Kilosmorning bd peeps05:29
Kiloshi AudaciousTUX Tanvir 06:30
AudaciousTUXhelu Kilos 06:35
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tuxedois it dead?07:38
tuxedo:( 07:38
pavlushkaMorning every one!07:43
pavlushkaHello tuxedo !07:44
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RezwanQA tell AudaciousTUX নিশ্চই ভুলবো না :-)08:50
QARezwan: Got it, I'll tell AudaciousTUX on freenode08:50
imtareqmhdhello Kilos09:18
Kiloshi imtareqmhd 09:19
imtareqmhdwhats up09:19
Kilosstruggling a bit with the pc channel because they have made it invite only09:20
Kilosso we will see from here09:20
Kilosotherwise just cold here in za, hows things there?09:21
imtareqmhdits rainy day here09:21
imtareqmhdi'm rearranging my lappy for providing more space to kubuntu09:22
Kilosand we are suffering from rain shortage09:22
imtareqmhdisn't summer there09:22
Kilosyou dual booting with 10?09:22
imtareqmhdi told you, due to some research work09:23
Kilosno winter here now, we normally get summer rains but they have been scarce for some years now09:23
Kiloscountry in drought crisis mode09:23
imtareqmhdglobal warming09:23
Kilosyeah so they say but more like earth axis shift09:24
Kilosseasons messed up here09:24
imtareqmhdno cold during winter09:24
imtareqmhdmassive hotness during summer09:25
imtareqmhdno rain during rainy season09:25
imtareqmhdwho knows what is coming for us09:25
imtareqmhdit effects farming i think09:25
Kilosyes very badly09:26
imtareqmhdwhat else we can do09:26
imtareqmhdenvironment taking actions09:26
Kiloswe used to export many things but even have to import maixe this year09:26
imtareqmhdlet's hope for the best09:27
imtareqmhdbe positive09:27
Kilosnatures revenge09:27
imtareqmhdi think technological advancement creating problems09:27
imtareqmhdwe are destroying earth surfaces09:28
Kilosyes and all the testing of nukes all over09:28
Kilosmankind has really messed things up09:30
imtareqmhdold days were good09:35
imtareqmhdjust give me rough idea09:37
imtareqmhdI have 500 GB HDD09:38
imtareqmhdWin-10 65 GB09:38
imtareqmhd432 remains09:38
imtareqmhdhow i can spliit this09:38
Kilosgparted or disks09:39
imtareqmhdI do prefer separate home09:39
Kilosmake new partitions in the free space09:39
imtareqmhdnow i have 13 gig for root and 18 gig for home09:40
imtareqmhd2 swap09:40
Kilos  what are you going to do with all the fre space09:40
imtareqmhdnot all of them are09:42
Kilosoh ok09:42
imtareqmhd30 GB root09:43
Kilosi once had /root complain it was full and it was 20g09:43
Kilosthats better yes09:43
Kiloseven 40 is safer09:43
imtareqmhdswap size?09:44
Kilosand hgome is where you keep everything09:44
Kilosswap make double your ram09:44
Kiloshow much ram have you09:44
imtareqmhd12GB !09:44
imtareqmhdtoo much09:44
imtareqmhdram 6 GB09:44
Kilosoh thats good then 6GB swap is fine09:44
imtareqmhd3 GB swap would be enough09:45
Kilosoh wait i got lost09:45
Kilosyou have 6g ram09:45
Kilosyes 3g will work09:45
Kilosi only have 4g ram so swap is 6g09:45
imtareqmhdthen root - 40GB; swap -3GB09:46
imtareqmhdhome - 150 GB09:46
Kilosyes thats good09:46
imtareqmhdor like this / -- 45GB swap - 5GB09:47
Kilosthats safer yes09:47
Kilosits a pain if root get full09:47
imtareqmhdlast night i felt that09:48
imtareqmhdi had 13 GB root only09:48
imtareqmhdthought its enough09:48
Kilosand if you run many apps then ram keeps the info of the resting ones so more ram is free09:48
imtareqmhdi've seen another thing09:50
imtareqmhdcopying is slow on kubuntu09:50
Kiloscopying what09:51
imtareqmhdsystem load reached to almost 100%09:51
imtareqmhdfiles from one hdd to another09:51
