usually there are multiplier/oc options but I dont really recommend overclocking especially if you dont have propper cooling04:14
plop_its_ellieup2late, the server version doesnt have a desktop or gui on it04:15
plop_its_ellieubuntu server is very minimal, when you install it and run it, its just a command line04:15
up2latecant u just use lxde or something?04:15
Guy1524plop_its_ellie: its on an already hot laptop, but I want just a tiny bit more performance04:15
plop_its_ellieup2late, lol you dont need a gui on a server04:16
plop_its_ellieGuy1524, you are probably making your performance worse by trying to push it because the hotter it gets the more your cpu will throttle its self to maintain its temperature04:16
up2lateso u cant install lxde on a server?04:16
up2latelike u can in debian04:17
Arcaireyou can04:17
Arcairebut you don't really want to, it's another attack vector04:17
plop_its_ellieup2late, you can but i dont see why you would do that04:17
plop_its_ellieyea the more stuff you add, the more of an attack vector it becomes04:17
dax(which is exactly the same as on Debian)04:17
plop_its_ellieGuy1524, if you say your laptop is hot i would recommend dusting it out and apply some fresh thermal paste, you will probably have better performance doing that and keeping the speed at stock04:18
tatertotsor you could start comparing performance and prices on your next laptop with better gpu performance04:19
plop_its_ellieyea if you need the performance just spend the extra money on something with better specs to meet your needs04:19
tatertotsi saw a laptop with a nice gtx 960m at a great price the other day04:20
plop_its_ellietatertots, yea I saw a an acer with a 960m for 500 bucks04:20
tatertotsnvidia gtx 9xx series in a laptop is pretty....drool04:20
smallbatchspeaking of... what are some of the better places to buy prebuilt/tested ubuntu notebooks?04:22
tatertotsdell ships a handful of systems with ubuntu04:22
plop_its_elliesmallbatch, https://system76.com/04:22
=== yuyueshihaoren1 is now known as yuyueshihaoren
xanguasmallbatch:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuPre-installed04:23
smallbatchawesome, thanks!04:23
int-mainI want to have multiple Options in xorg.conf file. How are entries separated? Commas?04:24
plop_its_elliedoes dell count04:26
plop_its_elliei always have trouble actually finding ubuntu stuff on their site04:27
smallbatchSystem76 seems great... Wonder what they'll be like shipping to AU and how their support will be.04:27
plop_its_elliei just clicked the dell.com/ubuntu link and i clicked on customize and was taken to a page with laptops with windows 7 along with windows 10 promotions ._____.04:27
Arcairesmallbatch: awful04:27
plop_its_ellieapparently system76 has lifetime support for ubuntu04:28
plop_its_ellietho idk about their shipping04:28
jqplop_its_ellie: Holy shit, that last desktop comp from system76.com goes up to $46,105 lol04:28
smallbatchXPS DE looks cool... Dell kinda irritates me though.04:29
plop_its_elliejq, lol really04:29
Arcaire... wow04:30
jqIkr lol04:30
Arcaire>6TB RAID 1004:30
jqI just picked all the highest priced options04:31
ArcaireI wonder if this system can run Crysis?04:31
jqThat's ridiculous04:31
plop_its_elliei normally just build desktops04:31
jqArcaire: Rofl04:31
jqplop_its_ellie: Me too, most expensive I built was like 3k and I thought I was being ridiculous04:31
plop_its_elliebut yea system76 prices arent the greatest, but I do hear good things about their hardware04:31
smallbatchmainly just concerned about support should something go wrong.04:32
ArcaireYeah that's why I buy from places with local (Aussie) outlets.04:32
jqsmallbatch: The best way to learn is to fuck shit up, and fix it yourself through trial and error04:32
xangua! Language04:33
ubottuThe main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList04:33
jqxangua: Yeah yeah yeah, forgot what channel this was for a second :P04:34
ArcaireCalm, polite Australian.04:34
Arcairesmallbatch: I've heard good things about the old model of that XPS 13 Ubuntu edition.04:35
plop_its_elliewith all these vendors that sell ubuntu preinstalled, ive noticed there are no cheap sub 300-400 dollar basic laptops04:36
plop_its_elliejust high end stuff04:36
smallbatchWhere would you recommend for local AU support?04:37
deceitbuy a dell04:38
deceitthey openly support linux04:38
Arcairesmallbatch: Dell, probably.04:38
ArcaireI just bought a Metabox, but they're not Linux-preinstalled.04:38
plop_its_ellieso looking at AVA direct, i dont see a single ubuntu computer on there, just windows...04:41
plop_its_elliedont know why its on that list04:41
plop_its_elliesmallbatch, i think you are better off getting a laptop from your local electronics store and install linux on it04:42
plop_its_ellieand look up the hardware first, and run a live usb at the store04:42
plop_its_ellieusually if you go intel you are good04:42
jqsmallbatch: The ubuntu setup is really really newbie friendly04:42
plop_its_ellieand not broadcom04:42
smallbatchyeah, you're probably right... Just really want a powerful workstation, as I virtualize everything.04:42
Arcairesmallbatch: Metabox tbh04:43
plop_its_ellieim taking a look at those vendors and half of them shouldnt be on the list04:43
plop_its_elliesmallbatch, if you want a desktop id recommend just building one04:44
sirriffsalotHow do I completely disable my cpu-scaling? I've tried a lot but my cpu's just won't stay in performance mode...04:49
xanguasirriffsalot: are you using LTP?04:50
sirriffsalotxangua, not sure what that is?04:50
sirriffsalotxangua, google isn't giving the correct abbreviations I'm guessing ^^04:50
prashantis there anyone to help me ragarding the wifi connections in ubuntu 16.04LTS??04:51
prashantis there anyone say hello04:51
jairHello all, I am trying to find an open source / free software that will allow me and my team keep better track of the ports used in the main DC patch panels, the switches/routers and devices connected to any patch panel or switch router04:53
sirriffsalotxangua, ?04:53
xanguasirriffsalot: TLP I mean, sorry linrunner.de/en/tlp/docs/tlp-faq.html04:53
plop_its_elliesirriffsalot, you can put the cpu govenor in performance mode, though i wouldnt recommend that unless you had propper cooling04:54
sirriffsalotplop_its_ellie, I do that, it doesn't matter, it just scales back later anyway04:54
sirriffsalotsudo cpufreq-set -g performance for example, useless in the long run04:54
plop_its_ellieagain with the "trying to maximize your cpu" stuff, if you try to max it out, over clock and that kind of stuff and dont have propper cooling you are just making your performance worse04:55
sirriffsalotxangua, this looks somewhat sketchy, and shouldn't really be necessary04:55
plop_its_elliecuz you are just frying it and it will throttle its self to stay cool04:55
sirriffsalotplop_its_ellie, I'm not trying to max it, just trying to make it somewhat more steady so my fps aren't rubbish :)04:55
plop_its_ellieand it offers very little benefit04:55
plop_its_elliesirriffsalot, then buy a better gpu, tho if you are using something that is unoptmiized by the developers then performance is going to suffer regaurdless04:56
plop_its_elliei dont mean to be rude04:56
sirriffsalotplop_its_ellie, my gpu is not the problem ...04:57
plop_its_elliejust invest in some decent hardware, use propper cooling, keep the machine clean, dust free and keep your video drivers up to date04:57
sirriffsalotplop_its_ellie, I've long since come to the conclusion that the cpu behaves as a bottleneck, now something in Ubuntu is automatically scaling my CPU down, and I want to tell it not to when I need it to be so04:58
plop_its_elliealso certain desktop environments and window managers can affect performance as well04:58
sirriffsalotplop_its_ellie, this is a laptop04:58
sirriffsalotplop_its_ellie, I'm using fluxbox, so that shouldn't have any impact at all04:58
jairThe most important requirement is: multi-users simultaneously (version control support) accessible via the internet (cloud ready)04:58
plop_its_elliesirriffsalot, laptops usually dont have the best cooling04:59
plop_its_ellieits a high end gaming laptop?04:59
jairand, easy to maintain and update by users (via, tablet, mobile, or PC)04:59
ArcaireWould this - http://askubuntu.com/a/523690 - not work?05:00
plop_its_elliebut thats just more of a reason to NOT run it in performance mode05:00
ArcaireI agree with plop_its_ellie but I'm less a fan of denying people who want to shoot their feet access to the means to do so.05:01
plop_its_ellieyou will just be frying it, its probably already getting hot so thats why its throttling05:01
xanguaI just showed you the answer 6 minutes ago05:01
Official-Supportofficial support for ubuntu is ##su.solaris from the coder of ubuntu05:01
sirriffsalotplop_its_ellie, it's a HP Envy dv7 :P05:01
plop_its_elliethere is a package called psensor that lets you monitor your temps05:01
sirriffsalotplop_its_ellie, it should more than be able to handle 1.12.1 without overheating hehe05:01
sirriffsalotplop_its_ellie, it doesn't feel that kinda hot either, temps are all good here05:02
plop_its_elliethat laptop is no good05:02
plop_its_ellieive worked with several of those05:02
sirriffsalotplop_its_ellie, it's more than enough05:03
Arcairehoo boy, pavilions05:03
sirriffsalotplop_its_ellie, this laptop is perfect for my needs :)05:03
plop_its_elliei mean as far as quality05:03
plop_its_ellieyea it works for doing general every day tasks05:03
sirriffsalotplop_its_ellie, sorry that I'm not sporting alienware lol. I bought this several years ago now05:03
sirriffsalotDoes anyone else have any helpful advice?05:03
plop_its_elliesirriffsalot, its fine but thats no good for gaming at all05:04
sirriffsalotplop_its_ellie, I'm playing a game from 2006, aren't you listening?05:04
sirriffsalotplop_its_ellie, on a windows partition it works flawlessly, pipe it05:04
xanguaplop_its_ellie: Arcaire andil I gave you basically the same answer05:04
Arcaire>wow private servers05:04
plop_its_elliewhat game?05:04
Arcaire>playing on HIGHLY ILLEGAL05:04
sirriffsalotArcaire, right on05:04
Arcaire>wow private servers05:04
Arcaireplop_its_ellie: Come on, everyone recognises that version number!05:04
Arcaire1.12.1 is the last version of vanilla WoW, in 2006.05:05
Arcaire(other than Brazilian, which had 1.12.2)05:05
xanguasirriffsalot: Arcaire and I provide you basically the same answer05:05
* plop_its_ellie knows nothing about WOW05:05
plop_its_ellieits a windows game...05:05
Arcaire>Intel HD Graphics 400005:05
sirriffsalotArcaire, if it were illegal they'd shut it all down. I'm not here to debate whether it's right, they ruined that game long ago and I'm just doodling in there with friends when I'm otherwise unoccupied05:05
ArcaireI don't think this + wine is gonna go well05:05
plop_its_elliewell regaurdless, hes playing a windows game on sub par hardware05:06
sirriffsalotArcaire, intel graphics? nvidia geforce GT 650m in there05:06
xangua sirriffsalot  for you "how to disable whatever is scaling down my processor in Ubuntu"question05:06
sirriffsalotxangua, yes please ;)05:06
Arcaire[15:01:43]  <Arcaire>Would this - http://askubuntu.com/a/523690 - not work?05:06
Arcairerefer to this05:06
sirriffsalotxangua, already tried that like I told you05:07
xanguaBoth the same05:07
sirriffsalotxangua, I'll set all cores to 2.4ghz individually, see how that fares05:07
xanguaDid you reboot? sirriffsalot05:08
sirriffsalotxangua, yes..05:08
xanguaThen something else is doing it, did you install cpufrequtilities or TLP?05:09
sirriffsalotxangua, cpufrequtils05:10
plop_its_ellietheres also the ck kernel patch05:11
plop_its_ellieyou can squeeze a bit of extra performance out of that...05:11
sirriffsalotThis is something I haven't tried, circumstances more or less the same: http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/153693/cant-use-userspace-cpufreq-governor-and-set-cpu-frequency05:11
noobfacehi, im trying to search/ install vlc media player through the command line and its not having it. I put in the following ...05:19
noobfacesudo apt search vlc05:20
noobfacesudo apt-get search vlc05:20
charimssudo apt-cache search vlc05:20
xanguaSudo apt install vlc05:20
noobfacethe first returns sorting.. done and full text search done but nothing else05:20
abhvlnoobface, do sudo apt-get update first05:21
noobfaceit says unable to locate package05:22
noobfaceoh wait let me do update.. also note ubuntu is freshly installed05:22
noobfacesome index files failed to download they've been ignored and old ones will be used05:23
noobface.. is what it says05:23
abhvlnoobface, do sudo apt-get update first05:23
turbo64when i start ubuntu mate, grub shows a big grey screen and nothing else05:23
OerHekslet me guess, vivid 15.04?05:24
noobfacejust put command in abhvl and returned previous05:24
turbo64no im running lts05:24
abhvlnoobface, change server to main instead of your country specific05:24
abhvland then again do update05:24
noobface16.04 LTS OerHeks05:24
vbotkanoobface, and you might want to check the status of your mirror https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archivemirrors05:24
noobfaceoh that wasn't for me ha ignore OerHeks05:25
noobfacedo i have to do that on the computer im trying to install.. i have vulurable... wel leverything05:25
noobface**well everything05:25
noobfacehow do i change server to main abhvl?05:26
abhvlnoobface, Ubuntu Software Center -> Sources05:27
abhvlnoobface, after than sudo apt-get update first05:28
noobfaceon the command line?05:29
freecoder_turbo64, do you have a multi-boot system?05:30
archmonkeyso there's no 32bit chrome on linux, so how else would I get silverlight working to watch netflix with?05:30
archmonkeyon a 32bit machine05:30
xanguaFreshplayer maybe05:31
archmonkeymaybe just try to get 64bit on this machine?05:31
turbo64freecoder_: no05:31
freecoder_turbo64, i dont know any efficient alternative to this, but if you cannot boot then try repairing the grub from a live cd. rescatux has "restore grub" program (http://www.supergrubdisk.org/rescatux/)05:33
effectnethello.  how do i start samba?05:34
noobfaceabhvl, ok you lost me, I already did update on command line. Looked for /ubuntusoftwarecenter/sources and in the ubuntu software interface. No where to be found. I m assuming im looking in the wrong place05:34
abhvleffectnet, sudo service samba start05:34
abhvlnoobface, :-(05:35
effectnetfailed to start samba.service: unit samba.service is masked05:35
abhvlnoobface, on your left side menu bar there is one icon of bag. "A" written on it. thats Ubuntu Software Center. Launch it. Inside its Menu-> Softwares & Update -> Server Selection05:36
noobfaceOH! its system settings then software and updates05:36
noobfacegot it.05:36
noobfaceoh, abhvl right thought it was the other one05:37
noobfacemain server was already set05:37
noobfaceperhaps fix function.. do you know one?05:38
effectnetoh geez i was typing something wrong.  lol thx tough abhvl  :D05:38
abhvlnoobface, have you enabled universe repo?05:38
keannehi channel. clean install of ubuntu 16.04 freezes on dual monitor. upgraded kernel to latest 4.4.14 which fixes the dual monitor issue. but, when switching from wired from wireless, no broadcasted SSIDs are shown. walkaround is to restart the network-manager. anyone having this issue? found similar issues in google which are unaswered as well. thank you.05:38
abhvlwelcome effectnet05:38
noobfacedefine repo?05:39
heapis abhvl answer bot?? lol05:39
effectneti don't know05:39
abhvlheap, just feeling happy in Morning. so thought to help people.05:39
effectnetthat would be cool05:39
noobfacewell help is much appreciated :305:40
heapright. you are doing well ;)05:40
noobfacesays: Community-maintained free and open-source software (universe) and i just checked it. Is that what you meant?05:41
abhvlnow update again05:41
noobfacesame response05:42
abhvlnoobface, unable universe, restricted and multiverse05:42
noobfaceomg.. hold on i know what it is05:43
* noobface blushes 05:44
noobfacethat's embarrassing05:44
noobfacehmmm maybe not05:46
noobfacei wasn't connected to wifi but i did and now it says same thing05:46
noobface? lol05:50
effectnetextra energy05:51
noobfacegive me some!05:51
noobfacejk i don't need that i was supposed to be asleep hours ago05:51
effectnetah i am due to sleep to really05:52
turbo64im running ubuntu mate and i noticed that firefox doesnt use my gtk theme even i set it in qtconfig05:52
turbo64or any theme i set05:52
turbo64does firefox in ubuntu use qt5 now or something05:52
hateballturbo64: It uses GTK305:53
effectneti am getting better with ubuntu and it's nice.  i did switch to chromium :O but it is so fast05:53
Guy1524how can I tell if my cpu and integrated graphics are thermal throttling05:53
effectneti will accept negative comments about switching to chromium05:54
turbo64so is there something i can use to configure gtk3 themes in ubuntu05:54
noobfaceok, I don't understand. I reentered sudo apt update and it firsts has trouble connected in the first place, then after alittle it says reading.. dependency tree... read.. all packages are up to date but then its ays failed to fetch -- url and then list them05:55
nikitamogI want my computer to make a beep noise. Any tips? I tried apt--get beep but I don't hear anything.05:56
Xinnikitamog; beep will only work with the system bell05:57
Xinif you dont have a pc speaker05:58
Xinuse aplay instead05:58
Grorcohi I have some questions about how grep and the pipe function work, actually just how do they work lol05:58
hateballGrorco: What are you trying to achieve?05:58
effectnetgrep is a command-line utility that lets you search files for matching text.  is that it?05:58
effectnetoh and output05:59
effectnetand it does more05:59
Grorcohateball: an understanding of how to use grep to search through output from commands05:59
Grorcofor instance I was just trying grep -e 'network controller' | lspci06:00
hateballGrorco: it's the other way around06:00
hateballGrorco: you run a command, then you pass it on to grep using |06:00
hateballGrorco: but if you want to search in files, you can run "grep <searchpattern> /path"06:02
hateballgrep -R, for recursive06:02
anatoliyhi all06:02
CelerityI'm trying to make a permanent switch to Ubuntu, and I am having a weird issue during system start. (Dual booting with Windows 10) Ubuntu refuses to start if a USB hard drive is connected.06:02
noobfaceok, its certainly an internet problem. I am connected to my wifi and password is correct. by firefox or other browsing doesn't work06:02
=== zz_capri^on is now known as capri
effectnetcool switching to ubuntu from win 1006:02
hateballCelerity: what does your /etc/fstab look like?06:03
Grorcohateball: TY! that lead me to another question is there any way to make it not case sensitive and/or use wild cards?06:03
hateballGrorco: -i, ignores case06:03
Celerityhateball: I don't know I need to check06:03
hateballCelerity: if it's for some reason using /dev/sdX instead of UUID, connecting another drive will mess it up06:03
Celerityhateball: This is what it looks like http://pastebin.com/wbeVSCgE06:04
hateballGrorco: well it accepts regexp like anything else. so you could "grep -R [0-9] ~/" to search through your home directory for files containing any number06:04
alakxHi. I have a existing volume group called "wbdk". I just recently increased size of my hard drive. So the question is how can i resize my existing volume group?06:05
hateballCelerity: hmmm that looks fine. to be honest I havent dual booted in over a decade so I don't know if there could be some problems there...06:05
hateballCelerity: Have a look in /boot/grub/grub.cfg06:06
Celerityhateball: Honestly my long term goal is to get off windows completely and just delegate it to VM status. But I'm 'scared' of breaking my workflow instantly.06:06
