OvenWerksJust had a thought. Maybe not much we can do about it here16:56
OvenWerksbut it sure would be nice if the Ladspa plugin packages could be split into ladspa plugins with no LV2 versions and then all the rest. I would really like not to have to look through all the LV1 plugs if there is already an LV2 of the same thing.16:58
OvenWerksThose who use only LV1s would of course need the whole pile.16:58
OvenWerks(LMMS, audacity, non* are some example that only do LV1)16:59
OvenWerksSomeone who has better wording to make a debian bug could do that.16:59
OvenWerksOne of the people on #ubuntustudio was asking about stereo imaging plugins. I find there is such a thing for linux: bs2b-ladspa which plays with the audio so it _should_ sound better in headphones.17:57

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