Kilos16.04 has bugs still to be sorted09:51
Kilos14.04 kde copies fast09:52
imtareqmhdthinking about downloading that09:52
Kiloshdd to hdd should be fast09:52
imtareqmhdwould it be wise decision?09:52
imtareqmhdgoing backword09:52
Kilosi will wait till 16.04.2 or 3 before i use 16.0409:53
Kilosthey have many new things in 16.04 that are cool but still need to be polished so they run smooth09:54
Kiloswb pavlushka 09:54
pavlushkaKilos: keep welcoming, I'll keep coming back, ;p09:55
imtareqmhdwindows consuming many space :(09:57
imtareqmhd63GB isn't enough09:57
Kilosoh my09:58
imtareqmhdi hate windows09:58
Kilosme too09:58
Kilosi wont even try 1009:58
imtareqmhdslow boot makes me crazy09:58
pavlushkaKilos: me too09:58
Kilosuse 7 only to be able to help others09:58
imtareqmhdppl love windows09:59
imtareqmhdxp and 7 mostly09:59
Kilosjust need to block 7 from auto updating to 1009:59
imtareqmhdi've got license from younger brother, this is another reason to keep it09:59
imtareqmhdafter that i won't take any more windows10:00
pavlushkaimtareqmhd: I think they dont know any other choice or not able enough to enjoy the freedom of Linux, rather than loving windows, :)10:00
imtareqmhdpavlushka: this is happening for shops10:01
imtareqmhdthey are providing windows pc10:01
Kilosyes thats the biggest problem10:01
pavlushkaimtareqmhd: ha ha, yes, that's another point, :P10:01
imtareqmhdeven they erase ubuntu and install pirated 7/1010:02
imtareqmhdlack of knowledge10:02
pavlushkaKilos: because10:02
pavlushkaKilos: the shop owners even dont know much about Linux/ Ubuntu10:03
Kilosthats the problem, ignorance and all they want is money10:03
imtareqmhdgamers are satisfied with windows10:04
imtareqmhdthey are main buyers of hign-end pcs10:04
Kilosof course10:04
imtareqmhdmarket is full of new hardwares10:05
imtareqmhdgrapphics cards10:05
Kilosso expensive10:05
imtareqmhdtargeting those crazy boys10:05
imtareqmhdor girls10:05
imtareqmhdyou know they change it almost every year10:06
imtareqmhdnew system for new year10:06
Kilosgaming is like drug addiction10:06
imtareqmhdyep, it can kill a person10:07
imtareqmhdtrauma happens10:07
imtareqmhdppl kills others10:07
imtareqmhdoh my god10:07
Kilosmany families broken up because of gming10:07
imtareqmhdi think those terrorists were addicted in gaming 10:08
imtareqmhdin some point of life10:08
Kilosyeah crazy peeps10:08
imtareqmhdthey think life is like first person shooting game10:08
imtareqmhdkill and make pont10:09
imtareqmhdmac useres are like elite10:10
Kilospavlushka wb10:15
Kilosi must go check on the sheep and get some sun10:15
imtareqmhdoh ok10:15
pavlushkaIts the power, due to that I need to switch to my backup plan every time, :(10:16
Kilospower supply very unstable by you10:16
pavlushkaand then when the power restores, need to reverse the process, annoying10:16
Kilosill be back just now guys10:16
pavlushkasure, Kilos 10:17
pavlushkalol, some people said in some channel "I guess the EU now has 1 GB free space"11:59
Kilosright i have some time now14:22
ashabadihello Ekushey imtareqmhd Kilos pavlushka QA Rezwan rhct Tanvir16:41
Kiloshi ashabadi just eating16:41
ashabadiohh okay16:41
Kilosim back hi guys17:01
Tuhinhi all17:55
Tuhinany freelancer from bd here?17:56
Tuhini need info about how to open paypal account17:56
KilosTuhin try here https://www.paypal.com/signin/18:15
Tuhinthey dont support bangladesh18:15
Kilosoh my18:16
Tuhinr u bengali?18:16
Tuhinwhere do u live?18:16
Kilosoh yes us dollars hey18:16
Kilossouth africa18:16
Tuhinnice to meet you18:16
Kilossame here18:16