CelerityI will look at that.06:06
hateballCelerity: grub should also use UUID and not /dev/sdX, or it will break when adding another drive06:07
alakxhttp://pastebin.com/rCAEzXRZ .06:07
archmonkeyhi guys. xubuntu 32-bit on an older system. I think it can't run 64bit. So I want to watch netflix. Keep getting asked to install silverlight, came here earlier to ask about what I should do06:08
hateballalakx: vgextend06:08
archmonkey got told to install chrome, but there's no 32bit chrome, so I'm back06:08
Celerityhateball: This is my grub, if it helps - http://pastebin.com/GqXcD1KR06:08
CelerityI'm looking there as well06:08
hateballarchmonkey: I havent tried it myself, but I suppose you could install 32-bit chrome using WINE06:08
Grorcohateball: can you combine -R with -I so sudo grep -R -I myfile[0-9]06:08
archmonkeymight have to.06:08
hateballGrorco: Yes06:08
archmonkeycommand on xubuntu to get wine ?06:09
hateballarchmonkey: sudo apt install wine06:09
archmonkeyso just grab a windows 32bit chrome exe after wine's installed?06:09
Celerityto me it looks like it's using UUIDs only.06:09
hateballarchmonkey: and then download the windows .exe for chrome, and just run "wine nameof.exe" and it should install to a default wineprefix06:09
archmonkeycool thank you06:10
Grorcohateball: thank you again, I don't know why that seemed so hard reading through it :)06:10
imrarchmonkey: and also https://www.winehq.org06:10
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu06:10
Celerityis there some sort of console output mode that I can use to check what's going wrong?06:10
hateballGrorco: Well man-pages can be tricky if you are not used to them06:11
hateballCelerity: You can go into your grub menu by holding left shift at boot. Edit the boot-line and remove "quiet splash"06:11
hateballAssuming it even gets that far06:11
Celerityit does.06:11
CelerityI'm using the same machine right now.06:11
CelerityAFTER I select Ubuntu, if the USB HDD is connected, it pauses at a blank screen. But the moment I unplug the USB HDD it continues booting as if nothing had happened06:12
Grorcohateball: I think it was more the way pipe worked that got me which is hard to get a man page for lol06:13
archmonkeyfailing to run wine chrome 32bit exe06:17
archmonkeysays its not connecting to the internet06:17
hateballarchmonkey: #winehq for help with apps in wine tho06:17
Grorcookay new question about compiz... I can't see anything on my desktop except the bg06:18
hateballCelerity: how weird. it should only use the (hd1,) stuff if it fails to find the uuid specified, but it seems that's whats messing up06:18
Grorcothe files and shortcuts are there I can right click on them but can't see them06:18
quietpurpleanyone here?06:19
hateball!help | quietpurple06:19
ubottuquietpurple: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience06:19
=== spammy is now known as Guest29965
Grorcowell I tried switching out the back in and still didn't show up but I can see a file to grab and drag it but not right click it now, it's like its hiding behind the background picture06:21
quietpurpleHas anyone experienced network issues with both network-manager and also WICD? I replaced network-manager with WICD and ti seemed to be working fine, but sometimes WICD will stop seeing available networks and suddenly disconnect, exactly like network-manager did. Why would they both have the same problem? I'm running Ubuntu MATE on an Acer Aspire 5750.06:24
Grorcoohh it is hiding behind the wall paper... when I disable wall paper in compiz I can see all of them06:25
archmonkey#winehq is like dead :/ no responses06:25
velushello all i have a little bit of custom php coding that needs to be running all the time, is there a way to turn it so when the server starts up it starts up the bit of php. or turn it into a demon of some sort06:27
hateball!appdb | archmonkey06:28
ubottuarchmonkey: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help06:28
hateballarchmonkey: it tends to have instructions to get various apps running06:29
abhvlvelus, use cron06:29
abhvlvelus, or put it in bash script and add that script to Ubuntu Startup Apps06:29
velushow would i use cron to start the script everytime the server starts06:29
hateballvelus: use @reboot instead of a given time06:29
smallbatchim gonna ask a really stupid question... how do you "reply" to someone in global chat? (please don't judge me)...06:30
hateball!tab | smallbatch06:31
ubottusmallbatch: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.06:31
noobfaceabhvl are you still with me?06:34
smallbatch!tab hateball awesome... thank you!06:36
ubottusmallbatch: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:36
smallbatchnope... messed it uo.06:36
hateballsmallbatch: you just press 'ha' for instance, then <tab> to complete06:37
smallbatchhateball gotcha...06:37
smallbatchthats just embarassing. ha.06:37
=== heap_ is now known as run2u
noobfaceomg please help. Im in a perpetual state of reinstallaiton!06:38
noobfaceI reinstalled ubuntu and its said restart computer, did that and went to screen to reinstall all over06:39
noobfaceoriginally i set my usb to work along side windows and that i could choose which OS i wanted each time I restarted but now it just uninstalls and wants me to start all over06:40
sponixnoobface: Sounds like you just need to modify the boot order so it boots from the Hard Drive (or SSD) instead of the Installation media (CD/DVD/USB)06:40
noobfaceokay how do i do that06:41
smallbatchspeaking of cron, anyone have recommended reference material?06:43
lyzesmallbatch, http://crontab-generator.org/06:44
lyze"crontab -e" to edit the list06:44
smallbatchlyze well thats just awesome. thank you.06:45
lyzeNo problem ^^06:45
Grorcois there anyway to keep you NIC up and running while in hibernate?06:47
Grorconoobface: did you take the usb, or cd out?06:48
Grorconoobface: otherwise you need to edit the order in your bios06:49
noobfaceit looks like it did come out06:52
noobfaceim way in over my head06:53
Grorcowhat came out lol06:53
noobfacemy screen doesn't make any sense .. my computer isn't responding06:53
Grorcowhat did you use to install ubuntu a cd? USB?06:54
Grorcois the usb still in the computer?06:54
noobfaceit is now but if switched it from the current computer im using to talk to you to that one a few times all except one eject was safe06:55
noobfacethe first ejection wasn't safe06:55
Grorcoit'll be okay restart the computer you installed ubuntu on after physically removing the usb drive06:56
noobfacebut i re-reinstalled more like i was in the interphase of installing where if you click quit itll take you to a demo-like screen of ubuntu06:57
noobfacei restarted it after i took out the usb and now there is a TON of error messages. When i attempt to turn it off/on manually it doesn't respond and i plug in the usb and nothing happens. I'm freaking out06:58
Grorcowhat kind of computer is it?07:00
noobfacelenovo c 40 or 50 not sure which07:01
Grorcodid you install it next to windows, or any other operating system?07:01
noobfacenext to windows yes07:01
noobfacewell you could choose from start up now along side it07:02
Grorcoyou have the choice to boot to windows or ubuntu right now when you restart it?07:03
noobfaceno, now i can't see anything but error messages .. i.e. 833.563548} SQUASHFA error: equashfs_read_data failed to read block 0X75b659807:05
Grorcois this a newer computer running windows 8 or 10?07:06
noobfacenew still have the box on w1007:06
noobfacewait! it shut off!07:06
noobfaceit turned back on!!07:07
noobfaceok 3 options07:07
noobfaceinstall ubuntu, OEM , or check disc for defects07:07
noobfaceive tried all but oem and it keeps looping07:08
abhvlnoobface, completely delete your ubuntu and install new one. format /home and / while doing so. take backup of data. do not harm other OS if any.07:09
noobfaceok, i will, what doe you mean by format "/home and /"07:10
Grorcocan you reboot into the live usb?07:11
Grorcowindows start up?07:11
noobfacei selected OEM and it went back to ubuntu install prompt07:11
GrorcoI don't remember if the start up has gparted buit into it :( anybody?07:12
S4L3h1How can I install flash plugin for firefox in ubuntu?07:12
noobfacebut FOR manufactures only07:12
noobfaceOMG im SO over my head07:12
yuyueshihaorenS4L3h1: Just open the official website of Adobe Flash and download the package it gives you.07:15
noobfaceok, im at the options part where it asks whether i want to: erase ubuntu 16.04 LTS and reinstall, erase disk and install ubuntu, or something else .. Please help07:15
hateballS4L3h1: sudo apt install flashplugin-installer07:16
Grorcowhats under something else?07:16
hateballyuyueshihaoren: There's no reason to download things that are already packaged07:16
S4L3h1yuyueshihaoren, bilak07:16
noobfacenothing under Grorco, i select continue and it looks like it gives my space options07:17
S4L3h1yuyueshihaoren, Thanks, thats too hard solution :)07:17
Grorconoobface, can you see the partitions?07:17
yuyueshihaorenhateball: Yes, just in case the flash is not for Firefox.07:18
noobfaceyes it says ...07:18
S4L3h1hateball, Thanks, thats worked for me :)07:19
S4L3h1hateball, fuck `ryban07:19
Grorconoobface, one partition should be ext407:19
noobfacefree space 1.0 MG, sda1 (fat 32) 272.6 MB, sda2(unknown), sda3(ntfs) 181 MB, free space 617 kb, sda7 (ext4) 777.5 GB, sda8(linux-swap), spa4 1.0 (ntfs) sda5(ntfs) 32.3, sda6 524.3 mb07:21
Grorconoobface, will it let you reformat the one labeled ext4?07:22
noobfacereformat? not an option format yes07:22
Grorcoformat it as ext407:23
noobfaceif click on check box it says: size 777523 and gives option to change and says "use as" do not partition07:23
noobfacebut has other options for use as07:24
Grorcoif you can't format it as ext4 from there just delete it07:25
Grorcoand delete sda8 as well07:25
nikolamhimanshu, what do you people use to see and verify digitally-signed PDFs?07:25
nikolamLike now it is usual way of exchanging digitally signed documents, to make them as signed PDF07:26
noobfacei can but it wants to know what to use as .. then i can select format the partition then mount point07:26
noobfacethis is still over my head what do i "use as" ?07:26
Grorconoobface, depends you can go back to your original system and walk away right now or try to fix whatever went wrong with your install07:27
Grorconoobface, which would you rather do07:28
noobfacei feel like im playing with the fait of my computer.. will you stay with me to fix it?07:29
himanshunikolam: sorry, don't know. :P07:29
Grorconoobface, we should be able to get ubuntu installed if you want to go for it07:31
dericzhui am new ubuntu user07:31
noobfaceok lets do it07:31
nikolamI know there is Adobe Reader for Linux, it is proprietary, and there is some evince project to extend it for checking signatures and libpoppler expanding project07:31
nikolamSo If anyone know any working alternative to Adobe reader for checking PDF signatures..07:32
Grorconoobface, okay you want to delete the ext4 file system, and the linux-swap.07:32
vexoongood morning.07:32
noobfacelinuxswap was 8 right.. did that07:32
Grorconoobface: if its asking what to do with it on delete I think there should be an option for unallocated space07:33
noobfaceboth are deleted07:33
noobfaceno ask07:33
Grorcookay do you see the unallocated space on the list now should be at the bottom07:34
noobfacewell, it doesn't say unallocated space but it does says free space in three seperate occasions most of which is 78498907:35
Grorconoobface, format the free space to ext407:37
Grorconoobface, is there an install here option or something on the screen?07:38
noobfacetype of new position and location are needed and mount point07:38
noobfaceoptions for type: primary/logical; options for location: beginning of this space/ end of this space07:39
yingwhere are you from07:40
yingno one?07:41
yingi'm coming china07:41
Grorconoobface, primary and beginning07:41
ubottuThe Swiss !LoCo team can be found in #ubuntu-ch (please speak English there) - Deutschsprachiger Ubuntu Support in #ubuntu-de - Aide Ubuntu en français dans #ubuntu-fr - Supporto Ubuntu in Italiano in #ubuntu-it07:42
Grorcosorry I'm trying to find something and my internet is sloooow :)07:42
yinghow to input the chinese07:42
noobfaceand mount: /, /boot, /home, /tmp/, /usr, /var, /srv, /opt, /usr/local07:43
Triffid_Hunterying: you need fcitx from memory07:43
=== fritz is now known as Guest22728
Grorconoobface, you deleted it07:44
Grorcothat partition had all the files07:44
noobfacei deleted /home?07:44
noobfaceoh so /boot07:45
GrorcoI don't understand what your asking07:45
Grorcodo you have a blank screen07:45
noobfacewhich mount point do i use07:45
noobfaceno black screen. I havn't instlalled yet i still have tell where to mount07:46
Grorcowhat exactly are you looking at is this for the partition still?07:48
noobfaceyes in creat partition07:48
Grorcomount at /07:48
noobfaceok, i said ok .. its loading ..07:49
noobfaceinstall now?07:49
noobfaceok it says: You have not seleted any partitions for use as swap apace. Enabling swap space is recommended so that the system can make better use of available phsical memory and behaves better when phyiscal memory is scarce. You may expersience installation problems if yo udo not have enough physical memory.07:51
noobfaceif says if you don't go back to the partitioning table and assign a swap, the install will continue without.07:52
noobfacego back or continue?07:52
Grorconoobface: ok go back lol07:53
noobfaceok im back07:53
Grorconoobface, sorry when you were asking if to install I thought you meant format07:53
noobfacejust remember noob ...face. :D07:54
noobfaceby the way thanks for helping me. Lesson learned never tinker and drink at once07:54
Grorconoobface: I've been there trust me, 1 month sober yesterday07:55
noobfacecongrats I think07:55
Grorconoobface, okay now I want you to resize the ext4 partition07:55
xsdfdfsadont remember root pw and my user is not in sudoers. Any quick solutions without restart/recovery ?07:56
noobfacehow do i do that07:57
Grorconoobface: can you right click the partition?07:57
Grorcodo you have a back button it may do it for us under the regular install method07:58
noobfaceyeah backing ..07:59
noobfacejust goes to options for install.. erase and reinstall, erase. something else..07:59
Grorcookay go to something else again08:00
Grorcowell have to delete the ext4 partition and resize it that way08:01
noobfacenow there ext 4 AND swamp agian08:01
noobfacelol swap08:01
XinGrorco; you can just boot from the live cd08:01
Xinand use gparted to resize the partition08:02
noobfaceno cd, usb but bad ejection08:02
Xinlol bad ejection isnt a thing since like 199508:02
Xinjust format it08:02
GrorcoXin: I know we can but were already here lol08:02
GuoXjust do IT08:02
noobfacewhateva you know what i mean08:03
Grorconoobface, did you have a choice to pick the size when you did it before?08:04
noobfaceGrorco what do you want me to do .. delete ext 4 and swap again and make new ext408:04
noobfaceyes i did when creating new partition08:04
Grorconoobface, yes this time leave 8 gigs off08:05
noobfacesize is measure in MB. I don't know what 784,990MB - 8gigs is08:06
noobfacethen its 776990?08:08
Grorcoso make it 776,000 it'll be close enough08:08
noobfaceok, are you sure this isn't precisely important08:10
Grorcopretty lol I know it doesn't at all on the 776,000 size that the portion that will be your file system08:11
GrorcoI think min is 25 30 k08:11
noobfaceok, so ok then install08:11
noobfaceoh i see and what is min for swap08:12
GrorcoMine was set by the system at 7.92 gigs, and is currently using none of it I can look it up but itll take a sec08:13
noobfaceno its okay as long as your sure you know what your doing because otherwise id be left to own devises and thats how i got in this mess in the first place08:14
Grorcodid you make that partition?08:16
noobfacenot yet.. was waiting .. not sure what for ..08:16
noobfacemaking it now08:16
tortibis there a wiki or howto on how to setup kvm on ubuntu?08:16
fishcookerhow to set indicator-cpufreq applet to powersave rather than performance.. because after i sleep it always be performance08:16
abhvl!kvm | tortib08:16
ubottutortib: kvm is the preferred virtualization approach in Ubuntu. For more information see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KVM08:16
noobfaceok,install now?08:16
tortibfound it by googling sorry about that, thanks abhvl08:17
DaRBaKA!! hi08:17
Grorconope make the 8 gigs left over into a linux-swap partition08:17
keanne8gig for swap?08:18
keannewhat a waste of space08:18
Grorcokeanne I'm not sure mine08:19
it4salekeanne: hehe yes, especially on ssd's08:19
=== it4sale is now known as Extreme21355
Grorcothe standard install I did set mine at 8 gigs08:19
GrorcoI have a hybrid ssd08:20
noobfacesize 1 MB (that what was there), type primary, location beginning, use as swap area?08:20
Grorcokeanne: what do you suggest for this? cuz I don't know like I said08:22
keanneGrorco: there's no way you would use 8G for swap. if your starting to use 1G for swap, your system will likely to be very sloooow08:23
keanneGrorco: if you have 8G of ram, imho 2G is sufficient enough08:24
Grorcokeanne: I looked it up it recommends the swap be the as much ram as you have for hybernation but who would go into hybernate with that much ram in use?08:25
keanneimho, the old rule of thumb of double the ram size for swap is not applicable in today's hardware08:25
Extreme21355keanne: funny thing is that windows does swap == ram-size :D lately I had a system with 32gb's of ram..08:25
GrorcoI had 16 but lost 808:25
Grorcokeanne: just set it for 204808:26
keannei personally never experienced > 1G of swap use.08:27
Grorcosorry as swap08:27
Grorcoand I meant that for noobface lol08:27
keanneExtreme21355: Windows server?08:27
noobface2048 MB?! i don't think i have that much space08:28
Grorcohow much do you have?08:28
noobfaceBUT i don't have other things on here that i could take off08:28
noobfacei have .. cda1 efi, sda2,sda3 nfts..08:29
Grorconoobface, I thought you left 8 gigs off when you made the ext partition08:29
Extreme21355keanne: no, windows professional08:30
noobfacesda4, sda5,sda6 fat 3208:30
noobfacei did08:30
Grorcobut theres not 8 gigs of free space left?08:30
noobfacelets just try hold on08:30
keannenoobface: if you will be dual booting, the easiest route would be to shrink your windows partition and just allow ubuntu to use the free space08:30
Grorco2048 is 2 gigs08:30
noobfacewait wait wait ... its says free space.. 617 kb, 9.0GB and 728.6 kb08:31
noobfacelet me just see what happens when i do the 204808:32
Grorcokeanne: his install dual install got messed up, were reformating and installing new08:32
noobfaceunable to satify requirements of partition08:33
noobfacelet me try on more thing08:33
Grorconoobface, sorry madame :)08:33
=== Extreme21355 is now known as ExtremeGHz
noobfacelol its quite alright good sir!08:34
noobfaceok i have in 8989 MB of free space, still put in 2048?08:34
noobfaceok, and install?08:35
Grorcois it running?08:37
noobfaceok its says: if you continue, the changes listed below will be writeen to the disks =. Otherwis, you will be able to make furster changes manually. WARNING: this will destroy all data on any partitions you have removed as well as partitions that are going to be formatted. The patition table of the following devices are changed....08:37
noobfacei can list it if you really want. Ok?08:38
noobfaceor go back08:38
GrorcoI'm going to run out and have a quick smoke while it's working I'll be back in 508:39
noobfacelocation, keyboard, pass,installing!!!08:39
noobfaceI'm holding my breathe!08:39
Grorcookay I back whats going on?08:45
noobfacealmost done08:45
