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rhuddieHi pitti10:10
pittihey rhuddie, how are you?10:11
rhuddiepitti, I'm great thanks, and you?10:11
pittiquite well too, thanks; slowly winning over NetworkManager's configuration syntax :)10:11
rhuddieoh, well, I hope I don't cause you more problems :)10:11
rhuddieI've found an issue using autopkgtest with latest phone images10:12
rhuddiethe test runs get stuck at "Waiting for desktop to boot"10:12
rhuddiesee here: https://anonscm.debian.org/git/autopkgtest/autopkgtest.git/tree/ssh-setup/adb#n21910:13
rhuddieit looks that the dbus interface is changed10:13
rhuddieThe required IsActive property is removed and replaced with com.canonical.Unity.FocusInfo, where isPidFocused method takes required pid and returns bool10:14
rhuddieyes :)10:15
pittihow unfriendly10:15
rhuddieyes, unfortunately I think this will affect all the automated phone testing10:16
pittirhuddie: do you have replacement command?10:16
pittinot sure how the emulator works these days, if it can still boot phone images I can use that10:17
rhuddiepitti, this one seems to work, but I'm not sure that it will do exactly as the old one was: gdbus call --timeout 5 --session --dest com.canonical.Unity.FocusInfo --object-path / --method com.canonical.Unity.FocusInfo.isPidFocused $(pidof unity8)10:18
pittirhuddie: but how is that specific to the greeter?10:20
pittiwouldn't unity8 also be focussed when unlocked?10:20
pittioh, that doesn't matter actually10:20
pittiwe just need some indication of "unity is ready"10:20
rhuddiepitti, I'm not sure of that. I can give it a try and run locally to see if it waits appropriately10:21
rhuddiepitti, the good news is that the command did wait for unity8 to be in running state before proceeding10:33
rhuddiepitti, the bad news is that the HideGreeter method is also removed, so it can't unlock the greeter10:34
pittirhuddie: hmm; it seems that needs to be put back then10:35
pittiwe must have some noninteractive way to get rid of the gretter..10:35
pittihow come that this could even land? I thought we ran tests on MPs10:35
rhuddieyes, clearly some hole in the process10:36
davmor2pitti, rhuddie: it was a required landing for a security fix for the osk in xmir apps as it could cross contaminate other x apps apparently10:39
pittithat sounds wrong10:40
davmor2sorry I mean other xapp could see key presses10:40
pittiif I can send out arbitrary D-Bus commands, I already 0wn the box, so what's the point of dropping that API?10:40
davmor2pitti: it was trigging osk on xmir not the app inside xmir so it needed locking down10:41
davmor2pitti: so if you had 2 xapps open both of them would see the key presses, now it is done on the active pid which is obviously what is causing this issue :(10:43
pittidavmor2: but how is that related to removing a d-bus method?10:43
davmor2pitti: I assume it is how they are triggering the osk correctly with the locked down dbus call saviq/mzannetti can possibly help you more with detail10:44
pittidavmor2: well, SEP :)10:45
pittibut thanks for the heads-up10:45
davmor2pitti: https://trello.com/c/XFw0bn8O/3386-1595-ubuntu-landing-046-ota12-qtmir-elleo I don't think there is much more info in here to help you10:46
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rhuddiepitti, I've raised a bug about the missing dbus methods, it seems it wasn't an intended change: https://bugs.launchpad.net/canonical-devices-system-image/+bug/159914513:00
ubot5Launchpad bug 1599145 in Canonical System Image "com.canonical.UnityGreeter dbus methods removed" [Critical,Triaged]13:00
pittirhuddie: oh, thanks! good catch13:22
rhuddiepitti, no prob. best thing is there should be no change needed in autopkgtest :)13:24
flocculantwxl: likely your images will implode on install with bug 1599174 , currently it installs but hasn't built *today* yet14:32
ubot5bug 1599174 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "dpkg seg fault warning during install" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/159917414:32
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flocculanttsimonq2: what does huh mean? easier to actually ask something ;)16:11
tsimonq2flocculant: well you said Lubuntu wasn't building, I had to take a second look :)16:12
tsimonq2or hadn't built yet16:12
tsimonq2I was just wondering if something was off16:12
flocculantit hadn't built yet - so installed - suspect it will fail to reboot when it has built today :)16:28
tsimonq2flocculant: ...why?16:32
flocculantnvm - I left a note for wxl to read16:34
flocculantwxl: as suspected :)18:49

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