jmartinez916hello, I was wondering if I could get some advice on a juju bootstrap using lxd?01:27
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RAJITHHi while connecting to mariadb from remote machine  I am using command: mysql -h hostname -u username -p password -D database name , getting error: ERROR 1130 (HY000): Host '' is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server07:30
magicaltroutRAJITH: remove the space after the -h I believe08:13
magicaltroutmysql -hhostname -uusername -ppassword -Ddatabase08:13
admcleodmagicaltrout: im wondering what your irc nemsis would be called. pragmaticgrizzly? or perhaps, scientificbear.08:18
magicaltroutor just08:19
magicaltroutgood to know you're hard at work admcleod ;)08:19
magicalt1outoops byobu kill-server08:22
magicalt1outwasn't the command I was looking for08:22
admcleodmagicaltrout: its what i do. work hard.08:30
magicalt1outall things are relative I suppose ;)08:31
magicalt1outadmcleod: is the review queue still the same? nothings changed yet?08:35
admcleodmagicalt1out: you mean re the update to the new version? it appears so08:35
magicalt1outwell the way us minions get stuff into it08:36
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magicaltroutSaiku will get its GA in the next few days and I want to get Saiku & Drill signed off if I can08:36
magicaltroutonce I've got Saiku 3.9 released08:37
magicaltroutbecause it will provide connectivity to a bunch charms08:37
admcleodmagicaltrout: i dont think anything has changed yet, but ill ask later when the rq guys are online08:39
magicaltroutcool, its no biggie just checking08:39
magicaltroutbe nice to finally get Saiku reviewed and signed off08:39
magicaltroutjcastro: https://highlyscalable.wordpress.com/2013/08/20/in-stream-big-data-processing/ you should work on a Juju version ;)08:44
magicaltroutthis one is a bit old but pretty cool for instream processing background and knowledge08:45
magicaltroutRAJITH unless its top secret keep it in the channel please08:48
magicaltroutthats not top secret08:51
magicaltroutdoes "hostname" return a valid response?08:52
magicaltroutand hostname -f for that matter08:52
magicaltroutsod it lets make saiku reactive before it goes GA09:12
magicaltroutadmcleod: also, I'm assuming if its up to scratch I can submit an interface to the platform somehow?10:10
magicaltroutit would be good to have a drill layer so that users can hook up to it10:10
SaMnComagicaltrout: hey, I'm trying the DCOS charms10:51
SaMnCobut it doesn't connect the GUI10:51
SaMnCoI get : channel 3: open failed: connect failed: Connection refused10:51
magicaltroutyou trying a funky ssh tunnel SaMnCo or just juju expose?10:51
admcleodmagicaltrout: well, yeah also im not sure - sorry. ill find out10:51
SaMnCo(after the SSH port forwarding is setup)10:51
magicaltroutSaMnCo: on EC2 recently the straight expose works10:52
SaMnCoah, I thought I needed the SSH stuff10:52
magicaltroutyeah that was initially but it seems have magically rectified itself10:52
magicaltroutdon't ask10:52
magicaltroutits all in a bit of a state of flux as I was just working on the multi-master10:53
magicaltroutthe problem with that is DCOS don't like to add masters on the fly10:53
magicaltroutand I don't like that plan10:53
magicaltroutso I'm messing around trying to figure out which bits of config need prodding to make it realise that masters have been added10:53
SaMnCostill no luck, I get connection refused on the public ip10:53
magicaltrouton EC?10:55
SaMnCoyeah. Is there a route for the URL?10:56
magicaltrout2 mins just bootstrapping to test10:57
SaMnCobtw I'm on Xenial10:57
admcleodSaMnCo: is the daemon bound to all ips?10:57
magicaltroutthat'll do you10:57
magicaltroutdon't use xenial10:57
magicaltroutuse wily10:57
SaMnCook, any reason for this behavior?10:57
SaMnCowhat's wrong with Xenial?10:58
magicaltroutthere was a bunch of upstart/systemd issues I was fiddling with, it would work on Xenial, but that didn't exist when I first built it10:58
magicaltroutso I've not updated the xenial image10:58
SaMnCoright ok10:58
magicaltroutbut wily is updated10:58
magicaltroutor just push a new xenial build, it should just work10:58
SaMnCook, restarting from scratch then, will let you know how it goes10:59
magicaltroutyeah i'm just deploying a master11:00
magicaltroutit should work though11:00
magicaltroutjust not >1 currently11:00