noobfacethe real test will be when it restarts08:45
noobfaceinstalll complete, beinning restart08:48
OneriwienI'm in a bit of a pickle here...08:48
OneriwienTried to write a .bin to a USB, bootloader08:49
Oneriwienand now ubuntu doesn't see the flash drive08:49
Oneriwienlike it doesn't even exist even when plugged in...08:49
Grorcowhat did it do?08:49
Oneriwiencan't even format it08:49
noobfaceoptions again.. actually theres 4 options not 308:50
Grorcowhat options?08:50
noobfacethe pther one is try ubuntu08:50
Grorcois the usb still in?08:50
noobface1. try 2. install 3. OEM 4 check disk08:50
Grorcotake it out and restart08:50
keannethe installer will say that you will need to remove the install media and then restart08:50
noobfacejust take it out? just like that08:51
keannepull it out just like that08:51
GrorcoOneriwien, could you see it then it disapeard while writing to it?08:51
OneriwienI wrote to in in windows08:52
noobfaceokay... usb is out .. here goes restart 3:'08:52
Oneriwieneven plugging it back in does nothing...08:52
GrorcoOneriwien, in windows or ubuntu?08:53
noobfaceim yellow..08:53
OneriwienI'M currently in ubuntu08:54
GrorcoOneriwien, I mean it wont read in either one?08:54
OneriwienWon't read in either one08:55
noobfacelogged in under windows .. nothing is happening08:55
Oneriwieni can't believe a flash drive can just go ghost like this08:55
Oneriwienmust be some overwritten firmware08:55
Grorconoobface, okay you need to reboot, but this time you need to get to your boot options for me its hitting esc immediatly after start up and then it'll give a list08:56
noobfaceso restart and wait for a sign of life THEN esc?08:56
Grorcooneriwien you said it was a bootloader does it still work?08:57
OneriwienDoesn't seem to work on a laptop08:57
OneriwienI'll try right now08:57
Grorconoobface, yes just keep hitting escape if its not that can try f8 to get to bios for f2...08:58
noobfaceok.. one sec08:59
OneriwienDoesn't seem to work as a bootloader even09:00
Grorconoobface, I just found one site that said it was f12 for the lenovo c 4009:00
noobfaceoh no wonder09:00
noobfacegot it09:01
GrorcoOneriwien, Sorry if it's not toasted I'm not sure what to do :)09:01
noobface3 options: windows, ubuntu, ubuntu09:01
Grorconoobface, ubuntu09:02
noobfacewhich one09:02
Oneriwienseems that the firmware was overwritten09:02
Grorcodoes it say a sda number09:02
tulphoonthe one that doesn't have "recovery-mode" in name09:03
noobfacei can also enter setup09:03
Oneriwienrip flash drive...09:03
Oneriwienoverwritten firmware = dead09:03
Grorconoobface, try the first 1 I guess09:03
noobfacebut what if its corrupted and i can't go back09:04
Grorconoobface, you'll be able to you just will have to restart and try the second 109:04
noobfaceoh ok09:04
riqjhello everyone, in 16.04. my 'enable wifi' option in the network menu is grayed. how can I reactivate it? I found an online solution for 12.04. but I dont know if it suits.09:05
noobface3 options ubuntu/advanced/....09:05
noobfaceblack screen!09:05
noobfaceubuntu is loading09:05
riqjcan I apply this?09:05
Grorcoriql try services network-manager restart09:05
noobfacei think09:05
tortibdoes anyone here run kvm on ubuntu?  I'm trying to install windows and it's really slow09:05
noobfacei reached the desktop!!09:06
Grorconoobface: YAY!09:06
noobfaceYAY! wait lets check it09:06
riqjGrorco, can it be 'service network-manager restart' ?09:06
Grorcoriqj yes sorry09:07
noobface-- Preparing for shipping to end user--09:07
noobfacei don't think this ones it09:07
noobfacethat or unintall that09:07
riqjGrorco, no, no problem :)09:07
Grorcoriqj did it help?09:08
riqjGrorco, it worked, thank you very much!09:08
Grorconoobface, your desktop was built to run ubuntu I would go ahead with it. hopefully it will be all ready to go09:09
Grorcoriqj: NP :)09:09
vexoonive installed a program using apt-get, and an upstart script has been created. now when I try to start the service it looks for the daemon script in /usr/local/bin instead of /usr/bin/... Cant figure out how to fix this (except to cpoy the script but that should not be done rly...)09:10
Grorcoit pooped up when I was search for your desktop forever ago09:10
noobfaceinternet isn't working still... maybe i should go back and go second09:10
noobfacei knew i got the right one :))09:11
akikvexoon: check with dpkg -L package that the script is really in /usr/local/bin09:11
vexoonits not there, its in /usr/bin... but I wonder why upstrt keeps trying to start it in /usr/local/bin09:11
akikvexoon: look into /etc/init for that09:12
Grorconoobface: is everything working but the internet?09:12
vexoon@akik thx, found it!09:12
noobfacestill testing09:13
Grorconoobface: are you using an eithernet cord? or wifi09:14
noobfacedoes ubuntu have its own hotspot????09:14
noobfacewell apparently im connected to the wireless hotspot that is the computer09:15
kjellhej hej09:15
Grorconoobface, your computer?09:15
noobfacenope nope not right09:15
noobfacetrying my personal hotspot to see if its type09:16
GrorcoDevAntoine, hi09:16
pepijndevosIs there a way to cat system audio to a tty?09:16
Grorcowell noobface it's been fun, I need to go call work and figure out if I'm working today then goto bed :)09:19
noobfaceinternet works .. wifi is down still checking others09:19
noobfaceholy shit i didn't mean to keep you up. WEll i don't know what time it is over there but thank you so much for al your help09:20
pepijndevosSince /dev/audio doesn't exist in ALSA land, I need to find another way.09:20
GrorcoGlad you got it working, the internet can be tricky, if you have ethernet cord use it to get the upgrades under system>administration menu09:20
* noobface gives Grorco internet hug 09:20
Grorconoobface it's 5:20 am :)09:20
noobfaceid give you a bottle of wine but thats insensitive09:20
GrorcoI would drink a glass with you if I could :)09:21
noobfaceyeah thats just about right.. im supposed to drive over a mountain pass in 4 hours !! what the fuck is my problem!09:21
ikonianoobface: please don't swear09:22
ikoniathere is no need and it's not allowed in here09:22
noobfacesorry :#09:22
Grorcoalright goodnight :)09:22
noobfacegoodnight thank you again09:23
molinuxellow !!!09:23
dericzhu_using xchat09:26
=== messi is now known as Guest87049
pepijndevosIs there an alsa tool to output raw sound data?09:26
anonymous_hii :)09:38
=== jussi is now known as tomaattti
SU-SOLARIShi ubuntu , We are the coder of ubuntu , the official support for all os is ##su.solaris and ##xWindow09:45
SU-SOLARISis not here09:45
SU-SOLARISdidn't you'r ceo already said it09:46
SU-SOLARISdon't beleive me09:46
joeliophish phsih phish09:46
SU-SOLARISsee this video09:46
bapunsudo rm -rf /SU-SOLARIS09:47
joeliotaints the kernel09:47
GitCublol bapun09:48
craptalk anyone here?09:50
xdswhat is a k-line? :P09:51
craptalkwould purge my unity cause an error?09:51
EriC^^xds: ban from the network09:52
linuxHey ubuntuans , is it possible to control pcb from root ?09:56
linuxAnybody alive09:56
linuxHey ubuntuans , is it possible to control pcb from root ?10:01
platzhirschHow do I downgrade my kernel version? I have two versions installed, 4.4.0 and 4.6.3, currently on 4.6.3. Is it save for me to purge 4.6.3 and then reboot?10:03
MoziMi downloaded a 2gig .tar.gz file to my thumbdrive and it's taking a very long time to extract the content to the thumbdrive itself. anyone know why this might be happening? i simply right clicked and used the default archive extractor in ubuntu.10:06
Palm_premiumMoziM: Probably because of the limited bandwith, USB isn't exactly fast.10:07
MoziMPalm_premium, :/ is there any command to perhaps speed things up a bit?10:08
Palm_premiumMoziM: I would recommend saving the tar.gz on disk and extracting to the thumb drive10:08
Palm_premiumMoziM: no10:08
MoziMok will do10:08
linuxHey ubuntuans , is it possible to control pcb from root ?10:09
=== GitCub is now known as GitBub
linuxcontrol refers to show, save on drive, etc.10:10
tatertotswhat are you trying to do linux?10:10
Palm_premiumlinux: What kind of PCB, like RasberryPI?10:13
linuxPCB refers to Process Control Block10:13
Palm_premiumlinux: Or Printed Circuit Board :-P10:15
tatertotswhat are you trying to accomplish linux?...being vague doesn't help when you're looking for help...unless you want vague answers10:15
tatertotsif that's what you're looking for...just read the manual...which one you might ask?..well since you were vague..just read them ALL10:16
=== spammy is now known as Guest93444
linuxJust want to know if I can watch contents of pcb for a process from os or terminal ?10:17
=== Guest93444 is now known as spammy
tatertotswhich process?...do you know the name of the process?10:19
linuxany process10:19
linuxWell is it possible by the way ?10:19
ducasselinux: to watch a process, you can use strace10:19
tatertotsany process you said?...there ya go10:21
bazhanglinux what version of ubuntu is this10:21
Triffid_HunterMoziM: yeah 1) most thumdrives are fairly slow to write and 2) they get even slower when you're constantly swapping between read and write10:21
=== pax2you1 is now known as pax2you
tatertotsps displays information about a selection of the active processes. If you want a repetitive update of the selection and the displayed information,10:22
tatertotsuse top instead10:22
bazhanglinux please give some very clear details about your issue, what you are trying and what you hope to achieve, all on one line10:23
tatertotsand how come the ubottu doesn't know "ps" wtf?10:26
tatertotsit certainly should, unless my irc ubottu syntax was incorrect10:26
tatertotshmm i've only seen other people use the "!"command thing10:27
akiktatertots: you can search ubottu at http://ubottu.com/10:28
tatertotsit knows !ls10:28
tatertotsbut not !ps or !fdisk...interesting10:29
=== ghostcube_ is now known as ghostcube
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal10:29
tatertotsguess it's not perfect10:29
=== alexandr1 is now known as alexandros_c
nils_IS there an easy way to run the latest kernel from debian jessie-backports on ubuntu trusty?10:34
ducassenils_: why not use a kernel from the lts enablement stack instead?10:36
k1lnils_: dont mix the kernels10:36
k1lnils_: what is the issue? why you want a debian kernel?10:36
nils_I need version 4.5 or 4.6 with ZFS.10:36
k1l!mainline | nils_10:36
ubottunils_: The kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds10:36
linux_I ask in a simple way is it possible to get the hardware state of my system at any time at any time ?10:36
nils_and I'd rather not build it myself since other people have to maintain the system10:37
linux_something like a snapshot but I just need to know the current state at a moment say now10:37
k1lnils_: 16.04 ships 4.4 isnt htat enough?10:37
linux_now I think its clear ?10:37
linux_waht i need !10:37
nils_k1l, nope, the feature I need is >4.5 only.10:37
k1lnils_: then look at the mainline builds10:38
tatertotslinux please give some very clear details about your issue, what you are trying and what you hope to achieve, all on one line10:38
ducasselinux_: what hardware state?10:38
nils_k1l, the mainline build doesn't allow for dkms builds since it's built with -fstack-protector-strong10:38
linux_hardware state : registers, stack and others such10:39
linux_if possible ram too !10:40
tatertotsmany pieces of hardware are inside of the modern computer. Motherboard, cpu,gpu,memory,disks,optical drives, expansion cards ect10:40
tatertotstry dmidecode10:40
linux_registers , stack and ram (if possible)!10:40
k1llinux_: i dont understand. maybe "lshw" is already enough for you10:40
tatertotsyes lshw or dmidecode10:41
akiknils_: kernel 4.6 mainline builds support nvidia dkms setup10:41
nils_akik, yeah it's actually zfs which doesn't build with 4.5.7 or 4.6.3 from mainline10:42
nils_linux_, so you want an image of the system state? Basically like suspend to disk but without shutting down the system?10:42
=== darren is now known as Guest34980
nils_so the best way for me is probably to build my own kernel and live with the fact that others may be unable to upgrade10:44
linux_nils : nearly ya but snapshot is the word to describe it more properly !10:44
nils_linux_, that's more a matter of semantics than implementation I guess. It's also easily accomplished for virtual machines.10:45
BluesKajHey folks10:46
tatertotshey blue10:46
BluesKajhi tater10:46
linux_nils : What you replied was the matter of what I'm tyring to achieve through a project i.e., to visualise the contents of the hardware state -> save in a file -> implement it virtual manner or implement on a host machine !10:51
linux_If anybody possess knowledge regarding same may help me design the utility10:52
linux_By the way why is it easier to implement in virtualization ? Do you virtualization of resources ?10:54
nils_it's easier to freeze the machine and access the data from the outside.10:54
linux_* Do you -> due to10:54
linux_to freeze the machine ?10:55
linux_Did you mean save state?10:56
nils_kinda, it's what's used for migrating virtual machines from one host to the other. The machine is paused and the state of the machine is transferred to the new host10:58
linux_Ya that's similar to snapshot11:00
linux_used in clouds widely !11:01
whoI cannot access my ubuntu 16.04 account11:01
=== who is now known as Guest96081
Guest96081after updating11:01
Guest96081anybdy can helpme to11:02
linux_Well I do have a solution but that's partial ! I can only retrieve running processes but not their state !11:02
linux_That's the issue !11:02
KuroloxHello. I'm trying to manage an ubuntu 15.10 container, but for some reason it came without dbus. I've managed to pass the .deb files to the container and install dbus manually, but it seems like it's not being executed at boot. How can I be sure that upstart is trying to launch dbus? How can I execute dbus manually?11:02
Guest96081linux_ ok I am open for suggetions11:03
linux_Do anybody knows how to join ##linux from webchat.freenode ?11:04
bazhang /join ##linux  linux_11:05
nils_linux_, well cloud hosters will usually snapshot only the block device11:05
ubottuUbuntu 15.10 (Wily Werewolf) was the 23rd release of Ubuntu. Download at http://releases.ubuntu.com/15.10 - Read the release notes at http://ubottu.com/y/wily - Scheduled to go EOL in July, 201611:05
bazhangthas eol this month Kurolox11:06
linuxDoes ##linux requires any authentication ?11:06
linuxI cant speak!11:07
k1llinux: look at the channels topic11:07
Kuroloxoh, end of life11:07
KuroloxI believe 16.04 have the same problem and come without dbus11:07
KuroloxI'll give a try again anyways11:08
linuxno that refers to https://linux.chat/how-to-connect/ but it does not contain info to connect through webchat !11:08
lyzelinux, have you registered?11:08
ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode11:09
bazhanglinux you are not in that channel right now11:09
k1llinux need a unique nickname and register it to talk in some channels11:09
k1llinux: ask in #freenode for help. or query a staff on "/stats p" if you cant talk in #freenode11:09
abhvllinux, you can join that channel. but to speak you need to register.11:10
Kuroloxbazhang: Same thing with 16.04. Can I get help now?11:13
KuroloxI just want to know how to launch dbus manually11:14
bazhangKurolox, you can still get support on 15.10 now, I was just alerting you to the upcoming eol-age11:14
ewethi, is there a known problem with TLS/SSL encryption or HTTPS specifically? I can get Chrome and Firefox to crash reliably by just visiting https://www.alibaba.com/11:18
ewetIt doesn't crash on Tor Browser. wich makes me tink it's a shared library.11:19
Ben64works here, must be something in your setup11:19
k1lewet: try wihtout your plugins and a new profile11:19
ewethttps://1password.com/ is another address11:19
ewetk1l: this version of Chrome is completely fresh11:20
k1lewet: or start the browser from terminal and see the error output11:20
k1lewet: works here11:20
ewethmm weird, I'll inspect11:22
madghostIs in ubuntu something to read Net Flow Packet files ?11:28
antimistanybody up?11:29
antimistI need help with my wireless connection11:29
lotuspsychje!zn | farsight_11:29
lotuspsychje!cn | farsight_11:30
ubottufarsight_: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw11:30
antimistmy wireless connections keeps dropping11:30
antimistafter like 2-3 minutes of connection11:30
lotuspsychje!details | antimist11:31
ubottuantimist: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.11:31
antimistrunning xubuntu 14.0411:31
antimistalong with all the latest updates11:31
hateballantimist: run "dmesg" in a terminal after it drops, see if it's spitting out any errors11:31
hateballantimist: also, what chipset? "lspci -k"11:32
antimistall i get is a Authenticated11:32
antimistand then RX AssocResp11:32
antimistwhich then states associated11:32
farsight_where are you  come from??11:32
k1l!paste | antimist11:32
ubottuantimist: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.11:32
antimisti'm on my iPad because I cannot connect to the internet on my ubuntu11:33
k1lwhat exact hardware chip is used for wifi? "lspci" will tell you11:34
antimistgive me a sec11:34
antimistRealtek RTL8101 Ethernet controller11:35
farsight_Reinstall the wireless network card driver11:35
farsight_believe me11:35
hateball!behelpful | farsight_11:35
ubottufarsight_: As our !guidelines say, "When helping, be helpful". If you're not familiar with the issue at hand, let someone else handle it instead of making !offtopic comments or jokes.11:35
antimistand for Network Controller: Intel Wireless 316011:36
hateballantimist: Is this a N network?11:36
KuroloxHow can I manually start the dbus daemon / make it start at startup?11:36
hateballantimist: Some intel chipsets/drivers have troubles with that, so you can disable wifi in the driver to test it at least11:36
antimistwhat is "N" ?11:36
antimisti have no idea on how would you go about that, hateball11:37
k1lantimist: the wifi n standard. sending on a different Ghz frequency11:37
antimistoh that11:37
antimistlet me check11:37
hateballantimist: running "iwconfig" should show11:38
k1lsome manufacturers send drivers for linux that are very bugged and cant use N and drop out11:38
antimistiwconfig shows11:38
hypermistwhy you antimist  D: im hypermist are you anti against me :P?11:38
hypermist*ot* sorry =D11:39
antimistFrequency: 2.412GHz11:39
k1lfarsight_: "/join #channelname"11:39
hateballantimist: run "lspci -k", which module does your wifi chipset use? iwlagn ?11:39
antimistrunning that11:39
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antimistquick question about the chipset. the motherboard or the wireless one?11:41
hateballantimist: The one you're having trouble with11:41
hateballantimist: ie the Intel one. As the Realtek one is ethernet.11:42
antimisti get intel wireless 3160 dual band ac11:42
antimistkernel driver: iwlwifi11:42
hateballantimist: alright, we can try and reload the driver with N support disabled and see if that helps things11:43
antimistuh but how?11:43
antimistsort of new to the wireless part of things11:43
KuroloxHow can I manually start the dbus daemon / make it start at startup?11:44
Palm_premiumKurolox: /etc/init.d/dbus start11:45
Palm_premiumKurolox: To start it automaticaly at boot use update-rc.d11:45
hateballantimist: gimme a sec, on phone :|11:47
antimistah well, that's okay11:47
antimistbtw, analysing syslog. i notice the dnsmasq is set to
antimistis that normal11:48
antimistbecause when I was analyzing the iptraf-ng it seemed to all go through that causing trouble11:49
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KuroloxPalm_premium I'm not really sure about how to use update-rc.d. Dbus already have a init.d script, so I shouldn't have to generate another one with update-rc.d.11:53
