lordievaderGood morning07:33
soee_ohaio lordievader o/07:35
lordievaderHey soee_, how are you doing?07:35
soee_lordievader: fine, waiting for new plasma release :) You?07:36
lordievaderDoing good here :)07:36
acheronukMorning :)07:37
lordievaderHey acheronuk 07:37
aektzimgood morning! :) (jimarvan)09:08
IrcsomeBot<Clifford> Mparillo apps is at 16.04.2 for YY and XX in staging11:12
=== clivejo changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Kubuntu - Friendly computing | Yakkety open, happy hacking | Plasma 5.6.5 Y-STAGING, X-STAGING / Apps 16.04.02 Y-STAGING, X-STAGING / FW 5.23 Y-STAGING, X-STAGING| https://trello.com/kubuntu | http://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/ | Package Docs (WIP) https://notes.kde.org/p/kubuntu-packaging
aektzim :D11:19
clivejois Plasma 5.6.5 not in landing?11:19
clivejomaybe even backports for XX?11:20
=== yofel changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Kubuntu - Friendly computing | Yakkety open, happy hacking | Plasma 5.6.5 Y-LANDING, X-BACKPORTS / Apps 16.04.02 Y-STAGING, X-STAGING / FW 5.23 Y-STAGING, X-STAGING| https://trello.com/kubuntu | http://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/ | Package Docs (WIP) https://notes.kde.org/p/kubuntu-packaging
yofeland yes11:20
clivejoFW too?11:20
=== yofel changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Kubuntu - Friendly computing | Yakkety open, happy hacking | Plasma 5.6.5 Y-LANDING, X-BACKPORTS / Apps 16.04.02 Y-STAGING, X-STAGING / FW 5.23 Y-LANDING, X-BACKPORTS| https://trello.com/kubuntu | http://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/ | Package Docs (WIP) https://notes.kde.org/p/kubuntu-packaging
yofeland yes ^^11:20
yofelapps you know what's the case11:21
aektzimclivejo: reinstalling 16.04 so I can continue the testing11:21
clivejoyofel: RE: Apps I have copied KCI version of ffmpegthumbs and kdeconnect into the apps-staging11:21
yofelgit too?11:22
clivejokdeconnect havent copied the git11:22
clivejothe reason being that I think we should follow debian and use the previous packaing11:23
clivejoie kdeconnect rather than kdeconnect-plasma11:23
clivejoneed to talk to you regarding that11:23
yofelif you say that then I'll belive you, otherwise I would have to read through the packaging myself again11:24
mparilloDoes that mean that we need a quick test on Apps 16.04.2?11:26
clivejomparillo: yes, please test apps 16.04.211:27
yofelah, debian doesn't even have kdeconnect-plasma11:27
clivejonope, thats was a kubuntu thing11:28
clivejohow do we deal with that?11:28
clivejojust mirror kdeconnect debian git into LP and pretend nothing happened?11:29
yofelremoval request for kdeconnect-plasma and me doing a force-sync for kdeconnect IMO11:29
yofelneeds checking whether that gets properly replaced for users though11:30
clivejosounds complicated 11:30
yofelotherwise merge kdeconnect with debian and add transitional packages / breaks / etc.11:30
yofelthe removal for kdeconnect-plasma should happen though11:31
clivejodo we need to keep kdeconnect-plasma as a transitional package for a while?11:31
yofelthe force-sync is one command, so not an issue. Checking whether something breaks is the part that requires work11:31
=== aektzim is now known as jimarvan2
yofeldunno if we need *that*, we need whatever is needed to properly replace the packages for users11:33
yofelmight be that11:33
yofelwhere "for a while" means: until 18.1011:34
clivejokdeconnect really should be part of plasma release11:35
yofeltalk that out with upstream. Doesn't make much of a difference for us11:35
mparilloclivejo: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/staging-kdeapplications ?11:38
clivejolooks ok11:39
jimarvan2mparillo: thanks was look for that ;)11:39
clivejoplease report back any installation oddness11:39
mparilloUpdates appeared to all be successful...re-booting.11:59
mparilloDolphin and Kate both report 16.04.2 and seem to operate normally. Rekonq and Kinfocenter seem to work also.12:16
BluesKajHey all12:16
hegemon8Hey BluesKaj :)12:17
BluesKajHi hegemon8 , what's happening ?12:18
hegemon8trying to make airtime work on my kubu, and You? :)12:19
mparilloBluesKaj: clivejo has announced that apps 16.04.2 is available. sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/staging-kdeapplications and nothing seemed wrong to me.12:19
