karmicoilI'm in the process of installing Kubuntu 1800:07
karmicoiltrying to multi boot alongside Windows 7 and later another distro00:07
karmicoilI was reading (here: http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Multiple_OS_Installation ) that I had to chainload using Grub Legacy00:09
karmicoilbut that's old documentation talking about Kubuntu 9.100:09
karmicoilKarmic Koala00:09
karmicoilI couldnt find if the workaround was still necessary or worked the same for kubuntu 1800:10
lethukarmicoil: you can install kubuntu then boot repair it will take care of fixing the boot for both kubuntu and windows00:10
karmicoilWould that leave the bootloader in a ready place for installing yet another OS in another partition afterward?00:12
lethukarmicoil: you will just have to run boot repair again00:13
karmicoili see -- would it be worth following the guide at the link? the wiki lists two different methods to avoid having to boot repair each time00:14
lethuyes if you are experienced enough you can manually edit the grub config file00:15
karmicoilone way is to just install as normal (but its talking about kubuntu 9.1 karmic koala) , then  replace grub 2 with grub legacy so that it gets copied to the MBR, and then reinstalll grub2 for just the boot partition where kubuntu is00:17
karmicoili'm not experience enough, honestly. but i'm learning as I go haha00:17
karmicoili just wanted to look around before attempting that because the documentation was so sold00:18
karmicoilso old*00:18
karmicoilwasnt sure if it still applied, if grub 2 was still the boot loader etc00:18
lethukarmicoil: yeah grub2 iss still the boot loader00:19
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karmicoilah thank you00:22
karmicoildo you know if a boot partition *has* to be a primary partition, or could it be logical?00:23
lethukarmicoil: imo it wouldn't let you use the wrong partition type if it was restricted to one, also I think that there is no need for a boot partition as it uses the master boot record of the hard drive, but I am not sure, been a long while since I have done it manually00:29
karmicoili think this method of chain loading is a rare case of boot partitions becoming important: "The Grub menu residing in the boot partition will be only be used to chainload the specific bootloader files stored in the partition of whichever operating system is chosen from the menu (no matter whether the chosen operating system is a Windows, Mac, (K)ub00:33
karmicoiluntu, or other Linux operating system).00:33
karmicoilEach operating system can therefore use the bootloader/configuration file that is peculiar to it, storing it in its own partition."00:33
karmicoil"  It will also not affect the primary bootup menu (stored in the boot partition), and each operating system will be able keep its own independent bootup process intact.00:33
karmicoilThis avoids a common problem with many operating system installers (including Ubuntu) which attempt to impose a single bootloader on all the operating systems residing on a hard drive. The installer overwrites the Master Boot Record so that it only points to the bootloader installed with that operating system (within that operating system's partiti00:33
karmicoilon). When this happens, the bootloader files can only be edited while running that particular operating system and cannot be adjusted by any other operating system. Further, after this happens several times (following multiple OS installations), it eventually becomes difficult to remember which partition has the bootloader configuration files that00:33
karmicoilthe Master Boot Record points to. With the chainloading method, you don't have to worry about that, any longer. The Master Boot Record will be set to point to the bootloader configuration files stored in the boot partition at all times. Once this is set up, the Master Boot Record need never be changed. "00:33
karmicoilBut this ^ was00:34
karmicoilwritten around Kubuntu 9.1 days00:34
lethuI know only one way to do it, it is by writing over the MBR00:41
lethusorry can't help you with the other manner00:41
lethukarmicoil: hang around a little, somebody more experienced might show up00:43
karmicoilah, okay. I hope so. I'm reading more about how to set up the boot process in this way in the meantime. hopefully can set it up just with the info out there00:44
karmicoilthank you for taking the time to respond though, i appreciate it :)00:45
lethukarmicoil: np :)00:45
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paolo_well, I want to control my pc by an android phone. Is it possible to control it using VNC through usb ?01:06
