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mowthegrasscan anyone help me understand linux-image-generic-lts-trusty09:33
mowthegrassdoes this kernel package always points to the latest 12.04 LS kernel 09:33
pkernlinux-generic-lts-trusty points to the latest HWE kernel in 12.04 because there won't be any newer one.09:44
apwmowthegrass, that technically points to the latest version of the lts-trusty kernel in 12.04, if there was a later LTS backport for that release it would not update you to it and there would be a corresponding -lts-<series> package for that one10:02
apwmowthegrass, though as pkern correctly states, there is not going to be a later kernel for 12.04 than the trusty kernel10:03
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manjoapw, around ?19:06

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