BluesKajhegemon8,  not much, first morning coffee atm12:20
hegemon8clivejo:  announced apps? I want to try :)12:20
jimarvan2go go install repo :)12:20
BluesKajmparillo,  thanks I'll run that on my laptop later on 12:21
BluesKajor did I already ...my poor memory fails me this morning12:22
hegemon8upgrading now jimarvan212:22
jimarvan2everyone experiences the same issue on VBox when installing 16.04?12:22
jimarvan2i get that wierd screen with colorful letters/numbers puzzle12:22
hegemon8jimarvan2: had probs with initial release, but now when got it from daily iso on bare metal works fine to me 12:23
hegemon8i've got recent plasma 5.6.x from backports ppa, so i'll wonder how will it work after upgrade :)12:24
jimarvan2ye but I thought we are supposed to install the staging kde apps from initial 16.04 iso, no?12:24
jimarvan2am I wrong? should I install the backports too?12:24
hegemon8don't know tbh, i did earlier on (4 days ago) so... apps? why not :) i like new shiny things on my desktop :)12:25
jimarvan2nah I will test it as a normal user would, use what is available on official repos12:25
jimarvan2and see how it goes12:25
jimarvan2VBox snapshoting helps there  to revoke changes ;)12:25
mparilloI installed staging apps (sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/staging-kdeapplications) to YY. I assumed it was going there first. It certainly was there.12:26
hegemon8true :) i'm crazy one, i test it on my only laptop, that makes sure i'll notice bugs more likely then when test it every now and then12:26
mparilloclivejo: Are the KDE Apps 16.04.2 also on XX?12:26
mparillohegemon8: Way to live on the edge! I only do that when it contains a fix for some known annoyance of mine. Otherwise (like today) it goes in a VM first.12:27
jimarvan2installing kdeapplications now :)12:28
jimarvan2mparillo dist-upgrade or full-upgrade?12:28
jimarvan2any of the two?12:28
hegemon8mparillo: smart way to do it... i'm just like a kido in candy store... new apps You say? .... ^^12:28
hegemon8it got me into troubles not once :)12:29
hegemon8BluesKaj: just enjoying my coffee myself... black gold :)12:30
BluesKajhegemon8,  yeah , western dark roast here  :-)12:31
hegemon8lavazza here BluesKaj :)12:31
jimarvan2clivejo: mparillo: https://s31.postimg.org/o9rvmwrcb/Screenshot_20160705_132933.png12:32
jimarvan2this is what I get after fresh installing 16.04, updating, then adding the kdeapps repository12:32
jimarvan2is there something missing?12:32
jimarvan2should I add the backports repository?12:33
mparillojimarvan2: I have been doing a full-upgrade. There is a subtle difference between the older dist-upgrade and full-upgrade, but I am not competent to distinguish them.12:35
jimarvan2ok I have not done it yet12:35
hegemon8jimarvan2: will tell You as it go when download will finish, i have backports enabled...12:35
jimarvan2so to be clear, mparillo, you used an updated 16.04 (no backports) and did full-upgrade12:36
BluesKajmparillo,  just ran the above ppa and rebooted the lapyop, and all is well , there just 2 changes, gwenview upgrade and kde-connect12:36
mparilloNo, I used YY12:36
mparilloYY will be released as 16.1012:36
jimarvan2ye clivejo asked me to test them on xenial12:37
jimarvan2so there you have it, some of the packages are been kept back on xenial! :)12:37
hegemon8mparillo: You're hardcore :)   i'll wait a bit as after upgrade from 15.10 to 16.04 i've ended up with fresh daily iso reinstall.12:38
mparilloI think that since Apps will only land in backports on XX, maybe it makes sense to add that repo also.12:38
mparilloIf then you have no held back packages, then you have an additional bit of data to report.12:39
jimarvan2doing so, saving a VBox snapshot too12:39
jimarvan2will report soon12:39
jimarvan2official backports right? not any staging ind12:40
jimarvan2ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports 12:40
jimarvan2that was it!!!12:41
jimarvan2no more held packages :D12:41
hegemon8did it worked then?12:41
jimarvan2still installing12:42
hegemon8pure accident i've found backports earlier in announcements on  kubuntu website that plasma 5.6.x was released to public :)12:42
mparilloAlso have a question that jimarvan2 got me thinking about. Does Muon Update Manager do an upgrade, dist-upgrade, or a full-upgrade?12:43
jimarvan2good question...12:43