Palm_premiumKurolox: There is a default script in /etc/init.d/ update-rc.d create a bunch of symlinks in the /etc/rc*.d directory which get called when the system boots.11:54
Palm_premiumKurolox: running "update-rc.d dbus defaults" should configure it to start on most runlevels11:55
Kuroloxit doesn't seem to work though11:56
Kuroloxit's still not launching at startup11:56
ihatemyispKurolox: which version of ubuntu11:56
ihatemyispsystemd should start a session for you then11:56
Kuroloxthing is, systemd doesn't seem to work correctly because dbus is not running11:57
ihatemyispforget about init.d/ rc.d etc11:57
Kuroloxroot@terminator:~# systemctl start dbus.service Failed to connect to bus: No such file or directory11:57
Palm_premiumKurolox: when trying to start dbus using the init script, does it actualy start?11:57
ihatemyispis it really not running or is your env just messed up?11:57
ihatemyispalso is this in some chroot/similar+11:58
KuroloxI think I should mention that this is not a proper ubuntu installation but a container generated with debootstrap11:58
hateballantimist: "sudo modprobe -r iwlwifi && sudo modprobe iwlwifi 11n_disable=1"11:58
ihatemyisppgrep -a dbus11:58
hateballantimist: this will reload the wifi driver and disable N. It's only temporary tho, and the usual options will be used next boot11:58
ihatemyispKurolox: yes, being in a container does somewhat explain it11:58
ihatemyispKurolox: what are you actually trying to do?11:58
KuroloxJust get an ubuntu container to work11:59
Kuroloxbut for some reason it comes without dbus11:59
antimisthateball: i'll try that11:59
ihatemyispwhat kind of container11:59
ihatemyispand do the pgrep ^11:59
archieah great something works12:00
Kuroloxhm, I don't really know how to answer that. generated with debootstrap and acessed with systemd-nspawn12:00
ihatemyispthat is not a container at all really12:00
KuroloxWell, it's not yet because I can't really use machinectl to access it because dbus is not installed12:01
KuroloxAbout the pgrep12:01
ihatemyispyou use machinectl from the outside12:01
KuroloxI can't use machinectl from the outside because in order to use it both systemd and dbus have to be installed and working inside of the container12:02
Kuroloxbut dbus is not working, so I can't use it12:02
ihatemyispplease use a sane pastebin like bpaste.net gist.github.com ptpb.pw12:02
Kuroloxghostbin is enough?12:02
antimisthateball: now the authentication keeps failing12:02
Kuroloxhttps://ghostbin.com/paste/7md3c ghostbin it is then12:03
hateballantimist: But you can still see the network? Weird.12:03
antimistfor the wifi12:03
ihatemyispdon't use init.d12:03
hateballantimist: well, you can undo the operation either by a reboot, or "sudo modprobe -r iwlwifi && sudo modprobe iwlwifi"12:04
ihatemyisphorrible mess of a "comability" layer that just breaks things12:04
Kuroloxwithout init.d it's not running12:04
ihatemyispmake sure that the dbus service is symlinked correctly12:04
ihatemyispthe init.d compability actually breaks more things than it fixes12:04
antimisthateball: checking if the network uses N network. give me a sec12:05
ihatemyispyou should have /usr/lib/systemd/system/multi-user.target.wants/dbus.service  which would start dbus automaticly12:05
Kuroloxthe symlink created by updaterc, right?12:05
KuroloxI'll check12:05
ihatemyispor whatever target you are using12:05
ihatemyispif not then you can symlink in /etc/systemd12:05
k1lKurolox: what ubuntu is it in the container? and where did you get that container from? what vm software is that?12:06
KuroloxUbuntu is (or should be) the container, I've generated it with "debootstrap xenial containername http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/"12:07
Kuroloxihatemyisp: Indeed, dbus.service is there12:08
antimisthateball: it seems to be using G though12:10
nachtkriechershould i really install tightvncserver and not the out of the box vncserver12:10
antimisthateball: iwconfig shows Bit Rate: 39 MB/s12:15
antimistwlan0 IEEE 802.11agbn12:15
antimistand Power Management Off12:15
antimistLink Qual: 70/7012:15
antimistit may not be a driver issue12:16
hateballantimist: well that looks good then. but I wonder why it cuts out12:16
hateballantimist: yeah, do you have any other devices to test with? it could be the router12:16
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antimistthe iPad and Phone are connected to same router and work12:16
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antimistalso my system is a dual boot, withe Windows 10 which also works12:17
antimistokay I don't know if this i12:17
antimist* i can access the internet for like 5 min and then the internet drop12:18
antimistincluding LAN12:18
antimisti can't access the router settings as well12:19
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antimistlet me check my settings on windows12:23
apostagihi. i need help!!! i want to delete the lost.dir on my flas drive. how can i do it in terminal? would you give me a command? i appreciate your help12:26
YankDownUnderapostagi: "sudo rm -rf lost.dir"12:28
soupnanodesukarapostagi: rm -r lost.dir12:28
Palm_premiumapostagi: carefull with -rf , if you have space in your dirname you'l get a nasty surprise12:28
Palm_premiumapostagi: use quotes around your path name12:29
apostagi<YankDownUnder> thank you, but it did not work... it says this command is not found...12:34
apostagiI am beginner...12:35
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YankDownUnderapostagi: In a terminal, in the directory where you want to remove that "lost.dir", you would type: sudo rm -r "lost.dir"12:36
apostagiI typed that:/media/apostagi/9016-4EF8/LOST.DIR $ sudo rm -r "lost.dir"12:37
nachtkriecherhow do i check if vncserver is running12:37
nachtkriechervncserver -list doesn't work12:38
abhvlnachtkriecher, ps aux | grep vnc12:38
apostagiBUT is says rm: ”lost.dir” you can not delete it: theres is no such a directory or file12:38
k1lapostagi: its case sensitive12:39
k1lapostagi: and the lost.dir is made from the filesystem where it puts recovered data on a fsck12:39
YankDownUnderapostagi: Then possibly you're not in the directory where that "lost.dir" directory is, hmm?12:40
antimisthateball: i might have got it working12:41
antimistbut i am not really sure why12:41
apostagiit is possible... but you looked my path way... I opened my lost.dir directory with the terminal. DId I right or not?12:41
antimistI changed the Security on the Router tojust WPA2-AES12:42
antimistInstead of TKIP+AES and then rebooted12:42
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apostagiit says this filesystem or directory may not be deleted... crazy... it has 12 gb datas what I want to delete... please help me! THank you!12:48
Ben64apostagi: pastebin the full command and error12:49
akikapostagi: it's LOST.DIR, not lost.dir12:49
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apostagiBen64> I do not understand what you wrote me... sorry... could you say it in another way? thanks12:52
apostagi<akik> I tried it as LOST.DIR but the same problem...12:52
akikapostagi: you need to leave the LOST.DIR directory until it can be removed12:53
akikapostagi: before it can be removed12:53
Ben64apostagi: you're typing a command and it is giving you an error. paste all of that into the box on http://paste.ubuntu.com and give the resulting link here12:53
ComManpeople i have an important bery NOOB question, MPI is supposed to devide a calculation between CPUs, thus running the calculation fast. Is this correct?12:55
apostagiunfortunately It is in hungarian... how can I switch to English?12:58
SiliconeValleygo to system settings12:58
Ben64apostagi: can you read hungarian?12:58
Palm_premiumapostagi: you got a readonly file system :P12:58
Palm_premiumThanks google translate ;)12:58
Ben64indeed, read only, looking at the error helps12:59
hateballapostagi: you can run "LC_ALL=C command" to get the output in english, for paste purposes12:59
Palm_premiumapostagi: you need to remount the device, first run "mount" and look at your device name (looks like /dev/sdc" )12:59
SiliconeValleywhat is Írásvédett fájlrendszer12:59
Ben64"read only filesystem"13:00
sz332i try to install ubuntu from packer behind proxy13:00
Palm_premiumapostagi: Then "mount -oremount,rw <dev name>"13:00
sz332i think that during installation it is not able to find the proxy setting (it is using preseed.cfg)13:00
Palm_premiumapostagi: And then retry deleting the files13:00
apostagiírásvédett means read-only13:00
sz332any idea where i could check whether the proxy is configured, or not?13:00
sz332apostagi: üdv :)13:01
apostagiüdv! Még egy magyar! :)13:01
ubottuOdgovarajuci kanal za Hrvatski jezik je #ubuntu-hr, molimo Vas da se pridruzite tom kanalu ukoliko trebate pomoc za Ubuntu, hvala.  Croatian language support in #ubuntu-hr13:01
sz332apostagi: do you have any idea how i could check what i wrote above?13:02
ComManpeople i have an important bery NOOB question, MPI is supposed to devide a calculation between CPUs, thus running the calculation fast. Is this correct?13:02
SiliconeValleywho can help ComMan13:02
apostagisorry sz332 I don have any idea... kezdő vagyok és ehhez nem értek... ;)13:03
akikoh it's !hu for hungarian13:03
ubottuMagyar nyelvű segítséget az #ubuntu-hu csatornán talál13:03
sz332well, i am quite happy to get answer in english :)13:04
apostagiyes I know and I have already written on ubuntu-hu, but theres is no answers...13:04
Ben64apostagi: the point is, speak only english in this channel13:05
soupnanodesukarCanMan: yes, though I have yet to see a program use MPI. OpenMP is much more popular.13:05
Ben64apostagi: remount the thing rw, move the hardware lock if the device has one, or get a new device because yours is broken13:06
k1lComMan: ask the #python guys about that specifics13:06
Kapuhhello anyone in her knows a good free work shift planner ?13:08
ComMank1l: ok13:09
HoolaMy plasma 5 has frozen as in the start bar and taskbar and widgets dont work alt + f2 and alt + tab work what should I do I have 2 konsole apps open one doing an apt-get upgrade13:09
Hoolafirefox runs13:09
SiliconeValleythis is a big stuff13:09
Hoolausing ubunut 16 lts13:10
SiliconeValleyif you force close = lock problem stuff13:10
Hoola16.04 lts to be precise13:10
SiliconeValleyis the apt-get upgrade still working13:10
HoolaSiliconeValley: Ok I will wait for apt to finish and then reboot13:10
Hoolamaybe that is the safest solution13:11
SiliconeValleyHoola: Perfect.13:11
HoolaI was just wondering if killing plasma shell was a bad idea I guess it is13:11
Palm_premiumSiliconeValley: why is force close a problem ?13:12
Palm_premiumSiliconeValley: in rare ocassions i had to reboot hanging servers but ussualy a repair and reconfigure solved most of my problems?13:12
SiliconeValleyPalm_premium: it gonna close the program which is holding the lock13:12
hateballHoola: you can start it again with "kstart plasmashell"13:12
SiliconeValleyPalm_premium: and sometime gonna drive crazy13:12
SiliconeValleyPalm_premium: I got that like 10000 times13:13
Palm_premiumSiliconeValley: Broken package management == hell, i know13:13
Hoolahateball:  but I think it is running I am worried about my running konsole instances will they be affected ?13:13
hateballHoola: nope, they'll keep running13:13
Hoolaso I can killall plasmashell and kstart plasmashell safely hateball  do I need root or as non root user ?13:14
hateballHoola: also sadly 16.04 is a bit... unstable, you may want to consider using this ppa for backported plasma https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/backports13:14
Hoolahateball: I noticed it is13:14
_prcreeper_How to disable nouveau in Lubuntu 16.04?13:14
hateballHoola: you run as your own user, so to restart you do "kquitapp plasmashell && kstart plasmashell"13:14
hateballHoola: that wont kill any apps or anything13:15
Hoolahateball: hmm I'll ask you for the ppa later kquitapp seems to not be killing the plasmashell13:16
SiliconeValleyi just really want to say that plasma drove me crazt13:16
Hoolaits a fresh install of 16.x so I have a load of initial apt upgrades todo13:16
HoolaSiliconeValley:  plasma 5 was reasonably stable on suse though I still prefer kde4.x13:17
hateballHoola: if it's already dead, then you just need to kstart it13:17
SiliconeValleyHoola: ik13:17
SiliconeValleyHoola: the problem here is the package manager stuff13:17
hateballHoola: also, we have #kubuntu :)13:18
SiliconeValleyHoola: the telegraphy package13:18
apostagiPalm_premium: http://paste.ubuntu.com/18449077/13:18
Palm_premiumapostagi: devicename is "/dev/sdc1"13:19
Palm_premiumapostagi: Try "sudo mount -oremount,rw /dev/sdc1"13:21
Palm_premiumapostagi: If that worked you can retry your rm command13:22
apostagiI tried it what you gave me, but it says there is no such a file or directory...13:22
apostagiI do not understand...13:23
HoolaSiliconeValley:  package manager stuff as in13:24
SiliconeValleyHoola: what do you mean13:25
hateballMuon is broken13:25
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hateballNo better time than now to learn how to use apt ;)13:26
Palm_premiumapostagi, could you post your output again?13:26
BluesKajmuon works well here , hateball13:26
BluesKajthe original muon that is13:26
HoolaSiliconeValley:  you said 'the problem here is the package manager stuff' do you mean apt is problematic in 16.04 or do you mean it is a problem because its running13:26
mnms_guys I have image of my system which had software raid. I made this image after I screw up something. I would like to restore image on  another PC. I have installed ubuntu and made the same software raid configuration and at the end I restored image with dd from live cd.13:27
mnms_but it didnt boot13:27
ikoniamnms_: how did you take the image ?13:27
ikoniawhat was the problem booting13:27
ikoniahow did you restore the image13:27
apostagiPalm_premium: http://paste.ubuntu.com/18449536/13:27
ikoniamnms_: basically the software raid disk is still just the layout/map of a physical disk (which is why they have to be the same)13:28
SiliconeValleyHoola: i mean when you close the program that is holding the lock then there is a chance that the system gonna go wrong and you cant install any program unless you fix it13:28
ikoniayou could put that image onto another host, manipulate the config files to reference the physical disk, rather than the raid meta device and it should boot13:28
mnms_ikonia: I made it with dd13:28
hateballBluesKaj: hmmm, could swear both muon and muon discover were broken, at least at some point. oh well13:28
SiliconeValleyHoola: apt in 16.04 is ok, not having anything wrong13:29
BluesKajmuon aqnd muon discover are 2 totally different things, hateball13:29
mnms_I had problem with Diskfilter writes are not supported. SO I swtiched quit_boot to 013:29
mnms_but something went wrong cause next time I reboted system I got initramfs ash console13:30
mnms_So I did image then to not loose everyhing13:30
BluesKajyou mean lose, right13:31
mnms_and I thought I will install ubuntu on my second pc with the same raid configuration13:31
mnms_to solve the problem, but it doesnt look good13:31
HoolaSiliconeValley:  ok good13:32
mnms_If I have the same disk configuration on this second machine and I installed ubuntu with the same raid configuration and I run livecd and I restored images this should work ?13:34
mnms_or how to deal or install properly grub ?13:34
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ikoniamnms_: no13:40
ikoniamnms_: you'll need to not use raid, as the metadevices won't exist on the other mahcine13:40
ikoniamnms_: you'd need to tell it to use the physical devices13:41
Palm_premiumapostagi: Run it without the quotes :P13:42
mnms_ikonia: metadevices ? devices which are in mdam.conf ?13:42
mnms_you mean disk uuids ?13:42
ikoniamnms_: as in the virtual disk device that the raid array creates/references13:43
compdocwhen I installed 16.04, mdadm automatically created an array from drives that were already part of a raid2z. that was no fun13:45
mnms_ikonia: so it is impossible to restore this image to existing raid ?13:45
mnms_cause I can fix some things from livecd on this second machine13:46
ikoniamnms_: what do you mean, restore it with raid13:47
ikoniamnms_: your best bet is to restore the image, boot it with a "failed device" and then fix it and re-assemble the raid13:48
mnms_ikonia: I mean with this raid which I made on second pc when installing Ubuntu13:51
apostagiPalm_premium: http://paste.ubuntu.com/18450718/ thank you13:51
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ikoniamnms_: no, thats not a good way of doing things13:52
ikoniamnms_: you'll make a problem13:52
ikoniamnms_: you can copy to the file system of the second PC meta devices, and then manipulate the ocnfig, eg: fstab13:52
mnms_ikonia: Im doing this cause I want to reproduce env from first machine13:52
ikoniayes, I get that, but that is not a good way to do it13:53
mnms_and try to solve problem on another machine before I will restart first one13:53
ikoniathen don't use raid13:53
ikoniajust restore the disk image to the new machine13:53
ikoniacorrect the config parameters (eg: --failed-disk grub, fstab etc)13:53
ikoniaand you're done13:53
Palm_premiumapostagi: Why is it starting about your fstab, did you alter /etc/fstab manually?13:53
mnms_ikonia: but that would mean that my first ubuntu is dead correct ?13:54
ikoniamnms_: what ??13:54
apostagino I did not...13:54
ikoniamnms_: "your first ubuntu" ??13:54
mnms_ikonia: that I will not rescue this first machine with raid13:54
ikoniamnms_: I don't understand13:55
ikoniamnms_: you're trying to clone a machine to a second machine to fix a problem ?13:55
mnms_ikonia: correct. Cause I may have situation where after eboot first machine will not boot13:55
ikoniamnms_: right - so restore the image to the physical disk - boot into single user mode, break the mirror, change the grub and fstab config on the new machine, boot it, fix it13:56
Palm_premiumapostagi: Just to make sure could you post the output of "cat /etc/fstab".13:56
Palm_premiumapostagi: this is a fresh Ubuntu install?13:56
mnms_ikonia: but this way I will have fixed one disk system on second machine, right ?13:57
mnms_fixed I mean working and one disk I mean without raid..13:57
ikoniamnms_: I don't know what your problem is - so I don't know what you're fixing13:57
ikoniamnms_: yes, the raid would be in a degraded state13:58
mnms_ikonia: My goal is to have first machine working..13:58
ikoniamnms_: what is the first machines problem13:58
ikoniathis maybe easier to solve this way13:58
apostagiPalm_premium: I typed this command and it worked. I could removed the LOST-DIR directory and the SD card has free space. THANK YOU!13:58
Palm_premiumapostagi: Awesome13:59
apostagiI typed this command: sudo rm -rf /media/apostagi/9016-4EF8/LOST.DIR13:59
Palm_premiumapostagi: I think it's stange it was mounted as read-only14:00
k1lapostagi: the filesystem puts lost and recovered data into that folder. so that card might have a damage.14:00
mnms_first problem was Diskfilter writes are not supported. So I edited grub config and set quick boot to 0 and grub update. After this I get initramfs console sometimes. So I changed again quick boot to 1 and exec update-grub.14:00
Palm_premiumapostagi: Normally USB drives and the likes are mounted with read-write support, did something happen to your flash drive?14:00
ikoniamnms_: why would quickboot have an impact on diskfilter14:01
mnms_and till this time I didnt reboot cause Im afraid that it will not boot up. Thats why I reproduced env on second machine14:01
ikoniamnms_: you need to fix this - not clone it14:01
ikoniamnms_: just work through the problem on the broken server14:01
mnms_ikonia: I found solution to change quick boot to 0 so I did it14:02
mnms_on the internet14:02
mnms_so to be precise14:02
