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nokTnewbie question: I copied some files (drag&dropped through visual file manager) from one drive to another, each from different systems.00:21
nokTbrowsing these files from an ordinary user account, I see some files restricted while I can read most of them... when was this permission set? How do I remove the read limit to every ordinary user? Can this be done recursively to a whole directory?00:21
Bashing-omnokT: ' sudo chown -R <user_name>:<user_name> <Path_of_Directory> ' . chown changes the owner of the directory and chmod allows you to change the permissions of the file or directory00:26
Bashing-omchown can change the file owner and/or the file group owner depending on the first argument of the command00:26
Bashing-omnokT: See: ' man chown ; man chmod ' .00:27
Guest18616hi guys00:29
OerHeksnokT, what filesystem may be important00:30
Guest18616im having a little problem with this hangman script im writing , was hoping someone could help me00:30
Guest18616first time on the chat, so im sorry for being a noob00:30
Guest18616until [ "empty_array[@]" == "secret_array[@]" ]  do           echo ${empty_array[@]}          echo -n ">"         read selection                   for ((j=0;j < "${#secret_array[*]}";j++)); do                  if       [ "$selection" == "${secret_array[j]}" ]                 then                         empty_array[j]="${secret_array[j]}"                  fi                 done done exit 000:30
Guest18616when the program finds the correct word, in this example "france" it doesnt quit, even though i saw until they are equal00:31
nokTOerHeks, it's ext400:31
OerHeksmaybe #bash is a better place for scripting, this is ubuntu support.00:31
Guest18616oh ok thanks00:31
nokTbtw, I had a dir owned by root, while logged as an ordinary user, I had r-x permissions for that dir... even though the w was not set, I was able to delete the dir which wasn't owned by me, why is that?00:32
spasegood evening, i just reinstalled 16.04 and this weird bug keeps appearing, namely, almost all newly installed apps don't appear in the dash so i need to run them from terminal00:33
spasesomeone experiencing the same issue?00:33
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richardnick snowrichard00:48
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pennTellerHi guys, anybody know why you cant resize windows after "snapping" them in Ubuntu Gnome?00:54
goddardpennTeller: Gnome developers do a lot of crazy things.  You would have to ask them.00:56
pennTellergoddard: so this is an intended behavior?00:57
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danny_Us this a help room?01:04
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bazhangubuntu support yes danny_01:04
danny_ok, I'm very confused about windows managers01:05
danny_I want to switch to compton because I heard it can help with screen tearing on nvidia drivers01:05
danny_But I dunno how to switch01:05
bazhang!info compton01:06
ubottucompton (source: compton): compositor for X11, based on xcompmgr. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.1~beta2-1 (xenial), package size 97 kB, installed size 243 kB01:06
danny_I downloaded wmctrl to check what wm I have active and even if I run compton it still shows metacity(marco) instead of compton01:07
danny_An I'm afraid weird things will happen If I try to run comton while having another wm active01:07
bazhangdanny_, perhaos you mean compositor01:08
bazhangnautilus is the window manager01:08
goddardpennTeller: probably01:08
danny_I thought nautilus was the file explorer01:09
goddardpennTeller: i use kde/plasma so you would have to ask the gnome guys themselves or some one using the same version of gnome shell as you01:09
pennTellergoddard: yeah im asking in the gnome channel but nobody has answered yed, thank you01:09
goddardmaybe try just ##linux01:10
danny_@bazhang I might mean compositor then, I don't really know so how do I check what compositor I have enabled?01:10
bazhanghttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2144468 danny_01:11
bazhangread that link danny_01:11
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danny_bazhang Thats what I followed to get to this point01:13
nomicnautilus = file manager01:13
danny_it improved screen tearing but didn't remove it, So I want to make sure I'm not layering compositors bazhang01:14
bazhangno idea past that link, sorry danny_01:15
* nomic always installs nautilus01:15
nomicuses nautilus as file manager01:15
danny_thats fine, its gotta be possible to find out what compositor is running though01:16
RavnessQuestion, Has Ubuntu always been your distro? have you guys tried others??01:17
danny_nomic I'm probably gonna download nautilus, or Nemo.  Caja that came with ubuntu mate is straight garbage01:17
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bazhangRavness, #ubuntu-offtopic for polling, NOT here01:18
danny_Ravness, me?  I just started using ubuntu mate like a week ago so its about all I've used01:18
danny_I'm gonna switch back to windows pretty soon though01:19
Ravnessmay i ask why?01:19
RavnessI dual booted ubuntu and win 1001:19
bazhang!ot | Ravness01:20
ubottuRavness: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:20
danny_Windows 10 beats linux in compatibility which is kinda the only point of an operating system01:20
ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode01:20
bazhangdanny_, and Ravness please take the chit chat elsewhere01:20
Ravnessah :/01:21
JacobKlearIt is worth it to change a hdd by a ssd drive? Can I ask this here?01:22
bazhangJacobKlear, why not ##hardware01:23
JacobKlearthanks bazhang01:23
danny_Next question, what is the difference between a compositor and windows manager?  And which is Metacity(marco)?01:24
bazhangdanny_, why are you adding marco to that01:25
bazhangdanny_, is this MINT01:25
danny_I don't know they always seem to be together whenever I google it and wmctrl -m returns Metacity (marco)01:25
danny_I'm using ubuntu mate01:25
bazhang!info metacity01:26
ubottumetacity (source: metacity): lightweight GTK+ window manager. In component main, is optional. Version 1:3.18.4-0ubuntu0.3 (xenial), package size 255 kB, installed size 775 kB01:26
MetacityOr me.01:26
danny_bazhang, I just looked it up, marco is a fork of metacity01:27
danny_Metacity do you know anything about your namesake?01:27
JacobKlearbazhang: Hey man, I can't "send" to hardware... what do i need to do?01:28
bazhangJacobKlear, could be need to register, try #freenode for help doing that01:29
JacobKlearthanks again bazhang01:29
danny_Would it be a bad Idea to kill Metacity(marco)?01:30
MetacityYes, it would be really bad to kill me!01:30
danny_Metacity I may have to, I want to watch youtube without screentearing01:30
* Metacity goes to find a broadsword.01:31
JacobKlearHow can I upgrade to 16.04 from 14.04?01:31
JacobKlearwithout starting from scratch01:32
danny_And what will happen if I kill Metacity? will I go to a blackscreen with a terminal?01:32
MetacityYou will lose your window decorations (title bars, etc.).01:33
eggggsJacobKlear , you have ati vid card ?01:34
danny_I'm having a hard time understanding this, so Mate is a desktop environment which runs Metacity(Marco) right?01:34
bazhangdanny_, is this a one time watch of a youtube vid or repeated watches01:34
JacobKleareggggs: No I don't have one of those... I have an intel processor that runs graphics too...01:34
danny_bazhang, its everything tearing when scrolling down in webbrowsers, moving windows, switching workspaces01:35
eggggsgood, ati no bueno for  16.0401:35
danny_bazhang straight diagonal from top right to bottom left01:35
bazhangdanny_, whats the video card, and what driver, how did you install the driver for it01:35
daxati (although it's called amd this decade) works fine in 16.04. it's fglrx that doesn't.01:36
daxthough fglrx has always been crap so01:36
JacobKleareggggs: But i did apt upgrade and it doesnt do the trick01:36
bazhangdanny_, are you trying to use the propietary fglrx with that, is it an amd card01:37
danny_bazhang, its the proprietary driver from Nvidia: 361.42 from nvidia-36101:37
danny_I also have an internal intel graphics card I believe01:37
bazhangdanny_, whats the card make and model01:37
daxJacobKlear: 16.04 isn't offered to 14.04 users until 16.04.1 comes out. Use sudo do-release-upgrade -d if you don't want to wait that long.01:37
danny_Quadro 1000M01:37
bazhangdanny_, have you run the simple test of downloading a youtube video and trying to run it with vlc, smplayer or the like01:38
danny_bazhang, I have not, I'll try that01:39
JacobKleardax: thanks a lot :-*01:39
asapHello How do I link my wireless information that I obtained from Chili555's wifi info code?01:41
danny_bazhang, still screen tearing01:42
JacobKlearGuys, do you know how can I reduce the brightness from terminal?01:45
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JacobKlearsorry, it's already on askubuntu01:49
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asapI am trying to get this Broadcom BCM 4318 [AirForce One 54g] wireless LAN controller to work, I have the output from the code in this thread ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2214110 that I would like to share with someone in hopes of recieving assistance in fixing this issue . Thank You All.01:49
asapOh sorry I am using a fresh install of 16.0401:52
danny_bazhang, I'm gonna kill Marco, wish me luck01:56
danny_OH GOD01:57
danny_this is bad01:58
danny_How do I get to a terminal without a window manager?01:59
danny_I should not have killed marco01:59
JacoBKLdanny_: CTRL+T02:00
danny_well, I have terminals open, I jsut cant click on them to focus them02:00
danny_luckily this window is on top02:00
rocketeerSo I'm trying to get python to interface with sound in ubuntu with the instructions found here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/6487180/synthesize-musical-notes-with-piano-sounds-in-python02:01
danny_I'm probably just gonna restart it02:01
rocketeerBut it doesn't work and doesn't give me usefull errors. Furthermore, running "fluidsynth -a alsa /usr/share/sounds/sf2/FluidR3_GM.sf2 example.mid" does properly play example.mid, so I have the right .sfw02:02
rocketeer.sf2* sorry02:02
rocketeerBut running "fluidsynth.init('/usr/share/sounds/sf2/FluidR3_GM.sf2', "alsa") fluidsynth.play_Note(64,1,100)" in python silently fails02:03
danny_Ok, I guess I'll just live with screen tearing02:08
danny_I learned not to kill marco02:08
gtiola galera02:10
JacoBKLdanny_: that's a good lesson02:15
danny_JacoBKL he was asking for it, I learned compton cannot replace him though02:17
danny_windows manager != compositor02:17
danny_Oh, I figured it out02:20
danny_for anybody who wants to know02:20
danny_In mate_tweak You can easily change to compton02:21
danny_its a simple menu item02:21
danny_still some screen tearing but way better02:22
WhiteNightHi, is this Channel (or IRC) blocked/banned from certain IPs? I was on a Private VPN and it just wouldn't connect (or shall I move my question to offtopic?)02:52
daxWhiteNight: freenode and #ubuntu both block various providers due to abuse. #ubuntu-ops or #freenode should be able to figure out details (the latter requires waiting for voice)02:54
userHi , Why this process "mysqld" running on my ubuntu 16.04 ? it is consuming the memory.02:54
user848864 K of the memory02:54
WhiteNightdax, thank you sir!02:54
lnbafter ubuntu 14.04 update with kernel update, reboot system. After post, screen says to put in bootable disk.03:14
lnbboot to bios, shows 2 drives03:14
cncr04sdid you update-grub ?03:18
cncr04sif the bios says to insert a bootable disk it means there is no os on it, so something got screwed up03:19
lnbcncr04s: no03:21
lnbcncr04s: update grub, no. Ubuntu ran the update like normal, and then rebooted. Then came blank screen03:21
lnbi had originally install ubuntu 14.04 server, then added desktop. About year.5 ago. System has 2 drive raid 103:23
silver-dragondoes any one know if there is a way to create a storage space that spans multiple disks in ubuntu. With redundancy. A software raid like Windows Storage Spaces.03:34
SchrodingersScat!zfs | silver-dragon03:35
ubottusilver-dragon: For information concerning ZFS and Ubuntu, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZFS03:35
silver-dragonI know about zfs but I was wanting something a little more scalable and user friendly. ZFS has the same sort of limitations on scaling as hardware raid.03:36
SchrodingersScat!info glusterfs | silver-dragon03:36
ubottusilver-dragon: Package glusterfs does not exist in xenial03:36
SchrodingersScat!info glusterfs-server | silver-dragon03:37
ubottusilver-dragon: glusterfs-server (source: glusterfs): clustered file-system (server package). In component universe, is optional. Version 3.7.6-1ubuntu1 (xenial), package size 156 kB, installed size 603 kB03:37
silver-dragonThanks I will take a look in to glusterfs03:39
SchrodingersScat!info tahoe-lafs | silver-dragon03:51
ubottusilver-dragon: tahoe-lafs (source: tahoe-lafs): Secure distributed file store. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.10.2-2 (xenial), package size 1050 kB, installed size 5686 kB03:51
silver-dragoncan you span disks and make redundancy with LVM? From what I am reading it sounds like there is some basic software raid in the kernel.03:53
qenghosilver-dragon: Sure you can. It's not bad. Also consider ZFS, which takes a little effort effort up front, but works quite well, perhaps better.03:59
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sponixqengho: For the basic day to day operations ZFS is wicked simple in my humble opinion..04:00
qenghosponix: agreed. I tried to make it first-class fs for desktop 16.04, but the installer was too far behind to make the release.04:02
NeuthroneHow do I install themes onto Ubuntu, nothing has seemed to work for me. The Unity Tweak Tool does not detect the theme I put in the theme folder.04:04
sponixqengho: That is a shame.. Other than soaking up a lot of ram ZFS is pretty awesome.. I normally find it hard to get excited about a File System.. But even being able to run at good speeds while scrubbing is sweet04:04
xanguaNeuthrone: and what theme did you put on your .themes directory?04:05
Neuthronexangua: I put the the Plane GTK3.6 theme on the .themes folder. I got it from the Ubuntu Themes site.04:06
xanguaThe Ubuntu themes site?04:06
Neuthronexangua: http://www.ubuntuthemes.org/04:07
xanguaAnd 3.6 seems rather old, current gtk is 3.20 I believe04:07
qenghosponix: I think it might get 32-bit support soon (as in, enough people use what's already there that it has some precedent and can be turned on) that it won't muddy the installer descriptions and be more of an obvious feature to have.04:07
Neuthronexangua: How do I get this theme to work though?04:07
xanguaNeuthrone: I see the theme was latest updated a year ago, so doubt it works with a recent Ubuntu release https://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Plane-Gtk3.6?content=15630904:09
Neuthronexangua: So which theme would work? Only ones that are GTK1 related?04:09
xanguaTo get it to "work" you'll have to learn gtk theming and dealing with every new gtk 3 release to constantly breaking theming support04:10
xanguaI doubt you use any gtk1 stuff...04:10
Neuthronexangua: Okay, so how do I work with these themes though?04:11
silver-dragonIs there any advantage to running ZFS on a single disk system like a laptop?04:11
xanguaNeuthrone: use a more recent theme or learn yourself to theme gnome-look.org04:12
phcone drive only?04:12
lnbtried boot-repair-disk, after it ran, displays reboot computer, but it still does same thing and only shows flashing prompt after post04:12
Neuthronexangua: Thank you for your help.04:12
sponixsilver-dragon: On a powerful laptop it might be Okay.. You would gain File System snapshots and a few other neat tricks.. But for regular use plain old ext4 will probably do the best04:13
paranoidabhiI wanted to test the new kernel http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v4.7-rc6-yakkety/ for 64 bit system. Which packages should I install?04:21
paranoidabhiI went through https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds but it is a bit confusing.04:22
sponixparanoidabhi: Their is probably a PPA for that..04:22
paranoidabhisponix, ppa for the kernel?04:22
paranoidabhiNot sure. Can you link04:23
sponixYou NEED 4.7 ?04:24
paranoidabhisponix, yeah04:25
paranoidabhitrying this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1588428/comments/1204:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1588428 in linux (Ubuntu) "PCI bus error on startup while booting into login screen (Kubuntu 16.04)" [Medium,Incomplete]04:26
sponixparanoidabhi: Well the Official kernel PPA is only covering 4.4.x .. And I found a manual install of 4.6.x .. But nothing published on 4.7 popped up.. Not saying it doesn't exist, my Google-FU is a bit weak  :P04:27
sponixparanoidabhi: Probably doesn't help that I started drinking early too04:27
lnbtried 14.04.4 ubuntu server install dvd, both install and rescue. Goes to screen to select language and then locks up at that point.04:34
lnbany idea what might be causing this and how to get around it?04:35
sponixlnb: Ubuntu 16.04 is the "New Hotness" did you think about trying it out to see if you get the same issue ??04:37
xanax10667anybody on04:45
xanax10667seem so blank04:46
deceitxanax will do that to you04:46
xanax10667for what reasons04:47
Bashing-omxanax10667: Got nothing to say. say nothing .04:47
deceit^speaks volumes, w/o saying anything04:47
paranoidabhihow to install 4.7 on ubuntu system ?04:52
paranoidabhi64-bit system04:52
lnbsponix: no I haven04:54
lnbsponix: no I haven't04:54
lnbdownloading 16.04 now04:55
lnbit just seems very strange when booting to dvd install disk, selected either rescue or install and both freeze at same point (language selection)04:57
sponixlnb: That is odd.. What hardware are you on ?04:59
lnbi was away for 2 weeks but vpn'd into the box. Upon return today, screen displayed the usual Ubuntu software update. Ran it and upon rebooting, it would not reboot to ubuntu04:59
lnbit has intel mother board, i7 proc, 4 x 4gb memory05:00
Bashing-omlnb: Maybe a GUI graphic's driver issue ... 16.04 might fo the better . We will see.05:01
sponixlnb: What graphics Card is in there ?05:01
JoralI finally got an xorg.conf file that properly sets the mode lines for my monitor, but now if I run something that is processor intensive the screen will flash once and then lock up.  Not even ctl-alt-del will allow me to reboot, I have to hold the power button.05:01
lnbno extra graphics card05:01
lnbjust what is on intel mother board05:01
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Bashing-om!raid | lnb05:02
ubottulnb: Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto05:02
lnbraid 105:04
sponixJoral: to Kill and respawn "X" (the GUI) in Linux it is Normally CTRL+ALT+Backspace (not CTRL+ALT+DEL)..05:05
lnbi used Boot-Repair-Disk and it ran OK and said to reboot after it completed. but it did same, doesnt boot to ubuntu05:05
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Joralsponix, what I was saying is that everything goes dead.  ctl-alt-backspace will not kill x and ctl-alt-del will not reboot either.  Its like all controls go dead.05:06
sponixJoral: That always sucks05:07
Joralthe screen just keeps flashing like x is trying to reload or recover05:07
sponixJoral: Could it be a Heat problem ?05:08
mary222so i started this relationship with this guy online. but he only texts me once a day. but this text is extremely intense. then i fall into despair because i don't hear from him till the next day. what can i do?05:08
lnbsponix: would you recommend a rescue (if it has it) or install ?05:09
Joralsponix, possible but highly unlikely, I had this system running gentoo a week ago, but the compile times were killing me and ubuntu caught up to the 4.2 ppc kernel so I could have sound again so I switched05:09
BiGrEgGaErOoTsHello nobody speak french please ? i have a false system on my computer,this is not a real linux,that s away i thinks a windows or a stupid game on web,long time i m alone and nothing speak05:09
sponixmary222: Masturbate05:09
mary222sponix: i'm in love with him05:10
sponixlnb: Depends on how important your current OS install is.. I recommend a fresh install if you _need_ one, and a rescue if your configuration or Data is very important to you ..05:10
sponixmary222: Masturbate Furiously !05:11
BiGrEgGaErOoTsno that s really complicated,all support is fake,i know my computer and i see my bios this is a video game not my real os,i dont know who lie in my country,but i know that s fake,i have a background windows 10 on my linux,it s fake,and it s fake it s fake away...05:14
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lnbsponix: it got passed the point using rescue with 1605:16
BiGrEgGaErOoTsi have many false device05:16
sponixlnb: Glad to hear that05:17
BiGrEgGaErOoTsreal human here ?05:21
lotuspsychjeBiGrEgGaErOoTs: yes05:21
BiGrEgGaErOoTsmoi aussi05:21
BiGrEgGaErOoTsje crois05:22
lotuspsychjeBiGrEgGaErOoTs: do you have an ubuntu question?05:22
BiGrEgGaErOoTsyes no05:23
tihsomebody read my message?05:25
freecoder_tih: can you post it again?05:26
tihjust a 'hello' lol05:26
BiGrEgGaErOoTsi have a false system...long time many years....i m alone,isolated ,people joke on me,i m tried,i dont give a show,it s crazy,i live in bag a lie,i m crazy for all05:26
freecoder_BiGrEgGaErOoTs: use ubuntu :)05:27
tihfreecoder, which IRC do you use in Ubuntu ?05:27