jimarvan2it does not do a dist-upgrade because it is hinting it if a dist upgrade is available12:44
BluesKajthe staging-kdeapplications ppa just upgrades kdeconnect-plasma and krdc on YY/16.10, mparillo, clivejo12:45
jimarvan2installation went absolutely smooth12:46
jimarvan2rebooting and trying it out12:46
hegemon8let us know pls12:46
mparilloBluesKaj: Funny, can you check the version numbers of Kate and Dolphin (and maybe konversation). I would have thought they would also show 16.04.212:48
hegemon8maybe my try of install airtime will succeed after that. (dependencies not met issue)12:48
acheronukstaging-kdeapplications ppa has backports ppa as a dependancy, so have to be use together12:50
acheronukon XX anyway12:51
jimarvan2OK report time: staging-kdeapplications work PERFECTLY on 16.04 image with backports12:51
jimarvan2i tested almost all apps no issues12:51
acheronukkdePIM ok? had to re-do akonadi yesterday12:52
hegemon8great! (mine is installing now... Would be faster if i wouldn't install most of apps from repo earlier to test what works^^)12:52
jimarvan2acheronuk: i will try now to use it12:54
BluesKajmparillo, yes dolphin is Version 16.04.2 on YY/16.1012:54
jimarvan2acheronuk: seems OK12:57
BluesKajmparillo,  Version 16.04.2 on XX/16.04 here as well12:57
jimarvan2I see no issues with kdePIM12:58
acheronukjimarvan2: Good. Should be OK, but nice to have that confirmed13:02
jimarvan2in fact I am going to upgrade my production laptop right away13:04
hegemon8okay, booted well, lets see how it works :)13:06
clivejowith apps on XX, make sure you also have backports enabled13:28
jimarvan2damn i  hoped the updated ffmpegthumbs would allow dolphin to show mp4 preview :(13:30
clivejojimarvan2: it should13:30
clivejohave you it switched on in the dolphin settings?13:30
acheronukand clicked the preview button?13:31
jimarvan2you mean press preview?13:31
jimarvan2i only clicked preview button13:31
jimarvan2is there a setting on dolphin?13:31
acheronukyes, there is a setting13:31
clivejoSettings > Configure > Previews > video thumbs13:32
jimarvan2yeap got it remembered13:32
jimarvan2I do not see video thumbs option available\13:33
clivejohave you ffmpegthumbs installed?13:33
jimarvan2hmm let me check13:34
jimarvan2probably not because i only upgraded13:34
clivejois it not enabled by default?13:35
jimarvan2i am installing now13:35
BluesKajclivejo,  i get the not available message, "Package ffmpegthumbs is not available, but is referred to by another package"13:36
jimarvan2now i can see previews :D <3 u all13:36
clivejoits available from the apps staging ppa13:36
jimarvan2also the bug for deleting a user from User Accounts, and still showing up on the login screen is gone13:37
jimarvan2amarok still has issues with internet online services, but that is because it is not updated for a long time :P13:38
jimarvan2hmm what else to check13:38
jimarvan2any ideas? what else should I try?13:38
jimarvan2that would be challenging through VBox but I could give it a go13:39
clivejoas long as they both on same network it should work14:03
sheytanHey, again me with *that* question. When 5.7 will be ready for kubuntu? :D14:31
clivejosheytan: how long is a piece of string?14:33
jimarvan2i will go with 1 cm :P14:35
jimarvan2see you in the evening guys, wrapping up here for my karate session, ciao!14:37
acheronukclivejo http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2016/07/plasma-5-714:46
acheronuk"Want to install Plasma 5.7 on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS? You won’t have to wait long. Plasma 5.7 will be available to install on Kubuntu 16.04 LTS through the Kubuntu Backports PPA at some point in the very near future."14:47
yofeldoes it help to suggest that omgubuntu is a really bad source for information?14:47
clivejoIve written to that Joey fella before about jumping the gun!14:47
acheronukyofel: yes, I know. but it still irks me14:48
clivejoclick baiting14:49
mparilloMaybe he knows something about Qt 5.7 landing in the archive backports?14:49
clivejohe knows more than us then!14:49
acheronukmparillo: has it? news to me!14:49
yofelyou mean 5.6 I guess14:50
* yofel wonders if you can set a default output in the volume applet now14:51
BluesKajjust looking for traffic to his site... seems he has no clue when 5.7 will be available , clivejo, click baiting is exsactly what he's dong14:52