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faLUCEwell, I want to control my pc by an android phone. Is it possible to control it using VNC through usb ?01:07
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Guest82500hi everyone, i've been trying to get WebEx (client) working in Kubuntu 16.04 LTS 32-bit01:27
Guest82500It worked fine in Kubuntu 15.10 32-bit, but just doesn't work in 16.04 :-(01:28
Guest82500Am using Sun ^H^H^H Oracle Java, also tried IcedTea.01:28
Guest82500The client launches and works OK, but screen sharing does not.01:28
Guest82500So I guess I should say, am trying to get WebEx screen sharing working in Kubuntu 16.04 32-bit ;-)01:29
Guest82500No issues in 15.10, same hardware.  Tried in 16.04 "stock" (no updates), and also full updates.  Thinkpad with Intel graphics (no Nvidia)01:30
Guest82500Also tried suggestions at http://askubuntu.com/questions/115094/webex-desktop-sharing-on-64-bit-ubuntu but no effect; however, I am using 32-bit live ISO anyway....01:31
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Guest82500Using latest version of FF (47.0), also tried with older version. Java is JRE8u91 32-bits01:33
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Guest82500not sure what changed from 15.10 to 16.04 that made screen share stop working :-?02:20
Guest82500checked the logs, nothing helpful there...02:20
HoolaIn kubuntu in appstartup I am adding apps to autostart I get this error on each addition "COuld not save properties. You do not have sufficient access to write to /home/kubuntu1/.local/share/applications/sktop" funny as i can create text files as non root in .local/share kde should have just created the dir03:29
Hoolawhat should I do ?03:30
Hoolaactual message is "Could not save properties. You do not have sufficient access to write to /home/kubuntu1/.local/share/applications/sktop."03:32
Hoolathat actually is a weird message though. As .local/share/applications folder does not exists03:33
Hoolaand it is in the hone dir so it is accessible by non root03:34
Hoolahmm brb let me test if autostart still works03:39
dellhemHey. If I want the same taskmanager on multiple displat, is there anyway to clone it?05:14
dellhemIt's customized and dissapears sometimes after reboot.. Kind of annoying.05:14
soeeclone it ? not sure, not with any gui05:15
soeeprobalby by copying sme configuration05:15
dellhemfine by me, but didn't find anything relevant..05:16
dellhemwhere is the taskbar config located?05:16
soeeit is per widget per panel configuration i think05:17
soeesome file in .config05:17
soeedellhem: better to ask later on #plasma05:17
dellhemsoee, cool thanks05:23
paranoidabhi there is any fix for not clearly visible libre-office menu(http://imgur.com/b9izfNh). I am  using kde 5.6.4 on kubuntu 16.0406:21
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lordievaderGood morning07:33
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hegemon8ikzderb: hi12:12
BluesKajHey all12:16
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paranoidabhiWhen in kubuntu https://www.kde.org/announcements/plasma-5.7.0.php?13:12
paranoidabhiany etas?13:12
hateballparanoidabhi: I think the fine folk in #kubuntu-devel may know more13:16
acheronukparanoidabhi: no, as it requires Qt 5.6.x which is not the default in 16.04. If done, then needs to be backported in a way that does not break other ubuntu packages13:16
acheronuklooking at that, but can't give an eta ATM13:17
paranoidabhiacheronuk, thanks, the bug fixes are much awaited. Hoping to use 16.04, not keen on using 16.10 to get them :)13:19
paranoidabhiacheronuk, in worst-case scenario do you recommend using kde-neon?13:22
paranoidabhion kubuntu 16.0413:23
acheronukif it meets your expectations, then why not. bearing in mind that as they are overlaying an unsupported Qt version on 16.04, some things they don't support/rebuild may not work13:24
acheronukalso they recommend doing a fresh install using their isos, rather than adding the repos to kubuntu13:25
soulEverytime I reboot I have issues... Now, I can't listen through headphones, does anyone know here how to solve this? Musiiic! :/14:16
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user|43632how do i find md5 # for kubuntu16:31
genii... http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/16.04/release/ ...16:34
Unit193!hashes| this too, but he's gone.16:35
ubottuthis too, but he's gone.: See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes for the md5sums of all downloadable Ubuntu releases16:35
