dholbachhey hey05:27
Kiloshi fhsvand others05:27
Kiloshi dholbach svij and others as well05:27
Kilostoo cold to type here05:27
svijmorning Kilos and dholbach05:27
dholbachhi Kilos, hey svij05:29
Mister_QGood morning o/06:57
Kiloshi Mister_Q06:57
Kilosand MooDoo06:58
davidcalleGoood morning o/08:08
popeymorning all08:18
dholbachsalut popey, hey davidcalle08:21
knomeczajkowski, any update on the xubuntu council review?10:50
czajkowskiknome: no meeting last week and we meet this thursday will send a reminder mail to them as well10:51
czajkowskibut given the short week this week and some are on holidays it may take till the 14th as I mentioned in the mail10:51
popeyQ&A Day.13:25
popeydpm: who's doing Q&A today?13:26
dholbachI can't - I'll be on my way to catch a plane, but I'm happy to do next week's13:34
dpmpopey, if you're up for it, perhaps team up with davidcalle? Otherwise I can jump in13:46
davidcalledpm: popey: I can't, doc appointment at 5:15, happy to do next week.13:48
popeyok, dpm, you and me then13:49
* davidcalle suggests we add a small "next week Q&A planning" to our wednesday meeting13:50
dpmpopey, actually, I might not be able to, I think I might have a call then :/13:51
dpmlet me find out13:51
dpmin the meantime, mhall119? ^13:51
dpmjose, are we on for the ubuconla call?13:52
dholbachdavidcalle, it's you and me next week then :)13:54
davidcalledholbach: +113:54
josemhall119: joining us today?14:03
popeyQ&A Hangout created. site updated.14:11
mhall119dpm: jose: still on the call?14:14
Kiloshi czajkowski popey14:19
popeymhall119: you on for Q&A in 30 mins?14:29
dpmpopey, I'm on a call with him, either way, one of us will be coming14:31
mhall119I was on last week14:31
popeybah, silly internets14:34
dholbachall rightie... I'm off to the airport - see you guys tomorrow from Berlin again - big hugs! :-)14:46

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