yofelwell, I guess 18.04 will be awesome if I look at that feature list14:52
clivejoIm looking forward to Yakkety14:53
mparilloWhat I meant was that Kubuntu cannot backport Plasma 5.7 until the larger Ubuntu project backports Qt 5.7, or am I incorrect?14:53
clivejoits the most stable Ive ever seen it14:53
yofelmparillo: we can very much backport 5.6 ourselves, and we will have to do that14:53
clivejomparillo: plasma 5.7 needs Qt 5.6.1 or better14:53
clivejoacheronuk has been working on that14:54
mamarleyIsn't Qt 5.6.1 already in the frameworks-staging PPA?14:54
clivejoonly for Yakkety14:54
mparilloTY for the correction14:57
clivejoyofel: would you have time to do kde-l10n?15:02
yofelcan do, where to?15:02
clivejoits a huge download and not sure if I have the quota :(15:03
clivejoapps staging?15:03
yofelfor Y?15:03
clivejoI dont understand the question15:03
clivejoboth YY and XX15:03
clivejoshould be easy to backport when the SC is on your machine15:03
yofelthat's not how it works, so I have to do 2 sepeare l10n runs anyway15:04
yofeltypo day15:04
clivejolot of downloading15:04
clivejoand uploading15:04
clivejounfortunately I’m metered both ways 15:05
yofelthat's what servers are for ^^. It's not like I'm running it on my work PC here either.15:05
yofelhm, 16.04.3 isn't a thing, I'll take 16.04.215:15
clivejooupps sorry15:15
clivejoI keep doing that15:15
BluesKajinstalled the new frameworks on YY, now when opening dolphin this red error pops up,  Could not start process Unable to create io-slave:klauncher said: Error loading '/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt5/plugins/kf5/kio/file.so'.15:21
yofeloh damnit, I forgot that i18n script15:29
yofelclivejo: could you please merge the libkf5i18n changes from xenial backports into yakkety archive? I forgot that15:30
yofelI'll do the l10n side15:30
clivejothis => https://git.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/+git/ki18n/commit/?id=6da2ac43443f280ffc28f475c2141a12c9519f7415:31
clivejodigiKam 5 out today15:46
yofelclivejo: yes, that, just put "4:16.04.2" as firstversion instead15:46
clivejoI merged and uploaded to frameworks staging PPA15:47
yofelah sorry, forgot about that :P15:47
acheronukhmmm. just looking at that kde-l10n stuff, and looks a pain to do15:47
yofelnot really, that's like 99% scripted15:48
clivejoso change it to "l10npkgs_firstversion_ok := 4:16.04.2"15:48
acheronukthis? https://community.kde.org/Kubuntu/Packaging/L10nOperatorGuide15:49
clivejook pushed15:49
yofelacheronuk: that15:49
clivejogenerating ppa2215:49
clivejoand uploaded to PPA15:50
acheronuktried running the script for the hell of it, and got the "Permission denied (publickey).ls: cannot access 'kde-l10n-*.tar.xz'" message15:50
clivejoyou got a KDE account?15:50
yofelah yeah, you need depot access for that15:50
acheronukI think I must get my kde identity account upgraded15:50
yofelno, it's just adding your ssh key for depot, we can do that15:51
acheronukso I don't need to do this yet then? https://identity.kde.org/index.php?r=developerApplication15:52
yofelno, that's for write access to git.kde.org15:52
acheronukerr. no. don't quite need that yet!15:53
acheronukmaybe some day, but certainly not now15:54
yofelacheronuk: your ssh key is on ftpubuntu@depot.kde.org now16:12
yofelthat's the pre-publish server before download.kde.org where you find the not-yet-released tarballs16:13
acheronukthat you yofel. That is great.16:13
acheronukhelps if I can at least run through some of the scripts further, to get a better grip on what they do and how16:13
yofelthe automation tooling recommends setting the user for that host in ~/.ssh/config, you should do that (at least some scripts rely on that)16:14
clivejoacheronuk: are you still taking notes on the process so far?16:14
acheronuksort of. a fair bit is in memory at the moment, so I must do a bit more self documentation16:15
clivejoremember this document - https://notes.kde.org/p/kubuntu-packaging16:16
acheronukyes, I keep popping back top that16:16
clivejowe are trying to put together a newbie guide16:16
clivejoif you see anything wrong on that, let us know16:16
acheronukwill do16:17
clivejoalso this is the ninja's note pad16:17
clivejowhen there are 2 or more people working, it helps us co-ordinate16:18