BiGrEgGaErOoTsubuntu kubunu xuibuntu toutou linux....etc....etc...ALLL SYSTEM IS FAKE FOR ME !05:27
freecoder_tih: hexchat05:27
phcomenserve with autoget05:28
tihhexchat has the 'reply' function?05:28
freecoder_'reply' function?05:28
tihi mean, reply somebody05:28
hiexpoquit whinning05:28
freecoder_yes. all irc client have that afaik05:29
hiexpomaybe windows is good for you than BiGrEgGaErOoTs05:29
BiGrEgGaErOoTsMais c'est normal que ici je passe pour un fou si ce je dis est vrai,forcément a part me prendre pour un con j ai pas a attendre bien plus....et mon linux est faux,j ai craké windows 10 il arrive pas a trouver le bug et quand il change de session il le transporte sur ce systeme qui me prouve que je n ai juste que l interface qui cchange05:30
lotuspsychje!ot | BiGrEgGaErOoTs05:30
ubottuBiGrEgGaErOoTs: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:30
ubottuNous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.05:31
daxand putting them both together and dispensing with the factoid spam, #ubuntu-fr-offtopic ;)05:31
phcnice fellow there05:33
colby_i'm new to linux, could someone point me in the direction of a good linux learning manual that a non-programmer could understand?05:39
Ben64!manual | colby_05:40
ubottucolby_: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/05:40
paranoidabhiI installed linux 4.7 kernel on my ubuntu. How do I remove it? The latest kernel for my distro is 4.405:40
colby_i'm looking for something more in depth that will help learn the basics but teach me more advanced things as well.05:40
hateballparanoidabhi: how did you install it?05:41
cfhowlettcolby narrow your focus.  learn WHAT exactly?05:41
hateballcolby_: The usual tip is to set out to solve a problem, then learn as you go05:42
Ben64colby_: have you even looked at that manual05:42
fletcher_anyone up to helping me with a Glx issue?05:42
Ben64paranoidabhi: theres no way for us to know. undo what you did...?05:42
colby_i guess the ins and outs of the guts. like really learning how to use the terminal and its commands.05:42
Ben64look at the manual ubottu linked to you05:43
cfhowlettcolby_, search for "the linxu command line".  free download. and yes, see the !manual as well.05:43
cfhowlett!ask | fletcher_,05:43
ubottufletcher_,: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience05:43
fletcher_I Get this message anytime I try to run any of my Games "opengl glx extension not supported by display "05:44
paranoidabhihateball, Ben64 This is what I installed http://paste.ubuntu.com/18504669/.05:45
fletcher_lol it's a bot05:45
paranoidabhiI am paranoid about wildcards, I messed up my system before.05:45
colby_@cfhowlett thanks for that05:45
Ben64paranoidabhi: you ought to be05:45
Ben64fletcher_: sounds like you don't have a driver running for your gpu that supports 3d acceleration05:46
paranoidabhiwhat is a safe way to uninstall?05:46
hiexpoexactly what video card you have05:46
cfhowlettcolby_, happy2help!05:46
Ben64paranoidabhi: dpkg -r <package>05:47
fletcher_Ben I do have the correct drivers installed. I'm running an AMD gpu and it currently runs off the AMDGPu driver as that's the only AMD driver on 16.0405:47
ubottuFor AMD/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto05:47
colby_@hateball that's kind of what i've been doing, but i figured i'd ask because i various concepts are just not coming together.05:47
fletcher_Ben64, ^05:47
Ben64fletcher_: run this, give url here... "lshw -C VIDEO | nc termbin.com 9999"05:48
fnodeusercolby_: the @ character is not needed, this is not twitter05:48
deceit@fnodeuser #tellmeaboutit #irc #woahnottwitter05:48
hiexpoget the amd catalast from amd site05:49
fletcher_Ben64, http://termbin.com/fhh405:49
Joralfletcher_, I am still running the radeon driver on 16.04, I'm not saying that its the one that you need, but both open source drivers still exist in 16.0405:49
paranoidabhiBen64, a bit more specific if possible.05:49
Joralhiexpo, the new kernel api for drivers no longer supports fglrx so CCC is not an option on 16.0405:50
fletcher_Well i've tried the radon driver as well. I did something to mess up Mesa i think05:50
hiexpooh okay05:50
daxand even when it was, getting it from AMD's site was not supported here05:50
reevHii, how can i install google chrome not chromium in ubuntu 16.04 ?05:50
deceiti was just asserting your statement05:50
fletcher_reev you'll have to download it from the google site and install the .deb file05:50
deceitthat this isn't twitter05:51
fnodeuseroh, ok :P05:51
reevfletcher_ I tried but it returns errors while trying to unpack ,I also made some changes to sources.list file05:51
deceitthey do that on other channels here on freenode as well05:51
deceitit's really odd05:52
fletcher_reev I used it myself. so dunno05:52
qenghoreeed: Google distributes Google Chrome. You download a "deb" file and install it, and it alters your software manager to get updates automatically.05:52
fnodeuserwith linux he will start exploring and he will learn05:52
ubottuThe /etc/X11/xorg.conf file is deprecated, but sometimes may still be needed to pass values to specific drivers. See `man xorg.conf` for file structure and syntax. For Ubuntu-specific documentation and more information, see also https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config05:52
qenghoreev: What architecutre is your computer?05:53
qenghoreev: Erase the downloaded "deb" file and retry.05:53
fnodeuserhe left, so i guess he won't learn anything after all05:53
Joralfnodeuser, yeah he will, it will just be the hard way :P05:54
fnodeuserha :P05:54
toddI have a large collection of videos that I would like to stream from my ubuntu server to all of my PC's what should I use?05:54
hiexposink or swim05:54
hiexposo you want a media server ?05:55
reevqengho amd6405:55
reevqengho where i can find original sources.list file for ubuntu 16.04 apt-get update too failed05:55
Triffid_Huntertodd: I find samba works great for that, or sshfs if your network is stable.. some purists might suggest nfs but I've played with that for years and it's always caused problems05:55
Joraltodd, personal preference here so take it with a grain of salt, but I would look into Kodi05:56
toddTriffid_Hunter: No I want streaming, some of these videos are huge!05:56
fletcher_tried something but it didn't work05:56
hiexposee i use my router for that wrt 190005:57
Triffid_Huntertodd: ... yes05:57
hiexpooff a usb05:57
toddTriffid_Hunter: samba and ssh deal with raw files, not streaming media05:57
fletcher_I'm ariad I'll have to reinstall05:58
Joraltodd, Kodi offers a client/server architecture with clients available for most OSs including android05:59
Triffid_Huntertodd: what's the difference between what you're talking about and playing a file direct from a network-mounted filesystem?05:59
toddJoral: Kodi looks like what I am looking for but I do not have gui access to the server05:59
Joraltodd, I don't believe you need it but that would be a question for Kodi support06:00
defekttodd, or check out plex has a webserver UI06:01
toddTriffid_Hunter: Streaming = Transcoding the data (IE: only sending limited resolution on a small device, or reducing bandwith needs if the connection is slow). File shares is shareing well files... HUGE differance06:01
=== andreas_ is now known as Guest41667
todddekekt: I THOUGHT plex was non free???06:01
Triffid_Huntertodd: ah, I've never played with transcoding on the fly, my phone has a 1080p screen and plays anything I throw at it06:02
defektit's free unless you want to stream to andriod or idevice (you will have to refer to the website)06:02
Guy1524hey guys, this is really frustrating, on a laptop w/ integrated graphx and ubuntu 16.04, source games feel extremely choppy and low on framerate even when the framerate is well above the refresh rate.  This happens with vsync on and off06:02
toddTriffid_Hunter: so have you tried playing a 4k 3d video on your phone? I bet it will be laggy06:03
Triffid_Huntertodd: nope, don't have any06:03
toddTriffid_Hunter: well then my current smb set up would work for you... thanks though06:04
Joralsponix, simply running top in lxterminal caused x to crash again.  Any thoughts as to what could be wrong?06:09
sponixJoral: Are you running any bleeding Edge (Edgers) X from a PPA or anything ?06:10
Guy1524ugh, I have asked my question many times today but nobody answers ):06:10
Joralsponix, nope, fresh install with nothing fancy06:10
Joralonly thing I have touched is the xorg.conf to get the monitor resolutions to work06:11
sponixJoral: Tested system stability off of a LiveDVD ?06:11
Joralsponix, yes, just installed three days ago and installer ran fine. problems started when I installed X on this system06:12
sponixJoral: What type of Graphics Card ?06:13
k_sze[work]Could somebody take a look at this: https://wiki.debian.org/chroot#A.2Fproc06:13
k_sze[work]The bad grammar makes it read like nonsense.06:13
Joralsponix, built in radeon 9200 (rv280)06:13
qenghok_sze[work]: I bet someone in #debian could fix it.06:14
k_sze[work]ugh, I kept thinking that's the ubuntu wiki. My bad.06:15
sponixJoral: Are you partial to Ubuntu ? You might try either a Clean Install of the Ubuntu Desktop Version, OR hopping around to a few other Distro's and see if they give better results.. At times certain configurations can be detected and ran better on different setups..06:15
GrorcoHello World!06:16
Joralsponix, no other distros besides gentoo provide support for ppc. and I did not find a desktop spin of ubuntu for ppc06:16
sponixJoral: Why on earth are you running a PPC ?06:17
sponixJoral: I'm wondering if "Yellow Dog" Linux still exists ..06:17
Joralsponix, yellowdog no longer exists and this G4 emac was given to me so of course I'm going to put it to use :P06:18
sponixJoral: Okay.. I give you props for that.. Might check FreeBSD or NetBSD to see if they are still active on PPC.. I know a lot of *nix flavors are dropping it due to the Age..06:19
Joralsponix, as I said the two distros that still "offer" support for ppc are ubuntu and gentoo06:20
sponixJoral: I had a friend with an eMac/iMac in College and we had Yellow Dog running on it back then06:20
sergioadHello friends here anoying you with another gamepads question06:21
Joralsponix, ok so debian I believe still offers support as well but thats still going to be the same issues as ubuntu06:21
sponixJoral: likely06:21
logeshwaranhello world06:21
Gooerhi from kenya06:22
logeshwaranim from india06:22
Joralsponix, the other issue is that since I don't have a firewire hdd the only method I can use to try a new distro is to boot from cd which makes the gues and check method very expensive lol06:22
sergioadcould / would a GameSir G3S bluetooth gamepad work with Ubuntu + XBOXDRV using the mimic xpad and mimic xpad wireles options?06:23
logeshwarani am using this only now so i cant06:23
antlerinstalled 16.04 on a 14.04 that would not boot. After 16.04 installed, rebooted, ubuntu server doesn't boot. Just flashing cursor. Put in install dvd, ran rescue and now have shell open on / which is a raid. Tried to reinstall grub to 1st disk /dev/sda but it fails.06:24
antlerTried reinstall grub before going into shell obviously06:25
antlerso it seems grub is messed up. How to fix this?06:25
sponixJoral: http://wiki.netbsd.org/ports/macppc/06:27
sponixJoral: Not 100% sure it will do ANY Better, BUT NetBSD is still doing PPC.. Given the install and so forth is probably still a bit rough compared to Linux though06:28
Tin_manantler if it is a grub problem, try this tool: http://www.howtogeek.com/114884/how-to-repair-grub2-when-ubuntu-wont-boot/06:28
sponixJoral: Outside of that, I'm pretty much stumped.. Almost wish I had one of those to play with.. Think my Father may still have one in the Attic06:28
Tin_manyou can download it from your live dvd ..06:29
GrorcoHi I want to report a bug for my wifi + bluetooth card, it gets hard locked on suspend but I'm not sure where to file hardware bugs...06:29
Joralsponix, I know that this isn't the powermac channel and I am able/willing to play around with it so if you were looking at a similar issue on x86 what would you think it might be?06:29
GrorcoAlso it's a propriatary driver so I'm not sure if I would have to get ahold of bcm somehow06:30
Joralsponix, also if you do get it from him i will give you my xorg.conf to fix the modeline issues you will have with the new driver06:31
sponixJoral: I might try renaming the xorg.conf file to have it "generate" a fresh one and see if helps at all06:31
sponixJoral: Is there an "Older" X driver that might be more Stable ?06:32
Joralsponix, modern x doesn't use an xorg.conf file so it wont generate one06:32
qenghoGenerate a xorg.conf? Does it write one, or use sane defaults when a file is missing?06:33
sponixJoral: Hmm, it appears my Linux knowledge is getting dated as we speak :P06:33
Joralsponix, i'm not sure how to look at version numbers in apt06:33
Joralsponix, lol, you aren't the only one06:33
qengho$ dpkg -l foo |cat06:33
sponixJoral: So let me get this straight.. X Loads, then it crashes ? Or does it do okay until you start running a few things ?06:34
boodllebati just install manpages-posix-dev06:34
Joralsponix, x loads and I can log in etc, but as soon as I do anything to put a load on the system the screen becomes a blinking light06:34
boodllebatand when i do man sys/types.h , i never finds it06:34
sergioadfriends anybody uses a GameSir G3S gamepad?06:35
qenghoJoral: "apt policy packagename" is one of the best ways to inspect versions installed and available.06:35
paranoidabhiI am stuck at this bug for long. Any suggestions https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/158842806:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1588428 in linux (Ubuntu) "PCI bus error on startup while booting into login screen (Kubuntu 16.04)" [Medium,Confirmed]06:35
boodllebatwhat package should i install to get manual pages for all the types which are supported and how to look them ?06:35
paranoidabhiany more debugging output I should etc.06:35
paranoidabhishould *add etc06:35
Joralqengho, so if installed matches candidate I am running the most current stable version?06:36
ducasseparanoidabhi: you will be told if you need to add something.06:37
qenghoJoral: Very likely. There are other factors that you could have added, but if you didn't every type "pin" anywhere, and you have run "apt update" to learn contemporary versions, then you're fine.06:37
sponixJoral: Might try another Desktop Environment (DE) such as xubuntu-desktop.. And might try a few Alternative cooling solutions also, just to make sure it isn't a thermal issue..06:38
qenghoboodllebat: $ dpkg -L manpages-posix-dev |grep types; echo ah hah; man sys_types.h06:38
Joralsponix, problem there is I can't run plasma or gnome as I don't have hardware acceleration and I was running lxde specifically to try and keep the footprint small.  Any suggestions on another lightweight DE to try?06:39
paranoidabhiI am new to ubuntu. Can sum1 tell how this would? They would fix and I would receive it in updates? So will I receive a separate package to install.06:40
paranoidabhiI noticed a similar bug pending for long https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1521173 which makes me paranoid about the fix.06:40
sponixJoral: XFCE -- Xubuntu is fairly light.. Not AS light as lxde06:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1521173 in linux (Ubuntu Xenial) "AER: Corrected error received: id=00e0" [Medium,Triaged]06:40
ducasseparanoidabhi: it will come through updates if it is fixed.06:40
paranoidabhiducasse, will it notified in the bugreport comments?06:41
qenghoparanoidabhi: I do not think you specially would receive a package delivered on a platter, but everyone will receive fixes when they are applied to Ubuntu.06:41
Joralwhat is the name of the Xorg meta package?06:41
ducasseparanoidabhi: the status will be changed to "fix released"06:41
qengho... in Ubuntu package. Upstream bug links are not06:42
qenghonot always soon before Ubuntu updates.06:42
paranoidabhiqengho, okay, would I need to check the fix to make sure it is fixed.06:43
ducasseparanoidabhi: obviously.06:43
paranoidabhiis there eta for such fixes normally?06:44
qenghoparanoidabhi: Yes, watch the bug report. Sign up for notifications to changes on bugs.launchpad.net06:44
sergioadanybody knows?06:44
ducasseparanoidabhi: no, you've already been told all this before. all you can do is watch the bugreport and keep testing new mainline kernels.06:45
boodllebatqengho: there are many datatypes which i dont know where they are located how could i know about them ? like ssize_t and many more , Thanks for replying06:45
paranoidabhiducasse, okay thanks. :)06:45
qenghoparanoidabhi: Whenever It's Ready™. You can't expect someone to commit to you for a fix. Sorry for uncertainty.06:45
qenghoboodllebat: $ ack-grep "define ssize_t /usr/include"06:46
qenghoboodllebat: Move that last  "  to after _t .06:47
FredTheNoobhi there guys, I'm wondering if c# project made on ubuntu and monodevelop could run on windows... if anybody knows, sorry if that thing isn't for this chan06:48
dramaFredTheNoob, It's all moving to Net Core google it06:49
FredTheNoobThks drama!06:49
boodllebatqengho: i did this ack-grep "define size_t" /usr/include but it did not gave me the defination of size_t06:49
FredTheNoobI have installed Net Core and VS Code, but I have not Idea, how to do that thing...06:51
qenghoboodllebat: Ah. What syscall do you need size_t for?06:51
boodllebatqengho: i was just somebody's source and he used it i just want to know what is that type actually06:52
dramaFredTheNoob, get Visual Core and write something06:52
FredTheNoobdrama that thing is like gedit06:53
dramaFredTheNoob, install plugins for the language you want like the how to's say06:54
=== Isla_de_Muerte is now known as NwS
FredTheNoobk drama, thks06:55
Grorcoanyone know a good apt for hardware/ system info?06:55
abhvlGrorco, ^06:56
Grorcoadhvl: it keeps crashing on me when I goto use it :(06:56
nils_Grorco, lshw06:56
boodllebatqengho: okay it is declared as typedef so i can find about it if i get to grep a statement like typedef *(wildcard) size_t06:56
=== m1dnight1 is now known as m1dnight_
abhvlGrorco, hardinfo. more here http://www.howtogeek.com/111617/how-to-benchmark-your-linux-system-3-open-source-benchmarking-tools/06:57
Tin_manGrorco, hardinfo i believe it's called06:57
boodllebatqengho: but i dont know correct grep statement06:57
Grorconils_ I was thinking graphical but thank you :)06:58
GrorcoTin_man, I'm downloading it now to try it out :)06:58
abhvlGrorco, dont download. you can install it using sudo apt-get install06:59
PCatineanCan anyone help with video editing in Ubuntu? I record screencasts using Kazam and nobody seems to be able to open them at the quality and framerate recorded06:59
Tin_mani've used it, outputs a bunch of info..06:59
GrorcoThats how I downloaded it06:59
abhvlPCatinean, try other softwares? or convert it to proper format?06:59
GrorcoTin_man, Perfect thank you!06:59
Tin_manabhvl had the same thought..07:00
PCatineanabhvl, I'm not familiar with hat format to use, mp4 is used so far and almost everyone has issues with it07:00
PCatineanaw avi would have 1gb per like 10 seconds or less which is silly07:00
qenghoboodllebat: you might need a good C11 book.07:05
boodllebatqengho: can you suggest one ?07:05
boodllebatqengho: does book contains all the datatypes ?07:06
toddOK so I just installed Kodi on my ubuntu box, unfortunatly I only have ssh access help!!!07:07
qenghoboodllebat: Sorry. No.07:08
qenghotodd: what do you expect to have?07:08
ducasseboodllebat: programming is not really supported here, try a channel for your language07:08
ducassetodd: what are you trying to do?07:09
toddqengho: I have ssh access to the server, but not a X11, and I have never done that before, and kodi has a web interface, but its disabled, I am trying to enable the web interface07:10
ducassetodd: you need to run kodi in x11 to enable the web interface. if you can't, you can try editing the config manually.07:11
toddducasse: sure, so how do I run the x11 interface via ssh?07:11
ducassetodd: 'ssh -X'07:12
ducassetodd: but it will be _slow_07:12
toddducasse: slow is fine, I just need it to enable web07:12
ducassetodd: there's not really a lot you can do from the webui anyway, you really need local x11.07:13
toddducasse: ok I am in, and have a ssh prompt, now what?07:14
qenghotodd: What happens on a Kodi box without a display? What's your goal?07:14
ducassetodd: 'kodi&' - but read what i wrote.07:14
toddmy goal is to stream a bunch of big videos to my other pc;s07:15
ducassetodd: then use another dlna server.07:15
qenghotodd: This is really offtopic here, but I don't think Kodi does that. You're using a client as a server.07:15
ducasseqengho: kodi can be a dlna server.07:16
=== adante_ is now known as adante
ducassetodd: but this is a bad way to do it. try minidlna, or something like emby that has a proper webui.07:17
=== gbell1 is now known as gbell
qenghotodd: I think you're doing this upside down. Install nfs utils or a dlna server or whatever your clients understand.07:17
Joralwhat dm does xubuntu use?07:24
ducasseJoral: lightdm07:24
Joralducasse, ok thanks, does ligh dm offer a menu to choose the desktop to load? I didn't see one and it is still loading lxde07:26
ducasseJoral: in the top right corner, i think.07:27
ducasseJoral: either that or close to your username, it depends on which greeter and theme you're using.07:28
Joralducasse, I checked both of those locations and didn't see one.  Trying lxdm really quick to see if it does any better.07:29