mnms_I didnt want to make apt-get upgrade14:02
apostagiIt's strange for me as well... I use this SD card in my Samsung S3, but before I experianced that I can not copy files to my card from my smart phone because it says these files are read only... What's the problem? What do you think? Something with my SD card?14:04
k1lapostagi: yes. i guess its put into read-only due to issues with the sdcard hardwrae14:05
apostagiI try to format my sd card... after saving all the datas from it. :)14:07
Palm_premiumapostagi: I don't think there is a problem with the card. A quick google shows that LOST.DIR is where android saves files that are found after an filesystem check, this can be done after a hard reset. By default these files will be read-only, why ubuntu mounted your SD-card read-only I don't know but it doesn't have to be related14:07
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mnms_isi it normal that sda2 has the same uuid like sdb114:10
apostagihmm, I see. but I have this problem now: I try to copy pictures made by my smart phone to this SD card through Android, but it says these files can not be copied to my SD card...14:10
geniimnms_: No, unless you did something like dd one of those to the other14:11
youryou should make ubuntu use UEFI instead of grub and isolinux14:11
mnms_genii: acha14:11
mnms_your: me ?14:11
k1lPalm_premium: linux (like ubuntu and android) mount read only in case of something goes wrong (like hardware failure). which is the most reason for automatic fsck, which is the reason why there are data in lost.dir. so it points all to a broken sd card14:11
compdocdoesnt ubuntu still use grub even when UEFI is enabled?14:12
k1lcompdoc: yes14:12
mnms_genii: how to fix this ?14:13
mnms_Ok so I have to generate new uuid and update with tune2fs14:14
Palm_premiumk1l: I don't know about android, but an FSCK can be triggered by almost anything, from shutting down incorrectly to just not having done an fsck in the past 6 months.14:15
Palm_premiumk1l: does Ubuntu just check for the presence of the LOST.DIR when deciding to mount read-only?14:15
k1lPalm_premium: yes. but the result (ro mounting and stuff in lost dir) is the warning sign here14:16
k1lPalm_premium: no14:16
geniimnms_: Yes, make a new UUID for one of them, using the appropriate tool for whixchever filesystem is on there. Then if that one you changed is being mounted in the /etc/fstab make sure to also change it in there14:17
jenenliuhi, how can I set l2pt vpn on ubuntu ?14:17
jenenliuthere is just pptp protocol14:18
mnms_guys those uuids in mdadm.conf are disk uuids yes ?14:26
mnms_those in mdadm.conf are separated with colons...14:27
irregularHi guys I'm trying to install dislocker https://github.com/Aorimn/dislocker/blob/master/INSTALL.md#if-you-are-not-on-macosx but on the `make` step I get [ 87%] Built target dislocker\n Linking C executable dislocker-bek14:31
irregularlibdislocker.so.0.6.1: undefined reference to `mbedtls_sha256'14:31
irregularthough I did the part in the mbedTLS 2.0.0 section of the readme (also I am on ubuntu 14.04)14:32
X-KentHi. How do I add "delete" button to nautilus ?14:37
X-KentIn 14.04 I could configure nautilus to show "Delete" button to bypass trash, now in 16.04 the whole options page is gone and I can't configure anything14:38
BlankSpacecan anyone help me14:39
=== GitBub is now known as GitBug
BlankSpacemy ubuntu is not booting14:40
BlankSpaceit shows14:40
BlankSpacekernel panic14:40
BlankSpacevfs unable to mount on unknown block14:40
blutAm I right in the assumption that the debian-installer mounts the system to /target, which means I can use the partman/early_command to use a custom script to partition and mount to target?14:40
BlankSpacesorry vfs unable to sync14:41
BlankSpacenot able to mount fs on unknown block(0,0)14:41
BlankSpacesomething like this sort of msg pops up whenevr i try bootin up my ubuntu on my dual boot system14:41
Jordan_UBlankSpace: Can you successfully boot from an older kernel?14:41
BlankSpacei have got windows 7 as well14:41
BlankSpaceam using old kernel only now14:42
* X-Kent found a solution for his question14:42
blutBlankSpace: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=175157414:42
rwsq1I've got a server that lost power. It's got an intel fakeraid. The status is currently Verify. When I boot the server it says repeatedly "incrementally starting raid arrays" then complains about user root not found. I've found several pages that refer to this, but I think in this case the problem is it wants to verify the drives and won't build the array. If I boot off a usb stick I can assemble the array. How do I short circuit thi14:43
Jordan_UBlankSpace: Please pastebin your /boot/grub/grub.cfg and the output of "ls /boot/".14:43
joeliorwsq1: aren't those fakeraids some BIOS controlled thing, as opposed to an mdadm device... or is there some linux userspace tooling for them?14:44
akikX-Kent: care to share the solution?14:44
PaulStuffhi everyone14:44
BlankSpacewhere can i get /boot/grub/grub.cfg14:44
blutBlankSpace: it's in the name14:45
rwsq1joelio, they appear in the bios where I have the option to delete and create. In linux they appear like software raid14:45
Jordan_Uirregular: Any reason you aren't just using libbde-utils from the default repositories?14:45
joeliorwsq1: as an md device?14:45
tatertotsHello everyone, on my 12.04 LTS precise system, when i check for updates i have a dialog box that says "not all updated can be installed" run a partial upgrade to install as many updates as possible. Update manager has checked "distribution updates" and "important security updates". It's important that this system remain 12.04 LTS and not be updated to 14.04 and i'm paranoid about letting it partially update14:45
BlankSpacei mean wher do i paste?14:45
rwsq1joelio, yes14:45
tatertotscan i do this safely without it sneaking a new distribution of 14.04 LTS on my system?14:46
tatertotsthis "partial upgrade"14:46
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X-Kentakik, dconf-editor (apt-get install dconf-tools) under org.gnome.nautils.preferences, set "delete" to true14:46
Jordan_Utatertots: Please pastebin the output of "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" but say "no" when asked if you want to actually install/remove the packages.14:46
irregularJordan_U:I did not know I was even using that? I ran sudo apt-get install  gcc cmake make libfuse-dev libpolarssl-dev ruby-dev and continued with the readme14:46
X-Kentakik, the setting is still there, it's seems that the new nautilus just don't have the preferences GUI page.14:47
irregularJordan_U:oh wait I read that wrong14:47
irregularJordan_U:that can be used for decrypting my bitlocker encrypted harddrive?14:47
BlankSpaceabi-3.13.0-32-generic         memtest86+.elf14:47
BlankSpaceabi-3.13.0-86-generic         memtest86+_multiboot.bin14:47
BlankSpaceabi-3.13.0-88-generic         System.map-3.13.0-32-generic14:47
BlankSpaceconfig-3.13.0-32-generic      System.map-3.13.0-86-generic14:47
BlankSpaceconfig-3.13.0-86-generic      System.map-3.13.0-88-generic14:47
BlankSpaceconfig-3.13.0-88-generic      vmlinuz-3.13.0-32-generic14:47
Jordan_Uirregular: It appears so. I've not used it personally.14:47
Jordan_U!pastebin | BlankSpace14:48
ubottuBlankSpace: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:48
ubuntu314hello everyone14:51
mintuxi want to compile php but i get this error: configure: error: Kerberos libraries not found.14:52
tatertotsJordan_U here is the output of running "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"  http://paste.ubuntu.com/18453586/14:52
mintuxi run this: http://codepad.org/JtuSVY1614:52
ubuntu314I have a quick question if I am making a bootable SD and have make a SD card on the same computer before where do i delte the mkdir boot/root I already made? when i try to mkdir boot/root on drive it says its already made but isnt where are these files?14:53
BlankSpacefiles which you asked for14:53
Mitchell92How does ubuntu work with bumblebee for nvidia optimus chipsets on laptops? Is everything running good?14:54
Jordan_UBlankSpace: Somehow you don't have any initramfs for your newer kernels.14:55
BlankSpacewhats that?14:56
X-KentMitchell92, on ubuntu 14.04 it didn't work well for me, I just installed nvidia drivers and never swapped back to intel. on 16.04 don't know, nvidia-only (as I run) works flawlessly14:56
ubuntu314I have a quick question if I am making a bootable SD and have make a SD card on the same computer before where do i delte the mkdir boot/root I already made? when i try to mkdir boot/root on drive it says its already made but isnt where are these files?14:56
BlankSpacethen from where do i get it?14:57
BlankSpacenewer kernel means it got updated from ubuntu 14.04 to newer version?14:57
Jordan_UBlankSpace: sudo update-initramfs -c -k all14:57
tatertotslooks like it just want to put a new kernel and remove the old linux-generic14:57
Mitchell92X-Kent, This laptop stays at my desk 24/7 plugged into an external display... my bios doesn't provide me with options as far as graphics to make it nvidia-only... is that a software setting you were able to apply?14:57
BlankSpaceyou sure there is no like memory problem?14:57
tatertotsI hope it doesn't break my software environment if i do this "partial upgrade"14:57
BlankSpacelike i have partitioned hard disk into two14:57
X-KentMitchell92, the problem if I recall correctly is that you cannot use the property(Good) driver when using bumbelee. You have to use "open source" driver and its sux14:57
BlankSpacemay be less memory for ubuntu?14:58
tatertotsi'm kinda paranoid about it though14:58
tatertotsi'm scared14:58
BlankSpaceok i'ltry that command14:58
Mitchell92X-Kent, in the end I'd be satisfied switching it to just nvidia... all the time... although i dont know if i could set such14:58
X-KentMitchell92, my laptop is about the exactly same situation (alienware 17). I have an option to switch to nvidia in windows.14:58
Mitchell92yeah, but what about in linux?14:59
Mitchell92how would that be handled?14:59
X-KentMitchell92, I once switched it to nvidia card using windows and never switched it back. Now I just install the nvidia driver and just "forget" about my optimus/intel14:59
tatertotsi friggin swear if this "partial upgrade" breaks my vmware environment i'm gonna poop bricks15:00
Jordan_UBlankSpace: The initramfs is a file that needs to be created for your specific machine to go along with each new kernel. It's supposed to be generated automatically.15:00
BlankSpaceits not generating anything15:00
ubuntu314someone please15:00
BlankSpacei typed that thing in terminal15:00
BlankSpacesudo update-initramfs -c -k all15:00
BlankSpaceupdate-initramfs: Generating /boot/initrd.img-3.13.0-32-generic15:00
BlankSpacebut then it quit15:00
ubuntu314i cannot make my SD card because it says i already has the boot and root folders15:00
X-KentMitchell92, boot the ubuntu live usb, if it sees your nvidia then it's OK and you don't really need to switch anything. After installation just install nvidia propietry driver15:00
ubuntu314but it doesnt15:00
BlankSpaceit didnt generate anything15:00
KeyboardNotFoundCan I install package which was available in 14.04 but not anymore ?15:00
Mitchell92okay, X-Kent i was hoping to just remove my windows install and install linux, only games i run are EQ2 and WoW... although it looks like I'll need windows there in the event something gets funky to switch it back to just nvidia?15:01
BlankSpacethen it started showing again username@username:15:01
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k1lKeyboardNotFound: dont mix ubuntu releases. which package are you talking about?15:01
KeyboardNotFoundk1l, mp3gain15:01
Jordan_Uubuntu314: What is the exact mkdir command you ran? What command did you run to check for the existance of the directory?15:02
X-KentMitchell92, I think if you install the "propietry" drivers from "additional drivers" section it will disable bumblee and you will always be on nvidia card without switching back to intel15:02
BlankSpacewhat do i do now?15:02
k1lKeyboardNotFound: that project is dead since 2009. i guess you need to find a new program15:02
X-KentMitchell92, and it seems that what you want15:02
Mitchell92yes, it does.... thanks.15:02
KeyboardNotFoundk1l, no way, I have to use that software15:02
tatertotsI'm going to do it...i'm doing to do this "partial upgrade"....yall cross your fingers for me15:03
ubuntu314sudo mkdir root and sudo mkdir boot and it says they are alread made which they are not but i previously made a bootable SD card yesterday and they worked but today its says there already there and they are not15:03
k1lKeyboardNotFound: i guess it was dropped due to beeing an old program and having depencies that cant be fullfilled anymore.15:03
tatertotsthen i'm going to reboot and test my vmware environment ....if it breaks i'll need an old priest and a young priest15:03
X-KentMitchell92, I have dual boot (play other games that are not supported) but I don't remeber when I last time had to deal with that optimus switching so it doesn't switches back and forth on it's own15:04
tatertotsyou guys aren't going to talk me out of it?15:04
X-KentMitchell92, wow supported on Linux nowdays ?15:04
Jordan_Uubuntu314: Please re-read my comment and provide everything I asked for. If there is anything you don't understand, please ask for clarification.15:05
Mitchell92X-Kent, PlayOnLinux / WINE15:05
tatertotsI did it15:05
tatertotsi pushed the button15:05
tatertotsi'm nervous...and sweating15:06
X-KentMitchell92, ah, that never works well for me.15:06
BlankSpaceany solution to my problem?15:06
SchrodingersScattatertots: i like that exorcism joke, I've used it myself a bunch :D15:06
* X-Kent afk15:06
Mitchell92i'm off to reboot15:06
SchrodingersScattatertots: you mean dist-upgrade? those are normally safe, you should be taking regular backups anyway though.15:06
tatertotsoh my gawd the hard drive is thrashing...i don't like this at all15:06
ubuntu314Jordan_U: sudo mkfs.vfat /dev/sdX1 then mkdir boot but it says file alread exist15:07
tatertotsit's doing something15:07
SchrodingersScattatertots: it's happening15:07
tatertotsOMG now it says "remove obsolete packages?"15:07
tatertotswhat if my vmware needs those obsolete packages?15:08
tatertotsi'm scared15:08
tatertotsomg and there's 32 of them...thirty-two15:08
k1lKeyboardNotFound: it was removed from debian because of "ROM; dead upstream, probably insecure" and so it was removed from ubuntu, too15:08
ubuntu314Jordan_U: I think installing umbuntu again is agressive when i just need to format a SD somewhere i heard that if you previously made a SD card on a linux computer it saves the settings and doesnt let you make them again till you delete them15:08
k1lKeyboardNotFound: see https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=76184715:09
ubottuDebian bug 761847 in ftp.debian.org "RM: mp3gain -- ROM; dead upstream, probably insecure" [Normal,Open]15:09
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Powerlesslet me ask a dumb question: I am using ubuntu gnome..it is still a ubuntu right? i can install all programs like if it was a ubuntu right?15:09
=== adante_ is now known as adante
tatertotsIt gives me the option of keeping the obsolete packages though...that kinda makes me feel a little better15:09
niranjanGreetings, while upgrading from 12.04 to 14.04, my installation is completely screwed up. Somewhere during the installation window manager crashed and now machine does not boot up. I don't get start up menu to select OS. It just jumps to initial ubuntu loading screen with 5 circles and then nothing happens15:09
=== genii_ is now known as genii
tatertotsbut i'm still scared15:10
niranjanNo UI, terminal or otherwise. Is there any hope for the machine?15:10
KeyboardNotFoundk1l, is there way to install it?15:10
tatertotsi'm going to remove them..since they are obsolete and all15:11
tatertotswhy did i quit smoking cigarettes?15:11
SchrodingersScatPowerless: Yep, should be.  Should be able to install as much as you want from the repos.15:11
k1lKeyboardNotFound: no15:11
KeyboardNotFoundk1l, why can't I add repositories from Ubuntu 14.04 and install it from it ?15:11
ubuntu314Jordan_U:  ?15:11
k1lPowerless: if its an official flavor (like ubuntu gnome is) then yes15:11
k1lKeyboardNotFound: because that will make a mess. you are trying  to install a program from 2009 which needs all libraries and stuff to be at the 2009 state which is ridicolous in 201615:12
tatertotsyou guys aren't going to talk me into keeping these obsolete package?15:12
Powerlessthanks folks15:13
tatertotsjust need one person to throw some doubt about removing them15:13
SchrodingersScattatertots: you're doing an upgrade to 16.04? you likely just don't need them then.15:13
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HackerIItatertots:  sudo halt should stop the process15:13
Jordan_Uubuntu314: I asked what command you are using to check the existance of the directory. It sounds like you're just not in the correct directory when you run mkdir, since you're using a relative path.15:13
Jordan_Utatertots: Don't run that!15:13
HackerIIhe knows15:13
tatertotssomeone tell me it's going to be okay15:14
k1lKeyboardNotFound: did you read the link i posted you? it tells you why that package was removed. bevause its old, unmaintained and possibly insecure. it even names an alternative15:14
ubuntu314Jordan_U: the settings are saved on the computer from the previous build so it thinks the files are already made when i do 'mv root/boot/* boot' it tells me there is no boot15:15
tatertotsi did it15:15
tatertotsi pushed the button15:15
tatertotsi'm removing obsolete packages15:15
Jordan_Uubuntu314: Do you k ow the difference between a relative path and an absolute one?15:15
tatertotsi can hear the hard drive again15:15
tatertotsit wants me to reboot15:16
ubuntu314Jordan_U: and when i look in the partitions they are not in there. i do not know the difference between the relative path and a absolute15:16
tatertotswhat have i done?15:16
tatertotsi'm going to bring down my vm's and reboot15:17
tatertotsthe moment of truth15:17
SchrodingersScatKeyboardNotFound: mixing repositories is a bad idea.  Are you sure you can't use ffmpeg for this? what did mp3gain do?  also I see a program that claims to be a gui for mp3gain, not sure how one can be around without the other >_>15:17
tatertotsif it breaks i'll just have to fix it ...i've done it before when i was on 10.04 lts...not really looking forward to it but i guess it wouldn't be the end of the world15:18
k1lSchrodingersScat: that gui program was removed later, but after the freeze for the ubuntu release.15:18
tatertotsi need a hug15:19
tatertotshold me15:19
tatertotshere goes15:19
tatertotsi'm going to push the button to reboot15:19
ubuntu314Jordan_U: is there a command to make force make the directories?15:19
BlankSpacehow do i generate initramfs15:20
ubuntu314rmdir boot maybe!15:20
ubuntu3141 sec15:20
tatertotsmy fear is when vmware goes to compile the kernel modules against this new kernel it will fail....is there a priest in the house?15:21
whlaihey everyone. can anyone point out a best practices guide for creating a Windows/Ubuntu dual boot machine?15:21
tatertotsi'm doing it15:22
blutubuntu314: mkdir -p15:22
ubuntu314blut: mkdir -p boot?15:22
blutubuntu314: will make the directory boot15:23
k1lwhlai: install windows first. then install ubuntu. you can make the partition setup before or repartitioning after the windows install. be aware you can only have 4 primary partitions15:23
Jordan_Uubuntu314: First of all, your theory about "rmembering configurations" is completely wrong.15:23
k1l!dualboot | whlai15:23
ubottuwhlai: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot15:23