clivejoso we dont step on each others toes16:18
acheronukyep, I get the idea16:19
clivejowhats the general feeling on apps 16.04.2?16:19
clivejoI think they should go to testing PPA16:20
acheronukas they want further 'testing' they probably should?16:22
clivejoI was concerned about that akonadi installation issue, but I think thats resolved now16:23
acheronukmore testing would give more certainly on that...16:25
clivejoyofel: WWYD ?16:25
* clivejo goes off in search of food16:26
yofelmove it. If you can find no more issues in the easy reproducable test upgrades then it's good enough for testing16:27
yofelactually releasing it requires looking into all the corner cases16:27
yofelbut wait for l10n, I'm still working on that16:27
yofelyakkety batch #2 is up, now to x16:27
soeedigiKam 5.0.0 is published... (https://www.digikam.org/node/755)16:47
yofelthat would be sweet to have. 16:50
yofelhm, I need to read that i386 discussion...16:51
yofelout of curiosity: any 32bit users around?16:52
soeedunno :)16:54
acheronukno 32bit here17:00
* acheronuk watches the build-l10n.sh script do it's stuff17:03
acheronukthat's quite neat :)17:03
* yofel off to find some dinner, bbl17:04
mamarleyyofel: My grandmother has an old Core Duo laptop that (necessarily) runs the 32-bit version of Kubuntu.17:24
geniiI thought C2D is 64 bit cpu17:25
mamarleygenii: It is.  I said Core Duo, not Core 2 Duo.17:25
geniimamarley: Ah, mis-read :)17:26
BluesKaj_my desktop is kinda messed up after the frameworks ppa upgrade...a reinstall from the daily is in orderb18:16
BluesKaj_ for the desktop pc18:16
acheronukBluesKaj_: was that on YY?18:16
clivejoId reckon so18:17
clivejoonly thing in frameworks was that test build on Qt5.6.118:17
clivejowhich didnt go to plan18:17
acheronukwell, it hit bumps that you might expect18:18
BluesKaj_well, it wasn't a true kubuntu install anyway ..used the ubuntu-server then installed the desktops 18:18
clivejoBluesKaj_: if you can, download the iso and install from that18:19
clivejoit needs testing18:19
BluesKaj_downloading the the YY daily since the slideshow was removed, is that correct?18:20
BluesKaj_ubiquity won't crash?18:23
BluesKaj_I'll be installing to / and /home is on a separate partition18:24
clivejoit shouldnt crash18:25
clivejobut not promising anything!18:26
BluesKaj_ok good18:26
BluesKaj_hehe, np clivejo we all take our chances :-)18:27
BluesKaj_interesting, I ended up wirh some kind of hydrid desktop withe unity like panel ath the top with green patterned backaground and the application icons set in a grid pattern on the desktop18:30
clivejoewww Unity, spawn of the devil!18:31
geniiBluesKaj_: Can you take a screenshot of that? Sounds pretty weird18:32
BluesKaj_I'll fix it as soon as possible...dunno if a screenshot is possible, ...checking18:33
BluesKaj_afraid the scrnshot app crashes18:41
clivejowhat are you using to screenshot?18:41
BluesKaj_prntscrn key18:42
clivejoinstall kde-spectacle manually and run it from kick off menu18:42
clivejojust type spectacle to run it18:43
BluesKaj_there is no kickoff18:43
BluesKaj_it only captures the background without any icons on the grid18:49
clivejohave you a smart phone to take a photo of the screen?18:49
BluesKaj_tried that the screen is too bright, overwhelms the phone18:51
geniiAh, oh well :(18:52
clivejonot meant to be18:52
BluesKaj_think i got aphoto that might work18:54
BluesKaj_now kde connect doesn't work at all on this laptop19:06
BluesKaj_installing imgur on my phone ...should have it posted in a few mins19:15
=== keithzg_ is now known as keithzg
BluesKaj_clivejo, http://imgur.com/vWi7QBq19:38
BluesKaj_took a while, but i managed 19:39
clivejolooks like Gnome to me19:44
clivejoI dont see any Unity?19:44
clivejointeresting comments19:45
clivejoWhy do people take cell phone shots of their desktop... Don't they realize they can use the print screen button. CMON LINUX USER.19:45
clivejowhy cant people mind their own business!19:46
acheronukthat is gnome!19:49
BluesKaj_prntscn didn't work19:50
BluesKaj_dunno what gnome looks like, I haven't used it intentionally in many yrs :-)19:53
BluesKaj_another thing, K3b fails to write every time i try it...errors out, "look at the log"...to hell with logs it's been broken for 2 yrs on my machines, but doesn't seem to be getting much attn , I can't be the only one19:58
