Kilosmorning nlsthzn inetpro and others05:09
Kilostoo cold to type here05:09
nlsthznalo uncle Kilos... how are you?05:24
Kilosok ty nlsthzn and you05:25
Kilosplaying games with locos that think they can play king of the castle05:25
nlsthznfine thanks 05:26
Kilosirc game of thones05:26
nlsthzn:) sounds interesting05:26
Kiloslet the games begin05:26
Kilosoh nlsthzn 05:26
Kilosdont you want to apply for a seat on the membership board05:26
Kilosi think we need 5 or 7 more05:32
Kilosnlsthzn dont hide man05:32
nlsthznwhich membership board uncle Kilos?05:36
Kilosubuntu membership board05:37
Kiloswhere peeps apply for membership05:37
nlsthznbut there are several of these boards aren't there... one for developers, one for IRC, one for forum's etc...?05:38
Kiloswell done thatgraemeguy 05:38
Kilosthis one is for ubuntu membership board05:38
Kilosonly place where one can get ubuntu membership05:39
nlsthznnope, the ubuntu forums council gives ubuntu membership via forum participation...05:40
nlsthznI became an ubuntu member that way05:40
nlsthznwhen I was a mod on the forum05:40
Kiloslet me try find a mail05:41
Kilosi was never on any forums05:43
nlsthznyes I know... that is why you can get membership via many ways... IRC is one... being a dev another05:44
nlsthznI assume all the others (non forum) get handled by the membership board?05:44
Kilosmust be yes05:44
nlsthznKonversation makes me sad... spell checking only working half the time... and never when I have words I don't know how to spell :/05:48
nlsthzneven on the latest and greatest of what KDE has to offer05:48
* nlsthzn won't serve on anything ubuntu related ever again, sorry uncle Kilos05:48
Kilosi turned mine off, drove me crazy05:48
Kilosnp lad , was worth a try05:49
Kilosnlsthzn use maaz to check spelling for you05:50
nlsthznwould be nice if the simply would simply work as required :/05:57
nlsthznI haven't been happy with the direction of ubuntu and its leadership for a few years now... so I won't go about spreading my gospil of unhappiness but I won't put effort to assist them anymore either05:59
nlsthznoh well... I am sure there are enough ubuntu peeps to get the job done05:59
Kilosit seems that this board struggles to get peeps06:00
Kilosthats how i got on i think06:00
nlsthznthat and you are an active ubuntu member that cares for the project and will (and does) a good job in it...06:03
Kilosi just nag lots06:05
nlsthznwhich is often needed it would seem :p06:10
magespawngood morning06:27
Kiloshi my magespawn 06:29
magespawncold this morning 06:56
Kilosreally struggled to get out of bed06:57
inetprogood mornings06:58
Kiloshi inetpro 06:58
inetproKilos: I also struggled this morning even if it's not so cold yet this year07:05
Kiloswe have ice in the mornings but as you say it has been worse07:06
Kilosbut i was younger then07:06
Kilosi go sort sheep07:34
pavlushkaMorning everyone!07:55
pavlushkaMorning inetpro theblazehen thatgraemeguy magespawn paddatrapper superfly and Kilos !07:56
theblazehenhi pavlushka07:56
pavlushkaah, you there, how are you?07:56
theblazehenGood and you pavlushka?07:56
paddatrappermorning pavlushka 07:57
theblazehenhi paddatrapper07:57
pavlushkaI am good too, just got some spare time, Eid is coming just two days left, So I am busy arranging things, :)07:58
pavlushkaHow are you paddatrapper , :)07:58
paddatrapperpavlushka: Good thanks, you?08:00
pavlushkapaddatrapper: ha ha , ask theblazehen , He knows, :p08:00
pavlushkapaddatrapper: and btw I am good, thanks!08:00
pavlushkalike to confess, theblazehen is way much smarter than me but I dont know why I kept pulling his leg from the very first meeting, lol08:02
pavlushkamay be its because I find him very friendly. :p08:04
pavlushkano offense to others, not even to Kilos , :p08:04