SaMnCocompared to the native experience with CloudFormation, what diffs should I expect?11:01
SaMnCocloud load balancer addition works OOTB?11:02
magicaltroutall the bits should come up, this is basically the DC/OS advanced installation done with Juju11:02
magicaltroutnot sure about load balancer, didn't check that far down11:02
magicaltroutspin it up and file issues on github though and I'll get round to them next week hopefully11:03
SaMnCoso if you create a framework in DC/OS, will it open the AWS firewall afayk?11:03
SaMnCowill do11:03
magicaltroutit wont open ports not defined in the charms, which is a bit of an interesting one11:04
magicaltroutso you need to prod the charm to expose other ports11:04
SaMnCook so it's the same gap as the k8s stuff11:05
magicaltroutthe lack of mindreading capability11:05
SaMnCowell, the CloudFormation template does it for both, so it must be possible11:05
magicaltroutyeah but the firewall in EC2 is managed by Juju, so you'd have to either tell DC/OS to use the same VPC stuff or hook some action up from DC/OS to Juju to expose it11:06
admcleodget the charm to do aws api calls11:07
SaMnCoyou wouldn't want that, because once you deploy in DC/OS, you're part of the lifecycle of that app. Since Juju won't do any scheduling in there, nor be aware of it, you want DC/OS to be autonomous and talk directly to AWS11:07
SaMnCowhich means the charm needs to convey AWS credentials11:08
SaMnCowhich it not cool since there is no secret management yet11:08
magicaltroutokay i might have left it in a broken state as the UI doesn't come up ;)11:08
magicaltroutoh it does11:09
magicaltrouti'm too quick for it11:09
admcleodthe charm wouldnt necessarily need to convey credentials if juju can allocate roles to instances11:09
SaMnCothat's right11:11
SaMnCointeresting, the default CloudFormation for DC/OS is based on CoreOS11:17
magicaltrouttheir vagrant install for testing $hit is pretty handy for debugging my juju hacks as well ;)11:18
SaMnCohave you had any issue because of the multi AZ default setup of Juju so far?11:21
magicaltrouthow do I replace an "old charm" with a new charm push setup?12:17
magicaltroutor don't I?12:17
mbruzekmagicaltrout: I don't think you do, it is just a new version.12:21
magicaltroutyeah i thought so mbruzek12:22
magicaltrouti've got some weirdness12:22
magicaltroutsomething to do with multiseries charms12:23
magicaltrouti'm clearly being moronic12:23
mbruzekWhich one?12:23
mbruzekmagicaltrout: Try pushing it without the "trusty" in the name12:25
magicaltroutah yeah that works12:25
* magicaltrout gets confused with these new pushing calls12:26
* mbruzek does too12:26
mbruzekBut that is actually a problem I have run into before12:26
magicaltroutah cool thats deploying updated code12:27
magicaltroutthanks mbruzek12:27
mbruzekYou are most welcome magicaltrout12:27
magicaltroutwhere do you find a spare £40k to build a huge tetris?12:29
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lazyPowerneiljerram - o/ ping12:51
shruthimaHi kevin, Regarding IBM-IM amulet test , we are getting that issue only when we are running amulet test.13:28
neiljerramlazyPower, hi13:36
lazyPowerhey neiljerram, just checking in post holiday.13:36
lazyPowerhowd things go with the new proxy sub / etcd charm?13:40
neiljerramlazyPower, thanks. I'm still working on the client charm mods that I need, but so far it looks as though etcd-19 is good.13:41
lazyPowerawesome, so that branch up for review you commented on is g2g from your perspective?13:41
neiljerramlazyPower, yes13:41
lazyPower(confirming so i can pilot that to land today)13:41
neiljerramlazyPower, that would indeed be good13:41
lazyPowerperfect. I'll get on that and ping you when its merged. I'll keep my eye on the issue tracker as well.13:41
lazyPoweri see there was a question about xenial series, that seems to be a byproduct of having been pushed at the /trusty/  series prior. I'll see if we can remove the series from charm url as it supportes trusty/xenial in the same charm but is listed under a single series13:42
lazyPowerThanks for giving it a go and confirming for me :) Much appreciated!13:42
neiljerramI think I said before that I was planning etcd-local-proxy as a subordinate charm; but now I'm working on that as a layer, that each of my two client charms will incorporate.13:42
neiljerramlazyPower, I think the trusty/xenial think is just a matter of how you publish.  If the charm metadata says both xenial and trusty (as it does?) then I think you should push to a URL that doesn't include the series.13:44
