cat_Hi I'm having an issue with Jack.02:34
cat_I can't seem to start it. http://pastebin.com/B3pdSHkC02:34
cat_I have tried the fixes I found on forums like reconfiguring and pausing pulseaudio.02:35
cat_here are some scrnshots of my config http://i.imgur.com/6hVj6qk.png http://i.imgur.com/WQv8k0q.png02:38
cat_brb going to restart03:14
cat_ok back03:15
cat_ok it seems when I log out and log back in it works until I try to change the sound card. I will mess with this again one sec.03:16
cat__Well I think I kind of fixed it. It only stops working if I launch sound settings. After that I have to log out and back in.03:19
cat__It also happens when I make any change to the number of ports.03:22
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HiDeHoanyone here08:48
HiDeHoneed some help with ubuntu studio08:49
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience08:49
HiDeHoi know about how irc works. is anyone around and watching08:50
HiDeHoanyway cfhowlett the software appp in ubuntu studio does not show any apps or anything at all08:51
cfhowlettHiDeHo, bring this to #ubuntu.  I had the same experience but it self corrected.08:51
HiDeHocfhowlett: i am on ubuntu studio. they will tell me to come here and ask as its ubuntu studio and not ubuntu.08:52
cfhowlettHiDeHo, you're on ubuntu.  leave it that and ask your question08:53
HiDeHook thanks cfhowlett. the thing with #ubuntu is if your not using ubuntu they wont help. they tell people to go to channels like #kubuntu, #ubuntustudio etc for exact help. the only supported os is the main ubuntu os there.08:54
cfhowlettHiDeHo, or try the command line.  sudo apt update08:54
HiDeHoyea that would work though its a fresh install so should have done all that when installing.08:54
HiDeHothanks man08:55
HiDeHocfhowlett: thanks. how long have you been using ubuntu Studio08:55
cubHiDeHo: to my understanding it was a bug that was fixed upstream, but you might need to update before it's fixed, as cfhowlett wrote.09:15
cubA bit strange that #ubuntu sends people here for ubuntu generic questions as the channel clearly states "This channel supports: Ubuntu and its official flavors"09:16
HiDeHowell i did run sudo apt-get update but still software manager is blank. i installed synaptic not all apps that are usually in the ubuntu repos show.09:16
cubHiDeHo: just to make sure did you also run sudo apt-get upgrade ?09:17
HiDeHojust a difference in ubuntu studio which is why Ubuntu Studio is not supported in #ubuntu why would cfhowlett said to go09:17
cubthe Software center is the same in ubuntu and studio09:17
HiDeHoi have learnt never to run sudo apt-get upgrade it can screw the os09:17
cubAnd Ubuntu Studio is an official flavour of Ubuntu. So they should support it their as well. But well ..09:17
HiDeHoubuntu studio always has used synaptic since the early days because dabian had it. first09:18
cubHiDeHo: if you only run apt-get update it will only fetch the list of all new software updates, you need to run upgrade to install them09:18
HiDeHowhy software centre was introduced i dont know09:18
HiDeHook well from my linux experance running sudo apt-get upgrade is used to upgrade the os from say ubuntu 14.04 to ubunut 14.10 and that always fails09:19
HiDeHoubuntu is not a rolling release09:19
HiDeHobut i will run the apt-get upgrade now09:20
cubI run 'sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade' every time. It has not installed a new release since 2007. So I'm quite certain it works09:20
cubHiDeHo: http://askubuntu.com/questions/196768/how-to-install-updates-via-command-line#19677709:22
HiDeHowell dist-upgrade has never been an officially supported because it has issues. first if you run dist-upgrade say from ubuntu 14.04 - 14.10 and then compare that to a fresh install it will never be exactly the same09:22
cubI wouldn't run an upgrade to a new release.09:22
HiDeHodist-upgrade only upgrades what is already there. it never installs newly added things that where not in the previous version.09:22
HiDeHothis is a fresh install done an hour or so ago09:23