pavlushkatheblazehen: were you there in the monthly meeting? or in the monthly meetings usually?08:05
nlsthznpavlushka: hmm... Eid starting tomorrow in the UAE...08:17
pavlushkain south-Asia, it starts a day later08:18
nlsthznpavlushka: ah ok, makes sense :)08:28
=== urbanslug is now known as zipper
Kilosohi superfly 09:29
superflyhi Kilos09:29
theblazehenpavlushka: Haha thanks. And not normally in the meetings :/10:05
chesedoafternoon all10:14
chesedoanyone know of a live cd/usb that can be used to test a (windows) drive for viruses?10:15
magespawnhi chesedo 10:18
magespawnthere are a few, some ot he av compnies give tham away when you buy10:19
magespawnsome of the av companies10:19
magespawni forget the one i used to use10:20
magespawni used systemrescue cd i think https://www.system-rescue-cd.org/SystemRescueCd_Homepage10:27
magespawnbut it has been awhile10:27
magespawnand the Trinity Rescue Kit10:29
chesedoty magespawn, am checking them out10:37
Sxuza:does anyone here know if i can use "shareit" on Macbook ?   and use it to share info with my iPhone ?11:19
superflySxuza: try the macOS channels :-P12:07
Sxuzacame right thanks 12:10
anton_mayafternoon all12:43
LangjanHi Kilos hoe gaan dit?16:49
Kiloshi daar Langjan 17:01
Kilosskuus ek het gaan eet17:01
Kiloskoud maar griep word stadig minder17:02
Kilossomeon mention some goody thats easier to use than nikola the other day17:19
Kilosanyone remember who it was17:19
Kilosah ty kulelu88 17:23
Kilospaddatrapper whats news17:39
paddatrapperKilos: enjoying beer and good food. Day off tomorrow which is great. You? 17:39
Kilosim good ty17:40
Kilosbeer gives you a fat belly17:40
Kiloskulelu88 what did fly say about it17:46
Kilosdid he say anything17:46
Kilossuperfly comments?17:46
Kilosdid you say anything about pelican static site builder17:47
kulelu88superfly is busy fixing aptitude at debconf :P no time for ubuntu-za17:48
Kilosthen aptitude can only be good17:48
Kilosi still use it often17:48
Kilosi see there are many ubuntu dev peeps at debconf17:49
grembleGood evening17:52
kulelu88heyo gremble 17:53
grembleHow are you kulelu88?17:53
kulelu88good good and you?17:53
grembleI am well thank you17:53
Kiloshi gremble 17:59
inetproSSGs Part 1: Static vs Dynamic Websites https://about.gitlab.com/2016/06/03/ssg-overview-gitlab-pages-part-1-dynamic-x-static/18:06
inetprogood evenings18:06
Kiloshi inetpro 18:06
nsnzerohi guys , its been a while .... hope everyone is good and well18:07
Kilosi want  to advise other locos that are rebuilding to use bzr and nikola but just wondered if pelican would be better18:07
Kiloshi nsnzero 18:07
inetproKilos: read that story ^^18:07
inetproand Part 2: Modern Static Site Generators and Part 3: Build any SSG site with GitLab Pages18:08
Kilosdata low, and i wont advise anything but static18:08
Kilosour 2 sites are great18:09
Kilosjust need to find the competent peeps to do the work their by them18:09
Kiloswe here in za are lucky to have always had good leaders18:10
Kilosother countries have big hassles18:10
Kilosin ubuntu i mean18:10
inetpronsnzero: welcome back, where have you been hiding?18:11
inetproKilos: Flattery will get you nowhere18:12
nsnzerohi inetpro , i stuffed my system during an upgrade , took some time to sort that out and then we had our first baby18:12
Kilosnono it has got me everywhere18:12
nsnzerodidnt have much free time 18:13
Kiloscongrats nsnzero 18:13
nsnzerothanks Kilos18:13
superflyKilos: I've used both, I prefer nikola18:18
Kiloscool ty superfly ill advise nikola and bzr18:18
Kilosand pelican in case they struggle with nikola18:19
Kilossee kulelu88 he hasnt forgotten us18:19
LangjanHi Kilos toe gaan eet ek ook en raak ge-"sidetrack" Hoe gaan dit?18:25
Kilosredelik dankie en jy oom?18:26
LangjanGoed dankie, ek is bly jou verkoue word beter18:26
LangjanNuus van Debs en haar toetse?18:26
