lordievaderGood morning07:33
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BluesKajHey all12:17
server_Hello.  I am trying to dd an img.xz (2GB) file to /dev/mmcblk0p2 (ext4).  After the dd process is complete the mmcblk0p2 partition shows up as an unknown type (Bad Superblock).12:27
server_How can I copy the image file without damaging the partition or how to fix the partition?12:28
SwedeMikeserver_: img.xz looks like it's compressed. Are you dd:ing it as-is to the partition? Don't you need to uncompress it before?12:37
server_<SwedeMike> You are right.  I just uncompressed it first (unxz) and redid the dd command with the same result.12:41
server_I am trying to create a new partition that is just 2GB in size to see if that will work better.12:42
server_The new (2GB) partition didn't work.12:54
BluesKajserver_,  make sure your target partition is large enough to accomodate the input iso file size13:01
BluesKajor img size13:01
server_The img file is 1.8GB.  The original partition was 14GB.  I shrunk it down to 2.1GB.  I have formatted them to ext4 beforehand; every time the partition gets clobbered.13:07
server_When I look at online examples, I see that the main dd process is not on the partition (mmcblk0p2) but the full mmc card (mmcblk0)13:08
Qommand0rserver_: makes sense, since the disk image itself contains a partition table as well13:13
Qommand0rtry using a whole disk as a target device13:13
Qommand0rinstead of a partition/slice13:13
Qommand0rshould work13:13
server_Qommand0r: you were right.  The image did have a 4GB partition image.13:33
server_I needed a fat partition before it so I used gparted to move it and add a small partition before it.13:34
Qommand0rcool, nice to hear server_13:37
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