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TBotNikAll: Keep getting the error: "The file /home/user/.kde/share/apps/ksysguard/ProcessTable.sgrd does not contain valid XML.".  I removed/purged ksysguard, rebooted and re-installed but still get the error!  Any ideas why?19:01
rattkinga purge doesnt remove those generated files in your home dir, so I would try moving that file out of there first19:03
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tobias_hey there i'm on ubuntu neon and cant get netbeans running19:53
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tobias_netbeans --help gives the help info and has an exeption in the main thread: java.lang.SecurityExeption: setContestClassLoader19:59
tobias_java is configured to 7, but my log says 9-ea20:06
memphistoHi guys. Just a general question. I'm in LTS waters always, and i'm running kubuntu 14.04 on laptop and kubuntu 16.04 on desktop20:54
memphistobut it seems that plasma 5 somehow lts behind the kde4 counterpart20:55
SmurphyIn what ?20:55
memphistofirst can't easily change ksplash20:55
memphistothere isn't wigdet for pictures20:55
memphistowhich i miss a lot20:56
memphistono different wallpapers on different screens20:56
memphistoso it feels like kind of downgrad20:56
SmurphyWell - don't have a problem with that TBH... :}20:57
Smurphyyes. It does not really matter to me .. that's what I meant.20:58
SmurphyDidn't try it.20:58
SmurphyYou should ask in the #plasma channel. they may help you ther.e20:58
memphistowell no. i want kubuntu.20:58
memphistokde /plasma devs will fix it eventually20:58
memphistobut i'm LTS, meaing i want stable linux env20:59
memphistoand if kde in kubuntu will be like this for long time20:59
memphistothen i could stay in kubuntu 14.0420:59
memphistoi'll anyway endup with both kde4, and kde5 libs20:59
memphistosince not all aps have migrated21:00
memphistoam i wrong?21:00
memphistois kubuntu 16.04 /kde5 really better for you than kubuntu 14.04/kde421:00
memphistoi don't know should i go back21:01
somekoolplasma 5 is a lot better21:01
somekoolkde4 was great, I loved it, but i could never go back21:01
memphistook. can you share how to put picture frame on kubuntu 16.04, i like haveing it21:02
memphistoit should have some slide show with pics of my kids21:02
somekooli have dual monitors and each have a different screenshot, is that what you meant about different screen?21:02
memphistoreally miss it21:02
hikmetmemphisto: there is a widget called media frame21:02
somekoolyou can sure have different wallpapers on different activity screen. It should still be supported for workspace as well21:03
memphistohikmet let me check21:03
Smurphymemphisto: I am using the backports - plasma 5.6 on my LTS release. I always do that.21:03
SmurphyNo problems so far.21:03
memphistoplasma just crashed :)21:03
memphistothere is media player21:04
memphistobut no media frame21:04
somekoolplasma crash is usually caused by obscure widget21:04
Smurphymedia frame ? What you want to do ?21:05
memphistohave pics of kids as slide show on the desktop as I used to21:05
somekoolmemphisto: looks like media frame is still broken, you will have to wait or fix it yourself... sorry21:06
memphistogreat :)21:06
somekoolError loading QML file: file:///usr/share/plasma/plasmoids/org.kde.plasma.mediaframe/contents/ui/main.qml:21:1: plugin cannot be loaded for module "QtQuick.Dialogs": The plugin '/usr/lib/qt/qml/QtQuick/Dialogs/libdialogplugin.so' uses incompatible Qt library. (5.7.0) [release]21:06
hikmeti am using kubuntu backports, it works for me21:06
somekoolthis is the error I get21:06
SmurphyYou should install the backports.21:06
memphistoi guess so21:06
Smurphybackports plasma21:06
somekoolhikmet sounds good, I dont have the backports...21:07
shifuafter update to kubuntun 16.04, the boot is possible only unsing upstart option in the grub option, why?21:07
memphistocould you kihmet share a link on how to install backports21:07
memphistoand that kind of kills the LTS  in kubuntu 16.0421:08
memphistomaybe i should then go with kde neon?21:08
SmurphyThat's how I did it: http://kubuntu.org/news/plasma-5-6-4-available-in-16-04-backports/21:08
memphistolet me check it out21:09
shifuafter update to kubuntun 16.04, the boot is possible only unsing upstart option in the grub option, why?21:09
Smurphysame here: http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2016/05/install-kde-plasma-5-6-kubuntu-16-04/21:09
memphistook. thats official from kubuntu21:10
memphistoi'm installing then21:10
memphistothanks for listening and helping21:10
SmurphyYeah. going to bed now. Getting late and I have to work tomorrow :)21:10
SmurphyCya .21:10
memphistoshifu do you have systemd installed21:14
memphistowhat does the dpkg -l systemd say21:14