Kilosja ek ook die hoes maak n bors klaar18:26
Kiloseers volgende vrydag18:26
Kilossy moes eers geld bymekaar maak18:27
LangjanAi, en hoe gaan dit met haar?18:27
Kilos$250 net om daai specialis te sien18:27
Kilossy se nie te sleg nie18:27
LangjanEina! Dis amper R3 000!18:28
LangjanEnige nuus oor die visum?18:28
Kiloshulle het vandag die online aplikasie staus verander na finalised18:29
Kilosmaar nog niks verder gehoor nie18:29
Kilosbang om te vra nou18:30
LangjanWat gaan jy doen as hy nou deurkom?18:31
Kilosas hulle se ek kan gaan dan spaar ons vir vliegtuig kaartjie18:33
kulelu88anybody setup apt-cacher here?18:35
LangjanDie "continental drift" van Oz is Noord-weswaarts, dalk kom hy naby genoeg voordat die visa deurkom...18:35
Kilosmaybe they dragged it for the reason of hoping we used the money18:35
Kilosas dit naby genoeg kom dan loop ek soontoe18:37
Kiloswhat wil be will be18:37
Kiloske sera sera18:38
LangjanJa sommer met die trapfiets, of loop dan vat jy die skape saam18:38
LangjanKoud by julle? Ons het die kaggel aan18:38
Kilosvrek koud, ys elke oggend18:39
LangjanSjoe! Was vanoggend 7° - die koudste nog hierdie jaar18:39
Kilosnee hier ys dit18:39
Kilosja eish18:40
Kilosmet ys ja18:40
LangjanLelike goed buite die yskas18:40
LangjanOns het die naweek in Duiwelskloof rolbal gespeel18:41
Kiloste koud om te speel man18:42
LangjanNee wat, was nie te sleg nie18:43
Kilosek mis durban18:43
LangjanHet 'n voltal gekry, amper soos "hole-in-one" met golf, kan eis by versekering, R2 000 vir my en R2 000 vir Juanita18:44
Kilosas die weer liers se dis 5 grade in pretoria dan kry ons ys18:44
Kilossjoe dis lekker18:44
LangjanHet jy in Durbs gebly?18:44
Kilosgoed gedaan oom18:44
Kilosek was 20 jaar in toti18:44
Kilosweather liars18:45
Kilosmense wat lieg18:45
Langjantoti, watter jare?18:45
Langjanken jy Jacob's ladder in toti?18:46
Kilosseker die 20 jaar voor 90 of daar rond18:46
Kilosnaam klink bekend18:46
LangjanDis 'n trap van die pad langs die strand tot bo op die rant waar jy oor die woonstelle kan kyk 18:47
Kiloskannie onthou nie, net die naam is bekend18:48
LangjanMy swaer se broer het daar gebly, hy het 'n seiljag in sy agterplaas gebou18:48
Langjanbo by die boonste deel van Jacob's Ladder18:49
LangjanArnold Wadsworth18:49
Kilosnaam nie bekend nie18:50
LangjanOK waar het jy gebly?18:50
Kilosnod groot dele van geheue weg18:50
Kilosin doonside18:50
LangjanOK ken Doonside ook, net buite toti aan die suidekant18:51
Kilosbinneland van die hoofweg18:51
LangjanHet 'n neef gehad wat op Kingsway gebly het18:51
Langjanwonderlike see-uitsig18:52
Kilossjoe wat het julle daar onder gesoek18:52
Langjanenn meisies18:52
Langjanof meerminne18:53
LangjanWat het jy daar gedoen?18:53
Kilosek het in die poskantoor se werkswinkels gewerk en naweke en verlof lewensreder by warnadoon slsc18:54
Kilosen nie een meermin gesien nie18:55
Langjanen wat het jou na die koue binneland toe laat trek?18:55
Kilosek het gaan werk op plase18:55
Langjanskape opgepas? 18:56
Kilosgeleer van melkery en skape en beeste ens18:56
Kilos2500 van die goed18:56
Langjansjoe! Beter om lewens te red18:56
Kilosen paar honderd beeste18:56
Kilosek stem18:56
Langjanwaar was die plaas?18:56
Kilosen dan na ander plaas by rustenburg18:57
LangjanSjou! Koue wereld, daar naby Vryheid 18:57
Kilosgeen skape maar 800 bonsmaras en 200 limousins18:58
LangjanDaai goed wat die mafiabase mee ry?18:58
Kilosnee man limousin beeste18:58
Langjanlekker uitgevang ne18:58
Kiloswil jy my epos adres leen18:59
Langjanhet nie geweet jy kry limo beeste ook nie18:59
Kilosjy kan dit ljdomdonner maak18:59
Langjanom wat mee te doen?18:59
Langjandan ook limousin brandewyn 19:00
Langjanmaar nie beeste nie...19:00
Kilostoe ek dit gemaak het was ek kwaai dom nog19:00
Langjannou is jy nog net dom?19:00