ducasseJoral: did you install xubuntu from scatch or just the desktop?07:29
Joralducasse, I installed all of the xubuntu packages07:30
ducasseJoral: if you were using another dm before, i don't think that will swap it to lightdm unless you do 'dpkg-reconfigure lightdm'07:31
Joralducasse, was using lubuntu prior which was also using lightdm07:32
ducasseJoral: ok. then there should definitely be a menu to select desktop, i'm using lightdm myself.07:33
Joralducasse, I re-enabled lightdm and ran dpkg-reconfigure lightdm just to be sure07:34
Joralducasse, ok I feel stupid now, its right next to the locale selection and i just didn't realize that was another menu07:36
ducasseJoral: :)07:36
Joralwell xubuntu is still laggy but doesn't appear to be crashing like lxde.  Thanks for the help guys, now off to bed i go since the alarm goes off in four hours07:39
ducasseJoral: good luck, hope it will work better07:40
toddok so I got in enabled the web interface... kodi is timeing out :-(07:40
chinamikeyhello and aloha from Hawaii :D07:40
Joralducasse, yep, only thing left to figure out is the right mouse button emulation/keyboard modifier07:40
tuxedoHello chinamikey07:41
toddqengho: nfs? dlna? I am not sure... this is ubuntu to unbuntu07:41
chinamikeyhi tuxedo07:41
tuxedoMay you share your setup....It is the best way to introduce @chinamikey :v07:42
chinamikeydoes anyone know if I can install apache or nginx to a partition using a live Ubuntu DVD?07:43
toddcinamikey: yes, but you probably want to actually install the os, as a reboot will wipe out your install07:44
Triffid_Hunterchinamikey: into an existing linux install on the partition? sure, you can chroot in, but it would be heaps easier to boot it normally..07:44
ducassetodd: see the answer i wrote to you earlier, there are a couple of suggestions.07:45
chinamikeyOk, thanks Triffid. I have a few live DVDs, and I do have a server iso, but...no media to burn it to!07:46
juanonymoushow do i completely remove windows from a dual boot?07:46
chinamikeythis will be my first time to mess with server. Putting on an old laptop on 2nd partition.07:46
ducassechinamikey: you can't run nginx from a server installer, you need to install to disk.07:47
Triffid_Hunterchinamikey: most modern liveDVDs can be put on a usbkey and work fine07:47
chinamikeyah...ok. I can go apache then. Just experimenting07:47
chinamikeyI know I will run it from terminal, and that is what I am looking forward to.07:48
chinamikeyTriffid, I am going to put this on an OLD 10yr laptop! Won't read from usb!07:48
chinamikeythanks though07:48
Triffid_Hunterchinamikey: 10y old should be new enough to boot from usb, might have to flip some bits in the bios first though07:49
chinamikeyI mean won't boot rather07:49
chinamikeyyeah, maybe. I haven't looked into it yet. Some BIOS do have that for sure07:49
chinamikeyHere is my problem no. 2. I have no avaiable thumbdrives laying around.07:50
srulihi, would anyone know how i can lock the screen from a script. lubuntu 16.04, 'gnome-screensaver-command' does not work on 16.04. 'xdg-screensaver --lock' does not work from script07:50
chinamikeyno blank dvds. I have three full external drives, so...trying to think of something07:50
ducassesruli: are you using lightdm?07:51
chinamikeyright now all I can think of is dropping in the live Ubuntu, install that, and then add apache software and related?07:52
sruliducasse: yes, lubuntu uses lightdm07:52
ducassesruli: 'dm-tool lock' should work, then.07:52
chinamikeythnx for your input Triffid_Hunter07:53
chinamikeyWe just wrapped up 4th of July here in Hawaii. Only 10 PM way out here in the Pacific.07:53
=== MacroMan_away is now known as MacroMan
chinamikeyMSG ducasse thanks for your help too07:56
ducassechinamikey: :)07:56
sruliducasse: i get an error "not running inside a display manager XDG_SEAT_PATH not defined" as i wrote before i need to be able to execute it from a script07:56
ducassesruli: how is this script started? i'm guessing the environment is not set up correctly.07:57
sruliducasse: no environment, just #!/bin/bash dm-tool lock07:58
ducassesruli: yes, but how is it started?07:58
srulii call the script with "sudo /path/to/script/, but the command in the script is "sudo -u user dm-tool lock"07:59
ducassesruli: sudo strips the environment for safety.08:00
sruliducasse: how can i get the environment in that script, it has to be called with sudo as its executed somewhere along a chain of scripts which all require sudo08:01
ducassesruli: in that case you need to set up the environment manually in the script, you will probably need at least DISPLAY, XAUTHORITY and XDG_SEAT_PATH08:02
srulidualmal: can u help me with the full command to put in?08:02
sruliducasse: ^^08:03
ducassesruli: just see what those variables are set to in your normal shell and replicate the values08:03
=== zel is now known as Guest13284
sruliducasse: how do i see that08:04
ducassesruli: 'echo $DISPLAY', and then do the same for the other variables, and set them all in your script.08:04
=== CharlesMu1 is now known as CharlesMu
sruliducasse: what do I put in the script? "export DSIPLAY=:0" ?08:06
ducassesruli: yup.08:06
qenghoThe Right Way is to use "sudo -E" or define the variables to survive passing with "visudo" and "man sudoers".08:07
sruliducasse: i get an error "sudo: export: command not found" i tried with "sudo -u user export..." and just "export..."08:11
ducassesruli: put the variables in the script, not on the sudo command line.08:13
Triffid_Huntersruli: export is a bash builtin, what shell are you using?08:13
sruliducasse: i put it in the script...08:13
sruliTriffid_Hunter: i am using a sh script08:13
ubottu/bin/sh links to the DASH shell in all releases since Ubuntu Edgy (6.10). Since DASH is not 100% compatible with the BASH shell, some scripts might break. You can make scripts execute using  BASH by changing the first line of the script to « #! /bin/bash | See also https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DashAsBinSh08:15
=== gms is now known as Guest60396
sruliauronandace|work: i am using #!/bin/bash08:17
ducassesruli: for scripting help, try ##linux or #bash, it's not really supported here.08:17
srulithanks for trying08:17
m1dnight_Has anyone here used the YakYak app?08:24
drag0niushow can i get location of service config?08:29
hateballdrag0nius: can you elaborate?08:35
SchwarzbaerHi. I've got a problem on my ecryptfs volume. I can reproducibly cause an error that looks like a file system error. I've checked the FS on the partition beneath the encryption (/dev/sda3), no errors there. Now how can I check the encrypted FS itself? Each time I boot from a stick and open the volume, I then can't run fsck, as that tells me that the device is busy (which, as the partition is now not only decrypted, but mounted, isn't surprising).08:41
ducasseSchwarzbaer: afaik, there's no way to do that. the fs you'd want to check is the underlying one, as you've correctly done. i suspect a file has been corrupted, or there is a fuse/ecryptfs bug.08:45
Schwarzbaerducasse, then the solution here is what? Backup everything, reformat, get back data?08:45
Siilwyn[m]1Hi people, I'm thinking about installing 16.04... I read that 16.04.1 will include support for more hardware and include updates. Will 16.04 get the same hardware support and updates when 16.04.1 is out?08:45
cfhowlettSiilwyn[m]1, yes08:46
ducasseSchwarzbaer: it would probably be best to backup the unencrypted data you can get at and recreate the ecryptfs.08:46
chinamikeyHi and Aloha from Hawaii08:46
Siilwyn[m]1cfhowlett (IRC): alright thank you!08:46
* chinamikey does the hula08:47
cfhowlettSiilwyn[m]1, happy2help!08:47
SchwarzbaerWell, that's... disappointing. Still, thanks.08:47
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defektSiilwyn[m]1: more support for hardware and firmwarm is just dependant on the kernel version08:47
Siilwyn[m]defekt: alright and the point release won't have a higher kernel version?08:48
ducasseSchwarzbaer: i've got no other suggestions, sorry. ecryptfs is not a "real" fiilesystem that you can check and repair.08:48
* defekt nods at Siilwyn[m] 08:48
chinamikeyneed to verify something please08:48
* Siilwyn[m] says cheers and grabs an USB stick to get installing08:49
chinamikeycan I dd an iso file to an empty partition, then set it up in Grub and boot it after restart?08:49
cfhowlettchinamikey, yes08:49
cfhowlett!grub > cfhowlett08:49
ubottucfhowlett, please see my private message08:49
chinamikeycfhowlett: thanks. So when I do that, I will then have to have a second partition for THAT to install to, right?08:50
cfhowlettchinamikey, indeed.  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Booting_an_ISO_from_a_Menuentry08:50
chinamikeychinamikey: oh great! I have been scratchin my noggin for a bit08:51
chinamikeyI have no media to burn the iso to, but I am going to use a live DVD to dd the iso file to the partition.08:51
chinamikeyI think I'm on the right track.08:51
Siilwyn[m]chinamikey (IRC): > I have been scratchin my noggin for a bit08:52
Siilwyn[m]what does that even mean?08:52
ubottuYum! Err, I mean, APT!08:52
chinamikeyOh, sorry, I am from "the deep south"--Texas. It means I have been scratching my head in confusion. noggin = head08:52
Siilwyn[m]ah alright, haha it sounded like something else08:53
Siilwyn[m]I just donated a bit to Ubuntu before downloading the ISO but it doesn't seem to download... Is it me or does this page indeed not send a file?08:54
chinamikeySiilwyn[m]: OIC. yeah, could sound rather vulgar! HAHA08:54
chinamikeycfhowlett:  OK, gong to go try this. I'll come back and let ya know if it worked, if you're still here.08:55
defektSiilwyn[m]: try http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop08:56
Siilwyn[m]defekt (IRC): yes but it should send the file when on the page I send right?08:58
Siilwyn[m]If you click 'download' on the page you send it asks for a donation, so I did, then it sends me to the page with a thank you and in the url you see it includes the version and all, I was kind of confused there where I could it08:58
Siilwyn[m]that means you'll have to go back and click 'no thank you' even though you donated08:58
cranehey ho, i'm a litte bit confused about a umask. i have setup in /etc/init.d/php5-fpm.conf my umask described like in https://stackoverflow.com/questions/21248904/how-to-trace-where-php5-fpm-umask-settings-are-coming-from-on-ubuntu but... everytime php-fpm writes the directory it gets created with 755 and not 77508:58
k1l_Siilwyn[m]: it should download. maybe the donation process is not fully done.08:59
k1l_Siilwyn[m]: else try here: http://nl.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-cdimages/08:59
Siilwyn[m]that's kind of really bad to be honest :)08:59
Siilwyn[m]but okay, I'm downloading now09:00
qenghoSiilwyn[m]: that is bad. I'll file a bug.09:00
Siilwyn[m]is there anywhere where I could potentially report this?09:00
Siilwyn[m]oh even better, thank you qengho!09:00
Siilwyn[m]I tried reporting a bug once some time ago but couldn't figure out how. ;p09:01
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please report it using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.09:01
Siilwyn[m]on launchpad if I remember correctly09:01
qenghoSiilwyn[m]: In this case: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-website-content09:01
TomsterHi. I need help with Ubuntu. Somehow, my power configuration was messed up. Whenever I plug in my laptop, it claims that it's unplugged, and when I unplug it, it says that it's plugged it09:03
qenghoSiilwyn[m]: Subscribe. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-website-content/+bug/1599080  Add notes.09:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1599080 in ubuntu-website-content "donation page doesn't download" [Undecided,New]09:04
qenghoTomster: That's weird. Has it ever worked?09:05
qenghoTomster left. Dang. I worked out  sudo sh -c 'watch -n 0.1 tail /sys/bus/acpi/drivers/battery/*/power_supply/BAT?/*_now'09:13
MatsyHey everyone! What happens when a mountpoint loses a connection?09:19
MatsyWill it automatically open the connection again?09:19
MatsyIt's a remote CIFS mountpoint09:19
Bertomuuy buenas09:20
BertoSaludos a todos en general..09:20
Bertoeste seria un canal para ayuda sobre Xubuntu 14.0409:21
esiodoshola Berto09:21
ducasse!es | Berto09:21
ubottuBerto: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.09:21
unomieE: Package 'phpmyadmin' has no installation candidate   — Hmm?09:26
guestunomie: please run "apt-get update" first, and it it still doesn't work, please put the output of both commands in http://paste.ubuntu.com and share the URL in this channel.09:31
guestunomie: Please also let me know which Ubuntu version you're using09:31
zenith_Name the fool who designs autocaptcha verification templates !09:32
unomieguest: Ubuntu 15.10 - http://paste.ubuntu.com/18519532/09:33
zenith_It feels more like a gk quiz not a robo verification !09:34
zenith_Totally inconvinient !09:34
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zenith_All that I posted was for freenode connectivity to this irc !09:35
ducasse!ot | zenith_09:36
ubottuzenith_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!09:36
zenith_Anybody familiar with zenity here ?09:36
zenith_zenity --General --window-icon=ICONPATH09:38
liquid-silencehi all09:38
liquid-silenceis there a way to fix this W: Failed to fetch http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/trusty-updates/main/binary-amd64/Packages  Hash Sum mismatch09:38
liquid-silencewithout having to edit the sources.list09:38
liquid-silenceI am using this in a vagrant environment09:39
zenith_zenity --General --window-icon=ICONPATH09:40
zenith_Is this the correct format to use in putting a window-icon09:40
zenith_It gives an error09:41
liquid-silenceno one?09:41
paranoidabhiis there anyway to suppress the output of process id when launching <process> &?09:44
liquid-silenceprocess & > /dev/null?09:45
liquid-silenceprocess > /dev/null & IIRC09:46
zenith_Command to register nick to ##linux ?09:47
zenith_Anybody alive09:48
hateball!register | zenith_09:49
ubottuzenith_: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode09:49
zenith_hateball : /nick <name> isn't working !09:52
zenith_still cant peak09:52
Cursarionare you trying to /nick zenith09:52
hateballzenith_: Did you miss the part about help available in #freenode ?09:52
Cursarionby any chance?09:52
Cursarionbecause someone else is using that nickname09:52
liquid-silencehmm /msg nicksever register <password> | /msg nickserv identify <password>09:52
Anarhisthi, how do i update from previous LTS to the current one, i have 14.04 installed right now09:53
k1l_!ltsupgrade | Anarhist09:53
ubottuAnarhist: Users of 14.04 LTS will be offered the automatic upgrade when 16.04.1 LTS is released, which is scheduled for July 21st.09:53
liquid-silencenow back to fixing my crappy apt update issue09:53
Anarhisti thought 04 meant april09:54
Anarhisti guess i was wrong q;-)=09:54
HiDeHoHi all how do i add the ubuntu non-free repos09:54
k1l_Anarhist: the LTS upgrade is opened on the first pointrelease 16.04.109:54
k1l_liquid-silence: "sudo rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists/* ; sudo apt update"09:55
liquid-silenceI did that many many many times :(09:55
zenith_zenity --General --window-icon=ICONPATH09:55
zenith_Is this the correct format to use in putting a window-icon09:55
zenith_in zenity09:55
k1l_Anarhist: if you need to upgrade now you can use the developer LTS upgrade. but that is on your own risk then09:55
zenith_It gives an error09:55
Anarhistk1l_, i do not absolutely need to upgrade right now09:56
guestunomie: how come you have a mix of wily and trusty sources in your sources.list?09:56
guestunomie: Is this system upgraded? What's going on with that?09:56
k1l_unomie: please run a "grep ^ /etc/apt/sources.list /etc/apt/sources.list.d/* | nc termbin.com 9999"09:57
unomieguest: Yeah I upgraded it recently09:57
guestunomie: how did you upgrade it?09:58
guestunomie: What version do you think you're on? What is the output of: cat /etc/issue.net09:58
unomieguest:  output is Ubuntu 15.1010:00
unomieI upgraded via ssh using do-release-upgrade iirc10:01
k1l_<k1l_> unomie: please run a "grep ^ /etc/apt/sources.list /etc/apt/sources.list.d/* | nc termbin.com 9999"   can you please provide the output-url?10:01
zenith_Anybody familiar with zenity here ?10:01
liquid-silencek1l_ I have tried that10:02
liquid-silenceno luck10:02
guestunomie: back up the file /etc/apt/sources.list, then replace it with the contents of this file https://repogen.simplylinux.ch/txt/wily/sources_47a58c8dafb89aa8932d73e310951dfad2bd87fb.txt10:02
guestunomie: Then run "apt-get update" again, then you should be fixed10:03
zenith_If no you can also refer any online source. manual for zenity isn't that informative too !10:03
unomiek1l_: http://termbin.com/m2jj10:03
unomieok thx guest :)10:03
guestunomie: you can do it in one line like this: curl https://repogen.simplylinux.ch/txt/wily/sources_47a58c8dafb89aa8932d73e310951dfad2bd87fb.txt | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list10:03
liquid-silencewhy is this so damn hard10:03
k1l_uh, that looks like a mess. that sources.list.10:03
unomieDone that - still getting phpmyadmin still has no installation candidate10:04
HiDeHohi all how to manually install the ubuntu non-free repos10:04
k1l_better use a clean 15.10 sources.list and then run "sudo apt update ; sudo apt full-upgrade"10:04
Ben64zenith_: if it gives an error, that probably means you didn't do it right10:05
unomiek1l_: generated one here - https://repogen.simplylinux.ch/generate.php - same error10:06
zenith_What's the correct format for general options ?10:06
Ben64zenith_: have you checked 'man zenity'10:06
qofcheezhi, desperate person in way over her head with an ubuntu issue. would greatly appreciate any pointing in the right direction or assistance10:06
zenith_watch this http://paste.ubuntu.com/18522343/10:07
Ben64yep thats part of the man page10:08
zenith_Tried the same10:08
Ben64what exactly are you typing10:08
zenith_zenity --General --window-icon=ICONPATH10:08
Ben64nowhere in the man page does it say --General10:08
zenith_But I used others as info in such format!10:09
zenith_and that worked10:09
Ben64because they're in the man page10:09
zenith_zenity --info --text="Bye"10:10
zenith_It works10:10
Ben64yep, those are in the man page10:10
Ben64--flarpyfoo "bob" won't work because it's not in the man page10:10
qofcheezcan anyone direct me to where I might find some technical support?10:10
Ben64qofcheez: for ubuntu, right here10:11
Dandelsqofcheez, just ask the question. Someone will answer if they know the answer10:11
Dandels(That sounded more blunt than I intended it to)10:11
qofcheezok it's a bit long but I'll boil it down10:11
qofcheeznew installation, not recognizing network hardware, broadcomm device10:12
qofcheezknow what I need to install,tried following instructions won't work10:12
qofcheezno direct line to internet, no cd drive, mounted iso from usb as cd drive, won't work10:12
Indrekwhat is a proper way to remove hdd from ubuntu ?10:13
qofcheezneed firmware-b43-installer but how to get it and how to install it?10:13
zenith_Ben64 : What do you wanna say ?10:13
zenith_In zenity --info --text="Bye", info is the option for zenity ! that's why I used --general !10:13
hateballqofcheez: well you will need some device that has access to the internet at least, and a means to transfer to the computer, USB or such10:13
Ben64zenith_: because it literally says "--info" in the man page! IT NEVER SAYS --General!!!10:13
qofcheezgot another laptio here that can do that10:13
Ben64zenith_: you made up that option and are wondering why it isn't working. it's because you made it up!10:14
DandelsSo your issue is that you know the package you need but not now to get it to the computer you want to install on?10:14
qofcheeztried this: https://itsfoss.com/fix-no-wireless-network-ubuntu/  but once I hit apply changes the cd unounts and nothing happens10:14
qofcheezI used another site to determine what my exact hardware is and what package applies10:15
zenith_Ohk Just mention the option for designing (size, layout , window icon,etc.)10:15
hateballqofcheez: yes it requires you have working internet10:15
Dandelsqofcheez, you get your exact hardware by opening a terminal and typing "lspci"10:15
qofcheezone the ubuntu laptop or the spare?  I have it on the spare10:15
hateballqofcheez: but you can manually download http://packages.ubuntu.com/xenial/all/firmware-b43-installer/download and http://packages.ubuntu.com/xenial/amd64/b43-fwcutter/download10:15
Ben64zenith_: are you serious? you pasted the relevant section from the man page10:15
qofcheezoh, hate ball that looks brilliant will try that one\10:16
hateballqofcheez: so put those two in a folder of your choice, open a terminal and navigate to the folder, then run "sudo dpkg -i *.deb"10:17
zenith_Ben64 : zenity --window-icon=ICONPATH doesn't works even10:17
hateballqofcheez: and hopefully there will be no complaints, and one reboot later you're all set10:17
zenith_says choose appropriate dialo option!10:17
qofcheezthank you so much, I will trot off and try that and let you know.10:18
Ben64zenith_: right, so choose the the type of dialog10:18
zenith_Ben64 : Can you refer to a more detailed description for usage (any source)?10:20
Ben64the man page. you need to spend more time reading it10:21
Ben64everything you're asking is right in there10:21
pais 16.04.1 out? release was scheduled for june 21, right?10:21