Tuhinso i m tryign to find freelancers from bd who have paypal account18:17
Tuhinto know how they opened their account18:17
Kilosyou must hangout here more often the guys are helpful18:17
Kiloswe battle with paypal as well, only recently did one bank here link up with paypal18:18
Tuhini used to join here often years ago, then i changed pc and lost all favorite irc channels list18:18
Kilosah then you will know some of those that have come back again18:20
pavlushkaTuhin: ping18:23
pavlushkaHello Tuhin , try paypalbd, search in google may be.18:23
Tuhinu opend account? from bd?18:24
Tuhini have seen that site18:25
Tuhinbut it seems they charges money18:25
pavlushkaTuhin: http://paymentbd.com, supports paypal, and yes I have registered there but not completed yet, I will complete the rest of the procedure after EID, :)18:26
Tuhinr they dependable?18:26
pavlushkaTuhin: yes, 500-510 BDT for a year maybe, not much.18:26
pavlushkaTuhin: I guess18:27
Tuhinwhats the difference between the personal and premier accounts18:28
Tuhinfound the info18:28
pavlushkacant tell, haven't tried premium, check the feature/details, it should be there18:28
Tuhinwhich type of account u opened?18:28
Tuhinwhat kind of freelancing u plan to do?18:29
pavlushkaHello Kilos 18:29
pavlushkaTuhin: ha ha ha, cant tell yet (not sure), lets see, what about you?18:30
Kiloshi pavlushka pk fixed18:30
Tuhini m finding info for my friend18:30
pavlushkawow, congrats Kilos , :)18:30
Tuhinme and 2 friends will start work18:30
Tuhinwe will do multimedia/dataentry basic works for now18:30
Tuhinpk = Raspbery Pi?18:31
pavlushkaTuhin: I think, me too, as a starter.18:31
Kilosi work for ubuntu trying to revive dead locos18:32
Tuhinr u student/ have job?18:32
Tuhinwill do part time?18:32
Tuhinah ic18:32
Tuhinkilos u r bangladeshi18:33
Kilosnope Tuhin south african18:33
Kilosbut i do work for ubuntu18:33
Tuhinpavlushka, do u know any1 else who used http://paymentbd.com ?18:35
Tuhinjust to know their opinion18:36
pavlushkaTuhin: check the comments there and check the commentators' credentials, that way you can check it by yourself, :)18:37
pavlushkaand you can call them, if you like to be sure a little more18:38
Tuhintheir facebook page gave new address http://www.verify4all.ga/18:39
Tuhinwhich doesnt work18:39
pavlushkaTuhin, you can call them to be sure, they have their profile in google, and location in google maps18:41
Tuhinyes i have seen18:41
Tuhinwe have seen destiny,  biznas and lots of other companies fool people18:42
pavlushkaTuhin: point.18:42
Tuhinthats why i m looking around if they r dependable18:42
pavlushkaTuhin: thank you too, you woke me up from my sleep, I was not considering that aspect, thanks man.18:44
Tuhinbtw i m seeing this site and their services for couple years now18:44
pavlushkaTuhin: and I haven't completed the registration also, :p18:44
Tuhinso they r into this service for sometime18:44
Tuhinalso in facebook they said they bought this site in 201518:45
pavlushkaTuhin: So? what do you think?18:46
Tuhinwe cant be sure till we meet someone who have actually used their service18:46
Tuhinjust saw a funny review18:48
TuhinHomayra Methila18:48
TuhinJune 8 at 2:49pm18:48
TuhinThird class support agent boshaia rakhse, sob murukkher dol. kotha bolar kono adob nai na ase kno common sense. kisui bolte pare na aar babohar dekhle mone hoy jeno onek customer hoe gese tai customer er kono poroa nai. really disgusting..Paymentbd.com18:48
Tuhinhaven't u asked i wouldn't have looked into reviews18:49
pavlushkaTuhin I have checked that already, you complete the further check and help me too, :p18:51