Langjannie meer kwaai nie, baie geduldig19:01
Langjanen beslis nie dom nie19:01
Kilosja nod steeds dom maar kan nou al die ratte in kopd wissel19:02
LangjanLyk my sy gatkant is mooier as van voor...19:02
Kiloshulle dra goed vleis19:02
Kilosgoei bees19:02
Langjandis hoekom hulle die gatkant wys19:03
Kiloswb Cryterion 19:03
nsnzerogood night all , goeie nag almal19:03
Kilosnight nsnzero 19:03
Langjanlekker slaap nsn19:03
Langjanwerk die tab ding net terwyl hy aanlyn is?19:04
Langjanhy hardloop vinnig as hy gegroet het19:04
Kilosjy leer mooi19:04
Langjanvroutjie wag seker 19:04
Langjanbobbejaantjie sê huh 19:05
Kilosen ek19:05
Kilosek die vlieg19:05
Langjannee man19:06
Kilos[19:47] <superfly> huh?19:06
Kilosoh hy sit n ?  by19:06
Langjannow you've lost me19:07
Kilosdis wat hy gese het daai tyd19:08
Kilossjoe ek sukkel partykeer19:08
Kilosdie vlieg19:08
Kiloslees man19:08
Kilosdaai een wat super doom nie eers kan dooi nie19:08
Langjanwat het die supervlieg met bobbejaantjie huh te doen?19:10
Kiloshy het dit gese19:10
Langjanjy het eerste huh gesê19:10
Kilosen as hy kan dan kan ek ook19:11
Kilosso we19:11
Kiloskyk na die tyd man19:11
Langjantyd om te gaan slaap 19:11
Langjanjy moet lekker slaap19:11
Kilosjy ook dankie19:13
Kilosbly warm19:13
LangjanEn sos jy sê, que sera sera19:13
LangjanDankie vir die chat19:13
Langjanlaat weet van Debs19:14
Langjandink aan julle19:14
Kilosdankie jy ook vir die kuier19:14
Kilossal so maak dankie my vriend19:14
Langjanmy plesier, gelukkig niks gebreek nie, het nie kde nie19:14
Kilosbly weg van 16.0419:15
Kilosjy sal gereeld iets breek19:15
Langjanmooi loop, dankie sal so maak totdat my baas sê dis velig19:15
Kiloshaha 19:15
LangjanGroete na Melbourne as jy kontak maak19:16
Langjanek sien jy Skype so dan en wan19:16
Kilosdankie baie19:16
Langjanok will love and leave you now good friend 19:16
Kiloschow for now19:17
Kilosbe good19:17
Kilosi go lie in a hot bath for a while19:28
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:49
kulelu88gremble: how was the exams mate?20:14
gremblePassed everything* so a success I think20:15
grembleI am still waiting for statistics20:15
grembleHow has your stuff been going kulelu88 20:16
kulelu88not too bad, I am working on a little project using the meetup API currently20:17
grembleAlright, I passed everything. Just checked and my stats mark was out20:17
grembleYou finished your todo app?20:18
kulelu88nope, I have abandoned it temporarily. I use the text-format for now20:18
grembleAh alright20:18
grembleConsidered learning org-mode? :P20:19
kulelu88you can make contributions if jquery is your thing :P20:19
kulelu88link to org-mode?20:19
grembleAh, if JQuery was thermodynamic differential equations, maybe :P20:19
kulelu88I'm learning functional programming also :P20:20
grembleI am sitting here doing programming exercises on Chapter 10 of haskellbook20:20
kulelu88I hear resources for haskell programming are shite20:21
grembleI don't know. The one I am using now is pretty cool. It is the book written by bitemyapp (Chris-something and Julie-someone)20:22
gremblehttp://haskellbook.com/ You have to buy it though :<20:23
kulelu88why would you need haskell in your use-case though? aren't imperative languages better for computation?20:23
gremblethey're equivalent20:23
kulelu88aah non-free stuff, well I'd only invest in such things at intermediate-ish level20:24
grembleHaskell is nice because of the typing.20:24
kulelu88Haskell is equivalent to C?20:24
gremblehttps://github.com/bitemyapp/learnhaskell 20:24
grembleBoth can compute everything that is computable20:24
kulelu88heh, I never knew it had such power20:25
kulelu88but I like Elixir, no time for academic languages like Haskell :D20:25
grembleThe catch is that you can't find out what is computable ant what isn't :P20:25
