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HamRadioHey guys02:11
HamRadioDoes anybody know what PPA that wimpy created for telegram?02:11
RobLoachppa:atareao/telegram ?03:46
RobLoachCorrection, ppa:flexiondotorg/telegram03:47
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silver-dragonAre snap packages working in Ubuntu MATE? Everytime I try to install one it gives me an error telling me I need to install ubuntu base.04:22
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R3Dwhat's up guys??09:37
R3DI don't know about you guys, but I gotta hand it to the Ubuntu team and Nvidia and AMD Radeon.  They've finally got damn SOLID drivers that work VERY WELL!!!09:37
qdkR3D: if that could be applied to mate-panel (or marco or whatever) too, then it would be great.09:39
zlthello ..12:30
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hypernovaubuntu mate = so good15:41
mate|21453where is the option to enable HiDPI?16:15
wizd3mtime appropriate greetings everybody16:16
wizd3mhey Tom and nadir_16:17
Tom_HoglandGood morning16:17
wizd3mWell, good evening for me :)16:18
Tom_HoglandSo, I have a question that Google is failing to answer...16:18
wizd3mwell, I could try16:18
Tom_HoglandWith the demise of Chrome 32bit, and potentially Ubuntu i386 in general, I wanted to migrate to 64-bit.16:19
Tom_HoglandEvery how-to, wiki etc. predates multiarch - most are 3-4 years old.16:19
Tom_HoglandIs there any sort of guide or tool to do this?16:19
wizd3mYou want to migrate from i386 to amd6416:20
wizd3mThe best thing to do is a clean install, I guess16:20
wizd3mWhat you could do is the following:16:20
Tom_HoglandProbably. I'd rather avoid that if possible...16:20
wizd3mWow, ehm ... now then...16:21
wizd3mI try to have an answer to a lot, but this one...16:21
Tom_HoglandYeah - I thought it'd be easier to find an answer...16:22
wizd3mYou could post a question on ubuntu-mate.community (i am one of the mods there) and wimpy is often there. If anyone knows it should be him16:22
Tom_HoglandSomething like "with multiarch it's as simple as:"16:22
Tom_Hoglandadd-architecture amd64 and apt-get update/dist-upgrade16:22
Tom_Hoglandprefer-architecture amd64 and update/dist-upgrade16:23
Tom_Hogland...but apparently it's not that easy :-)16:23
wizd3myes that would be nice, but it depends on the kernel too. And that one's i38616:23
wizd3mso it would then be, upgrade the kernel to amd64, reboot into that kernel and then upgrade the rest.16:24
Tom_HoglandAdding the kernel turns out to be easy - it's the rest that gets tough. All those libraries and such...16:24
wizd3mYes, when installing a 64bits version of an application, the libs should come with it.16:24
wizd3mBut that's a good question :)16:25
wizd3mI've been using 64bit since 8 years now, so I really don't know16:25
Tom_HoglandOkay - I'll head over to the mate community and see if I can find an answer there. Thanks!16:26
wizd3mGood luck, I will see it for sure ;)16:26
silver-dragonAre snap packages working in Ubuntu MATE? Everytime I try to install one it gives me an error telling me I need to install Ubuntu base.16:47
ouroumovsilver-dragon, you should ask about that on the forums16:57
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ubuntu22mein bild schirm ist auf gros bichstaben eingestellt weis sjemand wie das wieder kleiner stell19:35
ouroumovhi ubuntu22. Do you speak English?19:37
ubuntu22litteolm bit19:39
ubuntu22ein bisschen19:39
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