soeeacheronuk: what are the plans for Plasma 5.7 in Kubuntu ?05:12
soeei have user asking about backports and i'm not sure what to say: https://plus.google.com/110954078302330754910/posts/fnozssdEnwY05:14
acheronukon XX stage and see if we can get it working with Qt 5.6.1 without messing up other qt dependant packages I think?05:14
soeeacheronuk: but do we started it on YY maybe or it all is just waiting ?05:17
acheronukalready started somewhat in advance of ubuntu getting their official Qt 5.6.1 packages landed in YY. There is Qt 5.6.1 in frameworks staging ppa for YY, but causes breakages so far05:20
soeeok, thanks :)05:21
acheronukas BluesKaj found out when they tried the ppa! eeek05:21
yofellp 1530523 - seriously o.O07:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1530523 in kubuntu-driver-manager (Ubuntu) "kcm_driver_manager: Infinitely shows Collecting information" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/153052307:40
yofel(last comments)07:41
soeerolf ;)07:41
yofelI wonder if we can put a trigger for that into the manager07:41
soeeyofel: btw. do we have this folder widget fix in Xenial?07:42
yofelnot yet, I have the package prepared, but I have yet to do the paperwork07:42
soeewe had just user on #kubuntu that did not know how to install system from live session :/07:42
yofel.1 is ~2 weeks away, any other issues than those 2 that we really should look into?07:43
yofel(install related)07:43
soeethe broken slideshow is only related to YY right ?07:44
soee*in ubiquity07:44
jimarvangood morning busy bees! :)08:37
yofelsoee: the issue here might be rather simple: 16.04 does not install apt-xapian-index, all previous versions did09:07
soeeso only this ? :D09:08
soeeit is in kubuntu meta package ?09:09
yofelit isn't. I guess whatever installed it in the past went away and nobody noticed it vanishing09:09
soeeso maybe it was some aprt of Ubuntu meta packages?09:10
yofelmight've been part of base, yeah09:10
yofelI think there was some talk about xapian and python3, so that might've been why it got removed09:10
yofellet me add it to desktop-recommends for yakkety, then we can check tomorrow there09:11
soeeso for kubuntu and neon it should go for respective meta packages ?09:11
soeeRiddell: ^09:11
yofelIMO yes, making the driver manager depend on it would sound more correct, but it technically depends on a working index, not the generator09:12
yofelquestion is how much of a difference that really is09:12
soeeyofel: could we have this fixed for 16.04.1 ?09:14
yofelyes, enough time if it works in yakkety09:15
soeeah nice :) so next of most annoying bugs will be gone09:16
yofelactually, I'll add the dep in both places for yakkety. the driver manager is useless without the index, and I'm not convinced that it's the only thing that needs it09:18
soeeuhm, i do not know the internals :)09:19
lordievaderGood morning.09:25
yofelok, I added the dep to the wrong package, qapt is what actually needs it09:37
yofelwell, the meta change stands though09:38
IrcsomeBot<Clifford> Thats interesting valorie reported warnings about the xapian index when testing muon. I couldn't reproduce them myself09:51
yofelrick and others already did tons of debugging if you look at the report. Nobody actually realized that xapian was simply missing until last week though09:52
IrcsomeBot<Clifford> What is the name of the missing package?09:53
yofelTBH, plasma-discover could probably also use a dep on it09:55
BluesKajHey folks10:06
clivejoyofel I added some changes to the git-clone-all script, wil you review - https://git.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-packagers/+git/kubuntu-automation/commit/?id=d4a4b50e4b0dbd8c78b6bfe8133b96b8f3f68f9910:13
yofelKloning? ^^10:14
clivejoalso can you show me the command you use to involve  ubuntu-archive-upload10:15
clivejojust a silly joke10:15
yofelthe readme should have that10:15
clivejolike Kopy 10:15
clivejothe command in the readme wont work10:15
yofelI think the changes are fine, you will have to fix do-all do work with that scheme10:15
yofel*to work10:16
clivejodont use do-all any more10:16
clivejoalways use that looping command you showed me10:17
yofelit should still work..10:17
clivejoshouldnt be difficult to fix10:17
yofel-            if not os.path.exists(workdir + '/' + package):10:17
yofel+            if not os.path.exists(workdir + '/git/'):10:17
yofelshouldn't that be if not os.path.exists(workdir + '/' + package + '/git/'):10:17
clivejoI couldnt get that bit to work10:19
clivejoif not ?10:20
clivejosurely it should be if it exists10:21
clivejonot if not10:21
BluesKajwell, had to install Xenial finally...Yakkety daily images are still broken, errored out with message saying missing or corrupted files, installation is aborting 10:21
clivejothe logic confused me10:22
BluesKajguess the only path to Yakkety for me is do-release-upgrade -d , but now I'm having second thoughts 10:25
clivejodid the error message say what files are missing/corrupted?10:29
