valorieI guess I need to read the whole damn manual to figure out how to tell it to take more memory00:00
OerHeksno way to get kubuntu on that 8 gb drive, unless you try the mini iso and run > apt-get install --no-install-recommends kubuntu-desktop , this might skip enough packages.00:00
ahoneybunsomething is wrong with the installer00:00
ahoneybunno 8 is what VM lets it have for Ubuntu and most Linux distros00:01
ahoneybunit's enough00:01
OerHekswarning says different :-)00:01
valorieI'm assuming I have to change it in vbox, not the installer00:01
talmageI have a problem with the panel.  It appears on the wrong monitor.  This is new.00:02
talmageI have a laptop with VGA monitor connected to it.  I want the main monitor to be the VGA.  I want the panel there.00:02
talmageWhen I select the VGA as the primary monitor, the panel moves to the laptop's LCD.00:03
talmageWhen I select the laptop LCD as the primary monitor, the panel moves to the VGA.00:03
talmageThis is new as of a week or two ago.00:03
valorieLocation:       /home/valorie/VirtualBox VMs/Kubuntu Yakkety/Kubuntu Yakkety.vdi00:08
valorieStorage format: VDI00:08
valorieCapacity:       8192 MBytes00:08
valorieI guess I can up that via the cli00:08
talmageStrange.  I fixed it by moving dragging the VGA to the other side of the laptop LCD in Display Configuratino, then clicking Apply.00:10
talmageThat put the panel where I wanted it with the proper display as primary.00:10
talmageThen I rearranged the monitors again, putting the VGA in its original position relative to the LCD.  Again clicked Apply.00:10
talmageEverything is perfect again.00:11
valoriegood to hear, talmage00:11
talmageWish I knew why that worked.00:11
talmageNo time to learn why.00:11
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* talmage waves goodbye00:11
valorieI guess I'll eat some dinner and give my brain some calories so it functions better00:13
sm00thhello all how do I verify the gpg sig of the iso?01:04
sm00thor hash or something01:04
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows01:05
valoriesm00th: ^^^01:05
sm00thvalorie, ok so no sig file only md5 hash?01:06
sm00thoh i see ok cool sha256sums.gp and sha256sums01:06
valoriewell, even after increasing the size of the vm to 15 GB, I can only do manual partition, and it only shows /dev/sda and says it will use it all01:06
valoriedunno if that is safe01:07
valoriesm00th: not sure what you are asking, but md5 works01:07
sm00thvalorie, i find what i need ty01:10
sm00thvalorie,  ic opy the sha256sums.gpg file and check that against the sha256sums.  then compare sha256 hash to file.01:11
valorieI usually only do it if I'm encountering problems01:11
valoriebecause I generally dl ISOs via torrents and then seed them01:11
valorieand ktorrent automatically checks file integrity01:12
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sm00thvalorie, oh i need public key01:20
sm00thvalorie, where do I get the public key from?01:20
valorieisn't it there on the download page?01:21
valoriewhere are you getting your image?01:21
sm00thvalorie,  i'm looking at this page now01:22
sm00thgonan try that command01:22
sm00ththat did it ty01:23
valoriehttps://www.kubuntu.org/alternative-downloads has all the checksums01:24
sm00thvalorie,  I got the checksum files from here https://www.kubuntu.org/getkubuntu/01:24
sm00th^  wish that was https though lol01:25
sm00thbut the iso download page is https so all good01:26
sm00thhash matches01:26
sm00thits good thign they are on diff pages01:27
sm00thand domain01:27
Unit193https://kubuntu.org/alternative-downloads has them too, but likely copied from there in the first place.  cdimage is the main source though.01:28
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sm00thgot my kubuntu installed02:43
sm00thwas unable to reboot from live cd though,  had to hard power off cause it kept spamming about something driver already registered, and something about nvidia-link02:44
sm00thwas really weird.02:44
sm00thguys driver manager is not working.  it is stuck on collecting information about my system message.02:47
sm00thok what the heck  I tried the solution here https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kubuntu-driver-manager/+bug/1530523  but that command don't exist on my system!?!02:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1530523 in kubuntu-driver-manager (Ubuntu) "kcm_driver_manager: Infinitely shows Collecting information" [High,Confirmed]02:51
