elachecheping asghaier10:37
Nuage11:41 [freenode] [ctcp(elacheche)] PING 1467715281 97230110:41
Nuage11:41 [freenode] CTCP PING reply from elacheche: 0.217 seconds10:41
elachecheNuage: I was not looking at that kind of pings :)10:49
asghaierpong elacheche10:57
asghaierwhat's up10:57
asghaierhow r u doing?10:57
elachecheGood, u asghaier ?11:13
elachecheasghaier: you missed the Ubuntu Membership expiration mail again :)11:15
asghaiermy mailbox app broke11:20
asghaieri'll check that out11:20
asghaiergonna fix it on monday11:20
asghaierthanks for the reminder though11:21

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