mhall119sergiusens: yeah, never encountered that one00:15
nhainesI had that input problem just once--yesterday--but it hasn't reappeared yet.00:36
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andybrineHi Everyone09:30
andybrineI wonder if anyone can provide some ubuntu support09:30
popeyandybrine: hi, wassup?09:32
andybrineIm having a problem with low volume sound09:32
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andybrineI am trying to output to a speaker but the volume is sooo low. The computer volume is at full like that of the speaker09:33
popeyis this on a computer or a phone?09:34
andybrineits on the computer09:34
popeyThis irc channel is for support with the phone.. #ubuntu is the main support channel09:34
andybrineyea, I realise that09:34
andybrinemy apologies09:34
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andybrineIm just having difficulties and im not able to access the ubuntu channel09:37
popeyjoin #ubuntu-ops to resolve that09:37
andybrineok, thanks09:38
andybrineI will check out that channel09:38
andybrinethere is one admin in the ubuntu community that is very arrogant and rude. I have been very polite and decent but he blocked me from the ubuntu IRC Channel09:39
andybrineIts quite disgraceful to be honest thats why I was posting here09:40
nhainesEr...  is there an expectation to have Puritine in the click store at some point?10:08
bregmanhaines, yes, there were some apparmor configuration issues delaying it getting published11:02
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kenny3597is ubuntu touch out for one plus one11:45
jdstrand_bregma, nhaines (cc cwayne): I see puritine a new 0.12 in the store now and will be reviewing it today13:36
bregmajdstrand_, good news13:37
cwaynejdstrand_: I've got nothing to do with puritine :)13:37
jdstrand_oh whoops: ChrisTownsend ^13:39
jdstrand_cwayne: sorry, wire got crossed13:39
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ChrisTownsendjdstrand: Ok, thanks13:39
cwaynejdstrand: no worries:)13:40
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jdstrandChrisTownsend: just to be sure-- you tested 0.12 on a device and the lack of apparmor hook did not cause any issues and everything worked ok?13:57
ChrisTownsendjdstrand: Yes, I installed in a frieza and it worked.13:57
ChrisTownsendjdstrand: Just the review tools complained obviously.13:58
jdstrandyep-- I have fixes for those (except the manual review one). I'll add comments and approve13:58
ChrisTownsendjdstrand: Cool, thanks!13:59
jdstrandChrisTownsend: ok, approved but fyi, it is in 'ready to publish' state. you need to press another button in the the store to make it public14:00
ChrisTownsendjdstrand: Right and thanks!14:01
GaurishHey how to port ubuntu touch on samsung galaxy s duos gt S 756214:40
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mhall119mariogrip: hey, if you're available now we can go ahead and do our call, otherwise I'm going to go grab a bite to eat17:03
mariogripmhall119: yeah sure17:03
* popey considers getting a nexus 5 17:05
mariogrippopey: i would recomend a oneplus 3 :D17:06
mariogripbut yeah, the nexus 5 has mhl and oneplus 3 dont17:06
mariogripmhall119: im in the hangour now17:07
dobeywell, slimport, not mhl; but yeah17:09
dobeynot that either one matters for me of course17:10
mhall119who is maintaining phablet-tools these days?17:20
ogra_mhall119, whoever touched it last ... as usual :)17:22
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mariogripogra_: :P17:58
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* mhall119 now hopes it was ogra_ who touched it last18:07
ogra_then it would smell pretty hard already ...18:08
ogra_i havent touched it in three years or so18:08
mhall119ah, it was cwayne18:09
mhall119man, this one has been touched by *everybody*18:09
cwayneuh oh18:20
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ahoneybunmariogrip: sweet stuff for the OPO20:51
mariogripahoneybun: Yeah :D not only opo :D20:53
ahoneybunwell I just have that20:58
mhall119mariogrip: is rev 10 the latest FP2 image?21:10
mariogripmhall119: no, i haven't pushed it yet, still have some small bugs I want to fix. Give me about an hour21:13
ahoneybunmhall119: got unity8 to login on that touch screen laptop21:14
ahoneybuncan't seem ton install apps though21:24
ahoneybunfirst was Ubuntu ONe but now I get a Download error when finished21:24
ahoneybunalso the touch screen does not work but expected21:26
dobeywhat apps?21:26
ahoneybuntried the terminal and document viewer so far21:26
dobeyahoneybun: is "libpam-cgfs" installed?21:26
ahoneybunlet me check21:26
dobeyi think terminal and doc viewer are not built for x8621:26
ahoneybunoh I need a terminal lol21:27
dobeytry a webapp21:27
dobeyyou can build terminal locally and side-load21:27
ahoneybunwithout a terminal lol21:27
dobeyyeah terminal app is only armhf in the store21:28
dobeyyou shouldn't be seeing it in the resutls21:28
dobeywhich means that bug is probably not fixed :(21:28
ahoneybunyep Google Plus webapp installed21:28
ahoneybunI see every app21:28
ahoneybunjust no icon21:28
ahoneybunicons for them21:28
dobeywell, not every app i'm sure21:28
ahoneybunwell the store front is pretty empty21:29
dobeyoh hmm. so why is it failing to install if there is a click on the server for it21:32
dobeygah, what the heck. i just downloaded the multi.click and installed it fine, on my mako21:40
dobeyso maybe there is another problem21:41
ahoneybundobey: should that not work?21:51
ahoneybunmulti arch support21:51
ahoneybunthe file manager just installed from the Store21:52
ahoneybunbut just gives me a white screen21:52
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