knomehello ochosi 11:03
knomewhat's up?11:06
ochosinot much, renovating the house and working on some porting fun11:13
ochosicurrently notifyd, which i can hopefully release soon, and greybird11:13
knomeso was the "greybird port" to any use11:13
ochosii've set up a 3.20 PPA for myself for xenial11:13
knome+ question mark11:13
knomeyeah :/11:13
ochosii want to go sass anyway11:13
ochosiand it didn't look like greybird at all11:13
knomei thought it was SASS11:13
ochosianyway, i think it won't be too hard, just time-consuming to get everything right11:14
knomeyep, i kind of read that from between the lines, but i didn't read it too carefully so wasn't sure11:14
ochosieverything is spread out a little11:14
knomeso i guess one question is11:14
knomewould a CSS->SASS port without previewing be useful?11:14
ochosiyes, i think so11:14
knomei mean, if i simply went and converted all CSS to SASS, expecting it to work..11:14
ochosii want to rebase on Adwaita11:15
ochosito make maintenance a little easier11:15
knomeso no, it wouldn't be useful :P11:15
ochosiso it's not just conversion11:15
ochosiit's fixing greybird into adwaita11:15
ochosibut you could still do that without testing11:15
ochosii've mostly done it like that so far11:15
ochosifixed one widget, went to testing11:15
knomei guess one thing that could actually be useful is discuss about what kind of things make greybird greybird11:15
knomeand even making some graphical examples11:16
ochosiyeah, maybe11:16
knomealso as a guideline for the future11:16
ochosii mean as soon as everything is gtk3-only in xfce that may change a little11:16
knomehow much have you converted so far?11:16
ochosimuch more freedom and more options11:16
ochosijust the colors and the buttons11:16
ochosii started yesterday and set up my env11:16
ochosiand then started the porting late11:16
ochosiin between fixing some notifyd issues11:17
ochosiso notebook is half-done, and buttons11:17
knomeyeah, another thing we need is good documentation on gtk widget names >__<11:17
flocculantmorning you two :)11:22
ochosianyway, i'll push some of my work soon if you wanna contribute11:22
knomeafternoon you one11:22
ochosinow i need to take a nap11:22
ochosicause then the renovation work continues11:22
knometbh, i don't think i will have much time/motivation until august, but we'll see11:22
flocculantochosi: sounds great ... 11:22
ochosiok then11:23
knomeyou too11:23
knomepleia2, i just shared all of my xubuntu stuff in google drive with you (hf), including the WIP 16.04 publicity pack12:08
knomeand i should drive (pun intended) myself to pushing even more of my stuff online so they are available for all, but bleh12:08
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pleia2knome: cool, thanks15:18
pleia2knome: this is great :)16:31
knomepleia2, yeah, probably still needs some polish16:32
knomenot the language16:32
knomei was also thinking point release announcements etc16:32
pleia2I haven't looked too closely at those generated docs16:34
knomegenerated docs?16:35
pleia2did you look at my quick draft to reply to submissions? I'd like to send it out16:35
knomenope, but i can do that now16:35
pleia2the stuff in the release announcement and notes folder16:35
pleia2I assume those are generated from the wiki16:35
knomeright, they are basically just copies of the announcement/notes with some formatting edits16:35
knomewebsite and wiki16:35
* pleia2 nods16:36
knomethey are fine - they are manually crafted16:36
knomei mean for the parts that require manual craft...16:36
knomewhere's the draft again?16:36
knomeoh, the pad16:36
knomejust a sec16:36
knomethat's why i lost it...16:36
knome"when voting begins"16:37
knomei don't think we said anything about voting really16:37
knomewe said we'll select..16:37
knomeoh haha, two pinks16:37
pleia2I think we want to put all of them on the wiki or something16:38
knomealso, i don't think we want to say "we will publish this"16:38
pleia2why not?16:38
pleia2the whole point is to collect a bunch of stories to share :)16:38
knomeif submissions are not obeying guidelines16:38
pleia2oh, I think those should be treated on a case by case basis16:39