sm00thok so I had to install apt-xapian-index package02:57
sm00thand now drier manager works02:58
sm00thwait a sec the latest driver for ubuntu is 361.42?02:59
paranoidabhi any ideas on this one http://askubuntu.com/questions/795169/kde-slow-boot-on-kubuntu-16-04?04:02
basilic_Всем привет, есть кто ?06:32
hateball!ru | basilic_06:37
ubottubasilic_: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.06:37
kubast2Hey ,how can I install kubuntu ? I just booted into live dvd07:02
kubast2I wasn't greated by installer ,nor there isn't any icon that screams "install"07:02
hateballkubast2: there should be an icon straight on the plasma desktop07:03
kubast2Desk...Ider ?07:03
soeeit might not be visible due to small desktop widget size07:04
soeedo you see widget in upper left corner on the screen?07:04
kubast2http://i.imgur.com/psmebaJ.jpg I think07:04
hateballah yes07:04
kubast2had to scroll then launch the widget07:05
kubast2otherwise the whole interface froze07:05
hateballlong-press left mouse on the title bar and you will be able to resize07:05
soeethis bug should be fixed in next releases/update sin Xenial07:05
kubast2soee, I'm using xenial xerus07:06
soeekubast2: yes but the fix will be backported to next 16.04.x releases probably07:06
soeekubast2: after install, be sure to add backports ppa and install newer Plasma :)07:07
kubast2soee I will kubuntu-ppa/backports07:08
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abhvlwhen i connect external monitor kubuntu 16.04 treats laptop monitor + external monitar as one big monitor by default. how can i turn off this default setting and make kubuntu treat these two monitors as two complete seperate display and not span desktop to these two? basically two seperate desktop for two monitors?07:29
abhvlhelp please.07:29
soeeabhvl: ope System Settings -> Display &Monitor -> Display Configuration07:30
abhvlyes. i was there. i am helping one friend on phone.07:31
abhvlhence i need exact setting to change.07:31
soeeand drag them to be position next to each other or uncheck "unify outputs"07:31
soeeabhvl: http://i.imgur.com/YQq79Al.png07:32
hateballabhvl: also note that multimonitor support is sketchy in 16.04, you can use kubuntu backports for plasma 5.6 which works much nicer07:32
abhvlhateball, soee thanks.07:33
kubast2How can I delete last session information from tty ? I installed vbox guest additions and the whole interface was buggy ,can't launch any app nor add ppas ,I can't even switch to tty after I login.07:49
hateballkubast2: I don't quite understand, what do you mean by "last session information" ?07:53
kubast2when you have kde ,it remembers last session07:53
kubast2I've a feeling it might be why kde bugs out for me07:53
hateballah yes, well you can tell it to not do that07:53
SmurphySystem Settings -> Desktop Sessions -> Desktop Sessions Login and Logout07:55
hateballkubast2: I dont save sessions myself, but I am guessing they might be in ~/.config/session07:55
Smurphyin there activate: "Start with an empty session"07:55
hateballSmurphy: Their problem seems to be they cant get into the GUI at all, currently07:59
hateballkubast2: There is also info in ~/.config/ksmserverrc07:59
hateballkubast2: change so the line reads like loginMode=default instead of whatever it does now, in that config ^08:00
SmurphyOh. remove the .cache directory first. and empty the .config/session directory08:00
Smurphydoes the sddm start ???08:01
kubast2I'm able to go to tty from sddm08:01
hateballif you just change loginMode it will ignore any saved sessions08:01
SmurphyOn the left side, you should be able to choose the session you want to log into -> drop-down.,08:02
SmurphyI(n sddm08:02
kubast2turned off 3d acceleration in virtualbox and it now works fine[also turned off effects to increase performance]08:34
lordievaderGood morning.09:25
pragomer_1hi. when running dolphin with su rights via kdesu dolphin all icons are missed. I only see folder and filenames.. but no icons at all.. how can fix that?09:46
lordievaderRunning dolphin as root is a really bad idea.09:49
lordievaderWhy do you need to do that?09:49
pragomer_1i know.. its in a non-network environment. where I have to work with su rights.. its about xmount, mac-images, physical entry to harddisks and so on..09:51