lazyPowerneiljerram - i did that for -3, and it still published under /trusty/13:44
neiljerramlazyPower, ah OK, must be something else that I don't understand yet, then13:44
lazyPoweri'm going to ping the store api people for a look and will ping back if there's something specific we need to do13:44
lazyPowerits probably pebkac :)13:45
neiljerramimpossible! :-)13:45
magicaltroutlazyPower: you need to get onboard with the PICNIC ancronym, its far easier to read and confuses people as to why you'd be eating food when making mistakes13:50
lazyPowerProblem In Chair Networking in Computer?13:51
lazyPoweri love it13:52
lazyPowerdeal. all references to the old acronym have been scrubbed13:52
* lazyPower garbage collects13:52
* lazyPower starts swapping due to an old java module13:52
lazyPowerryebot - if you have a moment can i get you to patch the nits on https://github.com/juju/docs/pull/1100?14:26
ryebotlazyPower: Yeah, I'll do it asap, thanks for the headsup14:28
shruthimaHi Team, we have this configuration http://paste.ubuntu.com/18552641/ for Z machines, will Juju 2.0 work proper with this.. we need to raise a request for more environments  so validating before that ...15:39
shruthimahi kwmonroe, here is the link for http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~salmavar/charms/trusty/ibm-im/ibm-im-branch/view/head:/reactive/ibm-im.sh ibm-im reactive file , can you please suggest why it is hanging at fetching empty zip from store..?15:43
lazyPowershruthima - which version of juju?15:53
shruthimajuju 2.015:53
shruthimalazypower: juju 2.015:55
lazyPowershruthima - which beta?15:55
lazyPowershruthima - have you tried with 2.0-beta11? that was just released last friday16:01
shruthimalazypower: no i  have not tried with beta1116:02
babbageclunkmarcoceppi: I'm in the process of adding a new charm hook tool - application-version-set16:14
babbageclunkmarcoceppi: oops, meant to ping you first!16:16
marcoceppibabbageclunk: cool, do you need something from me?16:20
babbageclunkmarcoceppi: I'm going to add a corresponding function to charmhelpers in hookenv, but I'm not really sure what to do if the tool isn't available. Do you think I should have some fallback behaviour?16:22
marcoceppibabbageclunk: there's examples of this already, it should just raise a NotImplemented error16:23
babbageclunkmarcoceppi: oh, ok - great!16:23
babbageclunkmarcoceppi: thanks16:23
marcoceppibabbageclunk: I'll get you an example16:23
marcoceppibabbageclunk: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~charm-helpers/charm-helpers/devel/view/head:/charmhelpers/core/hookenv.py#L84816:24
marcoceppibabbageclunk: tbh, we really don't use min-juju-version, we just work around it in the charms16:25
babbageclunkmarcoceppi: ok, looks straightforward16:25
marcoceppibabbageclunk: it should be, there's also an interesting example in status-set, where we just write out to juju-log instead16:26
marcoceppiwell, we used to16:27
babbageclunkmarcoceppi: It looks like you still do - or do you mean it used to run juju-log rather than writing to the python log (which I guess gets caught in the hook output?)16:28
marcoceppibabbageclunk: well it used to just silently fallback to writing to log instead, so no exception rasied at all on OSError16:29
marcoceppibabbageclunk: actually, that's basically what it does not16:29
marcoceppiit just silently fails to Juju-log16:29
marcoceppiinstead of raising an exception16:29
babbageclunkmarcoceppi: right. I think I'll do the same thing.16:30
marcoceppiwhen status-set is not provided,16:30
marcoceppibabbageclunk: ack, it's probably the best since it's a set only command16:30
babbageclunkmarcoceppi: cool - thanks for the tips!16:30
marcoceppibabbageclunk: unless...are you going to be providing an application-version-get command?16:30
babbageclunkmarcoceppi: no, it didn't seem needed (and is a bit subtle)16:31
mbruzekrjc ping16:37
mbruzekDoes anyone know if the cloud image for xenial was updated recently? I am getting a charm failure because python is not installed (at all!)16:40
Odd_Blokembruzek: When you say Python, do you mean python2?16:42
mbruzekOdd_Bloke: I sshed to the machine and python was not in the path.16:42
Odd_Blokembruzek: Because I don't believe that's installed in xenial in general (although some specific clouds will have it installed because they have agents etc. that pull it in).16:42
