Researcherhi hggdh13:09
Researcherthanks hggdh14:10
Researcherwb kilos14:10
Kilosthanks hggdh14:10
Researcherhggds fixed the problem14:10
Kilosty Researcher14:10
Researcherpavlushka is now away he also wanting to get here14:10
Researcherregarding wiki issue14:10
Kilosill be here14:11
Researcheri can confirm i cant edit, i already applied for the joining in edit team14:11
Researcherlets see14:11
hggdh/msg chanserv op #ubuntu-pk Kilos14:11
Kilosi think the edit team is ubuntu members only so far14:11
Researchercongrad kilos14:12
Kiloscan you edit?14:12
Kilosty hggdh14:12
Researcheri cannot edit i applied to the edit team14:12
Kiloslets hear what feedback you get14:13
Researcheryes i am waiting14:13
hggdhKilos: welcome. There is still a glitch somewhere, and I am still looking it up14:13
Kilosty for all the effort hggdh14:13
Researcherty hggdh14:13
hggdhyou are all welcome14:14
KilosResearcher give me your wiki link again let me see if i can edit there14:14
KilosThis page does not exist yet. You can create a new empty page, or use one of the page templates.14:15
Kilosyou typed something wrong14:15
Researcherlet me see bro14:16
Researcherwait a second14:16
Researchertypo mistake14:18
Researcheryou can click it will work now14:18
Kilosthats better ty14:18
Kilosyes i can edit it14:18
Kilosbut better we get pavel to help you , he is faster and makes fewer mistakes14:19
Kiloswho is Guest4479514:20
Researcherhe is from oman14:20
Kiloshelp him setup a client and get a nick14:20
Researcheran arab guy he runs his shop here14:21
Researcheractually here is weekend14:21
Researcherso he is not in  my contact14:21
Researcheri already whatsapp him14:21
Researcherhi barlas14:21
rhctthanks you Sir Kilos and thank Sir hggds14:22
rhctfor fix this channel14:22
rhctResearcher i have issue fixing cpanel on ubuntu14:22
rhctplease check your pm14:22
Kilosyou are welcome rhct14:22
Researcher no problem rhct14:22
Kilosi have14:22
Researcherill look into the issue i am lil busy right now14:23
Kilosi want the whole world to run smoothly and make friends14:23
rhctbhai aap check ker layna14:23
Researcherno problem may daykh loga dont worry14:23
ResearcherKilos will start learning Urdu soon14:24
ResearcherKilos in Pakistan we have urdu language14:24
Researcheri were a translation team of ubuntu too14:24
Kilosgood, if you do that again you karma will grow again14:24
Researcheryeah my karma used to be in thousands14:25
Kilosmine is 014:25
Researchernow mine is 0 too14:25
Kilosno time to play on launchpad14:25
Kiloswhere is vigilant Researcher14:26
Researcherhe is in usa zone14:26
Researchertime issue14:26
Researcherbarlas also very busy his professional life. he is API coder.14:26
Researcheri joined launchpad in14:26
ResearcherMember since:14:27
Kilos visitor14:27
Researcheri already signed the code of conduct14:28
Researcher007-06-02: digitally signed by Zeeshan Saeed Paracha (1024R/59D390C2)14:28
ResearcherKilos here is my launchpad profile14:29
Kilosill go see15:34
Kilosoh i have read you lp page before15:47
Kilosyou should have applied for membership back then already16:06
=== Kilos changed the topic of #ubuntu-pk to: Welcome to #ubuntu-pk. We are rebuilding so feel free to join ua and lend a helping hand.
=== Kilos changed the topic of #ubuntu-pk to: Welcome to #ubuntu-pk. We are rebuilding so feel free to join us and lend a helping hand.
rhctas i remember i applied once16:24
rhcti dont know about researcher16:24
rhctbut i got the member ship from fedora16:24
rhctso i left the ubuntu16:24
Kilosgood rhct we will work on it again16:24
rhctyeah why not16:25
rhctResearcher helped me a lot in past16:25
rhctnow i am professional so i would love to help16:25
Kiloshe is a very helpful person hey?16:25
Kilosi like him and am happy i met him here16:25
rhctyeah he is16:26
rhcti used to attend his linux courses in pakistan16:26
rhctbut now researcher worked outside pakistan16:26
Kilosthats fine, he still has you guys interests at heart16:27
rhcti guess he distributed thousands of CD;s16:29
rhcthe war running a ubuntu download mirror also some time he in past he dont even had money to eat but he was always paying internet to run him home mirror16:30
rhctnow he give us domains hosting from his pocket16:30
rhcteven on facebook ubuntu pakistan page he offered free hosting domain for many opensource projects16:31
rhctthe very first Cd he gave me was ubuntu 6.0416:32
rhctand you cant believe that time ubuntu was nothing16:32
rhctlot of errors black screen ethernet issue16:32
rhctbut he was very good at it.16:32
Kilosyes even when i started with 8.04 there was lots of work, now everything works fine by me on 14.04 kde16:33
Kilosubuntu has improved a lot16:33
rhctmy opinion ubuntu 12.04 were the best release16:34
rhctand still i preffer it16:34
Kilosi still have 2 pcs running 12.0416:34
rhcti have 2 vps16:34
rhctresearcher i think he have 20 + owned and hundreds of client base servers16:35
Kilosbusy man16:35
rhctimagine he was offering me ubuntu when i didnt knew the linux16:35
rhctin 200016:35
rhcti think 200216:35
rhcthe had a free linux shell project with 500 users16:36
rhctthen ircrelaychat was his project16:36
rhctthen i became busy but he always send email16:36
rhctnow he have ivmcloud.com16:36
rhctand i dont know others16:37
Kiloshe is a hard working guy and what i like is , he isnt shy to help others16:37