lordievaderHmm, I suppose root doesn't have a full profile dir which is causing this problem... but I am not sure.09:56
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BluesKajHey folks10:06
lordievaderHet BluesKaj, how are you?10:10
BluesKajhi lordievader , half awake , first coffee, how about you?10:11
lordievaderSlighly more awake, first coffee almost done.10:15
hay207Hi there, i can't seem to be able to install "unar" package due to dependency problems, using kubuntu 14.04 , what to do?10:20
hateball!paste | hay20710:21
ubottuhay207: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.kde.org | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.10:21
hateballhay207: show us the output of running "sudo apt-get install unar"10:21
hateballhay207: system fully updated? "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"10:24
hay207i will update multiarch-support10:25
hay207No, system isnot fully updated10:25
hateballA good place to start first10:25
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leumasHi All, how can my wifi connect automatically to y modem without requesting a passwod from kwallet? tired of typing passwords whenever i reboot my PC10:38
hateballleumas: in network-manager, tick the little box that says for all users10:41
hateballleumas: in the properties for that SSID10:41
leumasThanks hateball!! Just did10:42
leumasI will chk it out when next i reboot10:43
hateballleumas: :)10:44
hay207hateball: it will be difficult upgrading the system, atleast not now , what else can i do?11:09
hateballhay207: what's difficult about that?11:11
hay207i have gnome and kde installed, it will take some time to upgrade11:12
hay207and not safe11:12
hateballSo... you're saying that not updating packages to get security and bug fixes is safer? Ok then.11:15
hay207No, i m saying that upgrading whole system sometimes gets you into more trouble11:16
paranoidabhihey guys11:16
hay207I always prefer to update certain packages11:16
hateballYes, and now you have issues with held packages11:17
hateballWhat is complicated to grasp here?11:17
paranoidabhiis it somehow possible to get the kde5.7 multi-monitor fixes in kubuntu 16.0411:17
hateballparanoidabhi: I think acheronuk was looking at that, but it requires backporting Qt11:18
paranoidabhiparanoidabhi, yes, I am a bit new but different packages operate with different dependency versions. Trying to understand the issue11:19
paranoidabhibut *CAN'T different11:20
hateballTo avoid breaking things in 16.04 LTS, I am guessing the solution will be to upgrade to 16.10 when that time comes11:20
acheronukplasma 5.7 needs Qt 5.6.1 as a minimum, yes11:21
paranoidabhiacheronuk, would it possible to somehow patch separate components? Like say the multi-monitor fix.11:22
acheronukNot sure to be honest, but I suspect that it would be far from simple, even if possible. And possibly out of scope really11:25
paranoidabhiDoubt: kde-neon which has 5.7 runs on ubuntu 16.04, which assume as kubuntu 16.04 has the old qt 5.5.11:25
paranoidabhiWhat did I miss?11:26
acheronukI'm relatively new to the packaging, and don't use multimonitor, so it's not something I've looked at much11:27
acheronukNeon has Qt 5.7.0 now, on Xenial11:27
acheronukBUT neon doesn't have to integrate as a ubuntu flavour, so can overlay a new QT from their own repo without having to worry what non-kde stuff in xenial that might break11:29
paranoidabhiacheronuk, what does integrate mean here?11:30
paranoidabhijust curious. :)11:32
ShalokShalomis dragon player finally able again to play webm?11:55
ShalokShalomsince i see its preinstalled at 16.0411:56
lethuShalokShalom: it should11:56
ShalokShalomit should since the last years and dont do it11:57
lethuShalokShalom: just tried it11:57
lethuShalokShalom: np11:58
BluesKajVLC can play webM files12:02
BluesKajbut he left12:02
BluesKajand ffmpeg can from the terminal12:02
paranoidabhiare there any problems in installing kde-neon on kubuntu?12:03
mparilloIt is not supported, and no longer recommended since they have their own ISO.12:04
BluesKajneon has it's own fork ?12:07
BluesKajmparillo, ^12:07
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mparilloThe get touchy about positioning, but any reasonable person would call it a distro once they had an installable ISO. Even distros that are not intended to be installed like Knoppix and Porteus are clearly distros. That said, once they start upgrading Qt, and some non-KDE software from the Ubuntu repositories breaks, they may say "you are on your own".12:11
