Jbmorris289well it matches the list00:02
Jbmorris289wel it matches*00:03
wxlJbmorris289: now do the check at the beginning of the install00:03
Jbmorris289in wubi?00:04
wxlJbmorris289: if it has a grub menu that has an option like "check disk for defects"00:04
wxlpersonally, i'd just avoid wubi but that's me00:04
Jbmorris289Well, I have a usb with the lubuntu iso written to it00:06
Jbmorris289and when I try, it automatically selects the default for some reason00:06
Jbmorris289should i virtualbox it?00:06
wxlnaw, i'd just not use wubi. just boot to the iso.00:07
Jbmorris289How old is wubi anyway?00:08
* wxl shrugs00:08
tewardancient as the earth00:08
tewardit's not got support for modern things, so it's already a "Don't use it for recent releases" kind of deal00:09
Jbmorris289i have rev285, i think, or whatever it is00:09
Jbmorris289nope, 28600:09
Jbmorris289I think i should blame unetbootin for the boot bug00:11
Jbmorris289(booting from USB)00:12
wxlunetbootin ain't my fave, either. i like dd.00:12
Jbmorris289does that format my USB drive?00:14
wxlit's just a bit by bit copy tool00:15
Jbmorris289ok good00:17
Jbmorris289i've formatted my usb way too many times now00:17
Jbmorris289also, would it be possible to get the boot screen that shows for Low ram computers00:20
wxlwell the "low ram" option is to use debian-installer, which you'd find on the "alternate" (not the desktop) image00:21
Jbmorris289that latency...00:28
elqueseawxl: i can't pastebin00:32
wxlelquesea: well i need to see the complete output. you can screenshot it even.00:33
elqueseawxl: Yes, how can i send the pics?00:34
wxlelquesea: e.g. imgur00:34
elqueseawxl: http://imgur.com/a/U2a1i00:38
elqueseawxl: synaptic wnats to delete the first list and install the second one00:39
wxlelquesea: let's do this, so i can get the entire list. let's do it on the command line. you can pastebin right inside there. do: `sudo apt -y install pastebinit && sudo apt install wine | pastebinit` then give me the resultant URL.00:40
elqueseawxl: but what if the system stops working? is that a posibility?00:42
wxlelquesea: note the "-y." that tells apt to just install no matter what. note it's not there on the wine bit. if you want to be super safe add -s (for simulate) to the wine command00:44
wxlelquesea: alternately you could --assume-no in which case it will necessarily say no00:44
wxlelquesea: tl;dr won't get broken unless you say yes. and even then it might not ;)00:44
elqueseawxl: ok i'll do it00:45
elqueseawxl: https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=es&sl=es&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fpaste.ubuntu.com%2F18593636%2F00:51
wxlelquesea: thanks for the translate ;)00:51
elqueseawxl: yw00:52
wxlwonder why it can't install 1.600:52
wxltry doing `sudo apt --assume-no wine1.6 | pastebinit`00:52
Jbmorris289wait, are you able to get dd for windows00:53
wxlJbmorris289: yeah there's a couple dd options for windows. just not sure which one is best.00:53
wxlJbmorris289: if it were me, with a windows machine, i'd just boot a linux live cd and use dd in there. but i'm allergic to windows, so— :)00:54
Jbmorris289"allergic to windows"00:54
Jbmorris289you loathe windows?00:54
wxlit just makes me break out in hives00:55
Jbmorris289well lol00:55
wxlit's often, i find, unreasonable00:55
wxllast version i used at home was 3.11 or whatever it was. i might have had xp. can't remember.00:56
elqueseawxl: the answer was, "you are trying to send an empty document, exiting"00:56
Jbmorris289Would parted magic work00:56
wxlelquesea: curious. try it without the pastebinit and see what you get00:56
wxlJbmorris289: any live cd with dd on it should work.00:56
Jbmorris289ok god00:56
wxlJbmorris289: my favorite live cd for stuff like that is finnix, but it's command line only.00:56
Jbmorris289good* not god00:57
elqueseawxl: "It makes no sense line option --assume orders combined with the other options"00:57
wxlelquesea: did you do --assume or --assume-no?00:58
wxli didn't include install00:58