mbruzekNot python2 nor python316:42
mbruzekOdd_Bloke: The install hook failed because it has a python shebang.16:43
mbruzekThe error looked like this in the unit log:16:44
Odd_Blokembruzek: cloud-init uses python3, so it's unlikely the instance doesn't have python3 installed.16:44
mbruzek2016-07-05 16:28:30 ERROR juju.worker.uniter.operation runhook.go:107 hook "install" failed: fork/exec /var/lib/juju/agents/unit-was-lib-0/charm/hooks/install: no such file or directory16:44
Odd_Blokembruzek: But note that `python` will never run Python 3.16:44
mbruzekOdd_Bloke: I am corrected, python3 appears to be there.16:45
mbruzekBut the install file in this charm has #!/usr/bin/python16:46
mbruzekWhich is why the install hook failed.16:46
Odd_Blokembruzek: Python 2 has never been in the xenial cloud image, so I don't think this is a new failure.16:47
Odd_Blokembruzek: (As I said, there are some clouds that will have Python 2, but that's not normal)16:47
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cafarooHello everyone! I've been trying to tackle maas and juju for deployment of openstack for way over a month now. Now when im trying to bootstrap i get following error "2016-07-05 16:38:28 ERROR juju.cmd supercommand.go:429 failed to bootstrap environment: bootstrap instance started but did not change to Deployed state: instance "/MAAS/api/1.0/nodes/node-536ef382-4135-11e6-95ad-000c29f03191/" failed16:48
cafarooto deploy". Dont know where to start looking for faults has anyone had the same error? The nodes are baremetal and I have confirmed that they can reach the internet trough maas nat forwarding.16:48
cafarooHope i am in the right place for this kind of question, any help would be appreciated.16:49
mbruzekOdd_Bloke: OK I will dig into this more. would changing the shebang to #!/usr/bin/env python  give us python3?16:51
Odd_Blokembruzek: Nope, "python" will always be Python 2.16:52
mbruzekthen we will have several charms that will not run on xenial16:53
mbruzekcafaroo I don't know what that error message means, there is also a #maas channel on irc if this is a MAAS problem.16:55
mbruzekcafaroo: you can retry the bootstrap with --debug and -v for verbose.16:56
mbruzekcafaroo: then pastebin the results16:56
cafaroombruzek: okey ill do that i just found an error in cloud-init-output.log. Maybe thats whats causing it.17:00
cafaroo'cciss!c0d0' should be my disk ill try to format it somehow17:01
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cholcomberick_h_, what's your thoughts on this: https://github.com/juju/juju/issues/576617:17
rick_h_cholcombe: I'd like to compare that to the way the other openstack services handle the manual process to roll.17:19
rick_h_cholcombe: it's come up about juju managing this but the "devil" in the details gets in the way in that what indicates a successfull upgrade, how many to upgrade at a time, etc.17:19
rick_h_cholcombe: with leader election, the new application-version feature going into 2.0, and status I wonder if there's enough bits into place to build a basic layer to help this.17:20
cholcomberick_h_, hmm i'm not sure17:20
cholcombei think it would be nice to have config settings that say: upgrade x at once17:20
cholcomberick_h_, and a hook that can be called to validate that the upgrade was successful17:21
cholcombethat should be enough to take care of it17:21
marcoceppirick_h_: maybe, but stacks is really the way to handle this17:25
rick_h_cholcombe: yea, I can see some of that. We can bring it up at next planning sprint.17:29
rick_h_marcoceppi: yea, but those tend to be with across services vs a single service like ceph/etc17:29
rick_h_marcoceppi: upgrading a single web app rolling/canary style shouldn't need stacks to get involved17:30
marcoceppirick_h_: even with ceph, it's still pretty complex application ceph-mon/osd/etc17:30
rick_h_marcoceppi: right, he's using the external thing that happens to be there to track the state for him17:30
marcoceppirick_h_: the new application-version, will that be present in relation data implicitly?17:30
rick_h_marcoceppi: it's in status atm, we can look to add it across if it's useful.17:31
marcoceppiI could see http interface growing this, so that haproxy and others could spin off a new lb group as part of a blue/green rollout17:31
rick_h_marcoceppi: though we're exposing it as an application level entity so guess it's not as helpful here17:31