grembleThat is the halting problem20:25
grembleI don't think it is an academic language. I am just learning it because it is the language that has kept my interest for the longest so far20:25
gremblethere are quite a few places that use it20:26
gremblehttps://github.com/bitemyapp/learnhaskell is the free resources that Chris has accrued20:26
kulelu88whatsapp apparently. or do they use erlang ? can't recall20:28
grembleNo idea20:28
grembleErlang looks like it20:28
kulelu88nothing beats ugly apt-get install files. seeing unnecessary packages being installed </320:32
grembleI don't particularly care actually. My HDD is larger than I will need, so if it installs 3 2MB files more than I need, I am fine20:33
kulelu88you don't compartmentalize your system? 20:35
kulelu88your apt logs must be a nightmare!20:35
grembleDefinitely not my nightmare :D20:36
kulelu88I use LXC containers20:38
kulelu88my next goal is to get a cacher-container installed20:38
grembleWhy not use freebsd with jails?20:38
grembleAlso, why would I want to containerise my system? That seems like a lot of investment with little to no return20:39
kulelu88I only containerize experimental/dev stuff. lots of the cruft like installing postgres DBs etc20:39
grembleOh, that I get.20:40
grembleI once had apache installed because I was playing around with it, but it is a mission. Especially since apache assumes that I installed it because I want to serve webpages to the internet always. So it starts up with boot and I couldn't care less to make it behave.20:41
kulelu88I wouldn't beat my brain trying to containerize my firefox or hexchat. updating that would be an update nightmare20:41
kulelu88I have the same issue with apache. it is installed on the host cause I needed it for PHP20:42
grembleI don't even containerise any of my compilers/interpreters. Well, haskell is installed with stack and with python I keep it to virtual environments.20:42
kulelu88you're a brave soul :D20:44
grembleI don't really have that many20:44
grembleGCC, gfortran (thats in gcc), haskell, python, tex,... I think any other ones I have installed came with the base system.20:45
kulelu88check for ruby and node.js20:46
grembleI have ruby but not node. 20:46
grembleBut ruby is standard20:46
kulelu88must be a dep for ruby to exist20:48
grembleDon't think I have ever had a machine that didn't have ruby20:49
grembleor perl20:49
grembleLooks like ruby is a dependency for tex20:50
gremblecool command for the day: $ apt-cache rdepends --installed ruby20:52
kulelu88you keep an apt-cache?20:54
grembleI don't keep it. It is there by itself20:54
kulelu88no no, I mean something like: apt-cacher 20:56
grembleI think it is safe to assume that I don't then :P20:57
kulelu88I think I just downloaded info about all ZA meetups20:59
kulelu88either we have too few or I was rate-limited21:00
grembleI don't think there are too many21:03
kulelu88This is precisely what I am trying to figure out, the actual numbers21:03
kulelu88I don't think it's that few either21:05
gremblethat was just a rude, hitchikers answer :P21:05
grembleI am trying to combine three alphabets into all possible three letter combinations. This would be easy with a for loop xD21:06
kulelu88functional programming ~ making easy things hard21:07
grembleDepends on how you look at it. I learnt how to program imperatively, so I think that way. Someone who learnt functional programming would find the imperative way weird21:08
grembleespecially since recursion is especially succinct 21:09
kulelu88some say recursion is bad programming for code readability21:10
grembleI haven't programmed in production environments, but to my novice eyes, recursion in haskell isn't unreadable. It gives me the rule of the transformation, so you know what it does. The basecase tells you until when it does it, and the type tells you want you get21:12