BluesKaj_wodim to the rescue20:03
clivejoin k3b use the other write method20:05
yofelacheronuk: customery question: are you evil? ^^20:06
acheronukonly on fridays20:07
acheronukerr... no20:07
BluesKaj_which other write method?20:07
yofelwell, that'll work20:07
yofelacheronuk: you have been promoted20:07
acheronukI have? That has been mixed blessings in the past!20:08
yofellol, well, you're an official ninja now, so you can save yourself the merge requests now20:08
yofelyou also have write permissions to ~kubuntu-ppa, please be careful with that20:09
acheronukI will be exceptionally careful. Thank you :)20:10
clivejoyofel: will you teach us how to tag?20:11
BluesKaj_ok other stuff to do ...later, take care20:11
yofelclivejo: the official way to do so, is to run ubuntu-archive-upload. If you don't want to run that, you can imitate the behavior by running dch -r I believe and git-tagpkg with do-all20:13
clivejowont it fail cause I dont have archive upload rights?20:14
yofelit only prepares the sources, it doesn't upload anything. It doesn't push git either20:14
clivejogood to know20:17
yofeloriginally it did everything, later on that turned out to not be such a good idea ^^20:18
clivejoI wonder why 20:18
yofelthe script does like to crash halfway every now and then. And re-running it - while not as bad as staging-upload - doesn't quite work20:19
yofelwell, *didn't* quite work20:22
clivejoacheronuk: see ^^^20:36
acheronukclivejo: where?20:37
clivejo:P 20:37
clivejo'Merging remotes/origin/kubuntu_yakkety_archive into kubuntu_unstable.' 'remotes/origin/kubuntu_yakkety_archive'  2>&1:Auto-merging debian/changelog (Git::GitExecuteError)20:38
clivejoCONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in debian/changelog20:38
acheronukoh, you ran it through KCI. duh!20:38
clivejoyeah, its useful for some things!20:38
acheronuk"Sending notification to suspect: clivejo"20:40
clivejohave you setup git for merging changelogs on your machine?20:40
clivejoit always blames me :(20:40
clivejousually cause I broke it20:40
yofelI really wonder where it reads that from..20:40
clivejobut thats a different story20:40
acheronukclive: I thought I had ssh set up enough, but that was slightly wrong, so not suer20:41
clivejoin your ~/.gitconfig20:42
clivejodo you have the merge driver for changelogs20:42
clivejo[merge "dpkg-mergechangelogs"]20:43
clivejo    name = debian/changelog merge driver20:43
clivejo    driver = dpkg-mergechangelogs -m %O %A %B %A20:43
clivejoyofel: do you have the link explaining that? ^20:43
* clivejo cant find it20:43
yofelnot at hand20:43
acheronuk1st time I've seen it20:44
acheronuknow it's in there20:44
clivejogood enough explanation for now!20:45
clivejorun dpkg-mergechangelogs from terminal to check its installed ok20:45
clivejoshould get an error "dpkg-mergechangelogs: error: needs at least three arguments"20:46
acheronukyes, I do20:46
clivejogood good20:46
clivejonow get yourself a clean folder20:47
clivejoeg ~/kubuntu/kinit 20:47
clivejomove into it and do "git clone kubuntu:kinit"20:47
clivejothen cd into the new kinit folder20:48
clivejogit checkout kubuntu_yakkety_archive20:49
clivejogit checkout kubuntu_unstable20:49
clivejogit merge kubuntu_yakkety_archive20:49
clivejoand you get a CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in debian/changelog20:49
acheronukindeed I do20:50
clivejoopen debian/changelog in your favourite editor20:50
acheronukalready have20:50
clivejo<<<<<<< is the start of the merge conflict20:51
clivejoone changelog has the line   * Adding postinst-must-call-ldconfig lintian override the other does not20:51
acheronukyep, so just that line before the divider20:52
clivejoSo remove lines 6, 8 and 1020:53
clivejogit commit it20:54
clivejoand git push it20:54
acheronukjust that?20:55
clivejoIm not sure how you use git20:55
clivejoI use git gui20:55
acheronukso git add20:56
acheronukthen commit20:56
acheronukI think20:57
clivejoand give it your own commit message20:57
clivejoit will probably default to "Merge branch 'kubuntu_yakkety_archive' into kubuntu_unstable"20:57
acheronukit will?20:58
clivejoa merge usually generates a message to that affect20:58
acheronukit did20:58
acheronukthen push?20:59
clivejoas i say I use git gui as it works better for me20:59
clivejoso I dont forget git add files etc20:59