shifumemphisto: i  systemd                                        229-4ubuntu6                 amd64                        system and service manager21:15
memphistomaybe you could try installing again and updateing grub after that21:17
memphisto sudo apt-get install systemd libpam-systemd systemd-gui systemd-extra-units21:17
shifumemphisto: are you still there?21:17
shifumemphisto: i try, but why the sistem starts just using upstart option?21:18
memphistoi guess since you were using it before upgrade it defaulted to it21:19
memphisto      update-initramfs -u21:19
shifumemphisto: i rtied your command but i have :  immpossible to find ystemd-extra-units21:20
memphistodo update-initramfs -u, hopefully this will enable systemd21:20
memphistoskip that then21:20
memphistoand when you have all installed you should remove upstart, but this could render your system unbootable if systemd failes to work21:21
memphistojust to let you know21:21
shifumemphisto: i did update-initramfs -u, what i have to do now? Do I have to luanch another command or jsut reboot?21:23
memphistoi think you should have in grub option htat says systemd as now you have upstart21:23
shifumemphisto: I try to see in grub.cfg ok?21:24
shifumemphisto: no memphisto, upstaret still remaing21:26
shifumemphisto: no systemd found21:26
memphistorun update-grub21:26
memphistoor update-grub221:26
memphistoand check again21:26
shifumemphisto: nothing21:28
shifumemphisto: again21:29
memphistook then21:29
shifumemphisto:  :-(21:29
memphistoThis could render your system unbootable if we didn't get it correctly21:29
memphistodo apt remove upstart-sysv21:29
memphistoupdate-initramfs -u21:29
memphistoand reboot21:29
jimarvanhey peeps ^^21:30
memphistoand pray21:30
shifumemphisto: i would like to avoid to pray :-(21:30
shifumemphisto: are you sure ?21:31
memphistowell i think it should work, but you can never be 100% sure21:31
shifumemphisto: if the system shoudn.t start, what i shall do?21:32
memphistothere is a procedure on internet on how to boot from live cd and chroot to your installation21:33
memphistoand install upstart again21:33
memphistoi guess you should grab that and print it21:33
memphistojust in case21:33
shifumemphisto: i tried to removed upstart-sysv but apt said that it is not installed....21:35
memphistoapt search upstart21:36
memphistowhat does it say21:36
memphistobetter yet dpkg -l upstart*21:36
shifumemphisto: i have 6 rows21:37
shifumemphisto: the first: ii  upstart                                        1.13.2-0ubuntu21.1           amd64                        event-based init daemon - essential binaries21:38
memphistook , so you have it installed21:38
memphistoapt remove upstart*21:38
shifumemphisto: now it works21:40
memphistoreboot and i hope i get to see you with systemd soon21:40
memphistoupdate-initramfs -u firs21:41
shifumemphisto: tnk for your time i try to reboot21:43
memphistodid you do update-initramfs -u21:43
memphistoif you did then go ahead an reboot21:44
shifui did tnk21:44
memphistosee you soon21:44
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bpromptyo dawg, wassup in da hud22:48
FoxHunterhad some bad ram22:48
FoxHunterso narrowed it down22:48
bpromptbad ram?   what you need is a good bull then22:49
FoxHunterI mean it not bad...works/etest perfect but when uised together with different brand even though all timing specs match22:49
FoxHunterit looks like it bad22:49
bpromptwell, you can always run memtest on it22:49
FoxHunternot suppose to but no  way I could find same stuff22:52
FoxHunterI gues to do it right have ot order a whole new block22:52
FoxHunterit works for 7 years before I realized it22:52
FoxHunterbut it's always been that way22:52
bprompthmmm  wha the?  then maybe it's not bad, or is bad and you think it isn't22:53
FoxHunterdid mem test22:54
FoxHunterbut I have to do them in pairs22:54
FoxHunter good enough22:54
FoxHunternarrows it down enough22:54
FoxHunterit's NUMA22:54
FoxHunterso CPU0-DIMMA-1A then CPU1-DIMMB-1A22:55
FoxHunteris how they suppose to pair up22:55
FoxHunterfor 128bit22:55
FoxHunterWin7 ran rock solid on Supermicro H8DCI AMD Opteron 265 with 8GB RAM (8x 1GB all banks filled per CPU).  But since linux or even freebsd it's glitchy22:57
FoxHuntersomething isn't right22:57
FoxHunternot sking for your uys hepl22:57
FoxHunterjust rambling on I suppose22:57
FoxHunterI mean if someone knows sweet22:57
bpromptwell, I'd say hmm  hmmm I'd side with linux on this one, it just so happen that windows7 has been able to work with it22:59
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FoxHunterI hear ya on that one23:00