blutubuntu314: and no error if it exists15:23
tatertotswish me luck guys15:23
ubuntu3141 sec let me try to build the SD again15:23
ubuntu314ill give exact error15:23
whlaithanks ubottu!15:23
Jordan_Uubuntu314: An absolute path is a pth that starts with '/', like /home/jordan/Documents/foo.txt. A relative path is a path that does not start with '/', like 'Documents/foo.txt'.15:24
mnms_How should I make backup for my raid. SHould I create image of md devices or each devs ?15:25
blutubuntu314: but maybe I misunderstood your question. Can you reword?15:25
mnms_I mean should I make images of raid partitions or image of each device in raid ?15:25
=== yuyueshihaoren1 is now known as yuyueshihaoren
Jordan_Uubuntu314: With an absolute path you can tell just from the path exactly what file is being referred to. With a relative path you need to know what your current directory is, because the path is relative to the current directory. You can print your current directory by running "pwd".15:26
ubuntu314blut: im making a SD card with 2 partions 1 boot and 1 root and it tells me i cant mkdir boot or root but 1 second im trying again to give exact error15:27
ubuntu314Jordan_U: i understand the difference now15:27
Jordan_Uubuntu314: So if my current working directory is "/home/jordan/" then the relative path "Documents/foo.txt" is equivalent to the absolute path "/home/jordan/Documents/foo.txt". If however my current working directory is "/etc/" then the relative path "Documents/txt" is equivalent to "/etc/Documents/foo.txt" (which is probably not a path to a file that actually exists).15:28
tatertotsi'm back...the system rebooted...looks okay..now to check mission crit software...and that my atsc tuner and media center functions still work15:29
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Jordan_Uubuntu314: If you open a new terminal the default current working directory is "/home/username/" where "username" is your username. So you have probably been creating files below the directory /home/you/, and your SD card is probably mounted to /media/you/some_name/, which means that your mkdir commands haven't affected the SD card at all.15:31
ubuntu314Jordan_U: I just used rmdir boot and then mkdir boot and it seemed to work15:31
ubuntu314lets try with root15:32
Jordan_Uubuntu314: What is the output of "pwd"?15:32
=== Guest55024 is now known as matt_
Jordan_UBlankSpace: Please be patient.15:34
tatertotsmy mission critical software needed kernel headers generic..installing those now...almost gave me a heart attach15:34
BlankSpaceyou'l give me solution?15:34
k1ltatertots: less drama, more technical details please15:35
ubuntu314Jordan_U: output of pwd?15:37
tatertotsmy software couldn't automatically find the kernel headers 3.2.0-105-generic and wants me to provide the path....what's the path?15:37
tatertotsthere was no drama there kil...i just need to find the path15:37
Jordan_Uubuntu314: Run "pwd" in a terminal. Tell me what "pwd" prints to the screen.15:37
tatertotshow do i find this path/location of my kernel headers15:38
k1ltatertots: we focus on actual technical issues and details and not focus on commentary. kernel 3.2 sounds like its a very old ubuntu release? which is it?15:38
ubuntu314Jordan_U: im syncing files now 1 second15:38
tatertots12.04 LTS15:39
k1ltatertots: make sure "linux-generic" is installed15:39
tatertotsthanks kil15:40
Jordan_UBlankSpace: What is the output of "sudo update-initramfs -c -k 3.13.0-88-generic" ?15:41
ubuntu314Jordan_U: the drive booted right up! thanks for making me think everything is working out i can believe i was concidering reinstalling umbuntu to format a drive15:42
ubuntu314well now to tackle another beast Arch SD my headach continues15:43
ubuntu314thanks guys thanks bunt15:43
ubuntu314thanks jordan15:43
Jordan_Uubuntu314: You're welcome.15:43
blutubuntu314: you know that arch has amazing guides?15:44
wiehanmy firefox crashes constantly and is very slow. Chrome works fine. Running gnome on 16.04. Any advice? Need firefox for webdevelopment15:45
eelstreboris there a way to run the samsung magician software under ubuntu? they have windows and mac versions available but not for linux. doesn't work from within virtualbox15:46
MoPacHello. I'm having quite a hard time booting into a new (re-)install with my root being an lvm volume in a LUKS container. Right now on boot, it's erroring out looking for the vg before it's attempted use cryptsetup.15:48
ravihi, I want to use my old PC which doesn't have hard drive. So I choose to use xubuntu live cd (since it is low configuration PC).15:48
raviCan I install vlc in my live usb so that I could use it in that pc?15:48
Jordan_Ueelstrebor: What does "samsung magician" do?15:49
raviThe old PC doesn't have a way to use internet.15:50
wiehanravi, maybe from a flashdrive with the option selected that you partition/allow some space for user files15:50
ravi@wiehan, OK... then?15:50
wiehanravi, maybe not vlc, unless you download the dvd iso15:50
wiehanravi, and write that to the flash with DiskImage writer or similar and make it bootable15:50
eelstreborJordan_U, it's suppose to restore performance, install new firmware, etc15:51
ravi@wiehan, sorry i didn't get you15:51
eelstreborJordan_U, it's for a samsung SSD15:51
ravido i need to write the xubuntu os / vlc ?15:52
wiehaneelstrebor, I have a samsung ssd, why do you need this software. I can take a pretty good guess that any software like that won't work under linux15:52
DJones!persistant | ravi This may be of use to add apps to a live usb15:52
ubotturavi This may be of use to add apps to a live usb: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent15:52
DJonesravi: See the last link15:53
Jordan_Ueelstrebor: https://www.reddit.com/r/linux/comments/2nrwu9/updating_samsung_evo_840_ssd_firmware_from_linux/ looks like they make at least the firmware updating capability available for linux (primarily for server use, so cli only).15:53
raviubottu, DJones thank you, i will check15:53
ubotturavi: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:53
wiehanravi you can write the xubuntu or lubuntu iso to a flash, not sure if they have "DVD" (larger) release isos with more software prepackaged so you don't have to download them later, especially if you don't have internet on that pc15:53
Jordan_Ueelstrebor: As for trim; I'm pretty sure that Ubuntu has been automticlly TRIMing SSDs for many releases.15:54
sector_0anyone know of any wifi cards that work with ubuntu?15:55
Jordan_U!hcl | sector_015:56
ubottusector_0: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection15:56
wiehanMy firefox crashes constantly and can't load web pages, need help man15:56
Jordan_Usector_0: But as a quick rule of thumb, any *internal* wireless card (not USB) with an Intel or Atheros chipset should work quite well.15:57
ducasseeelstrebor: the firmware updater for linux is only available for other drives, mostly enterprise models. for the 850 series you need windows and magician, unfortunately.15:59
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wiehanwhat does the following mean?:   poll([{fd=3, events=POLLIN}, {fd=4, events=POLLIN}, {fd=5, events=POLLIN}, {fd=26, events=POLLIN}, {fd=27, events=POLLIN}], 5, 0) = 0 (Timeout)16:01
wiehan 16:01
eelstreborducasse, yeah. i just tried the enterprise version of magician that runs under linux but it couldn't find the drive16:02
eelstreborducasse, there's probably a way to boot windows from a usb drive and run it from there but i haven't tried doing that in years16:03
ducasseeelstrebor: you might be able to get it to run from the xp pe that is on some bootdisks, but there is no way to do it from linux, unfortunately. i have two 850 evos myself.16:04
=== Mikerhinos_Away is now known as Mikerhinos
wiehanducasse, eelstrebor do these updates really make a significant difference for non-enterprise use?16:04
jwashHi everyone I'm on 16.04, where do I select to make this change permanent. I want to add another screen per the nvidia program request. http://www.imagebam.com/image/42212349332189316:05
ducassewiehan: some firmware bugs are fixed etc.16:05
Jordan_Uwiehan: In the paste there have been Samsung SSD firmware bugs in TRIM support that led to data loss. I would strongly recommend having the lastest SSD firmware.16:06
wiehanwill come back some other time for my phantom firefox issues16:06
ducassewiehan: as to 'significant difference', i don't know, but in general it's a good idea to fix bugs in storage devices.16:06
wiehanducasse, Jordan_U I see, I like to live dangerously then16:06
Jordan_Uwiehan: You have good backups though, right?16:07
wiehanJordan_U, run minimal stuff on my local drive, despite tons of storage. Essential files goes to the cloud *man*16:07
eelstreborwiehan, i've heard that over time the ssd's performance will degrade - i've been using fstrim at boot up and modified fstab to minimize the number of writes but i've heard that may not be adequate16:08
wiehaneelstrebor, I know.. just too much effort. I simply want to use firefox today16:08
Jordan_Ueelstrebor: fstrim should be sufficient. I'm not sure what else you would do. (I'm pretty sure that's all that Samsung's "performance restoration" does).16:10
de-factoeelstrebor if you use ext4 you can add "discard" to the mount options in /etc/fstab16:14
de-factosomething like "UUID=<THE UUID>/ ext4 discard,errors=remount-ro 0 1"16:15
=== sylviane is now known as Tikilou
tortibI'm using libvirt with the manager and trying to setup a VM with kvm, the emulator it's using is kvm-spice and windows is loading really slowly.  Anyone know how I can resolve the slowness?16:15
ducassetortib: use virtio for storage and network.16:16
tortibducasse, I don't think that's it?16:16
ducassetortib: it speeds up disk access a lot.16:17
tortibducasse, okay i selected virtio and it's still not loading the setup quickly, I'm using all 8 CPUS16:17
ducassetortib: you need to install the virtio drivers in windows for it to work, there are instructions on the kvm site.16:18
tortibducasse, windows setup is NOT Loading quickly16:18
tortibducasse, since you suggested virtio i've been trying to get into windows setup16:20
ducassetortib: i know, it's incredibly slow unless you use virtio and install the drivers. http://www.linux-kvm.org/page/WindowsGuestDrivers/Download_Drivers16:21
tortibducasse, I CANT install the drivers YET!  The windows setup is very slow!16:21
anddamhi, while using aarch64 cross-compilers on x86_64 is there a way to set the "default" one by mean of the alternatives feature? my rationale is that I'm installing gcc-4.9-aarch64-linux-gnu that provides /usr/bin/aarch64-linux-gnu-gcc-4.9 whereas the default make script for android calls $ARCH-gcc, but /usr/bin/aarch64-linux-gnu-gcc is only provided by gcc-aarch64-linux-gnu that is actually 5.316:22
ducassetortib: the best thing to do is to install the drivers during installation, but the process is really slow until you get to that point.16:23
anddamI'd like to have the "generic" /usr/bin/aarch64-linux-gnu-gcc provided by gcc-4.9, is this something supported at all?16:23
tortibducasse, i've had this setup run for 20min and it doesn't go into setup16:23
anddamI've seen a symlink recommended on how-tos, but that doesn't seem the right approach16:23
pletin12Do you guys know any sound equalizer?16:23
niranjanGreetings folks, I need help. My installation got broken while upgrading from 12.04 to 14.04. I can select boot menu from grub now using keyboard. After that keyboard/mouse completely stops working. Don't have network either to get remotely into the box16:26
eelstreborde-facto, already done : UUID=75657850-cb3b-4876-8294-8aa56b648707 /               ext4    discard,noatime,errors=remount-ro 0       116:26
niranjanIs there anything I can do16:27
Cursarionyo, what can I do if the system doesn't properly recognize my display?16:27
Cursarionsystem as in ubuntu16:28
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=== Isai is now known as Agent
MoPacMy root directory is an lvm volume in a vg in aLUKS container. How do I get the boot process to use cryptsetup on the container *before* looking for the vg and erroring out because it can't find it?16:34
incandenzahi, on ubuntu 14.04, my laptop screen goes blank randomly.  monitor is still on, but it's blank.  if i suspend and resume it comes back on.  sounds like this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1047081 ... any advice, what logs should i be looking at?16:34
incandenzai tried looking as syslogs right after it happens, but nothing there looks relevant16:35
incandenzait doesn't look as simple as some kind of a screensaver timeout16:37
incandenzafrequency is unpredictable, i'll be in the middle of actively using the computer16:38
ubuntu-mateubuntu or mate16:44
ubuntu-matewhich one you prefer?16:44
tortibgnome3 classic16:45
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!16:45
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nullbittanyone have any advice for getting an ubuntu live iso to start with a new nvidia card, i always die after i hit enter to boot install or live, with nouvea unknown chipset, googling shows people with same issue, but no work around for live or fresh install17:04
nullbittseems to be recent to, posts showing as recent as june 201617:04
BluesKajnullbitt,  must be a new model nvidia17:06
nullbittBluesKaj, it is.17:09
nullbitta 1080 gtx, is there any workaround?17:09
nullbitti just need a live cd to boot into a command line so i can mount a filesystem17:09
nullbitti dont need a gui17:09
MonkeyDustnullbitt  a live cd is a gui17:09
MonkeyDustnullbitt  that's the idea and purpose of a live ce17:10
cncr04sI could never gat any ubuntu to recognize my nvidia cards, so your out of luck17:10
BluesKajmy nvidia card is recognized , never had it not recognize them17:11
tgm4883Never had an issue with my nvidia cards either17:11
nullbitthrm.. lovely.17:12
haasnWhat should I do when the ubuntu full livecd results in a black screen on my machine? The netinstall / server install (text-mode) liveCDs work fine, it's just that when the full liveCD decides to switch into graphical mode that it stops working17:12
MonkeyDustnullbitt  what you need, is a rescue cd17:12
haasnOr something along those lines17:12
nullbittmonkeydust, got a link?17:12
tgm4883nullbitt: so if I'm understanding this correctly, you need to install ubuntu still right? You don't have an installation currently?17:13
nullbittdont need to install17:13
tgm4883nullbitt: it's already installed?17:13
BluesKajnouveau id the default driver for nvidia and the recommended driver is in the repos , but check the nvidia website for correct driver number fopr the 1080, nullbitt then install it from the repos17:13
tgm4883nullbitt: So you just need to get to the command line?17:13
MonkeyDustnullbitt  http://ultilex.linux-bg.org/17:14
tgm4883if he's just trying to get to a command line I don't see why he doesn't just go into recovery mode in grub17:15
adrian_1908hello. When playing video (via mpv), my system doesn't go to sleep/logout. When playing audio (audacious) it does. Is there a "canonical" ;) way to ensure that certain programs keep the system alive?17:16
ur_some tool to flash samsung galaxy tab 10.1 from ubuntu?17:18
haasnUgh, I've been trying (and failing) to install ubuntu 16.04 on this host for over a week now. I'm almost out of ideas >_>17:19
MonkeyDust!phone | ur_17:19
ubottuur_: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch17:19
tgm4883haasn: What happens when it boots after install?17:20
nullbittMonkeyDust: the recovery dist will mount ntfs?17:20
akikhaasn: isn't nomodeset a solution for that?17:20
tgm4883nullbitt: why are you trying to mount ntfs in a recovery session?17:20
MonkeyDustnullbitt  i used it to save a friend's windows system17:20
nullbittakik: i tried that, i'd hit e and enter the nomodeset line and it would error17:20
nullbittmaybe i was entering it wrong.17:21
nullbitttgm4883: need to mount an ntfs partititon and fix it.17:21
akiknullbitt: you add it to the kernel line17:21
nullbittakik: i hit e at the grub select right?17:21
akiknullbitt: sure17:22
nullbittmaybe i was entering on the wrong part of the line17:22
nullbitti saw 3 lines.17:22
iorianullbitt, which video card ?17:22
akiknullbitt: the line with linux and root=17:23
nullbitti keep seeing this "nomodeset nouveau.modeset=0"17:23
nullbitthrm. ok17:23
nullbittso add it to the end of the line17:23
nullbittsound right?17:24
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nokTguys, a question, I've got 3 computers, each one with drive A, B, C, respectively...17:27
nokTI need to copy files from A and B, to C. Won't I have issues with permissions and such?17:28
acetakwasHow can I get the IMEI of a ZTE modem?17:28
acetakwasOn my Ubuntu terminal.17:28
tgm4883nokT: not sure I understand the question. How are you copying them?17:29
velusuniversehello all, i have  vps on ubuntu, and i currently have apache and php on the server, if i want to send emails through smtp would i need to install something like postfix, even if im using an external smtp server ?>17:29
nokTdrag and dropping basically17:29
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tgm4883nokT: what kind of files are these? user files?17:32
tgm4883nokT: are all 3 systems running ubuntu?17:32
nokT2 of them17:32
nokTbut I've seen some resctrictions on a few files (from the ubuntu drive)17:33
tgm4883nokT: yea you'll probably have to fix some permissions17:33
tgm4883which 2 run ubuntu? and what is the 3rd system?17:33
nokTthird is Windoze but I don't remember having any issues, I could check if that'd help17:33
MonkeyDustnokT  ntfs does not recognize ext permissions17:35
nokTMonkeyDust, I copied from ntfs to ext417:35
nokTbut my issues are with the ext4 drive17:35
tgm4883nokT: so once the files are copied to the ext drive, you should just chown them17:36
nokTfrom a different Ubuntu system17:36
=== BuRN__ is now known as BuRN_
nokTI see17:36
=== BuRN_ is now known as brunodevelop
anddamacetakwas: are you looking for some AT commands?17:37
acetakwasanddam::  What's an AT command?17:38
sanae-inouu bjµjhbh17:38
acetakwasI need to know the IMEI of my ZTE modem17:38
sanae-inouuits HIKJU17:38
anddamis the headless installer the "ubuntu server" one?17:39
DJonessanae-inouu: This is ubutu support, if you need to test your keyboard please use ##test and not here17:39
sanae-inouucan someone explane how to dowload adobe flash player17:41
anddamsanae-inouu: no, it's 2016 get over it17:41
tgm4883!flash | sanae-inouu17:41
ubottusanae-inouu: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash17:41
tgm4883anddam: not helpful :(17:41
sanae-inouufy! anddam17:41
SchrodingersScatanddam: yes, that sounds right.17:42
=== brondwoo_ is now known as ferfoster
Lehnuxsudo apt-get install adobe-flash something like that ?17:42
SchrodingersScat!info flashplugin-installer17:42
ubottuflashplugin-installer (source: flashplugin-nonfree): Adobe Flash Player plugin installer. In component multiverse, is optional. Version (xenial), package size 6 kB, installed size 57 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)17:42
LehnuxDon't know if it's still in the repos17:43
sanae-inouuowh okiii17:43
LehnuxNot the latest version ?17:43
freecoder_Lehnux: if you are using chromium, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Chromium/Getting-Partner-Flash17:43
freecoder_it is an official package17:44
sanae-inouui dont know just leave it  anywayy thxx17:44
tgm4883Lehnux: Adobe doesn't make flash for linux anymore17:44
sanae-inouuowh oke then17:44
LehnuxI got best results with HTML5 players anyway17:44
tgm4883Lehnux: well yea, but not everything supports HTML517:45
LehnuxI didn't use flash in a while17:45
LehnuxIt's why it's still there17:45
LehnuxLike Java 617:45
LehnuxF*cking KVM web interface17:45