acheronukI may try that, but I would like to know the nuts and bolts first20:59
clivejoyeah push that commit21:00
clivejowait for it21:00
yofelif kci is slow, blame me. I tried opening the configuration, and now jenkins seems stuck21:02
clivejoyour commit should have triggered KCI21:03
yofeloh great, I killed the bot -.-21:03
yofelI think our CI has some scalability issues....21:03
clivejoacheronuk: normally your commit should have triggered KCI into doing a merge21:04
clivejothen it that merge would trigger new builds21:04
clivejobut Phil has killed it!21:04
yofel  PID USER      PR  NI    VIRT    RES    SHR S  %CPU %MEM     TIME+ COMMAND                                                                                                                                                                                             21:04
yofel 1284 jenkins   20   0 3243920 1.120g   5516 S 195.1 30.6   3034:59 /usr/bin/java -Djava.awt.headless=true -Dorg.jenkinsci.plugins.gitclient.Git.timeOut=120 -jar /usr/share/jenkins/jenkins.war --webroot=/var/cache/jenkins/war --httpPort=8080 --ajp13Port=-1        21:04
acheronukit seemed half dead anyway21:04
yofelseriously, what is that thing doing..21:05
clivejoThe UI wont load for me21:05
clivejocant kick it manually21:05
yofelyes, it's stuck it loading the settings screen it seems o.O?21:06
yofel*at loading21:06
clivejoIm getting proxy error21:07
yofelyes, the proxy is timing out21:08
acheronukback in a short while21:09
clivejoacheronuk: did you see what happened in that package?21:09
clivejono prob21:10
clivejoyofel: does KCI write back to LP git?21:10
yofelto _(un)stable21:11
clivejoso if it was working that merge would have been automatic?21:11
yofelthe merger always tries automatic merges. It will just fail if there's conflicts21:11
valoriehi folks, my son pronounced my old broken testing laptop as well and truly dead, so I'm going to install vbox and put the daily ISO on it 21:11
valoriecouple of questions: how much memory is good to assign to it?21:12
yofel2G if you can afford it21:12
clivejohow is it dead?21:12
valorieand is it true I can mount the iso without writing it to a USB?21:12
valoriehe said that when it tries to start, it just exits with no error message21:13
valorieno startx, etc21:13
valoriewhich was my experience as well21:13
clivejocant you just format and start again?21:13
* yofel killed jenkins21:13
valoriethe broken hinge seems to have disconnected something essential to the display21:13
clivejovalorie: you need to scold yofel !!21:14
valorieyofel isn't the one that dropped that laptop onto the floor21:15
valoriethat would be my husband21:15
valorieanyway, this laptop is nice and beefy21:15
clivejono, but he broke KCI!21:15
yofeloh, I did that once, that's how I ended up with a headless server.......21:15
valorieshould be able to do multiple VMs if necessary21:16
yofelwell, there we go21:16
valorieSysinfo for 'valorie-GT60-2PC': Running inside KDE Plasma 5.6.3 on Ubuntu 16.10 (Yakkety Yak) powered by Linux 4.4.0-23-generic, CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4810MQ CPU @ 2.80GHz at 3148-3506/3800 MHz, RAM: 23694/24030 MB, Storage: 300/967 GB, 329 procs, 242.4h up21:16
yofelI think I'll stop trying to open any settings today..21:16
jimarvansomething bad happened?21:17
clivejoyofel: Im only messing, do what ever you were doing21:17
clivejoI was only showing acheronuk how things work21:17
yofelnot while it has active running builds21:18
acheronukclivejo: nope. what happened?21:18
yofelI'll just end up having to clean up the mess21:18
clivejoqueue should be empty21:18
clivejoacheronuk: Project merger_kinit build #627: FIXED in 16 sec: http://kci.pangea.pub/job/merger_kinit/627/21:18
yofelnow it's running the daily promotion ^^21:18
yofeljust leave it running21:19
clivejodoes it still ignore the NOCI message?21:19
clivejodid you capture the log?21:20
acheronukme? the staging? yes21:21
clivejocan you copy and pastebin the section when it was processing krunner21:21
clivejoIve checked on depot and its there21:21
acheronuk2 secs21:21
clivejolooking in portingAids21:24
clivejoin KA21:25
clivejoopen packaging-exceptions.json21:25
clivejoand take krunner out of    "packages-in-porting-aids": ["kdelibs4support", "khtml", "kjs", "kjsembed", "kmediaplayer", "kross", "krunner"]21:26