Tuhinr u doing it from home?18:52
Tuhinmy friend is MBBS18:52
Tuhinu know what that means18:53
Tuhinhard to get job when u have no experience and none take u in job to get u experience.18:53
Tuhindim aage naki murgi aage18:53
pavlushkalol, that's the point18:57
pavlushkabut who's gonna understand that, if you open a venture, what would you have done in that aspect?18:58
Tuhini would have taken people that i know on whom i can depend19:00
Tuhinalso verify any new comer for skills and honesty19:00
pavlushkaTuhin: But the companies you apply, they dont know you and there's no way to be sure, are you dependable or not, so they prefer high profile first, :p19:01
Tuhincompanies with talented people knows how to find talent19:03
pavlushkaTuhin: everyone has to prove themselves first, If you got a job already, then you should know that no one cares, there is no scarcity of mean and hypocrite people there.19:04
pavlushkabut that policy helps, they are successful19:05
Tuhinyes. but when i gave people work, i only choose from honest19:05
Tuhinsome people works ok, but makes people mad by talking too much19:06
Tuhini have seen such people19:06
pavlushkaTuhin: lol "but when i gave people work, i only choose from honest" me too , but like to add, I'll check on the wit as well, :p19:07
pavlushkaWelcome AudaciousTUX !19:07
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: বলু19:09
AudaciousTUX_কি বল্বু 19:09
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: যা মনে চায়, আজেবাজে ছাড়া, :p19:10
AudaciousTUX_iftar khaya ghumailam19:11
AudaciousTUX_ekhon uthlam19:11
AudaciousTUX_sharadin ghumer upre thaki :319:11
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: RemonShai আমাদের test subject, support expert হবার জন্যে, কি কি যে করে,আর তারপরে আইসা কয়, ভাই এইটা করসি, এখন? কিন্তু আমরা গিয়া দেখি আরেকটা, :p19:12
AudaciousTUX_ajke userlist ektu boro boro lagteche19:13
Tuhini joined after couple years19:14
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: we got Mr. Tuhin here19:14
Tuhini can't read most of ur texts19:14
pavlushkaTuhin: why?19:14
Tuhinhi AudaciousTUX_19:14
Tuhinr u typing in bangla?19:14
pavlushkaTuhin: what irc client you are using?19:14
AudaciousTUX_hi Tuhin vai19:14
Tuhin_now joined from hexchat19:16
AudaciousTUX_never heard of hydrairc19:16
Tuhinits free and under GPL19:17
pavlushkaTuhin: এখন কি সব ঠিক দেখাচ্ছে?19:17
Tuhini cant read that line from both hydra and hexchat....19:17
Tuhinhexchat is same as xchat19:18
pavlushkaTuhin: in Hexchat I can help19:18
Tuhinr u guys typing bangla?19:18
Tuhinavro keyboard?19:18
pavlushkaTuhin: go to Settings->preference->appearance and set the font to Likhan/Solaimanlipi/...19:19
Tuhinyes i see gibberish19:19
Tuhincan't see bengali in language list19:20
Tuhinits new win10 install19:20
pavlushkaTuhin: I use the default National layout for typing in Ubuntu/Xubuntu, just need to add the Bengali Language in the system and bingo19:20
pavlushkaouch too19:20
Kilosshame poor guy19:21
Tuhini wanted win7 but win7 didnt want to install in this new laptop19:21
Kilossympathy Tuhin 19:21
Tuhinbtw i dual booted with LMDE219:21
AudaciousTUX_win 10 user....:v19:21
Tuhini wanted win719:22
TuhinLMDE= Linux Mint Debian Edition19:22
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: but Tuhin  has a Linux Mint as dualboot19:22
Tuhini hate to reinstall all apps after EOL of ubuntu based distros19:22
Kilosyay then there is some hope still19:23
AudaciousTUX_well i shouldn't talk about this... i have win 7 in dual boot too... :319:23
AudaciousTUX_only for my sister >_<19:23