rhcteven now he told me to give money for a free linux institute16:38
Kilosi have to go eat16:38
rhcthe stupid want to leave his job come back to pakistan to open institute16:38
Kiloswill be back when finished16:38
rhctplease have a nice dinner16:38
Kilosty i will16:38
rhctyes yes u r welcoome any time16:38
Kilossee you now now16:38
Researcherwelcome back kilos17:05
Kiloshi Researcher17:05
Kilosty wb to you as well17:05
Researcheri just finish with my special chick pea recepie17:05
Researchertnx bro17:05
Researcheri cooked it looks soooo delicious17:05
Kilosi got wings and necks today so tomorrow i start making the soup17:06
ResearcherKilos believe me u will love it17:06
Kilosi have always liked chicken soup17:06
Researchermy food is on a low flame17:06
Kilosbut i prefer red meat to chicken as food17:07
Researcherthats the key to a healthy life17:07
Kilosi like the skin of chicken though17:07
Researcherbut u know i preffer fish more then any meat17:07
Kilosfish is far too expensive here17:07
Researcherand skin of cheaken is the best source of cholestrol in the universe17:08
Researcherlol bro i love the taste17:08
Kilosso they say yes17:08
Researcheri cannot stop myself when there is KFC17:08
Kilosoh my, i love kfc17:08
Researcherthe kentucy fried are the best17:09
Researcheri dont preffer mcdonald over KFC17:09
Kilosyes i agree17:09
Researcherbut i heard the strange news about the mutant chicken of KFC17:09
Kilosonly ever get kfc17:09
Kilosi tried some others but not in thew same class17:10
Researcherno no on planet earth KFC is the best chicken17:10
Researcherother are i dont like that sticky smell in them17:10
Researcheralso the taste in every bite17:10
Kilosyeah done in old oil17:10
Researcheryou make me eager to wish the chick pea convert into KFC17:10
Researcheri wish i wish17:11
Researcheri used to eat a lot17:11
Kilossee we have something in the topic17:11
Researcherso i stop17:11
Researcheryes i read it.17:11
Researcherthanks for the topic17:11
Researcherbrb i need to look at the kitchn17:12
Kilosi didnt know what else to add, we still have to repair the site then that link can be added and we can add as we progress17:12
Researcherwell i just saw we have 359 members on ubuntu loco teams17:13
Researcheri am working to create a mailing list and send them invitation17:13
Researcheri want to get atleast 10% of them here17:13
Researchergood idea ?17:13
Kilosthere is a pk site hey?17:13
Researcherpk site is down but there is a ubuntu-pk team page17:13
Kilosyes invite all17:13
Kilosmaybe we can repair the site17:14
Researcherwell we need the domain access17:15
Researcherand ubutnu itself provide the hosting i guess17:15
Researcherif  not i will provide the hosting17:15
Kilosis there no site17:16
Kilosyou can build a static one like the za and africa sites17:17
Kilosjust need someone to know how to use bazaar and nikola17:17
Kiloswas the old site a .org site17:17
Kilosoh go sort kitchen stuff man17:18
Researcherit will get burm17:18
Researcheri will speak with family on skype17:22
Researcherkilos you have a look here17:22
Researcherthis is all fake17:22
Researcherthis guy spoiled our team17:22
Kilosill look17:22
Researcheri tried to contact him he never speak17:23
Researcheralso he one time insulted me on phone17:23
Researcherthat i am a big man dont speak to me for small things17:23
Kilosthats where everyone makes mistakes, in ubuntu it is what you know and can do, not how much money is in your bank that counts17:24
Kilosmany locos around the world can learn from ubuntu-za17:30
Kiloswe are all friends17:30
pavlushkawow, splendid sight, yea.......18:31
pavlushkaCongratulations to you guys, cheers! :)18:33
Kilosdont run pavlushka18:34
KilosResearcher will need your help editing wiki18:34
pavlushkaKilos: sure, anytime, Tell Researcher to mail me the details at pavelsayekat@gmail,com, I will update accordingly and His Wiki name preference by which name He likes to be called.18:36
Kilosok ty18:36
pavlushkaand Sorry for the capital H s, that is reserved to refer creator to use in the middle of the lines, :(18:40
Kiloshe is getting food ready i think18:40
hggdhKilos: right now you are the only moderator in this channel (except for the council)19:06
Kiloscool ty hggdh lets hope things stay stable heer then soon i can moeg to another dead loco19:07
Kilosmove i meant19:09
Kilossorry for typos19:09
hggdhKilos: you do not need to keep opped up, just "/msg chanserv op #ubuntu-pk Kilos" when you need19:09
hggdhno prob19:09
hggdhI have finger dyslexia19:09
Kilosoh if it works ill do that ty otherwise ill call on you again19:10
hggdhit should work. You have the rights19:10
Kiloscool ty sir19:10
hggdh(you can see then by "/msg chanserv access #ubuntu-pk list"19:11
hggdhto de-op, "/msg chanserv op #ubuntu-pk -Kilos"19:11
hggdh(what I do is I create a few alias to do all that)19:12
Kilosi actually opened the irc commands link today to learn how to change topic19:12
hggdhwelcome to learning IRC19:12
Kilosi learn as i go then forget tomorrow again19:12
hggdhthat's why I set the aliases :-)19:13
hggdheasier to remember a few keywords than command syntax19:13
Kilosi forget my birthday man19:13
hggdhalright. I will /part this channel now. You all enjoy. Anything ping us at #ubuntu-irc.19:15
Kiloscheers hggdh  ty again19:15
Kiloshi bravo19:16
Kilosnight all19:50
Kilossee you tomorrow19:50

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