* rick_h_ is slow thinking on cold meds today17:31
marcoceppirick_h_: ah, so only leader sets it?17:31
rick_h_marcoceppi: it's last unit gets to set it atm17:32
marcoceppirick_h_: perhaps it should be scoped at leader? since it knows what's going on in the world?17:32
* marcoceppi will stop bombarding cold med rick_h_17:32
petevgCatching up on conversations ... I left a comment on the rolling upgrade ticket -- I think that the coordinator layer can handle that case.17:56
bryan_attgnuoy: ping - when I reached out to the Congress team for info about how to upstream charm-congress, they said they have no idea and to reach out to openstack-charmers, which AFAICT is a group you are involved with. How do I get the charm upstreamed to https://github.com/openstack-charmers?19:08
marcoceppihey bryan_att, gnuoy is probably EOD now19:10
bryan_attmarcoceppi: thanks, I'll watch for the response tomorrow19:10
marcoceppibryan_att: alternativly, since openstack-charmers is a pretty big group, poking juju@lists.ubuntu.com might help get a better response19:11
marcoceppibryan_att: can't recall for sure, but I think the github is a mirror of what's in gerrit/openstack git19:12
marcoceppiand there's some process or another to get that done19:12
bryan_attmarcoceppi: thanks, I'll start there19:12
marcoceppithedac tinwood ^^19:12
narinderguptamarcoceppi: thedac tinwood gnuoy jamespage bascially bryan_att  is looking for push the congress charm in github projects under openstack.org like we have other core charms. He is ready to maintain and upgrade as per his need basis though.19:17
marcoceppinarindergupta: makes sense, thedac tinwood gnuoy and jamespage (and by proxy, the mailing list) would be the best place to figure that out.19:18
narinderguptamarcoceppi: ok thanks19:18
thedacbryan_att: Hi, so there are two things we should not confuse. One is charm store inclusion which we controll and the other is an openstack upstream project which openstack.org controlls. You can have your charm code hosted anywhere and still get included in the charmstore. Whereas to get on openstack.org you need be your own project with openstack.org.19:59
thedacSo when you are ready for your charm to be reviewed you can let us know here (which you have) or on one of the mailing lists.20:00
bryan_attThe OpenStack Congress project is already there - are you saying that each OpenStack service charm has to be its own project? I would expect, like python-congressclient, that this is just another repo managed by the existing OpenStack Congress team (to which I contribute). Or do you really mean there needs to be a distinct project for this>20:01
thedacIf you let me know where the charm code lives now I can get the ball rolling on the review process20:01
thedacbryan_att: if congress is already an upstream project having the charm live there as just another repo is fine.20:01
bryan_atthttps://github.com/gnuoy/charm-congress is the master of which my repo https://github.com/blsaws/charm-congress is a fork20:01
bryan_attI work in my fork and sync with gnuoy as needed.20:02
thedacbryan_att: great. I'll bring this up to gnuoy then if you aleady have a process working20:02
bryan_attOK, should I also drop a note to juju@lists.ubuntu.org? that was recommended20:03
bryan_attnote that also at some point I will need this included in the charm store - since OPNFV pulls charms from there for deployment20:04
thedacbryan_att: right, when you say it is ready we can do the final review and push it to the charm store20:04
thedacbryan_att: re mailing lists. I think we are moving to openstack-dev with [Charms] in the subject. But we would still see juju@lists.ubuntu.org20:05
bryan_attWould you suggest I copy both?20:05
thedacbryan_att: openstack-dev is the primary now for openstack charms20:06
bryan_attok, thanks. I'm already on that list20:06
alaiHi guys, can someone take a peek to see why I can't file a bug on nuage-vsd and nuage-vsc charm?20:35
alai nuage-vsd" does not exist in Juju Charms Collection. Please choose a different package. If you're unsure, please select "I don't know"20:35
alaiit also complaints when I select 'i don't know'20:36
marcoceppialai: that's weird, https://bugs.launchpad.net/charms/+source/nuage-vsd/+filebug that link works for me20:37
alaimarcoceppi, the link works but after hitting the 'submit bug' button it gives the error20:39
