rick_h_evening party01:21
cmaloneyHowdy howdy01:40
cmaloneymornin... oer, afternnoon.18:27
rick_h_phew, back in awesome on the desktop woot19:05
rick_h_feels back at home19:05
cmaloneyJust re-installed it?19:19
cmaloneyalso: is this indicitive of other changes?19:20
rick_h_no indications19:34
rick_h_just I've not had it working for a while with the 4k display and such19:34
rick_h_so took today off and ended up with a cold so hacked on it to get it backa19:34
cmaloneyrick_h_: Ugh re: The cold.19:40
cmaloneybut yay re: Awesome.19:40

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