clivejocommit and push back to LP21:27
jimarvanhmm >_>21:27
yofelok, I think I managed giving kubuntu-ninjas CI "user" permissions21:27
acheronukclivejo: permission denied21:30
jimarvanomg give the guy permission!21:31
yofelacheronuk: what does 'git remote -v' say?21:32
acheronukorigin  git://git.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-packagers/+git/kubuntu-automation (fetch)21:32
acheronukorigin  git://git.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-packagers/+git/kubuntu-automation (push)21:32
yofelah yeah, that's anonymous. You need the proper user url. 'git remote remove origin; git remote add origin lp:~kubuntu-packagers/+git/kubuntu-automation'21:33
yofelassuming 'lp' is set up21:33
acheronukah. yes. I cloned that anon originally21:34
acheronukforgot that21:34
clivejoyofel: why was krunner in porting aids?21:38
yofelno idea21:39
acheronukwhat is the point of that? briefly?21:39
yofelacheronuk: list of packages inside http://download.kde.org/stable/frameworks/5.23/portingAids/21:40
clivejoacheronuk: https://www.kde.org/announcements/announce-frameworks5-beta1.php21:40
clivejothey intend to be phased out 21:41
acheronukI see21:41
clivejowhich I cant understand why krunner was there21:41
acheronukmaybe they didn't either :P21:42
clivejoonce everything is ported to KF5 they shouldnt be needed any more21:42
clivejobut krunner is a major part of Plasma 521:42
acheronukit does seem odd21:43
clivejono way they be phasing that out21:43
clivejovery strange!21:44
clivejois there anything else in manual?21:45
yofelwell, it's now just in the regular tarball set21:45
acheronuknope. it was just that as far as I can see21:46
clivejoyofel: so if we add Qt dev packages to dev-package-name-lists/frameworks-yakkety.json that would auto bump the Qt build dependencies?21:49
acheronukso can I log in to KCI?21:49
yofeltry it, should work as long as you make sure your kubuntu-ninjas membership is checked in the login21:49
clivejoacheronuk: should be able to, but dont push any buttons unless yofel finishes what hes doing21:49
yofelI'm done21:50
yofelclivejo: *should* work21:50
yofelI don't think it validates the list against something else21:50
clivejois there a list of Qt build deps?21:50
acheronukI'm in, but I'm not pushing anything yet!21:51
yofelnot that I know of21:51
clivejoyofel: do you know what this file does?  https://git.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-packagers/+git/kubuntu-automation/tree/conf/versions.json21:52
yofelseems to be used for tarball download. No idea why qt is in there21:53
yofelalthough santa might've had a use for that21:54
clivejowhere did he disappear to?21:54
yofelno idea, haven't seen him in ages21:58
acheronukOk. Calling it a night here I think. Thanks for the promotion! 22:02
jimarvanhave a good good rest mate22:02
jimarvanyou earned it22:02
acheronukNew things to learn is good. :)22:03
ahoneybunnight acheronuk22:03
clivejonight night Rik22:03
clivejothanks for all the help :)22:03
ahoneybunI'm guessing yofel did the upgrade for Rik22:03
clivejoyofel: why does git-clone-all and staging upload use a different directory structure?22:05
clivejostaging upload creates a folder called git and clones into that, while git-clone-all just clones into the root for that package22:08
clivejoie attica/debian and attica/git/debian22:08
yofelbecause people wrote them differently?22:09
clivejoso which structure is ubuntu-archive-upload written to use?22:11
yofeler no22:12
yofelstaging-upload and ubuntu-archive-upload are from the original script set. git-clone-all is from santa22:13
clivejook, well I rm my original staging_upload workspace22:13
clivejoand grabbed it again via git-clone-all and it keeps crashing22:14
yofelwill have to wait till tomorrow. I'm off to bed - nini22:15
clivejook, night22:15
jimarvangonna hit the bed too22:17
jimarvangood night peeps! :D22:17
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> yofel just got the invoice for linode23:27
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> Account should have 12 mouths of credit23:28
ahoneybunyofel: ^23:32
ahoneybungoing to add a sponsor spot for Linode on the site23:32
ahoneybunmm I can't save a draft23:37
ahoneybunalso need the Linode account setup completed for the credit to work I think23:43

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