HiDeHousually i have used linux mint but i was given an old vista laptop and i wanted to try ubuntu studio09:23
cubyes, but that fresh install might not have the latest fixes unless it was downloaded during installation?09:23
HiDeHowell it should have been downloaded during installation pulling the latest from the ubuntu repos09:24
HiDeHothat is how most linux os i have used work, well all debian based ones anyway09:24
* HiDeHo what does i really know except what experance has taught me. things change and improve sometimes without me knowing. 09:25
HiDeHoso i stand to be corrected and have run sudo apt-get upgrade now09:25
cubonly if you tick the box during installation. And then I have had times where it timed out getting the updates so usually I only run the installation from my usb and the run apt-get update and upgrade afterwards09:25
HiDeHoyea good idea.09:26
HiDeHocub: how long have you been using Ustudio09:26
cubsince 200709:26
HiDeHocool what made you want/need Ustudio09:26
cubI had an old computer that wouldn't record music in Windows without getting a new computer. :D And I had been using different linux distros before and when I found Ubuntu Studio it just worked.09:27
cubHiDeHo: why did you install Ubuntu Studio?09:28
HiDeHobecause i am a musician and wanted to see what tools ubuntu studio had09:28
HiDeHoi used to have a macbook but that was stolen 2 years ago. I have not done any recording etc since then.09:29
cubCool, I hope you find it useful. And if not, let us know! Always good to know when something is lacking09:29
cubIt's basically "just" Ubuntu with stuff pre-installed and pre-configured.09:30
HiDeHoI want to see what tools DAW, drum machines, setup my mini sound desk with audio interfface, midi keyboard etc09:30
HiDeHoeven my ok usb mic09:30
HiDeHoyes ubuntu needs special kernals etc for all the music app. low latency kernels etc so jackd works etc.09:30
cubI had issues with my old usb sound card until 12.04 I think. From then I could run it fully09:31
HiDeHoi would have used mint but its a pain to set up and install all the right backend and kernals etc09:31
HiDeHoi did test Ustusio many years ago before i got into recording music. it was ok then but i had no need for it all.09:31
HiDeHohi back09:36
HiDeHosorry about that09:36
HiDeHocub, firefox needed restarting09:36
cubI figured it was just temporary09:37
cubdid the updates make any difference HiDeHo ?`09:39
HiDeHocub, does Ustudio use the ubuntu non-free repos09:41
HiDeHojust checking09:42
cubNot by default, but you can tick the box for it in the installation or afterwards. I use it because, well it's a lot of useful stuff in there09:42
HiDeHoyes i am looing for pacisa atm09:42
cubI'm at work so will be AFK for a while09:43
HiDeHonope no option to add not-free repos in software & updates app09:44
HiDeHousually it should be there09:44
HiDeHommmm now to find the repo to add manually in comand line09:45
HiDeHoits just little things that are different in Ustudio so i see09:46
HiDeHocub, you there09:47
HiDeHoi already have the main, restricted, multiverse, universe repos added.09:49
HiDeHook cub guess your busy now. thanks for your help09:50
HiDeHoHi all just having problems with finding picasa in the repos its not showing atm11:01
cubHiDeHo: I'm not sure Picasa is or should be in there?11:22
HiDeHowell it is in mint which uses the same repos as ub untu.11:23
HiDeHocub, its ok i can run without it for now.11:23
HiDeHojust weird picasa is not there.11:23
HiDeHothe latest deb i found was for ubuntu petra thats an old ubuntu os11:24
cubThat's weird. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Picasa11:25
HiDeHocub, also i still have the blank software app problem. and i cant install .deb files11:25
HiDeHowell cub i have picasa installed on my mint os which is a ubuntu 14.04 base and it was in the repos11:26
HiDeHomaybe they have removed picasa in 16.0411:26
HiDeHofair enough11:27
HiDeHothat means i will have to install wine just to get picasa.11:27
HiDeHooh well i may leave that for now.11:27
