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dragonbite\o/ Hello Everybody!!14:53
mariogripHey :D14:56
Mister_QHey everyone o/14:56
dragonbiteHope everybody in the USA had a good 4th and still have all of their fingers :)14:58
nick011QUESTION: can i run Android apps on my opo running Ubuntu touch? if no, is there any plans for supporting android apps?15:03
dpmwe're about to go live :)15:03
nick011QUESTION: do you know what the big Ubports update that mariogrip teased about on G+?15:04
ChloeWolfieGirlQUESTION: Do you miss WoolWorths?15:05
ChloeWolfieGirlnick011: +1 ;P15:05
ChloeWolfieGirlQUESTION: any HUD updates?15:05
dpmpeople leaving to Europe, perhaps?15:05
* dpm can also hear the airplanes background noise15:05
ChloeWolfieGirldpm UK is still in europe ;P15:06
ChloeWolfieGirlQUESTION: Whats your favourite british thing that isn't around anymore?15:07
mariogrippopey, what's the whether like in Norway?15:08
ChloeWolfieGirlQUESTION: What app do you want to see converged?15:08
ChloeWolfieGirlQUESTION: What app/kinds of apps do you want to see snapped?15:09
popey^ what dpm is talking about :)15:09
mariogripQUESTION: any chance of a fully opensource (except radio source due to laws) ubuntu touch phone?15:10
ChloeWolfieGirlQUESTION: Will ubuntu phone be SNAPPY, when ubuntu on phones get snapped? ;P15:11
dpm"Let's play snappy #1" ^15:12
* nick011 opens my phone with my ear15:14
ChloeWolfieGirlQUESTION: When will everything be snapped?15:14
kz6fittycentQUESTION: Is Canonical planning to work with major software vendors (or are they already) to provide mainstream apps (e.g. Firefox,etc) on uTouch?15:15
dpmmariogrip, it depends on the vendor, but which bits specifically would you like to see open sourced?15:16
mariogripdpm: I would like to see all except radio drivers15:17
mariogripradio driver has to be closed to to laws i guess15:18
kz6fittycentQUESTION: Whereas games can be ported with "Unity", does Canonical plan to provide a means to port other OS's apps to uTouch?15:18
kz6fittycentpopey we used to have Woolworth's here...they've been gone a LONG time ChloeWolfieGirl15:19
kz6fittycent"here" is Tennessee15:19
ChloeWolfieGirlkz6fittycent: yea, Woolworths has been gone for a long time..15:19
dragonbiteQUESTION: has anybody started snaps for WINE-running games, so the WINE configurations are pre-set, so the user doesn't have to configure things themselves to get it working?15:20
mariogripdpm: popey yeah, i could join and talk about it, give me a minute to setup a demo :D15:20
ChloeWolfieGirlQUESTION: Have you seen the new Dekko look with convergence, it was post on omgubuntu and G+, and thoughts?15:21
ChloeWolfieGirlQUESTION: How usable will Unity8 be on ubuntu 16.10?15:24
dragonbiteQUESTION: any work being done on a Siri/Cortana like verbal assistant for the phone/desktop?15:24
ChloeWolfieGirldragonbite: you mean like mycroft? ;)15:25
kz6fittycentQUESTION: popey are you using ZFS on your home server?15:25
ChloeWolfieGirlQUESTION: When Unity8 is default will we see Ubuntu computers in pc world and people will have to search for specifically windows computers?15:27
dpmmariogrip, cool, just ping me or popey and we'll hand you over the link to join the HO15:27
lars_QUESTION do you know how the printer support is coming along?15:30
kz6fittycentlars_ are you talking about on Touch?15:30
lars_Yes Iḿ sorry I was not clear on that, I mean on touch15:32
kz6fittycentlars_, that's a great question!15:32