mparilloSo, I think if you are committed to KDE S/W, and are unwilling / unable to deal with Arch, I would recommend it.12:12
mparilloUser edition of course.12:12
mparilloIf you love to find bugs, etc. and are willing to deal with breakage and even suggest ways to fix it, then you can use the developer edition.12:13
mparilloISOs here: https://neon.kde.org/download12:15
BluesKaj I avoided neon after discovering their support wasn't up to date12:16
BluesKajwaaay back yrs ago12:16
paranoidabhimparillo, kde 5.7 has qt 5.6 which is in conflict with xenial's qt 5.5. I am afraid if I install kde-neon on kubuntu 16.04, it would cause problems due to the qt conflict.12:16
mparilloIt certainly could. If you absolutely need Plasma 5.7 today, then install the Neon ISO. If you absolutely need S/W that is in the Ubuntu repos and not in the Neon repos, then wait.12:17
BluesKajmaybe the best path is go full bore neon iso OS insall to avoid conflicts, paranoidabhi12:20
paranoidabhiBluesKaj, true. The thing I was unsure of how does kde-neon resolve the qt-conflict as it is also xenial at base.12:21
paranoidabhiWill the same issue be there at kde-neon also?12:21
BluesKajneon must have a forum somewhere, there's no point speculating here about it12:22
paranoidabhiBluesKaj, true. :)12:24
mparilloparanoidabhi: is already in #kde-neon. The channel topic includes the a shortened URL to the forum: https://forum.kde.org/viewforum.php?f=30912:26
mparilloAnd they told him there that neon does not care about s/w they do not build. That is, it might work, it might not. So again, if there are apps that are critical to you in the ubuntu repos, but not in neon repos,  I would not use neon as your daily runner unless you immediately must have Plasma 5.7 or you computer is a brick. OTOH if you want to help test KDE S/W, then Neon is a great place.12:28
BluesKajlooks like it defaults and concentrates on the breeze theme which I find cartoonish, not my taste.12:29
MarcoPauHi, is there any UI program that helps configuring the ethernet devices? Thanks12:43
BluesKajMarcoPau,  right click on network manager>configure network connections, highlight wired connection>edit12:49
MarcoPauBluesKaj: I only see wireless connections12:49
BluesKajMarcoPau,  well you need to have an actual ethernet cable connected12:50
MarcoPauBluesKaj: that's kinda weird. you mean I can't configure my ethernet card without actually connecting it?13:04
BluesKajwhat's to configure MarcoPau? , the network manager is software theat configures the connection other than the nic driver13:11
BluesKajMarcoPau,  what are trying to do is the question13:11
BluesKajMarcoPau,  I see you crossposted in #kde ...wasn't the answer thay gave what nou wanted?13:13
MarcoPauBluesKaj: the guy said it's a distro-related issue and not kde-related, that's why I came over here and asked later13:15
hay207Hi, i get this error when installing  libobjc4:   Depends: gcc-4.9-base (=4.9.2-0ubuntu1~14.04) but 4.9.3-0ubuntu4 is to be installed,13:53
hay207what does the error means?13:54
lordievaderSounds like you are installing something thirdparty.14:00
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floownI have a problem with Korganzer, the application crash when I search a rendez-vous : http://pastebin.com/ptiKCSkM14:28
floownI have delete all my configuration files (for Korganiser), but it always crash14:28
anabainhow can I tell my system to use generic video drivers? I'm one of those having issues with 16.04 because of lack of fglrx drivers for radeon, constantly experiencing awful refresh, artifacts and the like. Will switching to generic drivers solve my issues? (not going to game at all)14:30
floown* Korganizer14:30
plusEVDoes anyone know how to get permanent transparency in the built in Konsole 16.04?14:33
yofelplusEV: in Konsole, right click -> edit profile -> Appearance -> select a colorscheme -> Edit -> Background transparency14:43
plusEVyofel: cool thx.14:45
lethuanabain: go to system settings then display and monitor then compositor then set tearing prevention to "Full screen repaints"14:45
plusEVyofel: http://i.imgur.com/ZW7tsB7.png14:57
plusEVlooks good14:58
allesz_hi guys. I have a question about amorak. amorak cant seem to find the default audio hardware and refused to play. vlc and other players work fine though. any ideas15:12