HiDeHothanks man11:27
cubHiDeHo: 14.04 I can understand. But as the support ended March 2016 it was probably pulled from the 16.04 then11:28
HiDeHoyea i know but picasa has great features and is a great photo manager. i have yet to find a simple photo manager/editor in linux.11:29
cubthe software center issue is unfortunate. I can't do much more from here (mandatory windows computer....)11:29
HiDeHook your on windows atm thats understandable11:30
HiDeHoi am slowly setting up ubuntu studio with all the extra apps i use.11:30
HiDeHoits great.11:30
HiDeHothanks for the help today cub13:00
cubWe didn't solve much though. :D13:01
HiDeHoHi all anyone here today.21:48
HiDeHotoday i am trying to get an audio interface set up. it shows 2 devices when i plug it in.21:59
HiDeHoi can not get it to conect and record in audacity using jackd22:18
OvenWerksHiDeHo: audacity and jack do not work well together22:39
OvenWerksif you start jack with qjackctl, you should end up with the PA-jack bridge running. Then set audacity to use pulse. That is what I do if I want to use audacity for editing.22:41
HiDeHoOvenWerks, to connect an audio interface to Ustudio you need to use jack.22:42
OvenWerksnot true22:42
HiDeHoArdour will detect the signal from the usb mixeer but will not record anything22:42
OvenWerksif jack is not running you can connect directly to alsa22:42
OvenWerksArdour and audacity are two very different animals22:43
HiDeHook i will try that. thanks. New user to Ustudio i installed it yesterday.22:43
OvenWerkswhich one are you using?22:43
HiDeHoi am trying to test out things, set it al up and then begin recording my stuff again.22:43
HiDeHonew user so testing out all apps. and stuff22:44
HiDeHoyou know see what things do etc.22:44
OvenWerksok. Audacity is an audio editor (destuctive) while Ardour is a full DAW that uses non-destructive editing.22:45
HiDeHoso with audacity dont use jack and will try again. if that works i can do basic recording. then i will try to set up Ardour22:45
HiDeHoaudacity can record tracks from instruments. edit previous rechorded audio.  Ardour is more like Garegeband i used before my macbook was stolen.22:46
OvenWerksArdour is more like protools.22:46
OvenWerksI think but am not sure that LMMS is more like garageband22:46
OvenWerksLMMS however, lacks the ability to record audio directly.22:48
HiDeHonever used protools.22:48
OvenWerksQtractor may be better for that, but does not have any internal synths as it expects the user to load plugins instead.22:49
OvenWerksHarrison mixbus and Mixbus32c are based on Ardour. So any of the Mixbus videos on Harrison's site or you tube apply to Ardour.22:50
OvenWerksThis console here uses Ardour. http://harrisonconsoles.com/site/images/mpc5img.png  (see the monitor on the very righthand end...)22:51
HiDeHoi believe that garageband is buuilt on the same bass as apples logic pro app. so it is compatable. just a simplified version of that now. they look and feel similar too..22:51
HiDeHoit seems in Ustudio/Linux you need a set of tools where on pc/mac you need just one app that can do it all.22:52
HiDeHostrange really.22:52
OvenWerksI have not used logic myself. I am told the closest linux app to logic is qtractor.22:52
HiDeHobut i understand Linux stuff is all free22:52
HiDeHook cool then qtractor is another good DAW is it??22:53
OvenWerksArdour can now do pretty much the whole production from one end to the other.22:53
OvenWerksqtracktor is a tracker (according to it's author)22:53
OvenWerksIt depends on what kind of music you want to do really.22:54
HiDeHoso does ardour have built in synths, drums, midi instrument effects (bass, guitar, keyboard, piano, etc)22:54
OvenWerksThere are plugins (preinstalled on ubuntustudio) that do all of those things22:55
HiDeHowrite, record, compose music simply which i could do all from garageband before.22:55
HiDeHoits cool thanks for the help OvenWerks its gettig me introduced to Ustudio.22:55
OvenWerksdepends on the kind of music.22:55
OvenWerksI do those things with a guitar and a paper :)22:56