Kilosi have win 7 as well19:23
TuhinWin10 was installed coz i failed to install win7, it was asking for driver and wouldnt accept the drivers i give19:23
Kilosto remind me why i use ubuntu19:24
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: me too have 2 wins but only for android manipulating, to root, and to flash19:24
Tuhinah , so i have android HTC phone which have built in battery19:24
Tuhini rooted it and then was working fine till i was offered OTA 15MB update19:25
pavlushkaotherwise Xubuntu/MATE is my home, ahaha, sounds cool when I even say them, :)19:25
Tuhinnow it stopped working19:25
Kilosoh my19:25
Kilosim glad i dont need to learn android stuff as well19:26
AudaciousTUX_running android without root is too much boring... and feeling that now :(19:26
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: use Kingoroot19:26
Tuhinso the phone battery died when the OS was corrupted19:26
AudaciousTUX_i phone?? Kilos 19:26
Tuhinnow it wouldnt even charge19:26
Tuhinmine is HTC 816H19:26
pavlushkato root that, sorry, it's windows based.19:26
Kilosi have an old nokia that can call and sms19:27
Tuhinthose r the best phones Kilos19:27
Tuhinsadly i lost my basic phone 2 months ago19:27
Kilosyes no need to learn fancy stuff19:27
pavlushkaTuhin: use a power bank, that might help19:27
Tuhinthe phone would NOT charge at all19:27
Tuhinnither from adapter nor power banks19:28
Tuhinphone is almost new19:28
pavlushkaI had 3 nokia phones, 1 corrupted, 1 lost, 1 our driver stole and flee for better prospect, grrrr19:29
Kiloswbb gonna warm up in a hot bath19:29
Kilosbe good guys19:29
Tuhinwhat car model?19:29
pavlushkaTuhin: nope, its just a mini truck, TATA ACE19:30
Tuhinthey way things going around, its scary to drive now adays19:30
Tuhinlol family uses TATA ACE??19:31
pavlushkaTuhin: not in country side, :p19:31
pavlushkaTuhin: for cargo!19:31
TuhinTATA ACE doesnt have double cabin19:31
Tuhinhm is it comfortable to drive?19:32
pavlushkaTuhin: we use local communications, we dont travel in that mini van.19:32
Tuhinah ok19:32
pavlushkaTuhin: we carry goods in that van19:32
Tuhindid u ever drive that?19:32
Tuhinhow does indian cars feel when driven? compared to toyota cars?19:33
pavlushkaTried, its hell, gear shifting is you have to guess19:33
Tuhinmanual gear...19:33
Tuhinbtw u heard about Proton PHP?19:34
Tuhinit ought to go into production this june, but no news19:34
pavlushkaTuhin: never tried that and no I haven't19:34
Tuhinfactory is constructed at chittagong19:34
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX_: why you are double?19:34
TuhinProton from malaysia and PHP from BD making this 1st Bangladeshi car19:35
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX_: logged in with PI too I think19:35
pavlushkaTuhin: the PHP group I guess19:35
Tuhin1st date of launch was 16Dec 2015, then 26March 2016, then June 201619:36
AudaciousTUX_vanga chura mbl + desktop pavlushka 19:36
Tuhinnow there is no news19:36
pavlushkaTuhin: may be they are facing some troubles.19:37
Tuhinreally looking forward to the 1st bangladeshi made car19:37
pavlushkame too19:37
Tuhingoogle Proton Preve19:37
Tuhinthats what they will make as Proton PHP model19:37
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: AudaciousTUX I think that is unnecessary, no offense.19:37
Tuhinwe have power cut often19:38
pavlushkaQA google Proton Preve19:38
QApavlushka: I'm not feeling too well19:38
Tuhinso login from phone serves as backup19:38
pavlushkaQA how do I use google19:38
QApavlushka: Retrieves results from Google and Google Calculator. You can use it like this:19:38