marcoceppialai: that's odd, not sure hy20:40
jhobbsalai: probably need to ask in #launchpad then20:42
alaijhobbs, sure i'll ask there20:42
holocronoanyone using juju 2.0beta11 and a custom image and tools metadata url? I can get juju to use my custom images url, but getting this now for the tools: ERROR juju.environs.config config.go:1130 unknown config field "tools-metadata-url"21:14
holocronoit looks like this option was removed in 2.0?21:14
mgzholocrono: it's agent-metadata-url21:15
mgztools- spelling has been deprecated for a while21:15
holocronoi wish i could find some solid docs, i should've been able to figure that out21:16
holocronoi did see that option though, thanks for pointing it out21:16
mgzit's the kind of thing that should be release noted, but it's easy to forgot to re-mention when the compat naming is eventually removed21:17
holocronomgz: someone was telling me that juju 1 had support for kvm providers, do you know if this is going to be in 2.0?21:19
mgzdepends exactly what you mean21:20
mgzthe old local provider could use kvm instead of lxc21:20
mgzthe new one is just lxd21:20
mgzI don't think that's changing21:20
mgzwe probably do want to support kvm as a container type for clouds that support it though (which isn't many of the public ones)21:21
holocronoi'm talking about connecting to a private qemu/kvm host21:21
mgzI think that works if you're using maas?21:22
mgzor the manual provider21:22
holocronodo you have any links to information on this?21:23
mgzbug 1547665 for the local case21:23
mupBug #1547665: juju 2.0 no longer supports KVM for local provider <2.0-count> <juju-core:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1547665>21:23
mgzI think maas.ubuntu.com/docs has some stuff on vmaas setup21:23
mgzjujucharms.com/docs/devel/clouds-manual is what you want for the other21:24
mgzwhich doesn't explictly mention kvm, but does say what requirements 'machines' need to meet to work with juju21:25
mgzholocrono: I'm interested in your requirements/experiences here, post to the juju list with what you're up to21:25
holocronomgz: sure, i'll do that -- thanks again21:27
mskalkacan anyone help me with something? I have two charms that are related, one with provides:unitid and the other with requires:unitid. The relation is labeled properly and matches both metadata files. When I go into one unit with debug-hooks and do "relation-set unitid=foo" it complies just fine, but nothing shows up when I do relation-get, just what looks like the default private-address field21:48
holocronomgz: got another question for you :D21:56
holocronoso it appears that the local agent metadata and file are getting downloaded in the bootstrap, but it's hanging up on trying to download the gui:21:57
holocronoi see some options for setting http proxy for apt on the model, but that's not really want i need here21:59
holocronoi'd prefer not to use a proxy in any case and provide everything privately anyways21:59
holocronohow would i modify this setting: https://github.com/juju/juju/blob/master/environs/bootstrap/bootstrap.go#L12422:14
mgzholocrono: hm, interesting. there's a flag to pass to say no gui, which is probably what you want?22:32
mgzotherwise need to proxy or mirror streams22:33
mskalkadoes anyone know why a charm would fail to report the correct number of units when using relation-list? It spits out the first unit it's related to but none of the others22:34
holocronomgz: i'd like to see the gui working.. personally don't care but it's probably the one thing that gets people excited about juju at first glance22:38
holocronomgz: i'll make an attempt to mirror it22:39
holocronobut there isn't a way to override the config? I see something about specifying an environment variable22:40
holocronothis is the best I can do?22:41
mgzholocrono: I'm not sure the private cloud case was fully thought out for gui22:42
mgzwe can likely improve it22:42
rick_h_mgz: holocrono the idea for a private cloud is that you can manually provide the file at any time22:43
rick_h_mgz: holocrono so you can bootstrap with no-gui and then juju upgrade-gui with any revision you trust22:43
holocronoah, yes oka22:44
holocrono+y - trying this now22:44
rick_h_you can get any gui release from the streams links or from the GH page https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/releases22:44
rick_h_the .tar.bz2 for each release22:45

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