qenghoShould one still be using Answers on Launchpad Itself to ask for config changes?05:30
wgrantqengho: Config changes of anything in particular?05:36
qenghowgrant: +dbgsym on a team ppa.  ~canonical-chromium-builds/+archive/ubuntu/stage05:38
wgrantqengho: You can do that yourself on +edit.05:40
qenghowgrant: You win one (1) Internet Hug.05:42
ftsamis`Hey, is there any way to import and/or export translations to a git branch?12:24
cjwatsonftsamis`: Not yet - it's one of the missing bits for full parity with bzr12:31
cjwatsonI'd love to finish that off, just haven't quite had time12:31
ftsamis`cjwatson: Alright, would be awesome to have full support for git. Thanks for working on it!13:40
alkisgSo one idea would be to develop to git-branch-a, then mirror to bzr-branch-b, use that one to continuously import the translations to rosetta and export them back to it, and periodically manualy merge the changes from "b" back to "a"?13:45
alkisgOr is another bzr branch needed as well, just for exporting the translations?13:46
vagrantcis it feasible for the bzr-branch-b to be rebased every import?13:46
alaihi can someone please help to see why i can't file a bug for nuage-vsd charm?  https://bugs.launchpad.net/charms/+source/nuage-vsd20:43
alaiit gives the error after I hit the 'submit bug' button20:44
alai"nuage-vsd" does not exist in Juju Charms Collection. Please choose a different package. If you're unsure, please select "I don't know"20:44
alaiselect 'I don't know' does not work either20:44
dobeyThere is no current release for this source package in Juju Charms Collection.20:46
cjwatsonYou can only file bugs that way against charms that have had a branch linked as the official branch for a series20:46
cjwatsonSo https://code.launchpad.net/charms/+source/nuage-vsd/+all-branches would have to have say lp:charms/trusty/nuage-vsd listed20:46
jhobbscjwatson: who can make that link?20:48
alaiso who can push the charm to lp:charms/trusty/nuage-vsd?20:48
alaiit is already reviewed by openstack team I believe20:48
cjwatsonjhobbs: members of ~charmers20:49
jhobbscjwatson: ok20:49
cjwatsonit's not about "pushing the charm to lp:charms/trusty/nuage-vsd", because it's not a separate push operation, BTW, it's just about nominating a branch as the trunk for that series20:49
alaiok thanks cjwatson20:50

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