allesz_if I configure phonon I can hear the left and right I hit apply and ok but amorak is still quiet.15:12
lethuallesz_: sudo apt install gstreamer1.0-plugins-ugly15:14
anabainlethu, ok, thanx, lethu, at least it works acceptably as a workaround, but it's really annoying that many radeon users have to experience these kind of issues without being informed at update time. I really wonder if 16.04 is actually a release distro...15:31
lethuanabain: as of 16.04 the radeon driver is integrated withing the kernel, it's the open source driver, it performs quite well but not as well as the flgrx one15:39
lethuanabain: also if you have one of the newer radeon gpus you could install the "pro" driver from the amd site15:39
anabainlethu, I wouldn't expect excellent performance, what I'm talking about is about basic usability. My radeon is this: [AMD/ATI] Cedar [Radeon HD 5000/6000/7350/8350 Series] I'd say it's one of the doomed ones...15:42
lethuanabain:  then you could go back to a previous kubuntu version15:43
anabainlethu, that's why I was asking if changing to vesa or something generic would at least improve things to a reasonable working standard.15:45
anabainBefore switching back to 15.10 or buying a nvdia card which works15:45
lethuanabain: I am afraid I can't help you here15:47
anabainno problem, lethu, you've been really helpful15:47
lethuanabain: :)15:48
lethuanabain: glad to help15:48
yossarianukanabain: you should be aware selecting the 'Full screen repaints' can slow things down - a lot15:50
anabainyossarianuk,better slow than unreadable, ;)15:51
yossarianukI had the same with intel CPU's - my 'fix' was to set the kwin vsync option to 'never'15:51
yossarianukhave you tried that15:52
anabainno, I'll check15:52
yossarianukas that has worked on 4 different machines for me (all intel GPU)15:52
yossarianukand you do not lose the speed15:52
anabainthanx for the hint15:52
yossarianuk(never used AMD/ATI gpu's in Linux however)15:52
anabainyossarianuk, it seems to work!!! thank you very much!15:53
plusEVyossarianuk: where do you set that kwin vsync option to never?15:55
anabainplusEV,  system settings/display/monitor/compositor/tearing prevention(vsync)15:57
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plusEVanabain: It did nothing for my screen tearing issue. Like if I run cmatrix it tears. If I zoom it out with ctrl + until I get size: 90 x 28 in my Konsole it stops tearing. I am on intel integrated as well.16:09
plusEVold laptop. I it might just be to weak. :)16:11
anabainyeah, could be16:11
anabainSorry I can't help...16:11
anabainAre you in 16.04, plusEV?16:11
plusEVVGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 07)16:15
allesz_lethu: thanks I will give it a try16:18
plusEVanabain: OpenGL version string: 2.1 Mesa 11.2.0 I dont know if there is any better driver fro my card. :P16:20
yossarianukanabain: glad it helped16:22
yossarianukThe fact the issues are happening on both Intel and AMD GPU's surely says something is broken in kwin vsync generally...16:22
yossarianuknvidia I have no issues16:23
yossarianukwith intel the screen is sometimes completely unusable - its totally trippy, like the end of 200116:23
yossarianukonce I select 'never' the issue completely goes though16:24
anabainyossarianuk, then maybe it's a kwin's bug? Interesting...16:24
kubast2How well does mouse funtion work with kde connect[on live machine without VM]? How about reading files from my device ?16:26
lethuyossarianuk: the "never" vsync option workaround doesn't work for me16:28
lethuyossarianuk: I have to use the full screen repaints option16:29
sm00thhello all,  does anyone use apparmor easyprof tool?16:29
sm00thI've used it on debian, but on ubuntu it doesn't work it tells me no abstractions specified, policy groups, etc.   how do I set it up?16:29
lethuallesz_: np16:29
sm00ththink I'm using wrong comand sorry16:31
yossarianuklethu: are you just getting slight tearing or is the screen actually unreadable (the never option fixes the unreadable issue)16:31
yossarianuki'd potentially raise a bug report also16:31
lethuyossarianuk: slight tearing16:34
sm00thhello all anyone know how I apply the hotfix mentioned for this bug report?  https://bugs.launchpad.net/apparmor/+bug/157705116:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1577051 in apparmor (Ubuntu Xenial) "aa-logprof fails with unknown mode "reweive"" [Undecided,Confirmed]16:45