akiki'm initializing a 4 terabyte usb disk with "sudo mkfs.ext4 /dev/sdb1". somehow the initialization process went into the background and i was returned to the shell. what happens if i shutdown the computer now?10:21
loshHello, I'm being asked to install nvm on Trusty but there's no package available.  What is the reason nvm isn't available as a deb package?10:21
Ben64pa: july10:22
paah ok10:22
Ben64akik: it'll shut down probably. maybe check to see if mkfs is still running, it might have just finished quickly10:22
akikBen64: i'm seeing the activity led light blinking constantly10:23
Ben64check processes10:23
akikBen64: mkfs.ext4 finished in less than 30 seconds10:23
Ben64that isn't strange10:24
akikwell for a 4 terabyte disk it is10:24
ducasselosh: because nobody has made one that they are willing to support/maintain?10:24
Ben64no, it isn't10:24
akikBen64: so the default is to let it do the initialization in the background?10:24
Ben64it doesn't take long to do a quick format, that's why it's called a quick format10:25
akikBen64: what is a quick format? i've never seen that with mkfs10:25
Ben64where it just writes the stuff it needs to use the partition as <filesystem> and says the rest of the partition is empty10:26
akiksuperuser.com says that it's this option which enables that background processing "-E lazy_itable_init=1"10:29
Ben64not the same thing10:31
akikBen64: what's the quick format option in mkfs.ext4 ?10:31
hateballakik: Also if you're comparing ext3 and ext4... ext4 is so much faster in all kinds of operations10:32
loshducasse, so it's not a technical issue, it's a maintainer resource issue?10:32
qofcheezhateball:  I can't figure out the name of the drive in other to mount it ass from '5542-B03D' either I'm being thick or not enough coffee10:32
Ben64it's all quick format using mkfs10:32
KeyboardNotFoundWhen I started ubuntu I got error: the system started in low graphics mode, I have AMD graphics, can I specify to use my integrated intel graphics, I know tht ubuntu is having problems with AMD drivers. Please help, It's urgent!10:32
hateballqofcheez: usually mounting is done automatically, it should end up under /media/ somewhere10:33
akikBen64: no10:34
ducasselosh: i have no idea what the problem is for that particular package, but it's likely that nobody has been willing to do the necessary work or not considered the package important enough.10:34
qofcheezthat's the thing, I know there is a media folder but I can't find it.10:34
akikthere's a ext4lazyinit process working in the background10:34
hateball!who | qofcheez10:34
ubottuqofcheez: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)10:34
akikthere's no such thing as quick format for ext3 or ext410:34
Ben64yes there is10:35
Ben64you don't know what you're talking about10:35
hateballqofcheez: Have you downloaded the files and are now trying to put them on a removable device of some sort?10:35
akikBen64: so what's the option for it in mkfs.ext4?10:35
Ben64<Ben64> it's all quick format using mkfs10:35
Ben64it's like you're trying to be dense10:35
akikBen64: no. you don't know what you are talking about10:36
qofcheezhate ball the files are on the usb now.  I can double click it but clicking the install button won't work, and I can't seem to find the usb in terminal10:36
akikBen64: there's a background process initializing my usb disk and the activity light is blinking *constantly*10:36
Ben64akik: not quick format = write 4TB10:36
hateballqofcheez: open terminal, type "cd /media"10:37
DandelsIt's possible it didn't get automounted10:37
hateballqofcheez: and then "ls"10:37
qofcheezhateball I'm really thick this morning, forgot add / :/10:37
KeyboardNotFoundWhen I started ubuntu I got error: the system started in low graphics mode, I have AMD graphics, can I specify to use my integrated intel graphics, I know tht ubuntu is having prob10:37
liquid-silenceapt is horrible10:37
Ben64akik: "but it requires the kernel  to  finish  initializing the filesystem in the background when the filesystem is first mounted." so you mounted it10:38
qofcheezhateball on more question:  having trouble getting correct name of usb drive to mount it10:38
hateballqofcheez: use tab to autocomplete the path10:38
loshthanks for the info ducasse, i guess i'll have to package it myself then.  Cheers.10:38
qofcheezthank you10:38
hateballqofcheez: you should be able to just "cd <tab>"10:38
k1l_liquid-silence: any sort of proxy or vpn inbetween?10:38
liquid-silencek1l_  its a vagrant box, so I presume it does some weird nat stuff, but all other items update10:39
ducasselosh: you can see if there is a debian package, and ask to make it accessible in trusty-backports. you might be expected to do the work, though.10:39
KeyboardNotFoundWhen I started ubuntu I got error: the system started in low graphics mode, I have AMD graphics, can I specify to use my integrated intel graphics, I know tht ubuntu is having prob10:40
ducasse!patience | KeyboardNotFound10:40
ubottuKeyboardNotFound: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/10:40
liquid-silenceFetched 23.7 MB in 49s (476 kB/s)10:40
liquid-silenceW: Failed to fetch http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/trusty-updates/main/binary-amd64/Packages  Hash Sum mismatch10:40
k1l_liquid-silence: i dont know that vagrant stuff. i just see a lot of people in here having some issues that native installs dont have.10:40
liquid-silenceits a virtualbox machine10:41
liquid-silenceso I doubt its something weird10:41
hateballKeyboardNotFound: Have you looked in your BIOS? Some machines have muxless switching so you can tell it to only use one or the other card10:41
liquid-silencewhat is your idea regarding proxy?10:41
KeyboardNotFoundhow to reinstall gpu drivers?10:43
hateballKeyboardNotFound: can you paste the output of "lspci -k" when you start in low graphics mode? Open a terminal and run that command10:45
hateball!paste | KeyboardNotFound10:45
ubottuKeyboardNotFound: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.10:45
ashmew2Can anyone help me with setting up an HDMI monitor ? I plug in the monitor via HDMI but get no display on it\10:46
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hateballashmew2: Is this a laptop? What GPU chipset/driver are you using?10:47
ducasseashmew2: see if there is a button on the monitor to select the input10:47
hateballducasse: Heh, good suggestion... I've made that mistake myself :o10:48
ashmew2hateball: yes it's a laptop. http://paste.ubuntu.com/18525753/ lspci output10:49
ashmew2ducasse: yes, it's set to HDMI110:49
ram___Hi. Can I install OpenStack Liberty using the OpenStack Autopilot 15.01?10:49
ashmew2xrandr -q shows that HDMI-1-2 is connected, hateball ducasse10:49
hateballashmew2: do you have a Fn+some key to switch outputs?10:49
ashmew2could be, sorry I've never done it before10:50
ashmew2Fn+F1 looks like it10:50
DandelsDoes that imply you fixed the problem?10:51
ram___Hi. Can I install OpenStack Liberty using the OpenStack Autopilot ?10:52
=== ashmew2_ is now known as ashmew2
ashmew2Sorry got booted10:52
ducasseram___: ask in #ubuntu-server10:52
ashmew2As soon as I did Fn+F1, I did get a display on the monitor!10:52
ashmew2But it kept trying to adjust itself, and finally died, crashing my display and logging me out10:53
ram___ducasse: thank you10:53
hateballashmew2: can you just use the regular monitor control thing to choose outputs? I dont run Unity myself, but I assume there is such a function in the GUI10:54
ram___Hi. Can I install OpenStack Liberty using the OpenStack Autopilot ?10:54
ducasseashmew2: or install and run arandr10:54
ashmew2ram___: someone said #ubuntu-server, why are you back here?10:54
ashmew2hateball: do you mean the displays settings? It shows Display and Unknown Display10:55
ashmew2ducasse: arandr? Cool, I'll install it10:55
hateballashmew2: yeah if it cant read EDID I guess it will show unknown display. as I said I dont run Unity10:56
ducasseashmew2: or try 'xrandr --output HDMI-1-2 --auto'10:56
ashmew2hateball: ah, alright10:56
ashmew2ducasse: I did install arandr, it has a big label saying LVDS1 , (name of my primary display on laptop's monitor)10:56
martinellis2 /load .xchat2/budus.so10:57
ashmew2ducasse: running xrandr failed with a zenity box "Could not switch fonguration CRTC 63"10:58
ashmew2That messed up my screen res though10:58
HiDeHoHi all the picasa app is not showing in the repos11:02
HiDeHoi am on ubuntu 16.04 atm11:02
qofcheezhateball tried running them but amongst the list of this that comes up 'some problem occurred during the firmware download' is one of them11:02
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ashmew2thanks ducasse , hateball11:04
ashmew2I have the display on the external monitor now11:04
ashmew2The Fn+F1 key did it somehow...after logging me out multiple times11:04
hateballqofcheez: hmm ok. so what exact chipset do you have? run "lspci" in a terminal11:05
ashmew2but it lags a lot, if I take the mouse there, it lags and leaves  a trail behind it11:05
ashmew2Wrong refresh rate?11:05
hateballashmew2: that could well be. what does xrandr say?11:05
ashmew2hateball: for primary laptop screen, refresh rate is 59.6*+11:06
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ashmew2for HDMI-1-2, it is set to 60.0 +11:06
ashmew2hmm, I should learn how to read the xrandr output11:07
qofcheez.. hate ball just getting command not found11:07
ashmew2Should they be the same refresh rates?11:07
qofcheez.. hateball just getting command not found11:07
hateballqofcheez: then you are not typing it correctly11:07
hateballqofcheez: LSPCI with small letter. In case there is some confusion due to fonts.11:08
qofcheezgot it, which one are you looking for hateball?11:08
hateballqofcheez: the row that is a network controller, broadcom, which you are trying to get working :)11:09
qofcheez02:00.0 Network controller:  Broadcom Corporation BCM43142 802.11b/g/n (rev 01)11:10
hateballqofcheez: ok. then try downloading this http://packages.ubuntu.com/xenial/amd64/bcmwl-kernel-source/download instead of the other packages11:10
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zenith_command to show failure or success status of command ?11:12
EriC^^echo $?11:12
qofcheezhateball same command line as before or any changes?11:13
hateballqofcheez: nope, just "sudo dpkg -i <packagename>"11:14
hateballqofcheez: which you can tab-complete11:14
Triffid_HunterEriC^^: heh I have that buried in my PROMPT_COMMAND variable :)11:14
zenith_Eric^^ Does the number signifies the type of error if there is in failure?11:15
zenith_number from echo $?11:15
Triffid_Hunterzenith_: yes, it's program specific though, each program chooses its own return codes. 0 = success11:15
EriC^^zenith_: depends, usually 0 is success and 1 is failure, above 128 is a segfault i think11:15
Triffid_Hunterzenith_: basically it's the int returned from the program's main()11:15
zenith_so is this the way if statement works for as : if ! [ mkdir /boot ] then ...11:17
qofcheezhate ball error were encountered while processing bcmwl-kernel-source11:18
qofcheezhateball I can get graphic interface if I click directly on the file but nothing happens when I press install button11:19
zenith_but ! of any number is 0 then how is if block executed if it gets that signal number !11:19
hateballqofcheez: Yes, I believe the GUI thing is broken. Fixed with updates, but you need internet for that so.11:19
hateballqofcheez: Can you paste exact error you get when you try installing with dpkg ?11:20
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=== Wulf4 is now known as Wulf
qofcheezwill try to post screenshot give me a minute to figure out where I can upload it to11:20
zenith_because if <block> is executed if signal is for it !11:20
hateballqofcheez: also how come you have no ethernet access to your router or whatever?11:20
hateballqofcheez: imgur.com is nice11:21
warpxAnyone around with Thunderbolt networking experience?11:21
bazhangwarpx, is that some sort of Mac technology11:21
warpxAnd yeah, Apple is drinking it11:22
bazhangwarpx, hows that realte to ubuntu11:22
warpxMostly, that I'm contemplating to fit my servers with TB cards11:22
warpxAnd I'd like to know if and how I'd configure the interfaces11:22
bazhangwarpx, you could try ##hardware and #ubuntu-server I suppose11:23
warpxIt's a couple of collocated bare metal machines that either could get more NIC11:23
warpxOR get one more TB card and save 40 NIC11:23
warpxThank you bazhang, I'll try11:25
countmoin moin11:26
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countI'm seeing a weird issue with Xenical, both on kernel 4.4.0-28 and 3.19.0-61 .. with swap enabled, the system "freezes" when running a mem-heavy process. without swap, nothing bad (but OOM) happens.11:27
counthow can I debug something like that better?11:27
qofcheezhere you go hateball http://imgur.com/f8J76z11:27
qofcheezsorry hateball http://imgur.com/f8J76zp11:28
count(it never recovers)11:29
Muftware I am not able to modify any file in the directory /etc/default.11:30
MuftwareIn that directory's default properties->permissions, its showing that "You are not the owner, so you cannot change these permissions."11:30
RejunHi, help Next error11:31
MuftwareCan anyone tell me, hoe to  modify file in the /etc/default/ directory??11:31
ZaitzevMuftware: if you have to ask, you shouldn't really be messing with those files.. but you have to be superuser11:33
liquid-silencecan anyone here do a sudo apt-get update on trusty 64?11:33
hateballqofcheez: ugh. that must be something new... iirc you only needed the bcmwl-kernel-source package for an offline install. hmmm.11:34
hateballqofcheez: so again, why are you not able to get an ethernet connection?11:34
vivek__I have installed 16.04 in my main machine11:34
vivek__and there is no audio in it11:34
zenith_My terminal stopped showing stdin content !11:35
qofcheezI'm on holiday in Canada and my mother does not have an ehternet cable. in about two hours the mall opens and I can buy one though,but I have limit time11:35
vivek__i can't hear anything from anywhere ex. youtube soundcloud mp3 files11:35
countzenith_: type 'reset', that'll reset your terminal11:35
countzenith_: if you don't know whether there's anything else on the line, use ctrl-u first11:35
qofcheezhateball if I could get an ethernet cable, get it to work, what's the process?11:36
zenith_ctrl U doesn't shows up anything11:36
hateballqofcheez: plug it in the router, the use the GUI to enable the driver11:36
RejunPlease help error mount disk cdlive ubuntu capture send.http://www.pastefile.com/DKNk1I11:37
qofcheezthrough software and updates? hateball11:37
hateballqofcheez: yep, where you were earlier11:37
zenith_well i used a command as $(command) to know what output it shows as i needed to use in scripting !11:37
hateballqofcheez: there's manual ways of extracting the firmware but it's just... hard to explain over IRC like this. It's really much better if you just hook up ethernet and use the builtin functions for it :)11:38
qofcheezif you're still online then and it works, I swear I'll have to send you cupcakes or somethign11:38
zenith_Do anyone know what signal is sent when a command is executed but there is some error in argument or perimeter ?11:39
hateballqofcheez: oh wait !11:39
HiDeHoanyone got an idea why software center has not apps in 16.0411:39
* qofcheez waits with baited breath11:39
hateballqofcheez: I didnt read properly on your screenshot, you are missing dkms11:39
zenith_like: telnet <ip_addr> and the address is unreachable then what type signals signify this ?11:40
ducasseRejun: read the message, it tells you what to do11:40
hateballqofcheez: so grab yet another package and install that first http://packages.ubuntu.com/xenial/all/dkms/download11:41
RejunSpeak spanish please11:43
hateball!es | Rejun11:43
ubottuRejun: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.11:43
hateballqofcheez: and remove the bw43 packages, you dont need those to be installed11:44
hateballqofcheez: only dkms first, then the bcmwl package11:44
vivek__I have installed 16.04 in my main machine11:45
vivek__i can't hear anything from anywhere ex. youtube soundcloud mp3 files11:45
vivek__and there is no audio in it11:45
qofcheezhateball rep you might be a bit ahead of me.  Easy way to uninstall those?11:46
hateballqofcheez: they are not installed. just remove them from your thumbdrive or whatever storage you are using11:47
hateballqofcheez: instead of installing *.deb, point to the specific packages. as you need to install dkms first.11:47
qofcheezah gotcha11:47
zenith_There is an error redirection operator like &> . Can anybody justify its usage ?11:48
anddamzenith_: sure, #bash11:48
leeyaacan anyone tell me if any of these is not used? im a bit confused https://bpaste.net/show/4f7321bc6e5911:49
anddamzenith_: are you asking why such an operator exists?11:49
=== yuyueshihaoren1 is now known as yuyueshihaoren
zenith_no I need to redirect error from command in a script !11:49
ducasseleeyaa: that's the kernel you are running, yes11:50
leeyaaducasse: yeah but is any of the headers not being used ?11:50
leeyaanot sure how to check it out11:50
leeyaaneed to remove unused crap11:50
anddamzenith_: ok, and are you having an issue while trying that?11:50
ducassezenith_: ask in #bash, this is not the proper place11:50
leeyaai can see some minor version differences11:50
defektzenith_: echo "bleh" >/dev/null11:50
leeyaadont ever redirect to null it silly ;p11:51
qofcheezhateball is getting to a screen showing configuring secure boot normal?  I seem to remember i should say yes11:51
ducasseleeyaa: you didn't list the header packages11:51
qofcheezto disable it that it11:51
hateballleeyaa: "apt-get autoremove" will remove unneeded packages11:51
anddamdefekt: he's talking about redirecting stderr so it'd be fd 211:51
zenith_defekt : what's echo "bleh" >/dev/null for ?11:51
anddamzenith_: you're uncooperative in receiving help11:52
leeyaahateball: autoremov wants to get rid of packages i need11:52
hateballqofcheez: euh....go with the default for now11:52
vivek__anddam, will you pls help me mate11:54
qofcheezhate ball the proprietary driver is now in use after rebooting but no network devices available is still showing11:54
rbernHi, I dont regurarly use Ubuntu, I use debian, but while developing a project of mine (http://github.com/rbern/debroot) I'm facing a doubt: ubuntu, as oposed to debian, does upgrade the kernel version during a release cycle? I ask this because when I run an "apt-get upgrade" apt says it will keep files from upgrading, linux-image-generic being one of them. If I don't upgrade the kernel version I dont get new kernel security updates? TY and sorry for long11:55
rbern question.11:55
hateballqofcheez: if you run "lspci -k" what does it say for the broadcom card?11:55
k1l_leeyaa: can you show the output of autoremove?11:56
hateballrbern: security updates are backported. with LTS releases you also have the options of using a newer LTS-kernels for hardware support purposes etc11:56
leeyaak1l_: yeah one sec11:56
hateballqofcheez: and if you run "iwlist scan" there's nothing showing?11:57
leeyaak1l_: here is the output: https://bpaste.net/show/47f650ece6bd from these I know for sure I need the nodejs package. but considering i want to keep one - there might be more.11:57
qofcheeznetwork controller:  broadcom coporation BCM43142 802.11b/g/n (rev 01) DeviceName: Broadcom Nami 43142 bgn 1x1 + BT 4 LE PCIe+usb NGFF 1630 MOW SubsystemL Hewlett Packard company BCM 43142 802.11b.g.n Kernel modules: bcma, wl  hateball11:58
hateballqofcheez: then it has loaded the proper drivers yes11:59
qofcheezhateball 'interface doesn't support scanning'11:59
hateballqofcheez: ok, try "rfkill list"11:59
hateballqofcheez: see if anything is blocked12:00
k1l_leeyaa: hmm, i would run the updates fist12:00
rbernty hateball. if security upgrades are backported the fact that linux-image-generic not being upgraded means that there were no security updates since April? sorry for my confusion.12:00
leeyaak1l_: update or upgrade (note i dont want to upgrade)12:00
qofcheezno soft or hard block, but it's talking about bluetooth  hateball12:00
k1l_leeyaa: both. why dont you want to upgrade the packages? apt full-upgrade will not bring you to a new ubuntu release but makes sure all security updates are installed12:01
leeyaak1l_: because it is out of scope atm12:01
leeyaait would be a big project12:01
leeyaai usually keep the system up to date by installing just security updates12:02
leeyaaand it still needs to be qaed12:02
k1l_leeyaa: well, its your call. for the autoremove issue: you might have removed a metapackage which installed all these  and now they are marked as unused. you can manually mark them with "apt install package"12:05
hateballrbern: that package is just a meta-package that points to the latest kernel which is linux-image-4.4.0-28-generic12:06
leeyaak1l_: thats plausible. you mean if i review the list, install all packages i want manually the next autoremove should skip them, correct ?12:06
hateballrbern: as for the release date I dont recall when it was last updated, but it's recently12:07
leeyaamakes sense. thanks!12:07
leeyaaits good since ill be able to free some 100-200MB and i need to keep the system's / on 1GB or 2GB12:07
rbernhateball, yes, now it is 4.4.0-28 but when xenial was -21. I'm upgrading and its downloading from security.12:07
rbernI guess thats the normal behavior. Debian stable sticks to the same kernel version the whole release cycle.12:08
rbernty hateball12:08
k1l_rbern: http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/changelogs/pool/main/l/linux-meta/linux-meta_4.
