krushiaHappy Independence Day!00:49
daftykinswrong nation00:51
krushiaoh thats right, you're the losing side00:54
daftykinsi'd have to live there for the remotest hint of that ;)00:56
m0nkey_Hmm, should I be installed ownCloud or NextCloud?01:05
daftykinsiirc the latter is the former devs who left and said they could do it better?01:07
m0nkey_I know it's a fork and who's behind it. But there doesn't seem to be a compelling reason to use Nextcloud over ownCloud. It's the same right now.01:08
daftykinsguess it depends how free you want the illusion to be :)01:09
m0nkey_Or should I say screw it and go seafile? :-)01:09
daftykinsnever heard o' that01:09
diddledan__oh boy, I just made a commit to a microsoft aspnet document: https://github.com/aspnet/Docs/pull/161101:38
diddledan__m0nkey_: I believe nextcloud is the defacto now like libreoffice is over openoffice01:39
diddledan__really it's a stick your finger in the air and hope for the best kind of deal either way right now though01:39
daftykinsis it a specific finger?01:41
diddledan__not the smelly one01:41
daftykinsi should not be awake01:44
diddledan__me three01:44
daftykinsat some point i should definitely see how well folding@home runs on the new nvidia 1070 of mine, 1920 cores XD01:46
daftykinsthat is to say, 1,920... not ones designed in 192001:46
* daftykins squints at diddledan__ , knowingly01:46
diddledan__here ya go: https://cdn.meme.am/instances/500x/69249237.jpg01:49
daftykinsworks for me!01:49
diddledan__juno is in orbit04:02
diddledan__the burn was 1second longer than they predicted - crazy accuracy04:02
MooDoomorning all06:50
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.07:13
diploMorning all07:54
brobostigonmorning diplo07:56
diploHow're things brobostigon ?07:56
brobostigonnot so bad, and you?07:57
diplonot to bad thanks, sorry looking at multiple screens08:00
diploAnnoying issues at work that I can't figure out08:00
brobostigon:) :(08:01
davmor2Morning all08:14
BigRedSgoood morning!08:34
foobarryis ubuntu bash available in normal win10 yet?09:42
foobarryor i need a preview/beta thingy09:42
popeyyou need to dial up the crack-o-meter still I think09:47
foobarryhttp://bladerunner.nuhack.com/?v=2 then hit f1110:03
davmor2https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u9Dg-g7t2l4 got this stuck in my head10:36
foobarrycan someone try this pls? on firefox on linux, drag and drop an image from your files app onto imgur.com11:14
foobarryto upload to imgur11:14
foobarryfails on ff and works on chrome for me11:14
popeyfoobarry: wfm11:16
foobarryweird. consistently fails11:16
DJonesAn error occurred. Retrying upload11:16
popeyoh, hang on11:16
popeyyeah, failing to actually upload11:16
DJonesAppeared to work eventually, then failed11:17
popeythere's a space in the filename11:17
foobarryff bug or imgur bug11:17
foobarrynot in mine11:17
foobarryfails on all11:17
DJonesNo space in my filename11:17
foobarryalso breaks imgur on ff11:17
popeyOh no! We encountered an error:11:17
foobarrybecause refreshing the page does that ^^11:17
popey2016-07-03%2021.25.11.jpg : Invalid URL11:17
DJonesIts not something silly like needing .jpegas the extension?11:18
foobarryworks on chrome tho11:18
foobarrycould be related11:20
DJonesHmmh, typical windows thoughts in the replies.....Check your antivirus....11:22
foobarryalthough i did try to disable adblock11:23
DJonesI only have adblock in chrom, don't normally use firefox so no extensions installed in mine11:23
foobarryactually imgur shows 2 images11:24
foobarryin the upload options11:24
foobarryseems the site is broken11:24
DJonesYeah mine said it was uploading 2 images even though I only dragged & dropped one image11:25
foobarryok, weird11:26
DJonesMust admit, I like this image http://i.imgur.com/0Orcc3X.jpg11:26
foobarryi was able to drag drop from shutter app11:26
foobarrybut not files app11:26
davmor2https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l3Yf_ErkN_s this is different :)11:30
diplohehe DJones like it :P11:41
DJonesYeah,  I'm glad they made that clear11:43
TwistedLucidityDJones: How does that work then - large siphon? :-)11:52
foobarryseems like he offers a curated boingboing feed witthout the dupes15:22
foobarryi blocked BB from all social media as the dupes were nggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg so annyoing15:22
diddledan__popey: farnborough airshow is this week?! *want to go!*18:57
popeythis and next week i think18:58
popeypress this week18:58
popeythey're practicing18:58
* zmoylan-pi reminisces over day a local airshow used nearby hill as mustering point and my house was buzzed by spitfire for 20 minutes... :-)18:59
diddledan__https://twitter.com/fxsitecompat/status/750201730936164353 <-- nearing 50% TLS-encrypted Web19:02
diddledan__popey: the podcast should have a new url: jollyspiffing.com20:13
daftykinsbut you just registered it and are cyber squatting! D:20:14
diddledan__well I'll be. it's actually owned20:15
daftykinsi didn't even look :)20:15
diddledan__this is a fun thread: https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/tor-relays/2016-June/009556.html23:23
diddledan__starts out with "suspicious relay" reporting and finishes with a message just now with the line "In good news, 91 new high speed exits means Tor network should be truly blazing for a while :)"23:23

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