allesz_lethu: still no love though16:54
allesz_lethu: is there a way to see the log file to see if there are any errors logged16:55
allesz_lethu: it works now. it must have been one of the plugins. I have disabled all of them like podcast directory and now it works!16:58
lethuallesz_: good :)17:02
allesz_lethu: I saw some error message tooltips for some look up plugins but was not thinking that an error there would hinder amarok playing the songs. your suggestion with the ugly gstreamer package was great. thanks. over and out.17:05
lethuallesz_: glad I could help :)17:06
sm00thoops that was wrong bug report how do I apply hotfix from this one? https://bugs.launchpad.net/apparmor/+bug/158237417:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1582374 in apparmor (Ubuntu Xenial) "Log contains unknown mode senw" [Undecided,Confirmed]17:07
sm00thvalorie: amarok crashing when importing big libararies.17:08
sm00thalso,  how can I shuffle my whole library on the fly?17:08
brohanhello all. I was using Kubuntu 15.04, and was upgrading to 16.04, starting with 15.10. During the upgrade I had to step away, when I came back it was stuck on the libsane with 15 minutes to go.17:37
brohanGoogling this I found that i should have done the upgrade from CLI. Well, now what do i do in order to finish the upgrade/17:37
nsnzerocan you launch a terminal ?17:41
brohannsnzero: not from in the GUI, I couldn't even open the terminal in the upgrade GUI :-(17:41
nsnzerotry ctrl + alt + F117:42
brohannsnzero: That didn't do anything :-(17:53
nsnzerois the system frozen ? try F2 instead of F117:54
brohannsnzero: it appears frozen. What happens if I reboot? Ultimately i want to upgrade to 16.04. I have my hdd partitioned so that my user account are on a separate partition17:55
brohannsnzero: Can I just do a clean install of 16.04?17:56
acheronukrebooting may allow you to get a terminal, where you could do 'sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" to see if you can get things to complete17:58
nsnzeroyou can just do that since your data is safe17:58
acheronukor as you say start from scratch with a new install17:59
brohanOk. I haven't done a fresh install with having separate partitions. What do I need to do to get the install to recognize them, and link my existing home directory partition, vs creating a new one and overwriting?18:02
nsnzerobrohan:  try acheronuk suggestion18:07
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nsnzerothe installer can a resize exisitng partitions during a fresh install  and you can copy your home directory across18:08
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brohannsnzero: Will try acheronuk suggestion with doing an dist-upgrade18:17
acheronukbrohan: you may be lucky and have that and/or a little 'apt-get install -f' or similar complete things. sometimes it works on a stalled install. sometimes not18:18
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matt__Helo. I have a problem with Kmail. I created gmail account. I can't unsubscribe folder. I right click to account name, then 'Manage local subscriptions' and 'Unsubscribe' and then, nothing happens. Nothing becomes unsubscribed, it's like slot for this button is empty. Anyone knows how to unsubscribe given folder?18:59
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paranoidabhifolks any ideas on this  http://askubuntu.com/questions/795169/kde-slow-boot-on-kubuntu-16-04?19:23
matt__About 1min on hdd is pretty normal. I remember having 1 min on ubuntu some releases ago.19:26
matt__It sucks I know.19:26
matt__Considering the fact that on the same laptop, windows 7 boots in ~20seconds ;/19:27
paranoidabhimatt__, I am using ubuntu 16.04 with dual windows 10 is considerable faster.19:27
matt__What DE do you use with Ubuntu?19:32
paranoidabhimatt__, I am using kubuntu 16.04 with kde 5.6.519:34
matt__Ahh sorry didn't understand your previous message. The only thing that comes to my mind, that could speed up boot time is, disabling splash screen ( System Settings - Workspace Theme - Splash Screen - > None ) Oh and you can also change plasma to start with an empty session ( System Settings - Startup and Shutdown - Desktop Session -> Start with an empty session )19:37