HiDeHoi am supprised with Ustudio this channel is often empty22:56
HiDeHoOvenWerks, paper cant record your music man22:56
OvenWerksThere are not many people. Also most are in Europe and so are awake acording to UTC or +100 or so22:57
HiDeHothat sucks. i would think Ustudio would have a bigger user base.22:57
OvenWerksI happen to be living in -070022:57
HiDeHoi am living in +1200 ahead of everyone of you al22:58
OvenWerksI do use Ardour to record.22:58
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OvenWerksSo dateline.22:59
HiDeHolol yes i am the first place to get the new day. we trump the world with seeing in the new year and being first to see the new day here.22:59
HiDeHothat cool plus we have a mostly stable country and no wars and fighting unlike lots of the world23:00
HiDeHobut yes its a dateline thing23:00
HiDeHolol. ok thanks i gtg now and eat, then do some chores today. thanks for the heads up with Ustudio23:00
OvenWerksI am on the wet coast of Canada. Mostly pretty stabe as well.23:00
HiDeHoi have been to VC in BC before its a great place23:01
HiDeHoeven got to whistler in 2009 when they where under construction for the olymoics23:01
OvenWerksI haven't been there for a while.23:01
HiDeHowinter olympics23:01
HiDeHoi was shocked that the averge wage was about the same as here. but that things cost way cheaper. a laptop that was $400 there would coust $800 locally23:02
OvenWerksthat is changing.23:03
OvenWerksRichmond used to be the cheapest place in the world for computer bits.23:03
HiDeHoyes as the dollar value goes up and down it does change23:03
HiDeHoeven food was cheaper a watermellow locally was about $2.50 for whole one here $523:04
HiDeHothe only thing was in 2009 it was the Heatwave 40+ deg C and more like Australia with fire in the hills etc23:05
HiDeHoif you remember that23:05
OvenWerksFood has gone up a lot. Even last year I could get 1KG of Almonds for <10$ now $26 for the same bag.23:06
HiDeHowow yea23:06
OvenWerks(some of that could be a really bad season in Califonia)23:06
HiDeHoone thing is that old computer parts here are usually taken to the tip or a recycling scrap centre. and are hard to get.23:07
HiDeHoi hear in the USA they have in some places 2nd hand computer shops where people take old computers and the parts are stripped out and can get for a few $23:07
OvenWerksSame, I put the word out and have had some bits given to me.23:07
ubuntouristAny python-osc / UDP experts here? When I establish a connection from a client with udp_client.UDPClient(...), how do I detect which IP to respond to in the server?23:07
OvenWerksWhile I do know some OSC, I have been programing in c++ with liblo direct.23:08
HiDeHobecause parts are hard to get i had to take several old computers to the recycling scrap place. because of dead ram/cpu power supply etc.  it broke my heart23:08
ubuntouristIf I explicitly supply the return IP in the server's udp_client.UDPClient(...) it works. I'm trying to figure out how to automatically figure out what to add.23:09
HiDeHowhile i can do soem basic html formatting i cant do programming23:09
HiDeHook all i gtg now thanks again OvenWerks23:09
OvenWerksBye now.23:10
HiDeHoi will slowly and carefully go through each app and see how they work in Ustudio and then see what i need to use.23:10
OvenWerksubuntourist: I use lo_address_get_url (lo_address a) to get the sending systems url.23:10
ubuntouristOverWerks: I've forgotten why I didn't go with liblo... Maybe anticipation of Windows? (Right now, it's between Linux, Mac, and a proprietary DSP that speaks OSC.)23:11
HiDeHoit seems one good thing about most of the appps is that they have godo documentation if you want to read up on things. not so many youtube videos for the linux apps.23:11
OvenWerksubuntourist: That doesn't sound right23:11
ubuntouristOvenWerks: I thought I read that liblo doesn't like Windows.  What doesn't sound right?23:12
OvenWerkslo_message_get_source (msg) is what I use.23:13
HiDeHohere is my computer specks i was given an old vista laptop on the weekend so i thought why not try Ustudio. i have Mint on my other main laptop atm23:13
