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sergioadHello friends06:25
sergioadhey I have a little question06:25
sergioadfriends I have a questin; I am a Linux user, wich gamepad do you recommend to me? the XBOX elite one Wii U pro controler or a Logitech F710 controller?06:30
nvtI deattached my vga cable and after putting it put the display is not recognized, any idea how to fix this without reboot?06:40
nvtwhen turning on the screen it's just switching between vga and dvi for a while without finding a signal06:50
Rommehow can i make font settings in xfce4-appereance-settings apply to GTK3 apps?07:00
xubuntu81whey guys \10:09
xubuntu81wi am using xbuntu 14.0410:10
xubuntu81wI am getting two majore problem issue10:10
xubuntu81w1. sound not working10:11
xubuntu81w2. thru hdmi cable extranal moniter not wworking10:12
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Anders__I am not sure how to use IRC: Need help to get sound working on Xubuntu 16.04 LTS on "Skull Canyon". Can anyone read this message?15:44
flocculantAnders__: yes - we can see it - you'll need to wait to see if someone can help you with that15:45
flocculantAnders__: oic now that's likely intel sound - try to select appropriate in the sound settings15:49
Anders__Thank you. I heard a beep when you responded. I see the volume control. Cannot test sound, e.g., no sound in Youtube. Have same bad setting "false" as described here: https://askubuntu.com/questions/455740/xubuntu-14-04-system-sound-not-working/45575315:53
knomeAnders__, so system sounds aren't working for you or any sounds?16:05
Anders__Yes: I have no sounds at all.16:06
knomeAnders__, on the "Configuration" tab in volume contro, what do you see in the profile fields?16:07
knome(and/or do you see your device at all)16:08
Anders__I see Built-in Audio "Analog Stereo Duplex" and Dell AC511 USB Soundbar also with "Analog Stereo Duplex".16:11
Anders__The volume control is responsive on both profiles but there is no sound.16:20
pentaquarkhello folks.  i just installed xubuntu on a machine that had a fresh install of windows 8.1.  I installed in legacy mode (not uefi) and ubuntu successfully installed on the correct partition.  However, GNU Grub 2.02 does not show "windows" as a boot option.  Do I need to use the boot-repair utility?  or if not, what's the recommended course of action?16:31
knomeAnders__, and there are no other profiles available?16:31
Anders__Sound mostly solved!! :-) Was checked "Mute" in the upper right corner of the desktop. Only remaining issue is how to test system sound.16:32
knomeAnders__, there aren't any system sounds in xubuntu by default16:33
Anders__So testing something like Youtube is enough? Sound is sound, right?16:34
knomewell, apparently you can have sound in youtube working, but system sounds not working... but again, there is no system sounds by default in xubuntu, so unless you set any, it doesn't "need to work" as there is nothing to playback16:34
CountryfiedLinuxwhat is the default font?16:54
knomein what version of xubuntu?16:55
knomenoto sans16:55
CountryfiedLinuxok thanks16:55
knome(the successor for droid sans, the font used in older versions)16:55
Anders__Thank you knome.17:13
sergioadHi there18:18
chuckmcmknome: do you know of any way (other than recompiling) to set the display widget to not do mirroring by default?18:53
knomechuckmcm, i don't use the monitor settings dialog myself much, so i'm not sure with it, but you could write a script that sets the mode you want with xrandr and then run that on each boot/login18:55
knomefwiw, the display dialog doesn't "forget" the mode on my desktop which has two monitors always connected18:55
knomei don't know if mirroring is the default when you plug a monitor after booting18:56
chuckmcmbeg to differ knome (perhaps it is a bug) but I have two monitors (one HDMI, one display port) connected to my system and it "forgets" everytime they blank19:23
pencilandpaperSystem:    Host: pencilandpaper-Latitude-E6320 Kernel: 4.4.0-30-generic x86_64 (64 bit)19:24
pencilandpaper           Desktop: Xfce 4.12.3 Distro: Ubuntu 16.1019:24
chuckmcmxrandr tells me the two monitors (DP1 and HDMI1) are connected but not that they are not-mirrored, and HDMI1 is above DPI1 physically. Are those things I can set?19:25
chuckmcminteresting, Xorg -configure failed to produce an xorg.conf file19:37
chuckmcmok, this is my first shot at it as a default : http://paste.ubuntu.com/18470102/19:58
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xubuntu11wi have a problem with installing the xubunto23:19
xubuntu11wsomeone can helo me23:19
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