freecoder_Lehnux: actually it works for firefox too (adobe-flashplugin)17:45
LehnuxIt's me or it's not the same plugin for Firefox ?17:46
PaulStuffhi guys do you read me? I'm new to irssi and I don't know if I'm doing this right. Sorry to bother you with this.17:46
MonkeyDustPaulStuff  hit your keys harder, so we can read you better17:46
BluesKajPaulStuff,  you're here17:46
SchrodingersScat!test | PaulStuff17:47
ubottuPaulStuff: Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3...17:47
PaulStuffThanks, sorry to bother you with such stupid question.17:47
compdocI started using virt-manager years ago and never looked back17:47
Pedruxhow i enable hiragana and Katakana on ubuntu?17:47
tortibcompdoc, have you got the usb devices to work in your kvm?17:47
MonkeyDustPedrux  is that a game?17:47
PaulStuffCan I ask you one more question guys?17:48
tortibI'm having problems with that, i added two usb devices and the USB redirect with spice and it's still not showing up in the guest os17:48
compdoctortib, pass-thru? I dont use that17:48
tortibcompdoc, how do you do it?17:48
Fiona75I'm not hearing any sound for my lubuntu 16.04. Already tried alsamix17:48
tgm4883!help | PaulStuff17:49
ubottuPaulStuff: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience17:49
tortibcompdoc, how do you get USB devices to work in the guest OS?17:50
LehnuxAnyone got a way to install Java 6 in ubuntu minimal ?17:50
PaulStuffQuick question then: why is it that on some channels there's no discussion/exchange whatsoever (in contrast to here) and people just ignore fellows that -like me- ask politely? Is there some 'chat rules' that I'm not aware of in these channels? Thanks again, I realise this is not about ubuntu, but this channel seems very nice in that aspect so I thought I should ask here.17:51
compdoctortib, I run mainly servers and dont use usb devices in the guests. There are always other ways of getting files to a guest. like samba17:51
tgm4883PaulStuff: you weren't ignored17:51
tgm4883PaulStuff: also, this isn't a chat channel17:51
tortibcompdoc, trying to get actual devices to work17:52
MyrttiPaulStuff: often you just ask your question, politeness is often bypassed for a quick fix and getting to the point quick17:52
tortibnot just for files17:52
tgm4883PaulStuff: there are chat channels, #ubuntu-discuss and #ubuntu-offtopic17:52
MyrttiPaulStuff: channels often have their own lifecycle during the day, too17:52
PaulStufftmg4883 thanks for the info, I'm learning here17:52
PaulStuffthanks Myrtti also17:53
compdoctortib, your hardware has to be right, and the bios on the latest update for it all to work17:53
SchrodingersScatLehnux: why do you need an old version?17:53
compdocif your hardware is capable17:54
MonkeyDustPaulStuff  it also may depend on the timezone you're in17:54
PaulStufftmg4883 So if I go into a channel and get no aswer, that's not odd, is that right?17:54
PaulStuffMonkeyDust yeah I'm in south america that might be it17:54
tgm4883PaulStuff: as others have mentioned, depends on a lot of things. Timezone you are in, timezone most of the channel is in, whether anyone knows the answer to your question17:55
LehnuxBecause the web interface of the KVM server i'm using is made of Java 617:55
SchrodingersScatPaulStuff: if anyone knows the answer then they'll likely answer.  Silence would imply that no one has an answer or guidance toward an answer.17:55
tgm4883PaulStuff: being in south america, you should have good times to be in this channel17:55
CookieMthere’s open-java version 6 in ubuntu repos, called ‘iced tea’17:56
LehnuxI'm in Switzerland and times zones are Okay i just need to wait a few hours sometimes and I think it's fine17:56
PaulStuffSchrodingersScat & tmg4883: so basically I should not expect answers to "Hello everyone" and "I've a question...", etc.? is that correct?17:56
tgm4883PaulStuff: correct, you should just ask your question17:56
LehnuxIced tea how did you found the package name ?17:56
tgm4883PaulStuff: also, you should use tab complete17:56
ubottuYou can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.17:57
PaulStufftgm4883: great, I just did!17:57
PaulStuffubottu: thanks!17:57
SchrodingersScatPaulStuff: especially if "I've a question" doesn't contain details about the problem, what you've tried, what you expected, any logs that are applicable in a pastebin, etc.17:57
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)17:57
PaulStuffSchrodingersScat: oh no, I can be specific it's just that I didn't want to come accross as unpolite.17:58
ubottuYou can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.17:58
PaulStuffOk then, thanks a lot SchrodingersScat, tgm4883 and Myrtti !17:59
SchrodingersScatPaulStuff: welcome, have fun18:00
Shadowbird123does amd closed drivers work better for latest games, then fglrx? i have [AMD/ATI] Cayman XT [Radeon HD 6970]18:05
chrisanI'm not sure what to call this/google for.. but I am trying out 16.04 on a new VPS and I noticed when I restart a service, like nginx, there is no longer any output.  Is there a way to add this back?18:06
Shadowbird123just installed ark: survival evolved and grapics are not very impressive with fglrx18:06
tortibhow can I get USB devices working in a kvm?18:10
tortibI added the device and it's still not showing up in the guest os18:10
velusuniversehello all, i have  vps on ubuntu, and i currently have apache and php on the server, if i want to send emails through smtp would i need to install something like postfix, even if im using an external smtp server ?18:19
sergioadHello there18:20
MonkeyDustvelusuniverse  sounds more for #ubuntu-server18:20
ph88i have packages  postgresql and postgresql-9.5  on ubuntu 16.04  .. which one should i install ?18:20
genii!info postgresql xenial18:21
ubottupostgresql (source: postgresql-common (173)): object-relational SQL database (supported version). In component main, is optional. Version 9.5+173 (xenial), package size 5 kB, installed size 58 kB18:21
geniiph88: The unversioned one18:21
ph88oki thx18:21
sergioadfriends a little question18:21
sergioadcould an XBOX one elite controller work on Ubuntu? or do you recommend me using another controler?18:22
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pwcahi, I am trying to connect my Android cell phone as a storage device but when I plug the USB in it just recharges.18:24
pwcathis worked a while ago and now randomly doesn't.18:24
pwcathe cell phone is an HTC M8 and my OS is Ubuntu Gnome 15.10.18:25
MonkeyDust!phone | pwca18:25
ubottupwca: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch18:25
adrian_1908pwca: you do set your phone into the right mode as before, yes?18:26
pwcaadrian_1908: it doesn't ask me to go into storage mode, which is what it did when it worked.18:26
pwcaI suspect this may be the core issue.18:27
adrian_1908pwca: hmm, strange. And you're plugging it into the same USB port each time?18:27
SchrodingersScat!ssmtp | velusuniverse if you're passing it to an outside email server, does this work for you?18:28
pwcawell, I tried all of them but I think the current one is the same USB as when it worked.18:28
SchrodingersScat!info ssmtp | velusuniverse if you're passing it to an outside email server, does this work for you?18:28
ubottuvelusuniverse if you're passing it to an outside email server, does this work for you?: ssmtp (source: ssmtp): extremely simple MTA to get mail off the system to a mail hub. In component universe, is extra. Version 2.64-8ubuntu1 (xenial), package size 41 kB, installed size 2 kB18:28
adrian_1908pwca: could be the phone instead of Ubuntu, hard to say. It never failed me, but I connect it infrequently.18:28
pwcaI am suspecting it is the phone, but I can't know.18:29
velusuniverseSchrodingersScat, that dont make sense?18:30
velusuniverseand is you last bit of the name supose to be scat?18:30
pwca"Shitty Micro USB cable?"18:30
pwcahuh, could be.18:30
SchrodingersScatvelusuniverse: be-bop-skiddly-do. what part doesn't make sense? I meant external.18:31
JosyHello, I'm looking for a light gui VPN manager (for my openbox installation). Anyone have an idea please ?18:31
pwcadifferent USB cable works.18:31
pwcaok, thanks for the help.18:32
adrian_1908cool :)18:32
CodeMouse92Here's an odd one. I have an Ubuntu 16.04 system (Toshiba Satellite laptop, AMD using open source driver) ...18:33
OzpriHey Guys, is anyone here familiar with Lets Encrypt and certificates in general?18:33
CodeMouse92Back on 15.10, if I plugged in my external monitor, it would automatically update.18:33
CodeMouse92Ozpri: Try #letsencrypt18:33
CodeMouse92The actual developers are there :)18:33
CodeMouse92Anyhow, after updating to 16.04, when I plug/unplug an external monitor from my laptop, it won't automatically update the display configuration until I go to System Settings (literally just open the window), and THEN it automatically updates.18:34
CodeMouse92Is there a way to fix this?18:34
LehnuxIDK maybe GPU drivers ?18:35
OzpriDoes anyone know if the certificates stored as .pem files in /etc/letsencrypt/live are vaild on another server?18:35
LehnuxWhat's the output of lshw ?18:35
Ozprithe other servers are using different IP addresses which I'm thinking is a huge no no18:36
CodeMouse92Ozpri: While you may find an answer here, again, join the #letsencrypt channel for expert help18:36
LehnuxCerts are valid if signed for the server they are created18:36
=== Master is now known as Guest70391
CodeMouse92Lehnux: Did you want the complete infodump of sudo lshw in a paste?18:37
Ozprihmmmm so if i have serveral different applications (Gitlab, Jira, mailinabox, etc) I would need to generate certs for each server/application and attach some how?18:37
LehnuxThe parr about the GPU18:37
Ozprido pem files work in place of /key and .crt?18:37
CodeMouse92(I'm getting the feeling that I'm being ignored by Ozpri)18:37
Ozpriwhat wait?18:37
=== wyre_ is now known as wyre
Ozpriwhats up codemouse?18:38
LehnuxKey are private or public key not certs18:38
CodeMouse92Third time: Join the #letsencrypt channel. Those are the actual developers of Let's Encrypt, and can all answer your questions in detail18:38
Ozprikew kew tytytyty18:38
CodeMouse92People in here might *know* certs, but the folks in #letsencrypt are actual professional experts18:38
LehnuxCodeMouse92 is right18:38
Ozpriyep gonna hope over there now.18:38
LehnuxQuite hard sometimes18:39
CodeMouse92Lehnux: Oookay, so I'm not seeing GPU in my output from sudo lshw18:40
LehnuxCodeMouse92: I hoped there was a output about the GPU18:40
LehnuxI'm just reading some doc18:41
CodeMouse92Ah. No. From "About This Computer," though...18:41
=== richard is now known as snowrichard
LehnuxWhat did you got ?18:41
LehnuxAny questions ⌚18:41
CodeMouse92I'm running: "Gallium 0.4 on AMD SUMO"18:41
CodeMouse92"...with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics x4"18:41
snowrichard there is a problem with using sdhc cards with large partitions.  it seems to be unable to mount tuj18:42
LehnuxDo you know if you use the open or the closed graphics driver ?18:42
LehnuxMaybe it's the issue18:43
CodeMouse92I definitely use the open. fglrx isn't available for Ubuntu 16.0418:43
LehnuxDefine large partition ?18:43
CodeMouse92But, I switched to the open-source driver back on Ubuntu 15.10 BEFORE the upgrade, so I don't think it's *just* that.18:43
LehnuxDid it work on 15.10 ?18:44
CodeMouse92Yes, AFAIR18:44
CodeMouse92Also have another laptop around here with nearly identical specs on Ubuntu 16.04 that works just fine.18:44
tortibanyone have any suggestions as to why my usb device i added to my kvm windows guest os isn't showing up in the guest os?18:44
__marcguys, today i wanted to install ubuntu on another laptop... used dd to put it on a usb drive (like i always do). when i booted there was an error and it put me into a grub menu. could boot into live mode, but whilst trying to install there was a message about uefi... what happened there? any ideas?18:44
LehnuxCan you try to reproduce the issue on this laptop ?18:44
CodeMouse92Lehnux: Not if I want to live past tomorrow. (It belongs to my mother)18:45
LehnuxI'm looking in my collection of old pc if I can get something up and running18:45
LehnuxGive me the detailled soecs18:46
CodeMouse92Lehnux: Of mine? Sure...just a sec18:46
ron__hello, do you have a new for linux-kernel-nofree in LTS 16.04 ?18:46
haasn“19:20 <akik> haasn: isn't nomodeset a solution for that?” I'm not getting a grub menu when I boot the u1604-full.iso (via PXE)18:47
haasnbut that actually gives me a good idea18:47
MonkeyDustron__  you can choose whather you want non-free software or not, during the installation18:47
haasnI have grub installed on a different device, I could enter the grub rescue shell and then boot from usb instead18:48
haasnwith nomodeset18:48
tgm4883wow he's back18:48
CodeMouse92For one thing, it's a Toshiba Satellite Pro P745D-S4240. 8GB RAM internal (7.3 GB usable by system). AMD A6-3400M APU w/ Radeon(tm) HD Graphics x4. The graphics are actually integrated, but programmed to look like a separate card (that's a fairly common AMD stunt). 64-bit Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, up-to-date.18:48
CodeMouse92Graphics: "Gallium 0.4 on AMD SUMO (DRM 2.43.0, LLVM 3.8.0)18:48
CodeMouse92Lehnux: What else would you like to know?18:49
LehnuxI'm looking at my old pc18:49
sergioadso? could an XBOX one elite controller work with Ubuntu friends?18:49
LehnuxJust a few minutes18:49
ron__MonkeyDust, yes but linux-firmware-nonfree is not ready in 16.04 and the hibernation don't work :x18:49
BluesKajhsa or change your boot device sequence to the drive that has grub18:49
BluesKajhaasn, ^18:49
MonkeyDustron__  start from the beginning, what brings you here18:50
tgm4883sergioad: looks like it's been supported for a long time18:50
haasnBluesKaj: The machine can't boot from USB, it can only boot from PXE or drives. Luckily, I have grub installed on one of the drives, but it's not configured for the USB stick. I figure I can make it work from the grub rescue shell, though18:51
haasn(My other attempt would have been to PXE boot some sort of deboostrapped ubuntu 16.04 image that I can then ssh into, but bleh)18:52
=== Guest46242 is now known as snow_richard
sergioadand what about the controller's padles? tgm488318:52
ron__MonkeyDust, I would like install the hibernation in my netbook :)18:52
BluesKajwhy do you need the usb stick , haasn ?18:53
haasnBluesKaj: what else would I boot from, if not USB or PXE?18:53
tgm4883sergioad: You'd have to try it. Linux has built in support for the xbox one controller since 3.1718:54
MonkeyDustron__  https://www.howtoinstall.co/en/ubuntu/xenial/hibernate18:54
BluesKajgrub on the drive that you put as first in the boot sequence ion your uefi/bios haasn18:55
haasnBluesKaj: I don't follow. You mean one of the drives that's in the system already?18:55
sergioadtgm4883 wich I should grab? An XBOX one gamepad a Wii U one or an elite one?18:55
tgm4883sergioad: wait, you don't even have a controller yet?18:56
sergioadI have 200 USD and I want to spend them wisely18:56
sergioadtgm4883: I have a generic Afterglow one but I want another one to play with my sister18:57
Sitman5000rich man18:57
Sitman5000go to womans18:57
Sitman5000sergioad they always make you happy18:57
BluesKajhasanin,  yes of course, you said grub is installed on one of them18:57
tgm4883sergioad: Buy whichever one you like the best? I've got a few 360 controllers, a a PS4 controller, and just got a steam controller18:57
tgm4883!ot | Sitman500018:58
ubottuSitman5000: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!18:58
sergioadtgm4883 puffff I wish a steam controller but it is not availiable for Mexico18:59
kostrahbHi, does anyone know how to get Vulkan working under Ubuntu Xenial (with amd graphic card)? I have tried to install amdgpu pro driver (from amd's site) but it seems that it's not working on 16.04 yet19:00
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LehnuxI'm sorry i don't have a PC that matchs yours19:01
=== Lehnux is now known as lehnux
CodeMouse92lehnux: Ah well, thanks anyway.19:02
CodeMouse92I've got a post sitting on the Ubuntu FOrums regarding it as well, so we'll see what happens.19:02
=== lehnux is now known as Lehnux
sergioadtgm4883 so? wich one do you think I should grab?19:03
LehnuxKeep me updated19:04
tgm4883sergioad: IDK, I've not used a xbox one controller except briefly19:05
JosyHello, anyone know how I can use OpenVPN under openbox installation ? I use Wicd but I don't know how to use VPN with it.19:05
BluesKajhaasn, ,  yes of course, you said grub is installed on one of the drives, make it first in the boot sequence19:06
sergioadtgm4883 wich one had you used?19:06
=== MonkeyDust_ is now known as MonkeyDust
tgm4883sergioad: I have most experience with the xbox 360 controller.19:06
haasnBluesKaj: that's what I plan on doing, but I still need to manually input the kernel parameters etc. from the rescue shell19:06
yash /join #onetime19:06
BluesKajhasanin,  why?19:08
BluesKajhaasn, why?19:08
haasnBluesKaj: well, how else would grub know how to boot the livecd?19:10
MonkeyDusthaasn  you can add a .iso in a folder, i forget which, so you can boot a live session from grub19:12
LehnuxMouseCode92: Did you find anything ?19:12
haasnMonkeyDust: I already have the livecd on a USB stick, and grub can find it. I assume this way would be easier, too, since I get control over the exact kernel parameters I'm passing when loading it19:12
LehnuxI got some similar issues but couldn't solve it except by giving more RAM to the PC19:13
MonkeyDustLehnux  so the solution was adding more RAM19:14
etzerdhello all19:16
etzerdI'm using the latest beta Ubuntu Mate 16.10 but the menu file is freezing a lot\19:17
MonkeyDustetzerd  16.10 isnt in beta yet19:18
OerHeksetzerd, join #ubuntu+1 for support, until release19:19
MonkeyDustetzerd  beta in august https://wiki.ubuntu.com/YakketyYak/ReleaseSchedule19:19
etzerdMonkeyDust: I'm using it now as we speak. This is the only version that works great with my new Acer Aspire V17 Nitro19:19
MonkeyDustetzerd  type this for 16.10 support ... /j #ubuntu+119:20
OneriwienI'm in a bit of a pickle with a flash drive19:32
Oneriwienoverwrote the firmware or something, now I can't format it even though it's in the Disks utility19:32
aidrocsidSo I'm trying to get FTP working as per this: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/ftp-server.html19:32
aidrocsidunfortunately when I sudo restart vsftpd it says "sudo: restart: command not found"19:33
LehnuxSudo service restart vsftpd19:34
MonkeyDustaidrocsid  try vsftp restart19:34
aidrocsidrestart: unrecognized service19:34
ioriaOneriwien, try with gparted, recreate the PT19:34
Bashing-omaid ' sudo service vsftpd restart ' ?? That is the upstart way // systemd ?19:34
LehnuxSry Bashing-om is right19:35
aidrocsidi don't think i have upstart19:35
aidrocsidthis is a fresh vps19:35
aidrocsida;; ot19:35
aidrocsidall it's got right now is mariadb and teamspeak19:35
LehnuxEven if you dont have upstart it's like that since 12.0419:35
LehnuxI think19:35
aidrocsidAH there we go19:36
aidrocsidsudo service sftpd restart did it19:36
ioriasftpd ?19:37
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=== gh0st is now known as Guest81948
awesomess3so `sudo apt-get update' is like downloading a fucking library. Why is it doing this?19:50
k1lawesomess3: its not loading libraries. its loading the recent packages lists from the repo servers. and please mind your language in here, thanks19:51
GordonGekkocan you tell me the command to remove a link after i used this command:  "update-rc.d znc defaults"19:51
GordonGekkois it update-rc.d znc remove ?19:52
tortibis what you use now since you're using systemd19:52
GordonGekkotortib , i'm working on znc, and i followed this part to autostart it (im running ubuntu 16):  http://wiki.znc.in/Systemd#Get_the_daemon_up_and_running19:53