TBotNikAll: Keep getting the error: "The file /home/user/.kde/share/apps/ksysguard/ProcessTable.sgrd does not contain valid XML.".  I removed/purged ksysguard, rebooted and re-installed but still get the error!  Any ideas why?19:54
TBotNikAll: Someone said I need to remove all the ksysguard files after my purge.  Which are those?/19:57
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matt__Kubuntu 16.04. Why after I click reboot or shutdown there is a long delay during which I can drag and open new windows/apps? Screen goes dim but I have much time to do things before the system shuts down.20:38
matt__Why the shutdown takes so much time?20:39
valoriematt__: good question!20:40
valorieI agree, shutdown has gotten much slower in the past couple of years20:41
matt__I wrote down some issues that keep bothering me. I filed few bugs. I don't know if I should file all of them because some of them are really obvious.20:47
matt__As I was writing this, I clicked on a note on desktop, containing list of those issues and this note disappeared...20:49
anabain after using jackd in 16.04, which is the safest/foolproof method to get pulseaudio back to work?21:23
jimarvanhmm never tried that :/21:25
anabainkillall pulseaudio does not work; I've also tried to re-configure from system settings and, although testing left and right speakers works, the "PulseAudio Sound Server" check does not produce the typical melody... Ant hints?21:25
jimarvandid you try sudo apt purge pulseaudio?21:26
jimarvanand re-install?21:26
anabainno, I think it would be excessive, as I'd like to be able to switch between jackd and pulseaudio, depending on the apps I am using...21:27
anabainbut I'll try just for testing21:27
mildycan i use these kubuntu images? http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/xenial/daily-live/22:11
mildyno body?22:18
acheronukmildy: I've not tested them22:20
valoriehuh, why use xenial daily-live?22:27
valorieseems an odd choice22:27
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mparilloI suppose the idea is to have fewer updates after installation?22:52
bjrohanHello all. Tried upgrading from 15.04 to 16.04 with the required 15.10. In upgrading to 15.10, I had to leave my box, when I came back it was stuck at libsane, and the comp was locked up. I was able to shut it down and restart into 15.10, however the upgrade didn't finish of course. What do I need to do23:01
bjrohanin order to finish 15.10 and continue on to 16.0423:02
hay207_Hi guys, i updated my system, i got a problem , cannot install "unar" package due to unmet dependencies23:41
bpromptif you're installing unrar, just do -> sudo apt-get install unrar;   :)23:43
hay207_i want unar not unrar23:43
hay207_for the nwn linux client23:44
hay207_it says when using apititude: libobjc4 : Depends: gcc-4.9-base (= 4.9.2-0ubuntu1~14.04) but 4.9.3-0ubuntu4 is installed.23:44
hay207_i ran sudo apt-get upgrade23:46
bprompthay207_:   meaning, that the package requires an older version of libobjc4, so.. it may not be installable on that upgraded system23:46
hay207_So what to do?23:47
bpromptdowngrade, or check for an updated version of the package if any available, or compile it  yourself for the new system23:48
hay207_Ok, thanks23:48
bprompthay207_:    upgrading, upgrades libraries, and some packages may require an specific library version(s) to work, and thus, that's something some folks, do not take into consideration when upgrading, that's true for any OS btw23:50
bprompthay207_:    I mean... a good example of that, is upgrading from windows7 to windows10, the windows7 installation, may have videocard drivers for windows7, but windows10 doesn't work with windows7 drivers, so, unless the upgrade includes videocard drivers for windows10, the new upgrade will use a fallback-generic driver, which won't be optimal23:51
hay207_And, i want a solution23:53
bpromptwell... the package seems to be asking for the older 14.04 4.9.2 version of the library, so the newer 4.9.3 won't work for it23:54
hay207_so best try is to compile package23:55
hay207_ofc , i can't downgrade gcc23:56
hay207_removes lots of packages23:56
bpromptwell, unless the provider already did a newer compiled version of it23:56
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bprompthay207_:     why not just use Ark anyway?   just noticed is just some decompressor, nothing really exotic23:58

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