QA  google[.<tld>] [for] <term>19:38
QA  googlefight [for] <term> and <term>19:38
QA  gcalc <expression>19:38
QA  gdefine <term>19:38
pavlushkaQA google~ Proton Preve19:39
QApavlushka: Sorry...19:39
pavlushkaQA search Proton Preve19:39
QApavlushka: I couldn't find anything that matched 'Proton Preve'19:39
pavlushkaQA help19:39
QApavlushka: I can help you with: looking things up, remembering things, delivering messages, decisions, games, monitoring things, browsing the internet, conversions, silly fun stuff, calculations, system administration, software development and south african stuff.19:39
QAAsk me "help me with ..." for more details.19:39
pavlushkaQA help me with looking things up19:40
QApavlushka: I use the following features for looking things up: apt-file, aptitude, bash, bible, dict, distance, dns, factoid, fml, fortune, google, help, imdb, lastfm, lotto, mac, man, microblog, mlia, oeis, ports, rfc, seen, tfln, tinyurl, tld, translate, tvshow, unicode, weather and youtube19:40
QAAsk me "how do I use ..." for more details.19:40
pavlushkaQA google "Proton Preve"19:40
QApavlushka: That didn't go down very well. Burp.19:41
TuhinQA what is Proton Preve19:41
QATuhin: Not a clue, sorry19:41
TuhinQA what is Car19:41
QATuhin: I'm afraid I have no idea19:41
Tuhinlol, whom are u asking pavlushka?19:41
pavlushkaQA define car19:42
QApavlushka: Gauge \Gauge\, n. [Written also gage.] 1. A measure; a standard of measure; an instrument to determine dimensions, distance, or capacity; a standard. [1913 Webster]  This plate must be a gauge to file your worm and groove to equal breadth by.           --Moxon. [1913 Webster]  There is not in our hands any fixed gauge of minds. --I. Taylor. [191319:42
QAWebster]  2. Measure; dimensions; estimate. [1913 Webster]  The gauge and dimensions of mis…19:42
pavlushkaQA define Car19:46
QApavlushka: Gauge \Gauge\, n. [Written also gage.] 1. A measure; a standard of measure; an instrument to determine dimensions, distance, or capacity; a standard. [1913 Webster]  This plate must be a gauge to file your worm and groove to equal breadth by.           --Moxon. [1913 Webster]  There is not in our hands any fixed gauge of minds. --I. Taylor. [191319:46
QAWebster]  2. Measure; dimensions; estimate. [1913 Webster]  The gauge and dimensions of mis…19:46
pavlushkaQA define Automobile19:47
QApavlushka: automobile \automobile\ v. i. 1. to travel in an automobile.  Syn: motor. [WordNet 1.5], Automobile \Au"to*mo*bile`\, n. [F.] a self-propelled vehicle used for transporting passengers, suitable for use on a street or roadway. Many diferent models of automobiles have beenbuilt and sold commercially, possessing varied features such as a retractable roof19:47
QA(in a {convertible}), different braking systems, different propulsion systems, and var…19:47
Kilospavlushka the google link is broken in all ibids19:48
Kilosits being rewritten and should be done soon after debconf1619:48
Kilossleep warm guys19:49
Kilossee you tomorrow19:49
Tuhinsee you19:49
pavlushka_AudaciousTUX: are you up?21:45
AudaciousTUXyah pav22:02
AudaciousTUX_qa give this link to pavlushka https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYTXl2f7XAA22:34
QAAudaciousTUX_: Sorry...22:34
AudaciousTUX_qa to pavlushka https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYTXl2f7XAA22:34
QAAudaciousTUX_: Sorry...22:34
AudaciousTUX_qa tell pavlushka https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYTXl2f7XAA22:34
QAAudaciousTUX_: Sure, I'll tell pavlushka on freenode22:34

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