clivejowell I have xapian installed on my system10:31
clivejowhich is probably why I didnt see the errors valorie mentioned10:31
BluesKajclivejo,  no files were named10:31
clivejodriver manager still not working10:32
clivejorun sudo update-apt-xapian-index10:32
clivejoand driver manager works!10:32
clivejolooks like that index needs refresh at runtime10:34
BluesKajrunning out of dvd-rw disks for this old pc, it's not usb boot capable and they're becoming difficult to find lately10:34
clivejoslhk: are you Carlos?10:39
clivejoRick_Timmis: do you remember Carlo Vanini IRC nick?10:43
yofelclivejo: the point of the check is to list *missing* repositories10:45
slhkclivejo: hi, yes it's me10:50
clivejomy memory always lets me down10:50
clivejoI sent you a wee email, did you get it?10:50
slhkI've been away some time... ;)10:51
clivejoI noticed you havent made any commits in a while, is everything ok?10:51
slhkclivejo: please see bug #157983410:52
ubottubug 1579834 in apt-xapian-index (Ubuntu) "update-apt-xapian-index-dbus fails because of wrong import" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/157983410:52
clivejoI’m afraid my understanding of Xapian is non-existent 10:55
clivejoyofel: does that make sense to you?10:55
clivejoI assume the driver manager is calling for a xapian update via dbus?10:56
clivejobut thats not happening?10:56
yofelthis has little to do with xapian, than with python-glib10:56
slhkexactly, it silently fails because of the wrong import10:57
yofelpatch looks fine to me, so make a debdiff and request sponsorship10:57
clivejoslhk: and this causes the driver manager to just sit there doing nothing?10:57
yofelno, that's the dbus endpoint not even being there I think10:58
yofelalthough that would make it hang as well10:58
slhkclivejo: yes, it wait for xapian to complete, but that never happens and it doesn;t get an error either10:58
clivejoslhk: we also noticed that on some installs apt-xapian-index isnt even installed10:59
clivejodo you have any idea what used to pull it in?11:00
clivejoand what package would be best to pull it in, in future?11:00
yofelmight've been muon actually, that only recently got thrown out of the default install11:00
clivejothat makes sense11:01
slhknot sure if you need it, there is another script which is called over dbus. I don't recall the name right now11:01
yofelthat is also in 'apt-xapian-index', but yeah, that's broken as well11:02
yofelso FWIW, have have 2 issues here, and both need fixing11:02
slhkI see 1 issue: update-*-dbus is broken, wich is the other one?11:04
yofelthat not even being installed11:04
clivejothe actual package isnt getting instaled11:04
clivejoon newer systems11:04
clivejoon newly installed systems11:04
yofelI'm working on that, you can wrap up a debdiff for the import issue so someone can upload it11:05
clivejoyofel: you are putting a dependancy on qapt?11:05
yofelfor yakkety I put a recommends on kubuntu-desktop and libqapt3, and a dep on kubuntu-driver-manager11:06
yofelneed to check if plasma-desktop also should have one11:06
yofelerm, plasma-discover11:06
yofelfor xenial I'm still pondering what I'll do11:06
clivejois acheronuk about?11:07
slhkyofel: it takes me some time to make the debdiff, I don't have the source around anymore and I'm leaving in 20min, maybe tonight?11:08
yofelhm, discover seems to work ok without an index11:08
yofelslhk: sure, I don't have much time right now either11:09
slhkmaybe Discover is using appstream?11:09
yofelthat it probably does11:09
yofelok, so that's fine, so only the driver manager and qapt need fixing11:10
* yofel wonders if plasma-discover 5.7 finally has a not-so-broken-looking UI11:11
soeeyofel: http://i.imgur.com/whVecJY.png11:14
yofelsoee: still ok if you make the window smaller?11:14
yofelbut that's ok so far11:15
soeeIMO those windows should behave like responsive websites11:16
yofelthey should. I guess the rating improved, but the popularity count still looks bad11:17
soeestill i think that discover looks bad11:17
soeethis slider at the top uses to much space, 11:18
acheronukclivejo: about for approx 5 mins now, back late this afternoon or early evening11:18
clivejono prob11:18
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IrcsomeBot<Clifford> Is there a core meeting tonight?16:40
acheronukclivejo: core what?16:47
IrcsomeBot<Clifford> Its like a pre podcast teaming16:48
IrcsomeBot<Clifford> Meeting16:48
acheronukwow. last one was nearly a month ago! time flies16:50
ahoneybunyep acheronuk your free and encourged to join16:52
IrcsomeBot<Clifford> Did Simon manage to get Freeciv snapped?16:53
acheronukclivejo: don't see it in the 'playpen' or snap find17:02
IrcsomeBot<Clifford> Be interesting to see it working17:15
IrcsomeBot<marcinsagol> Today is new podcast?17:30
IrcsomeBot<marcinsagol> Or next week because I am a bit confused :17:31
IrcsomeBot<marcinsagol> :)17:31
acheronukmeeting? podcast? or both?17:35