k1l_rbern: so does ubuntu. one release = one kernel base. except for the LTS where you can use the backported kernel and xorg from the hardware enablement stack12:09
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rbernk1l_, ty. so it's the kernel ABI that is upgraded, the kernel version will always be 4.4.0 if I dont enable backports. Got it.12:13
rbernis there an shortcut command to auto remove old kernel packages?12:14
qofcheezhey hateball any thoughts?  will the ethernet ideally still potentially work at this point, or is that now off the table12:15
k1l_rbern: sudo apt autoremove12:15
leeyaahm how to regenerate /etc/mtab ?12:16
leeyaai made changes to /etc/fstab but system still boots from old volumes12:16
pawill 16.04.1 have Qt 5.6 ?12:16
hateballqofcheez: well it'd at least let you install updates... in case there's some other bug preventing this from working12:16
SchwarzbaerHi. I found that a supposed workaround to the disk problem I have is to use the kernel boot parameter "libata.force=noncq". Sysadmin told me to add that to /boot/grub/grub.cfg. That file, in turn, says "DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE", "It is automatically generated by grub-mkconfig using templates from /etc/grub.d and settings from /etc/default/grub". Looking at those, I have NO idea at all what's going on. So how *do* I specify that boot parameter, the Ubun12:16
Schwarzbaertu way?12:16
BluesKajHey all12:16
hateballSchwarzbaer: edit /etc/default/grub12:17
k1l_pa: no12:17
hateballSchwarzbaer: you'll see the line with "quiet splash", just add libata.force=noncq there12:17
ducasseSchwarzbaer: add them to the GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT in /etc/default/grub line and run update-grub12:17
hateballand yea ^12:18
paranoidabhihow to do you report a upstream bug in ubuntu?12:18
hateballSchwarzbaer: Take it you've got a samsung ssd?12:18
qofcheezok I'll take a rest and get a cable when the shop open.  I've been at this for hours and hours now.  my brain is fried. thanks hateball12:18
rbernk1l_, it doent work. from google one has to uninstall kernels packages manually. its a problem when upgrading a live cd but I'll work around this. ty hateball and k1l_ . Cheers.12:18
pak1l_, ah, i thought that in addition to kernel changes, also system libraries can be changed with these .X releases12:18
paranoidabhiCan sum1 please tell which mailing list I should mail? Reference in context: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1588428/comments/2312:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1588428 in linux (Ubuntu) "PCI bus error on startup while booting into login screen (Kubuntu 16.04)" [Medium,Triaged]12:19
paand qt5.6lts sounded quite alright for an ubuntu lts :-)12:19
k1l_rbern: on which ubuntu release are you?12:19
k1l_rbern: that should remove old kernels automatically when installing the updated kernels.12:19
k1l_rbern: can you give more details?12:19
ducasseparanoidabhi: the linux-pci list12:20
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
paranoidabhiducasse, what is the email?12:20
ducasseparanoidabhi: google "linux-pci mailing list"12:21
rbernk1l_, "apt-get autoremove" returns "0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.""12:21
k1l_rbern: "dpkg -l | grep linux-image | nc termbin.com 9999" please show that url12:22
paranoidabhiducasse, sry I can't make it out http://vger.kernel.org/vger-lists.html#linux-pci12:22
ubuntu428Greyback: please help to install 12.04 on x3100 m512:22
ducasseparanoidabhi: click the "subscribe" link12:22
paranoidabhiducasse, I don't want to subscribe is the problem12:23
ubuntu428paranoidabhi : May i chat with you12:23
paranoidabhiubuntu428, sure12:23
ubuntu428I am facing x3100 M5 with raid 1 installation problem12:23
rbernk1l_, http://termbin.com/c9cu.12:23
k1l_ubuntu428: if you name the details people will try to help12:23
k1l_rbern: so you got 2 kernels installed. which is fine.12:24
Schwarzbaerhateball, no idea, will check...12:25
ducasseparanoidabhi: linux-pci@vger.kernel.org12:25
ubuntu428how to change name12:26
paranoidabhiducasse, thanks so much!! Say I am using gmail, how I endure the message body is text only.12:26
ducasseparanoidabhi: i don't use gmail, no idea.12:27
ibbaroot@ns1:~# lsb_release -a12:27
ibbaNo LSB modules are available.12:27
ibbaDistributor ID: Ubuntu12:27
ibbaDescription:    Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS12:27
ibbaRelease:        14.0412:27
rbernk1l_, yes, but I wanted to upgrade a livecd so, for size matters, only one should be installed. syslinux doesnt allow to choose kernels, as grub does. No problem. I'll arrange something to "autoremove" old kernels. ty12:27
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Guest68810fuck everybody12:27
Schwarzbaerhateball, Intel, it seems: product: INTEL SSDSC2BW2412:27
Guest68810any one12:27
paranoidabhithe comment mentions Bjorn Helgaas, who I find his email-id. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1588428/comments/2312:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1588428 in linux (Ubuntu) "PCI bus error on startup while booting into login screen (Kubuntu 16.04)" [Medium,Triaged]12:28
ibbaHost computer wn7 can reach the same dns server i'm pinging with no luck12:28
k1l_rbern: ah, live cd. you cant do that12:28
rbernk1l_, you shouldnt :)12:28
vivek__oi my front panel audio is not working. pls help me12:28
ducasseparanoidabhi: this is really something you need to google yourself.12:29
MarkusNaslundhey Adam_FrVancouver12:29
vivek__ubuntu 16.04 it is and it did worked with mint12:29
rbernk1l_, it can be done, I've been doing it with my tool. The problem is if there are 2 kernels. But that's solved in my tool. It's just the question of removing the old kernel.12:30
ducassevivek__: run pavucontrol and check that the right output is selected and not muted.12:30
Schwarzbaerhateball, ducasse, so, like this? GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash libata.force=noncq"12:30
rbernk1l_, manually, of course12:31
ducasseSchwarzbaer: yep :)12:31
MarkusNaslundhejj hateball12:31
hateballSchwarzbaer: was just out of curiosity, I have samsung which are common to have that issue. but I know others have it as well so12:31
hateballSchwarzbaer: and yea that looks fine12:31
Schwarzbaerhateball, so it's not actually a software problem, but a true hardware/hardware incompatibility?12:31
adsfanyone else have loads of mdadm issues after upgrades?12:32
vltashmew2: Yes.12:33
vltashmew2: sorry12:33
madhu__keeran: may I communicate with you12:33
vltadsf: ^12:33
adsfmy array just refuses to mount, doesnt seem like any drives are dead12:33
paranoidabhiwhat does upstream mean?12:33
vltadsf: cat /proc/mdstat12:33
madhu__Hi paranoidabhi12:33
madhu__I quited to change my name12:34
adsfvlt: nada cus assemble says 2 drives are missing12:34
madhu__I trying to install ubuntu 12.04 on x3100 M5 with bios  raid 1.12:34
madhu__array creating readonly and unable to write partition info on disk12:35
leeyaak1l_: lol apparently nodejs was marked as unused because i had stopped the service - how silly12:35
ducassemadhu__: have you tried software raid?12:35
paranoidabhimadhu__, I don't know man! I am caught in messy ubuntu bug tracking.12:35
leeyaaweirdly enough apache was stopped too, but it was not marked as unused12:35
madhu__Ducasse : it is working on sw raid12:35
leeyaanot sure how this is supposed to be working12:35
madhu__Ducasse : trying to install bios raid 112:36
ducassemadhu__: then use that. bios raid is usually crap.12:36
madhu__Ducasse : to know the problem. I explalin the problem12:36
madhu__Ducasse : raid 1 is creaing but array in readonly. partition not storing on disk. saying that operaiton not permitted to write12:37
vivek__oi ducasse thanks mate12:37
ibbasetting up a dns server12:38
ducassemadhu__: yes, bios raid is crap and known to cause problems - use mdadm instead.12:38
madhu__Ducasse : x3100 M5 new server12:38
ibbaCannot reach beyond the GW on vmware player :(12:38
madhu__Ducasse : ok12:38
adsfvlt: so it seems to think one of the drives is inactive now12:40
adsfvlt: md0 : inactive sdd1[3](S) sdc[2](S) sda[0](S) sdb[1](S)12:40
adsfand lots of spares it seems12:40
adsfexamine output https://gist.github.com/anonymous/a3103bf22f18cb262176dcf0a3c322e912:42
leeyaanice, now i can fit into 1.5GB /12:42
madhu__Ducasse : what is /dev/md126_raid112:43
ducassemadhu__: i'm guessing that is your bios raid device12:44
madhu__Ducasse : understand it is in Readonly Mode.12:45
ducassemadhu__: i understand that.12:45
madhu__Ducasse : Because partition info is not saving on hdds.12:46
SchwarzbaerHow can I check with what parameters the currently running kernel was started? 'Cause apparently, *that did nothing* with regards to my problem.12:46
ducassemadhu__: no, it won't if the device is read only. this might be a problem with your bios raid, i can't help you with that. i've told you what to do instead, and it's a much better solution.12:47
ducasseSchwarzbaer: cat /proc/cmdline12:48
SchwarzbaerThanks... Yeah, libata.force=noncq, but I still got a very similar error, and BOOM, FS is read-only.12:49
vishvajeethello can someone tell me why my usb modem is not detected?It is visible in lsusb but gnome-ppp says modem not found12:49
madhu__Ducasse : thanks. I am trying to understand the concepts12:50
ducassemadhu__: i strongly recommend you not waste more time on bios raid.12:51
vishvajeetHow can we find dev path of usb modem12:52
madhu__Ducasse : I am going to install sw raid only12:52
madhu__Ducasse : thanks for the suppor12:53
ducassemadhu__: do that, it's much better.12:53
madhu__Dicasse : Where to  get  documentation if any problem occur12:54
ducassemadhu__: start here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID - there is also a page on mdadm on the debian wiki, probably the arch wiki too12:56
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wh0amiHi Ukraine !13:01
madhu__Ducasse : The documentation is useful. Thank you13:01
wh0amiИли русс13:01
wh0amiWho have aircrack-ng sources give ne a link13:02
ducassemadhu__: this looks good: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/RAID13:03
madhu__Ducasse : Thanks again. I am studying the article13:08
ducassemadhu__: you're welcome. you will also find it much easier to get support for mdadm raid.13:10
=== MessedUpMyPc is now known as Guest89955
zteamwh0ami, sudo apt-get source aircrack-ng13:12
zteamwh0ami, ?13:13
EonUmbreonHi... I am running Ubuntu GNOME.13:13
EonUmbreonI just removed plymouth, and now GDM wont startx when I hit log in13:13
Qommand0rEonUmbreon: good13:13
EonUmbreonIf I open a TTY and run startx, it is fine13:14
EonUmbreonAny ideas?13:14
zteamwh0ami, I have not checked if the source package for aircrack-ng is in the repo but if it is, that command should get it for you :-)13:14
Guest89955Hi all im back last week i had really messed up pc from installing windows 10 that and then Ubuntu Mate that messed up all my loader i was not able to boot into bios or make any f keys work from bios and boot , so i took my self patient did google ubuntu low level formatt commands from Terminal  , and finally did remove Ubuntu Mate , then i did usb key boot and nuke and did low level formatt and bang here i am with shiny new windows13:14
EonUmbreonThis is a fresh install too, I just didnt want plymouth installed :/13:15
zteamEonUmbreon,try  sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm13:15
EonUmbreonzteam ok will do :) I am just upgrading my software from apt, so I cant call dpkg till that has done. Will give it a try in a second :)13:16
Guest89955so thanks all who supported me i did this all by intuition13:16
madhu__Ducasse : Ok13:17
philm88I'm running cron in the foreground with; cron -f in a docker container. Is there a way to get it to output log info to stderr/stdout too?13:17
EonUmbreonphilm88 tee?13:17
=== coy is now known as Guest13166
philm88EonUmbreon: I'm not seeing any output from cron -f - so nothing for tee to redirect13:18
EonUmbreonphilm88 oh. Um... I will have a think13:18
zteamEonUmbreon, :-)13:19
philm88EonUmbreon: thanks (:13:20
ducassephilm88: i think you can set rsyslog up to output messages from cron to the console - would that work?13:21
EonUmbreonIt is weird cause if I uninstall plymouth it removes lightdm and if I remove gdm it installs plymouth and lightdm again :D13:21
EonUmbreon** :S13:21
philm88ducasse: potentially - I'll take a look. Although, this is in a docker container and my understanding of docker containers is they're generally not meant to be running too much in terms of background services like rsyslog13:23
zteamEonUmbreon, if you have aptitude installed you can ask it why it want to remove or install a certain package13:23
zteamEonUmbreon, if not you can install it by just running sudo apt-get install aptitude13:26
EonUmbreonIt is apparently because of Nvidia drivers requiring it..but i dunno why13:26
zteamEonUmbreon, now can run aptitutude why plymouth13:26
EonUmbreonOh. Apparently GRUB wont recognise my keyboard now either13:27
EonUmbreonGimme a sec :) thanks for this btw13:27
EonUmbreonOh! It logged in ^.^13:27
zteamEonUmbreon, you can also use aptitude to ask why it not like install a certain package, with aptitude why-not packagename13:28
EonUmbreon Oh nice! thank you!13:28
EonUmbreonDo you know why grub would not want to let me give keyboard input?13:28
=== ola is now known as Guest32468
m1dnight_Im looking around to get ubuntu dual booted on my macbook. What would be the most stable way?13:29
Guest32468my soundcard dont work in mint cinnemon, help ?13:29
neufeldWhats your name13:29
zteamEonUmbreon, bascially aptitude is like apt-get on steroids (but it's a little bit less automatic)13:29
Palm_premiumm1dnight_: I would be interested in this as well13:29
wh0amiHacked 72528663984419~48824*13:30
EriC^^!mac | m1dnight_ Palm_premium13:30
ubottum1dnight_ Palm_premium: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages13:30
m1dnight_I have found a document from cal-tech people. I will give that a shot and report back I guess.13:30
EonUmbreonzteam ah ok! I am used to using apt ._. I never understood what aptitude could do that apt didnt. Thanlk you!13:30
Palm_premiumubottu: Thank you13:30
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)13:30
EriC^^m1dnight_: refind is easiest13:30
Guest32468my soundcard dont work in mint cinnemon, help ?13:31
k1l_!mint | Guest3246813:31
ubottuGuest32468: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org13:31
zteamEonUmbreon, NP :-)13:31
PantsuGuest32468: also fix your nick13:32
nindustriesHi, will the new ubuntu server distribution have ZFS as a boot option ?13:33
nindustriesI'd like encrypted zfs pool like in the BSD installer13:33
newfieldcan i help you13:42
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=== rudy_ is now known as Guest21468
IndrekHow is it possible that when my barman backup is 50gig, wal is 30gig then restore takes more than 120gb space ?13:56
ducassenindustries: zfs is only supported for data storage13:56
nindustriesahh :/ thanks ducasse13:56
m1dnight_Just to be sure, I can use a *regular* ISO for this dual boot, right?13:57
m1dnight_Because this tutorial briefly mentions "Mac version".13:57
computerpeople, i have installed a program with sudo apt-get install, how do i check that it was installed?13:58
ducasseIndrek: i assume the backup is compressed13:58
lyze computer, sudo dpkg -l | grep <program>13:58
lyze(lowercase L )13:59
IndrekWAL compression ratio: 73.42% ?13:59
lyzem1dnight_, just do the thing in mac to create a partition for ubuntu then install it normally via the iso14:01
m1dnight_Okay. I figured as much.14:01
ducasseIndrek: you could probably get better help in a postgresql channel14:01
m1dnight_Thanks for the confirmation.14:01
mauricivcomputer: you can also try dpkg -s <package-name>14:01
Indrekmhh, i thought im there i had wrong channel active :)14:02
mauricivcomputer: that way you get autocomplete :)14:03
computerlyze: mauriciv thanks , lyze in you example if i get a red coloured redout it means i have the package installed, if no readout it means it is not installed correct?14:08
lyzecomputer, corret. you can ignore the colors, it's just to highlight the search thing14:08
=== coy is now known as Guest98152
computerlyze: thanks :-)14:09
lyzecomputer, basically "dpkg -l" lists all packages and "| grep <name>" redirects the output to grep, which is a search tool and that tool finds the <name> and lists it when it has found something14:09
lyzecomputer, http://explainshell.com/explain?cmd=sudo+dpkg+-l+%7C+grep+test14:13
computerlyze: excllent14:14
mmaheu /SET autocreate_query_level DCCMSGS14:14
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cuboidtemhaa: Hello14:20
temhaaWhat is url for network install of ubuntu14:20
cuboidtemhaa: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/Netboot14:21
cuboidtemhaa: I think that is it14:21
temhaacuboid: actually I am new in kvm. I installed that. It's asking netowrk install url to install guest machine14:23
abolfazl123I install remastersys in my ubuntu.when i make a remaster of my linux and i want test that it didn't work.my virtual box said:"FATAL:No bootable medium found!System halted."what's the wrong?14:24
ducasseabolfazl123: the image is clearly not bootable.14:26
abolfazl123so what i should do?14:26
k1l_is remastersys still a thing. thought it was dead14:26
ducasseabolfazl123: ask the makers of remastersys14:26
abolfazl123ducasse:are u kidding it's a dead project:|14:27
ducasseabolfazl123: then why are you even using it?14:27
lyzeJust use a normal backup software instead?14:27
abolfazl123what is your recommend?14:28
lyzeIm not backing up my system ... Im just syncing stuff I need to the cloud and that's it, you might want to ask somebody who creates some ^^14:29
abolfazl123ducasse:do know a good remastering tools for ubuntu(i googleing a lot for found remastersys...)14:30
abolfazl123ducasse: do you know a good remastering tools for ubuntu(i googleing a lot for found remastersys...)14:32
k1l_!info uck | abolfazl12314:32
ubottuabolfazl123: uck (source: uck): Tool to customize official Ubuntu Live CDs. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.4.7-0ubuntu2 (xenial), package size 145 kB, installed size 384 kB14:32
k1l_abolfazl123: or use the pinguy fork of remastersys14:33
cuboidtemhaa: I will look into it now14:33
cuboidtemhaa: Does it need to be network install, or can you do it via ISO image?14:35
ducassetemhaa: which interface to kvm are you using?14:36
cwolfhow would i go about replacing the software center in 16.04? it's horrible, but i can't find its package name in order to uninstall it.14:38
ducassecwolf: it's called gnome-software14:38
cwolfthank you! is there a different software center i can install, or is synaptic package manager all i need?14:40
ducassecwolf: apt or synaptic :)14:40
cwolfthanks, ducasse14:40
ducassecwolf: np14:40
cuboidtemhaa: Should be able to use the http option and use a relevant download link from ubuntu.com e.g. http://releases.ubuntu.com/16.04/ubuntu-16.04-desktop-amd64.iso14:43
m1dnight_I messed up with the dual boot :p :<14:51
lyzem1dnight_, nuu, what did you doß14:57
lyze / what happens?14:57
m1dnight_For some reason I don't have an EFI partition. I did remove a small partition in GParted (when Ubuntu used to boot). I did so because I could no longer startup Refind.14:57
m1dnight_I googled that and the person said "remove the very first small partition"14:57
m1dnight_Which I did :< I should have not done that :p14:57
lyzeNope you shouldn't have done that x)14:57
m1dnight_Now when I try to run refind it says "Can not find efi partition"14:57
m1dnight_Which probably was the one I deleted :>14:58
lyzebecause you deleted it ^^14:58
m1dnight_So now Im kinda stuck. I can't find much on google.14:58
lyzewhat you could do is use grub or another bootloader for both, mac and ubuntu14:59
lyzeif ubuntu still works ^^14:59
m1dnight_No, I can only boot into OSX now :D14:59
m1dnight_Damn my incompetence14:59
lyzeThen I guess you could try to install it again ^^14:59
lyzeCan't help you though sicne I need to go, sorry x)15:00
m1dnight_Yeah, that's what's not working.15:00
m1dnight_Ill give the manual install another shot. And worst case I can reinstall my OSX and start over.15:00
ducassem1dnight_: you should just need to create a new efi partition and reinstall your boot manager15:00
m1dnight_ducasse: Might be a dumb question, but what partition scheme does an EFI partition have?15:01
ducassem1dnight_: it needs to be a fat32 partition with code ef0015:02
cuboidtemhaa: Success?15:07
freedomHow do I start ftp server on public ip ?15:11
freedomNot on inet !15:11
freedomsorry including inet15:12
freedomAnybody alive ?15:12
Picifreedom: johnny five is alive15:12
freedom!ot > Pici15:13
ubottuPici, please see my private message15:13
Picifreedom: it should be started on your public ip, you'll need to forward from your router or work with your sysadmin so you can access it from the outside15:13
freedomNo I am on ubuntu and need to configure vsftpd.conf for that !15:15
freedomSo just require help for that !15:15
=== fedora is now known as sealsniper
freedomvsftpd.conf by default doesn't enables ftp on public ip  ! Isn't it Pici15:16
Picifreedom: let me double check my config here15:19
paranoidabhimy desktop manager boot is really slow. How can I check from the logs what is causing it?15:19
Picifreedom: what do you have listen set to in vsftpd.conf?15:20
ducasseparanoidabhi: which ubuntu version?15:21
Picifreedom: okay, so you are setup to use the inetd way, if you switch it to YES, it will run in standalone mode and not require inetd.15:21
paranoidabhiducasse, 16.0415:22
m00n_urnbash: /usr/local/bin/: /bin/zsh: bad interpreter: No such file or directory15:22
m00n_urnwhat do i do15:22
Picim00n_urn: what are you trying to do?15:22
ducasseparanoidabhi: 'systemd-analyze blame'15:23
m00n_urni'm trying to run a program15:23
freedomPici means that will listen from public by default ?15:23
darsparx_ok anyone here have any experience with msmtp on 16.04? It keeps ignoring my user config....15:23
freedomand in standalone mode will it not be accessible from internal network ?15:24
Picifreedom: it will be accessable from both the internal and external (assuming you have port fowarding setup).  If you still can't get to it from outside, be sure to set listen_address to
paranoidabhiducasse, any guesses on what the problem is http://paste.ubuntu.com/18551529/?15:25
ducasseparanoidabhi: that list is sorted by startup time for each service, so the ones on the top are the ones slowing the boot down.15:26
m1dnight_Damn OSX crap. My live usb stick won't boot either.15:26
m1dnight_In recovery mode it doesn't allow me to be unmount my main disk either.15:27
m00n_urnPici: a bash script to be exact15:27
Picim00n_urn: what does the first line of the script say?15:27
m00n_urnit say zsh15:27
m00n_urni changed it to bash15:27
m00n_urnbut then itthrows too many errors15:28
Picim00n_urn: install the zsh package then: sudo apt install zsh15:28
m00n_urnPici: will it work?15:29
Picim00n_urn: try it15:30
Picim00n_urn: its a small package and won't interfere with anything else15:30
m00n_urnall right15:30
m00n_urnand i get a "Error: fusermount: mount failed: Operation not permitted" when i try to mount a file15:32
cuboidm00n_urn: It is throwing an error, probably because it requires permissions to do the mounting (normally with sudo)15:33