HiDeHoCPU~Dual core AMD Turion X2 Mobile RM-70 (-MCP-) speed/max~1000/2000 MHz Kernel~4.4.0-28-lowlatency x86_64 Up~1:30 Mem~1602.1/1998.3MB HDD~250.1GB(8.8% used) Procs~227 Client~HexChat 2.10.2 inxi~2.2.3523:13
OvenWerksArdour builds in windows.23:13
HiDeHothis should be enough specks to do some decent recording i think.23:13
HiDeHowhat do you think OvenWerks23:14
OvenWerksHiDeHo: yes. I have done recording on a netbook with 1 GB23:14
ubuntouristOvenWerks: I see now that I was mistaken. Maybe it was a Python 2 vs. Python 3 issue.23:14
HiDeHoi am liking Ustudio 16.04 so far23:14
OvenWerksHiDeHo: glad you like it.23:14
HiDeHoif i like Ustudio i could easily use it as my everyday os23:15
OvenWerksyou probably should be using python2... it still seems to be standard23:15
ubuntouristOvenWerks: I guess that's not it either. So, maybe I'll try to go back and retrofit everything. But it's a big app.23:15
ubuntourist(A big set of apps, really. By my meager standards.)23:15
HiDeHoUstudio has all i need plus woo hoo low latency and setup for music production apps23:15
OvenWerksubuntourist: I don't know I am not very good with python or the libs that go with it.23:16
HiDeHothe low latency is a pain to set up in my preferred Linux Mint os.23:17
OvenWerkshave you tried the linux_audio_developer mailing list?23:17
HiDeHoOvenWerks, you seem like a nice guy. what stuff do you record and mix there23:17
OvenWerksHiDeHo: really? it should just install as it uses the same repos.23:17
ubuntouristOvenWerks Nope. I thought I'd try my hand in IRC first (after several web searches that weren't quite enough).23:18
HiDeHoOvenWerks, it was something to do with the mint setup and conflicts. I thought so too but others also had same issues trying to set it all up.23:18
OvenWerksHiDeHo: I have been doing more coding than making music. I play with people on the weekends, bass guitar and mandolin23:18
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HiDeHoubuntourist, with irc this channel is for Ustudio your lucky OvenWerks knows something about this subject lol.23:19
OvenWerksHiDeHo: Ah, could be. I tried mint once23:19
HiDeHoMint is a way better os that where ubuntu is now.23:19
* OvenWerks happens to be working on Ardour's OSC code these days23:19
ubuntouristHiDeHo: My early experiments with OSC and Python were being tested against SuperCollider on my UbuntuStudio box. I also got a wee bit of OSC with PD and Processing.23:20
OvenWerksubuntourist: Also try the #lad in irc23:20
HiDeHowhen ubuntu changed away from gnome and went with Unity many users ditched Ubuntu and went over to mint.23:21
ubuntouristOvenWerks: Thanks!23:21
OvenWerksHiDeHo: that is also why Studio uses xfce23:21
HiDeHoin the early days of testing out linux i tried some os that confused me allot. even ubuntu did. then i got mint free on an computer mag cd. and boom linux made sense.23:22
HiDeHoback then it was mint with gnome 223:22
HiDeHoi know ubuntu studio uses xfce because its light, fast, optimised and low on resourceses23:22
OvenWerksubuntourist: there has not been much activity in #lad today. maybe the long weekend.23:22
HiDeHoi loved gnome 2 but when that went eol i moved to xfce. just before the mate fork camem out23:23
OvenWerksHiDeHo: also partly because it is close to gnome223:23
HiDeHoi love and use xfce on all my so23:23
HiDeHomint, puppy and Ustudio.23:23
OvenWerksMy wife was using kde (kubuntu) for a bit, but I kept having issues. SO last upgrade I went xubuntu.23:24
HiDeHothe only thing is on my Odroid U3 (small arm dev board similar to Raspberry PI) ubuntu 14.04 had a some issue with xfce so they used Lxde. and i find lxde and xfce so similar that i hardly notice any difference. only thing is that being an arm device some apps are not built and others only have part of them there.23:25
OvenWerksWhat I like about xubuntu over mint is that in mint I have the problems I had two years ago that ubuntu has fixed... of course that means I have troubles mint will see next release :)23:25