stephenbQUESTION is there any aspiration to offer desktop sms notifications from a connected ubuntu phone? eg kdeconnect15:32
ChloeWolfieGirlQUESTION: After the steam summer sale, do you still have money?15:32
new_email[QUESTION]: New email, no dekko notifications. Will ota12 bring dekko notifications?15:33
ChloeWolfieGirlQUESTION: Any messaging framework update?15:34
SandeiraQUESTION: Hud ?15:35
ChloeWolfieGirlQUESTION: Snap windows 10 for Ubuntu since we have Ubuntu for windows?15:36
kz6fittycentI am going to wait Unity 8 out...I am enjoying stability! :)15:38
* tsimonq2 yawns and finds where the people are :D15:39
SandeiraQUESTION: (popey) I posted a reddit post in the comments as feedback for doing another (FlightSim) Snappy App. Did you see it ? Any problems you envisage ?15:39
mariogrippopey: dpm ok im ready15:39
SandeiraIs jcastro here ?15:39
ChloeWolfieGirlQUESTION: When can I demand popey to do my bidding on phone and desktop via mycroft? x'315:40
Sandeirapopey has the last word ^^15:40
ChloeWolfieGirl"I can't do that dave" x'D15:41
kz6fittycentpopey kz6-fitty-cent15:42
SandeiraQUESTION: (popey) Do you have more ideas for 20 minute videos on youtube - 'cos I really liked that/them.15:44
* tsimonq2 hopes this isn't against the rules lol15:45
tsimonq2QUESTION: What's going on with Ubuntu dropping i386 support?15:45
tsimonq2QUESTION: What is your favorite snap in the playpen?15:45
tsimonq2QUESTION: What do you like about Unity 8?15:45
tsimonq2QUESTION: What do you think needs improvement in Unity 8?15:45
tsimonq2QUESTION: What is your favorite Ubuntu application? (snap, traditional, or Ubuntu Phone)15:45
tsimonq2Gedit ftw!15:45
dragonbiteChloeWolfieGirl: I don't know if I want the general population using Linux... because then there becomes expectations (most often, unreasonable) and then I can't use the "I use Linux, so I can't help fix your Windows computer" excuse :)15:45
Sandeirajcastro: ping15:45
tsimonq2QUESTION: What email client and browser do you use?15:46
SandeiraQUESTION: I'm in talks with jcastro to deposit discourse.ubuntu.com into just 'ubuntu.im' thereby saving discourse. Any ideas how I should progress with this as I just bought the domain yesterday ?15:48
SandeiraHe is willing by the way.15:48
stephenbQUESTION: Is the dash going to be part of Unity8?15:49
jcastroSandeira: I'm still waiting on an email for what you want/need15:49
ChloeWolfieGirlQUESTION: hows your week been?15:59
tsimonq2:/ WiFi cut out...16:00
Mister_QThanks popey & dpm :) I'm writing the summary for ubuntufun atm16:01
tsimonq2o/ Mister_Q, pong ;)16:01
Mister_Qwill see you both in Heidelberg :)16:02
Mister_Qmariogrip can I ping you later about some details on ubports?16:02
popeythanks everyone16:02
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mariogripMister_Q: yeah sure :D16:02
Mister_Qcool :)16:03
tsimonq2my WiFi cut out so I'm still watching :P16:03
tsimonq2aaand now I'm done! \o/16:04
tsimonq2thanks popey and dpm \o/16:04
dpmthanks everyone!16:06
Sandeirajcastro: ping U still there ?18:31
SandeiraWas your eMail: jorge@ubuntu.com  ?18:31
Sandeirajcastro: If you could leave a message - I'm just having a cigar ;)18:39
Sandeirajcastro: Sent you an email to the above address. thanks.19:16
Sandeirajcastro: Off out about town. Back in 90 minutes, see ya !19:52
Sandeirajcastro: ping21:36
Sandeirajcastro: I have waited, and waited, and now it's nearly midnight :/ Please eMail me in response to the eMail  that I sent you. Thank-you. #IRCfail22:34

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