tortibGordonGekko, pretty sure it's systemctl remove znc19:54
tortibno it isn't remove one second19:55
GordonGekkoit's ok i found19:55
tortibwhat is it?19:55
GordonGekkoit's update-rc.d  znc remove19:55
tortibthought you could do that with systemctl as well but I guess not19:55
GordonGekkonot sure if i'm correct though19:55
akikstop to stop, disable to disable19:55
tortibsystemctl disable znc ?19:55
GordonGekkoshould i do this http://wiki.znc.in/Systemd#Get_the_daemon_up_and_running or THIS: http://wiki.znc.in/Systemd#systemd19:55
akiktortib: yes19:56
awesomess3why is `sudo apt-get update' need to download so much? the download is HUGE.19:56
tortibawesomess3, i think it would depend on the last time it was updated no/19:56
awesomess3tortib, well it's the first time. I'm using a liveUSB.19:57
ihatemyispGordonGekko: how did you install znc+19:57
k1lawesomess3: because the live cd is on an old state of all packages.19:57
ihatemyispawesomess3: because the image you are using is ancient compared to the repos19:58
OerHeksupdating a live usb .. you will need lots f system memory to keep it all.19:58
akikGordonGekko: ubuntu 16.04 uses systemd. update-rc.d is modifying links for sysv init system which was used before ubuntu 15.0419:59
tortibhow can I change my sound from pulseaudio to alsa?19:59
GordonGekko<ihatemyisp> GordonGekko: how did you install znc+ <-i've installed using apt-get install znc20:00
k1ltortib: are you sure you want to do that?20:00
GordonGekkoihatemyisp , what's znc+?20:00
tortibk1l, well i'm getting intermittent audio in a virtual machine using virtual box20:00
tortiband someone suggested to use alsa or oss20:00
tortibso i need to at least try to see if helps20:00
GordonGekkoakik , ok so it's the lastest link i should follow.20:00
akikGordonGekko: yes, systemd20:01
k1ltortib: uhh, the good old OSS and alsa days where sound really was a pain :/20:01
tortibk1l, https://forums.virtualbox.org/viewtopic.php?t=581620:01
ihatemyispGordonGekko: then you should already have a .service20:01
GordonGekkoakik , also i'm running my daemon as specific user which i've created and called 'znc-admin'20:01
k1ltortib: well, that is from 2008. that is what i call the good old days of oss and alsa, where everything was a pain.20:01
akikihatemyisp: not all apps are pre-packaged20:01
tortibk1l, how can i switch to alsa just to test this20:02
Oneriwienomg tortib20:02
OneriwienI remember you from ###Sanctuary20:02
akikalthough znc/xenial 1.6.3-1 amd64 exists20:02
tortiboh I don't remember you, should I?20:02
OneriwienI'm x2620:02
ihatemyisptortib: 2008....20:02
ihatemyisptortib: why do you think it is still relevant?20:03
tortibihatemyisp, beacuse I'm having that exact same issue?20:03
Oneriwienhow do I make a bootable flash drive from a .flp or .bin20:03
k1lOneriwien: what is on that images? are you sure its bootable for a live system?20:04
ihatemyisptortib: it is highly unlikely to the the same cause20:04
Oneriwienk1l, it's a bootloader20:04
tortibihatemyisp, ALRIGHT20:04
GordonGekko<ihatemyisp> GordonGekko: then you should already have a .service <-i dont have the service, so i guess i told you a bullshit, maybe i've compiled it from scratch, i dont remember20:04
tortibdo you have any other suggestions then?20:04
ihatemyisptortib: unless you are actualy running a gnu/linux install and vbox from 200820:04
tortibwhich i'm not...20:04
ihatemyisptortib: what are you actually trying to do? usb passtrough of the audio device?20:05
ihatemyispor do you just want to hear sound from the guest on the usb device and don't care how it gets there?20:06
tortibihatemyisp, yeah i have a usb audio device20:07
GordonGekkoif i want to run my daemon with a specific user with systemd, i should this file?  ~/.config/systemd/user/znc.service ?20:07
GordonGekkoif i want to run my daemon with a specific user with systemd, i should add this file?  ~/.config/systemd/user/znc.service ?20:07
GordonGekkologged as that specific user20:08
akikGordonGekko: that path is mentioned in the guide you pasted20:11
GordonGekkoakik , it's the right path then20:11
GordonGekkoi though i should replace user by my user name20:12
ericrajuinHi all I got a question: do I need to install the missing dependencies when building from source? Can I just download and extract them, put in a directory and somehow make the coufigure script to be able to find them ?20:12
ANDAY101does anyone here know how to uninstall unbuntu from windows, so that i can reinstall it.  i messed some stuff up lol20:14
nkttwith windows delete all20:14
MonkeyDustANDAY101  how did you install it?20:15
ANDAY101i keep having grub open when i boot my comp20:15
ANDAY101i installed it with a usb20:15
ANDAY101duel boot20:15
SpeccyMandual lol20:15
MonkeyDustANDAY101  ok, then boot from usb again, use gparted to delete the ubuntu partition20:15
GordonGekkoihatemyisp , you were right sorry i'm quite tired, i confuses the command, there was already a znc service: http://pastebin.com/QLP5CxSh20:15
nkttterminal - sudo - grub -remove20:15
fuzeshould netflix work in chromium by default on ubuntu 16.04?20:16
nkttthen autoremove20:16
ANDAY101i deleted the partition already20:16
nkttand evriting is gone20:16
tortibihatemyisp, well?20:16
tortibany suggestions?20:16
ANDAY101i wiped the usb, and tried using windows recovery, but that wont work either20:17
ANDAY101is there a command i am supposed to put into grub when it opens?20:17
MonkeyDustANDAY101  you can use Yumi or so, to create a new usb boot stick20:17
ANDAY101so create a new unbuntu boot stick, i used rufus bfore20:18
GordonGekkowith systemd and older, the autostart script are still in into /etc/init.d/ ?20:18
=== metal_camp is now known as metalcamp
ihatemyispGordonGekko: use a sane pastebn please20:20
GordonGekkoyup, oops20:21
ihatemyispGordonGekko: and don't use init.d/, it is a silly distro invented compability layer which does more harm than good20:21
GordonGekkoforgot about ubuntu pastebin20:21
ihatemyispGordonGekko: bpaste, gist, ptpb are vastly superiour20:21
gnikc2Hello. I have noticed that in comparison with my debian-jessie machines, ubuntu 14.04 LTS ones seem to receive few or no updates. Is it still supported, and if yes, why have I not received recent kernel updates, given it's the same generation/version?20:24
gnikc2(Those being security updates.20:24
ihatemyispgnikc2: it is still supported but it is recommended to ugrade to 16.0420:24
gnikc2Would I need to reinstall completely or is it possible to upgrade without problems?20:25
GordonGekkohow can i properly remove the existing systemd item for znc?20:25
GordonGekkoi think it's corrupted20:25
gnikc2sudo systemctl znc disable?20:26
* mmaheu 20:32
Jakey3how do i create folders while i unzip files in terminal20:33
gnikc2What are you using to unzip?20:34
gnikc2Does the '-d <dir>' flag allow automatic creation of directories?20:35
gnikc2Answer: Yes, as of version 6.0, I just tested.20:36
gnikc2It only does it on the directly available path though, it does not do anything like 'mkdir -p one/two/three'.20:37
GordonGekkowhat's wrong?20:37
GordonGekkoi'm lost20:38
k1lGordonGekko: how did you install the znc?20:38
Jakey3gnikc2, ok thanks for the info20:38
GordonGekkok1l , apt-get install znc20:38
__ravenhow to increase secure ftp (sshfs/sftp) speed on ~600ms rtt?20:38
GordonGekkoi fucked up the systemd entry20:39
k1lGordonGekko: did you change the configfile?20:39
gnikc2Is znc still installed?20:39
GordonGekkognikc2 yes it's still installed and config is done20:39
GordonGekkojust that it's not auto running20:39
k1lGordonGekko: juil. 04 20:32:09 odroid64 znc[11966]: chown: invalid user: ‘znc:znc’20:39
GordonGekkoi've created a user to run it (because you cant run it as root anywa), called znc-admin20:40
k1lGordonGekko: so either you did change the config the wrong way to run as user znc or the package got a bug20:40
GordonGekkoi did the wrong20:41
Jakey3gnikc2, i still need to create the directory though20:41
Jakey3with mkdir?20:41
GordonGekkowhere is located this znc:znc ?20:41
k1lGordonGekko: in short: its trying to run znc as user zns which is not present on your system20:41
gnikc2https://serverfault.com/questions/606520/how-to-remove-missing-systemd-units This may be relevant20:41
GordonGekkok1l , yes the user i want to run as is called 'znc-admin"20:41
GordonGekkobut i dont know which file should i edit?20:42
k1lGordonGekko: i dont know about the standard setup of znc. so did you change that?20:42
gnikc2More detailed info :  https://superuser.com/questions/513159/how-to-remove-systemd-services20:42
GordonGekkoGordonGekko , it's not into systemd files?20:42
GordonGekkok1l , i did all the znc config20:43
k1lGordonGekko: so again: what did you change so it doesnt find the user znc. because i guess the original ubuntu package install should have solved this issue20:43
GordonGekkok1l i dont have a clue20:44
GordonGekkoi dont know at all20:44
GordonGekkoi just edited znc.conf20:44
GordonGekkomaybe i fucked up into /etc/init.d20:44
Jakey3how to pipe into a file removing the .zip20:44
Jakey3e.g: ls > foo20:45
k1lGordonGekko: i dont know what you all changed.20:45
GordonGekkok1l , there's no znc user20:45
Jakey3the ls file contain .zip but i dont want to pipe the .zip20:45
Jakey3part of the file name20:45
goudkovwhat's the difference in nautilus (on 12.04 if that matters) between connecting to a "location" as ssh:// vs sftp:// ? do both of the use sshfs or does one really use sftp?20:47
Jakey3i found the answer20:50
Jakey3ls -1 | sed -e 's/\..*$//'20:50
Jakey3can someone explain how this works20:50
OneriwienHow do I connect to NSA320 http://i.imgur.com/lkkwtoN.png21:00
Oneriwienit doesn't show up in nautilus21:00
Oneriwienthat's the result of smbtree21:00
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AlesWHY can't i see openvpn panel when configure vpn connections21:05
Alesi installed openvpn + gnome21:05
arctikhi, I use a amd h5450 and since ubuntu 16.04, there is no amd Driver, so I use open source version, but I have very poor video performance, is ther a solution?21:07
arctikperhapse someone here use this card too?21:07
x-fakk1l , i found that the chown command is coming from /etc/init.d/znc21:09
x-faki've edited the user and group lines21:09
x-faknow i got this:  https://bpaste.net/show/25ef14bea0d321:09
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leminsc8i need help join german channel for uuntu mate21:24
leminsc8need help by installation with two systems (mate and windows)21:25
=== elmar is now known as Guest22918
daxleminsc8: #ubuntu-de21:27
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=== silverhome is now known as silverhom
=== silverhom is now known as silverhome
ubuntu76enjoying my new magazine of ubuntu user I bought yesterday.21:34
SchrodingersScatseb_lap: howdy21:50
seb_lapdoing fine SchrodingersScat what about you21:51
SchrodingersScatseb_lap: did you have a ubuntu question?21:51
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seb_lapim trying to make my touchpad support multitouch21:52
seb_lapbut i cant install the focaltech dkms21:55
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Guy1524hello, for some reason on my ubuntu install, even though FPS for source games are very high, the picture is not smooth at all, its the worst w/o vsync on and is a bit better w/ it on, but nothing near what it is like in windows22:05
Guy1524I am using intel hd 4600 graphics22:05
the_newbiehey , i'm getting blank notifications on elementary desktop22:05
=== jwheare_local_ is now known as jwheare_local
the_newbiecan anyone suggest me somethong how can i solve it22:06
tgm4883!elementary | the_newbie22:08
ubottuthe_newbie: Elementary OS is an Ubuntu derivative which is supported in their IRC channel #elementary on irc.freenode.net - http://elementaryos.org/ for more information on this distribution.22:08
the_newbietggm4883 : thanx22:09
tgm4883ilken: off topic22:09
ilkenthe_newbie: I used a Ubuntu computer to post those22:12
ilkenso on topic22:12
daxexcept the topic is ubuntu support, so no22:12
k1lilken: this channel is technical support only. thanks22:12
the_newbiehey i am new to irc channels , using them for the first time22:13
the_newbieso i don't know where to post22:13
lucaslopescomo deixa ubuntu mais level22:13
ilkenthe_newbie just use /amsg <text>22:13
tgm4883the_newbie: he misdirected that at you22:13
the_newbieso please tell me how can i connect to elementaryos group22:14
SchrodingersScatthe_newbie: try /join #elementary22:15
k1lthe_newbie: "/join #elementary"22:15
the_newbieya i've been directed to a different page22:16
the_newbiei'll try posting my query there22:16
ddybingHi, Keyboard22:20
Keyboard_ddybing: any help^22:21
the_newbie_can anyone tell me some useful apps for ubuntu ???22:21
ddybingKeyboard: Sorry - that's not my field!22:21
ddybingthe_newbie: What type of work do you do on your computer?22:21
the_newbie_basically i do programmiing mostly22:22
LJHSLDJHSDLJHwhere there are many times when an unwanted window pops from behind the one which I'm trying to maximize? it seems like there is a gap between the front window and ubuntu unity global menu!22:23
ddybingthe_newbie: Well, personally, I love the Atom editor! It's exceptional for any kind of programming language, as well as editing configuration files. It also has a variety of plugins, and is fully customizable as it is built on technologies like CSS and Javascript22:23
the_newbie_I'm also using atom editor and i too love it22:24
ddybingthe_newbie: Awesome!22:24
the_newbie_ddybing : i've just installed elementarty os and suffering a problem22:25
the_newbie_where can i get an answer to that22:25
tgm4883the_newbie_: you were already directed at the elementary chat22:26
the_newbie_ya but no one is active there22:26
ddybingthe_newbie: That's unfortunate! I would go over to the Elementary OS forum at https://elementaryforums.com. Alternatively you can join the channel #elementaryos22:26
tgm4883the_newbie_: all the more reason to use a more supported distro such as Ubuntu22:26
SchrodingersScatKeyboard_: can't say much about your software thinking there's another copy open, but pretty sure those two processes aren't truecrypt22:28
SchrodingersScatKeyboard_: also, killall kills by name22:28
Keyboard_SchrodingersScat:  $ sudo killall truecrypt truecrypt: no process found22:29
ddybingthe_newbie_: Well, here in Europe it is in the middle of the night, so I suppose most people are asleep ;-)22:30
SchrodingersScatKeyboard_: so far only truecrypt seems to think truecrypt is running, have you tried asking them for support?22:30
Keyboard_SchrodingersScat:  no one answers there. I cant trace which process is it that says truecrype is running22:31
Keyboard_SchrodingersScat:  actually, which is the truecrypt one22:31
tgm4883wait, people trust truecrypt again?22:32
SchrodingersScattgm4883: no22:32
tgm4883ah ok22:32
tgm4883I was worried for a minute22:32
ddybingI'm calling it a day. Good bye, everyone.22:32
SchrodingersScattgm4883: I assume it's like how some people still run BBS just for kicks22:33
tgm4883SchrodingersScat: Keyboard_ so a quick google search suggests deleting the lock file, has that been tried yet?22:33
tgm4883it should be at ~/.truecrypt_lock22:33
SchrodingersScatthat should really be a lock directory to avoid race conditions22:34
tgm4883SchrodingersScat: well it should really be checking running processes instead of a lock file, but we're talking about a program that is no longer updated...22:35
adastraif it's not much axing, I will ax a question22:37
daumiehello fam...anyone using sublime text?22:37
daumieI need help configuring this package https://packagecontrol.io/packages/Clipboard%20Manager                            │ Ameo22:37
daumie01:33 daumie | How do I set clipboard Manager to receive the copy and cut commands22:37
Bashing-om!ask | adastra22:38
ubottuadastra: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience22:38
k1ldaumie: i guess best is to ask the sublime guys about their softwrae22:39
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/22:39
daumiek1l: The question lies more on this side than on #sublimetext channel22:39
Keyboard_tgm4883:  ok22:40
WhiteNightWhile Thunderbird is an amazing email client, the issue I face is outgoing emails have bizzare and ugly font settings, and I need to change it all the time. I tried and couldn't make it consistent/default. Please advise, thanks ...22:40
daumieRephrasing the question....How can I assign a variable to receive copy, cut and paste commands?22:41
daumiedaumie: copy and paste i mean22:41
SchrodingersScat!info xclip | daumie22:43
ubottudaumie: xclip (source: xclip): command line interface to X selections. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.12+svn84-4 (xenial), package size 16 kB, installed size 66 kB22:43
crypticGator how do you fix your screen resolution. It says unknown display and it is 1024x768 on a 4k samsung22:45
crypticGatorI'm using nouveau I guess22:45
k1lcrypticGator: any adapters involved in connecting that screen?22:48
bhuvhow to copy files to linux directories22:49
k1lbhuv: from another OS?22:49
bhuvno from downloads22:49
bhuvi am on linux mint22:50
k1l!mint | bhuv22:50
ubottubhuv: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org22:50
k1lthe irc programs on mint should connect directly to their support chat.22:50
al2o3-crbhuv: i'd just ask in ##linux on here22:51
crypticGatorkil, no. No adaptors. USB 2.0 from GTX960 card22:51
bhuvthe commands r same rnt they?22:52
k1lcrypticGator: usb connection? i guess you need the prop. nvidia drivers for that. (if that supports 4k at all)22:52
k1lbhuv: ask in ##linux for general linux help then. dont misuse this ubuntu support channel for mint support.22:53
crypticGatorI'm going to go with proprietory drivers for now. I'll try wayland some other time22:56
Bashing-omcrypticGator: What release are you running ? http://www.nvidia.com/download/driverResults.aspx/104284/en-us . Nvidia recommeneds the 367 version driver . In 16.04 is available in our trusted PPA .22:57
crypticGatorI didnt' use any Nvidia drivers yet. I'm using nouveu22:59
crypticGatorin the Nouveau Chat they asked me to ask you guys about a firmware load error23:09
crypticGator"Direct firmware load for nvidia/gm206/gr/sw_nonctx.bin failed with error -2"23:09
gmhAnyone that know how to use input_word_2 and input_word_3 in a bash alias?23:11
gmhExample: gpg --symmetric < unencrypted_file > encrypted_file23:11
gmhExample: encrypt unencrypted_file encrypted_file23:12
b-yeezigmh I usually just write a bash script to do this and store it in my ~/bin folder23:14
gmhI don't know how to write a bash script -_- (noob incoming). I thought maybe I could use the alias='' function somehow.23:15
b-yeeziname the file encrypt23:15
b-yeezithen in the file, do:23:15
b-yeezigpg --symmetric < $1 > $223:16
b-yeeziafter you save the file, do chmod u+x encrypt23:17
gmhb-yeezi: Who knew bash scripting could be so simple :)23:17
gmhb-yeezi: Thanks m8 :)23:18
b-yeezino problem. I have a dozen files like that in my /bin folder23:18
b-yeeziThen another dozen in my aliases/functions23:19
dg87is there a way to easily transfer music to and from ubuntu and an iPod?23:20
b-yeezidg87 if the files are not in iTunes, it's pretty easy using Banshee23:21
dg87b-yeezi, will Clementine work?23:22
b-yeeziJust enable the iPod plugin in preferences. I have done this with an old nano (2009). I don't know about Clementine.23:22
b-yeeziI think there is a plugin for that too.23:22
dg87b-yeezi, i'm gonna try out and install banshee23:27
b-yeeziOK. It's not as pretty as clementine, but has some nice features.23:27
dg87i thought banshee was discontinued tho23:27
b-yeeziMaybe now new development, but it still works23:28

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