OvenWerksHiDeHo: lxde uses some of xfce's bits... I think the pannel is xfce's for example.23:26
HiDeHoxfce is the best choice. as its light and fast out of the box. to get fancy effects and such you just have to do allot more setup work than Cinnamon, unity, Kde etc23:26
HiDeHoso xfce is way user frendly and customisavble23:26
HiDeHoplus xfce will run on any device no matter how old23:27
OvenWerksubuntourist: you may have to wait some time in lad before someone answers... have patience leave it run over night if needed23:28
HiDeHothe only other verry light light desktop I have seen apart from xfce/Lxde is JWM (joes window manager) JWM is the default in puppy linux23:29
ubuntouristOvenWerks I may try the list, as I can't really leave any of my systems on overnight.23:29
OvenWerksubuntourist: or try early in the morning. Think UTC time.23:33
OvenWerks(France, Berlin, UK...23:33
HiDeHocool is as cool can be.23:35
OvenWerksHiDeHo: there are actually quite a few23:35
HiDeHomost of my previous recordings are on my osx backup hdd its just sutting there unused iincase on one day get another macbook pro or something.23:36
OvenWerksmany of them have been around a long time like motif, tab, fvwm etc.23:37
HiDeHothe only thing stopping me appart from price is i hate the direction apple has gone with fixed parts and limited storage.23:37
HiDeHoOvenWerks, you realise that DE and WM are different23:37
HiDeHosimilar yes23:37
HiDeHoa light system is using openbox like Crunchbang but last i checked that was built on gnome which is not too light23:38
OvenWerksHiDeHo: most DAWs allow exporting stems. Ardour can import those.23:38
OvenWerksWhen I started using linux the wm was the also the DE23:38
OvenWerksStems are all the tracks each as it's own wave file.23:38
HiDeHowell a WM can be part of a DE setup but DE dont need a WM23:39
HiDeHoah i see23:39
HiDeHoi thought it was a typo for streams23:40
HiDeHoas in audio streams23:40
OvenWerksstreams normally means real timeish23:40
OvenWerksonly thing is stems to comewith plugins etc.23:41
HiDeHohey OvenWerks does Ustudio have an update manager that runs in the pannel23:43
OvenWerksHiDeHo: things have changed in 16.04 (in all of ubuntu)23:43
HiDeHoused to that in Mint23:43
HiDeHoi see an app software updater23:44
OvenWerksI am not sure what the answer to that is. I don't seem to get messages poping up telling there are updates any more.23:44
OvenWerksYa, that is what I use.23:44
HiDeHoOvenWerks, is it ok to run software updater app23:44
HiDeHoin mint it has a shield app in the panel runningn to show when things need updating.23:44
OvenWerksstudio used to as well.23:45
OvenWerkshey there is a new gimp...23:45
HiDeHook looks like that is not setup darn it.23:45
HiDeHoyes lol just saw that and ubuntu update23:45
HiDeHoi find gimp to complex. i like picasa but that is eol for linux23:45
OvenWerksAlso a bunch of boost and c++ stuff :P23:46
HiDeHosad :(23:46
ubuntouristOvenWerks: I found why I didn't go with Liblo: According to http://stackoverflow.com/a/27545949/44783023:46
HiDeHodont have boost and C++ here23:46
ubuntouristOvenWerks: Liblo is a bit harder to get working on MS Windows because it supports only POSIX threads (pthreads) but not the native win32 thread API, so you need an emulation library23:46
HiDeHoOvenWerks, is there any pannel extra plugins packs.23:47
OvenWerksubuntourist: I am not sure how Ardour deals with That.23:48
OvenWerksHiDeHo: I think so. I have weather going here.23:48
HiDeHono there is no extras panel app for xfce4-panel not in 16.04 anyway23:49
ubuntouristOvenWerks: In any case, my query is now on the LAD mailing list. We shall see.23:49
OvenWerksHiDeHo: xfce4-equake-plugin23:50
OvenWerksHiDeHo: open synaptic and search xfce23:50
HiDeHothere used to be a meta package containing all the extra plugins for xfce4-panel23:50
OvenWerksHiDeHo: xfce4-goodies.23:51
OvenWerksmaybe that has too much23:52
OvenWerksHiDeHo: Ya, I think that is the one23:53

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