wxlelquesea: my bad. try `sudo apt --assume-no install wine1.6 | pastebinit`00:58
elqueseawxl: --assume-no00:58
elqueseawxl: ok00:59
elqueseawxl: Failed to correct problems, you have held broken packages.01:00
wxlelquesea: do `sudo apt -f --assume-no install | pastebinit`01:01
elqueseawxl: https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=es&sl=es&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fpaste.ubuntu.com%2F18594342%2F01:03
wxluhhh weird!01:03
wxltry the wine1.6 again?01:04
elqueseawxl: ok01:06
elqueseawxl: no, synaptic tries to delete the same apps01:07
wxlelquesea: oh, i meant the `sudo apt --assume-no install wine1.6 | pastebinit`. i'm trying to get the full list.01:07
wxlthe broken packages was a little strange..01:07
elqueseawxl: ok let me try that01:09
elqueseawxl: http://paste.ubuntu.com/18594726/01:10
wxlelquesea: well, that's very strange indeed. are you running an amd64 or an i386 kernel?01:11
elqueseawxl: amd6401:12
wxlelquesea: do you have any i386 packages installed that you know of? like exclusively i386?01:12
wxlelquesea: if not, i'd say try to do that command again but with wine1.6:amd6401:13
elqueseawxl: no, if i remember well, no i dont. ok i'll try wine1.6:amd6401:14
wxli guess it's also possible the xenial wine package is broken01:16
wxli gotta run home. i'll check back in later on. perhaps someone else is around that could help, too.01:16
wxlyou also might check with #ubuntu. i'm convinced this is NOT a lubuntu-specific problem.01:16
elqueseawxl: ok thanks for your help01:17
Jbmorris289wxl, are you able to remove the unetbootin bootloader01:28
KamilionJbmorris289: http://rufus.akeo.ie/ is probably a better pick than unetbootin if you're looking for a dd-image compatible tool.03:35
Kamilioncheckmark 'create bootable disk using' and in the pulldown menu next to it, should be "DD image"03:37
Kamilionselecting 'iso image' and picking a lubuntu iso will also work too.03:37
Jbmorris289well, that formats my USB Kamilion04:25
Jbmorris289and i've formatted it waayyy to many times04:25
Kamilionwell, then just install grub2 on it from ubuntu04:25
Kamilionand loopback mount ISOs from fat32.04:25
Jbmorris289how do i even replace04:26
Jbmorris289the unetbootin04:26
Kamilionmount from ubuntu, find the device ID, grub-install /dev/sdTHEDEVICE04:26
Jbmorris289Bootloader, and why am i spacing out every few words04:26
Jbmorris289well then ill need my04:27
Kamilionhttps://github.com/kamilion/kamikazi-core/blob/master/resources/buildscripts/xengrub.cfg  <--- here's a grub2 config that kinda shows what I mean.04:27
Jbmorris289.... Crap. I'm doing it again04:27
Jbmorris289would parted magic work?04:27
Jbmorris289cus i have hiren's bootcd and apparently it  has Parted magic packed in it04:28
Jbmorris289...i can now see why some people say its warez04:28
KamilionI have parted magic packed inside too04:29
Jbmorris289menuentry "PartedMagic.com 2012 12 25 ISO (32Bit)" {04:30
Kamilionback when parted magic was free04:30
Kamilionbut yeah, I just copy new ISOs on the stick and figure out how to add them to the grub menu myself04:31
Kamilionunetbooting is just a set of scripts to do something similar04:31
Kamilioneasy enough to edit grub.cfg with notepad++04:32
Jbmorris289well it bugs out wit my BIOS...04:32
Kamiliongrub does?04:32
Jbmorris289no unetbootin04:32
Kamilionoh, I think that uses syslinux04:32
Kamilionnot sure, actually04:32
Jbmorris289well, *sort of* bugs out04:32
KamilionI think it chainloads grub from syslinux?04:32
Jbmorris289IT skips haveing me select option04:33
Jbmorris289the options*04:33
Kamilioncould probably just open the config file and comment out the 'default 0' line04:33
Jbmorris289let me get my USB drive04:34
Jbmorris289one second04:34
Jbmorris289It's not on the drive04:36
Jbmorris289Well i guess i'll just have to go with it..05:01
orveldhello, is there a way to disable text shadows for desktop icons? I use LXDE
xpkill22sreach lubunut german15:26
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