ducassem00n_urn: are you a member of the fuse group?15:33
Picicuboid: fuser doesn't necessarily require sudo15:33
m00n_urncuboid: i am #15:33
rypervenchem00n_urn: Try adding user_allow_other to your /etc/fuse.conf15:33
m00n_urnducasse: when i try #groups all it shows is root so no15:33
rypervenchem00n_urn: And making sure the directory you are trying to mount to is owned by you.15:34
m00n_urnyes it is15:34
cuboidPici: Ah okay15:34
m1dnight_ducasse: Success! Created an EFI partition with fdisk via a live disk (because recovery did not allow it) and then reinstalled refined using the installer and it works fine :)15:37
m00n_urnrypervenche: still the same i've uncommented the line too in /etc/fuse.conf15:37
rypervenchem00n_urn: When you added yourself to the fuse group, did you then log out and back in?15:38
m00n_urnrypervenche: added myself? as in...15:38
ducassem1dnight_: great! :)15:39
rypervenchem00n_urn: type "id". Do you see "fuse" in there anywhere?15:40
rypervenchem00n_urn: sudo adduser $USER fuse15:41
m00n_urnrypervenche: done!15:41
rypervenchem00n_urn: Now log out and then back in (or reboot)15:41
m00n_urnError: fusermount: mount failed: Operation not permitted15:42
m00n_urnthe same error!15:42
rypervenchem00n_urn: Because you didn't relog.15:42
m00n_urnofcourse i did15:42
rypervenchem00n_urn: You logged out of your entire X session?15:43
ducassem00n_urn: do you have rights to mount on the target dir?15:43
rypervenchem00n_urn: You're on Hexchat, so I doubt it. :/15:43
m00n_urnrypervenche: it's a container. so...15:44
rypervenchem00n_urn: That could have something to do with it then. What is the exact mount command you are running?15:44
juanonymouswhat is bitcoin mining?15:45
m00n_urnrypervenche: mount command like the command i issued which gave me the error?15:45
ducassejuanonymous: a waste of time.15:45
rypervenchem00n_urn: Yes.15:45
m00n_urnrypervenche: truecrypt -t /home/user/EncryptedFile.tc /home/user/EncryptedFileFolder15:46
aforapplepeople still use irc wow15:47
rypervenchem00n_urn: Pastebin the output of this please: namei -om ~/EncryptedFile*15:47
juanonymoushow do i install bitcoin miner on ubuntu?15:47
m00n_urnrypervenche: the output is simple as "Error: fusermount: mount failed: Operation not permitted"15:48
ducassejuanonymous: apt search "bitcoin miner"15:49
juanonymousok then how do i start mining?15:49
rypervenchem00n_urn: fusermount -u ~/EncryptedFileFolder15:49
m00n_urnrypervenche: that would unmount iirc15:50
ducassejuanonymous: read the man page.15:50
rypervenchem00n_urn: Correct.15:50
=== precise is now known as precise|lunch
m00n_urnrypervenche: i haven't been able to mount it in the first place.15:50
m1dnight_Seems like Ubuntu is stuck shutting down, though.15:51
rypervenchem00n_urn: Just run it. Even failed tries can stick in fuse and you have to explicitly unmount it. Happens to me a lot with sshfs.15:51
m1dnight_Is there any way I can switch from the 4 dots screen to any sensible textual output?15:51
m00n_urnrypervenche: all right15:51
m00n_urnrypervenche: fusermount: failed to unmount /root/lololo: Invalid argument15:52
rypervenchem00n_urn: You're trying to mount to /root?15:52
ducassem1dnight_: remove 'quiet splash' in /etc/grub/default, run update-grub and reboot. you will now have a text console.15:52
m00n_urnrypervenche: no15:53
rypervenchem00n_urn: Then why is "/root/lololo" there?15:53
rypervenchem00n_urn: Pastebin "findmnt" for me please.15:54
m00n_urni chaged the name from encryptedfolder to lololo, rypervenche15:54
m00n_urnrypervenche: "|-/dev/fuse        udev[/fuse]    devtmpf rw,relatime,size=1924072k,nr_inodes=20"15:55
rypervenchem00n_urn: Pastebin please.15:56
rypervenchem00n_urn: The whole thing.15:56
m00n_urnrypervenche: all right15:56
=== sdx32 is now known as sdx23
m00n_urnrypervenche: https://0x0.st/Ayd.txt15:57
m00n_urnrypervenche: ?16:03
hispeed67tried both ubuntu studio 16.04 and ubuntu 14.04.03 and both kernel panic after boot on the language selection screen16:05
hispeed67i select english, next screen, i select install and then kernel panic16:06
ducassehispeed67: file a bug, maybe?16:10
hispeed67swapped out single 8g stick for 2 4g sticks and it went away16:10
rypervenchem00n_urn: I have a feeling it's due to the container. I think I've exhausted my resources. Hopefully someone else here can help16:11
ash_workzis there a channel for meld?16:11
hispeed67apparently laptop doesn't support 8G sticks16:11
m00n_urnrypervenche: okay. Bu-but would i have the same problem with a vps too?16:11
rypervenchem00n_urn: No.16:12
ducasseash_workz: doesn't look like there is one on freenode, check their web page.16:12
m00n_urnwhat if it is a openvz container and not a kvm one, rypervenche ?16:12
ash_workzducasse: thanks16:12
rypervenchem00n_urn: Ah, it's KVM? Then you shouldn't have problem with that.16:13
m00n_urnrypervenche: and openvz?16:13
rypervenchem00n_urn: Still shouldn't have a problem, but it's still possible I suppose.16:13
m00n_urnrypervenche: thanks a ton m8! :)16:13
ducassem00n_urn: openvz is quite similar to lxc, so you might get the same problem.16:14
litagohow do i automate an ssh connection in terminal? i ssh to my vps where i got irssi. im manually ssh with ip, password . can i save my ssh connection in terminal? and add a command to go into my screen where irssi is running16:14
rypervenchelitago: You should use SSH keys.16:14
m00n_urnducasse: oh. But xen and kvm aren't affected if i'm right?16:15
ducasselitago: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/SSH_keys16:15
rypervenchelitago: And if you are too lazy to type "screen -x" you can add it to your .bashrc. I would recommend using tmux instead though.16:15
m00n_urnlitago: add an alias too16:15
ducassem00n_urn: i wouldn't think so, they virtualize the whole system.16:16
m00n_urnducasse: ah yes.16:16
litagothx guys16:16
=== precise|lunch is now known as precise
juanonymousducasse: how do you earn from bitcoin?16:17
=== damiano is now known as Smoth
ducassejuanonymous: you need a specialized setup, but it's not an appropriate topic here.16:18
juanonymousi see. so let us say i have the setup.. i could earn bitcoin everyday?16:20
ducassejuanonymous: it's not an appropriate topic here.16:20
SCHAAP137juanonymous: #bitcoin16:20
juanonymouswhat is funny test?16:20
ducktapefresh 16.04 install no sound16:21
SmothHi guys just installed ubuntu 16.04 on the company laptop, but I have a problem with the wifi: in the live the wifi is working but if I select 'install thrid party software (includes wifi)' the wizard hangs so I installed ubuntu without the third party software16:21
Smothbut now I don't have the wifi and I am a bit confused on what to do16:21
Smoth03:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation Centrino Advanced-N 6205 [Taylor Peak] (rev 34)16:22
=== MacroMan is now known as MacroMan_away
Smoth^ that's the card16:22
ducasseducktape: install and run pavocontrol, make sure the right output device is selected and not muted.16:22
ducktapeoi mate i am vivek__16:22
ducktapei have done that but16:22
ducktapesame thing is there once i rebooted the machine16:23
ducasseducktape: i think you need to specify the default output device in the pulseaudio config16:24
ducktapeand how to find that mate16:26
DeMiNe0Can someone tell me exactly what assigning as an interfaces IP does? I'm setting up KVM with several tagged vlans inside a lab network attached to our main network. In order for systems to see eachother I needed to make the IP of the tagged bridge
DeMiNe0My understanding is that is an alias for all attached IP's16:28
DeMiNe0But in this case, does that simply tell ubuntu that the interface has no IP?16:29
ducasseducktape: http://askubuntu.com/questions/145135/set-default-sound-device-output16:30
kernelhackerDo you guys knows there is a lot of kernel documentation for Linux on kernel.org?16:31
=== alchedlss is now known as alchemistswl
nacckernelhacker: there's a lot of kernel documentation in the source, which is hosted (and browseable sort of via git) on kernel.org...16:33
nacckernelhacker: but kernel.org is mostly a source mirror (and distro mirror)16:33
kernelhackerAnd then there is this: https://www.kernel.org/doc/Documentation/16:33
kernelhackerI don't use git to browse kernel documentation16:33
nacckernelhacker: do you use git to browse the source? there's a Documentation/ directory ...16:34
kernelhackerNo, you can download it directly16:34
=== thebaer is now known as bear|away
nacckernelhacker: i'm 99% sure what you linked to is just the Documenation/ directory from the source tree16:34
nacckernelhacker: sorry, were you asking *if* there was a lot of such documentation on kernel.org?16:35
kernelhackerNo. And why are there so many drivers in the Linux kernel for ancient devices? Appletalk is not used anymore, neither is amiga stuff16:35
nacckernelhacker: offtopic for this channel.16:35
=== ps is now known as Guest60365
kernelhackerWhat channel is good for that kind of disscussion?16:36
nacc!alis | kernelhacker16:36
ubottukernelhacker: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu or /msg alis list http16:36
ducassekernelhacker: ##linux16:36
nacc##linux, probably; maybe #kernelnewbies on OFTC16:36
anonymous_Help Me16:44
MonkeyDustanonymous_  start with a question16:44
tgm4883!help | anonymous_16:45
ubottuanonymous_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience16:45
MonkeyDustanonymous_  in one line an use a pastebin if needed ... http://paste.ubuntu.com/16:46
anonymous_what do you mean? i dont know16:47
anonymous_I'm a newbie here, I tried and I tried to exploit Armitage My experiment laptop but why no login menu16:48
anonymous_please answered my question16:48
ikoniayou're trying to exploit software, but you can't login to your ubuntu machine16:48
ducasseanonymous_: yeah, i don't think you're going to get any help with that here...16:49
anonymous_I'm so confused, I have a laptop with OS Windows 7, while on Linux only be exploitable16:49
anonymous_Oke Thanks for your answered16:50
anonymous_where places can answer me?16:50
daxis this part of a class, or...?16:50
ducasseanonymous_: are you running kali?16:51
anonymous_no, i'm running in backbox16:52
daxask the backbox people, then16:52
ducasseanonymous_: then go ask them.16:52
ubottuBackbox Linux is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu and is thus not supported in #ubuntu. Please use #backbox on irc.autistici.org or https://forum.backbox.org/ for help with it.16:52
anonymous_linux previous times but the error16:52
MonkeyDustanonymous_  you're in the wrong channel16:52
anonymous_OMG, sorry16:52
anonymous_I think it is one distro of ubuntu16:53
anonymous_okey thanks16:53
anonymous_I think it is one distro of ubuntu16:53
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GreatHey is it possible to manage ftp through script ?16:56
tgm4883Anonymes: see the message from ubottu above, it's not supported here16:56
naccGreat: what do you mean by "manage ftp"? do you mean interact with the command-line client?16:56
nacctgm4883: i think they left16:56
tgm4883nacc: ha, so they did. didn't even notice the incorrect tab complete16:57
Greatnacc : I meant if script can be used by client for easy connectivity or interface !16:59
=== ramon is now known as Guest26154
tgm4883Great: well for starters, we wouldn't suggest ftp16:59
=== Codmadnesspro is now known as Aprexer
tgm4883Great: but I don't see why you couldn't script it17:00
Greattgm4883: One issue with that !17:00
dlpsankhlaI'm a beginner C++ programmer and I want to contribute to Ubuntu. How can I start? What are the prerequisites?17:01
GreatI need to know the errors like if Host unrechable and action based on that !17:01
naccdlpsankhla: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContributeToUbuntu17:02
Greattgm4883: Is there an effcient way to do so!17:02
tgm4883Great: using a bash script you could probably use 'expect' for that17:02
tgm4883Great: I'd do it in python, but I'd also use SFTP instead of FTP17:03
Greatexpect ?17:03
GreatWould you please elaborate a little for that ?17:04
GreatI think its like exception handling in java ?17:04
=== precise is now known as precise|snek
ducasseGreat: 'apt install expect'17:04
rypervencheGreat: Why not use scp?17:05
tgm4883Great: http://www.thegeekstuff.com/2010/10/expect-examples/17:05
tgm4883Great: but seriously, FTP is insecure17:05
rypervencheGreat: I guess what is your ultimate goal? You just want something easy for users?17:06
Greatya rypervenche17:07
RyukenHow do you install a app from command line using a .debian.tar.gz file?17:07
naccRyuken: you don't?17:07
rypervencheGreat: Then I might go with filezilla or something.17:07
Ryukennacc: Then how do I17:07
RyukenIf it's not available in a package17:07
naccRyuken: well, i mean, that suffix doens't really mean anything (beyond it being a gzipped tarball)17:07
tgm4883Ryuken: what app?17:07
RyukenI'm using a debian VPS17:08
RyukenCommand line only interface17:08
nacc!info haxe17:08
ubottuhaxe (source: haxe): multi-target universal programming language. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:3.2.1+dfsg-1build1 (xenial), package size 2056 kB, installed size 10533 kB17:08
naccRyuken: shouldn't you be asking in a debian channel?17:08
naccRyuken: fwiw, haxe is also in debian...17:08
tgm4883Ryuken: seems to be available in the repos17:08
RyukenIt's not available on Jessie17:09
RyukenWon't install with apt-get17:09
tgm4883Ryuken: why are you here if you are using Jessie?17:09
naccRyuken: true, you didn't specify, it's in stretch & unstable. But offtopic for this channel17:09
ducasseRyuken: then install ubuntu :)17:09
RyukenI have other things on the VPS already set up17:10
RyukenI would prefer not to reinstall if I have to17:10
naccRyuken: you seem to be ignoring the fact that you are on Debian and asking for support in an Ubuntu support channel...17:10
rypervencheRyuken: Don't mix Ubuntu and Debian. And you should be asking in #debian.17:10
GreatBy the way is there a way I can check that whether a given address can be connected through ftp without actually executing ftp command ?17:12
Greatmeans ftp server enabled on that?17:12
tgm4883Great: no17:12
RyukenI thought Ubuntu was based off Debian17:12
tgm4883Ryuken: it is17:12
ducasseRyuken: yes, but they're not the same.17:13
tgm4883Ryuken: but that doesn't mean that Debian is supported here...17:13
MonkeyDustRyuken  what's wrong with the Debian channel17:13
tgm4883Ryuken: honestly, I'm not even sure how one could make that conclusion17:13
Greattgm4883: sure ?17:14
tgm4883Great: pretty sure. I mean you could check if the port was open, but that wouldn't tell you if anything was listening on the other side. You could check if you could connect to the port, but that wouldn't tell you if the credentials were correct without passing them17:15
tgm4883Great: at that point, you might as well just run the ftp command17:15
tgm4883Great: sure there is some information you could get from connecting to the port to see if an FTP server is listening, but I'm not sure why you wouldn't just use FTP for that17:16
jonny5000I am remoting into my 14.04 machine using chrome remote desktop, and it serves up only a desktop.  No unity, no launcher, no seeming access to programs other than what is placed on my desktop, which does allow me to open chrome, and whatever programs come up in right click.  my question is, is there a way for me to get a full session here?  I think i found a workaround online but it requires getting into terminal, which i ca17:19
jonny5000nnot seem to figure out how to do17:19
compdocyou need a desktop that supports it17:20
jonny5000compdoc, what?17:20
Greattgm4883: Difficulty to manage with the error it produces !17:20
compdocI use Mate17:20
compdocbut there are a few17:21
jonny5000compdoc, I cannot install a client on the computer from which i am remoting17:21
compdocjonny5000, then how are you doing it?17:22
tgm4883Great: I'm not sure I understand. You want users to run this script. If an error occurs, they should just contact the admin with the error message. Why do you need some complicated script to handle errors17:22
jonny5000chrome remote deskop is a chrome extension.  but i cannot install any further programs on this computer.17:22
dellhemHi. Trying configure a mobile connection, but I don't get an option to connect. Any ideas?17:23
Greattgm4883: Not precisely talking but it produces some unexpected errors like Connection refused even when server is not available.17:23
MonkeyDustdellhem  mobile, as in mobile phone?17:23
compdocjonny5000, what desktop is installed on the remote?17:24
dellhemMonkeyDust - No, I have a SIM card reader in my PC17:24
tgm4883Great: you'll need to figure some way to check that then I suppose. I've already said I wouldn't suggest FTP, so I'm going to bow out at this point17:24
tgm4883compdoc: my guess would be Unity, since he said that isn't coming up17:24
jonny5000compdoc, ubuntu 14.0417:24
dellhemMonkeyDust: So I'm configuring a new connection in the network manager. But it doesn't allow me to connect.17:25
compdocUnity doesnt work for remote desktop. maybe someday17:26
=== Gamah is now known as GAMAH
jonny5000compdoc, a workaround for it but i need to get to terminal17:26
nacccompdoc: jonny5000: https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/1649523?hl=en implies that it uses unity 2d by default on 12.04+17:27
tgm4883nacc: I didn't think unity 2d existed anymore17:28
=== GAMAH is now known as Gamah
nacccompdoc: jonny5000: but seems like you just put whatever you need in your session file17:28
nacctgm4883: ack, it seems written specificlaly for 12.0417:28
naccwhich does have some implication of how well-tested/supported it might be :)17:28
goddardany projected timeline for amd drivers for 16.04?17:30
tgm4883goddard: I thought they were released..17:31
compdocdidnt they just release a new AMD driver?17:31
Pantsugoddard: you can use any of radeon, amdgpu and amdgpu-pro right now17:32
Pantsugoddard: ymmvw with all of them though17:32
Pantsunone of them offers a consistent performance17:32
goddardi am seeing nothing in additional drivers17:33
goddardstill getting errors with steam as well17:34
* tgm4883 wonders what the current recommended way to install amdgpu-pro is17:35
genii!info xserver-xorg-video-amdgpu17:37
ubottuxserver-xorg-video-amdgpu (source: xserver-xorg-video-amdgpu): X.Org X server -- AMDGPU display driver. In component main, is optional. Version 1.1.0-1 (xenial), package size 54 kB, installed size 153 kB (Only available for linux-any)17:37
tgm4883genii: that's amdgpu, but what about amdgpu-pro17:37
tgm4883genii: amdgpu pro is the proprietary stuff17:38
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=== Guest26147 is now known as Eu333
lucidguyI'm accustomed to using the interface files for network configuration, should I start using Network manager?  This is for an office deployment.17:43
lucidguyAll hardwired with no DHCP17:43
=== rx_ is now known as placebo
=== precise|bait is now known as precise|srs
ducasselucidguy: i would use the interfaces file, easy to deal with.17:45
IronYSo I am on 4.6.217:47
IronYBut I am still not seeing usb 3.1 support17:47
IronYaside from upgrading the kernel, is there anything I am missing?17:48
ruicruzhello. is there a way to use my wireless card not to connect with other networks but to create a wireless network that others can connect to?17:50
enoch85hey guys, I need to install Ubuntu desktop temporarily on a Ubuntu Server 16.04. How do I completley remove Ubuntu-desktop + dependencises to get back to the regular Ubuntu Server again?17:51
lucidguyducasse: I agree, will do.17:51
strayArchIf I use awesomewm alternative in unity, how can I provide  '--no-argb' as an arg to awesome17:51
GreatHey I want the use redirection operator upto a particular point (some particular line or statement) at runtime !17:53
GreatAny way to do so ?17:53
Great*use of17:53
ducasseGreat: scripting questions belong in #bash, for instance. i suspect you've been told this earlier today.17:53
=== Pap00se is now known as badboykas
lucidguyWhat happend to good old fashioned eth0 naming etc .. now I got enp2s0?17:57
galgamachhello. I figured out that there are no drivers for AMD Radeon R5 330. Does this also mean that there is not Catalyst? Can I connect my laptop with a HDMI cable?17:57
ducasselucidguy: look up "predictive interfaca naming"17:58
akiklucidguy: it's systemd's predictable interface names. you can go back to old naming with net.ifnames=017:58
lucidguyI'm guessing I should accept the future and this is how things will be.17:58
RyukenHow do I check if a port is blocked?17:58
akiklucidguy: well it's your choice17:59
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lucidguyHmm, i'm guessing every computer will have a different name18:00
lucidguynic name18:00
lucidguyIf so, that does suck for cloning/deploying multiple systems18:00
MonkeyDustlucidguy  you mean hostname?18:00
lucidguynetwork card logical name18:01
nils_I would say they may be somewhat more deterministic actually18:01
nils_on some system I had eth0 and eth2 switch places between reboots...18:02
lucidguyI was talking about predictable network interface device names18:02
lucidguyno worries, reading up on it now.18:03
Jordan_Ugalgamach: For Ubuntu 16.04 forward there are no Catalyst/fglrx drivers. There are only open source kernel drivers (the old "ati" and the new "amdgpu"). There is a proprietary userland available but A: It's still in Beta B: It's only for cards supported by the new AMDGPU driver C: People primarily want it only if they want Vulcan support D: The Free drivers now do fairly well compared to the old fglrx18:03
=== LostSoul_ is now known as LostSoul
Jordan_Ufor most cards. I don't know off hand if your particular card is supported by AMDGPU or not.18:03
akikudev has rules to keep the names connected to certain mac addresses18:04
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galgamachJordan_U: So let's break this down a bit. amdgpu are the new open-source drivers for Radeon graphics card that comes with the 16.04 kernel right?18:06
=== jussi_ is now known as tomaattti
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lucidguyI immediately remove nouveau and install nvidia drivers, do most do that?18:24
daxgalgamach: R5 330 would use the default radeon driver, I'm pretty sure18:24
Jordan_Ugalgamach: Correct. And the older open source radeon open source drivers are also available in 16.04, but not the old fglrx drivers.18:24
gronkeI just installed Chrome. How do I make it a clickable icon to launch from my sidebar instead of having to type "google-chrome" from a terminal window?18:25
galgamachdax: what does this mean? That the only available driver is the one that comes with the 16.04 kernel ? Is it efficient? Why can't I connect with HDMI ?18:25
daxgalgamach: yes, I don't know what "efficient" means here, and I don't know since HDMI works fine with radeon on my 787018:26
chadwin 18:26
galgamachdax: "efficient" means.. does this it give the full capabilities of the graphics card ?  And all you do is just connect the cable and that\s it?18:27
galgamachdax: also inxi -F gives me the following on the graphics section: http://pastebin.com/PQaCdVrX18:28
galgamachCard-1 i the intel integrated one... and Card-2 it the Radeon. Which one am I using at the moment ?18:29
goddardwhen will the additional amdgpu features be released?18:31
