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komaHello there08:24
komaThere are any way to make MAAS work with vCloud ?08:24
komaIs vCloud supported by pyvmomi08:43
arimbasthe vlan tab on maas is to create a vlan for the nodes to comnunicate?10:18
arimbasdoes it have to be the same with the lan that cluster handles?10:19
komaHow came that the maas-image-builder does not work?14:14
komabzr -Ossl.cert_reqs=none branch lp:maas-image-builder14:14
komabzr: ERROR: Not a branch: "bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/+branch/maas-image-builder/".14:14
roaksoax_koma: maas-image-builder is deprecated since we already provide centos images automatically15:22
komaI don't understand how to retrive them from the documentation15:35
komaroaksoax_, also debian isn't listed15:36
komaAlso, If I wanto to install a different distro? like Arch/Devuan/Puppy/Gentoo/Whatsoever I'm supposed to wait you from make an image?15:45
komaAnd also i can't edit the images and fully depend on your flavor?15:46
komaSeems a little odd o_O15:46
mupBug #1599223 opened: ambigious reverse DNS lookups because MAAS creates multiple PTR records <MAAS:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1599223>16:25
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* nturner types into the wrong window19:01
mupBug #1598941 changed: [2.0 RC1] maas ipranges <> command does not work <oil> <MAAS:Invalid> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1598941>19:34
jahruhnhello :)20:45
jahruhnI have a very simple maas question20:46
f1gjamahasenack, mpontillo are you guys about21:39
mpontillof1gjam: hey, I'm around. what's up?21:40
f1gjammpontillo, im stuck with landscape installing21:50
f1gjambefore i had it installed but was having problems with openstack install21:50
f1gjamnwo i have ing issues with landscape installing21:50
f1gjamany ideas whre i can grabs logs and post them to help trouble shoot why its failing to install21:50
f1gjami can then spend some more time on it tomorrow21:51
f1gjambut right now i dont have any idea where to look21:51
f1gjamthis is for MaaS 1.921:51
f1gjamusing openstack-install21:51
mpontillof1gjam: what's the issue? I understand there are logs in /var/log/landscape, but I haven't installed landscape myself21:53
dpb1_it's probably something juju21:53
dpb1_export JUJU_HOME=~/.cloud-install/juju21:53
dpb1_juju status21:53
dpb1_that is a start21:53
dpb1_FYI -- there are some good q/a s on askubuntu, like this one: http://askubuntu.com/questions/738540/error-deploying-landscape-with-autopilot/739073#73907321:54
mpontillof1gjam: ^21:55
f1gjamok ill check those21:56
f1gjamill ping back here tomorrow21:56
bdxyo maas devs23:22
bdxwe need to have a chat23:23
bdxgo ahead and try and file a bug against the maas-region or maas-rack charms - you can't23:23
bdxboth charms, maas-region, and maas-rack need a bunch of maintenance - they are totally broken in their current state23:25
bdxI would file bugs on them, but launchpad won't let me because those (maas-{region,rack}) aren't in the juju-charms collection23:26
bdxblake_r, maas-maintainers: will you guys maintain, or at least spruce up maas-{region,rack} charms?23:27
bdxit would be super cool if you did :P23:27

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