kulelu88now go read 3-year-old Haskell code that has at least 10K LoC and tell me if the recursion still makes sense in the context21:13
grembleYou seem very agressive to attack a language you haven't used :P21:13
kulelu88did I come across as aggressive? the internet lacks context :D I'll add a ":P" to not make you think I'm in rage-mode next time :D21:16
grembleNegative bias I guess 21:16
kulelu88you went into auto "defend haskell" mode. Even though I am learning functional programming myself :D21:17
grembleGeneral functional programming defend mode, because saying "functional programming makes easy things hard" already excludes it from the possibility of usefulness, and I don't think that it lacks usefulness. 21:19
grembleHaskell is the only concrete example that I have because lisp/f# are both multi-paradigm21:20
grembleSo not pure functional.21:20
kulelu88but that's not my own catch-phrase. somebody important in the programming world said that functional programming makes hard things easy and easy things hard :D21:21
grembleSee, but there is the important caveat :P21:22
grembleI solved my problem, but I think it is the most hideous solution ever imagined XD21:43
grembleI will, in a moment. Something seems to be missing between my repl and source file21:45
kulelu88:D a compiler 21:47
kulelu88what does this do:    sudo /usr/share/apt-cacher/apt-cacher-import.pl -l /var/cache/apt/archives21:47
grembleYes, the compiler is telling me I fucked up somewhere. I am trying to see where, since I copied the code straight to the repl and it did what expected there. 21:47
kulelu88must be a missing import21:48
grembleFound my error. My types are the wrong way around :P21:52
gremblekulelu88, http://lpaste.net/16912521:55
grembleIt works :<21:57
kulelu88it hurts the eyes :D22:02
grembleAh, the suggested one is much much much easier to understand XD22:02
gremble[(s,v,s') | s<- stops, v <- vowels, s' <- stops]22:02
grembleThat is much simpler than my monster22:03
grembleThis is why I shouldn't program. I would literally think up the most difficult way to implement something22:03
kulelu88actually, the not-so-optimal solutions is what most regular coders would come up with. 22:03
kulelu88there's this 1 really bitter asshole in the LXC channel. that guy needs a few real-life friends, cause he behaves like a total jackass22:09
grembleHaha why?22:09
grembleWhat does he do?22:09
kulelu88for every beginner or person with not-so-much-experience, he behaves like a condescending know-it-all, telling them shit for no reason22:10
kulelu88no wonder people don't like IRC22:10
grembleDon't put it all on irc. He's probably one of those guys on twitter that go, "Actually, if you did your research that you would find x is this-and-this" :P22:12
kulelu88He's pissed me off once or twice before, but I left him. today he attacked someone else so I shut him up. he won't say anything now and probably continue playing WoW in his moms basement 22:14
grembleI think I've been in a basement once in my life. Its not really a thing that we have here, is it?22:20
kulelu88nope, nor do we have attics (even with double-story homes)22:22
kulelu88Tuks has basements though. 22:22
kulelu88in engineering of course 22:22
grembleAnd underneath IT, Merensky22:22
grembleThe Chemistry stores are probably also considered a basement22:22
grembleHSB obviously22:23
kulelu88IT building has a basement? Never knew that22:27
grembleThere is a lot of archeology stuff there22:28
kulelu88like the old CS teachers handwritten Fortran textbooks :D22:30
grembleHahaha Probably :P22:30
grembleI am going to hit the sack. Was good chatting to you again kulelu88. Take care22:36
kulelu88peace gremble22:37

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