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icehow are you guys18:47
=== u0_a244 is now known as grub_ul
=== ice is now known as Guest62595
Guest62595fala leo18:47
BrintHow to connect to this channel (same place) except from freenode18:53
Brintbtw how to specify ip and inet address while connecting from ftp command ?18:54
PiciBrint: this is freenode.18:54
Brintohk now my second question ?18:54
PiciBrint: irc.ubuntu.com points to chat.freenode.net18:54
DaniKittenHello, are there good window managers?18:54
DaniKittenLightweight window managers18:55
bilb_onowhen I do a blank install of ubuntu, after it installs, in the boot menu, I see only one option under UEFI - ubuntu. This is the one I want correct?18:55
naccDaniKitten: yes, there are18:55
=== maryszmary_ is now known as maryszmary
Brinthmm Actually I'm frustrated with this recaptcha !18:55
naccDaniKitten: cf. xubuntu, lubuntu, etc.18:55
BrintTotally frustrated !18:56
Brintbtw how to specify ip and inet address while connecting from ftp command ?18:56
ioriaDaniKitten, wm or DE ?18:56
Croephawhat package provides the QMediaPlayer header file, I expected there to be libqt5multimedia-dev package but it doesn't seem like there is one... ??18:56
geniiDaniKitten: Also, Openbox18:56
BrintPici btw how to specify ip and inet address while connecting from ftp command ?18:57
PiciBrint: I don't know what that would mean.18:57
ioriaDaniKitten, if wm  , twm, fluxbox, openbox and may others18:57
Brintip for public ip and inet for private ip18:58
naccCroepha: qtmultimedia5-dev18:58
DaniKittenis jwm good?18:58
naccDaniKitten: this is not a channel for polling/opinions, really18:58
BrintAnybody knows ?18:58
ioriaDaniKitten, if you want practice , i can suggest evilwm18:59
naccBrint: your question doesn't really make sesne, what do you mean "public" and "private" IP?18:59
Croephanacc: Thanks18:59
naccCroepha: in the future, use `apt-file` to search for files in packages19:00
wallbrokenlive cd is on ubuntu itself?19:00
wallbrokenor is a different disk?19:00
ioriawallbroken, depends on what you downloaded19:00
Brintnacc : If you don't know public and private ip how can you say it doesn't makes a sense !19:00
naccBrint: in the context of ftp, those terms don't make any sense.19:01
wallbrokeni downloaded this19:01
ioriawallbroken, mini and server are not live , desktop is19:01
wallbrokenno, italian19:01
Guy1524hey guys, is there any workaround for installing the fglrx drivers on 16.0419:01
Brintprivate ip is assigned to manage lan ! and public ip to manage global address !19:02
naccGuy1524: no, AMD is not supporting it there, amdgpu is the way forward19:02
ioriawallbroken, yes, that is desktop edition19:02
razor1101Subnet addresses?19:02
Croephanacc: Good info, thanks again :)19:02
Brintip that is assigned when you connect to your wifi is private !19:02
naccBrint: i think you are using the wrong terms, but ok; what do you want to know about for ftp? to specify where to ftp to? you can specify that on the command-line.19:02
Brintneed to access ftp externally (not on the same network)!19:03
Brintthat's the query !19:03
Brintsame network (private or lan)!19:04
Brint*ftp server i mean19:04
tamaidi need information to run illustrator on ubuntu19:04
naccBrint: you are not being very clear, you stated, within two statements, "not on the same network" and "same network". State clearly, in one line (with no "!") what you are trying to do. e.g., are you trying to ftp from serverA to serverB? and they are not on the same network?19:04
tamaidany idea? thnx!19:04
nacctamaid: you mean adobe illustrator?19:05
Guy1524nacc: I have a 5000 series card though19:05
Brinttrying to ftp from client to server and they are not on the same network !19:05
Guy1524is there a workaround to getting it?19:05
Brintsorry for !19:05
ericb2tamaid, Adobe(C) Illustrator.exe   ? :-)19:05
Guy1524even if it isn't supported19:06
=== thomas_ is now known as Guest73562
BrintNow clear19:06
naccGuy1524: not as I understand it, no -- but i don't use the driver, so not sure19:06
naccBrint: why doesn't `ftp <server>` not work?19:06
tamaidyes, i want to move to ubuntu but i need it for design19:06
naccBrint: or `ftp`; and then 'open <server'19:06
nacctamaid: you would probably need to ask adobe about that?19:07
nacctamaid: afaict, it's not packaged w/in Ubuntu19:07
tamaidread something about inkscape but it takes time to get to know it and need to work now19:07
ericb2tamaid, probably using wine, or a Virtual machine, like Virtualbox, or any commercial and similar software19:07
nacctamaid: inkscape, gimp, etc. I guess it depends on what you need to do19:07
ericb2tamaid, FYI, I got an old MS Office, working well on Linux ( x86_64)19:07
ericb2.. using Wine, I must add19:08
Brintno that requires the address of the system on that address !19:08
=== thomas_ is now known as Guest28332
Guy1524that sucks ):19:08
tamaidok thank people !19:08
naccBrint: you want to ftp to a server but don't know the server's IP?19:09
naccBrint: when you said "not on the same network" earlier, did you mean you can't reach the server (routing?)?19:09
=== vitor is now known as Guest22347
Brinthow many devices can you connect to the same router or in other words one public address ?19:12
BrintAnd do they all get same ip ?19:12
naccBrint: connecting devices to the same router does not give them the same public address. Only teh router has the public address.19:13
BrintI mean to clear you what I'm refering to for private addr here !19:13
tamachihey i'm back19:13
naccBrint: a device's address and how it might be accessible are not the same thing.19:14
tamachitrying to install inkscape it seems to there be something like locked19:14
tamachidisplays this lines19:14
naccBrint: i think you are trying to talk about "internal"ly and "external"ly addressable networks19:14
nacctamachi: you would have to use `sudo apt install inkscape`19:15
nacc!sudo | tamachi19:15
ubottutamachi: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !pkexec (for older releases: !gksu and !kdesudo). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo19:15
tamachi"E: could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11 temporarily unavailable)19:15
tamachiis another process using it?"19:16
MonkeyDusttamachi  paste this line, in a terminal ... sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/apt/lists/lock19:16
gronkehow do I make a find command that only shows results for what I want, I have something like: find -iname myfolder | grep myfolder ??19:17
=== Gill_ is now known as Gill
tamachiis it posible that it is runing that process because i'm installing something else??19:17
naccgronke: ... how do we know what you want?19:18
naccgronke: what are you trying to do?19:18
=== k is now known as Guest82390
MonkeyDustgronke  what do you want to find?19:19
Guest82390can I ask questions about KVM in ubuntu here?19:20
MonkeyDusttamachi  keep it in the channel19:21
nacc!ask | Guest8239019:21
ubottuGuest82390: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience19:21
gronkenacc, I am trying to only show results for myfolder, if I type find -iname myfolder it just spams my screen with all of the output of the search19:21
naccgronke: please pastebin the top of the output19:22
Guest82390I'm trying to run Windows 7 through KVM on Ubuntu 16. Is it possible to open an existing Windows installation or must I create a new Windows?19:23
bilb_onoany tips when the "ubuntu" option under UEFI doesn't load- just a blank screen? The installation says it completed successfully19:23
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/19:23
naccGuest82390: http://www.linux-kvm.org/page/Windows7Install ... not really specific to Ubuntu19:24
MonkeyDustGuest82390  better ask in #kvm19:24
gronkenacc um, I mean it's like all the results of the search. So, everything.19:24
naccGuest82390: i'm honestly not sure if you can easily 'migrate' an existing windows installation to a guest; I'm guessing not, as it needs some driver help19:24
bilb_onohmm well it says "no bootable devices" Thats probably the issue. Weird that the install says it completed successfully though19:24
naccgronke: please pastebin your output; as it's working fine here, based upon strictly what you've described19:25
naccgronke: or even just a few lines of the output (with the exact command used)19:25
gronkeit's showing all this permission denied stuff, and I just want it to show only the folders that match it. It's okay, I'll figure it out. thanks!19:25
=== philip is now known as Guest50095
Guest82390ok, I saw an option in Virtual Machine Manager "Import existing disk image". I guess that's not it?19:26
naccGuest82390: i guess that might work; but based upon that kvm page, i think windows doesn't "just work" as a guest, it needs some assistance (not sure, and MonkeyDust is probably right as it's a general question about kvm)19:27
ioriagronke, find . -name filename   2> /dev/null | grep filename19:27
Guest82390I wonder if it's possible to buy an image with all the configurations installations I want pre-made. Would that work?19:30
Guest82390Like, suppose I wanted Ubuntu with KVM with Windows 7 virtualized. Could I pay someone to create an ISO that would auto-install all that from a USB?19:31
Guest82390Or it wouldn't work because my computer is unique?19:31
naccGuest82390: well, you need a license for windows, right? so they can't give that to you on an ISO, aiui19:33
paranoidabhihi guys19:33
paranoidabhiI am using kubuntu 16.04, the latest kernel I installed 4.7 which worked fine(I was able to boot into it).19:34
paranoidabhiBut now I cannot boot into my earlier kernel. It is shown in Advanced options at the time of the boot. After kubuntu boot screen, kde doesn't load in it.19:35
paranoidabhiI am able to ctrl+alt+f1 and check the kernel version.19:36
paranoidabhiany ideas what is happening?19:36
Brinthey It feels to me that man for ftp isn't just complete!19:36
akikBrint: it's very hard to understand you19:36
MonkeyDustBrint  tell it in #ubuntu-offtopic19:37
=== philip is now known as Guest76193
Guest82390couldn't I just give my license number to whoever is creating the ISO?19:37
Guest82390Or... create it without registering Windows?19:37
naccGuest82390: ... dunno, but i think we're offtopic now19:38
Guest82390oh, you mean off-topic of the Ubuntu room?19:38
BrintIt doen't even specifies the -s option that is for reading commands from text file ?19:38
naccBrint: no such option in my ftp.19:38
BrintAnyone familiar with ftp working?19:38
nacc!ot | Guest82390, yea19:39
ubottuGuest82390, yea: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!19:39
Brintwatch this if you don't know about -s http://ss64.com/bash/ftp.html19:40
Brintit's first option19:40
naccBrint: why would you read some random webpage's manpage. On 16.04, ftp has no -s option.19:41
paranoidabhiI am bit confused, how does kernel and ubuntu work.19:42
paranoidabhiubuntu latest kernel is 4.4.. but the actual latest one is 4.719:42
nacc!latest | paranoidabhi19:42
ubottuparanoidabhi: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.19:42
ioriaparanoidabhi, it may depends on your video drivers or on the way you used to install 4.719:42
paranoidabhidoes ubuntu make changes to the kernel before installing?19:43
naccparanoidabhi: it's not "4.4" which would imply 4.4.0, but it's 4.4.0-28 (at this point), which means 28 sets of patches have been applied19:43
nacc(at least 28, i guess tehcnicallyh)19:43
k1l_Brint: that could be due to the version of ftp in that website and the one used in your ubuntu release19:43
naccparanoidabhi: that question is very vague, but yes, the ubuntu kernel is not just '4.4.0' unmodified19:43
paranoidabhinacc, i installed 4.7rc which works ok. Should I downgrade?19:43
naccparanoidabhi: you should not run the mainline Linux kernel unless you have a very good reason to, and know what youa re doing.19:44
naccparanoidabhi: particularly not an RC kernel19:44
MonkeyDustparanoidabhi  trey removing 4.7 and then boot into 4.419:44
Brintcool now I'm taking it direct to the issue if you couldn't get it till now !19:45
BrintI started the vsftpd server and can't access it from a system not in the same lan ! Now you have to reason it why ?19:45
scghey everyone! If I want to be involved in the community and start helping the project, where can I start?19:45
paranoidabhiMonkeyDust, why is removing 4,7 necessary?19:45
naccscg: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContributeToUbuntu19:45
paranoidabhiCan't use multiple kernels.19:45
MonkeyDustparanoidabhi  why is having it necessary?19:45
ioriaparanoidabhi,  usually you install a new (unreleased) kernel when you have a piece of hardware not working ....19:45
paranoidabhiMonkeyDust, Testing a upstream bug.19:45
paranoidabhiioria, yes. That is my case.19:46
MonkeyDustparanoidabhi  first try a solution with the mainline kernel, you can ask here for help19:47
samwilliamBrint, seriously, did you check if the vsftpd status?19:47
ioriaparanoidabhi,  so, have you tried to restart the dm, ot another de, or remove any proprietary video drivers or stuff like that ?19:47
k1l_!contribute | scg19:47
ubottuscg: To contribute and help out with Ubuntu, see http://community.ubuntu.com and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContributeToUbuntu19:47
paranoidabhiokay I am reposting my question.19:47
paranoidabhiI am using kubuntu 16.04, the latest kernel I installed 4.7 which worked fine(I was able to boot into it).But now I cannot boot into my earlier kernel. It is shown in Advanced options at the time of the boot. After kubuntu boot screen, kde doesn't load in it. I am able to ctrl+alt+f1 and check the kernel version.19:47
Brintsamwilliam: http://paste.ubuntu.com/18577201/19:48
k1l_scg: there are several different teams/sections you can help. that depends on your skills and/or interests.19:48
ioriaparanoidabhi,  oh, i see19:48
wallbrokeni started ubuntu live, and i want to access to ntfs hard disk to save data and write it on another external hard disnk ntfs, is possible?19:48
paranoidabhiioria, no. I thought it would work, why caused it not to? I am a bit confused.19:49
naccBrint: sounds like a basic routing problem. Is the port for ftp open to that server to systems outside your newtork?19:49
scgubottu, k1l_: thanks!19:49
naccBrint: note that ftp is incredibly insecure, and doing so probably exposes your system to vulnerabilities19:49
k1l_Brint: there is already a sftp server included in ssh. so you can use that with your ssh account.19:50
samwilliamnacc is right, give a try to sftp19:50
naccparanoidabhi: you *are* able to boot into it. not being able to boot into a kernel would mean you'd get a panic, or oops or some error. Your DM/DE is not loading, which ioria tried to give some hints on.19:50
samwilliambut if the problem is inside your LAN, check your config19:51
Bashing-omscg: Another starter for contributions to the community : http://cheesehead-techblog.blogspot.com/2015/10/point-new-participants-to-find-task.html .19:51
Brintsamwilliam : what config?19:51
paranoidabhinacc, 1.but what caused it not to work 2. which hints, sorry not sure?19:51
ioriaparanoidabhi,  you can always reinstall the kernel with sudo apt-get install linux-generic19:52
samwilliamalso check your firewall19:52
Brintit is ok with that. Btw what is the command to check port forwarding status ?19:52
paranoidabhiioria, True but I have not uninstalled anything.19:53
ioriaparanoidabhi,  it's odd, i see19:53
naccparanoidabhi: i don't know what might have changed to break things, sorry19:53
naccparanoidabhi: < ioria> paranoidabhi,  so, have you tried to restart the dm, ot another de, or remove any proprietary video drivers or stuff like that ?"19:54
naccparanoidabhi: or inspected the logs for what might have failed19:54
Brintsamwilliam : I think you are familiar with inet and ip address ?19:54
BrintTo further clarify I need to add that ftp is accessible from within same lan !19:56
paranoidabhinacc, which one /var/log/syslog?19:56
samwilliamBrint, that is not a big deal19:57
samwilliamyou can use netstat to check your ports19:58
Brintsamwilliam : then I think you know the format to specify the ip and inet address while using ftp commnd ?19:58
BrintOr in other way I can scan for open ports on my address with some utility ! Right samwilliam ?19:59
Brintnetstat then ?20:00
nicomachusBrint: netstat will do the job. check out the man page for it20:00
samwilliamor nmap also20:01
akikBrint: to check open ports on your machine "netstat -tulpan | grep LISTEN". to check open ports on another machine "sudo nmap ip.add.re.ss"20:01
=== mkultra_ is now known as mkultra
akikBrint: but for ftp client, it's just "ftp ip.add.re.ss"20:02
samwilliamnmap -Pn IP_ADRESSS -p PORT_NUMBER20:02
naccBrint: your ftp server, is it on a public IP?20:03
BrintOhk I used Angry ip scanner to scan my address and that shows open ports including 2120:03
naccBrint: or is it on an internal IP and behind a router or whatever20:04
kulelu88Hi all20:05
nessus_just a query. can you not just install the gui version of nmap. it provides pretty great options.20:06
Brintnacc : In the beginning I asked you for public and private ip specification format in ftp and you replied back saying that doesn't makes sense !20:06
akikBrint: you give the ftp client the ip address of the ftp server. that's it20:07
samwilliamLooking for security, ftp doesn't make sense at all20:07
naccBrint: because it doesn't (stop using ! as your only punctuation.). You ftp to an IP. It doesn't matter if it's public or private (your terms) or internal or external to your network configuration. I think you are misunderstanding, basically how networking works. And i don't htink you should be setting up an Ftp server (which *is* insecure) if that's the case.20:07
jdo_dkWhat is the best indexer to ubuntu ? I want to find all files which contains a specific word / sentence on a server.20:08
ahtikI'm somewhat troubled with ubuntu crontab syntax for intervals.  10 * * * * ls works but 10/10 * * * * ls is giving "bad minute" error. Any ideas?20:08
akikahtik: you probably want "*/10 * * * *"20:08
jdo_dkahtik: What do you want? If you want every 10 minute, try */1020:09
kgirthoferhey all - my computer is constantly slow loading websites - even local pages. Chrome always just hangs on "waiting for $HOSTNAME$" any ideas where to start?20:09
BrintWell my ftp server is connected to internet via wlan0 !20:09
ahtikakik: I'd like to start from :10.  But yea, now I realize that 10/10 would still include :00 either way so */10 would be correct.20:10
jmspeexSo I just tried updating a 14.04 VM to 16.04 and somewhere in the distupgrade it crashed and now I can't even boot it as it won't recognize my disk encryption password20:10
jmspeexHas anyone encountered that before?20:11
nacc!ltsupgrade | jmspeex20:11
ubottujmspeex: Users of 14.04 LTS will be offered the automatic upgrade when 16.04.1 LTS is released, which is scheduled for July 21st.20:11
akikahtik: i think */10 starts on the tenth minute, not on 020:11
samwilliamBrint, a recommend you read about ftp, network, and security before put it out.  PLease, don't make your server a zombie20:11
jdo_dkakik: Im pretty sure */10 equal, 0,10,30,40,5020:12
jmspeexOh, so 16.04 isn't even out? I'm not sure what it updated to then :-(20:12
k1l_jmspeex: no. the official lts upgrade is to the 16.04.120:12
k1l_jmspeex: what exact command did you use to upgrade?20:12
Picijdo_dk: and 2020:13
jdo_dkPici: Yeah, forgot 20. :p20:13
jmspeexk1l_: I could tell you for sure if I still had my history :-(. Some command-line tool with the -d option20:14
ahtikakik: jdo_dk: yea, */10 would start from 0. But as I have two cron rows that should not overlap, I'd need to start the second row with :10 and was hoping 10/10 would just exclude the first full hour  tick. Back to the drawing board I guess.. :)20:14
jmspeexwhich didn't complete the update, so I had to manually do an upgrade -f and then a dist-upgrade (which is the one that crashed)20:14
k1l_jmspeex: yeah, that -d is for "developer". you did the developer upgrade to 16.04 since the LTS path is not opened until 16.04.1 is released20:14
jmspeexso there's no 16.04 (with no .1)?20:15
akikahtik: you could experiment with 1-59/1020:15
jdo_dkahtik: How about: 5,15,25,35,45,55 and */10 for the other one ?20:15
ahtikakik: that would run 1,11,21,31 etc.20:16
k1l_jmspeex: sure there is. but the direct upgrade from 14.04 to 16.04 is opened when 16.04.1 is released. since you use LTS, you dont want hasty upgrades20:16
jmspeexAh I see20:16
k1l_jmspeex: so look at the logs what is going wrong.20:17
jmspeexkl23: I have no logs, I can't even get to the encrypted disk20:17
jmspeexI meant k1l_20:17
k1l_uh, even encrypted. remove the "quiet splash" from the kernel line and see what it shown20:17
kulelu88in this explanation: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Apt-Cacher-Server#Import_existing_cached_Packages   ... is apt-cacher simply doing a symlink to my main /var/apt/cache/ or is the command actually pulling in all the .deb packages?20:18
slinkpAre there Unity themes that modify window chrome to  add a bottom border?  I'm not a fan of the modern borderless thing.20:21
kulelu88slinkp: you want a windows-xp like bottom menu?20:22
slinkpkulelu88:  i can't remember what XP looks like :)20:22
slinkpi've been using xubuntu almost exclusively for the past couple years, just recently trying unity again20:22
slinkphmm this is interesting http://askubuntu.com/questions/448204/how-do-i-add-a-border-around-windows-but-keep-the-current-theme20:23
ahtikjdo_dk: akik: 5,15.. */10 combo would lose my inner full hour intervals.. I have two crons, "*/15 10-14 * * *" and "*/10 14-20 * * *" and have to figure out a way to avoid the overlap at 14:00 but head is exploding with that :)20:23
DinosaurioHey, octave: get out of here20:24
ahtikI guess just have to build one extra cron row for that 14:00 hour20:24
afeijohey folks, I need to create a new live usb drive. I started the Create Disk app here in my Ubuntu 16.04 x64, but it is missing the "Reserve space to documents" section20:27
afeijoI need it to be persistent20:28
PaulStuf1hello everyone20:29
nessus_afeijo, you are using the "Startup Disk Creator"?20:32
akikafeijo: do you think it has been removed from the startup disk creator?20:32
afeijonessus_: yes20:32
afeijoakik: I dont know, I use it rarely. Today its missing20:33
akikafeijo: http://askubuntu.com/questions/772093/where-is-the-persistent-option-for-startup-disk-creator-in-16-0420:33
akikafeijo: "* Update UI and frontend code to drop the persistence widgets."20:34
samwilliamafeijo: You can try Unetbootin20:34
apawlHave a question on /etc/profile vs /etc/profile.d -- Are all of the scripts under the latter automatically run each time a new shell is started?20:34
apawlI just want to set some "global" environment variables20:34
akikafeijo: you can create a ubuntu installation on the usb stick though20:34
apawltrying to figure out if it makes sense to do that in /etc/profile? or /etc/profile.d/my_vars or something20:34
afeijoakik: omg20:35
akikafeijo: the askubuntu.com page refers to mkusb which could be used instead20:35
afeijoakik: I created with that app, but its missing the persistent feature20:36
afeijoakik: I will try mkusr20:36
akikremoving options seems to be a trend20:37
jazHello every one ;)20:37
PsychoBoBhggdh, don't be rude with me20:38
hggdhPsychoBoB: keep in topic.20:39