pleia2we don't use a form letter for that16:39
knomethough i guess then we'll send another kind of mail or no mail at all16:39
pleia2the ones so far seem fine16:39
knomethere was one that was already borderline16:39
knomenot the story itself, but the "funny" part16:39
pleia2yeah, the word was a bit meh16:39
knomemaybe that's better?16:40
knomeleaves us some wiggle room16:40
pleia2I don't think we need a subject, I assumed we'd just reply to their submission16:41
* knome is a bit out of focus16:42
knomeeg. blurry16:42
knomei think that's good16:42
knomeif people start yelling at us for sending silly mails we can re-evaluate16:42
pleia2ok, I'm going to reply to the 3 submissions16:42
knomeshould it be "Xubuntu marketing team"?16:42
pleia2I think mostly people just want something to tell them their mail didn't go into a black hole16:43
knomeknome's inbox ---^16:43
knomeok, this is good16:43
knomedo we have an idea when we want to stop collecting submissions?16:44
knomeend of summerish?16:44
pleia2maybe end of july if we get a massive surge of interest16:44
knomelike somewhere before the 16.10 release stuff starts rolling in our web stuff16:44
knomei was thinking end of august16:44
knomemore is more this time16:44
knomeoh, another thing...16:45
knomedo we consider mostly xfce stories?16:45
pleia2what do you mean?16:45
knomethis is mostly theoretical right now, but if somebody sent a story that is about xfce but not xubuntu16:46
pleia2I think I'm going to request that the questionable one be adjusted some16:46
knomei mean if they specifically mention they were using some other OS16:46
pleia2ah, I think we'd have to see how applicable it is to Xubuntu16:46
pleia2referencing another OS would be a bit :\ I think16:46
knomebut otoh, the "xubuntu stories" can be anything about not xubuntu16:50
knomelike "i remember the exact day i started using xubuntu because i got proposed on the same day!"16:50
pleia2well, they have to include xubuntu some how, else the're not xubuntu stories16:50
knomethat isn't exactly related to xubuntu, but i would consider it valid for the contest16:50
pleia2ah, sure16:51
pleia2knome: plz to make pretty https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/xubuntu-contacts16:59
knomeugh. :)17:00
knomeok, i'll look at it17:00
pleia2thank you17:01
knomeok, mailman page for -contacts should be better now17:07
knomenext i'll drop the subscription text17:08
pleia2yay, pretty \o/17:09
knomeexcept i broke it17:09
pleia2yeah, some stray -- >17:10
knomeok, should be fixed now17:10
knomeok, some of the excess space is cleared now17:12
pleia2looks good17:13
knomeyep, much better indeed17:13
knomeand no silly subscription requests17:13
knomeok bbl17:53
ochosiwb bluesabre 21:32
bluesabrehey ochosi and knome21:36
bluesabremight disappear a few more times, moving servers21:36
ochosiphysically moving around server racks again, are we, eh?21:37
bluesabreno way21:37
bluesabrenew droplet, scp important things, change dns21:37
knomeno way, so you have to carry them through the forest?21:38
knomeare you sure the coverage is better in the woods?21:38
bluesabreit could be21:38
bluesabrecell cariers around here don't make the best decisions21:38
knomeyour servers are behind a cellular line?21:38
bluesabrethey could be21:39
bluesabrewe're in the future21:39
bluesabreanything is possible21:39
ochosiyou mean judging from your current uplink?21:39
* ochosi restarts his session hoping more of the gtk320 theming will finally apply...21:40
bluesabreochosi: how are the theme updates coming along?21:42
ochosiquite ok actually21:42
ochosihaven't had too much time to work on it21:42
ochosibut i have the scrollbars, buttons and headerbars down. plus xfce panel and notifyd21:42
ochosimany other things (like sidebar) i have tweaked, but it's not done yet21:42
ochosiquite a bit more to do21:43
ochosibut it feels manageable21:43
bluesabrevery cool21:43
ochosistill don't understand why some things arent what they should be, but i haven't even opened up the inspector yet21:44
ochosiso i guess it's my own fault21:45
knomeit's all your fault21:45

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