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hendryhi guys, looking for a way to turn off ssh password authentication03:37
hendrysaw mention of ssh_pwauth, but I can't find it in the docs03:37
hendrydo you guys seriously still use bzr? https://cloudinit.readthedocs.io/en/latest/topics/hacking.html03:37
magicalChickenhendry: just setting 'ssh_pwauth: false' in config should disable it. its handled in cc_set_passwords.py around line 100 if you want to see the details03:47
hendrymagicalChicken: thank you, though is it in the documentation?03:48
hendrywas curious to figure out what was the default too03:48
magicalChickeni searched the docs and I don't think its there03:49
magicalChickenI think the default is to just preserve whatever the distro default is03:49
magicalChickenwhich I think for ubuntu is true03:49
hendrymagicalChicken: shouldn't that be raised as a bug perhaps? that's its not documented?03:55
magicalChickenyeah, probably, there's some other documentation that needs to be updated too03:55
* hendry wonders what the difference is between repo_upgrade: all and package_upgrade: true03:59
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mgagnesmoser: so I tested cloud-init with baremetal and found that Nova does not use vlan_mac_address but ethernet_mac_address18:09
rharpermgagne: do you have your network_data.json and the network config it rendered ?18:52
mgagnerharper: it failed to render with a KeyError19:00
rharpermgagne: ok, so there's a vlan device but no vlan_mac_address key in the json19:04
rharperor that's my guess without seeing the network_data.json19:04
mgagneyea, it is ethernet_mac_address19:04
rharperwell that's odd19:04
mgagnenot vlan_mac_address19:04
rharperto have ethernet_mac_address under vlan device ?19:04
mgagneI don't think that's the point19:04
mgagnethere is no special case for vlan19:05
mgagneand provider implementing the spec are using ethernet_mac_address, not vlan_mac_address.19:06
mgagnein fact, I found that glean supports both19:07
mgagneor I misinterpreted it19:07
mgagnewhat do you think?19:08
rharperI'm checking some doc;  I had at least one example where the data included a vlan_mac_address19:08
mgagnejroll: ^ do you know if rax provides mac address for VLAN interfaces in config drive? if so, in which field?19:11
rharpermgagne: AFAICT, vlans can have a uniq mac, if they want;    if the type: vlan didn't include vlan_mac_address or ethernet_mac_address, then the vlan interface would get the mac from the vlan_link interface it runs on top of;  in your case, I think we should at least check for either vlan_mac_address or ethernet_mac_address in the type:vlan dictionary;19:18
mgagnerharper: right so this could fallback gracefully to the "raw" interface mac address? I'm not sure of the impact of such change tbh19:19
rharpermgagne: well, it would omit including a hwaddress under the vlan interface19:20
mgagneI'm more or less concerned about what should be the name of this field as I saw implementation differing from spec19:20
rharperit could be called 'mac_address'19:20
rharperand it's properly scoped under a type: ethernet  or type: vlan19:20
mgagneit's already ethernet_mac_address in code19:20
rharperin our model, in either case, if when rendering a type: x, it shows up as an interface property19:21
rharperthe spec didn't cover vlans IIRC, no ? just mentioned them in passing19:21
rharperin the examples show, they were type: ethernet devices and then included the 'ethernet_mac_address' field19:21
mgagnerharper: yea, they mentioned it in the example which happened to be a "strong" reference when writing the implementation19:22
mgagnebut as you saw, they followed part of it19:22
mgagnethey renamed neutron_network_id for network_id and didn't update the spec19:22
mgagneand now we also have out of tree implementation floating around (including mine)19:23
rharperright, and others19:23
rharperrackspace/ironic  (which is where I got the vlan_mac_address) for their type: vlan19:23
mgagnewhich I happened to write to fit the rax's cloud-init fork implementaiton19:23
mgagnerharper: there is no mention of vlan_mac_address in their implementation in cloud-init. Do you happen to have access to a config drive generated at rax?19:24
rharperI'm not certain what we should do w.r.t the spec lacking specification other than be widely accepting in *mac_address19:24
mgagnewill check bifrost19:24
rharpermgagne: I have the network_data.json , is that good enought ?19:24
mgagneI'm sure it contains all that's needed19:24
mgagneI'm happy to change my implementation if the consensus happens to be vlan_mac_address19:25
mgagnewell... https://github.com/openstack/bifrost/blob/fa5f65adeff340f8415be46754cb327a3912852d/playbooks/library/network_metadata.py#L8319:25
rharperhonestly, it'd be nice to drop the prefix, since the field is under a type: XXX dictionary19:25
mgagnelooks like I was wrong =()19:25
rharperI have ethernet, bond and vlan dictionaries19:26
rharpereach which *could* have a mac_address value, and it's scoped per-interface anyhow;19:26
mgagnebut it's a public "api" and changing implementation is close to impossible to make for "don't break end user interface"19:26
mgagneok, will update my implementation I guess19:26
rharperthat's the rax one we got with ipv6 , bonding, and vlans19:27
mgagnecool, looks like it's vlan_mac_address19:27
mgagneI'm sure it used to be ethernet_mac_address =)19:27
rharperyeah, and I'd +1 updating spec to just be 'mac_address' under type: X19:28
mgagnebecause otherwise this would make no sense: https://github.com/jayofdoom/cloud-init-fedora-pkg/blob/master/cloud-init-0.7.5-onmetal-configdrive.patch#L27719:28
rharpermgagne: yeah, that wouldn't work with the mismatch19:28
mgagneso I guess I will include both for now until I fix all my images :-/19:28
mgagneoh, I know why19:29
mgagneit used to be in vendor_data.json19:30
mgagneand now it's in network_data.json which happens to respect the new approved spec19:30
mgagneso to conclude: cloud-init implementation is right. old implementation by rax is wrong when used against upstream Nova implementation (but not against their own vendor implementation)19:36
mgagneand I'm stuck in the middle :D19:36
rharperthat looks about right =(19:38
harlowjamgagne start contributing to the upstream cloud-init one ;)20:13
harlowjashouldn't be a need for a custom version anymore20:13
harlowjaand with https://code.launchpad.net/~harlowja/cloud-init/cloud-init-render-tool u can test the rendering(s) before using it20:14
mgagnewaiting for git repo (muhaha)20:14
harlowjaah, smoser ^^^^^20:14
harlowjading a ling20:14
harlowjaya, that render helper thing is useful for seeing exactly wtf is gonna be output given a network_data.json20:15
harlowjaand yes mgagne u should let me know if that thing has rendering issues20:29
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