afeijoakik: except for MS, they add new shit all the time20:39
PsychoBoBI want know what is elementary os20:39
PsychoBoBjust it20:39
PsychoBoBYou'll to ban here too?20:39
MatsuzakaWho the fu** has created recaptcha and the biggest fool in the world is who maintains wechat.freenode !20:40
MatsuzakaIt took me more than 10 minutes to join up !20:40
k1l_Matsuzaka: critics about the webchat are better suited in #freenode .since we dont run that20:40
MatsuzakaFrustrating .............20:40
DinosaurioMatsuzaka: Some #freenode faggot20:40
Dinosaurioit's full of them, especially those who're voiced20:41
PsychoBoBI just ask about elementary and... puuum ... banned =(20:41
hggdhDinosaurio: not here, please20:41
xangua! Language20:41
ubottuThe main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList20:41
Guy1524Guys I really need help, in ubuntu 16.04, whenever I launch an application, unity doesn't recognize it and it doesn't show up as open in my taskbar and I can't alt+tab to it20:41
k1l_PsychoBoB: stop it asap. or you get banned again20:41
PsychoBoBwhat' it?20:41
hggdhPsychoBoB: pare. Aqui a paciencia é menor.20:42
PiciMatsuzaka: feel free to use a real irc client, like hexchat, if you don't like webchat.freenode.net20:42
k1l_as soon as possible. dont play dumb. we had a long discussion the last time i banned you. you said you will follow the rules. last warning now!20:42
PsychoBoBhggdh, deve ser igual a sua?20:42
PsychoBoBtolerancia zero?20:42
etropeshombre alguien falando spaniardish20:42
Guy1524I am really confused why this is happening, it was working but then I reboot and it stops working20:42
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Matsuzakahexchat an app?20:43
PiciMatsuzaka: it is.  its in the ubuntu repos, and is also available for other OSes, like Windows if you are connecting from there.20:43
Guy1524guys, desktop-file-validate returns this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/18580976/20:46
Pici!info hexchat20:46
ubottuhexchat (source: hexchat): IRC client for X based on X-Chat 2. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.10.2-1ubuntu3 (xenial), package size 330 kB, installed size 932 kB20:46
precise|srsOk, so I'm running a KVM instance with Ubuntu Server 16.04, I have set /etc/network/interfaces to assign ens3 a static IP, I have restarted networking via both '/etc/init.d/networking restart' and 'service networking restart'. ens3 still has a DHCP assigned IP... What gives?20:46
akikprecise|srs: it's a known bug that it doesn't work20:47
precise|srsOk, is there a known workaround?20:47
akikprecise|srs: try ifup/ifdown20:47
cristobalany way to make a usb from ubuntu to install on a mackbook pro? all documentations requires to format the usb from mac os and i cant do that any how to is wellcome :P20:48
precise|srsI just cycled through ifdown ens3 then up, now dice...20:48
precise|srsAre there seperate config files for ifup/ifdown?20:48
akikprecise|srs: oh 16.04. sorry i must be tired. it was a problem earlier20:48
precise|srsOh, no problem :)20:48
precise|srsCould it be a conflict between the KVM NIC and Ubuntu NIC?20:48
akikprecise|srs: did you try systemctl restart networking.service ?20:49
precise|srsJust did, still nothing...20:49
precise|srsI have the KVM NIC set to bridge through my ethernet card, could that be an issue?20:49
Guy1524guys, I really need help and I have been asking this question for days yet people rarely respond20:49
akikGuy1524: have you checked whether it has launched into another workspace ?20:51
Guy1524I dont have multiple workspaces enabled20:51
precise|srsakik: https://askubuntu.com/questions/766131/set-static-ip-ubuntu-16-0420:51
precise|srsTangently related, but I guess there is no harm in trying XD20:51
akikGuy1524: i had one person wonder about this and it was in the non-enabled workspace20:51
Guy1524basically when I click on the icon in the taskbar, it flashes and opens and keeps flashing then goes back to like its not open20:52
Guy1524just enabled workspaces, same problem20:52
precise|srsThat has happened to me on occassion Guy1524, generally fixed itself on reboot. More often than not it happens when I am using a lot of resources.20:53
akikprecise|srs: ifdown works with 16.04 systemd (with /etc/network/interfaces)20:53
Guy1524the applications launch, but unity doesn't recognize that it launched20:53
Guy1524precise|srs: this remains after reboot20:53
akikGuy1524: the application wasn't in the other workspace ?20:53
Guy1524no, the application opens, but ubuntu doesn't know that it opens20:53
Guy1524so it isn't in alt+tab or show as open in the taskbar20:53
precise|srsakik: I just rebooted the server and it is now the static IP I was trying to set. I don't think this is Ubuntu completely, I think this may be KVM, specifically virt-manager giving me grief :P20:54
akikGuy1524: you switched into the other workspace and it was empty?20:54
ericrajuin(script-fu:25911): LibGimpBase-WARNING **: script-fu: gimp_wire_read(): error ///// gimp crash and throw this error when I ctrl+C, what gives ? :-(20:54
precise|srsakik: Thanks for your help though :)20:54
Guy1524yes, the application launches in my current workspace, and the other workspaces are empty20:54
precise|srsGuy1524 can you open up a console window?20:54
precise|srsPress CTRL ALT T20:54
Guy1524I know20:54
precise|srstype top and hit enter20:55
Guy1524ok, did that20:55
precise|srsDo you see any processes that are taking up >90% CPU or RAM?20:55
=== messer440 is now known as Guest64037
precise|srsI am wondering if maybe you have a rougue process that is hogging resources...20:56
Guy1524this happens on reboot20:56
precise|srsIS this a fresh install?20:56
Guy1524pretty much, I installed it a few days ago20:56
Guy1524at first it didn't happen20:56
Guy1524but now it does for some reason20:56
precise|srsDid you check the MD5 and SHA sums of your install ISO?20:56
Guy1524ugh, no and I dont have any intention to do so as the this is the only problem and it worked in the beginning20:57
precise|srsGuy1524: FYI it takes all of 30 seconds and can save a lot of grief.20:57
MishtiWhich is the package for mouse server in ubuntu ?20:57
precise|srsI don't know if that is what is to blame, but it is good practice.20:57
Guy1524ok then, how do I do it fomr command line20:58
MishtiNeed to access touchpad in some remote device !20:58
akikGuy1524: there's a tool called xdotool which can manipulate xorg windows20:58
precise|srsGuy1524: md5sum "your iso here".iso20:59
Guy1524l thx20:59
Guy1524*k lol20:59
precise|srsCompare the output to the sums provided by Ubuntu20:59
precise|srs^ Can be found in the cdimages downloads directory.20:59
MishtiIs there any type of mouse server available in ubuntu ?21:00
akikGuy1524: also wmctrl can manipulate windows21:01
Guy1524ok, the md5sum is the same21:02
Guy1524akik: why would I need a program that can manipulate windows21:02
Guy1524what I want is for unity to stop messing up and recognize open windows21:02
akikGuy1524: i was just thinking that you could get that window visible first, if it saves it position on exit etc.21:03
Guy1524I can open the windows fine21:03
MishtiNobody knows?21:03
akikGuy1524: you were just saying that the program opens but you don't see it21:04
Guy1524this is getting frustrating, the windows do open, but unity doesn't recognize that they are open, therfore I can not see them in ALT+TAB or as open in the taskbar21:04
Guy1524I can see it on the screen, but not in the task bar or ALT+TAB21:04
akikGuy1524: install wmctrl, then use "wmctrl -l"21:04
Guy1524what would that do?21:05
Guy1524akik: wmctrl -l recognizes all open windows21:06
djapojoin bladeRF21:07
Guy1524any ideas? this is infuriating21:07
Guy1524Im going to abandon ubuntu now, this isn't worth the hassle21:12
MonkeyDustGuy1524  or use something different from unity21:12
Guy1524I like unity21:12
k1l_what program is it?21:12
ph88^how can i get this fixed ?  https://paste.fedoraproject.org/388158/14677532/21:14
ph88^i'm on ubuntu 16.0421:14
Guy1524I finally fixed it!!!!!21:15
MonkeyDustGuy1524  how did you do it21:15
Guy1524phew, that was so annoying21:15
Guy1524I went into unity tweak tool and clicked restore defaults21:15
a7i3nI also like Unity... But I like i3 better... so I run both...21:15
Guy1524and that took away everything but the wallpaper and the applications21:16
Guy1524so I went into compizconfigsettings manager21:16
MonkeyDustGuy1524  remember: ranting and cursing is the only language that every computer understands21:16
Guy1524and turned on the unity plugin21:16
Guy1524and everything works now21:16
Guy1524cya guys, sorry for getting really frustrated21:17
Guy1524oh one more question, in xrandr, if a certain resolution has 59.99 or 60.2 fps, does it pretty much mean 60?21:18
Guy1524or is the refresh rate actually something really close to 6021:18
daxit means 6021:18
dax(and I think it's Hz?)21:18
Guy1524ok thanks21:18
MishtiHow to install mmlinuxserver in 16.04 ?21:19
Guy1524why does it show a number so close to 60 instead or 6021:19
Mishtiapt install mmlinuxserver om ubuntu21:20
Mishtiapt install mmlinuxserver gives an error !21:21
Mishtiunable to locate !21:21
k1l_Mishti: there is no such package21:21
juzemackGuy1524: That's typically how you see a live display of FPS21:22
davido_Where does the bounce_key value (in accessibility | typing) get stored?21:22
MishtiI have located that in ubuntu store21:23
phoenixstewhello all, I just upgraded from 15.04 to 15.10 and since doing so, my wireless card has disappeared. If I run the old kernel, it works again (but other things break).21:23
xaviergmailHey, is there a way I can fake a connected display adapter by jumping a dvi/vga cable? I currently don't have a monitor for my desktop PC and I'd like to boot it blindly to at least get to the lock screen at which point I can ssh/teamviewer21:23
phoenixstewI tried updating the firmware ucode file to no avail, iwlwifi spits out an error on boot that it cannot find an EEPROM which is not shown when I boot the old kernel21:24
xaviergmail(I don't know how ttys behave without a display connected either)21:24
phoenixstewWhere can I begin to look for this error or is this an easy to solve problem?21:24
MishtiPLEASE specify dpkg command for .deb files ?21:26
MishtiAnybody ??21:31
k1l_what do you want to do with dpkg?21:31
compdocsudo dpkg -i DEB_PACKAGE21:32
compdocwould have found that in dpkg --help21:32
GrorcoHello World!21:39
kulelu88when running this command:    sudo /usr/share/apt-cacher/apt-cacher-import.pl -l /var/cache/apt/archives .. is it creating a symlink or actually importing the .deb packages ?21:39
SircleCan anyone tell me a good codec package? I see a video but no voice21:40
SircleCan anyone tell me a good codec package? I see a video but no voice. Its .mp421:40
GrorcoHi I don't know if I understand polkit completely, does it automate giving su privilages to apts that require it at startup?21:41
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kisbSircle, install ubuntu restricted extras21:42
GrorcoSircle, what are you watching on?21:42
z0ltanhowdy, folks21:42
Grorcohi zolLtan21:43
Sohrongreetings, i have a full duplicity backup of 16.04 / with all software i want, now i'd like to upgrade to a bigger SSD21:44
Sohronso, is it as straight forward as installing basic 16.04 and then doing `duplicity restore ...' and update-grub after that and a reboot?21:45
=== bitti is now known as bitti_away
Sohronsudo duplicity restore file:///path/to/root_backup /21:47
GrorcoI get a polkit error on start up most of the time, how can I tell what is causing the error?21:48
SchrodingersScatSohron: that would at least place the files, some more is likely needed to make that bootable21:49
SohronSchrodingersScat: setting the boot flag with fdisk to the OS partition?21:51
Sirclekisb:  I have kubuntu restricted extras already. Grorco  I am using vlc21:51
SohronSchrodingersScat: but it will be set bootable when installing the base 16.04 to the new SSD right?21:52
kisbSircle, if other videos work then maybe that video corrupted21:52
Sohroni'm going to create two partitions, one for the OS with 50GB, 16GB swap and rest for /home21:52
Sirclekisb:  no, it works on windows21:53
janekhello, when is the new Ubuntu KDE expected to be released?21:54
k1l_janek: ubuntu releases are released at the end of april and end of october21:55
SchrodingersScatSircle: have to watch out for grub, fstab, etc.21:55
GrorcoSircle, if you open the sound settings does it show audio under the apps for vlc?21:56
janekShould I install the newest Ubuntu and then install KDE  or wait for the new Kubuntu ?21:57
SircleGrorco:  yes,21:58
k1l_janek: i doubt that the latest kde will work without big changes. but the guys in #kubuntu can tell you more21:58
GrorcoSircle, have you tried a different mp4 to make sure it's not just a bad file?21:59
Sirclekisb:  no, it works on windows  <--- Grorco22:00
Sohroni'm off to bed, hilight me with a response if i missed something and i'll look at it tomorrow22:06
kukkunoob question ,i know , but can we delete the the directories in ~ after make & make install22:07
akikkukku: you can delete the source and build directory22:09
kukkuakik, - source directory is the main folder ,, what is built direc..??  and thanxx22:11
akikkukku: it's the same directory if you just ran configure and make in it22:14
kukkuakik,  , GOT it !!22:14
kukkuakik, thank you22:14
Sircleany mp4 codes?22:14
SircleHow to enforce ipv4?22:15
Sircletraceroute to chat.freenode.net (2a00:1a28:1100:11::42), 30 hops max, 80 byte packets connect: Network is unreachable22:15
akikSircle: you can set it up in /etc/gai.conf, the precedence lines22:17
mist_hi guys, i'm getting *ERROR* EDID checksum is invalid in my syslog and the screen is black22:19
mist_any ideas?22:19
akikmist_: try booting with the nomodeset kernel parameter22:27
Glorfinde1I am having problems installing 3rd party software from a .deb file in lxde on ubuntu studio, it opens in the "software" program, but clicking install doesn't work: the button shows that it starts but then it silently stops and returns to the state it was in22:30
mist_akik: well i get no errors but i also get no screen =/22:31
Glorfinde1fxce rather, not lxde22:31
akikmist_: how about /var/log/Xorg.0.log. does it have any errors at the end?22:33
bpromptGlorfinde1:    you could always  hmm if it's just one .deb file, try to install it manually, sounds to me it may not be installing due to missing dependencies though, though the installer you're using, is not showing any errors, anyhow, try doing it manually -> sudo dpkg -i FILENAME.deb <---   then run an -> sudo apt-get check <-- to see if anything is broken, if so, then do a -> sudo apt-get -f install <- to see what action can be t22:35
Glorfinde1bprompt: ok, the first file I tried on that worked just fine, no errors and the apt-check came back clean... I'll try the next one22:37
mist_akik: http://paste.ubuntu.com/18586825/22:37
bpromptGlorfinde1:   bear in mind, this is a 3rd party app, is up to the 3rd party to compile it properly for whatever system is intended to, and do any testings as needed22:38
Glorfinde1bprompt: ah, I see. Well, they both installed fine, so I guess I'll write down that command for use in the future :) Many thanks!22:41
UbuntuDudehow to make the file operation windows stay always on top of unity ubuntu?22:41
bpromptGlorfinde1:    note:   all apt-get is doing, is running a bunch of scripts that on the backend are using "dpkg" anyway, the Debian PacKaGer22:42
akikmist_: mist_ do you have any extra gfx card in your computer? it's using the vesa driver22:42
d3bugis it possible to set some compile flags and rebuild the entire Ubuntu system from source with a simple command (ie; without rebuilding each and every package independently) ?22:43
akikmist_: lshw -c video22:43
naccd3bug: no, why would you want to do that?22:43
d3bugnacc:  because I do.  but that answers my question.  thank you for the nice and short answer.22:44
TameikiHello, anyone know if it exist a kind of battery overlay in CLI ? On my openbox laptop, I always use /tty1 for openbox (no problem) but I also often use /tty2 in only-cli.22:45
TameikiI already saw battery level at uper-right corner on some laptop. (green and grey squares)22:46
swebhow can i disable backuping rules on  `ufw reset` ?22:47
Glorfinde1bprompt, wouldn't that make it an ubuntu bug that the program wasn't installing?22:48
bpromptGlorfinde1:    nope, if you buy a defective car stereo, just because is for Toyotas, doesn't make it Toyota's fault it doesn't work or has lousy reception22:50
Glorfinde1but in your analogy it wasn't the stereo that was defective22:52
bpromptGlorfinde1:     well, the glass is half-empty of half-full, it depends on where you want to look at it, the car stereo manufacturer is meant to do testings and make dead-sure it works on the intended models, they do their implementation independent of toyota, thus the stereo working or not working is indeed their fault22:57
loopybprompt: the glass is twice as big as it needs to be ;-)23:00
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bpromptyeap hehe23:00
Guest65581i have "modprobe.blacklist=radeon" in the GRUB_CMD_LINUX_DEFAULT of my /etc/default/grub. Why does sudo lspci -vnn still show the radeon driver in use?23:02
Guest65581I am using 16.0423:03
Guest65581and I have done sudo update-grub23:03
Bashing-omGuest65581: There is a control file for blacklisting . see for instance : ' cat /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf ' .23:07
OerHeksGuest65581, i would blacklist radeon to the end of /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf23:07
OerHeksbut why would you want that?23:08
OerHekshah, same thought Bashing-om23:08
Bashing-omOerHeks: I liked yours better :) .. Why do that ??23:09
Guest65581OerHerks, I want pci-stub and/or vfio-pci to use the radeon card instead23:09
Guest65581So that I can pass it through to a windows 8.1 VM using QEMU & the IOMMU in my hardware23:10
OerHeksoke, then you want to add it to  /lib/modprobe.d/pci-stub.conf ?23:11
OerHeksfound some examples.23:11
OerHeksbut not sure initrmfs example is still valid23:12
Guest65581OerHeks: /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf is blank. is this normal?23:13
Guest65581also, I am using instructions from http://vfio.blogspot.co.uk/2015/05/vfio-gpu-how-to-series-part-3-host.html23:13
OerHeksno, mine has several entries23:13
ProfessorKaos64what ubuntu package dictates your mesa stack version in use? e.g. 10.6.323:14
Guest65581Mine has nothing at all.23:14
Bashing-omGuest65581: My blacklist file that you "might" find of use : http://paste.ubuntu.com/18589002/ .23:18
Guest65581pressing "crtl+x" in nano a few times made it show up23:19
pythonsnakecan i install 4.5 on 14.04 ?23:20
ddd333so this female relative of mine keeps calling me to my house and wants to talk to me. but my intuition tells me not to answer or see her never again. is it ok to follow my instinct?23:21
Guest65581i'm not sure this is the right palce to ask that...23:21
OerHekspythonsnake, 4.5 ?? give more details please23:21
OerHeks!ot | ddd33323:22
ubottuddd333: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!23:22
ddd333Guest65581: please help me. it's a quick question23:22
pythonsnakeOerHeks: kernel 4.523:22
Guest65581i suppose, pm me23:22
OerHekswe don'tcare, this is support only ddd33323:22
ddd333Guest65581: i have my reasons to distrust her23:22
Guest65581then don't.23:22
ddd333Guest65581: thank you friend23:22
Guest65581that was.... weird.23:23
OerHekspythonsnake, if you find one, maybe you can, but without support http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/23:23
ubottuThe kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds23:23
CoJaBo..thought this was the support channel for a sec lol23:23
ddd333psychological support23:24
naccpythonsnake: why do you want the 4.5 kernel?23:25
pythonsnakenacc: need drivers bro23:26
hammer25can I get some opinions on best tools to use to create a live USB for 16.04?23:26
xangua! USB23:27
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent23:27
CountryfiedLinuxbluetooth device added successfully but failed to connect Any suggestions?23:40
beaverhello, why avidemux is no longer available in the repositories ?23:42
beaver!find avidemux23:42
ubottuFound: W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W: (and 16 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=avidemux&searchon=names&suite=xenial&section=all23:42
beaver!find avidemux23:43
ubottuFile avidemux found in app-install-data, fvwm-crystal, gnome-colors-common, gstreamer0.10-plugins-good-doc, gstreamer1.0-plugins-good-doc, ubuntu-kylin-software-center, ubuntukylin-theme23:43
jane_doeHi, I was wondering how to make apache2 stop displaying info on the OS and web server versions when a 404 error happens23:44
defekt!dmesg | CountryfiedLinux23:44
ubottuCountryfiedLinux: dmesg is a console command which outputs the kernel ring buffer - an important log for diagnosing problems in  Linux. Often when something errors with hardware it will result in additional lines reported which can be seen by running dmesg in a console.23:44
bpromptbeaver:    for 16.04?23:44
beaverbprompt: yes23:44
K1rkjane_doe, set up some custom error pages23:45
K1rkjane_doe, https://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.4/custom-error.html23:46
K1rkYou can make apache say whatever you want23:46
bpromptbeaver:    hmmm https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/avidemux   shows as "active development", so... may be upcoming23:46
jane_doeOk thanks K1rk23:47
beaverbprompt: thank you so much for the answer23:47
elqueseaHello, i try to install wine in lubuntu 16.04 but synaptic wants to delete almost all LXDE apps but those are the core of lubuntu, what can i do?23:47
CountryfiedLinuxConnection Failed: blueman.bluez.errors.DBusFailedError: Protocol not available...23:48
tortibhow can I eanble compiz in gnome3 classic?  It was enabled but it doesn't seem to be working any longer23:49
lerneri got a pdf from a teacher. He scanned it. Defectively. its 40 pages of text and its painful to read, as text is grey and not black on white. What tool can I use to dark the barely readable text?23:51
defektCountryfiedLinux: try this page https://askubuntu.com/questions/768250/bluetooth-audio-sync-refuses-to-connect-in-ubuntu-14-04-bluez-blueman23:53
jane_doeK1kr, the link did explain how to create custom responses for each error code, but how do I know what all the possible error codes are?23:53
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tortibwhenever i hit the windows key in gnome3 classic the transperncy isn't working right23:54
K1rkjane_doe, there are a finite number of HTTP status codes, and not all of them are error codes.  https://www.w3.org/Protocols/rfc2616/rfc2616-sec10.html23:55
K1rkjane_doe, usually the common ones are 404, 403, and 500.23:55
bpromptlerner:    I use qpdfview, is a tabbed pdf viewer, it has an "invert colors" option, to make it white on black, if it helps :)23:57
jane_doeWow, there are like 17 4xx error messages listed there.23:58
K1rkjane_doe, if you don't want to go to the trouble of making custom error pages for every error, you could try this solution.  http://ask.xmodulo.com/turn-off-server-signature-apache-web-server.html23:58
lernerbprompt, cant your suggestions just blacken text?23:58
bpromptlerner:    nope, hm23:58

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