FoxHunterfor the life of me searching I can't find how to verify a PCI-X cards speed.  For example I have Adaptec 2130slp scsi controller that says it's capable of "64-bit/133MHz PCI-X, or 3.3 volt only PCI"23:04
FoxHunterI have th ecard installed in a 133 PCI-X slot that is not being shared with another card to bring the speed down.23:04
bpromptFoxHunter:     I had XP working fine on  hmm what was it.. an old seagate hdd IIRC, anyhow, in linux when booting up, I started one day getting all kind of DRDY error messages.... so I booted up to XP, ran ok, back to linux, DRDY at bootup, so I hopped to XP, ran some chkdisk or something, and sure enough, it came up with bad clusters, though XP was working with it, just hadn't stumbled on one yet23:04
FoxHunterI just don't know in linux maybe "lshw" something dmidecode that shows what that 2130 card established speed is23:04
Guest65581i have "modprobe.blacklist=radeon" in the GRUB_CMD_LINUX_DEFAULT of my /etc/default/grub. Why does sudo lspci -vnn still show the radeon driver in use? I am using 16.04 and have done sudo-update grub and have rebooted.23:05
FoxHunterbecause they are PCI-X 100/133 slots23:06
FoxHunterbprompt; ya man23:06
FoxHunterI thought of that too23:06
FoxHunterso I did a disk verification in tyhe controller card where if there are bad sectors it permenantly marks them bad instead of relying on OS software.23:07
FoxHunterdone at the lower lvl I like that23:07
FoxHunterbut no errors23:07
FoxHunterguest; did you23:07
FoxHunterafter editing the file23:07
FoxHunterdont' think so23:07
bpromptGuest65581:    yeap, try that, editing /etc/defaults/grub alone, doesn't take effect till you -> sudo update-grub23:09
Guest65581i did sudo update grub23:09
Guest65581and have rebooted since23:11
bpromptGuest65581:    hmmm dunno on blacklisting myself.... so.. not sure23:12
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user|80935Why is not there any clarification or wrong illustrate through the use of the system as the ideal so easy to use the system for those who does not have a minimum background on this system23:25
valorieuser|80935: can you say what difficulty you are finding?23:25
user|80935iam in course for study os systems and more things now i must learn kubunto when i install it now i dont knew what i can do in it from start23:26
user|80935any one help me where i can learn about kubuntu 16.4 i dont knew any thing23:28
bpromptuser|80935:    same as if you want to learn engineering, or say become an auto mechanic, you'd be a bit too pollyannish expecting a course on say automechanics to take just 6 months, or a course in engineering to take onlly 2 years23:30
bpromptuser|80935:   learn about 16.04?   thought you were taking the course on OSes already?23:30
user|80935yes they will help me but i want to be fast in learing before they help23:31
user|80935my coure will contunie after week23:31
bpromptuser|80935:     there are many articles and books on it, take a pick23:33
user|80935where do you knew any site or book name ??23:33
OerHeksgood start http://docs.kubuntu.org/23:33
bpromptuser|80935:    I dunno what else we can add, since you're not giving specifics anyway, to what many books material already cover23:34
user|80935thanks very much23:34
user|80935iam happy becuse you Listen فخ ةث ^_^23:34
user|80935to me ^_^23:34
user|80935wow that what i need Specifically thanks ^_^23:35
valoriehey folks, I'm trying to install Yakkety into a virtualbox, but the install of YY errors out pretty soon: http://imgur.com/xhye3Nc23:49
valorieI think I gave it at least 2 gigs23:49
ahoneybunthanks OerHeks23:50
ahoneybunthat says root valorie23:50
ahoneybunoh guided is not work23:51
valoriehttp://imgur.com/N3TZbE4 is my partition screen23:52
ahoneybunodd that the guided looks broken23:53
valorieheck if I can figure out what to do next23:53
OerHeksseems like 8 gb device is too small23:53
ahoneybunvalorie: what does manual do?23:53
ahoneybununless the image is oversized23:54
valoriemanual scares the heck out of me23:54
ahoneybunwell on a VM I guess23:54
valorieI don't want to wreck my one good machine.....23:54
ahoneybunwell it is in a VM23:54
valorieI don't get why it's erroring23:54
valorieI understand that23:54
ahoneybunwas there a bug on the qa page?23:54
valorieso why isn't it just installing?23:54
valorieno idea?23:55
ahoneybunnot sure tbh23:55
ahoneybunis that our daily?23:55
ahoneybunmm no one has a bug against the image23:56
valoriehttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/daily-live/current/ is where I dl'd23:57
ahoneybunso the installer made 3.5Gb but it then says it needs at least 4.5gb23:57

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