jimarvanhmm dont' see anything on the calendar17:40
ahoneybunme neither but Rick_Timmis says it is going on18:01
clivejowhat time?18:01
ahoneybunshould be now I think18:01
clivejothe core or podcast?18:02
ahoneybunpodcast is in 1hour18:02
clivejowell Im in BBB18:02
Rick_TimmisKubuntu podcast in BBB at 19:00 UTC18:40
Rick_Timmisovidiuflorin: Ping - We're Panicin18:57
jimarvanyoutube is not live yet?19:02
acheronuknot here19:06
ahoneybunnhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFnG9kBdY9M show19:13
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jimarvanhow are we with the staging packaging? :D20:08
jimarvanaaron refreshing20:22
BluesKajSo far my luck with the YY daily images has not been good, Think I'll put off installing it again until there's a chance of success. Sticking with Xenial in the meantime.20:27
soeekeep it in VM for some future tests of Plasma, Frameworks or Apps20:28
BluesKajno , I prefer to install to a partition, theat's the real world20:29
BluesKajanyway time for other things now ...later, take care20:30
clivejogrrrrr I cant get this ubuntu-archive-upload script to work20:32
soeewee 2 of my bugs reported for Plasma 5.7 are already fixed :)20:56
soeeand even systray icons will be higher than now :)20:57
acheronukYY daily inage has error deleting files at end of install, but it seems to boot the install afterwards20:57
acheronuk^^^ http://i.imgur.com/9sR2q6L.png21:15
jimarvanso much fun :)21:16
acheronukubiquity crash http://paste.ubuntu.com/18659933/21:22
acheronukbut VM runs on reboot21:23
yofelJul  6 21:13:03 kubuntu kernel: [  877.878748] dpkg[22434]: segfault at 18 ip 000055839373c8b9 sp 00007ffd3e2d4ca0 error 4 in dpkg[55839372a000+45000]21:49
yofelwait what?21:49
acheronukSeem s like LP: 159917421:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1599174 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "dpkg seg fault warning during install" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/159917421:51
yofellooks like it21:51
valoriestrange, I reported the bug, a browser started up so I could login etc., but FF seems to have no memory of that22:02
valorieand yet my install seems to be working great22:03
valorieso what needs testing is only ppa:kubuntu-ppa/staging-plasma and kubuntu-ppa/staging-kdeapplications ?22:09
valorieerr, landing-plasma22:09
clivejoapps 16.04.3 available in 5 hours!22:10
valorieand kdeapplications?22:10
acheronukyes apps one as well22:10
valorieor should I wait for that22:10
clivejo kubuntu-ppa/staging-kdeapplications22:10
clivejonoooo dont wait22:10
acheronukclivejo: yes, I just got that email!22:10
clivejoI need to figure out how to tag these22:11
acheronukthe packaging in git?22:11
clivejoI want to tag all of them before doing anything else22:11
clivejoacheronuk: yes22:11
clivejowell want to do a release to yakkety of FW 5.23 and Plasma 5.6.5 before starting on 5.722:12
clivejoapps I guess could wait for .322:13
mamarleyI have been running 5.23 and 5.6.5 on Yakkety on several systems for quite some time now with no problems. :)22:14
clivejomamarley: yeah, Im actually really looking forward to yakkety22:14
clivejoits very stable22:14
clivejoif we can get it into the archive!22:14
* mamarley is looking forward to Plasma 5.7 and Qt 5.6. :)22:14
clivejoand if that kubuntu driver manager bug can be fixed22:15
* clivejo dances22:15
clivejoI give up!22:15
acheronukthe installer icon seemed fixed on the iso today22:16
valoriekey question: when you dance, do you use your hands?22:16
valorieI'm happy with how fast the VM is22:17
acheronukVMs seem much less laggy than they used to.22:18
valoriegood grief, how do I start yakuake now?22:20
acheronukdon't use it, so pass22:21
valorieok, rebooting after upgrade22:21
valorieoh my22:21
jimarvan? :)22:22
valorieI can't imagine life in the cli without my yak22:22
acheronukI've tried it, but somehow didn;t get on with it22:22
valorieit's much easier to use when f-12 pops it up and down22:23
jimarvanclive that driver bug22:23
jimarvancomes from ubuntu right?22:23
valorieon my travel lappy, I have to use alt-f-12 or so22:24
valorienot as convenient22:24
valoriehuh, qa site won't let me file a report22:25
clivejowhich bug?22:32
valorieafter a reboot after full-upgrade with landing, all is well22:36
valorienow doing apps22:36
clivejovalorie: remove them after you install22:41
clivejojust so you dont forget 22:41
valoriethanks for the reminder22:41
valorieok, all upgraded22:47
valorieanything in particular needs testing?22:47
valoriesnapshotting while I'm at it22:48
clivejofor docs?22:48
valorieamarok seems to run fine22:49
valoriesnapshotting the vm, I mean22:49
valoriethe qa page won't let me leave any feedback22:50
valoriehttp://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/360/builds/124740/testcases/1300/results#add_result just sits there22:50
valorieoops, I needed to go to the store22:50
valorieI wonder if I still have time22:50

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