dholbachgood morning06:33
Kiloshi dholbach svij belkinsa_ and others06:33
dholbachhi Kilos06:34
Mister_Qhey everyone o/06:44
Kiloshi Mister_Q06:45
Mister_Qhi Kilos06:45
dholbachhey popey08:06
Kiloshi popey08:08
Mister_Qmorning popey08:08
svijgood morning!08:09
Kiloshi czajkowski08:21
czajkowskiKilos: ello08:21
davidcalleMorning all o/08:36
davidcalleHey dholbach, how was your flight?08:37
dholbachdavidcalle, uneventful - I slept most of it ;-)08:48
dholbachhow are you? :)08:48
davidcalledholbach: the best kind of flights :) I'm great,08:50
davidcallekids are at my in-laws for the day, so it was a very quiet evening and probably going to be a very quiet day :)08:51
dholbachvery nice :)08:51
tsimonq2popey: hey, how are you?16:38
popeysuper super16:44
tsimonq2great popey :)16:45
philipballewhey everyone.16:47
popeyhey philipballew !16:48
tsimonq2philipballew: how are you today?16:49
=== dpm is now known as dpm-afk
philipballewhey popey and tsimonq217:15
svijoh no not this philipballew again17:25
philipballewsvij, I know right?17:25
philipballewIm the worst17:25

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